Zuriel is All Worked Up After Filming


So Zuriel came back after filming The Succubus. He was a little randy and I got to reap the benefits.

Zuriel is All Worked Up After Filming

Lisa Languish jumps. "Hi! You're naked. Get to do some filming, today?"

Zuriel Bedlam smirks and pushes you to the window, grinding his naked length over your tight floss. "Mmhmm..."

Lisa Languish giggles. "Seems the RLV doesn't like me sitting on pose balls, though."

Zuriel Bedlam: Only cause your AO was on.

Lisa Languish: That and I had to give it permission to animate me.

Zuriel Bedlam: Mmhmm.

Lisa Languish: Which somewhat defeats the purpose of the RLV.

Zuriel Bedlam: Not entirely. You RLV is set to off most of the time and some items have to be RLV compatible.

Lisa Languish: Ah, I see.

Zuriel shrugs and pulls your top down, just until your nipples poked over the fabric. "Besides, I don't need it for this..." Puckering his lips around one bud, he clasps his fingers around the other.

Lisa draws in a breath, grinning down at you as she watches your lips suckling at her nipple, her green eyes full of life and love. "No, the only thing you need is my compliance, and you have that, always."

Zuriel flicks the one at his fingertips and looks up in your eyes, still sucking your tender bud softly as he watched your face like he was just memorizing your look right now. At least until he unhooked your top and slipped it free before he threw it aside and fell back to your body..."Is that a bad thing? Your compliance...?"

Lisa gives you her lopsided grin, drinking in your gaze. God, she loved those eyes and could just get lost in them, but she drew a breath and forced herself to speak even as she started squirming underneath you. "Mmm no. That's a good thing. It means that I have given myself to you utterly. I have surrendered myself to you and will give you anything and everything that you wish." She paused to gasp when she felt your mouth back at her nipple, the flesh puckering between your lips into a hard little nub. "Not that you didn't already know that. You know I am yours, completely and wholly." Her leg shifts, slipping to rub against your hip as she draws her heel up against the curve of your ass, giving you a playful nudge, pulling herself up against your pelvis with the same motion.

Zuriel doesn't budge despite the urging of your cute toes, staying right where he was looking into your eyes when his lips clasped tightly and the suction grew so great every bit of slightly darker pink from your nipple vanished inside his lips. His tongue dancing tightly in smooth flicks off the tip in his mouth, slithering it in a widening circle that drew back in and pressed in on your nipple. All the while his fingers tugged, pinched tight enough to get a good grip before pulling, rasping your nipple up and down between his fingers as he held you down at his mercy. "Oh no kitten, Daddy gets to have you any way he wants remember..." Smirking at his own comment before those lips pursed firmly around your pink swollen bud again, drawing it between his teeth in a slowly rising pinch of a bite...the very tip of his fangs just barely pressing in right under your nipple in his mouth. A little nick that he licked softly, drawing out the piercing pain for a few seconds longer, soothing the rough spark of hurt with his tongue rolling gently.

Already you had her wet, and the lack of panties had her too-tight jean shorts sporting a small spot of moisture that you could feel against the skin of your cock when she rose up to press against you. Despite her insistent movements, she felt you almost pull away from her when she tried to grind against you, as though teasing her mercilessly. She was a sucker for having her nipples played with, and you knew it. But she was weakened even more when you let that beast within you come out to play, even as a tease, and when she felt the sting of a fang graze over the fleshy red bud in your mouth, the smile fell from her lips and she gasped almost inaudibly. The butterfly shudder that ran through her body was felt under you, and you knew right then and there that you had her. Already her breath was coming in short, rapid bursts--your little vixen, ripe and ready to play with. Her leg stretched back out along the length of yours, only to slip back up again as though she couldn't keep it still. Running her tongue over her lips, she lets out a soft sigh and lifts her hand to your face, curing the fingers to trace them down your cheek to your jaw line, her pinkie brushing the outer edge of her breast with the subtle movement. The sweet smile crosses her lips again, and she nearly purrs, "Of course, Daddy. I would deny you nothing."

Zuriel couldn't help but chuckle at his baby girl offering herself so intimately, he flicked his tongue over that nick from his fang so it was just a puffy red line in your skin and he fell back on his heels. He already knew how wet you were but sometimes just reminding you was all he needed, one of these days he intended to spank you red and make you scream for him but not here on the towel. His hands slipped down, hooking in your tight little jean shorts as he watched your face and pulled, slipping his sexy darlin' out of the last bit of cloth covering your body. As he drug your shorts down your legs and lifted your feet he knocked one of your heels loose. With the practiced ease of a man who knew what he liked he slipped it back on your foot and spread your thighs wide. Giving you barely a second before his tongue mashed hot and tight against your clit. Growling low as he fed on your pussy, lips mashing and playfully chewing while his tongue added a sharp counterpoint to the constant lurid stroke of his mouth. Thinking like crazy he had to get you in a movie because he could watch you getting fucked by him for hours. That tongue wrapped and pulsed around your hot little button, holding you down to make you take his tongues lashes.

Lisa nipped her bottom lip, feeling the soft slurp of your tongue soothing the scrape of her nipple. Her hand fell from your face as you slid down her body and she watched in breathless anticipation. Lifting her hips to aid you in stripping her of shorts, she can't help but giggle as you knock her shoe loose, yet you made her feel like Cinderella as you slipped it back on so gently and tenderly. With a firm but gentle yank, her legs flew open in the grip of your hands, and her eyes went wide, a grin on her face making her look like a little devil about to get her just reward. And rewarded she was. When that tongue pressed against her clit, her arms slapped to the pavement, lifting her back up off the ground, her fingers clutching the towel beneath her into a twisted mass. Sucking in a breath, she exclaims, "Oh dear lord!" Unable to sit still, she writhes beneath you, your mouth, teeth and tongue, everywhere between her legs, her nectar coating your lips and chin from how wet you've gotten her.

Zuriel didn't let any part of you recover, his tongue slipping down to grind in a side to side slither like a serpent along a floor, the motion rippling over your clit. His fingers lifted and caught your nipples, stroking them up and down like he watched you do before clasping tightly and pulling so they slipped from the hold of his digits. Pressing them back in to keep teasing those pink buds, Looking up at you over your arching body trying to climb the sky as he ate that pussy deep and suddenly plunged his tongue all the way inside. A new trick lifted under your clit in a curl as he dipped down and slipped his tongue deep and pulled back with the curl of his tongue tips brushing, pressing into that button with every dip and lick he slurped between your lips. His nails started to darken, the tips growing a little pointy as he flickered and rubbed your swollen buds, marveling at how hard your nipples had gotten and that tongue squished back inside right when he lifted his fingers under those tips. "You taste so fucking good, gods I love feeling your juices trickling off my tongue!" He pumped his head harder, shoving it in all the way before curling it over your clit non stop with every stroke of his tongue.

"Unngh... Jesus!" That tongue... My god! It was everywhere at once. Inside her, lapping between her folds, curling around her clit, only to dive back into her dripping cunt again. It was driving her insane! She couldn't keep still and had you not been over her, holding her down, she may very well have jerked right up off the ground. Her legs were restless, moving, shifting, pressing against you and falling back open again. Her ass tightened and lifted, then dropped back to the ground again, wanting to push your tongue deeper and yet pulling away from the overload of stimulation on her sensitive clit. Still clenching the towel, she lifted the bunched material in her grip, using the resistance to pull her torso up off the ground, then with a grasping cry, she would drop back down the the patio again. "Oh... Oh my god. Daddy... It feels so fucking good!" She mewled, the whimper caught in her throat, and she turned her eyes to watch you there between her legs, but the sight sent her reeling again and she gasped as though she were drowning, her clit twitching in the clutches of your tongue.

Zuriel snarled as he lapped hungrily, drawing his tongue out of your blushing snatch before the bull climbed up over you and jammed his fat cock in all at once. The teasing was just to damn much to take right now, he couldn't lie there and keep you shaking in front of him when his own dick had grown so swollen it was starting to hurt. Even a high pitched noise escaped his lips as he stuffed it in, clenching his eyes closed as he bore down on your body and started fucking that cunt like he just needed to have it wrapped around his impaling shaft stretching your walls asunder. The sudden plunge pulled into a bright, deep rhythm that battered your pussy at the end of his dick every time he jarred it in wildly, holding you down beneath him as his lips found yours, stealing your breath in that kiss before his hips pounded in against your ass and sent your whole body shaking from impact. Even when your legs wrapped around him possessively he didn't falter, the pure beast in him lifting his hips and your legs before drilling his weight through that dick trying to hurt your tight tunnel with the sheer force ramming inside you. Panting against your mouth, biting your ear or neck in the middle of his lustful fury coming to life like a wild fire.

Lisa was luxuriating in the oral play, her body in throes of blissful pleasure, so when you stopped she whined out a pout, her lips turned down into a childlike sulk. Watching you, hoping you would catch her look, she blurted out, "Why did you stop, Daddy? I hadn't even cum yet..." But then she saw that look in your eyes. Her stomach flipped with excitement and her heart stammered with just a twinge of fear. You gave her no answer--and that was just too damn bad; you didn't feel the need to give one--but just crawled right on top of her and unceremoniously shoved your cock into her soaking wet snatch. She didn't argue. She simply accepted that cock like it was hers to receive, her legs wrapping around you t draw you into her, though you moved so fast, she was barely able to keep them over your hips, even when she locked her ankles together. Her little body rocked, inching up along the towel from the impact of your body slamming, slamming, slamming into her. She couldn't even get a word out, only gasps interspersed with little cries of delighted pleasure, and even those were cut off the moment your lips pressed to hers, stealing her air even as you gave her your own. Tongue tangled and teeth clashed, and at one point, she even felt the nick of fang catching her lip making her shudder and moan. When you finally broke your kiss, she looked up to see your face, but you moved instantly to nip at her here and there, bringing wicked sensations everywhere at once so she never got used to your touch any one place.

Zuriel was just too far gone to make you cum on his tongue, the way he pumped that pussy full of cock it was only a matter of time before his desires were too great to even keep ignoring them. He felt ashamed another woman got him going but the way you felt wrapped around his dick there was no time for remorse, only the sheer driving need as he rose on his knees and pulled your legs up his body. Letting one fall to the side his hand gripped it while the other guided your lovely stem to his chest. Being unlocked from your sexy legs gave him more room to move and like a machine turning on the pistoning thrusts of his shaft came hammering that slit with the force of a bull dozer clearing a wooden shack. The wild animal shoves abated and the hard, dick slamming shoves pounded your cunt deeply, filling you with the whole length of his cock so keenly his balls slapped your ass and stayed plastered there coated in your juices until he stroked away. watching your face, seeing your tits bouncing from the weight of him drilling your hole deep, he never gave you a chance to expect what was coming, turning the heat back up as his body spurred to life with a series of those rapid bursting shoves of his thick meat vanishing inside your bloomed lips. "Nnn... Just like my bitch needed. Hff..."

Lisa always felt like such a whore when you spread her legs in such a manner, but deep down she loved it and it only flamed her desires higher. Admittedly, the shame turned her on and she loved when you used her like your personal fuck toy. With you kneeling between her spread legs, she was able to look down and watch your thick cock splitting her folds open and be consumed by her needy pussy. She loved the sight of it as you drew back, the shaft coating in her glistening juices, and then watching it disappear again as you pumped you hips and thrust back into her. The sight was hypnotic, watching the motions simultaneously while feeling her cunt filled and emptied over and over again. The thrust of your hips was so hard, so intense, yet so deliberate that her breasts jostled each time your pelvis smacked against hers. Unconsciously she moved her hands to her breasts, cupping them to steady their jiggling, so she took each nipple between thumb and finger and pinched, making her moan even harder than you'd already had her moaning. Pinching them tightly, she pulled, drawing her breasts up from her body, twisting the nipples at the ends until she couldn't take the ache any longer. Letting the go with a snap, they dropped back into place with a jostle, only to be snatched up again in her hands. Turning her eyes up to your face, she saw you looking down at her, watching her actions and she smiled with a blush, pinching those red buds once again until her body arched and her cunt twitched around your driving shaft inside her.

Zuriel watched as your fingers stroked and teased your own nipples while he fucked that pussy, narrowing his eyes as he felt you twitching and gripping that fat dick pumping your body relentlessly. Almost like he wanted you to take nothing but his dick he pulled you by the hips, spreading your legs over his until he was holding your ass off the towel while making you hold yourself off the ground from his pull dragging you in tighter. "Oh no, kitten. You only get to cum from Daddy making you explode!" The hold he had kept you from dropping out of his way but even holding you those arms couldn't keep you up forever, instead he was taking you to your limits already. Making you hold yourself up while he railed that pussy with a wild abandon coursing through his fat girth splitting you open. Still right in line to watch his cock vanish between your lips, the empty feeling being crammed away with the buck of his hips clapping your skin, sending your tits to a rabid bounce. "This pussy is mine and I want it cumming on me like fucking crazy...been thinking about you all damn day and even call in just so I can fuck you retarded...Now scream for me slut!" The deep abiding shoves rammed your pussy with the force of a battering log, the wet noises filling the air around us as he drilled that slit with the hunger of a man in need of exploding himself as his teeth were gritted and eyes locked on your face. "My pussy...every fucking inch of it...my whore..." He started counting off who you belonged too like a mantra.

Lisa was losing herself in toying with her tits, relishing the aching torture of pulling at her nipples while you fucked her cunt like a wild man unleashed, so when you yanked her hard into your lap, she let out a cry and was forced to drop her arms to brace herself on the ground, Clutched in your hands, her ass lifted right off the ground, letting you fuck her even deeper and harder now that she was level with your waist. Jesus Christ, she didn't think it was possible for you to go any deeper, but at this angle she could have sworn you were even pushing your damn balls into her you were going so deep. She heard your words, and though she was disappointed at not being allowed to play with her breasts, the message was like a snake slithering in her belly, making her quiver in delight. She felt it twisting, turning, coiling around into a tight knot just waiting to strike. Closing her eyes, focusing on that snake coiled in her belly, on the feel of your cock splitting her pussy open wide with every thrusting, jabbing, pump, she braced herself on her elbows and, lifting her back right off the ground, let her head hand so that her hair hung around her shoulders in a curtain, and she started gasping for every precious breath that felt as if it were being stolen from her as her orgasm built inside.

Zuriel let you fall back on the towel but his hands slipped under your thighs to hold you right there, using his cock like a powerful peg to hold your ass airborne and when you felt like you might slip from his grasp that dick pumping your cunt threw your ass higher into the air from sheer virtue of motion stuffing in hard. Your pretty feet closer to his gaze only made him smile wickedly through the rabid slams of your Masters cock training that pussy to take it all. And even though he held you bouncing on his thick rod every shove still wobbled and drove your tits to flop in bounding circles, a sudden sharp smack lit your ass up from his large hand swatting your ass cheek with enough strength to leave a pink mark in your skin. He leaned forward just a bit, the wild ride he was hammering you with deepened even more and the feel of his balls patting your ass and bouncing from your flesh never stopped once his cock was buried this deep inside you. His brows narrowed and for fucks sake he wanted you to feel how  hard he was, his dick had been twitching like it was trying to move without the aid of his hips to fuck you he was so fucking hungry for your body aching to cum on his. Near claws raked over your spanked skin as he looked down at you propped up on his thrusting tip bouncing you from breasts to toes..."GODS...so...fucking...wet! Uhaaaa!"

Lisa was so close to cumming. She was right there, and then you shifted and she cried out, feeling it slip away like some maddening tease you did purposefully just to prolong her need. She nearly cried out in frustration, but before she could even make more than a small cry of an argument, your cock was hammering her again from another angle, every stroke gliding and banging along her g-spot making her vision swim and her thoughts fuzzy. Her breaths came so fast, so short, so quickly that she may well have been in a room with no oxygen. That snake coiled inside her slithered back to life and she felt it twisting and turning in on itself, ready to spring. Her entire body bounced and jostled and her arms writhed much like the figurative snake inside her did until it finally struck, sinking its fangs inside her and injecting her with a flood of pleasure through her veins. Her arms lifts and slammed to the ground as her orgasm ripped through her, her entire body convulsing, back rising straight off the ground. She screamed, jerking in your arms, and her cunt clamped down around you so forcefully that you grunted, having to push even harder to break past the barrier, squishing her trapped juices out around your shaft. Her wails reached your ears, spurring you on even harder, "Ohhhh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yessss! Oh my god, Zurieeeeel!"

Zuriel growled as he felt you just lifting, the feeling of that pussy squeezing hitting his dick so tightly that he had to pop his hips in harder to shove through the tight grip of your walls hugging him so snugly you felt like a second skin glued to his shaft. He had it timed just perfectly even through the need he had, watching your cunt spasm and juice around his dick from holding you like this, keeping your pussy on a server tray so he could watch every detail right when you came. He let you ride it out with a look of chagrin at your orgasm splitting the night so suddenly. His hand fell again on your ass but this time it lit up three times in a row before he threw you off his cock and drug you back by that pretty hair to pull your ass in close to that throbbing girth. "Oh so now my little girl forgets to beg to cum?" The leering look of sadistic glee on his face turns hard when he dipped his head down and shoved it right inside your tight unyielding ass with a grunt. Not even giving you a moments reprieve before your tender asshole was stretched to the brim and he claimed that body all for himself yet again. "Next time..." Was all he could growl out, the rabid feel of him plugging your tender ass came rushing in just as feverishly as you felt him fucking your pussy but this time there was no quarter given. Almost angry, every thrust popped your ass open deep and he shoved the whole length inside, making your tight hole stretch as he bucked it in.

Lisa was still riding out that glorious, intense climax when she felt the crack of your hand on her already stinging ass once, twice, a third time, each slap drawing a louder cry then the one before. Wondering what she'd done to deserve that, she looks up at you with a scowl, her face flushed and sweating from her orgasm. Though she didn't ask, she was expecting a reason, but she didn't get one...not at first. Instead, you flipped her almost roughly and she cried out again, catching herself on hands and knees, thankful for the towel on the concrete for fear she'd scrape the shit out of herself. With her hair twisted around your fist, she grunted, her neck snapped backwards as she sidled up behind her. She could almost feel your breath cascading over her bare back and the rumble in your chest as you finally spoke, chastising her for her disobedience and when she realized what she'd done, her eyes went wide for fear of the reprimand, her limbs quaking as she tried to keep herself upright. Without thinking, she spoke, her words tumbling out, "I'm sorry, Master. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I..." But her pleas were cut off the instant your cock pressed into her ass. She stiffened and bit down on her lip, stifling the cry that threatened to escape--she didn't want to displease you more, though her cries of anguish might just please you in your anger. Your cock stretched her tight little hole wide and, with no lubricant, burned so that she hissed in a breath of air through tightly clenched teeth. Squinting her eyes, she squealed a high pitched sound, still trying to trap her cries in her throat. Every hard stroke pushed you in deeper until she thought you would split her open, and her fingers clenched in the towel once more, trying to stave off the pain until her body relaxed and accepted the invasion. After what seemed to be several long, agonizing minutes, her backdoor finally relaxed enough that you could move easier, allowing you to take long, deep strokes, filling her completely with your cock. Soon she began to enjoy it, even, and her whimpering cries turned to animalistic-like grunts mixed with breathy groans of pleasure.

Zuriel bore down against your body so possessively that he pinned you under the lifting and body jarring weight slapping your upraised ass. He reveled in the pained cries of your mewling moans and whimpering squeals, letting you become adjusted to the feel of him stretching your ass wide from his meat pole ramming you through as sure as a sword, but he was by no means done making you squeal just yet. He had been driving straight inside, following your ass to the hilt of his cock but when he managed to speak the huffed words reached your ears. "Tomorrow there will not be a second you are not on my dick...for being a bad little bitch you're going to have it in every one of your holes and the second I feel an orgasm coming I'm gonna fuck your face." He angled his hips downward, the slow slide up and in stretched your ass in new ways. Never giving you a straight stroke after that, always driving down and in or wiggling from the side to make your abused hole gape from being full of that much cock. "Before I fill your mouth, I'm gonna fuck your bare feet and cum all over them before shoving my dick in your pussy." He grunted as he winced from an angle that was even tight to him but through the pain he shoved it in balls deep anyway, opening your ass up for being such a bad little slut in cumming without permission. "I'll fucking read the paper while you're sucking my balls, I'll find some way to get it through your head you better ask Daddy!" Even with all the promises of punishment to come you felt that thick shaft delving in slower, drawing out your cries as long as your nerves could handle the stimulation of being reamed apart in every conceivable manner spread out on the towel like a buffet. His knees widened and made you spread those legs even wider, the simple lilt of his limbs pushing out giving him every bit of power dropping between your spread cheeks like a hammer on an anvil. "Now, tell Daddy you're sorry for being a bad pussy."

It was fucking maddening, having your cock pumping inside her ass while you reprimanded her. She was torn between the pleasurable ache and complete shame for having cum without permission. Between the incredible feel of you filling her and stroking the sensitive walls of her ass and the dread of facing her punishment tomorrow. And though it would bring pleasure, as well, it would ultimately be torture, constantly denied release every time you bring her right to the edge. She wasn't sure if she should be thrilled or dreading the experience. But for now she could think of nothing other than how fucking good it felt having you ream her ass with your thick, hard cock. Every time your body dropped down to plunge your shaft into her, her cunt banged onto the ground, grinding her little clit and she grunted and groaned with every slam against her. Then you'd shift and angle upwards, filling her in a completely new way and she'd gasp at the sensation, her mind reeling, never being able to adjust, never able to focus on one sensation to spur her orgasm into life. It was amazing and maddening all at the same time. Unable to stand it any longer, wanting nothing more than to cum again, she cried out her apology hoping it would gain your favor to let her cum. "I'm sorry, Daddy I'm sorry I came without permission. I won't do it again, I promise!" Knowing full well she'd someday break that promise again, but wanting to please you now, she held her breath and prayed.

Zuriel clamped one wrist then the other as he pressed down over you, your legs managed to scoot in from the lift of his body and you might have thought it earned you a respite but the realization of what he was doing set in the second he jammed that cock to the nuts in your ass hard. Right behind the back of your head his jaw worked, lips barely able to speak as he fought through the swelling sensations of his cock growing tighter inside your pucker giving it the hottest burning stretch of your life with him. Pinning you in place so all you could do was take that fat cock ramming your asshole without a single shred of mercy, his probing tip skating along the bottom of your anal wall before it righted inside your colon with him stuffing you so full you felt that dick in your bowels. "No, you won't slut. Daddy will see to it you ask him for permission." The harder shoves came as his dick leaked a stream of precum, holding that load for hours today already had his cock inflamed to the point it was fucking purple and he managed a slight wicked grin knowing you were about to get hours worth of cum building in his flapping nutsac. His lips parted before the first flood of cum bubbling inside your asshole, from being stretched like it was the seed felt so fucking hot from your ass being raw and fucked without any mercy at all. Bucking uneven, short and deep, from the side or straight on as his cock shuddered and those balls jolted upright and tight against his shaft as they seriously flooded your ruined ass full of Masters thick steamy load. "HnnAAAAAAAHHH Gods...DAMMIT AHHH!"

Lisa grunted as your full body weight settled on top of her, mashing her clit to the ground so that every time you pushed your cock into her ass, it sent a jolt through her body, stirring her orgasm bad to life in her belly. Her ass was so fucking full of your cock, already stretched painfully wide, that when she felt you swelling, the trickle of precum oozing into her canal, she gasped for a breath hoping to beg you to cum again. Trying to turn her head to the side, though her mouth was nearly stuffed with the bunched towel, she mumbled incoherently. Trying to yank her arms from your grasp to move the damn cloth from her face so you could hear her, she felt your grasp tighten unrelenting. She squealed in frustration, flexing her fingers stupidly as though it would shake your grasp loose. Realizing she was not going to get free, she screamed into the towel, "Mrfph! Mwfth frgl crblm frthf!" Closing her eyes, nearly in tears knowing you couldn't make out what's she'd said around the cloth stuffed in her face, she clenched the muscles in her abdomen, trying in vain to hold off the second orgasm that threated to rage through her body.

Zuriel exhaled the breath he had been holding, his whole cock still jerking like it was alive and trying to keep fucking you through the release he flooded your ass with. Normally after an orgasm like that he would pull out and drool his cum on the backs of your thighs but he pressed in and pinned you tighter with his hands releasing your wrists. He planted his hands to the towel and just rocked in firmly, making your ass squeeze the very last drops of him cream inside your tight hole still burning from him cumming inside it after stretching it so violently. It was a slow, deliberate pace he pulled back and shivered through, his cock over sensitive but it didn't stop him from pumping that hole with you now slickened up with his cum.

(had to end here due to real life interruptions)

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