Artificial Insemination - Part 2 of 4


This is a four part story line involving the insemination of four human women by a droid in a space station. We went to a great deal of work on this one. Zuriel built the space station and I decked out four of my avatars to give them a sexy scifi appearance, but it was amazingly fun. We hope you enjoy reading this story and the ones that follow.

I took a ton of photos and could not possibly fit them all in with the story, but you can find the full set at: Artificial Insemination - Part 2

Artificial Insemination - Part 2 of 4

Darina distantly heard a dull thumping noise like a sledgehammer breaking stone under water. It was enough to rouse her from her slumber but she rose as if from a fog, like she'd been in a drug-induced coma. Darina's arms and legs were stiff and she moved to stretch only to realize she was floating. 'Why am I not in bed? What..? Why am I in water?' Still half drifting into consciousness, her mind fought to orient itself and her eyes fluttered open. There before her was the distorted image of a machine--a robot--peering at her through glass. Darina twitched with surprise. In this era, mechanical beings were not uncommon, but she did not recall being near one when she... What was she doing? She couldn't recall. Thinking on it, she didn't even know where she was or how she got here. Her heart started racing and she went to ask her questions, but her mouth was filled with the liquid in the tube, and no sound but garbled bubbles came out. Darina jerked again, flailing in the tube, and as if in a dream, slammed her palms flat against the glass pane that separated her and the Cydroid as if she were demanding to be released from her cage.

The robot watched impassively as little arcs of electricity traveled over the inert form of its new subject, the micro shocks starting her heart while she was still floating in the solution. The Cydroid saw her regain consciousness, slamming her hands against the glass like she was demanding it resume its programming. The machine kept watching as the fluid began draining with a whoosh and Darina found herself drifting to the floor of the tube before she coughed out the fluid in her lungs, taking her first full breath of real air under the glass that made her look like a meal for some alien species that found humans tasty. The robot, however, was not such a creature. It only existed for its programming, and because it had no choice, it lowered the glass tube into the flooring and leaned in with a pneumatic hiss. A strong, uncompromising hand clenched the girl by the throat, lifting her bodily from the tube's floor.
It turned and across the room Darina saw the squirming form of Alesh writhing on a table with a ribbed, black tendril protruding from the table's bed slithering up and down over her red, blushing slit and probing between her legs. The Cydroid stepped to the first table and held Darina out like a sexy pinata, then a red light flashing on the console drew the machine's attention. "Stabilizer offline. Initiating capture protocols." The robot dropped Darina right on the cold table. She landed in something sticky with a splat before the table beeped and a whine chugged to life inside the table's computer. The warm glow of something developing over her on the table caught the girl's attention. Light took shape right before her eyes as a holographic man formed in the beam. The feel of his hands were like small prickles of electricity along her skin even though she was still clothed. As the man continued to form she could feel him inside her, as well, somehow stimulating her nerves. Almost like a ghost was fucking her, she felt the pinprick-sensations slip inside her pussy without stretching her a single bit. The robot turned and left her there, heading to the console by Alesh. "Restarting thruster. Stabilizer offline for thirty seconds." The machine seemed to be correcting a problem with the other station while Darina was held captivated by the electric feeling inside her.

Darina's feet slowly sank to the floor of the chamber and without the liquid inside--after coughing the fluid from her lungs and gasp for new air--she was able to freely bang her hands and arms on the glass bang, shouting to be set free. As she yelled, Darina turned to the side and she caught side of another woman suspended in a tank beside hers. This shocked her even more and she whipped her head around to gape at the robot, her pounding and shouting now even more frantic. The glass pane dropped without warning and she nearly fell forward with her next strike, but the droid clasped its steely cold grip around her neck and hoisted her from the tank.
Kicking, squirming in its grip, she caught a glimpse of a third woman across the room writhing in what looked to be pain on a table. And was she moaning? Yes, she was moaning. She must be in pain! Panicked and infuriated, Darina screeched, "Put me down this instant! I demand to know what's going on around here! I..." The feisty brunette was slammed onto her back on a nearby table. A bright light filled the space and she squinted, slowly opening her eyes to see the figure of a man at her legs. A low, warm vibration--more like the tingle of soft electric shocks--enveloped her legs and then... Oh my god! The same sensation penetrated her core, like a condensed buzzing toy probing her pussy. "Ahhh god! What...what is this? What are you doing to me? Stop this right...Nnnngggg..." Her tirade ended in a moan of pleasure as the holographic man started 'fucking' her hard and deep, leaving her writhing on the table much like other woman was not far away.

The machine focused on correcting the station's stabilizers and time ticked away as Darina felt the effects of the electric intrusion. Any part of her that the light touched could be manipulated, and the glowing ghostly imagine of the man in the beam moved her into position to perform any sexual act it was programmed to do, as though the computer in the table had a soul and it glowed to life just so it could touch her. Outside of the beams light Darina could move her head freely, but the glowing image lifted her ass from the table top, drawing her legs up so that she was weightless, helpless, and stimulated by the deep feeling coursing through her muscles. Small contractions awakened her heat from being toyed with by some foreign programmed table. The sensation was so surreal--it was like a ghost had woken to play with her and take her.
It could only be described as the tingling sensation of something crawling up one's spine spiced with small jolts of electricity, and inside her body that feeling grew tighter from the shocks and tingles flowing with those ghostly thrusts rocking her body in mid air. The droid hissed and spoke aloud, "Orbit normalized. Thruster online. Commencing Impregnation protocols." Darina was from civilized space. She had heard of these kinds of places in the far reaches back home. They called them human mills or shake and bakes. A station would float by a terraforming planet, and any females that had been captured were sent down to scrape a living on the surface in an attempt to repopulate the human race. Now she was a captive on the table of such a station. The robot turned and came closer to watch the hologram using her body without so much as a struggle from her. "Subject D-423 stimulated. Preparing for Impregnation." The cold steel hand moved and a small needle from one fingertip jabbed through her suit, pricking her side just under her breast. The drug cocktail flowed in her veins making the heat glow to a bright warmth. Inside, she could feel her body roaring on fire as the drug did its work, making her writhe on the holographic cock slipping through her clothing like it wasn't even there.

Darina tried to focus on the problem of getting out of here, but the holographic man was beyond distracting. She'd never felt anything like it in her life aside from the vibrating toys she'd used on those lonely nights in space. But even that wasn't a proper description because there was nothing solid inside of her, yet the sensation was there. Despite her terror and anger, Darina couldn't stop her body's reaction to the stimulation. The latex of her suit started squeaking like wet rubber against her nether lips as her juices started to flow, leaving a wet sheen on the inside of her suit that could be seen through the clear latex crotch.
She squirmed and grunted in a struggle to break free of this madness, but the hologram had the ability to contain her and hold her in place. Her head thrashed about--the only part of her she could still freely move--and her sights landed on the Cydroid approaching from across the room. "Let me go! You have no right to keep me here! You have no right to violate me! Let me go now, damn you!" Her purple eyes flared with anger, but then they clenched and moaned again as the electric tingles of the holographic cock stirred more erotic sensations inside. When her eyes re-opened, she saw the droid reaching out with a needle at the tip of one finger, and as the tip pierced her suit just below her breast, her back locked in an upward arch and she screamed, more in fear than in pain. The heat of the drug blossomed inside of her and flooded her body until every nerve seemed to sing with fire. Darina's head thrashed back and fourth until her back dropped onto the table again and she groaned as the drug took effect.

The hold that the ghostly image had on her body lifted and turned her to her stomach, then the human hologram seemingly climbed over her ass to take her squeaky pussy from behind. There was nothing solid to press against her, but the hologram using her still somehow made her hips rise like it had weight behind its thrusts with those tingling sensations still shocking her insides while she was held down by the ghostly image. The Cydroid stood close, collecting data about her as the table played with her some more.
"Temperature increase of five degrees. Estimated success rate: seventy-eight percent." Once Darina was flipped over she was able to get her first good look at the robot beside the table. The hologram was stimulating her now, but she realized her ultimate fate lie in the steel tube and the piston-like balls--holding what she could only assume was human semen--hanging from between the machine's legs. "Arousal heightened. Scanning Subject D-423" Darina could plead with it all damn day, but the droid did nothing more than follow its assigned programming. "Extension of seminal tube." The robot's length clacked, locking into place--upright and stiff--before the seminal load flowed into the shaft, making the rubbery interior balloon from within. She finally understood the horror of her situation; she had been captured and sold to whatever backwater company built this place to be used as a breeding vehicle for as long as she could survive. "Scan complete, Subject D-423 One-hundred percent human. No modifications. Vaginal lubrication sufficient. Preparing for clothing removal."

Darina looked on in horror as the holographic image of a man defied physics and flipped her body over so that her breasts and belly mashed into the table. "Oof! What the..?" For a fraction of a second while she was mobile Darina tried to scramble away, but the holograph's luminescent hands grabbed her thighs and held her down as its tingling cock of light penetrated her cunt from behind. The brunette hissed as those electrical impulses speared her core again, this time making her clit throb. 
The drug was now running through her veins and Darina was overwhelmed with desire and with the need to be fucked. Suddenly she was no longer fighting it. On the contrary, her thick ass started rising and falling, grinding against the image behind her as though she could force the fake cock deeper inside. Groaning now with need instead of pain and frustration, she started panting, begging, "Oh god. I need more. It's not enough! Please! I need something inside me. I need to be fucked!" As she spoke, she looked at the droid to beg for its help and she saw the thick, shining silver cock now extended from its pelvic region. Her purple eyes widened and she gasped. "That! I need that inside me! Please, fuck my pussy. I need relief! Ohhh god, its driving me crazy!"

The robot had no emotion watching her as her body roared with the desire inside of her climbing into her brain and clouding everything but the need to be filled. She was ready now. Behind the machine Alesh was still being stroked by the rubbery tendril and as the robot leaned down to pluck Darina from the hologram's grip, Alesh felt that tentacle probe slide inside her still-juicy cunt, fucking her openly for anyone to see. The table's computer methodically droned on as it probed the young cyborg in the background:
Table X2 Reproductive Probe.
Initiating Humanoid Reproductive Scan.
Inserting Vaginal probe.
Results incomplete. Further examination is required.

Extending Comprehensive Vaginal Probe.
Inserting Comprehensive Vaginal Probe.
Inserting Comprehensive Vaginal probe even farther.
Examination Complete. Results entered into data bank.
Thank you and have a nice day!

The droid snatched hold of Darina's neck and lifted her from the fading light, carrying her to another table near Alesh, "Reproductive protocols achieved. Clothing removal commencing." Holding his captive helpless with her feet wheeling in the air, the robot lifted a finger and a laser from its fingertip burned through the material of her suit until her skin pushed against the cuts, peeling her suit open. The Cydroid put her ass on the middle table and the laser cutting hand reached in to wrench the rubber clothing from Darina in a tight yank, baring her body and those freshly exposed nether lips, now glistening in the light from all the wetness her suit had collected. The robot shifted its hold, grabbing under her thighs to spread her open as it stepped in. The cold, mechanical cock hovered closer as it spoke again, "Adjusting approach. Commencing insertion." The clinical words droned from the robot, but it still followed through, sliding inside her tight cunt in a single stroke. She was entered by the cold length--the shock of it strange and alien--but before she knew it, the rocking machine came to life stroking her pussy with the ribbed shaft of steel glitching through her folds.

Darina's squirming never ceased, even as the droid lifted her from the examination table and carried her to another table at the center of the room. She felt the heat of the laser slicing down the middle of her suit, the tight grip of latex relaxing its grip on her body and exposing her dark skin beneath. With the strength of the droid's steely grip, her suit was rendered from her body in a rip of rubber fabric tearing apart where the laser failed to cut. Darina's large breasts spilled free, the chill air of the space station bringing her dark nipples to pebbles and sending a shiver through her when it breezed over her sopping-wet pussy lips. None of it mattered to the woman. She writhed on the table, one hand on her left breast, the other reaching between her legs to rub her clit, desperate to bring herself relief.
"Please... Fuck me. I can't stand it any more! Fill me with that hard metal cock!" The robot wasn't responding to her pleas--it was simply following protocol--but as if it was granting her wish, the thing's cold metal grip grabbed her thighs and pried them open wide as it drew her hips over the edge of the table. Darina's legs wrapped around its hips like a long-lost lover and as she felt the icy cold touch of its cock head probing at her entrance, she barked out a cry, her back undulating as though she wanted to pull away, but the drug had her so obsessed with lustful desire that she spread her legs wider. With no remorse, no thought to her comfort, the thing pushed forward with its hips and the entirety of its shaft was plunged inside her molten hot core. The contrast of the heat and cold shocked her system and her violet eyes flew open as her mouth parted in a silent scream. Darina lay stock-still for a moment until the heartless, emotionless droid started moving its hips to achieve the optimal depth of penetration to reach its goal. The feel of that diamond hard shaft spreading her cunt open and filling her core sent her drug-addled mind reeling with pleasure and her gloved fingers started rubbing over her clit to bring herself to climax as fast as possible and assuage this aching need burning inside. "Nnngg fuck, yes! So good. So hard."

The machine didn't have to do anything more to subdue her. Its subject was responding to the drug in her system, but the effect was so hot that she was writhing on its cold steel dick the moment it slipped inside. And that was the moment that she knew she was fucking a machine. The idle slide pulled back and pistons on its thighs started to fire with plumes of steam jetting out in a tingle between the cheeks of her blushing ass. The robot clamped onto the edge of the table and braced its metal toes, using its own body to fulcrum her into place while those legs locked over the machine's hips. "Vaginal passage at sixty-six degrees. Angle of approach nominal." The machine was relentless. The unfeeling metal cock slushing her insides started to warm with her own heat and the temperature rising inside that dick brought the semen it carried to frothy life. Soon the robot's cock was hotter than she was from taking her cunt on a constant plunge-and-lift ride. Metal legs rubbed her thighs from how close the machine pinned her body to the table, but all she cared about right now was getting fucked. Alesh moaning in the background was nothing compared to Darina and her silent screams and then those heated words flying from her lips as she was fucked like a super space slut with a robot churning her pussy up to full power. A human male might have paused, taken a breath, or maybe even held back a little, but the machine gave her no such compromise. Instead, she was thrust into by the well-oiled parts driving that fake metal dick with no end in sight. She was taking every inch of it so deep that the metal cylinders between the droid's legs started tapping the insides of her thighs and bouncing against her ass.

Darina's head dropped backwards as she let out a cry. She could see cyborg there on the table behind her writhing in what at first had appeared to be agony, but now that Darina was closer she could see a mechanical appendage protruding from the table, plunging into the other woman's cunt. The girl's cries carried over to where the robot was fucking Darina and the sound of her erotic moans only fueled the woman's own lusts.
As the mechanical being banged against her inner thighs, pumping that inflexible, hard semen injector into her slushing, gooshing pussy, Darina watched Alesh getting fucked by an equally unfeeling machine. Their cries clashed and then blended, filling the space station's room with a cacophony of sexual resonance. Darina's fingers plucked at her own nipple, trapping the bud between digits in a tight pinch. She pulled hard, drawing her heavy breast up from her body so that when the gumdrop of flesh slipped free, her breast bounced back with a wobble, making her groan even louder. Those thick hips rolled against the table's edge, pumping the thing's cock deeper and harder inside, and soon she was panting, feeling it reaching her depths, stirring her orgasm to life. "Oh fuck...oh fuck...oh fuck! I'm going to cum! Ohhhh god don't stop! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! NNyyyaahhh!!!" Darina's body jerked on the table, and had the droid not had her pinned down she would have fallen to the floor, but her hips still wrenched upwards in spasms, pulsating that steely shaft deep and banging it around her womb.

The machine no longer needed to subdue the human--she was utterly in need--so it took advantage and threw her up on the table. The robot's feet hummed as the magnetic locks clamped into the table for support and the Cydroid lifted his subject by the hips to put her ass right in line with its hips. It cared nothing for her orgasm, but the peak of the moment was just what it needed. "Commencing reinsertion. Chance of impregnation now rising to eighty-two percent." The magnet locks held it in place as the machine balanced perfectly over her prone body, shoving that metal shaft deep and hard in one stroke before the clamps on its feet gave it leverage to pull straight down in a hard plunge.
Darina was locked onto a fucking machine and the droid had every means to fully manipulate itself and its environment. With her ass in the air and tits on the table the machine turned up the tempo, relentlessly pursuing the need to fulfill its programming. "Vaginal passage stretching to three percent more capacity." The girl was anything but still. She had little room to get away, however, with the machine plundering her pussy in deep thrusts, making her folds glide along the ribbed length. She could feel the underside--the rubbery protrusions full of liquid heat--that sloshed each time she squished around the unforgiving phallus taking her to the brink and back again. The human felt the robot above start pumping, not the measured slow pace she was cumming from but the harder, more consummate shove filling her up teased the shielded cock head through her inner ring, driving into her all the way so the hot metal tip probed into her very core. "Ejaculation imminent, pumps priming." A whirring sound clacked followed by another hiss from the machine without it losing a single stride inside the girl's tight hold.

Darina was still in the midst of her climax when the robot withdrew and hoisted her on top of the table again. She rolled to her knees to right herself and the loud BANG! CLANG! of metallic feet slammed behind her, the tremors reverberating through the table. Darina turned her head to peer over her shoulder and strong, cold fingers gripped her hips, yanking her ass into the air throwing her off balance and leaving her head to drop to the table top. "Uunnff!" With her curvy backside sticking high over her body and her knees spread lewdly apart, Darina's pussy lips split open wide, exposing her hole just before the steely silver cock filled the entrance and spread her pink lips even wider around the shaft.
"Nnmmm fuck! God, yes! Give it to me harder! I need to cum again and again! Fuck my pussy you steely, metal son of a bitch!" The robot obliged, though not by her commands. Now that it found the optimal position to reach her cervix, it's thrusts sped into double time, slamming against her jiggling ass as it forced the tip into her womb. The small containers that held the sperm beneath its cock banged and crashed against her exposed clit and she felt the rubber balloon along the underside of the shaft swell immensely, stretching her open wider. Darina's purple eyes opened in surprise at the sensation and she gasped, feeling a jet of steam blasting over her nether lips as the machine prepared to inseminate her. The strange sensations were all too much and she gasped again, crying out even louder than before as a second orgasm gripped her and left her flailing on the end of the thing's chrome cock. "Nnnngghh FUCK!! Holy shit! Oh my god, yes! I'm cumming so fucking hard! Don't stop!"

The robot didn't care about her need to climax, so her words rang out uselessly to the moan-filled air. The room itself had seemingly become a place for sexual frenzy with the two ladies being used openly: Alesh on the table being teased and fucked by a mechanical  probe, and Darina still on the end of that pistoning length. It telescoped even further at the end of each stroke so that she felt it slip inside her womb while the rubbery underside plucked, thudded, and slipped along her blushing walls. She was so slick with juices that the robot was able to easily fuck the human female into a glossy, wet wreck right there on the medical table. "Ejaculation in T-minus sixty seconds." The cylinders banging against her clit started to vibrate while the insides spun to get the semen load ready.
Methodical shoves bottomed out inside those splayed pink lips as the machine fucked her so hard that her feet bounced, lifting her heels from the impact. It hammered her pussy without wasting a single stuff on her tight tunnel, now gaping wide from the robot cock taking her still. The droid droned out with the seconds ticking by, giving Darina the surreal impression that time was slowing down knowing that she was about to be impregnated for the simple use of colonizing a new world. The robot didn't care what she thought, though. The steam plumes hissing from beneath its legs continued to rush out, flapping by the girl's clit as she was fucked like nothing more than a breeding tool, set to take it from a machine that did nothing but prepare her, fill her, and now was about to cum inside her with collected sperm from around the galaxy. "Forty five...forty four...forty three..." Before she knew it, time had gotten away from her and the countdown continued to tick away as she was fucked full with robot dick strumming her depths.

Darina's cunt had gotten so slushy and gooey from her cum that the ribbed metal cock slid past her entrance like a greased up piston. The reason why she was here--the purpose of this machine fucking her cunt into a frenzy--was the furthest thing from her mind. The drug had her so horny, so desperate for constant release, that all she could think about was the rapid, methodical strumming of that unfathomably hard cock in her cunt. Her feet tap-tap-tapped on the table top behind her as she tried to stay up on her knees, but its thrusts had become so fast and violent that she could barely remain upright. What held her up more than her own strength was the shaft buried in her snatch, holding her in the perfect position for the seminal injector to penetrate her core and fertilize her womb. The countdown droned on as a small but distant reminder of what she was being used for and even as she begged for more, she started whining at her imminent fate, her face contorting as the tears began to form, though her mouth stayed open in a constant cry of pleasure. The containers holding the sperm started humming and vibrating as they began to spin, prepping the concoction for ejection and when those spinning, vibration cylinders smacked against her clit, she shrieked and jerked with an instant and raging climax roaring through her body. "NNYYAHHHH!!! FUCKKK!!!"

The robot was not alive. It took no pleasure in making the human scream out. It didn't grow wilder like a real male in a state of arousal would. But the one thing it did do was continue counting down; the girl's tears did nothing to slow her fate. "Thirty...twenty-nine...twenty-seven..." The machine did not long for cuddles nor want a kiss afterwards. The Cydroid was simply a fucking machine designed to impregnate human females for the sole purpose of colonizing planets. Darina--or as she was now called, Subject D-423--was an exquisite member of her species. But the machine could appreciate that fact no matter how beautiful or tasty she looked with her cunt drooling, stuffed full of metal dick ribbing in and out of her pink, abused hole. The robot simply did not relent in achieving its goal. "Fifteen...fourteen...thirteen..." The timer was running out and all the human could do was lie there and take it. The robot's foot magnets were locked to the table frame, keeping her aloft, along with the single-minded way it pumped her pussy sending blasts of hot air rushing over her clit between the vibrating slaps of metallic cylinders hitting her lips. "Impregnation success rate jumping to eighty-eight percent. Ten...nine...eight..."
Perhaps the countdown was the worst--time ticking by as the robot counted down to the ultimate end of that metallic dick inside her. Darina could feel it humming in her walls with the rubbery protrusions along the underside flexing, swelling, and squishing. With five seconds remaining, the Cydroid started pumping harder and the feel of heavy metal slammed against her ass so vibrantly that it left flat, red marks in her skin. "Three...two...one. Ejaculation commencing!" Inside she felt the tip open up, but only after the machine fitted its cock head right inside her womb. The slit cracked wide, spraying the gooey hot mix inside of her, flooding her completely as the rubbery interior deflated and the cylinders whined higher to truly let loose. Like a volley of gunfire, the semen pumped into the stunned female, squirting so deeply and full that what didn't pool in her womb gushed from those splayed lips in an arc of white cream glazing the tabletop, leaving the monitor at its foot dripping with cum. The machine beeped and spoke again, "Thank you for using Cydroid Sexual Stimulator Series. Would you care to rate your experience?"

Darina was vacillating between crying out in fear and crying out in pleasure; never before had her emotions been so torn. The tears started streaming down her eyes as the robot count down to her doomed fate, but at the same time her pussy squelched around its mechanical cock in her lustful need to cum again and again. She didn't have long to wait. As it reached the end of its countdown, Darina felt the cock head penetrate her womb and the rubber underside swelled to close off the entrance. A huge gush of liquid--the sperm, she presumed--blasted her walls, distending her belly as she filled until the pressure could no longer be contained and forcibly shot back out of her pussy, spattering the table and console behind her feet. The pressure of being so incredibly filled--the wicked feel of the ejaculation--was more than she could take in her heightened state of arousal.
Darina's tear-filled eyes widened and her mouth hung agape as the sensation flooded her body and mind. Like a fish out of water, the brunette started jerking and flopping on her arms and knees with the hardest climax she'd had yet slamming into her light a freight train. The only thing that held her upright was the secure lock that droid had on her body with its cock buried deep inside her core. She screamed and the ring of muscles surrounding the droid's cock pulsated and clenched so hard that the metal screeched with a grinding sound. Gobs of cum--both hers and the sperm it had forced into her--gushed out of her clenching pussy. The viscous white fluid dribbled down her pelvis and belly to gather at her tits as she writhed in orgasm. "Fuck...fuck...fuck...fuck...fuuuuuuck!!!" She was beyond speaking rationally. The orgasm had hold of her and she shuddered as she came, her small belly now bloated with the cum of strangers in an effort to populate some alien planet she'd never even heard of. The robot's question was moot. It cared less about what she thought or felt and as her orgasm subsided, she panted--out of breath and exhausted--and still horny.

The Cydroid emptied its cylinders, flooding the human so utterly full that she was leaking by the time it pulled its seminal tube from her cunt. A wet, slorping suck sounded from the metal pulling free of her puffy lips and Darina felt the flow of cum that was leaving her body subside before her abused walls closed as the metallic prick pulled out. The machine stepped down easily, turning to grab Darina by the neck, and simply hoisted her like a piece of meat. She could only guess at her fate since Alesh was over in the corner still being ravaged by the table tentacle. The robot walked her over to the examination table she was first assaulted on and the computer beeped just before the beam of light she knew so well glowed to life again. Once more she felt the weight of something without substance holding her captive and the hologram began teasing her senses once again. "Impregnation rate eighty-eight percent. Ovulation occurring." Any hope the human may have had of getting free once the machine was done with her began to fade as the hologram glowed to life and started using her still-shivering body. "Subject D-423 subdued. Preparing seminal refill." After its latest subject was secure, the Cydroid stepped to the wall and the refill tube slithered out to hook into the cylinders. The flow rushed in to refill the spent unit's sperm tanks while Darina was held down on the table like some erotic door prize being used by a man made of light.

The shudders wracking her body had subsided but the lingering effects of her last climax swirled through her veins, and as the robot withdrew the semen dispenser, Darina actually cried out in panic. "Oh, no! Please don't stop! I need more! You can't-" Her begging was cut short as the droid grabbed her by the neck again and carried her back to the examination table like some lab rat. Sticky and dripping with cum, Darina flopped to the table and as she reached to her slippery, wet pussy to toy with herself again, the strange glow of the holographic man filled her vision, only this time it was a welcomed sight. Darina felt the ghostly but very real pressure of the holograph lifting her legs and hoisting her ass from the table as its luminescent cock penetrated her depths once more. Those same strange but erotic tingles and shocks flooded her walls, and she was so overly sensitive from having cum and cum again that they skyrocketed her system back to the brink of near climax once more. Darina gasped and shriek in pleasure and her hips started rocking, thrusting herself on a cock that wasn't really there but felt very real to her, nonetheless. "Ohhhhh yessss..." She didn't care what the robot was doing--paid it no more attention at all. She only focused on the sensations stirring her pussy into a fervor once more.

Coming soon: Artificial Insemination - Part 3 of 4

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