Zuriel Takes Alesh's Ass


Vixxen guides her love into Alesh's ass as Zuriel uses their new toy properly for the first time. Watching the show, Vixxen gets heated and enjoys herself in to process.

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 Zuriel Takes Alesh's Ass

Zuriel watched with his love as Alesh got on her new clothes. "While you are home, pet, you will be in these silks at all times unless commanded otherwise. So these are your home clothes unless Mistress or I change your outfit. You will be in these so we may play with you any time we like, and you are restricted to myself and Mistress only."

Alesh nodded and chewed her lip. "Thank you, Master. Perhaps when I have some free time, I'll build a fireplace so I don't freeze to death in the winter."

Zuriel chuckled, "Heh. You won't freeze, trust me. There will be so many hot nights to come you'll stay warm."

Alesh nodded and wriggled her leg, listening to the tinkling of metal around her ankle.

Zuriel grinned, watching her tinkle her new jewelry. "She did really good last night, Vixx babe. I told her I would reward her today, but not without you here."

Vixxen grinned and nodded. "I'm glad you had fun with her, love. I would have loved to join you, but I had errands to run back home that couldn't wait."

Zuriel commented, "She still doesn't get to cum, but I think I'm gonna have you put me in her tight little ass."

Vixxen smiled and looked at Alesh, stepping in to run her hand over the ass he spoke about, dipping her finger between the tight cheeks and sliding them upwards to give the girl a little tease. "Oh? Was she not well behaved last night? You're really making her earn her reward, eh?" Pulling her hand back, she brought it down with a soft but firm slap on one cheek, making the girl jump in surprise, but kept talking to Zuriel. "And what makes you think she won't cum from a good ass fucking? You know I always do..." Her hand stayed on that ass, just swirling lazy circles over it while she talked with her love.

Zuriel couldn't help but grin watching Vixxen handle their new girl. In fact, just the sight of her hand smacking the girl's ass was enough to make his cock jump, so he corrected himself. "Ahem...well let's just say she doesn't get me in her pussy until I think she's earned it properly."

Alesh blushed thinking that she had been well behaved last night, wondering if perhaps he'd expected more of her and she had failed. The teasing finger in her ass cheeks made her squirm and she yelped a small cry when Vixxen slapped her on the ass.

Zuriel smirked. "Or maybe I'm saving her slit until you can get in bed with us both, darlin."

Vixxen smiled and nodded, finally withdrawing her hand from the soft warmth of Alesh's skin. "Fair enough. The choice is yours, so if you don't want her to cum, then she had damn well better not or she will be aptly punished." The smile never left her face, but she kept her eyes locked on Alesh's to be sure the girl was listening intently. She nodded again as he spoke, "Yes, I think that would be appropriate. I would like to be a part of your... breaking her in properly. I want to watch that yummy thick cock of yours disappearing right into her pretty tan slit and listen to her moaning when she finally realizes just how good you feel inside."

Zuriel beamed from how proud his mate's words made him feel. Such a dirty woman helping him break in this tan lovely all on their own. He stepped in and groped Alesh's tight butt, rubbing his hand over her flesh as he spoke. "I agree. I want you there for that the most because she is ours and I want you to put my cock, which belongs to you, inside her when the time is right...hehe." He slowly teased his fingers between those tan cheeks, stroking his fingers over the plug still in her tight hole. "So, she needs breaking in..." Suddenly pulling it from her ass in a slow tug, he let Alesh recover from wearing the toy all night.

Alesh relished the touch of his hand rubbing over her skin, still tasting his essence on her lips and tongue from the night before, like it was stained in her skin. But when he clasped his fingers around the toy still in her ass and had to forcibly pull it out it was so tight, her fingers dug into her own hips, her eyes clenching tightly, and she let out a whimpering little mewl. But once it was out she groaned like a wanton little thing that loved the sweet pain.

Vixxen's eyebrow quirked watching him pull the toy from Alesh's ass, not having known it was even there. "Getting her ready for you, baby?" She laughed. "Has the poor girl had that thing in her all night? Don't break your new toy already..."

Zuriel chuckled as he shook his head, dropping the plug in the chair before he swept in and guided their new pet towards the bookshelf. "Yes, she has. I needed her to be open and ready, because she was gagging hard on my dick last night. I honestly thought she wasn't going to be able to take it..."

Alesh felt the press of his hand at the small of her back, so she looked up at him, seeing him nod towards the bookshelf. Her little feet padded across the wooden floor and she paused at the case, wondering if perhaps she was going to learn some lessons today instead of being "broken in" as they had talked about just moments ago. "Is something wrong, Master? Am I to have lessons today, instead?"

Vixxen couldn't help but laugh hearing how the girl had choked on his cock last night, but she sympathized. "Yes, well, Z... It is large. I'm not surprised that she choked. I'm sure you didn't go easy on her. Though for a slave, she should be quite used to it. Maybe she's just out of practice." Stepping in, she stood near them both at the bookcase, paying less attention to the books than she did in seeing the sheer pleasure on his face at having the girl to play with.

Zuriel slipped his shirt off as he heard their pet speaking out of turn. His hand rapped hard on her ass and nails drug up along the spanked flesh first until he gripped her by the hair and hissed for her to hear him. "No one said you could speak, bitch, but I will answer you." Absently his fingers slid between those cheeks, stroking her tight little rosebud before his head turned to look at Vixxy. "Well, she didn't seem prepared, but with having that toy in her ass all night, I bet she can take my cock in a single shove."

Alesh whimpered at the feel of those fingers dragging along her cheek, lifting onto her toes to rise away from the pain of his strong grip. She noted he hadn't answered her question after all, but she dared not make a comment about it, instead lifting her hands to grip the edge of the shelf in front of her to keep from falling backwards as he grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back to growl his remarks into her ear. Despite that she was being reprimanded, it thrilled her to no end and chills swept through her body while her limbs seemed to grow weak.

Vixxen tsked her tongue at the girl's prattling mouth but she let Zuriel handle it, her head cocking to the side as she watched. Resting her hand on his shoulder, getting in close so she could observe how he handled the girl, he felt the side of her breast brushing over his arm. Her eyes roved over Alesh, appraising her, smiling as she thought again just how wonderful she was to have in the house, then she kissed his cheek and purred against his whiskers, "Then let's find out, shall we?"

Zuriel slid behind their pet, his hands drifting to her arms while he winked at his love. "It's time for her to be claimed in full..." His head turned and Alesh could feel his breath on her neck, loving that Vixx was right by his side teasing him just as much as having our girl held still like a treat. "As for you, girl... I do have a lesson in mind, but not one contained in these books."

Alesh swallowed hard at his words, nodding her head as she stood stock-still, though he could feel the tremors of excitement quaking through her limbs as his hands stroked over her arms. Though he'd hardly yet touched her, she was already slick between her folds, just the anticipation stirring her arousal--that and the reprimand had her blood racing through her veins. Not that her own lube would help her much when he took her ass, but she was glossy and slick anyhow and when she shifted her legs, she could feel the wetness slipping between her lips.

Vixxen moved in to stand almost behind him, reaching her arms around his waist so that the backs of her hands brushed against Alesh's ass while she fumbled with his fly. Tugging the button open, she gripped the zipper tab and slowly tugged it down, letting the sound of each tine coming apart echo in the girl's ears. Vixxen had always had an edge, but having this girl in the house, knowing she belonged to the two of them, brought out something in her she'd not truly known had existed. Sure, she'd taken control with Zuriel a time or two just for kicks, but with each moment the two of them spent with this girl, she felt something else stirring to life and it urged her to speak right into Alesh's ear, though he, too, could hear her, "Do you hear that sound girl? That's me unleashing the beast that is about to tear you apart and claim you for his own." Vixxen sucked Alesh's earlobe into her mouth and bit down on it until the girl whimpered, then she rose and reached her hand into Zuriel's pants, slipping his cock free so she could stroke it to its full glory.

Zuriel pressed up from behind his girl, holding those arms to keep her close as his hips rocked and the heft of that bulge in his pants trussed tightly against her tan ass while Vixxen stayed beside him to watch the tease. His hand drifted out to grab his love's so he could pull her fingers in a tight grip of them outlining his cock in the denim of his pants and so Alesh could feel him grinding his hard clothed cock and Mistress' fingers against her bare ass. He could not even try and hide the wicked grin as he listened to Vixxen tell their girl what was about to happen, especially when she reached down and tugged his cock free. Even Master was not prepared for that, but he went with it in a tight glide of his finger-gripped length skidding along Alesh's cheeks. He inhaled and breathed into their girl's ear, "We have claimed you Alesh, and today we make you ours." He held out a key for Vixxen to take when she was ready, nodding to the girl's collar. "It's unlocked for now. You have to just lock her down and she belongs to us...body and soul."

Before the girl could even react, she took the offered key from his fingers and grabbed her hair, yanking her head back against his shoulder so she could see the collar more clearly. Tracing her finger along the soft leather she smiled, "Very nice. You chose well, love." Slipping the key into place, she turned it, locking the collar securely. Grabbing Alesh under her chin, she leaned over her and looked into the hypnotic gold eyes, "Welcome home, our little slut." With that, she pressed her lips to Alesh's, kissing her deeply before releasing her again. Tucking the key in between her breasts, she reclaimed her grasp on his cock, still stroking him so that the head of his cock brushed teasingly over these brown cheeks and right along the crack between them.

Alesh's heart stammered in her chest, absolutely thrilled at the formality of being claimed, of being taken by these two amazing people as their own. While Vixxen locked the collar into place, she couldn't stop her panting and she shivered in delight. The kiss stunned her and her head spun, so when Mistress started stroking his cock behind her again, she groaned and pushed back, letting them know she was ready for it.

Zuriel purred at the sight of his mate--the woman he was going to marry--dragging their pet's hair out of the way to lock her collar for the final time. Each of them had turned the key once and now they both had locked it on their girl, so she belonged to them both now. The kiss he saw his mate give Alesh turned him on almost as much as the feel of Vixxy putting his cock head between those cheeks to grind it up and down the girl's crack. He turned and pulled Vixxen tighter to his side, squeezing her own lush ass while he idly rolled his hips so the length of that shaft drew through his mate's grip. He helped to build the tension, lifting his hand from Vixxy's ass to push Alesh into the shelf so that her butt was held out to his teasing dick being made to grind by his mate's guiding hand. "Nnn... I think she wants it love."

Vixxen reached around with her free hand, slipping her fingers between Alesh's cheeks. With a pull she spread them apart, bringing that tight little pucker right into his view. "Then she shall have it." The hand around his cock gave a gentle tug, urging him forward as she closed in on him, pressing her lips to his mouth this time, kissing him deeply, swirling her tongue in his mouth as she guided the head of his cock straight to that little star between Alesh's cheeks. As it rested there, she released her grip and, still kissing him with all the love in her heart, slipped her hand around to his ass and pushed against it, more urging his movements than forcing them, until she felt his hips seated snugly against Alesh's ass, knowing that his cock was buried fully inside of the girl.

Alesh let out little moans feeling Vixxen's fingers clutching at her ass. Dancing on her toes, she clung to the bookcase, turning her head to look over her shoulder at what was being done. When she felt the head of his cock teasing at her back door, she looked forward again and lifted on her toes, bringing her ass high into the air and braced for the invasion. That cock slid home, the head parting her pucker easily at first, but as the thickness of that shaft spread her open, she cried out, stiffening, the black plug she'd worn all night not even enough to have prepared her for his size spreading her wide. She hissed in air through her teeth and willed her body to relax, whimpering out, "Thank you, Mistress, for giving me his cock."

Zuriel couldn't stop his free hand from drifting up and grabbing their girl's breast in a tight hold of his hand while his mate slowly spread the girl's cheeks open. He got to steal a glance down to see her ass exposed from Vixxen giving him a good view as she struggled a bit to find his tip in the right place. The first few inches slipped in easily, but by the time Vixxen started to push against his ass to fit that cock inside their new pet, he inhaled hard and kissed her back just as hungrily. For a few fleeting strokes, Vixxen guided his hips, holding his ass to pump his body back and forth so his dick slid in and out of that hot tight hole. His kiss to his mate deepened, sucking on her tongue when his body took over on carnal impulses, stroking that dick through the tight ring of flesh being invaded open in a deep stretch of fat beef splitting her cheeks... "Nnn gods... She is so fucking tight! Uuuhaaaa... Her previous owner could not have been using her right!"

Vixxen pulled back from the kiss just enough so that her lips still danced over his as she spoke, "Have fun with her, love. I'm going to sit down so I can enjoy the show." Reaching out, she dragged her nails down over the curves of Alesh's back until they reached her lush ass full of his cock, then she gave it a slap and turned, walking to the chair and taking a seat to watch the scene unfold.

Alesh relaxed enough so that her body stopped trying to reject his invading cock, but still he was so thick that it stretched her painfully wide and she whimpered as he started to move, pressing in and drawing out, letting her adjust to him being inside of her. When Vixxen's nails glided over her back, the tickling sensation had her body rolling and it forced her ass up and back, pushing him even deeper inside and she cried out, groaning at how full she felt. The little beads that adorned her body clacked and clattered as he started pumping into her, her small breasts rolling and swaying against the books as he leaned in tighter, pressing right up against her body to claim her.

Zuriel licked his lips and took a step back, just enough to lean his girl over to press a single hand to the book case. He had no idea she would be this tight; not like his other girl's weren't tight, but Alesh was so new, so fresh to him, that it just felt like she was clamping down and relaxing the entire time to take him in without making it burn, but he had so much dick it was impossible. Panting already, his hands lifted and they gripped his girl's tits to give them a squeeze, fingers pinching, pulling at her nipples while he seated that dick in firmly and started fucking her tight little hole in full view of his mate so she could enjoy the sights of him stuffing their pet's asshole to the brim.

Alesh let out little whimpering groans with each stuff of that cock into her tight little ass. Her bare toes danced on the floor boards as she shuffled and stumbled about, trying to keep her balance as he railed her heavily. He was so thick that she could feel her cheeks spreading apart around his girth and her her entrance burned with the friction, but it felt so fucking good that she didn't complain or beg him to stop. She just held onto the shelves in front of her and braced her arms, pushing back to give him something firm to stuff, to push into, feeling his hips slamming against her ass and his legs against the backs of her thighs. Her leash hung from her collar, jangling and clanging through the rocking motions of her body, and she felt the hard, cool steel swinging over her hardened nipples. Alesh didn't speak, but she couldn't bite back the tiny sounds of pleasure she made as he took his little slut and used her ass for his own personal pleasure, and the liquid arousal began to spill from her nethers to trickle between her thighs.

Zuriel growled as he looked back over his shoulder, meeting his mate's eyes with his for just a moment while Alesh was writhing on her toes from the full feeling of that dick spreading her ass open. He nodded at Vixxy with a sly grin before his attention turned back to the mewling girl backing her ass up and bracing for the sudden shoves to come in a hard slide of meat stretching his pet's hole open. He could smell her arousal and the scent drove him wild, but the other scent of his mate's heat rising as she watched Alesh getting that dick also wafted across his nose, and the thought of her getting riled watching him fuck another woman made that shaft pulse so damn thick he felt like it was just going to burst apart from pure heat clamping around his cock drilling Alesh in the ass. One hand remained clamped over her nipple, twisting and tugging while he used the other to grab her hip to hold on and draw her ass back to meet his pumping dick taking her hot little hole deeper.

Vixxen  sat comfortably in her chair watching her love abusing that cute little ass, and though she'd love to get in on it, she knew tonight was about them, about the girl learning who her true Master was through his claiming her in any way he saw fit. Still, watching his cock slamming into that little ass was getting her worked up, so she spread her legs almost unconsciously and started rubbing her hand over her mound, putting pressure against her clit in little circles through her leather pants.

Alesh didn't have the senses her Master had, so she couldn't smell the arousal of her Mistress, but she felt her own building like wild fire, her cunt now so wet that even though he wasn't touching it she could hear it squishing between her legs each time his balls slapped against those naked lips, stirring her clit to life. She recalled how he'd said she wasn't going to be allowed to cum and already she feared just how she would prevent that from happening with the way he was making her feel.

Zuriel purred as his pants dropped from the constant motion of his hips, settling fully on his feet to get just the right angle so that each time he rolled his hips to slap against his pet's ass, she could feel him taking her to the hilt of that cock spreading her ass open. He could smell Alesh's arousal, so he lifted the hand from her hip and grabbed long black hair between his clasping fingers, pulling her up so she could hear him over the din of wet sounds and slapping skin each time his balls flapped and smacked her lips and clit from behind. "You better not cum. If you do, I'm going to turn you into a seat for your Mistress so she can sit right on your bad slut tongue for cumming when you were not allowed." Knowing Vixxy heard him was enough. The hard cram of that cock driving in to the base rushed and pushed Alesh up on her toes so much so that the book shelf wobbled a bit from the force of weight her Master was jamming through his body to stretch her open.

Alesh was fairly strong but he was stronger, and the heft of his body slamming into hers had her dancing on her toes, the shackles and chains adorning her body clinking and tinkling with every step, making her sound like a cacophony of bells over the slapping skin and squishing wet sounds of her pussy. Her body arched in his grip and her back aligned against his chest with her head against his shoulder as he growled into her ear not to cum. She whimpered, not only because it was already so difficult, but the order he gave excited her so much so that it made her want to cum even more. Not daring to disobey, she nodded her head and whispered through her constricted throat, "Yes, Master." He released her with a shove back to the bookcase and she slammed her hands against it to catch herself before he started rutting her like a wild animal. Biting on her bottom lip, she felt that thick cock spreading her open over and over, filling her canal, and she felt like the dirty fuck slut that she was. The idea made her gasp in both shame and excitement, and she felt her belly quiver, felt her climax start to stir in her loins, and she groaned at having to hold it off and keep it at bay through sheer will power, alone.

Zuriel licked his lips knowing Vixxy was getting a good look, but he decided to give her a great one as he pulled back and drug his new honey pot with him. He turned roughly and dropped, gripping his pet's shoulders until she found herself on those knees now facing her Mistress. He leaned back with cock still inside his girl and braced his hands to the floor. The low undulation of his spine rose and drifted those hips up to stretch her little hole further than before by using her own body weight against that rod driving in nice and tight. The new position gave Vixxen an excellent view of Master and his girl while he pistoned that dick up and down with every arch and snap of his spine bucking those hips upwards. "Tell Mistress how Master feels owning your ass, slut." To make his point he snapped his hips higher than before, lifting his girl's knees from the floor in a rush that bounced right back down onto his swollen dick, using her ass to show Vixxy almost how she looked bouncing on his cock, and if nothing else, she got to see Alesh being fucked right there for her pleasure.

Alesh turned in his grip with a gasp on her lips, slipping to her knees as he dragged her down on top of his lap while he sank back onto his hands to brace his body. With the room in full view, her golden eyes flit to her Mistress, seated closely and watching, and she blushed deeply. Alesh had known Mistress had been watching, but to see it aroused her even fuller, so she put on a show, thrusting her chest out as his slamming hips drove her body up and down on that cock. In this position, he could now feel the liquid heat seeping out of her cunt; the honey spattered on his thighs every time she dropped back down onto his cock. Her pussy and clit glided over his leg, stirring her senses not only from the brutal ass fucking he was giving her, but also from grinding her cunt on his leg, and she cried out, her head flying backwards with a shudder ravaging her body. Her fingers clasped against her breasts and she dug her nails into the flesh drawing pain to stave off the orgasm that threatened to consume her. Gasping, she moaned out, "Mistress, his cock feels so good! Unggg god, I can hardly stand it. I want to cum so bad..."

Vixxen smirked to herself when Zuriel spun the girl around, letting her finally see her clearly while he fucked her cute ass, her tits wobbling with every deep pump her gave her. Vixxen's hand slipped up over her suit and then dipped into the hem of her pants, diving back between her legs to rub her clit while she watched her mate fucking their new toy. Laughing at the girl's words, she shook her head, rubbing her clit harder and faster as she did, "Oh no, girl. You'll not cum unless he tells you too. I, however, plan to cum very hard when he unloads his cock deep inside your ass."

Zuriel huffed as he got what he wanted. Alesh admitting she needed his fat cock inside her just drifted his body right into high gear. Bracing tighter to the floor, his face became a beast mask of grunts and growls, using nothing but his slut's body weight to bobble her ass on that cock so that the vibrant shoves lifted and jiggled his sexy bitch from her toes all the way to her budded nipples, and soon her rolling head was snapping back and forth from the powerful shoves dribbling her ass on his cock like a basket ball. Hearing his mate taunt the poor whore on his dick, he gritted his teeth and started using that ass harder. The clapping sounds of flesh colliding met his mate's ears while Alesh moaned out her frustrations. Heavy balls popped and bounced, squished and slid, from between her lips with every drifting thrust that he rolled her fuckable ass with. The molten pace that was burning her tight hole wide became hotter as some of those strokes made her quiver around the swelling cock meat growing tighter in her ass. The throbbing in his shaft was almost pulsing right in mid-stroke before she relaxed to accept his tip deep inside. "Yeah, baby. Cum watching me fuck this bitch."

Vixxen the pace of her fingers rubbing over her clit increased so that they were almost a blur of motion. She leaned back in the chair bracing her feet on the floor and lifted her hips, resting her head on the back of the chair. She turned so that she could keep watching his cock impaling their slut, the moans and whimpers of the girl driving her crazy with lust. Panting, she purred out, "That's it, baby. Fuck her good and hard. Push her to cum even though she was ordered not to. See just how good of a little fuck slut she is at obeying orders." Vixxen slipped her hand down into her dripping snatch, pumping her cunt with her own fingers, biting her lip as she whined in her throat. Her panting came faster and her hips rocked until she gasped out, "Oh fuck..fuck! Zuriel... I'm going to cum. Keep fucking her baby. I want to cum watching your cock filling her ass!"

Alesh whimpered harder, nearly crying in frustration because she was so turned on and his cock felt so amazing pumping into her ass that she wanted to cum hard. Every time she felt it climbing to the surface, she dug her nails into her own flesh or bit down on her lip to draw pain and push it back, but when she heard her Mistress telling him to fuck her past the point of control, she about lost it. Her muscles clenched and he could feel her ass actually tighten around that thick shaft, gripping him in a death hold so that he almost couldn't push it back in when he pulled out, making him have to shove with a grunt to break past that tightened barrier. She screamed out through the pain of it, nearly doubling over in his lap, but the pain also pushed her orgasm back at bay, leaving her only whimpering again in frustration.

Zuriel had to admit that seeing Vixxy in that chair as he fucked Alesh in the ass was almost too much. His whole cock lurched at seeing his mate spread and fucking herself with those fingers and he already knew he would soon be licking that pussy and making Alesh eat her Mistress while he watched just for being such a good woman to him. His focus drifted back to that caramel cake bouncing on his lap with all the power of her Master driving through her cheeks. his thrusts were deep enough to make her arch, the jarring motion enough to make her nipples snap on bouncing tits like little whips being worked. When he felt Alesh tighten her little hole, stifling the descent of her body down his fat girth, his face went into a snarl. Doing more than breaking through, his thighs clenched and pumped with renewed vigor, shoving through her feeble defenses. He got lividly angry at her trying to tighten up, so instead of punishing her with a slap, he growled and started pummeling that ass, thrusting forward and jerking back so fast his dick met her tight hole drifting down his swollen cock. "Nnngh...."

Alesh jumped in fright, nearly leaping from his lap when she heard an inhuman snarl behind her. Her eyes snapped to her Mistress, but Vixxen only smiled at her with her hand working its brisk pace between her legs, so she relaxed thinking that perhaps he was just so worked up that his voice had deepened in his lust. The jarring pumps of his hips became more intense, slamming harder and higher into her ass, breaking through the tight ring that clung to his cock, and every breath was forced out in a cry of mixed pleasure and pain. Her breasts swung wildly on her chest, clapping together and then rolling back around to slam together again she was jostled so hard. Alesh's eyes locked on her Mistress, watching the woman masturbating all because she was getting fucked by her Master, and the eroticism of the display made her cunt quiver and twitch again. She sucked in a breath and, despite herself, moaned out, "Ohhh noooo..." fearing she was going to lose the battle and cum against her own will. Zuriel's balls kept slapping up against her clit sending shooting waves of pleasure through her body and she trembled, feeling that orgasm reaching it boiling point, so she bit her lip--so hard that it broke skin--and she wailed, her head hanging in her pain.

Vixxen couldn't fucking stand it anymore. Slipping her hand free of her pants, she rose and quickly peeled the leather catsuit from her body, kicking it aside almost in annoyance, then settled back on the chair with wide-spread legs to rub her clit and fuck her dripping cunt once more. She heard Alesh's cries and smirked to herself, knowing the girl was losing control and anxious to see just what would happen. "You want to cum so bad, don't you, slut? You can't help it, can you? His cock feels too good to hold back." She was taunting her on purpose, seeing if she could make her break, and she shoved her fingers rapidly into her cunt as her own orgasm rose to the surface.

Zuriel drooled just from every sexy thing happening all at once. It was so freaking erotic that he was losing it to the rising need fluttering down his throbbing shaft just starting to spurt little pearls of precum inside his whining slut. The machine gun pace rattling her cheeks in a constant pop-pop-pop of skin smacking only drowned out her noises a little. Seeing Vixxy losing her clothes really only made him want to fuck his mate next and make Alesh watch once more. He had to shake his head, getting dragged into the moment once more with a clap of flesh against his hips when his teeth bared and a rumble poured from behind his girl's head. The feeling of fully swelled and pulsing cock rammed her ass with a reckless hunger, never giving her a chance to even get a full breath before fat cock stuffed her pretty ass with balls peeling away in strings of girl juices wanting to come gushing out of his quaking whore. A hoarse voice met his pet's ears, gasping harshly., "You better not...f-fucking cum slut...hold it if you ever want release!"

Alesh was being jarred so hard that his hips were threatening to topple her forward, so she arched her back and leaned into him resting her hands on his rocking hips. The feel of his cock swelling inside her as he approached climax ripped her little ass even further open, making her shudder and groan hotly. Alesh heard those panting, growling, animal-like noises he made and she thought there was nothing sexier in the world. The mocking taunts her Mistress cooed to her made her gasp, made her pant as she fought harder not to lose control, but she was losing it anyway. And then he spoke--her Master--demanding that she not cum, and her body responded like Pavlov's dog. Though it danced in her belly, her climaxed coiled in on itself, lying in wait, pacing restlessly to get out. She kept it in check, but the whole effort had her tensing up every muscle in her body and her ass gripped that cock so tightly that it pained her. Still she cried out, "Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhh!" whining to keep control of herself, acknowledging his demands, "No, Master, I won't.. I....Uhhhh god....." Her fingers curled in his hips and she shivered as those cheeks kept slapping against his waist with the wet smacks of her juices spilling everywhere in his lap.

Vixxen  kept watching, listening to the girl struggling to maintain control, and some sadistic side of her smirked. Her fingers were so wet that they pruned in her cunt, sloshing about as she pumped two, then three digits into her walls. Her legs spread lewdly so that if her love looked over, he would see her fingers disappearing into the other cunt that he possessed. When he did look, her eyes locked on his and her lips parted as she panted, "Cum inside her baby. I want to cum with you as you fill her ass with your seed. Make her drip with your spunk coming from her ass all night."

Zuriel panted with lungs working so furiously, he sounded like a train barreling down the tracks. His clutched hips still powered through, so even Alesh's bracing arms added to the bounce of her ass to the point that there was not a spare second that didn't make her beads clatter or cuffs tinkle. Lurid wet noises squished between her thighs still being bounced and smacked by lifting testicles drawing up tighter, increasing the pressure against those lips. When his mate spoke, even with the tight clutch of her ass clamping down on that dick while still fucking their girl like a little hooker, Alesh felt Master twitch. He stared at Vixxen fucking her snatch with those fingers, her voice pure honey to his ears, hitting him at that sweet moment while he was destroying Alesh's asshole with every inch of fat meat cramming her full. The building momentum grew faster, vibrating the girl on his lap so that every part of her jiggled from the fiery shoves stuffing that ass when the first rope of hot cum sizzled inside her bowels. He went with head falling back, flailing his hips up and down and to the side, picking his bitch up with just that cock swinging to guide Alesh upright again. That balls unloaded, pumping her so full that thick cream spurted around his shaft with the last few squirts adding to the hot mix tingling around his dick still inside his pet. "Hnnn fuck..."

Alesh heard her Mistress telling him to cum inside her--to make her a dripping cum slut filled with his seed--while she fucked her own pussy in plain view of their watching eyes and she damn near lost it. Her Master was clearly spurred by Vixxen's words, because as soon as she said them, his pace increased and he slammed that cock so deep into her bowels that she though he might rip right through her. Her nails dug into his hips and she wailed, crying out over and over again, wanting so fucking badly to cum. And then she heard him growl out his orgasm and his cock swelled even larger, filling her with stream after stream of hot seed squishing out her ass to mingle with her juices in his lap, making his thighs smack and stick to her ass as he continued to rail her through his climax. Alesh watched her Mistress and saw that she, too, was in the throes of her climax, gasping and panting as her Master came inside of her.

Vixxen saw the look on his face as he hit his peak, heard the growling roar as he came, and she shoved her fingers into her cunt up to the knuckles, pounding and pounding until her orgasm raged through her. Her body arched in the chair and she cried out, hips pumping, body jerking as her honey spilled out over her fingers. "Ahh fuck!!! Yes!!!" Her eyes never left the sight of her lover fucking their little toy slut and she came like a banshee, taking wicked delight in knowing the girl had to take it all with no release.

Zuriel slowed to a crawl, savoring the juices on his cock--it made him all gooey and slick. Biting his lower lip, he just teased Alesh with strokes of that softening girth still playing through her tight ring. "Nnn... I could make you sit and fuck my dick all day pet."

Alesh shuddered again, still whimpering as he continued to tease her while his climax abated and her own still burning to come out. Though his cock was softening, it was still achingly pleasurable, and she wanted nothing more than to have her own sweet release, but she dared not ask for it, so she simply remained in his lap letting him tease her through it until he was satiated.

Vixxen  huffed and panted, smiling deliciously as she watched her love--glowing from climax--still teasing the girl. Her own fingers dallied between her legs, jumping now and then when she brushed her sensitive clit, and she sighed completely content.

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