Zuriel & Vixxen Meet at the Biker Bar


When I remade Vixxen, we thought it would be fun to start them off completely fresh and play them as two strangers meeting at a bar. We went to an RP sim (I don't recall where we'd gone at this point, but it's not really important) and their story line sprang to life. In meeting Vixxen, Zuriel strays from Darina and, over time, slowly begins falling in love with her. He in turn breaks down the barriers Vixxen has created, causing her to fall madly in love with him, as well. Oh and, don't worry about poor Darina... She has her hands (and mouth and ass and pussy...) full with Zuriel's brother, Jaidyn.

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Zuriel & Vixxen Meet at the Biker Bar

Vixxen looked around with a scowl and a sigh, scanning the bar for...anything. Some fun...some action. "Fucking place is dead again..." Then she turned to her right and saw him.

Zuriel had bellied up to the bar. He was by no means drunk, even after a hard day painting for a friend, but the meal afterwards was just as good as the paycheck, and he was content until he saw someone walk in.  He turned his head slightly to look at her, that mouth already going as she came barging in.

Vixxen strut up to the bar scanning the counter for an ash tray, only giving the stranger a cursory glance from the corner of her eye. Blowing smoke she looked at him again, up then down, sizing him up. She took another drag and blew a stream from pursed red lips, debating on if she should speak to him or holler for the bartender, who appeared to be off wandering again. How the hell is a girl supposed to get a drink if he's always in the damn basement? With her cigarette dangling between her lips, she leaned against the bar and, not yet really looking at him, asked, "Who're you? I don't recall ever havin' seen you here before."

Zuriel sighed as the bartender walked off again, but he was more than just some guy off the street in this place, so he got up and strolled behind the bar. "I've known Joe forever, for one, and for two, what'll it be?" He sat an ash tray out as he looked her up and down. She was not a model, but her face was freaking gorgeous when she wasn't spouting curse words. She was not thin either--curves in all the right places. He waited calmly to hear what she wanted from the bar.  Joe wouldn't mind after all. He was too busy running to the basement to smoke a joint anyway.

Vixxen's eyebrow raised in a mix of curiosity and amusement as he replied and sauntered behind the bar like he owned the place. "Is that so? I'm here every weekend and I don't recall ever having seen you before." Blatantly looking him up and down once more, her full red lips curled into a devilish grin around her cigarette. "I'd certainly remember the likes of you." He was gorgeous. Not like most the other dirtbags that came in here. Dark. Chiseled. The badboy type, but oozing sexy from every pore. Oh yes, she'd have remembered seeing him, and would have done something about it, too. Resigning herself with a sigh, she slipped a cheek onto the closest stool and sat herself perched on the edge, resting her elbows on the bar. Taking one last drag, she crushed her cigarette out in the ashtray and blew a stream of smoke to the ceiling. Turning to watch the door, she finally answered his question, "Jack and Coke. More Jack than Coke." Then she fell silent and turned to look at him, her face almost unreadable, yet there was a hint of amusement glinting in her eyes and playing at the corner of her lips.

Zuriel was already mentally going through the girls Joe talked about on Friday nights. He was a regular, yeah, but he worked on weekends, so coming here then was a chore when he had to get up the next day and work for damn near nothing.  Her looks were not lost on him at all. She was too damn smokin' to be one of the bar sluts he often heard about, but she also looked like she could kick some ass if the need arose. Surely he would have heard about a woman like her somewhere, but his mental check list was coming up dry on any girls like her in the mix. "One Jack and Coke comin' up."  He poured three fingers of whiskey and barely a splash of Coke just to change the color from brown to darker brown.  He slid the glass up on the bar top and dropped a long stemmed cherry into the glass with a smile back at her.  "Joe says this one's on the house...heh." With her drink at the ready, he strolled out from behind the bar to take his seat once more, lifting his beer in a toast. "Here's to Joe." Taking a long guzzle of his beer before setting it to the bar top again, he said "Name's Zuriel, but most folks call me Z."

Vixxen couldn't stop the smile from spreading across her face, though she never took her eyes off of him as he set her drink before her on the bar. Her leather-clad fingers curled around the smooth glass, but she just held it as she watched him make his way back from behind the bar to the stool next to her, never moving her head, only following him with her eyes until her left her peripheral vision. Staring at the glass before her, watching the alcohol swirling in the soda, she waited until he was seated, catching the masculine scent of him--the smell of which, she noted, made her heart beat just a wee bit harder--and an undertone of his deodorant as he passed closely behind her. God, he smelled like a man should. His deep voice stirred her from her reverie and she turned, lifting her glass with a nod of her head, "To Joe." Her violet-blue eyes locked on his silvered ones and she tipped the glass to her lips, taking a deep swig. Setting the glass down on the bar with a thunk, she smacks her lips and lets out a refreshed sigh and though she keeps her eyes on the bar this time, she replies, "Stephanie. But everyone calls me Vixxen. I don't respond to anything else."

Zuriel turned to regard the woman with his full attention. She was by extension offering more conversation by finally giving her name after asking for his. "Just sayin' it's polite to introduce yourself when you ask someone's name." He couldn't help but offer a jab at her own gruff exterior while giving her a disarming smile that looked a little too sly for his own good. "He reached out and boldly took her hand, offering a little shake, but the grip was firm and steady. "Pleasure to meetcha. Sorry about the crowd, but it is late Wednesday night after all, and most folks don't come crashing for a party on the weekdays." He settled back and let her hand slip from his, taking up his beer again for a drink. "So, Vixxen... Is that a name with a purpose or does it just suit the personality?" He grinned again, this time letting his silvered eyes drop from hers just long enough for a quick glance at the curves, and damn they looked fun. He was close enough to get a slight breath of her perfume--not flowery sweet, nor all raspberry like a stripper.  Maybe something sensible like lilac, but it was hard to place with the scent of leather and cigarettes to throw him off track. "And what, by the way, brings you out to a bar in the middle of a work week? Boredom?"

Vixxen didn't miss the jab at her manners, but didn't really acknowledge it either. She was never one to much care who thought what about her or her manners. Still, when he put his hand out in greeting, she didn't move at first but only glanced at it for several long seconds before finally turning on the stool to face him. Her palm met his and she clasped it, idly wondering at how his big hand made her her own feel small, and she was no petite woman by far. Softening some at his disarmingly polite nature, she offered him a slight smile, "No need for apologies. It's not your responsibility to entertain me, now is it?" Taking her hand back almost regretfully, she slipped it into her back pocket and retrieved her pack of cigarettes, tapping one out. Putting it to her lips, she sneaked her Zippo from her boot and--with a flick of her wrist and what appeared to be a magic trick--snapped it open and lit it in two quick moves. Holding the flame to the tip, she inhaled and took another drag. On the heels of an exhale, she looked at him and said, "It's a nickname. Don't ask. It's not a pretty story." She stared off over his shoulder like she was lost in thought for a moment, then focused back on his rugged face, continuing, "Why am I here on a Wednesday..? Is there a better day to have some fun? I thought they were all suitable, personally."

Zuriel watched as she got that far off look in her eyes, his own narrowing a bit as he took in the sight, and the stolen moment allowed his own mind to churn at the thought of something. But considering her tone about the past making of a nick name, his own thoughts bordered on carnal.  He closed his eyes and blinked the thought away, lifting his eyes from what might have seemed like a boob stare, but no embarrassment crossed his features at all. He simply smiled and drained his bottle empty before sliding it to the trash can. "Yeah, I would suppose any day is a good day for some fun. I could think of better days spent camping or in a park though. Of course they don't have much of a nightlife like the city does." Joe emerged long enough to set him out a fresh beer, a cloud following the red- and bleary-eyed bartender for a few moments as he mixed up another for the lady, and Z nodded to have it added to his tab. Joe soon retreated lazily back down the steps, smacking his lips as he vanished again, and Zuriel turned his attentions back to the gorgeous woman at his side."So aside from getting a few drinks, anything else on your mind for fun tonight?"

Vixxen polished off the drink he had mixed for her and set the glass down on the bar, pushing it aside and grabbing the fresh one Joe had made for her. She took a deep breath as she contemplated, turning in her seat to scan the bar as though she'd no idea what there was to do here despite how often she visited the place. Her sights froze at the back corner of the room and she grinned wide, "Yeah." Looking at him again with a tilt of her head in a silent challenge, she said, "You know how to play pool?" Without waiting for a reply, she slipped off the stool, her heels hitting the wood floor with a thunk, snapped up her drink, and strolled off, hips swaying, without looking to see if he would follow, knowing damn well that he would.

Zuriel lifted a brow at her finishing the drink in a single go. He watched as she started speaking, but his eyes were on that stool as she stood up, thinking how lucky it had been to grace those cheeks. Calling her challenge after him, he shook his head and took a big swing from his beer before slipping up to his feet to stroll on over. "I think we're just gonna have to see how well I can do with such a...distracting opponent."

Vixxen really had no intention of playing pool. Hell, she could probably swindle him for some money--she was a damn good player--but tonight she had other things in mind. Keeping up the facade, though, she made a production of bending over to retrieve the balls from the return, making sure her full, round ass was swaying right in his vision, setting them onto the table and gathering them together with the rack. Turning to give him a look over her shoulder, she indicated the cues hanging on the wall. "Get one chalked for me, too, would ya...Z?" As she bent, her heavy breasts mashed against the pool table, and she took extra long to arrange the balls just right, waiting for him to approach her and see the spectacle of her cleavage nearly spilling out of the top of her shirt. One way or another, she was going to have some fun tonight, and she intended it to be with this man.

Zuriel came walking right into a trap that any man would love to see, but here he was, the lucky sonuvabitch seeing that swaying ass in front of him like an offering from heaven. Her words already had him grinning, because even if she seriously was not showing off her goods and hadn't said what she had, he would fully have thought it no matter how she said to chalk one up for her. For now he played along and resisted the urge to grab her ass with his big hand, instead going to the wall to pull a cue from the rack and snapping the chalk between his fingers. But when he turned around he saw her tits nearly falling out of that top and somewhere in the back of his mind an echoing shout said, 'Bingo!' Licking his lips as his eyes trained down at the sight, he stepped up to the pool table like he was still unaware of what she was doing. "So, you get to rack and I get to break, huh?  Sounds fitting..." Smirking, he swept around her backside and made sure his hand inadvertently brushed her ass as he sidled up beside her to check the rack's position, using the moment to slide up beside this beauty and really inhale that scent he was so lost on. "Or do we flip a coin to see who goes first?"

Vixxen felt his hand brush against her ass and she turned her head to hide her smirk; damn, if she couldn't read men. Finishing her production of stacking the balls, she replaced the rack on the wall hanger and turned to face him, placing her hand on the cue stick he held out for her. Her lip curled into a half-grin and she faced the table, slowly bending over right in front of him, the bottoms of her cheeks just barely brushing against his denim-clad thigh. Not even giving him a choice, she taunted, "Ladies first..." and took her shot, breaking the balls apart with a loud clack! The colored orbs scattered everywhere, though none went in, and she put on a frown. "Well nuts... I never have been very good at this game. Maybe you can give me some pointers..." She left the statement hanging in the air, seeing if he'd take the bait or read through her bullshit. Rising, turning with a dramatic swirl of hips, she looked him in the eye again, that shit-eating grin back on her face. "Your turn..."

Zuriel made it a point to watch as she took the cue stick and bent over in front of him, her body pressing back like she was just offering up her hot yummy ass to him. She didn't sink a single one, but that was fine with him because her words gave him other ideas. He took the cue stick from her fingers and stepped away long enough to lean it against the wall, turning a sly grin her way one more time. "I guess it is. I think I want something...solid." Out of nowhere he swept her up in his arms, pulling her tight to his chest as his lips searched out hers in a hungry kiss that purred those senses.  He clasped in a tug of that lower lip before slipping in to glide his tongue between her parting lips. His hand raked up her thigh to tug and lift at her skirt, not willfully pulling it up--just enough that one cheek of her ass flopped free of her clothing while he held on and mashed her tits to his chest. Stealing her bluster with his kiss, he lifted her body and slid up onto the pool table top with her. Sucking eagerly on that tongue, his own wrapped and slithered around it until he broke and took a breath. "Your move..."

Though she'd been intentionally tempting him, he still caught her off guard when he swept her up against him. The suddenness and boldness of the move almost angered her... Almost. But when those lips pressed against hers and she smelled his musk and sweat and cologne, her sensibilities went out the window and she melted right into that kiss. Holy hell, he was hot. She wanted to ravage this man. The material of her skirt lifted, his nails grazing her ass as he tugged it upwards. She had a fleeting thought of Joe coming back upstairs and seeing her ass cheek hanging out, and she almost laughed...until Zuriel hefted her onto the pool table. The action actually made the muscles in her loins clench at how strong he was. She was no meek little girl--hell, she'd had more than her fair share of brawls--but this man almost made her feel dainty, and it made her knees weak and her limbs tremble. Pinned beneath him, the felt of the pool table brushing her bare back, she nipped and sucked at his lips, her tongue slithering into his mouth to taste him fully. When he pulled back to tease her at her own game, she simply grabbed the back of his head and yanked it back down, kissing him harder, her right leg sliding to drape over his thigh, careless of her heels scraping over the table's covering. Speaking between the meshing of lips, she breathed out, "I think I'd rather play with your stick. Mine seems to have been faulty, anyhow." She realized just how corny that sounded, but she didn't really much fucking care. She was so rattled by this man that she couldn't even think straight, anyhow. Fussing beneath him, trying to be as close to him as possible yet be everywhere at once, she kicked and shoved pool balls away, sending them clattering to the far corners of the table to surround them.

Zuriel smiled against those tasty sweet lips. She may have been smoking recently, but that did little to make him want her any less, especially when she draped that leg over his to pull him closer.  With a lean and a press, his knee slid between her thighs and he ground his body against hers while still kissing those lips. He still could not believe his luck in getting such a tin pin hottie all to himself, even with Joe in the basement. She was so ripe and full, like a fruit on a window sill begging to be eaten, and he was not about to mess this up by being complacent. As he kissed her deeper his hand rose, lifting just enough to hook in her top from the side, and she got to feel the fabric strain as he tugged it down and her right breast bounced free of her clothing. His fingers came back up and plucked at the tender bud, making it swell from his touch, teasing it with his fingertips as he kept kissing her, like he wanted to just melt into her right there on top of the pool table.

Vixxen damn near ravaged his mouth, those lips were so succulent. She kissed and parted and kissed again, gnashing his lips between her, licking over them, then pressing hard against his mouth to force her tongue inside to wrestle with his. She was like a beast unleashed and it both excited and unnerved her how strong her attraction was to this man. It's not like she didn't have her pick from the lot the frequented the bar--and some were quite attractive--but this man radiated sexuality and she could not resist him. No, she had to have him. Her fingers tightened their grip on the back of his head, holding him hard against her mouth, though that didn't stop him from snaking his hand between them to draw her shirt down under her breast. The fleshy orb spilled out, heavy in his hand, and she nearly growled out in pleasure at the feel of his thick, strong, calloused fingers pinching the nipple between them. Not to be outdone, she pulled his head back by his hair and, staring right into his eyes even as he pinched and tugged that bud into a hard button, growling out, "Suck it. Don't fucking toy with it. I want to feel your mouth on my tit until I you make me cum just from that." With that, she pressed against the back of his head, pushing him down to her breast while her back lifted from the table to shorten the distance between them.

Zuriel actually gasped against her lips when she had the balls to just grab him by the hair and push him down to her waiting nipple. He lifted his eyes to hers a moment, and since she decided to be so bold, he rose and fell back on his ass, pulling her up on her knees with him. His hand just tugged her top down and freed both tits to his sight. Those small little nipples were nearly begging him to just taste her, but when her fingers found the back of his head again, he felt his mouth pushed around that stiffening bud. Smirking around it, he trained his eyes to hers and watched her face as his lips pulled and suckled tightly to feel her nipple swell in his mouth. His right hand rose and lifted under her breast, plucking firmly at her unattended bud while he sucked and pulled at the other with nothing but his lips.  He was already breathing hard when he pulled away and popped her other nipple into his mouth. He was damn near wrestling her on the pool table as his lips went between sucking firmly on one nipple or the other, never letting her get used to just one of those buds being tormented by his mouth. Pulling away, he crammed his face in hard between them both, shaking his head almost playfully, at least until both hands lifted under her tits and he brought her nipples closer together. His lips clasped tightly, pulling with a suction that hollowed his cheeks and teeth clasped just enough over those nipples to hold them captive as he held her boobs together and tormented both of those nipples at the same time. He lifted his eyes to watch her face as he sucked and toyed with her breasts, grinning around them as his tongue did a figure eight to tease both buds in a nonstop swirl of flesh caressing her sensitive nips.

Vixxen smirked to herself when he grabbed her up, lifting her to her knees before him. The back and fourth power-play amused and, yes, excited her, but he was in for a rude awakening if he thought she was just going to lie back and let him do what he wanted. She was always in control when she played, and she would be damned if she made an exception in his case. Still, it was exciting how he tried. Her shirt top rested just beneath her full breasts, the one feature of her body she was most proud of and loved to flaunt. Rising on her knees, she pressed both hands on their sides, pressing them together as her palms caressed to the front. Letting them drop with a bounce, she thrust them into his waiting hands, grabbing the back of his head once again to mash his face right into them. "That's it, baby... Suck 'em good. Make momma moan for you you." He didn't disappoint. Those lush lips clasped right around one nipple while his fingers teased the other and her head hung back, a moan escaping her lips. "Mmm...fuck yes. Just like that..." Grasping his hair, pushing, pulling, tugging, she kept his face right there against her chest; not that she feared he would leave--he was too into suckling her mounds--but she wanted more, wanted it harder, and was expressing that through body language as much as with her voice. When he pressed her globes together and drew both nipples into his hot mouth at once, she barked out a cry, her whole body jerking with pleasure. "Ah god! Fuck...yes! Harder! Make me fucking cum, Z!"

Zuriel did not elude to her one bit--at least not yet--that her bold actions, let alone telling him what she wanted, had turned him on so much that his cock was trying to burst through his pants. For the moment his lips wrapped her left nipple tightly and his teeth caught hold in a tug before those suckling lips pulled the sting of his pinching teeth into a long tingle that shot through her nerves. If Joe came up now... Well, they would be caught, because he was not about to stop her in any way except maybe by making her cum all over the place; so much so that Joe might need a mop to clean up. There was a power struggle here, but he enjoyed her trying to make him do what she wanted so much that he was giving in for the moment, making sure her nipples were treated just right. His hands under those tits lifted and he bounced them in his grasp, even smacking her right breast from the side before his lips pursed around it and sucked so hard that she could see her flesh stretched between the firm globe and his mouth, and just when it might slip out, the tip of his tongue tickled and pressed against the tip of her bud caught in his lips. She could feel him breathing heavily with his arms taut and pushing her boobs all over the place. This woman was someone he was going to keep around as long as she fucking wanted it, and even if this was a fling on a pool table, he was going to make sure she remembered him for many nights to come. Both hands cupped her breasts and he let her right bud pop wetly from his lips. Sucking the other into his mouth, his tongue curled and coiled against it while he huffed trying to keep his breath. His fingers lifted and pinched both nipples at the same time before his mouth switched and her right nipple was, in turn, assaulted by his mouth sucking so hard that he had to move his fingers out of the way because his lips jerked her nipple right from their pinch. Why the fuck did she turn him on so damn much? His eyes lifted again to watch her face as he held her tits in both hands and squeezed, making those nipples stand out. Sucking one for a few seconds then finishing with a nip of teeth, he popped free and slurped the other bud between his lips then danced his tongue around it to feel her shiver from the attention.

Vixxen was soaking fucking wet between her thighs from having his mouth all over her tits--it was driving her crazy. The raspy feel of his stubble rough on her breasts contrasted with the soft laving of his tongue and the velvet feel of his lips, and the dual stimulation was stirring her arousal until it was clenching in her belly. Dropping her hand from his head (hell, he was more than willing, there was no need to force him there anymore, but elsewhere...), she lowered her arm and clasped her fingers around one of his wrists. Rising on her knees, staring down at the back of his head, she shoved his hand between her legs, forcing her skirt to hike almost to her waist in the gesture. Could he see past her breasts, he would have noticed that she had no panties on, so when his fingers brushed against her pussy lips, he could feel the slick lubricant that coated her folds. Gyrating her hips forward, she ground against his fingers, her own still clenched in a tight grip to keep his hand right where she wanted it. A tremor passed so hard through her body that he felt it, and she nearly double over on top of him, her chin hanging to her chest in a deep groan. "Touch me. Feel how fucking wet you've gotten me. Rub my little clit and make me cum on your fingers. You'll get nothing from me until you do, so I suggest you do it well." Smirking, she humped against his hand again, her lips parting in a sigh of pleasure as her back arched, head lifted to the ceiling with one arm hanging loosely at her side, the other still holding his in a death grip.

Zuriel let himself be guided as she grabbed his hand, lowering it between her thighs so he could feel the heat coming from between her legs. He lifted a brow at her words while still sucking her nipple tightly in his mouth, a purr edging his inhales. She might have been insistent and demanding, but so was he, especially when she felt herself pushed onto her back with his mouth sealed firmly over her swollen bud, and that hand she so urgently guided slipped in tighter between her creamy thighs. Anyone else in the vicinity was long forgotten, because right now it was only the two of them in the whole fucking world. His hand dipped down as two fingers spread her lips and the middle rolled right up along her clit from bottom to top in a slow lift and slide. He used her own juices to make his fingers slick, getting them good and slippery before two of them scissored over that little button in a slow rub, grind, and pinch only to open again and clasp from the other side each time his fingers clamped together and opened to stroke her again. His only free hand tore open his shirt, leaving his chest exposed in a clatter of buttons hitting the pool table and the floor, bearing down on her harder when his mouth left her nipple to nibble, kiss, and lick all the way back to her other bud. He then tugged it tightly into his mouth with the tip of his tongue pressing in on it so that it slid beneath the very tip while he kept that motion of his tongue going. She may have been calling the shots, but right now he was the one on top, holding her down as he stroked her clit in a circle and his mouth blazed firmly on her breast so much that her whole areola vanished inside his mouth from the powerful suction, stirring her inner fires to a bright burn that was still growing hotter. His hand shifted and those fingers opened her lips again, but his middle one dipped down this time, hugging her clit like a g-string would in a stroke that let him feel inside her. She heard him gasp as well as felt his expelled breath over her nipple when he realized just how hot and tight she was.

Vixxen had fully intended to cum right there on his fingers--she was already so fucking close--but he had other ideas. His large frame forced her back onto the table, his mouth never leaving her breast nor his fingers from between her thighs, so she slipped her legs out from under herself like a gymnast, kicking pool balls around the table once more. Digging the spiked heels of her boots into the felt, she lifted her ass right into the air, grinding herself against his hand, then dropping back to the table with a heated grunt. One leg lifted to snake over the back of his thigh again in a subconsciously possessive move to pin him just as he had her pinned. Her legs shifted, dragging up along the table. She faintly heard the ripping sound of fabric and thought 'oh fuck, oops' then dismissed it with her I-don't-give-a-fuck-attitude. Wetting her lips, her pink tongue slipped out from her mouth and she nipped her lip with a whimper when his finger pressed hotly against her clit and delved into her core. Panting, grabbing his head once again, she rolled her head back and shuddered, his mouth working from one nipple to the next until she couldn't fucking stand it anymore. "F-fuck... Oh god... Going to cum. Don't stop... Don't fucking stop!" Her words only spurred him on, that finger working her clit like a pro, and her hips bucked and jerked, wanting more yet trying to escape the assault at the same time until she gasped and nearly lunged off the table with a forceful cry. Those fingers were coated in her nectar, the fluids spilling out at she came, leaving a dark green stain on the felt of the pool table, and still she gasped and cried out, fingers clenching and grasping his hair like he was her lifeline tethering her to this world.

Zuriel could care less at this point what the fuck she tore up--he would pay for it if he friggin had to--but with her bucking up to his hand so deliciously, he was just too damn riled to even care. When she started crying out for him to keep going, the back of his mind screamed at him to hold just one stroke, so his hand stopped for barely a second--until he realized she was going to cum with or without him, this very second--so he strummed her clit with his fingers all the way through until she left that dark slippery stain on the felt of the pool table. His hand lifted and drew up from the lovely valley of her thighs and those slick fingers gripped her skirt. "Mmm... Well someone got to get all gooey..." His fingers tightened as his arm pulled, drawing that skirt from her body as he looked down and nipped at her nipple so close to his mouth. Without saying another word, he unbuttoned his jeans and slid his hand back between her thighs to slide his fingers right inside that pussy, just holding them buried halfway there as the flow of that orgasm ended. He lifted his hand to let her watch as he drizzled her own honey between her tits until they glistened with the juices on her skin. "Now this looks promising..."  He rose and straddled her body, laying his fat cock right between those tits as his hands swept in and fingers clasped those buds tightly. Using them like small reigns to hold onto, his smile turned devious before he slipped his shaft right through the juices on her tits. "Get myself a little warmed up now... Hehe."

Vixxen was still coming down from her orgasm when he nearly ripped her damn skirt off, pulling it down her legs and dropping it carelessly to the floor with a muffled thump of leather hitting wood. Shifting his huge frame over her, she nearly panicked, not liking to be trapped. When she realized what he wanted to do, her lips pursed in a grin, but she shoved at his thighs even as he grabbed her breasts to start fucking them. "Get up. I'm not going to lie here like some fuck doll while you use my tits. Go stand next to the table so I can do this properly." She was willing to comply with his desires, but she wanted free reign to rub that cock between her breasts under her own conditions. She was never one to just lie there and take it and she wasn't about to start now. He looked down at her for a moment until her eyes widened and and then turned to the side like they were saying, 'Well? Go on... Move your ass!' He let out a resigned sigh but slipped off of her, dropping his feet to the floor as she crawled behind him like a cat, her breasts hanging and jiggling under her with her firm, full ass swaying behind her. Seating herself at the edge of the table, she swung her legs around and dropped to the floor. Taking her time, enjoying making him wait just a few precious seconds more, she strolled in front of him, making sure to swagger so that his attention was riveted to the curves of her body. She stopped right in front of him and--once his eyes found hers again--held his gaze and slipped her shirt over her head, her breasts catching in the material so that they lifted and dropped heavily against her body. She carelessly dropped the top to the floor then sank to her knees, never letting go of his gaze, ensuring he was watching every move she made. Her lips curled in that naughty grin she had and she leaned in towards his huge cock, the shaft standing so erect that it was actually bobbing as it throbbed. She feigned, as though she were going to wrap her lips around it, then pressed her hands against the side of her tits with a lift of her legs, trapping his cock between her orbs. "Is this what you wanted?" she teased in a deep, sultry voice. Managing to tear her gaze away from his, she bent her head and, swishing saliva in her mouth, pursed her lips to let a line of spit trickle down over the head of his cock and run between the valley of her breasts. The spit mixed with the cum he'd taken from her cunt, glossing his shaft so that it slid fast and easily between her globes. Flexing, she pressed them together tighter, trapping his cock as she rocked her body against it.

Zuriel realized he was not going to get to ride this pony the way he wanted. She was taking things in her own time, but it was going so against his nature not to just take what he wanted. With a huff he slid from the pool table and watched her every move as she rose and came over to him standing beside it. He did not miss her tits bounding free of her top either. He bit his lower lip at the sight and had to fight the urge to just fuck her boobs right then and there. It seemed to him she was going to play still, though, when she got to her knees and lifted on her legs, catching his cock in the slick valley of those breasts hugging his shaft. He had to admit the way she acted like she was going to suck it did make his breath go still, but in the end she just trickled his dick with her spit and trapped his shaft tighter in the hold of her breasts. "Nnn... Fuck, Vixx... SssssssSSss..." he hissed as she used those tits to hold him tight. He just started moving on impulse in a way that let her feel his bare cock sliding through the clasp of her breasts, letting her feel the size and heat of him grinding smoothly against her skin. When his hand rested on the top of her head, she had to know he was used to more control than this, but somehow her wild ways had kept him from just taking those lips in a push of her head. His arm actually shook from the strain of holding back as the rumble growled dangerously from his chest as he pumped his hips a little harder. The tip of his cock poked from the fold of flesh, even nudging her chin with the tip in a single stroke. No matter how much she teased and moved her lips away, he would brush her cheek or hit her jaw every time he pushed his cock through those twin globes that were holding his dick captive. "Hnnn... God, woman... Uhhnn!" His hand drifted off her hair, heading down, and those offered breasts hugged by her hands felt the twinge of his fingertips clasping them firmly. He could play a little game with her senses just as much as she could tease, so he gave those buds a little twist and a pull as he bucked into her cleavage with the weight of him pushing her back into a lean with each vigorous stroke.

Vixxen relished the sounds he made--the huffing, the growling, the hissing between clenched teeth--as he strained to control himself. Her body was her weapon and she wielded it like a knife, driving him crazy with the way she teased, though the more he thrust, the more forceful it became, and she found herself having to actually fight to remain upright on her knees. So she pushed her chest against him harder and coaxed him back against the pool table, making his ass rest on the edge. The change of position brought his cock upwards through her tits so that she was peering down at it from a better angle and when she felt his hand in her hair, she tilted her chin so that the head of his cock pressed to her lips with each upward thrust. Each time that red mushroom poked through from between her breasts, she parted her lips and sucked until the next downward thrust popped it out of her mouth again. She didn't control his movements--hell, couldn't--but once he felt those lips close around the tip of his cock, his pace quickened making her body bounce and jiggle from the onslaught between her breasts.

Zuriel growled anew when he felt her push back, putting him off guard. The lean kept him in check and he was about to spring on her once more until her mouth opened and she sucked his red tip right between her lips. Any effort on his part vanished as he held onto the table's edge with one hand and worked his shirt off with the other. He was so damn turned on she could see his own nipples poking from the sculpted chest on display before her. Something in the way he throbbed showed his excitement and his face screwed up at realizing his edge was fast coming on. The tingle started in his balls as he let his shirt drift from his arm before he slapped his hand back down on the table. "Hey! Ease up! You're gonna make... Nnghaaa!" The sudden feeling made his balls lift and his eyes widened in disbelief that she had him right there so fucking fast that his head was reeling. His cock pulsed and throbbed each time it slipped through the hold of those breasts, meeting her mouth in a torrid slurp of his tip inside those lips. "Vixx, you're gonna make me cum. Ease up. I want to fuck you first... NnnNNnn!"  He bit his lower lip, trying in earnest to drive away the sensation, but she was so fucking good that he was losing this round faster than he had hoped. Dammit! He wanted inside this beauty; not to blow like some loser the first time she sucked his cock. He wanted to look away, but his head never turned more than a few inches and his eyes stayed locked despite his attempts to stave the coming rise of fluids begging to be let out. The head of his dick swelled and on one down-stroke it was like her tits just pushed it right out of his cock in a geyser of cum spurting upwards, splattering her tits and coating her skin. A line of cream coursed across her lips and down her chin, only to dribble between those breasts that were still holding his twitching length. "Ssssshhh...ssshhit..!"

Vixxen never relented--didn't even falter in her movements. Even if he tried to still his cock, she kept rocking her body, drawing her breasts up and down along that thick shaft trapped between them. The rustle of clothes and his banging hand on the table drew her eyes upwards to feast on his muscular chest and she groaned, thoughts of touching him, of licking over the taut lines of muscle under his skin, of nipping his flesh with her teeth swirling through her brain. Edging in closer, giving him little room to move, his thrusts becoming jerking and erratic, she kept the tip of his cock poked between her cleavage so that she could suck on it continuously. Her tongue laved over the head, lips pursing to draw pressure around the rim, and when she felt his hand clench tighter in her hair and she heard his proclamation, she pulled off with a slurping smack and turned her violet blue eyes to look straight back into his silvered ones, wanting to see the pleasure on his face when that cock exploded all over her chin and chest. The thick, warm fluid splashed her once, twice, a third time, and she flinched but smiled seeing the lustful look in his eyes when he came. As he settled back against the table, panting to catch his breath, she dropped her hands from her tits and drew her fingers through the thick spatters of cum from her chest, lifting them to her lips to suck them clean. "Mmm... So fucking tasty. Next time you may have to cum right in my mouth so I can swallow all of it." Grabbing his hips, she pulled herself to her feet and wrapped her hand around the back of his neck, stirring him from his stupor for another deep, hard kiss. "Thanks, toots. I needed that." She pulled back and turned to gather her discarded clothes, slipping them on as though she hadn't a care in the world, leaving his mind reeling.

Zuriel was almost too muddled to watch, but he caught sight of her licking up some of his cum, and even as dazed as he was he still smiled at the sight. He was just beginning to regain his composure, though, when she stepped away and started putting her clothes back on. The look on his face just said rage, but his shaking body never stepped forward. Speaking through gritted teeth, he growled "I can't believe... I... Holy fuck..." He couldn't even form a coherent thought. His brain yelled at him for so many things, but most of all for him to have her naked and ready...but all he got were her tits and mouth. He felt cheated somehow, and he did his best to not throw the table against the fucking wall. Not wanting to sound like a retard, he kept his mouth shut, not really sure what to even say.

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