Artificial Insemination - Part 1 of 4


This is a four part story line involving the insemination of four human women by a droid in a space station. We went to a great deal of work on this one. Zuriel built the space station and I decked out four of my avatars to give them a sexy scifi appearance, but it was amazingly fun. We hope you enjoy reading this story and the ones that follow.

I took a ton of photos and could not possibly fit them all in with the story, but you can find the full set at:  Artificial Insemination - Part 1

Artificial Insemination - Part 1 of 4

The winding corridors and cold metal structure stood mostly quiet. If one was looking at the huge space station from the outside, they would see only darkness. The lights were off, saving power for when it was truly needed. The Space Station Zeta was created for and run by a few robot caretakers that were built for a specific purpose. Nearly 500 years ago, the planet Biroxus-45 was scheduled for terraforming and the long-range scanners built into the station had detected that the atmosphere was finally suitable for human life. The mainframe computers began firing up, sending power to all of the other systems. Inside the chamber, the Cydroid lay dormant. The lenses it had for eyes were dark and cold until the stasis tube it was housed in glowed to life. After a pneumatic hiss from the faceplate of the robot, a red glow grew in its eyes. Power flowed to all of its body functions as it came on line and began running the protocols it was programmed for. "Systems nominal at one-hundred percent. Heat levels adjusted. Room temperature within human limits."

The stasis tube's glass retracted. Lines hooked to the Cydroid disconnected and hung loosely when the machine stepped from the stasis chamber, its metal foot clanking on the steel plating of the floor. The machine first went to the computer terminals, checking the status of the station. "Oxygen levels nominal. Mission priorities engaged." The whirring machine walked calmly away from the computers and linked into the navigation system, scanning the planet's atmosphere. "Planetary habitat within hospitable limitations. Beginning reproductive protocols." The Cydroid stopped in front of the modified human female on the far left, first. She was heavily machined, but she had the one thing that was needed for this mission still intact: a fully-functioning set of reproductive organs. Inside the tank the temperature started to increase and little micro-shocks initiated the human female's heartbeat once again, rousing her there in the stasis tube.

Alesh slowly came out of a fog, her mind clearing bit by bit though everything was still fuzzy. Her eyes remained closed as sounds started coming in clearer: beeping, buzzing, blips, and whirs, like the sounds of machinery. These were not unfamiliar noises--there were always machines everywhere--but as her mechanical implant eyes slowly fluttered open, she saw that the scenery was nor familiar. This was not her home, nor was it the base she worked out of. Where the hell was she? Alesh's head turned, slowly scanning the chamber she was in. She moved cautiously only to realize she was floating in some sort of liquid, yet she was breathing normally. Alesh began to wonder if she'd been hurt in battle and this was some sort of rehabilitation facility, but she didn't recall getting injured. She didn't even recall fighting before waking up here in this strange place. So focused was she on the strange tube that she almost missed the Cydroid standing just beyond the glass. When her gaze finally landed on it her eyes went wide, exposing the radiant blue lenses that allowed her to see. Still not sure of her predicament, Alesh cocked her head to the side examining it almost as much as it was examining her.

The Cydroid watched the human waking up before the drain in the stasis tube suddenly snapped open, the fluid evacuating in a rush to leave the female sputtering on the floor of the stasis chamber. The tube's glass was the first to retract, dropping into the floor to allow the machine access to the female. It did not speak in a soothing voice; instead, the demanding tone resonated rather sharply. "Subject A-417, you have been selected for reproductive protocols." The mechanical whir of the machine sounded in her ears as the Cydroid reached down and uncompromisingly grabbed the girl by the neck with its metal fingers. The Cydroid turned and carried its subject with the ease of a forklift carrying a load, dropping Alesh on the cold table closest to the stasis tubes before the table itself beeped and glowed to life. The ancient sound of Windows Oracle starting up announced that the system was primed. The robot stood idly by as the table activated and cuffs locked around the subject female's wrists and ankles. "Subject A-417 has been selected for insemination. Accepting abort code for the next thirty seconds." The Cydroid was programmed with a fail-safe if the code was given. Even a random guess at this point would be better than the alternative if she had the mind to try. The robot hovered over her body, strapped to the mechanical table that was holding her captive, giving her time to provide the abort code.

Alesh coughed out the same fluid she'd been suspended in as it drained and she fought for air when the life support of the machinery was shut down. Slowly, as the tube emptied, Alesh sank to the floor and she stood behind the glass panel drying as air replaced liquid in the chamber. Loud noises of working machinery filled the tube and she scanned around her to discern the source, but then she saw movement. The Cydroid was stepping closer as the glass door to the tube lowered into the floor. Though her face was partially hidden behind her face plate--something that was necessary for breathing clean air on the inhospitable planet she lived on--Alesh's voice weakly croaked out as she shook off the lingering effects of stasis. "Wh-where the hell am I? What is this place?" She was still groggy and fuzzy-minded, but as the Cydroid clasped a cold, steel grip around her neck to haul her from the chamber, she was alert enough to know that patients in a rehabilitation center were not treated so roughly. And did it say something about reproduction?? Alesh's feet dangled helplessly as she was carried aloft and dropped to the examining table onto her belly. The tubes protruding from her back made it nearly impossible to lie facing up, so she remained prostrate, but she turned her head with a scowl towards the Cydroid. "Hey! Just what the fuck do you think you're doing? I want some answers and I want them now! Where am I? Why am I here?"

The Cydroid stood impassively as the last ten seconds for the fail-safe code ticked by, counting down audibly to let her know that time was running out. "Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One." The Cydroid beeped and the cold monotone voice rang out again. "Code invalid. Engaging primary functions for reproductive phase. Phase one beginning. Preparation of subject A-417" The robot stepped closer and its steel fingers clasped the power cells to the girl's advanced cybernetics. With a spin of its hand, the droid disengaged the first tube as it spoke again. "Commencing removal of advanced power sources." One by one Alesh felt her strength draining with each power tube that was removed from the ports along her back. The machine was calculating the risk factor for inseminating the cyborg female and it had determined that her advanced cybernetics would be a problem in keeping her incapacitated, so it simply removed Alesh's power sources, thereby minimizing her ability to fight back against what was coming. Her own bioelectricity was not enough to make her limbs move properly. Weak as a kitten, barely able to lift her arm as the robot flipped her over to her now-bare back, the clamps relocked around her wrists and ankles with the table itself sliding the girl into position. "Removal of air filtration face plate commencing." Very cold and methodical, the machine unclasped the locks to her face guard, pulling it free with a slide from her features as the robot hovered beside her on the table. "Subject A-417, removal of power cores and face plate complete. Clothing removal commencing." The Cydroid pressed a button on the console and a small red laser beam emitted from above. A minute trail of smoke lifted from her prone body and the material split before a strong, mechanical hand slipped down and stripped the garment clean in a single swipe of its arm.

Alesh was getting angry and made to rise from the table, bracing one hand at the edge to lift herself to her knees, but then the cold hard press of steel forced her arm from under her, planting her firmly to the table again. "Hey! Let me up!" Alesh felt pressure at her back and the tink of metal on metal. When it dawned on her what the Cydroid was doing, her eyes grew immensely wide. Those tubes on her back were the source of her power, her strength, her ability to function. Without them she could barely move on her own. Anger fled and panic took its place. Jerking ineffectively under the immensely powerful grip of the droid, Alesh fought to break free, then a searing pain lanced through her system as the first tube was wrenched free of its port. Her head jerked up from the table and she cried out, the sound echoing eerily in the cold steel room. Another and another was twisted and jerked free, each one sending rivulets of pain streaming through her ever-weakening system. "No...no...oh please, no..." As her strength waned she lost her fight, slowly sinking to the table helplessly prone, then Alesh was lifted and placed on her back for the first time that she could recall in many years. It was a strange sensation.
Her breaths came in loud bursts through her faceplate and her blue eyes flickered wildly from above it as she watched the shining silver fingers of the droid reach towards her face, wrenching the plate away so that her panicked breaths suddenly burst free. The sweet sound of her femininity rang true and unaltered. "Please..." she begged softly, "I don't know what you want with me, but please...let me go." As she begged her eyes looked about wildly, and for the first time since stepping out of the stasis chamber she saw the others: two strange women also trapped in stasis tubes. The word 'reproduction' came back to her and she suddenly understood what was happening. Alesh's panic renewed and she looked at the droid as though eye contact would matter to an unfeeling robot. "Oh, god, no. You can't! You can't do this!" Its only response was the press of buttons at the machine's console. Streams of red flit across Alesh's vision and the heat of lasers kissed her skin as her clothing was stripped away, leaving her naked and vulnerable still strapped to the examination table. "No!!"

The robot was still impassive--a silent metal sentinel that did not falter with her display of emotion and irrationality. The scanner's glow came from the table after it lifted, searching out her most intimate secrets while she lay prone in the soft blue light, feeding the machine all of her information. "Subject A-417. Approximate age: nineteen. Body composition: seventy percent organic, thirty percent cyborg implantation and wet ware interface. Ovaries intact and ready for stimulation." The robot slid its hand in close, just beside her breast, and Alesh felt the jab of a needle before the warm feeling of the endorphin cocktail the droid injected her with flowed through her veins. "Reproductive protocols activated. Deploying seminal tube for insertion preparation." As the blue glow faded from above, Alesh got to see what the Cydroid meant. Two piston like cylinders fell from the ports in its legs followed by a telescoping probe extending from the machine pelvic plate. The Cydroid had a robot cock and it hung inches from the begging girl as she tried to make it listen to reason. Of course, the longer she laid there, the more time the drug had to work. Her heart rate climbed before the heat flushed through her skin, making the human parts of her anatomy blush and glow from the surge of warmth flowing through her very core until she felt her pussy start to get juicy without the Cydroid even touching her yet. "Vitals spike: temperature increased by three degrees. Arousal achieved. Subject A-417 is ready for insemination protocols."

Alesh's heart was already racing with adrenaline from fear, but the natural chemical did nothing to strengthen her weakened limbs. She could barely move even when the droid stuck her with a needle at her breast. Her back arched in pain as the burning fluid billowed out from the injection site and traveled through her body. Then she heard the mechanical chinks and clangs beside her head and she turned to see a...a robotic cock attached to the Cydroid's waist. Alesh's mouth fell open in shock and she shook her head from side to side so hard that her goggles flew from her head, "Oh no... No no no no no. You are not getting that thing anywhere near me! Forget it. I..." Suddenly Alesh gasped and her blue bionic eyes went wide then fluttered closed as she groaned. "Oh, god... What's happening to me?" Though she was still weak, she started squirming on the table, breathing heavily though less panicked. Her dark nipples pearled as if the air had gone chill despite the heat flooding her body, sitting rigid atop her firm breasts as they wobbled with her movements. "Why am I...? Fuck, I'm so hot! Nngg..." Alesh could feel her clit starting to swell and a trickle of her own natural juices started to dribble from her pink slit. She bit her lip, groaning again. "I can't...stop it... I need... God, I need to fuck!" Her head lolled to the side and she looked at the Cydroid again, now eying its cock in a different manner, licking her lips as the thought of that metallic phallus probing her cunt filled her mind to the point of obsession.

The machine might have smiled if it was capable, but instead she heard nothing but the cold pall of its voice droning in her sex-addled mind. "Locking seminal tube in place. Preparing to dock with female organism." It wasn't a matter of need with the Cydroid; the machine was merely fulfilling its programming as the length of metal shaft riveted up and locked into place with a hiss before Alesh's eyes. "Pheromone output from subject A-417 increased. Stabilizing cables engaged." Steel fiber muscles flexed as the robot climbed over the poor squirming girl that was locked up like nothing more than a reproductive experiment. Inside the robot's cock, rubber nodes inflated with semen, flooding the shaft's interior. The rubber had a less jarring effect than pure metal alone would, but even as the machine positioned itself, Alesh still felt the cold touch of that steel cock tip pressing along her inner thighs. "Terminal guidance locked in. Assessing angle of vaginal passage for optimal semen release." The robot hitched its hips, sending that mechanical dick inside the tight hold of the cyborg woman, taking her all the way in the first stroke alone. "Engaging pneumatic systems." With the oiled ease of a machine, the robot pulled back, pumping the cold length inside the human until the friction from the probing cock and her own arousal started warming the telescoping length stirring her body in ways no normal human could do.

It seemed the drug that the droid had injected her with gave her a bit of pseudo-strength--possibly as a safeguard so that she would be strong enough to receive and harbor the semen injection, thereby increasing the chances of a successful fertilization. It wasn't enough to allow her to get away, but with the drug flooding her system the thought of escape no longer even crossed her mind. Like the most potent aphrodisiac in the galaxy, what ever it had injected into her made her think of only one thing--getting fucked. A lot. But with the small amount of strength she had, Alesh squirmed on the table, her wrists and ankles tugging and clanging the manacles that bound her limbs.
Her wide-parted legs lifted and her plump pussy lips pulled apart, exposing her glistening wet slit with her hard, red clit poking out at the top of the cleft. She looked like a woman possessed with the way she writhed on the examination table. Her cybernetic eyes locked onto the droid as it moved mechanically towards her feet and climbed up between her legs. The female cyborg was so hot--almost burning up with need--and when the cold, hard metal of the droid pressed against her, it was like ice. The shock nearly jerked her from her drug-addled state and for a fraction of a second she froze with its hissing, clanging, whirring body of metal hovering over her, her eyes wide and her heart skipping a beat in her chest. But then its mechanical cock found its target and with no ceremony plunged into her depths, stretching her small pussy wide around the rigid bumps and joints of its retractable shaft. "OH FUCK!" All fear fled. All panic evaporated. The only thing that mattered was the feeling of that exceptionally hard cock pumping her tunnel and filling her cunt. "Nnggg... God, yes! More!"

The robot was not a creature. It was nothing but cold wires and whirring gears. A neutron power core brought life to the mechanical limbs, bringing hissing slides of that metal shaft with inflated rubber swelling from the rounded edges and along the underside. "Vaginal passage determined at seventy-two degrees. Missionary not assessed as optimal position." The robot hitched and at the end of every thrust, two jets of steam blasted hot air right against the table and the crack of her ass. The sound of steel plates slapping her inner thighs resounded as the weight of the machine crashed against her body. She was, after all, a cyborg and could take a little more punishment than a normal human woman might. "Initiating vaginal stretch." The Cydroid started letting out a sound like a high-pitched whine as something within coiled until it lifted on its knees and found just the right angle, straight through her very middle like a hot knife through butter. The whine grew louder with the rising sound of metal thwapping her thighs and her flesh glowed redder from the constant assault of the mechanical sexbot doing what it was programmed for: taking the female body and bringing her to the optimal moment of conception, forcing that tunnel open from the rapid plunges of its metallic shaft, now hot with her need. The counterpoint slams of the robot drilling her cunt rang out, making her pussy clench from the heat of the metal rod plundering her body with all the intensity of a jack hammer slushing through her folds.

Alesh's neon blue lips parted with a cry as the droid changed positions, angling its mechanical cock deeper inside her burning hot cunt. The thrusts of that hard injector tube--and that's what it was, really--suddenly penetrated to her womb, reaching its goal. Alesh didn't fucking care. She was so hot--burning with need and arousal--that she'd fuck anything at this point if it would only get her off. She was so full of sexual desire right now that she didn't think getting off would even be enough. She wanted more...and more...and more. But the robot didn't care. All it wanted was her body primed and ready to receive the stored semen. And ready, she was. Those long tanned legs fell open wide to give the robot as much room as it needed to thrust its mechanical hips and prime her entrance, stretching her open wide so that it could reach optimal depth. In doing so, the curved metal plate above its constructed phallus banged and slammed against Alesh's erect clit as the jets of steam blasted against her exposed asshole with each forward thrust of its hips. It was a sensation unlike anything Alesh had ever felt before. Her hips jerked, meeting its thrusts, fucking that steel cock--now warmed by the heat of her own body--using it to get herself off. The familiar stirrings of an orgasm slowly built in her belly and Alesh's heart rate skyrocketed as her breaths came in short, quick bursts from her wide open mouth. Squealing with delight, the cyborg female's hips pumped as her pussy trembled, the muscles clamping firmly around the unyielding steel shaft that kept her entrance spread open to receive the seminal deposit the robot was programmed to inject into her womb. "Ah! Ah! Ahhhhh fuck!!! Yes!!"

The robot looked at the restraints and the computer on the table beeped, the cuffs unlocking in a hiss before the robot flipped the female cyborg over on her belly. "Optimal angle achieved. Subject A-417 primed for ejaculation." The Cydroid climbed higher over her body, using its own weight to pin her beneath the methodical strokes now splitting her wide. She could feel the rubber under the head of that metal shaft slucking into her cervix now that it had her right where she needed to be.
The machine grabbed her face, clamping tightly to hold her there, forcing her to take the pistoning length that was stuffing into her pussy, and at the end of each stroke the rubber ballooned like the pump inside was preparing for ejaculation. "Semen chambers open. Beginning ejaculation sequence. Forty-five percent success rate for impregnation." The machine rose higher and suddenly the speed of it turned up so much that the metal frame of its legs kept slapping her cyborg ass. To the robot she was nothing more than a semen receptacle--a living organism to force the promise of life into only to be dumped on a planet in the hopes of renewing civilization there. That was now her only purpose. The machine above her ass humped that cunt with the veracity of a well-oiled engine, churning that dick so deep that it kept pushing into her tight inner ring. Unforgiving, the robot no emotion at all when it spoke aloud once more. "Ejaculation in T-minus sixty seconds...fifty-nine...fifty-eight..."

Alesh barely noticed the restraints releasing from her limbs until, in her throes of climax, her legs flew into the air in her convulsions. The cyborg girl was still screaming in ecstasy when the cold, hard mechanical hands grasped her hips and flipped her over. Her small, firm breasts mashed into the cold, hard metal of the table while the cold, hard metal of the droid pressed in from above. Its weight bared her down as the phallic cylinder pressed in from behind, stretching her walls open once again. Alesh's clit was pulsing from her climax and when the seminal containers at the apex of its legs banged against that tightly packed bundle of nerves, her black-gloved hands clawed at the table top.
The metal and glass cylinders roughly ground against her little clit and Alesh mewled like a wounded animal, but the feeling was exquisite. Combined with the infallibly hard robotic cock reaching even deeper into her core with the cold, hard bite of steel mashing into her ass, Alesh thought she was going to lose her mind to pleasure. The black and blue tubes affixed to her scalp whipped around as she jerked her head, crying out with every deep thrust of metal cock spearing her womb. The pressure of the rubber head-piece ballooned inside, expanding her depths in ways no human ever should be, sending the most erotically wild and foreign sensations through her body. "Ohhhh shhhhit! What is that?? Oh my god! Don't stop! Don't...st-stop!!" Her tight little ass bounced with the droid's thrusts and she jerked as another climax roared through her body. Alesh didn't know if it was the drug or the alien and almost taboo sensation of a robot fucking her, but her orgasm was the hardest she'd ever had in her entire life. The tiny cyborg girl actually screamed as she came, every muscle in her lower body flexing and clenching, griping that steel cock so hard that it hurt her tiny opening, but still she came more, her juices spilling out around the injector as she shuddered violently, trapped beneath the uncaring, unfeeling robot. "F-f-fffffuck!!!"

The machine could not enjoy her cries. The computer it had for a brain only allowed for its programming, the nominal conditions to procreate life, and nothing more. Her cries did nothing but bring on the same slushing thrusts, but this time the steam from the hitching legs blasted the table and backwashed over the girl's clit from the new position. "Warning! Ejaculation imminent! Man your stations. Semen pumps locked and loaded!" The mechanical banter was hardly pillow talk, but this was the most vocal she had heard the robot. "Forty...thirty-nine...thirty-eight..." The feel of that metallic shaft grew, extending to its full length until the uncompromising tip was shoving through her last defenses like a sword through wet tissue paper. Alesh was fused to the carnal sex machine that was stirring her body to new heights. The phallic probe strummed her walls with the rubber-ribbed underside sloshing over that spot inside from the downward plunge of the Cydroid fucking right through her fluttering orgasm, straining to even squirm out of her from the weight of the machine fucking her pussy. "Warning! Ejaculation Imminent! ...thirty-five...thirty-four...thirty-three..." It wasn't just a rising build. The speed of the droid's hips just advanced into a constant thrum of hard girth stretching her body in ways that it was not really meant to take, but the machine didn't seem to notice.
The cold clap of steel hitting her ass intensified, making the skin blush and glow from the repeating slaps of metal hitting flesh so keenly that it made all her senses come alive from the sting and burn, the cold rub of metal, then space. "...twenty-five...twenty-four...twenty-three..." Time seemed frozen, but still the clock ran out as Alesh took the hammering of her life right there on the table as nothing more than a breeder for some god-forsaken company with a wicked agenda: spread humanity all over the galaxy no matter the cost. "...fifteen...fourteen...thirteen..." Alesh's fate was seconds away and nothing could help her escape. She was locked in sexual trial with a robot hell bent on seeing her impregnated. "Success rate jumping to sixty-two percent. ...ten...nine...eight..." The robot whirred louder behind the shocked girl, taking her through every clench or squirm no matter how hard she came, and even with muscles clenching, that metal cock did not relent in plowing her wide and deep. "...three...two...one. Ejaculation commencing!" If Alesh thought she was already opened up from the robotic dick, she was in for another surprise. The tip of the metal cock opened like a faucet, emptying the shaft first so that she felt the ballooned rubber deflate from inside, but then the cylinders between its legs whined, spraying the inside of her womb so full that cum jetted from her stretched and abused lips that were blushing nearly red from the mechanical assault now flooding her full.

Somewhere at the back of her mind Alesh heard the robotic voice counting down to ejaculation and it was so surreal to her that she almost couldn't fathom it. Before she could stop to question why the robot even bothered to go through the simulation of sex to inseminate her, the thing started humping against her ass even faster. There was no gradual build-up. No easing into a faster pace. It went from methodical pumping to a rapid slam against her ass, pummeling the dispenser tube into her cunt at an alarmingly fast rate. Had she not been so well lubed, Alesh feared it would have rubbed the flesh of her pussy walls raw and bloody. But she'd cum so hard twice that its cock moved inside like she was as well-oiled of a machine as it was. Its countdown continued "...twenty....nineteen...eighteen..." and Alesh braced herself for the unknown. The drug still swam in her system and she wanted more--needed more--her cunt still hungry and her loins still fluttering with the need for release again and again. But as those numbers dwindled--"twelve....eleven....ten..."--she started squirming, suddenly fearing insemination from this cold, heartless, emotionless droid. 
Bang! Slam! Clang! The mechanical sounds of its metal hips slammed against her ass leaving the skin red and raw and tender and as it prepared to empty the seminal chambers into her womb. Alesh felt the cylinders dropping into position, trapping her clit between them with each thrust making her gasp and wail as that overly sensitive bud pinched between metal only to be roughly yanked free until it slammed forward again. A hot blast of steam blew from its hydraulics and graced her throbbing clit, making her groan. The tingling started again stirring in her belly, and as the droid reached its count down finale--"three...two...one..."--Alesh felt the rubber balloon that had been stretching her inner walls so delectably suddenly deflate and the pressure of a jet of fluid blasting her inner walls. The sensation was so sudden and so great, shooting against the walls of her womb, that her head jerked up and she cried out in shock, in horror, and in utter pleasure of the sensation. Her stretched out cunt spasmed again and her hands slapped and clawed at the table as the thing above her emptied its chambers into her womb. "NNNyyyyaaahhhh fuck!!!"

The robot went stock still at the end of the pumping cum flowing into her so much that what didn't soak into her womb shot noisily from her cunt, leaving a puddle right there on the table as the only reminder that she had just been used by a machine. "Impregnation in progress. Nominal fifty-eight percent. Ovulation beginning." A final hiss of steam shot up against her reddened lips as the robot sat back on its knees and it pulled free of her pussy in a wet pop trailing sticky cum from the tip. "Seminal tube retracting. Semen refill required."
The Cydroid pulled out fully and rose from the table, walking over to grab the girl's neck, its vice-like hand clamping tightly. She was moved with the grace of a piece of meat, carried from one table to the far end of the room before she was dropped to another table. The machine gripped her wrists, locking both arms over her pretty head, and then the robot stood quietly a moment. Maybe it was just twisted humor from the programmer, but what the machine said when it finally spoke once more was odd. "Thank you for using Cydroid sexual stimulator series. How would you rate your experience?" A beep came from the robot and it turned, leaving Alesh hung up on the table with cum leaking from her pussy in a long slithering drizzle. The swelled, abused walls--puffed tight from the assault--prevented most of that cum from leaking out, however, so the machine simply left her locked down and waiting, making it's way over to the wall before it hooked a line to the cylinders between its legs. "Semen refill engaged."

Alesh barked out a cry of pained pleasure when the robot's cock pulled from her pussy with a wet pop of her flesh puckering around the shaft's head. She lay exhausted on the table but still squirming with unsatisfied need from the drug flowing through her veins. Whimpering, nearly crying with burning frustration, Alesh reached her hand between her up-raised hips, gyrating on her knees with her naked ass swishing in the air. Her gloved fingers slid through the sticky, wet mess of her cum combined with the cum of some stranger deposited inside of her by the mechanical droid, and she swished the fluid around to rub her clit, still seeking stimulation. The cyborg was ripped from her reverie when the thing's cold steel hands wrapped around her neck again and hoisted her from the table. The room spun as it turned with her in outstretched arms to carry her across the room and carelessly dropped her to another table where he strapped her down yet again. The petite girl's hips squirmed and lifted as though she was humping the air, trying in any way she could to stimulate her clit more. The thing spoke to her, and though she had no idea if it actually cared, she replied, "It wasn't enough. I need more! Please... I'm still so horny!"

The machine did not care about her needs, but leaving her stimulated and writhing would add to the chance of success for impregnation. The Cydroid stood near the stasis tubes as it refilled its semen load, leaving Alesh to wriggle in captivity, but the table she was on was not just a place to lock captives down; a panel in the facing opened up as a rubbery tendril slithered from the protection of its housing. With no way to say anything, the tentacle simply stroked her cunt, slapping up and down her blushing lips that were still leaking jizz, then plunged into her depths to stir her pussy into a frenzy once more. Alesh was no longer a priority; it would take time for the impregnation to work, so for now she was left as a sexy treat in the background. The Cydroid stepped in front of the center chamber and a hiss of steam from its faceplate blasted the glass tube, fogging it momentarily. "Subject D-423, bio-restart to commence." The robot stood waiting for the tube to power up as the temperature of the solution rose to revive its next captive.

Coming soon: Artificial Insemination - Part 2 of 4

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