Zuriel Publicly Breaks in Alesh


Wanting to break their new toy in, Zuriel takes Alesh to town to have some fun and show her off while Vixxen is out running errands.

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Zuriel Publicly Breaks in Alesh

Zuriel came home to find our new pet locked in her cage. He didn't even look her way though for a good while as he strolled over to the table and saw a note from Vixxy. 'Enjoy her today. I dressed her for some fun in town.' He smiled as he folded the paper and plucked the leash from the table top and walked back over to the cage holding his prize. "Mmm, well seems Vixxen outdid herself today."

Alesh sat patiently in the cage, not saying a word until spoken to directly. Her eyes followed him as he walked through the door and read the note, taking in every detail as he approached her: his size, his strength lying in those muscles, just how amazingly handsome he was, and those eyes... She shivered and smiled to herself. She could get lost in those eyes, alone. Even though he'd spoken, it seemed he was more commenting to himself than addressing her, so she remained silent, though she did rise up on her heels, proud of how beautifully Mistress had dressed her for the night before she went out to do her own thing.

Zuriel grinned as he stepped up to the ball of steel bars holding his pet, looking right back at her sitting quietly in the cage. "And did you and Mistress have fun after I left, or did she just make you lick our cum from her body girl?" This time he addressed her, but only as he came closer and lifted the bars open to give him more room. Stepping in closer he brushed her hair off her neck as something leather was pulled around her slender throat. The sound of the metal lock clanked closed and the feel of heavy leather on her neck toyed through her senses as he fitted the temporary collar on his new pet. "You may answer me, but I want you on your best behavior while we are out this evening."

Alesh chewed her lip somewhat nervously, though she smiled as she turned her eyes up to look right at him and as she did, he noticed that the blue hue was gone. In its place, they were shining gold like the sun. "No, Master, she did not ask anything of me. Instead, she took me out, because she wanted me to look enticing for you when you came home. She even took me to get contacts because she though you would find this color more appealing on me... Or perhaps she felt blue was her color and not mine." Her fingers unconsciously slid to her neck, tracing over the leather color he'd slipped around it. She was torn emotionally: part of her saddened that after just having the last collar removed, another was already in its place; the other half of her thrilled at being owned again, and she felt the fire to serve flowing through her veins once more. Lowering her eyes back to her knees, she nodded, "Of course I will behave, Master. My only wish is to please you. And if I fail, I would expect the punishment that I deserve."

Zuriel listened patiently for the time being, his hand drawing up before the click of the leash that he held hooked into the ring of her new collar and he stepped back with the chain starting to pull taut. "Well then, since Mistress chose this for you, get out and let me have a look." He moved back to give her room to slip down, to stretch those long legs he already knew were going to be wrapped around him at some point. His hand slid up the chain leash, clutching it with a few inches of metal between his hand and her collar, and his other hand lifted along the back of her thigh to cup her ass when he spoke. "Stand up straight...chin up, darling, and look ahead. Let Master see you."

Alesh slipped her legs out from under her, lowering her feet to the floor and sliding her ass from the bottom of the cage. Trying not to be overly obvious, she stretched a bit as she stood fully, cramped as she was sitting in there all afternoon waiting. As the chain pulled taut in his grip resting just under her chin, she stood erect, hands at her sides, head held high, though her eyes remained respectfully down as he looked her over in the new leather dress she wore.

Zuriel let his fingers climb until he was hooking one on the ring of her collar, pulling her closer and making sure to settle his pet in the proper stance to look her over. "Mmm... Well, she did a fantastic job, wouldn't you agree, pet?" His hand on her collar ring stayed put when he bent over, running his free palm up her legs, feeling the flow of her curves as that hand went higher and he raised to stand properly beside her perching for his examination. "Well, I have to admit I like what she did, but do not worry." His hand slipped up and back under her dress to pinch her smooth ass cheek. "Master will buy you some proper silks, as well, just because he likes his girls in as little clothing as possible."

Alesh stood as still as she could, though when he was looking over her backside, she chanced a peek at him, doing her own little silent inspection. And she loved what she saw. As he turned to face her again, her head and eyes snapped forward, and though she had a look like she'd been caught with her hand in the cookie jar, he smirked somewhat to himself; curiosity was only natural, after all. The hook of his finger tugging on the ring at her collar kicked her heart into double time. The leash was fun, but that intimate connection said to her 'you're mine and I've got all the control right here,' and she felt like her legs were going to melt from under her. Proud that he approved of how she looked, she smiled like a child praised, blushing though when he mentioned buying her silks, knowing just how much they exposed and how very little they covered. "I would like that very much, Master. Thank you."

Zuriel acted like he hadn't noticed her peeking at him when he rose up, nodding as his eyes drifted down and back up her body with a final check to how she looked. When he was satisfied, he turned her around, lifting her dress high enough to expose her ass before he hooked a finger in her panties to pull them aside. "Mistress will be the first one to put my cock in you, so for now I will be considerate and not take your hot little cunt tonight." That free hand drifted to his pocket and pulled something out. He stayed behind her with her ass showing proudly for him. "Open your mouth... Now." He waited for those lips to part before the rubbery plug pushed between her lips and his fingers slid under her chin to close her mouth around the black toy he held there. "Don't fret, lovely. You'll be a proper house bitch by the time we're through with you. Now wet it nice and slick." He nodded as he held the plug in her mouth. It was not near as big as he was, but it was just small enough to hold her jaws open slightly. Smirking as he twisted it in her lips to get it nice and slippery, he popped it from her mouth and grabbed her neck from behind. The strong press of his arm leaned her forward as he lowered the toy in his fingers, easing it right between her cheeks to stretch her tight hole with that black rubbery butt plug deep in her ass. He made sure the base was wedged tightly between her cheeks before he pulled her panties up and her dress back down. "There. Now you're really...dressed...hehe."

Alesh turned enough so that he could easily access her backside, and though her head remained forward, her eyes followed his movements. She couldn't stop the blush that crept over her cheeks when he slid her panties aside, the pink skin visible when he looked at her to place that toy against her lips. Her eyes nearly crossed as she looked at it--wondering just what it was--as he forced it into her mouth. She let out a small squeak feeling the slick rubber glide over her teeth until she opened her mouth fully to suck the toy and wet it in her own spit. Those gorgeous golden eyes looked right at him as she moaned, sucking on the toy until he drew it from her lips. This time, when he reached behind her again, she did turn her head, wanting to see him insert into her ass. And like a good girl, she spread her legs wider and bent slightly at the waist making it easier for him to push that plug right past that little pucker between her dark cheeks. The whole thing had her juices flowing already and when he tugged her panties back into place, she felt the material snug up against her clit making her shiver excitedly. "Thank you, Master."

At Dark Alley in town

Zuriel Bedlam tugged on his pet's leash, nodding to the dance pole before him. "Hop on. Let me see you move for Master."

Alesh hesitated for only a second, looking around the room, then shyly strolled over to the dance pole. Her fingers wrapped around the cold steel and slid up along it, like she was caressing a long lost lover, then she held on and swung around it with a laugh, suddenly feeling almost free. She didn't forget that he was there watching, but she almost lost herself in dancing, rolling her hips as she leaned into the pole, then sliding down and around it to swirl over the floor.

Zuriel smiled as he watched, chewing his lower lip at the sight. Finally he had a great girl to have just for his own, but the sight of those legs moving drew his attention, pleased at the sight and the freedom she found in dancing for him. Now all that remained was where to take his girl for some public attention.

Alesh loved being able to play and show off for him, letting him see just how nimble and fun she could be. Her legs wrapped around the pole like it was a part of her, climbing with the strength of her arms to sink back down using the incredible muscles in her legs. As she reached the top, she clenched on with her thighs and slid down, her hair hanging and flowing freely. She caught his eye and he could see the playful gleam in her own as she settled back to the ground with a flourishing spin of her legs unraveling from the pole.

Zuriel marveled at his pet and the lithe prowess she displayed on the warming steel growing in heat from her legs riding the length of it back down to the stage floor. Already she had him biting his bottom lip, letting his eyes flutter around the club seeing no one else was around to appreciate the sight. Just for a little while longer he let her dance, loving the smile on her lips when she got the chance to show off even if it was just for him.

Alesh took a tight grip on the pole, placing both feet along side of it. With a rolling wave of hips, she ground herself right up against the silver bar like she was riding a massive cock. Her eyes locked on his, letting him know just what was being implied: that she was a slut--his own personal slut--and she ready and willing to give him anything he wanted. Her hips stayed and she gripped the pole tighter, bending backwards and lowering herself down to the ground, her head resting against it first as the rest of her body slid to meet it, legs sliding outwards, then lifting in a kick and twirl from around the pole. Rising back to her feet, she resumed dancing for him.

Zuriel smirked seeing the bold show she was putting on. Well, no sense in denying she was a show piece, at least. He watched the whole routine just a few minutes until he stepped up on the stage and crossed, dropping down to the main floor. "Hmm... I think we need to put you on the main stage so everyone can get a look at you." He gave the leash a tug, patting his thigh with his hand and nodding for her to follow him down. "Bring your sexy ass down here. We got a show to do girl..."

Alesh couldn't hide the smile that lit up her face. "Yes, Master." Golden eyes twinkling, she let her hand slip from the pole and gracefully stepped down from the side stage, following him across the room to the main stage. Seeing him sitting up there waiting for her excited her, and her heart beat faster. She sat her ass down on the stage and swung her legs around, flipping to her knees and crawling over to him, hand over hand, long legs and stiletto-clad heels slinking along behind her until she reached the place between his feet. Her lips curled into a naughty little grin and she awaited his command.

Zuriel smirked as she had to be a little slutty tease rolling up on the stage after him. The smile on his lips broadened before he reached out and lifted her up to those heels. Scooting chairs into place, he stepped up and guided his pet to rest her hands on the wooden backs. "Well, lets see how you like being made a spectacle, shall we?" His foot slipped in and swept against her instep to widen her legs. He made sure his pet didn't fall, but at the same instance he spread those legs to show off how she looked in a tense position. He slipped to the girl's side and raked his nails up the back of that delicious thigh. "You'll love letting everyone see you get Master's cum, I just know it." His fingers suddenly clutched, squeezing that pert ass in his large grip.

Alesh had no idea what he had in mind, but it didn't really matter. She would do as told and chances are she would love it, anyhow. Her long legs carried her around behind the chairs and she grasped the backs of them as his strong hands guided her own to the wooden backrests. The sweeping knocks to her feet caught her by surprise and she let out a soft gasp as she slipped down, her legs splaying precariously wide, but she held on tight to the chairs to maintain her balance, her eyes lifting to scope out the room. At the draw of nails up along the back of her thigh, she bit her bottom lip and groaned with a shiver, her eyes rolling closed at the wickedness of the taunt. His comment did not beg an answer from her so she didn't speak, but it did make her belly tingle with now having an inkling of what his intentions were. When his fingers curled around her ass, her own fingers curled around the backs of the chairs and she gave a rolling swirl of hips to press herself harder into his grip.

Zuriel stepped in as his hand lifted to slide over his girl's belly, the other catching those long, black locks in a pull to lift her face. His tongue laved over those soft lips and the pouty flesh under his vibrating muscle felt the hunger in that lick. His hand on that trim belly dropped slowly, fingers tinking down the studs of that dress until they curled to lift the front long enough for that hand to slid between his girl's legs. His head drifted back as his silvered eyes gazed at her golden orbs. "Look at you, Alesh... Already moving like a slut thinking you deserve my cock in your little cunt." Almost as if to make his point of what he knew was not going to happen, two fingers curled against her mound and pressed in tightly, rubbing his pet's slit slowly. "You have to earn the right to cum..."

Alesh grunted softly, her head twisting back in his strong grip. She felt every bump and tink of his fingers dragging down over the studs on her dress and the closer he reached the apex between her legs, the harder it was for her to hold on to the backs of the chairs. She wanted so badly to turn in his grip and press herself against him, but she fought to maintain self-control, even when his fingers curled up under the hem of her short dress to tease between her legs. As his tongue laved over her parted lips, she gasped short little breaths, her chest heaving with each one. Already he was driving her crazy and all he'd done was deny her of pleasure. She could still feel the thick toy he'd stuffed into her before leaving the house and her cheeks clenched around it, making her moan against his mouth. Those fingers slid between her nether lips like they were coated with oil she was so wet already and it made her tremble in his grip to feel him brushing along her slit. "Y-yes Master," was all she could manage to get out.

Zuriel chewed his lower lip before nipping at hers. That hand between her luscious thighs lifted and the dress fell from the lack of his wrist holding it up and out of the way. He held her hair still and tugged that mouth from his, sliding his fingers inside her mouth to make his pet taste her own juices boiling to the surface from him denying her any release. "Mmm...tasty, ain't it? Just think how it would taste with Master's cum mixed with yours, my little whore." The hand in her black hair relented, sliding down to curl up between those cheeks, and his fingers framed the base of the training plug in his girl's tight hole, just making it nudge and wedge at an angle, fingers clutching to pull so the toy moved up and down but remained almost all the way inside. "How far would you go to get my cum in your pussy?" Smirking deviantly as he waited, he listened close for her to start talking before he pumped the butt plug in and out of her tight ass.

A stranger approached the stage. "Oh Hi there.....sorry if I'm interrupting. Is this place open?"

Zuriel lifts a brow. "Far as I know. I'm just making a show of my pet here is all."

Alesh's fingers curled so hard around the backs of the chairs when he started moving that plug around inside her ass that the wood screeched loudly when she dragged it half an inch across the stage. She didn't even care, though. The taste of her juices on his fingers in her mouth was the only thing she could focus on--that and the way he mocked her, knowing she would not be getting his cock inside her pussy any time soon. But the idea made her stomach tighten and her pussy twitch and she sucked harder on those fingers, her lips smacking to draw the taste of herself from each digit. As he withdrew them, she breathed out, "I would do anything you asked of me, Master. Anything at all to have your cock inside me."

The woman goes to the bar and fixes herself a glass of red wine leaving the money for it tucked into the back of the bar.

Zuriel grinned wickedly hearing his pet say aloud that she would give him anything, but he still had to make sure she understood that he was only going to give her what he wanted. The point was driven home as his hand gripped the base of the anal plug tighter and started pumping with the press and pull of his wrist guiding the toy in and out. "And that makes my Alesh a very good bitch, but still only Master decides what is good enough for his pussy." One hand clutched that tummy, not letting his pet writhe away from the toy being pumped between those creamy cheeks. He smiled that there were finally some eyes getting to see his girl being used right here on the main stage and his arm pushed a little harder to make his girl rise on those pretty toes. "You will do well...to remember that."

Each press of that toy in her backside lifted her right to her toes so that she was nearly dancing in those sexy black heels he'd picked out for her to wear tonight. Seeing other patrons in the bar had her flushing, her tanned cheeks turning a deep shade of red, but still she clung to the back of the chairs, not even daring to let go until he told her to. Under the press of his fingers, he could feel her stomach fluttering as the muscles clenched hotly, the stirring of that toy in her ass and the public display of his toying with her stirring her arousal to heights it hadn't been to in what seemed like forever. Grunting through panted breaths, she chewed her lip trying to stave back the pleasurable ache between her legs.

Zuriel licked his lips before his hand at her front drifted aside, catching hold of the dress' zipper. With just a flick of his wrist, the zipper was split open, the fabric dropping apart to pool around his girl's pretty feet arching in those heels. The hand behind her gorgeous ass, however, still moved, dipping in and pulling back to tease that tender hole with the tapered tip of the plug and the slow widening base popping in when he pushed it all the way. Once his girl's body was bare enough, he reached up and his fingers clasped firmly around her budded nipple begging for attention. He seemed to fully intend to take the public spectacle as far as it would go, showing off how his girl writhed in utter delightful torture.

Alesh's stomach tightened even further at the sound of that zipper sliding open, the material of her dress going slack ever lower until the zipper finally pulled free. The soft leather just slipped to the floor to pile at her feet and she felt the cool air of the room kiss her heated skin, making the buds on the tips of her breasts pucker into tight little pink pearls. Her blush deepened, spreading to add a pink glow everywhere on her body, but still she clung to those chairs like they were her lifelines tying her to the earth, lest she float away in bliss. Her feet inched apart farther, lifting her bottom to aid him in teasing her ass with the toy, feeling it pull out almost painfully only to plunge back in, widening her entrance the farther down the base it slid. With a groan, Alesh closed her eyes luxuriating in the delicious ache it caused her, and as his fingers clasped around one of her nipples, she sucked in a gasping breath, trembling at his touch.

 Zuriel let that toy drift all the way out, but the very tip of it hovered just inside the dimple of her rosebud. His other hand dropped lightly, playing over her tummy as he held the plug just there. "Hmm... How bad do you need Master's cum?" Again, he waited on purpose for his girl to start speaking and with no real warning, he plunged the anal plug right back inside, even shimmying the base to make sure it was truly tight and snug.
"I think my little bitch needs to speak up if she wants to be heard." Smirking as his hand at your belly slipped further, his fingers pinched at the warm metal adoring her hot little clit. He seemed to look at that hand almost as if he was preparing for something. The hold on her jewelry only added to the sensation when his other hand smacked one ass cheek. "Come on girl... Tell Master how bad you want him to fuck you." With a bite to his lower lip he swung, swatting the left orb, then the right, and then right over the base of that plug between his pet's ass crack. "Hehe..."

 Alesh's back arched and her body rolled so hard at the feel of that plug pressing inside her that she nearly toppled over the chairs she was holding onto. Just as she went to answer him, his fingers snaked over the ring threaded through her swollen clit and her words caught in her throat with a gasp and a groan. He didn't stroke it. Didn't move it.
Oh, no...he simply held it with a slight pull of tension against that sensitive bundle of nerves and she whined until she started panting, her legs trembling as he started slapping his large hand down over the soft globes of her ass. The first crack forced a whimper from her. The second issued a cry. The third, coming straight down on the crack against the toy in her ass, drew a groan that left her shuddering in pleasurable agony. Tying to pull herself together long enough to reply, she cried out, "Oh god, Master, please... I want you to fuck me so bad. I can't stand it. I need your cock in me, please Master!"

Zuriel simply kicked the chairs away and pushed his slut to her knees, unzipping his pants to drop his swollen dick right in front of her face. "My pet wants to get fucked; maybe next time she'll tell Master what part needs to be fucked the worst." His deviant grin gasped apart when he grabbed his girl by the head and jammed that dick across her lips, the scent of him filling her nose while he stroked and slid that length back and forth over her pretty face. "Open up and stop whining. You're learning what Master likes to hear, so take it, bitch." When his girl didn't move fast enough, he clamped her nose closed, waiting for that heated gasp of a breath to part those lips and then he just shoved that cock right in halfway. "Nnngh... Come on, whore.. Open that throat." His hands slipped back to his girl's head, clutching tightly when he started bucking his hips to fuck that beautiful face like some common hooker on the corner. His fingers wrapped the back of her neck, jamming that mouth down his shaft starting to glisten with spit as the deep gack-gack-gack noises echoed from his girl's mouth all around the room. "Hhnnn... Just like that!"

Alesh nearly toppled over when the chairs she was clinging to were kicked out from under her, but that only helped him in forcing her to her knees where he wanted her most. Seeing that cock again made her gasp softly--the size still shocking her--but the feel of it slapping and sliding over her face made her flinch and she turned away. Clearly this was not the right thing to do, because suddenly her nose was grasped between his fingers jerking her head forward. Unable to draw a breath, her lips parted in a gasp and her mouth was suddenly filled with the thick hot meat of his cock. Alesh hardly had time to react before a jerk of his hips sent that shaft sliding right down her throat and she gagged, her back rolling in a convulsive wave. She coughed around his girth spreading her lips wide and spittle trickled from the corners of her lips, but his fingers in her hair jerked her head back to let the tunnel of her throat open so he could plunge into the warm depths, fucking her mouth like a proper slut.

"Woooo! Get it man, too bad I don't have popcorn." A man in the bar exclaims, then he shrugs. "Do you have the popcorn?"  The man crosses his arms, hmphs, and raises an eyebrow "Do you need an attitude adjustment?"

A woman sitting near him sizes him up as she pushes to her feet, hand still clutching her drink as she takes another slow sip. "No but it seems someone needs to learn some manners.."

The man shrugs it off and wanders off in a desperate search for the beloved popcorn, or some bitch to make some. He mutters as he turns away "You have not earned any manners"

Zuriel sucked in a hard breath as he forced his girl's mouth off his cock, grabbing the base as he held her by the hair and purposefully slapped that dick across her cheek. Smirking, he slid it along her mouth again and rolled his hips upward, painting her face in her own saliva and the scent of her Master's masculinity. His hand lifted to snatch hold of his pet's hair to pull that face back so he could lean and speak right to her golden eyes. "Who owns this bitch I have hold of?" He rose and held the base of that shaft, bapping it against his girl's cheek each time she started to speak, teasing her with the weight of spit-shined dick smacking her face. Then almost an an afterthought, he waited for those lips to open when she was still talking and stuffed it in until his balls mushed heavily against her chin. "Hmm... Might need to teach you not to talk with your mouth full."

Another patron nods to the woman and smiles as she watches the man head off somewhere or another

The woman mummers into her drink just loud enough for the other to hear her, "Wanker..."

Alesh's face twisted and turned, her mouth hanging open like she was trying to catch raindrops, but she was trying to catch something much tastier as he kept teasing her, dancing his cock just out of reach of her mouth. The masculine scent of him clung to her in sticky wet trails of spit and precum smearing her pretty face. Somewhere at the back of her mind she noted conversation in the room and her belly clenched knowing they were no longer alone, but his deep voice captured her full attention. As she went to reply that he owned her, that she belonged to him, that thick piece of meat was shoved right back into her mouth, stifling any words she tried to get out. Instead of answering him, she was left squealing around his cock, coughing once more as he teased her and kept her from speaking. Her golden eyes rolled up to look at him as he held her by her dark black locks, and she pleaded silently through that look.

The woman glances over to Alesh briefly and nods as if to say, 'Nicely done. Very nicely done, Alesh.' She sips at her non-existent but quite good drink and whispers, "Such an apt and expressive word. Wanker."

Her companion chimes daintily in her posh British accent, eyes lazily regarding the woman from behind the rim of her sipped beverage, "Oh that was the kindest remark I could give him I assure you.."

The woman gazes back steadily, appreciating her companion's rich, dark red hair, considering her carefully, trying to find that martini glass she has somewhere in the chaos that is her inventory, "Well, let's hear some of the unkinder remarks."

Zuriel didn't bother teasing his pet any longer with people watching, not to mention his own desires were flaring to the boiling point by the time those golden eyes looked up at him like a slut begging for it to be over with her tear-rimmed eyes. He thought she just looked too good like that, so his fingers gripped at her ears and jawline, holding her head with both hands before the sudden rock of his hips slorped his cock back between her lips to the hilt. He let out a shuddering breath, the grip on his girl's head firmly holding that mouth in place so he could fuck those soft lips wide with the girth of his fat shaft stretching those lips, mashing his dick over her tongue to let his flavor spread to every sense she had. With his hands holding her like that she was at his mercy, taking her throat in a curl of that meat driving in with the constant thrum of her Master's nuts against her chin.

The woman's companion ponders that a bit quietly, smirking as she glances down into the lush red ichor as she mulls it about in her head, "Well for starters how about, horse humping git... or the latter, cum guzzling thunder chode.." When spoken in the fine tones of her accent it almost sounded lovely.

The woman jumps up on the bar to watch Alesh do what she does so beautifully, chuckles again softly, "Well, we could go look for him so that you can deliver your entire catalog of finely honed insults."

The grip he had of her head gave her no choice but to take what he gave her. She was completely unable to move or back away, so she opened her jaw as far as she could and flattened her tongue to give him free access to use her mouth in any manner he pleased. Still, her eyes welled as the tears formed, the thickness of his cock delving deeper and deeper into her throat making her choke until she coughed, but looking up at him and seeing the sadistic glee in his eyes, she knew that was just what he wanted. The full roundness of her ass swayed as her body rocked with each pump of his hips jostling her on her knees. All she could do was cling to his hips, holding on for dear life as he used his new little toy for his pleasure. Her peach lips pursed around his girth, gripping the length as it slid back and fourth past them, and she sucked as best she could with her jaw opened as far as it could go.

The woman's companion finishes off what's left of her glass and mummers before easing back to the floor to a stand, "I sooner enjoy rectal thermometry or a lobotomy before I go searching for that ape.."

The woman recalls some remark about how it's better to have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy

Another man comes in the bar and looks around to see who's still here at this dark hour, waves around "hello"

The woman glances over, "Hello there."

The man nods and waves to the black haired girl. "Still busy for a late Sunday."

Zuriel started panting a little harder from the feel of those lips pursed and full against his shaft, using his girl's mouth right there for anyone to see as he got lost in the sensation of her pretty lips hugging his girth jarring back and forth. Fingers threaded through dark hair to add to the hold he already had on his pet. "Nnn... Look at my little slut getting her mouth filled." He couldn't contain his wicked grin, watching his girl take every inch and the gagging sounds of her throat being filled only accentuated the thrill of using her on the main stage. The longer he stared down into those golden eyes tearing up, the more heated he became, and the feel of that rod started to throb and thicken.

Alesh squirmed on her knees, her brimming eyes looking up at him imploringly, though it seemed to do no good. Not only did he not stop, but he seemed to use her harder, pumping faster into her mouth when he saw her looking up at him. Alesh's throat convulsed around the head of his cock each time it dipped down her gullet, the soft warm walls massaging his cock like a heated pussy. She had seen how big that rod was, but even seeing it hadn't prepared her for the size of it in her mouth and her jaw started to ache, her lips stretching painfully wide around his girth. She began to whine and whimper between coughs, especially as it started to thicken, swelling in size right in her mouth. Already she felt droplets of precum spattering her tongue each time he withdrew, and she groaned in anticipation of having his hot cum flooding her mouth.

Zuriel hissed as his teeth clenched tightly, his hands gripping to keep his girl's head moving up and down with wet coughs and slurping sounds filling the air around us both. His hips started rocking on impulse with the swell of his dick growing hotter in those lips. With a pull of his arms, he lifted her head until the tip of his cock just grazed the back of his pet's throat and pressed harder against her tongue to grind the bottom of the crown of his cock over her taste buds. His hand hitched up her hair tightly to grab hold and use it like a fuck handle, bobbing that mouth over half of that shaft so she would get every drop bubbling through his length. "Oh fuck... Hnnnn!" His brows knotted down and he bucked wildly to her lips being split open with fat dick prodding through recklessly. With his head dropping back in bliss, his spine rolled, rutting that mouth all the way to the base when his tip just exploded, a gush of cum bursting right down his girl's throat as he started gasping loudly from the sheer feeling of his balls unloading. He pulled back, shaking his hips as that cock flooded his girl's mouth until her cheeks bulged from being full of cum.

Alesh let out a little whimpering, muffled cry as he let loose, fucking her face like a freight train. Her eyes went wide at his ferocity and her fingers clasped his hips tighter, but that didn't stop him--didn't even slow him down. The smooth skin of his cock head graced her tongue and suddenly it swelled, exploding in her mouth, flooding it with sticky, hot cum. A shiver ran through her and she groaned, swallowing the first stream, but it came and came, and her mouth filled until cum was dribbling from her lips down her chin. And still she swallowed, taking everything he had to give her, consuming him like the sustenance she claimed him to be the first night she'd met him--her Master in her belly, feeding her on his own essence. As he drew back, letting that cock slip from her swollen, bruised lips, relinquishing the hold on her hair, she settled back on her dainty heels and looked up at him, panting, and licked her lips clean of the last of his tasty cum. "Mmm... Thank you, Master. You taste even better than I dared hope."

Zuriel Bedlam danced and teased his tip over his pet's face, just brushing it along her lips as he started getting his lungs to calm down from fucking her pretty mouth right here on the stage. "Get your dress. Let's head home, pet. I think you've done well enough to earn a reward tomorrow." His hand caught hold in his girl's hair, lifting her to those yummy heels. "But tonight your plug stays in, all while you dream." He smirked and zipped his pants after putting his cock away, letting his pet's leash hang from his grip.

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