Lisa Turns the Tables on Our New Land


We rented land. Yay! Had to christen it, of course, but I got a little overly frisky and decided to take things into my own hands.

Lisa Turns the Tables on Our New Land

Lisa looks at your pants. "You, uh, clawing yourself up now, too? I might need to sew those." Chuckles.

Zuriel: You just wanna play with my pants.

Lisa grins and nods, "Perhaps. More so, with what's in them."

Zuriel raises a brow. "Well, if you want lunch, just pull down my zipper...hehe."

Lisa laughs then slips her hands to the bulge in the front of your pants. "I'd have to suck that baby down like a protein shake. Not much time to really enjoy it like a meal."

Zuriel smirks at the feel of your hands cupping his bulge, biting his lower lip as he looks at your eyes. "Who says? I can stop people from coming over with a phone call...heh."

Lisa: Oh no. You have plans and I'm not going to interrupt that.

Zuriel presses a little to your hands. "Like they have to stop, I'm just offering you something yummy...hehe."

Lisa grins. "Alright then. Let's go home so I can...treat you properly. Or receive my treat, I should say."

Zuriel chuckles and shakes his head. "I think someone forgot we own this land now." He sets out some pose balls.

"Not at all. We've just nothing down to use yet. I'd be happy just to RP it all..." She sees the pose balls now sitting on the ground. "Ahhh...ok."

Zuriel grins and runs his fingers through your hair. "You were saying?"

Lisa laughs quietly as she sinks to her knees, shaking her head under your fingers. "I stand--or kneel, rather--corrected..." Moving quickly with deft fingers, she unfastens your pants and slips her hand inside, wrapping the small digits around your cock to slip you free of the confines. Not lifting her head but only turning her eyes up to look at you, the smirk still plastered on her face, she wastes no time and wraps her lips around your shaft, drawing the semi-erect member into her warm, wet mouth. With a purring groan, she closes her eyes and suckles, feeling it grow thicker and harder against her tongue.

Zuriel smiles at your words, the grin on his lips diminishing though as he feels you unzip him and slide your hand inside almost like you weren't wasting any time, and that he loved. Chewing his lower lip, he looks down in your eyes and watches as those lips wrap right around his tip for a soft suckle and moan from his little gorgeous slut. Letting out a heated breath, his cock swells thicker in your mouth and his hand holds lightly onto your head as he watches you get him going with such a yummy pull of your lips. "Mmm... Damn, baby. Someone's starved."

Lisa opens her mouth wider so that you could hear her moans and heavy breathing, just letting you move your cock back and fourth over the soft heat of her tongue, lifting it to lap and lick over the bottom of your shaft here and there. Keeping her eyes upturned, loving to watch the look on your face, she swirls her tongue around the tip each time you nearly withdraw, flicking it once over the slit until it passes back into the depths of her mouth. A few seconds of this tease is all she can handle, though. She wants to suck, to consume, and so she does, clasping those lips back around the girth of your shaft with a hard pull, her cheeks caving in from the suction. Hands slapping to your hips to grasp you, she grabs and pulls, forcing your pelvis to her face even as she moves her head towards you, thrusting you straight down her throat. Though she'd forced the action herself, it still causes her to gag when you lodge in her throat. Her back rocks upwards and she coughs, but she resists it and, with a shake of her head throttling her lips around the base of your shaft, she forces herself deeper, keeping your cock held tight in the walls of her throat with a groan vibrating around it.

Zuriel keeps his eyes turned down to look into yours. Silvered hues stare back at you with every little lick and tease of your tongue along his underside and it makes him jump and shift on his feet a little. But like you know all too well, the first instant your tongue flicks over his cock slit his whole body convulses and were it not for your hands slapping hold on his hips, he might have pulled away from the sheer pleasure making him quake in his shoes. His face scrunches up before a hard gasp passes his lips with you sucking him down, even while the shock of your tongue on his very tip sends him reeling. For the first time in a good long while his baby girl took what she wanted and his panting breaths rush from smiling lips while he watches you stuffing your mouth full all the way to the back of your throat until the vibrating clasp of it makes him shudder. "Oh fuck... Nnngh!" Even like this you feel his dick grow hard and heavy, getting warmer in your lips and with both hands curling over your head he suddenly holds you down and captive over his cock like that. Gritting his teeth in a hiss as he holds you down just long enough to feel the panic set in with you trying to pull him out so you can take a breath. Slowly his fingers trail over your head and just thread into your hair to hold on. "Mnnnh... Damn girl..." is all he could even bother to say.

Lisa nearly snorts out her laughter through her nose since her mouth is full. Though she loves how you control and dominate her, she can't help but find a small amount of pleasure in the control she wields over you now as she takes you in such a manner. Even when your gab her head and force her down, holding your cock deep in her mouth so that she starts jerking in panic to breathe, she knows she owns you just as much as you own her, even if only in this small capacity. That knowledge renews her hunger and the second you relinquish your hold on her, she moves with more vigor, with even greater hunger for you. Lips smacking, wet spittle slushing, skin slapping skin as her lips collide with your pelvis and your balls bang against her chin, she grips your hips harder, pushing and pulling, forcing you to fuck her even more aggressively than you'd been doing on your own. Every second is marked by either a gasp of air sucked through her nose, or a moan that expelled it, her head bobbing faster and faster working up so much spit that she can't contain it all, can't swallow it fast enough, and the shiny fluids trickle from the corners of her lips down her chin. Pausing to take one long, slow, drawn out pull, she lets the head of your cock pop from her lips. Sitting back on her heels, she looks up at you and from beneath your erect shaft she tilts her head to run her tongue from the underside of your balls over the sack back to your shaft. Seeing the pleasure cross your face, she grins and sucks first one ball then the other into her mouth, rolling them with her tongue, before letting them slip gently from her lips. But again, she is drawn back to your cock, wanting the pleasure of you fucking her mouth, so she sucks you back in and renews her fucking with even greater need.

Zuriel actually didn't know who was controlling whom this time. Your hands on his hips guiding him to fuck your pretty face keep throwing him off just as much as your lips and tongue are and the shine on his cock only gets slicker and more glossy as he feels you sink him down to the base so roughly he doesn't know where to pick up. He knows you are already swallowing him down with every gulp you take, the flavor of him mixed with his masculine scent drifting to your nose each time it hits his pelvis. It's almost like you've won this round just from being such a sweet little cocksucker, but when he feels you pull away and slip that tongue under his smooth balls, you realize his cock is actually standing straight up and it yearns to be touched while you suck his balls one by one. The shaft twitches, pulsing over your face as you suck and tease his nuts with those lips that feel so smooth, and he knows he is going to lose it soon. You already have his tip red and now growing purple from how hard its being sucked and his cock balloons like its just going to explode. His fingers feel shaky in your hair and he throws his head back when you slurp him down between your lips again, bobbing frantically on that dick. For the first time ever Lisa, his baby girl, gets to hear: "W-wait... Ssssslow...down... L-LisaaaAHHh..." The tenor in his voice flies away, the stern tone not there, as he just lets you keep sucking his cock like that, with no real means to stop you from making it feel so fucking good. Instead, he forgets himself for now and just gets lost in your mouth. The look of panic is no longer in your eyes but instead in his silvered gaze as he looks down at you pumping that mouth up and down his spit-glossy dick. The power had just exchanged for the moment and he was feeling it, letting go a little to let you enjoy it, but the flutter in his chest and the way his cock swells in your lips tells you just how close you are taking him in just a few minutes. "Lisa..." is all he can muster, the bewildered look in his face still there as he watches you devouring him.

Lisa has absolutely no fucking intention of slowing down, of relinquishing the fleeting power she has for the moment. It is heady and she is drunk on it, and despite your begging her to slow down (she smirks again at that, even around your thick shaft spreading her glossy-wet lips wide), she keeps up her frantic pace, sucking you down, fucking you hard with her mouth. Her head bobs and bobs so fast that her braids begin to unravel and bits of hair cling to her cheeks and chin. And still she swallows your full length over and again, the gack-gack-gack sound of the head blocking her throat each time it plunges into it floating up to your ears and stirring your senses. Lost in the moment, that slight bit of power she clings to overtaking her sensibilities seem to take control of her arm and without even realizing she was doing so, she lifts her right arm and brings it down on your ass cheek with a hard, resounding slap! to your leather pants. Her hand remains plastered to your thrusting hips and she curl her fingers against your ass cheek in a death grip, pulling you harder and faster into her mouth.

Zuriel now fully understands how you feel when you know you are in trouble with him--somehow he just knows what it feels like, as that mouth does not slow down or relent in the slightest, like you are going for some kind of record. His mouth drops open and gapes, teeth showing but just the glimmering tips hover beyond the edge of his lips as he pants like a train kicking into high gear. He wants to scream, to throw you down and fuck that mouth, but before he can even gather his resolve a sharp smack swats his ass, and if you bothered to look up, you would see his eyes glass over like some distant memory came to his brain and stole his bluster. Never like this--he never expected you to nearly top him, and it is both frightening and exciting in the same breath--and that dick throbs in your throat with those lovely gagging sounds hitting his ears. There was such thing as holding back, and though he tries, biting his bottom lip hard enough that you see red trickle from his chin, but at the same instant his tip lets loose a thick spurt of precum onto your tongue just before you jam his dick back down your throat like some wanton little thing reigning over her wolven Master. "Ahhh... d-dammit, wait... Hunnggg!" He's right there, held on the edge only by his own bite to his lip but fading fast from your mouth sucking it right out of him.

Lisa smirks and actually debates stopping, considers obeying you as every fiber of her being yearns to react to your command, so she pulls off of your cock for just the briefest moment, though the hand on your ass moves to grasp the shaft almost roughly and strokes you just as fast as her mouth had been working because she doesn't want you coming down...wants to keep you right there on the edge. Swallowing the spatter of precum you'd let loose on her tongue, she looks up at you still jerking your cock so that the head is bobbing right over her face, and her smirk spreads, "Hmm..? You said something...Master?" Her grin grows even wider, and before you can even respond to her teasing, her ruby lips part and she swallows you back down, the hand around your shaft returning to your ass in a death grip. From tip to base and back again she swallows, her tongue always lifting, pressing against the thick vein running along the underside of your cock, milking more precum from the shaft. Crazily she lifts her right arm and slaps her hand back down on your ass, so hard this time her palm stings from hitting the leather, then she grabs the cheek and pulls, pulls, pulls you into her. She can hear your breathing, rapid and anxious, and it makes her clit dance and swell. The heat of her mouth slips from you once again and she laps at the tip of your cock, breathing out, "Cum for me, Zuriel... Flood my mouth with your cum. Do it. I want to taste it all. Every last fucking drop until you have nothing more to give." With that, she wraps her mouth around you again, drawing you into the heated confines of her throat, pumping you so hard and deep into it that you irrationally believe you'll be lost in there forever.

Zuriel is so thrown back by you stopping to smile under his tip that he actually looks like he is on the verge of going into a rage. Your hand pumping his dick feels every strain and pulse from him being held on the brink like that and he turns a dangerous glare down at you from above. But before he can even say something, your lips suck him down to the base again, and when you glance up this time, you see that his eyes had rolled back into his skull and he was panting even harder from the sudden slurp of that mouth taking him inside all the way down your lovely throat again. After smacking his ass you barely have time to open your mouth before the tip of his cock lurches up and down, bobbing totally on its own in front of your lips as the first spray of cream pumps thick and hot from his dick. His hands clasp and unclasp through the entire thing, going from clutching your hair to just falling to the side. He cums so violently that his hips take on a life of their own, sending that cock down your throat as deep as possible before reeling back until just the tip is in your mouth. He paints your tongue in your Master's cum, flowing every spurt inside your mouth as his balls lift from exploding a load between your lips so hard that when his eyes refocus, he sees fucking stars swimming in his vision. Blinking away his crossed eyes, his huffs slow as his dick lifts a final time and a long line of cum pools inside your mouth until the tip just dribbles. Smacking his lips to wet them, his mouth dry from panting like a damn dog, he breathes out, "Oh gods..."

Lisa sucks your cum down with a moan, loving the taste and feel of it on her tongue and sliding down her throat. Slowly sitting back, letting your length gently slip from her lips, she looks up at you almost innocently, though that smirk of smug pleasure never quite leaves her lip or her eyes, and she just watches you panting, licking your lips, coming down from your orgasmic high. "Seems sometimes losing control is just as fun for the one that is always in control, eh Master?"

Zuriel smirks after watching you swallow him down, every drop just like you said. Helping you to your feet, he crushes you in a tight hug, his arms wrapping you up before his lips kiss yours. "You are a bitch...but you're my bitch."

Lisa giggles. "Yeah, and you love every minute of it."

Zuriel: Damn right, I do. Wow...

Lisa smiles and laughs.

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