This is another one of those random role plays we decided to do for variety. We dressed up like barbarians and renamed ourselves Zuu and Xi. Yeah, we're dorks, but we have fun. Sometimes we manage to wrap up our RP with tidy endings; sometimes they just seem to...end. This one has a weak ending, I'll admit, but the story, itself, is great fun. I'm definitely regretting not having taken photos of this one, because we looked awesome! Guess we'll just have to do it again sometime...


Zuu had wandered the land after a good day hunting. His belly was full and his curiosity was up as he neared the known territories of another rival tribe.  They were the Stone tribe, living near the old temple in the forest and he knew he was close when he came through the tree and saw part of the old temple not far from what seemed like a stable for horses or something similar.  Very cautiously he approached, hunkered down in the underbrush watching the scene and taking it all in.  He expected to see a warrior or a farmer, but instead his eyes caught a more...enticing sight.  What looked to be a woman, and all on her own as he stared at her working near the stable.

Sauntering about her tasks, watching the skies as the rain begins to first trickle down then fall heavier overhead, Xi gathers her tools from the rocks, collecting her things to put them away in the old, wooden stable. As she lifts her head from her task and turns to the open doorway, she catches a movement from the corner of her eye. Turning towards the tree, her head swaying this way and that as she squints her eyes in the darkness of the storm, she suddenly spies movement. This is no small animal; this is large. A bear... or even a man. Her eyes widen in fright as she realizes that it is, in fact, a man, but no one she's ever seen before. She stumbles back a step, and lets out a small yelp.

Zuu went wide-eyed when she turned and caught sight of him. She would know in an instant if he was friendly or not simply by his tattoos, let alone the fact she was alone and no man seemed to be nearby other than himself.  He knew he should run off and leave her scared, but something in him stirred the second he caught fear in her eyes.  Not even he noticed the small line of drool escaping the corner of his mouth at the sight of fresh girl all alone, no one to protect her and no horses there to alert anyone that he was about.  His primal urges overrode his reason--not that he had much when tasty a female was concerned. And even though she was not his tribe, she was so damn good looking!  It was like forbidden fruit, something he shouldn't desire but because of the tribal taboos it made her all the sweeter.  Before she could call for help he loped down to hand and feet, bounding towards her in a rush before bowling her over the hay bales for the horses. "Uhh...girl!"

Frightened out of her wits, Xi stumbles backwards as the huge man bound from around the tree towards her. Nearly stumbling over her own two feet, she turned to run just as he grabbed her by her hair and yanked her backward, knocking her tools from her hands to scatter on the ground. As he whipped her around to face him, she saw the patterns painted on his flesh and she knew from the stories her mother and father had told her that this was their enemy, a people to be feared, for they killed our men and raped our women. Xi was young, barley 18 years old and still a virgin, but she knew what these men did to their women and she was terrified. Grunting, kicking, trying to bite him with her her teeth and scratch at him with her nails, she yowled, hoping anyone would hear her and come to help. "No! Leave... you go... leave Xi!"

Zuu sneered as he yanked the girl from the hay by her hair and tugged her closer to the stable shack. Now he knew the Stone tribe well, but no so much as to wonder why they never went to war much: with women like these their men would be content to hunt and gather without a care in the world!  Zuu snarled when she kicked him, but not hard enough to hurt. She was virgin territory, literally, and she smelled of honey suckle and beer.  No one came looking for her, not one soul, even when she started yammering for him to leave, and soon she would know why the Raven tribe was feared for their hungers.  Nothing was ever enough for them. Her tribe warned her well but now she was alone and in the clutches of a mad man wanting nothing more than to taste something he had never had.  "Girl not broken. Zuu fix that!"  The stable shack was not much drier from the rain starting overhead. The floor was already slightly muddy like the gods themselves were angry that he was claiming a woman not of his tribe.  But if his father had taught him anything, it was that the gods really didn't care what man did...especially with a woman like this!  Zuu tossed her into the shack. Some Stone tribe father was about to get upset when he learned his daughter was taken by a Raven tribe hunter. The man stalked inside and grabbed her hair again, pushing her legs apart to look at her barely clothed body. "Nnnn...fresh..."

As he grabbed her, roughly shoving her about, Xi let out a cry that would make any warrior proud, slashing her nails across his face. Her efforts got her nowhere, but her primal fear took hold of her and she fought for dear life against this man. Despite her best efforts he was too big, too strong, and overpowered her as though she were a child. Her screams were drown out by the thunder that rumbled overhead like the anger of the gods at her innocence being taken from her. Lighting flashed rapidly, making his features look even more harsh and evil. As he kicks her legs apart, holding her so that she has no chance of escape, Xi growls like an animal ready to bite.

Zuu snarled as bright red lines appeared across his face, the edges trickling blood from the swipe of her nails and the pain met by the cooling rain only stung him further, so it was little shock he lashed out.  Backhanding her across the cheek hard enough to rattle her teeth in her skull, the blow knocked her from his grip but not long enough, for he stalked to her and lifted her by the hair again to drag her closer to the post.  Tugging a small leather string from his boot, he lashed her wrists quickly, looping it over a hook in the post to tug it tight so she had little use of those hands again to fight him off.  Now that she was all handled he slipped in, letting his dirty fingers glide over her creamy flesh like some rabid monster from the shadows here to devour her innocence. Snapping her skirt away in a tug, the strong hunter slipped up beside her and let his hands roam her frame, leaning in to inhale her scent still thick with honey suckle and the crisp scent of mead. "Zuu like...girl fresh.  No man ever...had..."

Xi squirmed in his grip, twisting so violently that his rough hands left red marks on her wrists, but the moment he backhanded her, her vision doubled and she fell to the muddy ground stunned, though he snatched her up again before she even knew what happened. Shaking her head, she cleared her vision which settled upon his face. Despite her terror and inability to get away, she found some small satisfaction that she marred his beautiful face and gloried in the blood trickling down his cheek. Her elation was fleeting though, once he tied her wrists to the post of the barn. Growling like a mad cat, she braced her feet against the post, trying to climb it as she had a hundred trees in the past when she went gathering for fruits and edible leaves, but the rain made it too slick and she slid down, scraping her feet and knees in the process. Shrieking in frustration, she flailed wildly, hanging from her wrists, stopping only as he grabbed her again and riped her leather skirt from her waist. "Gods take you! Xi not yours! You... no touch her!"

Zuu went wide-eyed for he had caught one of the few cat demons in the entire Stone tribe!  By the gods if only he could take her and train her right like a proper Raven. But she would never want him...at least not yet.  "Xi now Zuu's...you see."  Reaching up, he stripped the leather top from her chest, jerking it up and wrapping it tight enough she had to bite down on it as the leather sneaked between her lips with a knot of her own clothing behind her head.  Once she was quieted, Zuu leaned in. The sound of guards coming made him grab her throat hard and the squeeze stole her breath long enough for the sound of clacking spears and chattering lips to fade back into the distance. With no horses here the guards wouldn't even check the stable shack and that left her totally at his mercy.  She could still see as the Raven hunter dropped his belt, the bones clattering lightly to the ground with only the thunder overhead keeping her noises barely even heard through the wind and rain.  Just from the drop of his belt the Stone maiden knew his blood was up, poking through his pants. She got her first glance at it before she was drug from the post, her hands only free for a few seconds, but the feel of her cheek slamming the table brought stars to her eyes once more as her wrists were tied behind her back and a leather clad foot scooted her dainty bare feet apart as he slid up behind her supple body.  There wasn't any waiting when she heard the sound of his pants thunking wetly to the ground. The table creaked as he leaned in and her virgin hole was violated right down to the very core as he shoved it inside her and held it only a few seconds to revel in claiming her body for himself like some victor on a battle field.  Zuu could not believe the sensation; she was so fucking fresh that every inch of him inside the Stone maiden was gripped tightly, breaking through her defenses with a sudden hunger he could not endure any longer without fulfilling. "Nnngh!"  He lurched in hard, bucking back like some rutting animal finally getting to mate after the hottest summer ever and she was all his now that the guards had moved along. She had no hope of rescue right now!

Xi fought and struggled as best she could. No warrior was she, but she was young and strong and agile, and she fought this beast of a man every step of the way to protect her innocence and maidenhead. If she lost that, no man in the tribe would ever want her and she would be exiled, a tainted abomination of the gods, defiled before being given over to the one man she would belong to forever in the tribe. No amount of fight or struggle would free her from this man though, and she began to give up hope, even as he gagged her with her own leathers. Hope surged, however, as she heard guards approaching. She started to yell even though the sound was muffled through her garments, but her yell was cut off by his hand around her throat and her eyes rolled back into her head as she nearly lost consciousness. As the world came swimming back to her senses, she found herself face down on the rickety table, her cheek and head aching from the bang her gave her slamming her down. Xi realized that the guards were long gone, never having seen or heard her, and she mewled her misery. The sound of heavy, wet leather hitting the ground sent her heart lurching in her throat and she tried to turn back to see what he was doing. Before her eyes even found him, she felt the sharp, piercing pain of his thick cock breaking past her maidenhood and slamming deep inside her womb. Her back stiffened like a rod and she let out a scream that only the two of them could hear, choked off as it was by the leather bit. Each time he withdrew and thrust back into her, her cries grew weaker until she was simply grunting along with his thrusts.

Even the hunter did not know he could ever be so hard and full of vigor. The Stone tribe maiden was too much of a treat and her forbidden body was now all his.  No one would ever take her for his own in her own tribe now. And because she was a woman, she would be entirely to blame, with him getting what he wanted as long as he got away after claiming her virginity as his own. He knew she had never felt a man, never knew what this throbbing need was inside her simply by the way her body reacted to his first thrust. The pain ripped through her and those pathetic cries spurred him onward until she was grunting with him, the pain starting to only tingle each time he rutted her to the core. Only in the deepest part of her did it still burn with every violent stab of that cock stirring her body to new sensations after the pain started to come slower and less intense. Zuu was livid just at how she felt. The Raven mother in his tribe took all the young hunter' first times and he was not yet married, so the first pure woman he had was not even his own kin and the thought thrilled him almost as much as her writhing at the end of his pistoning spear claiming her body.  She now knew what the black smith's anvil felt like, the constant hammering driving through her deepest places with the feel of a live man inside her instead of her daring to use her fingers on herself.  He didn't care if she was ruined or even if her belly swelled with a Raven. All he knew was he needed to feel her around him with every rabid plunge he stuffed inside her pink folds.  The constant rutting of that cock lifted her onto her tip toes with the table creaking in just as much protest.  Over the wind and thunder, though, no one heard her muffled cries, her pitiful delicious sounds trying to usher through the gag of her own clothing.

Trying to think of something--anything--to focus on other than he humiliation, grief, and anger she felt as the Raven pistoned his cock inside her, she found herself having thoughts of breaking free and taking a rock to his head, killing him for his crimes; of taking her own life by walking to the far edge of the plains where the world ends, off the high cliff falling straight into the ever-moving water; of running off into the woods, fending for herself; of...of going back to the Raven tribe with this beastly man who had taken her virginity, thereby claiming her as his own? Shaking her head and the stupid images from it as well, she found her anger renewed and she growled, the sound turning into a garbles screech around the now-soaked leather in her mouth. Bucking under him, kicking her mud-coated feet in attempt to bruise his shins, she managed only to aid in his thrusts, forcing his cock deeper as her ass writhed with her fighting and thrashing. Fingers clenching at the ends of her bound wrists, she tried desperately to claw at his chest, but he remained just maddeningly out or reach. She screeched again in frustration, but the sound turns into a long groan as she suddenly--much to her shame and guilt--fond that his pumping into her no longer hurt, but actually felt...good.

Zuu already knew the maddening thoughts in her mind, especially when she started fighting again, but the motions of her kicking legs glanced off his boots and only served in helping him go deeper inside her ruined pussy.  The feel of her tightening up around him with those kicks made the hunter growl and suddenly reach out to yank her face from the table top.  If it was even possible, she would still be in denial from being claimed in the first place, but without it even being real enough to her yet, the hunting Raven behind her blazed inside her blushing lips with more ferocity than she would ever know.  Nothing could describe it. The instant his cock rammed home, it was jerked back and slammed inside so ferociously fast she barely had time to register what was happening. She had only witness caribou mating this fast to even have a comparison.  As her senses stirred to life so keenly, the pulse in his shaft throbbed with a little swell inside that only she could feel with her walls hugging that shaft so close. The sucking sounds squelched wetly almost over the rain. Her nipples bounced so quickly it was like she was being jostled from all angles and her ass cheeks clapped just as fast as he railed her with that primal dick spreading her open like a fresh oyster being shucked to be eaten.  Rain soaked skin gave way to sweat and the heat of him behind her rose so much she started to perspire just as much. Only her tattooed flesh being marred by mud and dirt from his body told her that she was truly soaked in her own fluids pouring from her skin as he fucked her like some reckless beast...with no signs of slowing down. That animal stamina rocked her to the core like a maiden churning butter and still he kept pounding her with that hungry shaft demanding more of her. "Uhnnn..."

The feelings welling up inside Xi were foreign to her and frightened her almost as much as they excited her. Heart beating like the herds of caribou she had seen crossing the plains so many times, she felt her body stir--a warm tingling deep in her belly like the buzzing of bees, the swarm spreading out in spirals within her, dancing and spreading to her limbs, fingers, and toes. The shaft of the Raven hunter's cock spread her virgin walls so that she swore he tore the delicate skin but every thrust, every slap of his skin against hers pushed the thoughts of pain away and replaced them with this new sensation rapidly taking over her senses. The faster he went, the more she enjoyed it and she soon began pushing back against him like a wild animal. She could feel her own lubricant coating his member, the slick liquid letting him glide in easier than he had when he first forced himself into her virgin hole, and she found herself grunting and groaning through her leather top, her tongue pushing against it from the inside of her mouth. Dancing on her toes as he grabbed her hair, jerking her upright, she bucked against him, no longer caring what he'd done--that couldn't be gotten back--but only wanting to draw out these feelings building inside her. "Mmffpph..ungghh!"

The hunter gave in to the raw need of rutting her body. She was actually pushing back onto him, so that his forceful shoves slamming inside and making those lips stay stretched in a light pink 'O' filled with his cock.  Even through the rain she could smell his musk, as she was only able to breathe rapidly through her flaring nostrils. The soaked gag of her leather garment still held her tongue, keeping her from crying out much of anything except a babble in the middle of squeezing his cock with those muscles that had been stirred to life by a male taking her for the first time. The sensations flowing through her insides suddenly came even stronger as she felt him push through the tight ring of her cervix, pumping her womb with a few inches of fat tip spreading the opening like some big bull. He was only half aware and barely listening when the sounds of guards coming back was heard again. The sounds of approach made him slow down as he grabbed the back of her gag and held on to keep her quiet as possible.  Even those muffled noises could barely be heard over the thunder, but he was not taking a chance as he stabbed her deep with that cock and just lightly rocked to keep his stone maiden on her toes. Gods, she looked so edible by the way the flashing lighting made her body visible, glossing a shine to the ink in her skin when the lightning subsided, and yet somehow her skin still glowed. The heat and sexual desire finally rocked through her enough that she whined and acted like she wanted that hard rutting shove back inside her pussy.  For a second time the guards moved off and when he didn't hear them any longer, he exploded fast and heavy. If she thought he had been fucking her hard before, the sudden burst of speed became so great and hot that she swore her lips were burning from friction. Snatching hold of her hair, he dragged her back to meet the impossibly fast thrusts that battered her lithe body like he was trying to break her in half.  Her tight opening squished and body arched when his fat dick strummed the entrance to her womb.  Tight cheeks flexed so quickly as he pumped her hot body that the Raven hunter grunted anew and this time louder, letting himself go despite the dangers of being caught with the Stone Maiden.  She couldn't even count a second between shoves of his hard shaft stuffing her tight hole it was so quick, the feel of heavy male behind her ramming her ass so violently that her toes squirked and squished the muddy ground into a polling froth around her toes as he threw every ounce of body weight into his hips. "Uuhnnggn!"

Xi let out a wail as she felt his thick cock pumping so violently inside her that she feared her teeth would be clacking together if not for the leather trapped between them. Grunting, her spittle seeping from the corners of her lips from the soaked piece in her mouth, she sucked in air through her nose, only to let out another garbled groan. Her tight ass bounced against his pelvis,  skin slapping wetly, noisily in the rain, and she danced in the mud as though tramping grapes for wine, trying to stay upright as he impaled her over and over. That feeling in her belly swelled, a stirring in her loins unlike anything she had known before and her eyes widened in both fright and sweet expectation as her first orgasm slammed through she. Xi's body jerked violently, only to be tugged back into place by his grip on her wild, red hair. She let out a scream of pleasure, rivaling the screams of anger she shouted at him the first time her grabbed her. Her already unbelievably tight virgin pussy spasmed and gripped his cock, nearly cutting him off from being able to enter her again. The liquid honey of her essence spilled out over his shaft, splashing as he finally, forcefully thrust past her tight entrance once more, coating his balls and trickling down the insides of her thighs, mingling with the rain coating her skin. Her cries carry on, as he pummeled her for every last drop, "Nnnggghhh!! UmmfffphhH!!"

Zuu tried not to roar but the feel of that pussy sucking around him so tightly when his stone maiden came made it so that he couldn't help but cry out into a lucky thunderclap rumbling overhead. The hunter bit down on his lower lip and blood trickled from the pierced flesh, forcing himself through clenching walls that seemed as though they were trying to force him out mid orgasm when she came all over him. Her nectar gushed from her tight lips as they hugged his shaft, coating his heavy balls in her honey. That scent grew stronger around her right as she came in a torrent all over him.  Her body stayed on fire even after the tightness in her belly released and she flowed around him like melted butter. The hard jarring thrusts parted those lips and went deep through her spasming muscles gripping that shaft like she was trying to keep him inside forever.  He had her drooling from the gag if nothing else, slamming her face down to the table again as he fucked her with a reckless need rushing through that dick stretching her open in ways she never dreamed of.  The wet noises came louder and louder over the wind and rain. His cock swelled fatter inside her tight tunnel that undulated around his shaft. It throbbed inside her aching pussy, still tingled from her release, strummed by his pumping rod hammering her insides like he was trying to bruise it forever. His own peak rose from her orgasm taking him right over the brink.  He pushed into her womb deeply as the tip of his cock erupted and she felt her insides sizzle. The flood of him pulsed hotly inside her like molten lava until her entire pussy, from the deepest part all the way to her lips, was filled with male juices gushing inside. "Nnnaaaaaaaahhhhh!"

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