Lisa is Used by Zuriel


This story follows the first time Lisa and Stacey were together. Seems Zuriel had been outside the house peeking in through the windows watching the show and he got quite worked up, himself. But, feeling devious, he decides just to use his little slut and not give her any pleasure this time.

 Lisa is Used by Zuriel

"Well I'll be sure to pass along the message to Stacey about taking what she wants from you, then. Might have put a bad spin on everything since she's sort of submissive, but not totally." Zuriel Bedlam lowers his head and whispers in your ear. "Besides, I was watching through the window anyway."

Lisa Languish's eye go huge and her stomach clenches tightly. That little mewl whines in her throat and she grips your hand tighter as her body rocks against you.

Zuriel grins and lifts his hand to your neck clutching your little throat right below your collar. "Oh, no. Too much sex makes you bored with everything. Besides, you need to sleep soon and I want you rested after taking a toy that huge."

Lisa starts to pant feeling your hand around her throat. Heedless of your words, your actions stirring her far harder this time, she fights her urges so as to obey you and nods, swallowing hard. "Yes, sir."

Zuriel smiles as his fingers grip a little tighter, leaning his cheek over your face as he presses his hardness right against your ass just to show you how turned on he got from spying on you and Stacey. "That's 'Yes, Master,' but I'll let it slide, I don't want to hurry, and tomorrow you'll have had some sleep. Now be a good girl and give me details of what you liked before I make you go to bed."

Heart lurching simultaneously as her pussy twitches, she gasps a bit and nods, whispering "Yes Master..." Pausing to think, she tries to recall the details, prattling off what she enjoyed. "I love her sensuality, that she was softer, more delicate than you or Jay. I love her breasts. Mmm... those were so nice. I do wish she'd toyed with mine more, though--I can cum just form someone toying or sucking on my nipples--but she made up for it. They way she played with my ass and pussy together... My god, that was so hot. And the strap on... Jesus, it was so big! Almost too big..." She stared off thinking about it and felt your cock pressing against her naked ass through your shorts and she damn near turned over to beg you for it, but thought better of it.

Zuriel listens intently and slowly lets his hand uncoil from your neck, drawing it down your body until his fingers clasped firmly at your exposed nipple and he pinched it lightly as he kept his ears open to hear what you liked. "Hmm... You know, I couldn't hear everything, but I did hear my name a few times, at least in mention. I loved your moans more and, damn, did you give it to her right. She was bucking on your fingers." Almost like he knew you were begging for it, he pressed in tighter but still made no other move, just wedging his thick shaft between your cheeks and staying right there. "Anything mentioned I might wanna know about?"

"Oh, um... "She coughs, trying to hide her embarrassment at having to explain it. "I think Stacey wants you. I'd assumed she had and when I mentioned it, she seemed to have been caught off guard and could barely stammer out that you'd never...you know..." She pauses and forces herself to say it, "...fucked." How she got through that with your hard cock now pressing between her cheeks, she'll never know, but she can't stop herself from shifting and pushing herself harder against you, feeling the heat of you so close to her.

Zuriel heard what you said and even with you pushing back you felt his cock jump at those words. For once Daddy was caught stammering, "Well she and I never... I mean her and Jay... You know, I never even thought about it." He shook his head and his hand slipped down to his shorts, pushing them off his hips before intently sliding his cock between your bare cheeks and snatching your hip for a teasing grind, making sure to pull you back on his fat dick pulsing softly as its hugged between those buns. "Well, tonight I think Stacey has had enough time. I'm more concerned about my baby girl right now."

Lisa gasps so softly you're not even sure you heard it, but you feel her tremble as you pull her back, her inability to contain her excitement amusing you slightly. Her legs part just a fraction, letting you slip even more easily between her cheeks, and she slowly, gently grinds against you, loving the feel of your hot length pressing insistently to her. She mumbles something in agreement, though what you are not clear on, and she closes her eyes letting out a soft, sweet moan.

Zuriel smirks as he reaches under the pillows and pulled out a bottle of oil. Throwing you up on those stocking clad knees, he dribbles your crack with the warm slippery stuff and slowly wedges his thick shaft between your cheeks again. Taking your hips in his hands, he pulls you back and his smooth, heavy balls tap against your blushing pussy. "Hmm... What was that, baby girl? I didn't hear a word you said." Smirking lightly, he started rocking his hips, hot dogging your sexy ass on purpose with his big dick.

Lisa lets out a startled little yelp, not expecting you to do anything since you'd just told her she had to wait and go to bed. Grasping the pillows, she turns to look back at you over her shoulder, her little ass swaying in the air, cheeks parting as your thick cock strokes back and fourth between them, spreading the lube you poured onto her ass hole all over your shaft. Stuttering to reply, she can only get out, "I don't... Erm, nothing... I don't know..."

Zuriel bites his lower lip as he starts stroking his fat dick between those cheeks, holding on to your hip with one hand and making sure to use the other to guide your wriggling body straight and true up and down his throbbing cock. "Hmm... Well in that case, I'm going to cum all over you and put you right in bed. I think you deserve it after getting me all hot watching you two fuck." He exhales hard, grinding tightly between your delicious cheeks with his whole cock stroking right between your buns so the length of it tickles your tender little asshole without going inside, his fat juicy balls plastering tightly to your slit with every slide he thrusts in your crack.

Lisa whines, having thought she was going to get your cock after all tonight only to be teased and denied while you used her for your pleasure, anyhow. The feel of that hot, thick shaft brushing back and fourth over her pucker drives her mad and she starts panting, wanting nothing more than to feel it pressing against her ass and pushing inside, filling her up. She imagines you climaxing inside her, your cock swelling, stretching her wide, filling her with hot cum and she moans at the image alone, her fingers grasping at the rug under her. Panting, she presses her face to the furs and looks at you, begging, "Oh, please don't tease me. Please fuck me. You're already there, just stick it in!" Realizing she'd shouted this last part, her eyes widen, fearing you'd anger, but she can't help herself--you drove her to this point.

Zuriel grins almost wickedly as he keeps stroking his hard dick between your cheeks and hearing you begging him for it only seals his intentions as his hips started to speed up a little more. Looking back, you catch the faintest glimmer from his glistening cock covered in oil, a little cream leaking from his cock slit as he uses your pert little ass to just jack his fat cock off with. "Nnnn... No, baby girl. Daddy says no more fucking, but he'll use you to get...off...nnngh!" Oh he wants to shove it in, just slam-fuck you raw and quick and explode inside, but this is so much more tasty, and he cannot resist denying you a little bit and taking what he wants in the same breath. It is because of you in those stockings; while he had chosen others for your date, Stacey had actually picked out something even more tasty to adorn your lovely legs. The feel of his heavy balls lift, slapping wetly off your pussy with his tempo rising. "Nnnn... Yeah. My little bitch used right."

Lisa's face turns into the furs at the finality of your denial. Though she hates it, it makes her cunt throb madly, only driving her more wild with lust for you. Her legs spread, slipping on the furs as you bounce your cock up and down her ass, pushing those cheeks around the shaft to stroke yourself off. She lifts herself off the ground to turn and watch you, and the sight is so erotic she nearly cums right then and there. Her breasts sway heavily and she can't resist taking one nipple in her fingers, pinching, twisting, pulling at it as she rocks back against you, wanting to feel your cum jetting across her bare back.

Zuriel doesn't even bother trying to talk anymore. The building desire pulsing through his thick rod split your cheeks with a tight grind of his length between them. The feel of his balls smacking your pussy starts coming harder with him panting behind you as his hand grips tighter and keeps jarring your ass up and down to jack your Master's cock off. Sweat beads on his forehead as he pumps faster. A long line of precum drooling from his tip trickles down the small of your back as the pressure rises and he feels it building in the base of his cock. Huffing like a locomotive, he pulls back and shoves a final time. A geyser of cream spurts from his swollen tip and lathers your spine with a white goo, boiled from his balls. "NNnghaaaa...shhhhhiiiitt...!" His eyes clench closed, but he keeps rocking to milk every drop he can, the fluids spattering your skin and leaking up your body from the way you press your face to the furs beneath.

Lisa grunts the harder you bang against her, wishing and praying you would slip and plunge right into her ass, but it never happens and suddenly she hears those growls she loves so much--the precursor to your climax. As you stiffen, she feels the warm spatter of cum splashing her back and it undulates from the contact of liquid heat. She groans, gripping the rugs and pulling them towards her, feeling you resting heavily with your hands on her hips as she starts to sag to the floor.

Zuriel slides away and follows you down to the rug, leaving you marked with his cum like a proper slut should be. He lays out beside you, curling an arm over your shoulders to hold you close as he closes his eyes and starts to drift. "Mmm... Goodnight babymine."

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