Jay Uses Darina While Stacey Watches


Darina and Stacey had been making idle conversation, but of course things starting taking a naughty turn as Stacey suggested they get to know each other more intimately. Though Darina hadn't yet agreed, the idea certainly got her heated...and then Jaidyn walked in...

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Jay Uses Darina While Stacey Watches

Jaidyn walked in and sniffed, his eyes narrowing as he stalked over to his women, a light rumble issuing from his chest.

Darina saw Jay walk through the door and she swallowed hard, flinching almost like she'd been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. "Oh. Um. Hi. Wh-what are you doing here so early?" Her eyes darted between Jay and Stacey. "We... Stacey and I were just chatting. You know...girl stuff."

Stacey just smiled, passing off the intimate conversation as nothing out of the ordinary. After all, what could he know just walking in? All they did was plan a shopping trip. "I figured I'd take your bitch out to get something kinky to wear. I thought you'd like that."

Jaidyn kept his eyes narrowed, his gaze flitting to one girl then the next and back to his personal slut. Without provocation, he stepped up and grabbed Darina by the wrist, pulling her along with him before he shoved her knees into the chair. "That's fine. I had some good dreams, anyway, and thought my bitch would like to hear about it." He unzipped his pants, letting his fat hard cock--dark and thick, like he had been teased like crazy already--drop free to hang right before her face.

Darina's stomach fluttered at the glare in his eyes, wondering just what he were thinking, but it couldn't be good. Her glaze kept flitting to Stacey as if looking for support, but she looked calm...almost smug as she spoke, like she didn't give a damn what Jay thought one way or another. When his fist closed around her wrist, her brow furrowed and she finally did speak up, "What..? Jay, we have company..." Not that it had stopped him the last time Stacey was around, but still, she thought he should have better manners. A good, hard yank to her arm shut her up and she scrambled behind him until he pushed her back to sit hard in the chair. Her head hung. Only her eyes turned up when she heard his zipper opening and she parted her lips, not even arguing--not anymore--letting her tongue slip out to lave along the underside of his cock before wrapping her lips around it and sucking it hard and deep into her mouth.

Stacey had been of a mind that Jay didn't deserve such a tasty girl, but when he came in so brazen and shoved her down to the chair, her own brow rose. There was nothing to prepare her for the sight of Darina just opening her mouth like a puppet to lick his thick cock right in front of her. She couldn't help herself. Stepping over to the pillow close by as her eyes locked on the sight, she settled down, breathing heavier seeing that dick vanish in Darina's lips. "Oh...my...!"

Jaidyn would have smiled if his slut didn't need reminding so damn soon after last night, but that happens when you don't pay your bitches attention and feed them regularly. So he grabbed his girl's shoulder and pushed his tip between her lips. He smirked at her offering a few words of having company, but if she hadn't learned by now, then he would remind her again that he gave two shits less who saw him abuse his bitch right when he wanted her. He pulled with his arm guiding his slut's shoulder, not even having to wrap her hair in his hand anymore when he pulled back with his dick coated in his girl's saliva. Biting his lower lip, a little growl escaped. "Rrrrrr... That's how my slut does it. Just take it deep..."

Darina shifted her legs in the chair, parting them wider to sit on the edge closer to Jay so she could suck him down even further. The spread of her thighs drew her nether lips apart, the the edges puffed with the blood and arousal swelling them after having kissed Stacey only moments before and from the the erotic idea of fucking her in a dressing room. Then her man comes home and just grabs her, forcing her to suck his cock right in front of the dark haired beauty, and her pussy grew even wetter than it had already been before he'd walked in on them. Darina wrapped her hand around the thick base of Jay's cock, stroking it good and fast, working him up as her mouth slurped and sucked and smacked wetly around the first few inches on his shaft. She pulled off for a moment to look up at him and see if he was still glaring or at least looking like he was pleased with her, then she parted her lips once more and, groaning lustfully as she did so, wrapped them right back around the tip, her cheeks caving in as she sucked to draw him fully into her mouth.

Stacey watched as long as her knees didn't go weak, but the sight of Darina sucking dutifully on her man's dick made the strength flood from her legs. Down she went to the pillow on her knees, sitting back on her heels with Darina slurping hungrily on that cock, the sight making her bite her lip as her hand drifted down her belly. She dared not speak, almost like she was trying to be forgotten in case any sound she made would make him tell her to leave.

Jaidyn honestly didn't care how long Stacey stayed. He was lost in soft lips sucking his cock head. The slurping noises coming from his bitches mouth brought his lips curled into a smile. He didn't know a thing about the kiss the girl's had shared, but he knew his woman was turned on, the scent of her flaring his nostrils as Stacey grew hotter on the pillow beside them. Slowly he pulled on his slut's shoulder, alternating between driving in so deep his balls pressed flush to his girls chin or taking her shallow, making that tongue rasp delightfully along the underside of his shaft. "That's it, Rina baby. You don't have to be anyone's whore but mine." Saying that with almost an undertone of ownership, he was stating without so many words who Darina belonged to, as if with his cock being shucked in her lips wasn't proof enough.

Not even realizing she was doing it, so focused was she on sucking your cock, her hands dropped form your thighs to between her legs, first curling her skirt into a bunch in her lap, then dipping down to the valley between her thighs to rub over her panties. They were already wet--she could feel the damp spot that had soaked through--and she groaned around your shaft as you shoved it in her mouth, then pulled back only to tease with just half the length. The moan sent vibrations wavering through your cock and she slurped, smacking to draw the excess saliva into her mouth to swallow it, though some still dribbled from her lips down her chin to spatter onto her cleavage. With her hand between her leg and away from your shaft, you were better able to force the entire length down her throat. A hefty ram had it sliding down her gullet, making her gag and cough, sputtering more saliva to drip from her lips. She turned her eyes up to you--her wet, glistening lips stretched around your girth--almost as if to beg you for mercy. But at the same time, she pressed her fingers hard against her clit through her panties, because she loved that you gave her none. She had even forgotten about Stacey being there. Her only focus was you and pleasuring your cock with her mouth.

Stacey was glad she had been forgotten. It allowed her to slide on her back and jerk her dress up to free her legs from the confines of cloth. She wore no panties and joined Darina in stroking her own clit, dipping her fingers around her swollen button begging for some kind of attention from being witness to this only moments after trying to seduce the woman. Her green eyes locked on the pair, watching Jay tear that mouth up and seeing Darina dribble saliva all over his cock. She did her best to remain quiet, but a slightly whispered "God..." escaped her lips, fingers stroking her clit as she kept watching.

Jaidyn had had just about enough teasing. With Stacey getting ready to have some fun, herself, he lifted both arms, gripping Darina by the head. His hands locking tightly to hold on, he started stroking his cock in her mouth just like he would fuck her cute little pussy, taking away the need for Darina to even use her hands, letting her play with that cunt all she liked with Stacey moaning beside them as he fed his slut every inch in hungry slides of thick meat driving past her throat. "Nnnn... This is mine..." Almost as an afterthought, maybe just to show off for his woman, he said, "Next time don't get my whore wet without my permission." He turned his head to Stacey, blankly looking at her. "Maybe then I'll give you mine to have her..." Once he finished speaking, he turned his head down, watching his bitch take that dick all the way with his deep strokes fucking her face.

Darina had thought you ignorant to their little episode earlier before you'd shown up, but when she heard you reprimanding Stacey, her eyes went wide with both shock and fright, her heart galloping in her chest that they had, indeed, been found out. She didn't know how you knew, but it wasn't important. The fact was that somehow you did, and that almost scared her more. Regardless, your verbally claiming her--to someone else on top of it--excited her even more and she moaned loudly and heavily around your cock, sucking harder, working her head feverishly up and down the length of you to show her gratitude. As she sucked you off like a prized whore, she shoved her panties to the side, plunging her fingers straight into her sopping wet cunt with a splurch of liquid sloshing out around the digits. Her hips jerked and she wriggled her fingers inside, pumping them in short, quick bursts mimicking her mouth's movements on your cock. Pulling from your meat only long enough to beg, she panted out, "I want your cum, Jay. Please feed me your cum so I can swallow it all." Not a second passed before she slammed her lips back around your cock head, drawing you in so hard that she heard you hiss between your teeth in shock.

Stacey blushed furiously hearing Jay tell her out loud what she had done, nipping her bottom lip as her fingers stroked and glided over her pink clit. Every teasing slip toying her pussy drew a little more wetness from her walls, smearing her juices on her flesh making every slippery sweep of her fingers slide faster with less friction. She was so worked up in minutes that she was panting from the sight. Even if she was caught, she was not about to give up her own pleasure at getting a chance to watch Darina suck off a real badass. Her heels bounced with her legs moving, bucking lightly as her fingers suddenly slipped inside to pump her pink hole. "Nnhaa!"

Jaidyn raised a brow hearing his slut begging for his load already, and he still had not told Darina the dream he had about fucking her in the mud right in her tight ass, the images still lingering in his mind. The sight of her taking his cock in her whiney mouth was just as good as his dream--more now that he had heard her begging for him to cum. "Oh you want it that bad, just like me, whore?" He reached down with one hand long enough to smack at Darina's arms. "Get your fingers outta that pussy. It doesn't get to cum yet!" Both hands slipped back, gripping her head hard before he resumed fucking that mouth deep enough words would be impossible with his swelling shaft pumping hotly inside those lips. His throbbing heart beat raced along the length as he jammed down her throat hard enough to leave drooling lines of spit leaking off her chin.

Darina yanked her hands away from her pussy when he yelled, but more so from the hard slap to them, making her squeak and whimper around his pulsing shaft bobbing past her lips. She wrapped one honey-soaked hand around his cock to hold him firm, and as the shaft slipped through her fingers, it was glossed in her nectar so that the next inward thrust coated her tongue not only in his musky flavor, but also her own. It was so fucking erotic that she sucked and slurped harder, wiping the fingers of her other hand over his shaft when he withdrew just to get more of her own essence on it to be sucked off by her hungry mouth. Her clit throbbed, hot and swelled from her own stimulation, and from the delicious act of slurping herself from his cock, and she clasped her thighs together, trapping his leg between them, her hips rocking like she was trying to get herself off on air alone. The sticky wet mess of her drool and juices, mixed with the droplets of his precum spattering her tongue, dribbled down her chin to her chest, leaving a shine on her face and tits. Jaidyn's hands in her hair worked head furiously over that shaft and she started gagging harder every time it dripped down her throat, the walls gripping and massaging the head each time it lodged inside.

Stacey whined as she fingered her pink snatch, juices leaking down the crack of her ass with every slorping wet plunge of slender fingers churning her pussy into a honey-bubbling wreck. Her lips were blushing so red that her clit puffed out, and she drew the base of her fingers back and forth over that button peeking out, curling her fingers inside with every stroke. Her nipples poked taut against the material of her dress, and she bucked to her hand as she felt the wave building inside her belly, rocking her hips in time with her frantic beating fingers pumping her pink pussy. Slowly she started to arch, her spine curling and head going back as she screamed to the air and cabin wall over her head, "OH FUCKING GAWWWWD!" Unable to control herself any longer, gushing juices spattered the pillow leaving lines of darkened fabric soaking up her nectar while she ground the last few tremors out on her slender fingers.

Jaidyn marveled at his bitch getting her juices on his cock. The act of her sucking herself off his dick was all he needed--an added kink to Stacey crying out in a scream beside us as he rocked harder between those lips. His teeth clenched as that shaft ballooned to the breaking point, growing taut in her mouth with his rattling heart beat racing down his cock. Heavy balls lifted, the whole of him tensing as the pressure built inside. The tingle at the base of his cock starting to flare to life with him grunting each time he stuffed his dick down her gullet. Suddenly his lips parted, inhaling hard with growls echoing around the cabin. That dick lurched between her lips before painting her tongue with a blast of sticky heat splattering thickly, pushing brokenly, shoving his cock down her throat in a spurt of his seed glazing her insides. He pulled back with uneven drags and tugs of his hands, hissing as more ropes of thick gooey cum pumped between her lips, even trickling down her pretty chin. Rocking his shaft slowly back and forth, his balls started to drop and relax while his cock grew very sensitive.

Darina was suddenly reminded by loud, moaning wails that Stacey was there with them watching her sucking his cock, and though she blushed at the reminder, it got her even more excited. Darina's eyes looked to her left, seeing Stacey there with her legs in the air and her fingers in her own cunt, her body jerking as she came hard on the pillow beside them. Almost as if on cue, Jay's fingers gripped her hair even harder--painfully so--and his hips started ramming his cock down her throat. The shaft swelled up and she choked, gagging again on its size, just before spurt after spurt of thick, hot cum shot against the back of her throat and tongue, leaving her swallowing thickly to get it down. But still more came and it sputtered from her lips with her spit, oozing down her chin thickly, dripping in spattering drops onto the tops of her breasts, leaving her coated like a glazed donut.

Jaidyn curled his finger at Stacey on the pillow, stepping back from his bitch on the chair still. "Share my cum with...my...slut. I'm going to take a nap." With that, he didn't even bother to watch, walking off to leave his girl with Stacey and his jizz.

Stacey panted as she started coming down from her orgasm, barely hearing Jay speak until she caught wind of sharing. She slipped up to her knees, crawling up on the chair Darina was still sitting in. Leaning in to the girl, she kissed her, swirling her tongue between those soft blushing lips and tasting Jay on Darina's tongue. She purred and ground in closer, sucking that flavor almost like she was trying to steal it from Jay's woman, pulling the stunned Darina right on top of her lap to savor the girl's taste mingled with Jay's.

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