Stacey Gets Fucked by a Demoness

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The demoness smirked seeing the sexy dark-haired woman enter the room. Running her tongue over the tips of her sharp teeth, her green wings spread slightly--almost as a sign of her excitement--then settled behind her back once more. "Well, well... What have we here? I was drawn to this place..." she said looking around widely, almost as though speaking of Edenfell in its entirety. "...by an aura of depravity and lust. Corruption and vile acts permeate the air and land, you see. And it seems that my instincts were right. I come here and find a half naked slut looking much like a minion of Hell, herself."

Stacey didn't even notice she had company until she literally almost ran the green woman over, but that was as far as she got. Her green eyes went wide and she held up a hand while taking one step back both in shock and awe. "Uhh... I'm not a minion, lady. These are just plastic horns." Stacey took the time to look the woman over and as she looked the realization crept into her head that those wings were moving on their own. Holy shit! Her tail swayed and Stacey took another step back when she fully realized that the woman was not wearing a costume.

The demoness stepped in closer to the busty woman so that her own breasts brushed up against the ones on the luscious brunette's chest. One long, green nail graced the pale flesh of the woman's cheek and she traced it down to her jaw and under her chin, tilting her pretty face up to look into her dusty green and gold flecked eyes. "So, so pretty..." Her long spiked tail swished side to side and up and down in her excitement at finding such a treasure. "Are you a virgin? Would be so much more delicious if you were..." Her eyes looked the woman up and down. "Judging by how you're dressed, I'm willing to bet you're not. But that's just as well. I like someone who thinks they're experienced. So much more fun to break that way." Her fingers clasped around Stacey's jaw and held firm as she leaned in, the scent a strange mix of brimstone and moss and swamp with a hint of something...tantalizing, tempting to the senses that could not be ignored nor denied drifting up to Stacey's nose. The demoness' green lips brushed just out of reach of her prey's black ones, as though she could feel them moving by mere suggestions, "Do you think I will break you, little one? Let's find out, shall we?"

Stacey had been with exotic women before, but not like this. The scent of her was something otherworldly. The acrid smell of brimstone flowed into the musty scent of moss like a peat bog, but there was something else hinting at her senses, too. By the time the green lady stepped closer and she felt those large breasts push against her own, questions started to fly through her mind and she protested, "W-wait. No, I'm not a virgin. In fact..." Stacey caught the last part about being experienced and her eyes went wider when she realized that this demoness was not just looking for a virgin. Her heart caught in her throat as her jaw was gripped. Normally she would be the one fucking that green ass with her shemale cock, but her own body seemed to deny her in the presence of the demon--she was all woman now. Stacey tried to stifle her breathing as she got the inclination that she was not getting away from this one. "Please, Miss... I can get you someone smaller and more fun to break." Stacey was not above throwing any of her Edenfell playmates under the bus just to escape the clutches of the green enchantress.

The demoness' thumb and middle finger held Stacey's jawbone tight as the woman spoke. Green lips parted as she chuckled with good humor at the proffered sacrifice the sexy woman made, then she drew her middle finger downwards over her pale cheek, pressing in so that her pointed nail drew a small line of blood as though marking her. Those green and gold eyes flashed bright for a moment at the sight of the blood and she licked her green tongue over her lips with a groan. "NNngg... No. Smaller ones are much less fun. They break too easily. I like my prey to squirm...to beg. It's no fun when they just...die." Her fingers released their grip and the same finger that just drew a line of blood on her cheek trailed down her throat to the leash she wore. Clasping it in her grip, she lifted and puled upwards, nearly bringing Stacey to her toes to keep herself from being strangled. "The question is: will you beg for me to stop...or beg for more?" Without waiting for a reply, she dragged the woman up the stairs to the first bedroom she came to, not caring whose it was, just wanting a place to ravish that gorgeous, curvy body and fill it with her demonic cum.

Stacey watched that face with a look of horror in her eye when the green demoness didn't take her up on the offer of younger, more delicate meat to play with. But when that sharp nail sliced through her skin just enough to make a crimson trickle appear on her pale flesh, she inhaled sharply and turned her gaze up to those green and gold flecked eyes. Her mouth opened to protest, but before she got a word out she was hitched to her booted toes with heels scrabbling to hold onto the floor in a losing battle. Both of her small hands clasped over the green fingers holding her aloft like she was nothing more than a plaything, but the blush in her cheeks belied the panic in her eyes before she was half dragged-half carried upstairs to Lisa's room. Stacey had always wanted to come up here some time when Lisa was home, but being in here with some strange creature--alone and with a little dribble of her blood on her face--she looked absolutely terrified. "No, Miss. I-I know there are lots of girls here! Please I can just go grab one!"

The demoness was at first amused with her offering up other girls to play with (she had been right on the mark when sensing the depravity of this place, no doubt), but now it was starting to annoy her. The bedroom door banged open with a slam against the wall and the demoness strolled in swinging her prey around by the leash to toss her onto the bed. With a grip stronger than what she looked to possess, the woman grabbed the straps of Stacey's top in one hand and ripped it free with a yank, letting her breasts tumble free. As she dropped the tattered shreds to the ground, the other hand ripped and clawed the tight black leather pants shred by shred from her legs and hips until nothing remained to cover the soft, supple flesh. The demoness shrugged her shoulders, shirking her heavy pauldrons to the floor so that she had room to nestled between the long, milky white legs of the beauty. Lanky green fingers coiled around Stacey's thighs and spread her legs wide, exposing the sensitive flesh between. The demoness hissed with a wide grin at the sight and her long, green tongue slithered out, the forked tip tracing a line up the slit between Stacey's nether lips and dipping in at the top to flit over her clit. Her clawed hands gripped tighter, latching onto the woman as she started to squirm, trapping her meal in place and leaving pin-prick welts of red in her thighs to match the line on her cheek. The long tongue slithered between those folds, lapping at the nectar gathering in them. Then it dipped inside to snake down her tunnel--much farther than any human's tongue could ever go--coiling and teasing at her walls within, tasting her deeply and fully.

Stacey was thrown like a sexy rag doll onto the bed in a tumble. She rolled, hitting the bed and twisting to her belly to crawl away. It wasn't until that moment that Stacey fully appreciated the raw brutality the demoness had to offer--like a fine wine of panic, lust, and pain being rolled around when she tried to crawl away. She got a foot towards an escape attempt before she felt a grip on her ankle and was dragged back like an escaping kitten. She didn't know if she should kick that green face with her heel or pray for mercy. The mewling whine she called out was nothing compared to when she started screaming in sheer panic. "No NO NO! Wait! I uhhh..." Fingers gripped her clothing, and because the demoness had the strength of a creature able to break bone and shatter steel, her pants and belt proved to be little defense. Rigid, pierced nipples poked the air at the front of her wriggling body and the swell of her hip rose at the clasp of sharp nails in her flesh, leaving marks in her pale skin as her legs were pulled apart. Stacey watched with still-wide eyes and she got her first glimpse of that long green tongue slithering out from the demoness' mouth. She was so damn pretty and yet so wickedly forward--a beast of the netherworld seemingly demanding her to give up her soul for the pleasured-pain she was about to receive. Stacey's clit was fresh and pink at the first lave of that tongue, but by the second lick it was darker with blood and sticking out for the retraction of that sinewy length of tongue. Her body reacted on impulse; heels pressed over the green demoness' shoulders now that they were bare, and the bite of Stacey's squirming heels pressed in at her sides, rasping down supple green skin that was capable of resisting a war hammer but still soft enough to the touch to be mistaken for mink fur. "Oh god...oh god...AHhhhn! M-miss...pl-please..." As though granting her wish, that tongue suddenly pushed inside and she felt the very tip reach the back of her tight hold. The coiling length drew a buck from her hips as she rode the bed on her ass to push back at the mouth that was getting its first taste of the costumed human.

The demoness pursed her lips and sucked hard with her tongue still slithering inside of Stacey's tunnel, drawing out her nectar even harder than it was flowing on its own. Her massive wings flexed, drawing out and expanding in her excitement, creating a shield from the lamp and throwing them into muted green darkness. The demoness' clawed hands slipped upwards from the pale flesh of Stacey's thighs over her ribs, cupping under her ample breasts as she drew her face back from the woman's dripping slit. Her long green tongue recoiled back into her mouth--the feel of that long muscle sliding from her prey's tunnel amplified by the sight of it retracting--until the forked tip disappeared into the darkness of her mouth. Those green-gold eyes rolled up as a wicked grin--glazed with the nectar of her prey--spread across her lips. "So delicious. I can taste the essence of every lover you've ever had inside you. What a wicked little slut you are. But I wonder..."
As she spoke, she began to rise to her knees, her wings seeming to fill the space of the room when at full height. The demoness reached back and unclipped the straps binding her own breasts together letting the leather fall to the floor, then she gripped her short leather skirt and--as if she had no patience to bother keeping it in tact--shred the leather from her waist, leaving herself nude aside from the bracers on her arms and legs. What lie beneath the skirt, though, was not what Stacey had been expecting. Oh no.... For once she was going to get a taste of her own medicine...as though this seductress knew. Finishing her thought, she said, "Can you handle the cock of a demoness..?" Her massive green dick hung between the soft curves of her thick thighs--pulsing, twitching, beginning to swell even as Stacey stared at it. The demoness reached down and grabbed the immense phallus, stroking it until it was thick and hard in her grip, then she leaned over the smaller woman's body, forcing her back to the bed as she crawled up over her. The strength in those green hands mashed Stacey's tits together, making a cleft between them that clasped the thick cock tightly. Her thumbs slid over those pale mounds and she arched them, applying the point of rheir claws into each nipple and pressing down, sending needle-sharp jolts through Stacey's system.

Stacey was shuddering on that tongue already from the coil undulating and pulling then drawing back from her tight hole, her cunt pulsing around the serpentine length.  She watched in fascination as the green lady rose and undressed, curling her tongue back behind those delicious looking lips as her green breasts flopped free of her clothing. But as the skirt was pulled free, her green eyes went wide with shock as she stared at that dick hanging thick and meaty between those lush thighs. All that feminine wile, and she had a dick the size of a sky scraper. Stacey could not deny the intense and surreal feeling that she was now to be the one who would get what she had been giving all the other girls of Edenfell. The very thought of that demon cock blanked out everything else "Oh my g- Hey, whoa! Mmmnh!" Stacey felt herself tilted back, guided by her tits onto the bed as the demoness rose up and straddled her chest, the heat of that shaft guided right between her tits. "God, NO! You...y-you can't have that. No. Come on. Jay was the last one to... It's too big! Miss, don't use that! AHHHHHH!" She felt the sharp press of claws in her nipples, the tapered tips pressing in tight enough that the barbells piercing her budded tops were the only thing to stop the advance through the flesh, like the demoness could find the duct in a single thrust, sending a jolt rushing through her body straight down to her pussy. She rolled like a whip in a hard rise, the rest of her spine curling out and dropping her ass down and her knees up to escape the press of those claws. "Huuuaaahhh...Ssssssss-stop!" Her lips went still, teeth clenched hard as she rocked on her heels, knees dancing side to side like she wanted to kick loose of that grip but dared not for fear of rending her nipples apart in the attempt. Letting out a hot breath as she felt that shaft between her breasts, Stacey panted as she whined to force herself to remain still as possible. "Fffffuuuuckaahh...!"

The demoness scoot her knees in closer, using her thighs to keep those massive breasts clamped around her thick, green cock, enabling her hands to roam freely. Her fingers gripped the ends of those steel bars laced through Stacey's nipples and turned, twisting the pink buds tightly until the woman was crying out and writhing beneath her, forcing her cock into even deeper plunges between the soft flesh of her breasts. The demoness' head angle down, looking into Stacey's contorted face, mocking, "Mmmm so a fine line between pleasure and pain. Though I must say, you clearly enjoy the pain or you'd not mar your body with steel." Her fingers reversed, twisting her nipples in the opposite direction until they would give no more, making Stacey jerk under her with another gasping cry. A false look of pity donned her features, but her wicked grin gave away the lie. Tsking her tongue she teased, "Ohhh... Is it too much?" She stopped rocking her hips and leaned forward, shoving her obscenely thick cock right up to Stacey's face, brushing the moss green head over her chin leaving trails of sticky, hot precum on her skin. "Then how, my pretty little girl, are you ever going to handle this?"
She jostled her hips up and down slightly to bap Stacey's chin with her cock, little lines of precum clinging from the tip to her face until the demoness edged backwards over the woman's body, resting over her thighs. Her hands caressed the curves of her sides and hips, moving between her thighs so that her thumbs stroked downwards between her slick, wet folds, then she pressed outwards, spreading those long legs wide as she slipped between them. The demoness leaned against Stacey's legs, pinning her down as she angled her monstrous cock to the pink opening as though it beckoned her like a siren's song. There was no teasing, no easing into it. The demoness did not give a damn about her prey's comfort. She wanted to fuck and she wanted to fuck hard. So with a draw back and a sudden lunge forward, that huge green cock was plunged into Stacey's depths in one swift stroke. The green demon's back arched throwing her head to the sky and she let out an unearthly roar sounding more like a beast than a human, making the pane in the window rattle. "RRAAAHHHHH!!!! So...fucking...TIGHT!! Hsss...."

Stacey could not stop her body from reacting to the twist of her steel. Then the claws slipped free so the demoness could tug and turn those barbells, and despite the cry from Stacey's lips, the monster knew she was right about her liking pain. The scent of fresh honey drifted from Stacey's pussy behind her fluttering wings with the hurt sending shocks of pleasure to her very core and the demand of that dick pressing at her chin while leaving small little trails of goo on her lower lip. Stacey turned her green eyes up just to see the sight of the winged demoness overhead. The sight of the ethereal beauty tormenting her nipples from above had her feeling like she was in a Grimm fairy tale. When she heard the seductress ask if she could handle the monstrous dick that was in her face, she turned her head for a moment with glassy green eyes tearing up, her thoughts drifting with fear of harder pain. "Miss, I can't...c-can't handle that. Please...don't."
As the beauty drifted down her body leaving twin trails of precum on her chin, Stacey watched the intent in the demon's eyes and her own shot wide when she felt those hands drift between her thighs. "No, Miss. Please. I can... NNnAAAIIiieeee!" She felt her insides spread open by the overpowering strength of the predatory woman over her and she screamed out. Despite her best efforts, her pussy was wet and drooling, so by the time that cock was rammed into her, the single-minded plunge took her to the hilt in a torrid rush causing sparks to light behind her eyes. Stacey's legs jolted upright, flowing with the power of that first deep shove taking her all the way, like this lady owned her cunt. Tears dripped from the corners of her shocked eyes that were bulged wide and her mouth hung gaped in a constant whine. "Aiiie...Ahhhh...Hnnooo...Uhhhaa...ssss...Oh!" Stacey held her teeth clenched together as her booted heels bucked into the air from the force with her hand reversing to grab a futile hold of the bedsheets.

The demoness' spread wings seemed to give her lift with each stroke so that she could drop down with each forward buck of her hips, slamming her whole weight into her cock as it broke past Stacey's barriers and spread her walls wide for the mass of meat filling her cunt. The demoness grinned and braced herself on one hand, grabbing Stacey's face with the other as she leaned in close with the tips of her wings brushing the bedsheets sounding like bats taking flight. "That's it, you little fucking whore. Beg me to stop... Beg me for more... Worship your demoness as she brings you pain and pleasure like you've never known before." Those lush green lips parted and her snake-like tongue flit out to lick the trail of crimson blood tickling on Stacey's cheek. The green monster shuddered as the taste spread over her tongue and her eyes rolled back into her head as though she'd never tasted anything finer. Her mouth hung agape as her eyes close and she grunted out panting breaths with each jolt of her hips, burying her cock to the hilt in Stacey's tight snatch so that her balls were slapping a tattoo against her ass. Her weight shifted and she lay fully out over the pale woman, mashing her massive breasts into Stacey's, leaving her cock buried inside so that the wide girth kept her spread painfully open, only rocking her body to keep the motion of its length moving within her walls. "Feel me inside you, stretching you, filling your womb, taking your body for my own pleasure and making you my personal little whore. How much can you take, I wonder..."

Stacey panted with every lift and flap of those wings, the expanse acting like an airborne lever to prod that dick deep inside her pink pussy. Her eyes locked on the green demon's mouth, watching that tongue slither from those yummy-looking lips so that she could get a taste of the blood trickling on her cheek. The flavor seemed to drive the demoness into a frenzy--or at least something like a small orgasm. Suddenly the green woman shifted, driving that dick in all the way so that the tighter press of her tits mashing Stacey's ground down with every rock and rise of those hips stirring her cunt up into a juicy wreck. "Fffff-feels so...full! M-miss uhhnnaa...sss-stop...oh fuck!" Stacey breathed faster with the even thrusts rolling through her spread muscles. Her walls hugged that shaft with every push that slurked wetly through her pussy as though the demoness was trying to play her like a damn drum, and her nipples pearled into tight little peaks, bouncing with the pushes of the green demon's hips, stuffing her tight and deep with every inch.

The demoness let out a growl that shook the walls as the woman begged her to stop. Her face contorted into something that was either rage or determination, but her lips curled just slightly upwards at the corner giving her a sadistic-looking smile. A strong, green hand grabbed Stacy by the leash around her neck and yanked her up as the demoness backed away, pulling her cock from the wet, pink pussy with a pop of the head drawing out from the tight ring of muscles. "On your knees!" she barked, grabbing Stacey by one hip and flipping her over with inhuman strength. Though she'd demanded the woman move, she took what she wanted anyhow--grasping, grabbing, tossing Stacey's body about like it was a bundle of rags until she was facing the headboard and her lush ass was in the air before her, primed and ready for her cock once more. Taloned green fingers firmly clasped those curvaceous hips and she aimed her cock head right between her slit from behind. With a hard yank to her hips, she drew Stacey's body backwards, impaling her on that pulsing green shaft until her own hips collided with Stacey's hefty cheeks.
"Nnnggg! So fucking sloppy wet... I think you like being used. You're drooling all over my cock like a conditioned sex slave." The soft press of massive green breasts kissed Stacey's back as the demoness leaned over her, forcing her cock in deep and allowing her to reach around the woman's hip to between her legs. Fingers like a harpist's slid up and down her slit, getting nice and slick, then settled on her clit. Once again, the demoness did not tease. She whisked her hand in a rapid blur, flicking Stacey's little bundle of nerves like a battery operated toy on high speed. Then though her body stayed stationary, the demoness' hips started thrusting, humping her prey like a bitch being taken by a dog from behind. The heated breaths the demoness expelled caressed Stacey's neck and deep, animal-like grunts caressed her ears as her body was jostled and her clit was rubbed so fast that she could barely hold still. "Cum for me, bitch. I want to feel that cunt squeezing my cock! You know you want to, whore. I can tell by just how fucking wet you are. Do it! Cum for me!"

Stacey could not deny that the demoness was right. Being flipped over like a whore for the green mistress, Stacey couldn't help but give her ass a little wiggle like she was waiting for it. At the first touch of that cock head between her lips, a line of nectar slipped down like someone tipped a bottle over to drizzled its contents. Sloppy wet did not describe it truly--her cunt was more like a river of slippery honey to the press of that dick.
She didn't want to do it--Stacey even shook her head in denial--but the feel of that cock head hovering right there, letting her swollen ring of muscles tighten up once more, made the press of that tip between her lips feel hypnotic. And with the feel of those fingers slithering over her hips and drifting between her thighs there was no need to even order her compliance. Her glittering eyes looked back as she grabbed her own hip to hold the demoness by the wrist. "HnnaaaaaAAAHHHH...Fuck M-MiSS!" The fingers flying over her clit were met with a fluttering lilt of her hips that rocked and bucked to the slide of digits buzzing her little button. That cock slucked wetly between her blushing lips, spreading her to fit that fat shaft and taking her all the way to those full heavy balls. "Oh god...Oh god!" The gush of honey squirted around that thick cock, pouring onto the green lady's thighs and coating her fat balls in girl juices. The instant that cunt started getting fucked, Stacey's cum ran in fat drops pulsing from her pink lips and her eyes rolled back into her head from the sheer pulse of fat dick holding her open, claiming her deeper than she had ever been.

The demoness plowed right through her gripping orgasm, growling with low, deep grumbles as she felt the juices flow over her cock and soaking her balls. She pulled out with a yank, her green shaft glistening wetly in the light, and grabbed Stacey's hips, pulling her off the bed even as she was still shuddering in climax. Stacey was lifted into the air over the demoness' shoulder, slung like a sac and carried to the foot of the bed where she was dropped unceremoniously to her feet and shoved forward with her hands bracing her against the footboard. The green beast stroked her hard shaft, coating her hand in the girl's nectar, then she rubbed her slickened fingers and palm over Stacey's tight ass hole.
"I'll bet thisssss..." she hissed the word, drawing it out as her finger dipped roughly into the pucker and twisted, spreading Stacey's own juices around the rim, "...is even tighter than your cunt." She pulled her finger out and pressed her cockhead to the tiny brown star. Her green-gold eyes were locked on the ample curves of Stacey's ass and a line of drool trickled from the corner of her lip that dripped down to her breasts. The shebeast raised her hand and as she brought it down with a resounding slap! on Stacey's right cheek, her hips raced forward and she stuffed that ass full of green cock in one swift movement. It was so fucking tight that the demoness roared in pain, her head tilting to the sky and her tongue coiling out as she raged in pained-pleasure. "AARRGGHHH!!! FUUUCK!" Her tail swished madly behind her as she started pumping her hips, seemingly struggling just to withdraw and having to heft her weight into her hips to force herself back into Stacey's ass again. "Better relaxssss, slut, or I may just rip you in two. Nnnggg...."

Stacey was floating in bliss until she realized her pussy was empty and she was being lifted from the bed. Her body lay over the demon's shoulder until she felt the floor under her feet and she stood with an 'Oof!' after being shoved to the footboard of the bed. But that was not the shocker. The feel of lubed fingers stroking her asshole made her eyes go wide as fuck and she looked back in sheer panic. "NO!! Jay fucks it a lot, but...you're too... NNnngh-ahahaaa...!"
The smack of her cheek brought her honey-colored globes rising as she lifted on her toes from either pain or need; it was hard to tell from the mewl of pained purrs that slipped from her clenched teeth. Those sounds cut short, though, when her head swung forward and those eyes went as wide as saucers. Tears bubbled at the corners of her eyes and her mouth hung agape in utter shock of being reamed open in mid-stroke of a spanking. Relax?? How could she fucking relax with that log of cock forcing her ass open and making her take it balls-fucking-deep like some dime store hooker in a back alley? The single shove of cock made her pussy squirt another gush of nectar--like her cunt was agreeing that her other hole needed to be stuffed, too, and couldn't contain it any more. Stacey tried letting go, but her hands held fast and the ring of muscles stroking and clamping off that dick would not relent, almost like she wanted it to hurt just a little bit. "Uhaaaaa...uhh..hnnng...d-deep...Ahhh!"

The demoness closed her eyes and hung on as she reamed the woman's tight ass, the sounds of her cries like sweet music to her ears making her nipples hard and her cock harder. "Yesss.... Scream for me. Let me hear just how much it hurts. So fucking constricted and yet you just refuse to let go, gripping my cock even tighter as you fight me." That tail swished behind her and then--showing how much control she had over it--the spiked tip curled inwards between her legs, rising up to poke and prod at Stacey's nether lips. The poor woman could feel the tips teasing, sliding up and down and brushing over her clit, and the narrow point suddenly swelled wider like a small cock head while the shaft of her tail swelled to the size of a man's dick. The point dipped until it found her dripping wet cunt hole, and with immense control, the demoness thrust her tail forward, delving it straight into the brunette's depths. The rocking of her hips simultaneously pumped both her cock into Stacey's ass and her tail into Stacey's pussy, filling both of her holes at once. The demoness' clawed fingers dug into the brunette's hips once more as her eyes rolled up, closing with another shudder of pleasure. "Uuuhhhhnnn fuck.... My tail...is as sensitive...as my cock. Did you... Ahhh! Fuck! Did you know that, my little whore? I'm going to cum fucking both your tiny little holes and completely fill you with my seed." As though her own words spurred her on, her hips broke into double time, pumping harder, faster, until her brows narrowed and her face contorted in blissful agony with the strain of trying to break the woman in half.

Stacey had been stuffed full in her ass so deeply that her pussy was quaking and she was shivering with arousal. She hadn't stopped cumming since that cock had first entered her...and now she felt the touch of something else able to get at her still-juicy pussy? She looked down between her tits to try and see what it was, peeking down only to catch glimpses of the morphing tail's end. "W-wait... What is...THAAAAAAT! Ahhh!" The first brush of that tail riding her lips brought a wail from her and she lifted her hips to grind on the dick that was lodged in her tight hole. The tendril-like length slipped deep inside her cunt, sloshing wetly as it slithered inside to stroke her depths with both holes filled by the ever-evolving demoness using her whole body as a sex machine. Stacey had no hope; this one could fuck her senseless for hours--maybe days--on end. Her thighs shook trying to keep herself on her feet, panting as the wave started to build, the knot in her belly growing tenser as her pussy gripped that cock tail tight and her ass fluttered around the fatter length of demon dick spearing her asshole open. "Miss, I'm...I'm I'mAHHHhhh...Mmmh!"

The demoness' hand raised and came down in another sharp slap against Stacey's ass, her hips moving so fast that they were a green blur slap-slap-slapping against the milky white cheeks. Her tail twisted and turned inside with incredible flexibility, pumping through Stacey's climax as her cock swelled, stretching the girl's ass even wider around her girth. Her claws sunk into the soft flesh, drawing drops of blood to trickle down her hips and thighs as she trapped her prey in place, not daring to let her go at her final moment of conquest. Suddenly her hips halted and she reared back with a hard, deep, slam...then another...and another.
Her grunts came with heated breaths that rose in volume with each incredibly deep pump into that ass with her tail still pulsing inside the woman's cunt until her head tipped backwards and she froze in place. The demoness let out a roar that shook the foundation, sending plaster dust crumbling from the ceiling over their heads. Her cock swelled unbelievably wide and thick as thick ropes of incredibly hot, steamy cum spewed fourth from both her cock and the tip of her tail, filling Stacey with molten hot demon seed until it dripped from her ass and pussy down her thighs. Still grunting hotly, shuddering as waves of her orgasm washed through her, the demoness released Stacey to let her drop to the floor, her cock and tail popping free of the spent girl's holes as she hit the ground. "So... You lived. That means I can come back and try to break you again another day." Her tail shrank back to normal size and rose behind her as her wings expanded. The demoness stroked her cock one last time looking at the woman collapsed in a heap on the floor and then vanished in a puff of smoke and burning embers.

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