Vixxen Finally Seduces Nick

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Vixxen smiled at Nick. "Hello handsome. What brings you around?"

Nicholas blushed. "Oh. Hello, Miss Bedlam. Um, nothing much. Just thought I'd get some work done and was taking a break."

Vixxen nodded. "You work hard, Nick. I think a break was well deserved. I imagine Darina made a bit of a mess in the barn when she was playing around in there last night. You should have her clean it up, instead."

Nicholas shrugged but nodded, trying not to let his eyes roam. Why the hell did the boss' woman have to be this friggin' hot?! "I'll keep that in mind, but I think I'll end up doing it anyway."

Vixxen shrugged as if that say 'your choice,' though she still thought Zuriel's ex should clean her own messes up. But I guess that's what the boy was around for. "She was taking photos out there last night. I guess Jay wanted some. I have to admit, I liked her cowgirl outfit so much that I bought one for myself.' She laughed.

Nicholas smiled and couldn't help but blush. He wasn't around to see the photo shoot or the outfit, but having Vixxen right here with him was always a treat. "I bet you look amazing in it, ma'am. Hell, I bet you look amazing in anything."

Vixxen pursed her lips and laughed through her nose. Damn, he was so sweet. It took everything in her power not to just drag the boy to the docks and steal the last little remnants of his innocence. "Thank you, Nick. You are a dear. Your momma raised a sweet boy." She paused and angled her head to peek at him from behind her long lashes, "Though from what I hear, you're not so much the innocent that you were when you first moved here to live with us at Edenfell. Word has it, you've been making your rounds with the girls."

Nicholas was smiling until he heard those words. His eyes widened a bit before he lowered his gaze, unable to look her in the eyes when he spoke. "I umm... Well, the thing is..." He really had no explanation; both Lisa and Susi had seduced him. He just sort of filled in the blanks like any man would, but he didn't want to brag about it. "I wouldn't say rounds, maybe, Miss. I honestly don't know what happened. Maybe I'm lucky?"

Vixxen folded her arms in an almost matronly way, giving him a stern look. "Lucky, perhaps. Handsome, charming, sweet...fun to corrupt is more like it. The girls around here are chomping at the bit to get a piece of you. I've even caught Alesh peeking at you when she thinks no one is looking. She's lucky I don't put her in the stocks for everyone to take a crack at as her punishment. She's restricted to Zuriel and myself and she knows better." She paused glancing over the pond then looked back at the boy--first at his crotch, then to his deep blue eyes. "Still, I can hardly blame her. My heart lies with Zuriel, yet even I find myself watching you sometimes when you're working in the yard. You're an attractive young man. I must warn you, though..." Vixxen leaned in closer as if speaking conspiratorially, "You'd best mind yourself with Jaidyn's girls. He doesn't play well with others and I've had to talk him out of ripping your balls off for playing with Susi." Smiling, she winked at him, "Just a bit of advice if you want to keep your manhood in tact."

Nicholas looked like he was shrinking from the heat of that glare. He didn't back up a step, listening first like his momma taught him, though he lifted a brow when she started talking about how attractive he was. Nor did he miss the fact that she was looking him over much like Lisa and Susi had the first time he met them. He didn't tell Miss Vixxen, either, how often he watched her while he was working. The other girls were hot, but both Miss Vixxen and Darina were so friggin' hot that he had to watch himself or they would catch him looking. Nick lifted his hands and like any youngster accused, he started backpedaling his words. "But, Miss... She came onto me. I didn't chase her down. She took me inside and just started touching me. I can't lose my job. It's all the money I got for school." He seemed less worried about his dick and more concerned with being unemployed.

Vixxen scoffed and waved a dismissive hand. "You think that matters to Jaidyn? He wouldn't care if they raped you. He'd still be after your ass for payment. In Jay's mind the man is in charge. It's up to you to put them in place or own up to your actions." She tilted her head and gave him another stern look. "If you're going to survive here at Edenfell, you'd best learn that lesson fast, Nick. Zuriel is far more understanding than Jay, but he has a temper, too. Especially when it comes to his girls. Now..." She stepped in close--closer than she should be--and leaned in so that for a moment he feared she just may kiss him, but instead she only said, "If you could learn to be a little more discrete..." She paused, letting the words sink in. "...you may be safe." Vixxen straightened but remained almost uncomfortably close to him, leaving his heart racing at the implied action. "Think you could manage that, sweetie?"

Nicholas wrung his hands. They were a little clammy from the blonde goddess coming so close that he could smell her sweet perfume. In the end, he shoved his hands in his pockets to try and look less timid, but she was right friggin' there. Okay, breathe, Nick. She's just close, that's all. "Umm... Ma'am, yes, I will try, but I still never had plans for any of this. I took the job because the money was good. The fact that the land was full of lovely ladies didn't even dawn on me 'til I first saw you. I..." He clammed up, hooking his thumbs over the outside of his pockets. "I mean, yes. I don't want to be ripped apart in any fashion miss."

Vixxen was still lingering right there, so close she could smell soap and sweat and fresh air clinging to his skin. Her eyes just looked at him, almost expressionless as he spoke, but then she nodded softly. And then without thinking, without knowing why she did it, without even thinking about the consequences, Vixxen closed the distance--what little there was--and kissed Nick. Deeply. It started with just her lips pressing hard against his own, then her hand slipped to his strong bicep and she squeezed, feeling the taut muscles beneath as her tongue delved between his lips, tasting the sweet, young man fully. Her other hand came up to dip between his arm and ribs, circling around to the small of his back to draw him in and press him against the fullness of her breasts as her lips and tongue continued to explore his mouth.

Nicholas was about to say something more, but she stepped closer and touched him. He turned his gaze to look at her hand first, but then she was up against him with those full round breasts mashed against his chest. His lips didn't catch on until well after that tongue delved inside his mouth, tasting him like the farm fresh boy he was as both of his hands lifted from his pockets in response to that kiss. Seconds passed like he was unsure of what to do, but then his own body took over--pure impulse guiding him to kiss her back with a little tentative slither of his tongue against her own. He was afraid to touch her--like he was grabbing dry ice--but he slid his hands out just to grace her hips, fingers curling into the strands of torn denim as he kissed back, and his breathing quickened from finally getting his first little nibble of Miss Vixxen.

As soon as she started kissing him her brain started screaming 'What are you doing??' But Vixxen was swept up in the moment and threw caution to the wind. There was a small twinge of guilt when Zuriel came to mind, but then again she knew about the times he'd strayed with the other girls in Edenfell. It was a small place; word got around fast. So she justified her actions and shunned her guilt for the moment. Right now, the feel of this young man with his tight and lean but muscular body in her hands using his tongue to explore her mouth like she was laced with chocolate was all she could think about. Vixxen clasped him harder, slipping both arms around him and nearly toppling them both over in her desperation to devour him. The couple stumbled to the end of the dock before regaining their balance with her mouth sucking, licking, gnashing at his lips to taste every bit of his kisses. She drew back for only a moment, panting as she breathed out, "Oh, Nick... We shouldn't. But I can't help myself. I must have you. I have to taste you. I have to feel you inside me..." Kissing him again, her teeth raked over his bottom lip before her tongue thrust back into his mouth to tangle with his own.

Nicholas felt his head swimming so much that he hardly managed to catch himself before she took him to the edge of the docks with those hands still gripping as she kissed him with her tongue exploring his like he was the best tasting thing she ever put in her mouth. When she pulled back he looked a little worried, like she might slip away, but those arms wrapped around him and drew him in so tightly that she could feel his heart beating faster from the press of her body against his. Nick dropped his eyes before they lifted to meet hers after she spoke. Her heat was cutting him off with teeth nipping his lower lip until she stole his breath again in another hungry kiss. He knew what he wanted to do, but he was not that bold. He knew what he wanted to hear, but she belonged to someone else. Nick eased back a bit, not letting his arms fall away, but taking a moment to catch his breath and speak. "Miss Vixxen, I can be discreet, but..." Fuck, he did not want to talk her out of this, but he said it anyway. "Are you sure we should?" It was his turn to bite his lower lip, looking right at her lovely face as he waited for her reply.

Vixxen didn't want to talk about it or she'd change her mind. So instead of answering him, she silenced his questions with her mouth, kissing him again as her hand slid between their bodies to wrestle the fly of his pants open. Immediately she found him hot and stiff and throbbing in his pants. Her expert fingers clasped his length and drew him out into the balmy air, stroking his shaft until it was thick and hard in her grip. Vixxen walked him backwards to the blanket, still working her hand along his length until she dropped to her knees. Stroking him over her face, she turned an looked up at him from under his cock, her mouth parted as she rose to take the tip between her her lips. His fresh taste hit her immediately, and she closed her eyes and groaned so hard that he felt the vibrations travel along his shaft to his balls. "MMmmm..." Vixxen's right hand grasped the base of his cock as her mouth worked up and down the shaft, her left hand clasping his hip as though she feared he might bolt and leave her hungry for more. Soon her spit was filling her mouth, coating his cock, and the slurping, slushing sounds carried up to his ears as the gorgeous blonde sucked him off right there on the docks.

Nicholas was silenced by another kiss stealing his words. She either didn't want to hear what he had to say or she had already made up her mind by the time she was pulling him back towards the blankets. But the real shock came when her hand slid between them, feeling her take down his zipper and working his pants open with her expert fingers finding him inside his clothing. Z and Jay could get incredibly hard, but Nick was as tight as a diamond in her hand, especially when she lowered herself to her knees and looked up at him from under his cock. He felt like he could have cum right then and there, seeing her like that under his dick. Oh, fuck... How often did he lay in his shack and masturbate watching her or the other girls getting laid by the men of Edenfell, peeking through the dusty window from his little home watching everything that happened in the yard? Sometimes he wished he was Z when he saw the blonde goddess strutting around like the queen bee, and now here she was lowering his tip between her lips to suckle on him right here on the docks. "I... Uhhh..." She took whatever he was going to say from his lips the instant he felt her moan around his cock from the flavor of him on her tongue--freshness hinted with a little sweat. And almost like a brand spanking new man, he was oh-so-smooth to her mouth--like sucking on a wet, hot Popsicle.  Nick stood there on his feet looking down at the vision before him in disbelief. "Oh damn...Nnnn!"

My god, he was so smooth, so hard, so utterly fucking delicious. Vixxen couldn't get enough of him. His cock was like velvet on her tongue and his scent...his scent was so unlike Zuriel's or... She put the thought of Jaidyn from her mind lest she lose her desire and grasped Nick's right hip with her hand, leaving nothing blocking her mouth on that fat pole. Her red lips slid all the way down to the base, taking his entire length into her mouth, the head of his cock and the first couple of inches of far shaft dipping down her throat. As experienced as she was, when he bucked his hips with his cock already in her throat, she gagged, the sound wet and clear coming from her open mouth. He drew back and she sucked hard, pulling on that pole with smacking, popping, slurping noises until he thrust forward again, gagging her once more. Vixxen didn't care. She fucking loved it--wanted him to fuck her mouth--so she let him lose himself in the action. Keeping her mouth wide, she kept her lips clasped tightly around his shaft as he really started pumping his hips and filling her throat with his cock. Her big, beautiful blue eyes turned up to watch his face as he mouth-fucked her and the sight of pleasure on his features made her clit twitch to life in her pants. Vixxen's fingers stroked up until she reached the hem of his pants and with rough, urgent tugs, she started shimmying them over his hips, undressing him as he used her face like a fuck hole.

Nicholas had none of the experience of her mate. In a way, this was new territory for him. Sure, Lisa and Susi had both sucked him off before, but with the lady of the house on her knees slurping him down, he didn't know if he should get aggressive or not. It didn't really matter, though, when he felt her literally swallow him down and his hands lifted to rest on her blonde head while she stuffed herself full of his smooth, young dick. Even the tasty veins in his shaft that her lips roamed over were smooth. He felt her force him down deeper by the hold she had on his hips and he didn't want to close his eyes, but--oh, fuck--it felt so damn good, he couldn't help himself. Half-lidded and looking down he started bucking softly to her face before he even knew what was happening. Holding her head, he felt that moan vibrate along his dick, and the way she sucked him when he eased back was so fucking intoxicating that he pushed back in just to withdraw once more. Vixxen could feel his fingers holding gently at first but the more she slurped, the more she sucked, his hips started moving and those fingers clasped a bit tighter to pull her mouth down his swollen length that was held by those red lips. The next thing he knew she was undressing him, pulling his pants down his legs so she could touch more bare flesh with her hands, he guessed, so he obliged by stepping from his jeans and stuffing his cock back down her throat. What the hell was he doing? Zuriel would fire him--or worse--for this. He just knew it. But she felt so damn good--and that was just her lips! Oh, fuck... Already there was a little dribble from his tip and it melted in her mouth--so sweet that it was like he just put a white chocolate drop on her tongue. The blow job was so damn intense. She was so fucking good. Not like Lisa or what's-her-name. Vixxen knew what she was doing and it turned him on so much he that feared he would pop too soon. "E-easy... Too fasssstaaahh!"

Vixxen hadn't intended on making him cum...not yet. She'd just wanted a taste. But the taste was so good that she couldn't stop herself once she'd started. She wanted more. She wanted it all...even his cum flooding her mouth. If his cock tasted this good, she could only fathom how yummy his cum would be. So even when he told her to slow down she sped up, knowing he was close already. Ahh, the innocent ones popped so easily. Vixxen's lips slurped off his cock with a smacking pop! and she stroked him rapidly as she gazed up at him from down there on his knees, her golden hair framing her face, her blue eyes almost hypnotic as she spoke to him with a purr to her voice. "Oh, no, my dear boy. I want your cum. I want to feel your cock jerk and twitch and explode in my mouth. I want your creamy white spunk shooting down my throat so that I have to swallow every..." she gripped him tighter "...last..." stroking him with each word "...drop." Not even waiting for an argument, those soft, fat lips clasped his cock head and sucked, drawing his length down in a slurp of slippery, wet spit, her tongue pressing upwards along his shaft as her entire body rocked with the motions of bobbing her head up and down his meat pole.

Nicholas wanted to hold back. He wanted to fuck her lovely, blonde pussy, but Vixxen had other ideas it seemed. When she sped up, that was when he knew it was going to be over too quickly. His face looked panicked as she spoke while sucking his dick, and those words added a little tingle against his tip that she sucked back down between each demanding word she spoke up at him. Fuck, why did he have to be so fucking young? He could last if he just had a little more experience. But her mouth and throat were so damn tight, they moved on his shaft like she knew every spot on him, using the smooth rasp of her tongue to explore his soft-skinned, rock-hard dick. He started looking around with more panic when his balls lifted and his dick twitched in those lips, flexing and jerking totally on its own as he held her pretty blonde head in line with his shaft. "M-Missssss Ahhh...w-wait just a durned... Nnngh!" No matter how he complained she took it from him, that mouth sliding to the root of his length and then pulling back leaving little pink smears of lipstick on his pristine cock  as it hung in front of those blue eyes. His mind raced as he tried to think of something--anything--to hold back a little bi,t but Vixxen was not having it. She was forcing it from him...and he almost wanted to admit he loved it. "Vixx... Ehhhnnnn! Ahhh...!" Fingers curled into blonde locks, holding tight. His eyes clenched closed, but only for a moment, as the head of his dick erupted inside that mouth. The first gush pulsed down her throat, but he pulled back reflexively and each subsequent spurt coated her tongue and filled her cheeks until they were bulged out from holding his cum. It was so thick and rich from the source that the sweet youthful taste melted in her mouth while Nick shuddered like he was having a seizure on his feet.

Vixxen heard his pleas, begging her to slow down as though he wanted to last longer, but she was having none of it. The seductress wanted his cum and she was going to have it. The more he argued, the harder and faster she sucked, as though trying to draw his cum straight out of his balls. When Vixxen felt that sweet, young cock twitch and jerk inside her mouth, she shoved her face down hard, pressing her nose into his pelvis and forcing the top half of his cock down her gagging, flexing throat. The first jets of thick, hot, creamy spunk shot straight down her throat, but then Nick lurched so hard that he drew back and the next spurts coated her tongue, flooding her mouth. The blonde goddess left it there to pool on her tongue, her cheeks puffing as her mouth filled until he was done--panting and shaking in the grip of her hands on his hips. When he slipped from her lips she looked up at him, ensuring that he was watching. Her head tilted back and she opened her mouth so that he could see his own cum pooled there, coating her tongue, then she closed her eyes and closed her mouth and swallowed hard, only opening her eyes again when it was gone. Smirking, she parted her lips once more to show him her empty mouth with her tongue drawing out to lick over her lips with a groan. "Nnngg... So fucking good." Vixxen wriggled her shoulders and let her unbuttoned top slip from her body, leaving her breasts bare as she rose to her feet. Then she unfastened her pants as she turned away from him. Bending over, she shimmied out of her jeans, her round ass swaying right in his vision with her pussy peeking between thick thighs as she stripped the denim from her legs, leaving her clad in only her high heels. Turning back to face him she slipped her fingers between the lips of her pussy and stroked her clit, smearing her honey over her digits. Vixxen pressed her breasts against his chest and his semi-hard cock dipped between her thighs as she fed her honey-coated fingers to his lips. "My turn. I want to feel that tongue on my clit now, Nick. Think you can make Miss Vixxen cum with your mouth?"

 Nicholas looked down at Miss Vixxen with her lips still fastened around the head of his dick, his mouth flying open quickly. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I..." Nick was surprised as hell when she opened her mouth, letting him get a good look at his cum inside before she closed those soft beautiful lips and he saw her gulp him down like a fine, sweet sauce--creamy and thick. Jay or Z would have lost a little stiffness after an orgasm like that, but when Nick saw Miss Vixxen swallowing his cum he remained hard as a rock. In fact, as she rose on her feet after dropping that top, she could see his tip twitching up and down like it was ready for more. Nick lifted a brow as she bent over and took her pants off. Oh, god, this was what he wanted so fucking badly. But once again she had other plans. Instead of asking him to fuck her, she danced her fingers off her little pink clit and turned to face him fully. Nick parted his lips on instinct, taking the offered taste with a slight mumble--it seemed she was stifling him so she could talk some more--and his eyes showed panic when she asked him to get her off with his tongue, because he had never really done that before.
Sure, he'd licked Lisa, but he lacked the know-how to really make a girl sing, and with her asking so wickedly, he desperately wanted to make Miss Vixxen moan for him. Damn, he hoped he was ready. His hands slipped in just to push her tits together as he spoke. "Mmmm... I know I want to try, Miss." He leaned in and kissed her unabashedly, slipping free as he lowered onto his knees, pausing to pull her nipple into his mouth for a suck that popped free as he kept dropping down to the dock. 'Oh, god, please let me be good,' was the only thought in his mind when he rolled his hand up Vixxen's thigh and his nose pressed in right over the spot of bare flesh inches above her little clit ring. Nick had never seen one of those in person, so he tried not to focus solely on the little ring, but it was too tempting. He caught it with his lips and pulled just a teeny bit, but he feared Vixxen might end up getting frustrated, so his tongue lapped softly--slowly--like he was unsure a little about what to do. Still, he gave it a try and flicked that tongue under her clit to press in firmly. He was exploring and she knew it, testing the waters with what she moaned for and when she just watched as he looked up at her from his knees while kissing her pussy. "Mmmnh"

Vixxen watched him dropping to his knees despite that nervous look in his eyes. She smiled at his inexperience, but that was half the fun. Still, it caught her off guard when he paused long enough to suck one of her nipples into his hot mouth, and her hand instinctively clasped his head, pressing him there as she hissed air between clenched teeth. "Hsss... Nggg..." Reluctantly she let him continue his decent, but when his hands grabbed her thick ass and she felt his breath on her lips, she draped one leg over his shoulder, giving him room to taste and explore her folds. "That's it, Nick. Time to taste Vixxen's nectar like a good boy. Use your tongue... Yeah, just like that... Nnmm..." He was going slow, tentatively, but she loved it. It was almost like a wicked tease. And then he found that tiny little silver clit ring. When he pulled it between his lips, it sent a jolt like a shock of electricity through every nerve in her body and she jerked. Her fingers clasped his hair and her hips bucked forward, pressing her mound right against his teasing mouth. "Ah fuck! Oh my god, Nick... Nnmm, More... Give me more! Run your tongue through my slit and lap up my essence. Suck on my clit. Probe deep inside and fuck me with that hot tongue of yours. Make your goddess cummm..." She couldn't help it. With Zuriel she was almost submissive, but with this fresh, young boy, she couldn't help but let her dominant side slip out. That sexy black, high-heeled shoe brushed up and down Nick's bare back and Vixxen pressed into him, squeezing him tighter between her thighs. Her pussy was leaking--dripping with juices she was so turned on--and she rolled her hips to grind her slit over his face, coating him from nose to chin in her honey. "Yesss... harder, Nick. Suck me good."

Nicholas reeled from the taste of her. What he never expected was that high heel lifting over his shoulder and for the blonde to use her own leg to press him in tighter between her thighs. Okay, he had to admit--the high heel guiding him was super fucking molten-lava-burst-hitting-an-ocean steamy hot with that elegant leg curling over his shoulder to hold him in check while she told him how bad she wanted him to lick her. Nick was up to the challenge. He just hoped he could figure out what he was doing. The tip of his tongue began noticing the differences in the textures of her pussy, and like a good boy he learned to recognize what parts made her shiver the most. That little ring was a hot spot and his tongue flicked and lapped from underneath with the silver ring gliding over the top of his tongue each time he licked. God, she had such an amazing ass--he couldn't resist reaching up to hold both of her bare cheeks in his hands, clenching while his lips slipped in and he sucked that ring between them. He wasn't trying to tease, but it seemed he still had a little to learn. Still, he moaned out over her trapped ring so that the vibrations traveled through the metal right to her very clit--swollen and tense from him teasing between her thighs. He was listening to her demands, and it wasn't that he didn't want to follow her lead, but he so badly wanted to see her face scrunch up in utter bliss so he hooked the little ring on one tooth to hold it captive while he drew back to peer up at her. Both hands held on to Vixxen's ass, supporting her while she balanced on one heeled foot, before his tongue pushed the ring loose and then curled over the pink nub, then she felt the slow press of his tongue's length gliding inside her lips. He'd seen Z do this before, so he rocked his head slowly until he found the right way to push his tongue inside. When he got into a good rhythm, Vixxen felt him start using that tongue to fuck her tight, pink pussy. "Nnnmmmh..."

Vixxen had to admit that though he seemed unsure of himself while exploring with his tongue between her folds, the boy was turning her on and making her shudder. His innocence was almost as much of a turn-on as the act he was performing. And he was learning quickly; there was no doubt. Every time his tongue made her moan, each time she squirmed and squealed, he was do that same action again only more boldly, making her cry out even louder. Soon her hips were rocking, resting in the cup of his big, strong hands as he held her there against his tongue. Vixxen's breath started coming in shorter bursts as he grew bolder, now dipping his tongue inside her entrance with his nose grinding against her clit. "NNnnaahhh! Nick! Oh my god, yes! That's it, baby. Fuck my pussy with your tonnnngue! Ohhh myyy god!" Once he started doing that, she lost it. Her heel dug into his back and her hand gripped his hair in a clench, pressing his face hard against her slit so that he couldn't move, forcing him to keep fucking her snatch with that slick, hot tongue of his. "Don't stop! Don't... Fucking... Stop! Nnnyyyaaa!" Vixxen's belly clenched--hard--and her hips lurched, humping his face as her orgasm ripped through her. "Fffffuck! Nick!I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Honey gushed from her pussy, splashing his tongue as the pink muscle pumped inside, spilling to his mouth to flood it with her sweet nectar. Vixxen didn't stop grinding against his tongue, riding out her orgasm and holding him in place until she was damn well finished.

Nicholas had had no idea how hard she was going to cum. He had expected it almost to be like his, but the way she gripped him with that high heel digging into his back, he couldn't contain himself any longer. Apparently neither could she, judging by the words hitting his ears when they weren't being held by those soft thighs. Nick took a cue from the blonde and kept rocking his head to push that tongue inside her quaking cunt so deeply that he could feel her muscles gripping his pink muscle each time it curled in and pumped her little hole. She cried out and started convulsing on him, and with a slight rumble from Nick, he half turned his head and twisted his tongue's plunge every time he drove it inside. She held him right there as the honey started gushing from her lips and Nick's mind raced. Lisa was a girl. Susi was a toy. But Miss Vixxen was all woman, and that alone made him stay right on his knees as he licked, slurped, and pushed that tongue inside to bring her off fully on his face. His nose brushed her little clit ring, grinding in as he delved as deep as his tongue could go, only to pull back and stroke her insides with his flexed tongue pumping that pretty pussy. He took her all the way to the flow of her honey, sucking, licking up whatever drops he could get, like he was drunk on her taste and wanted more. And then right at the end, he slithered his tongue free to kiss and lick her lips and clit. "Mmmmnh!"

Vixxen's leg slipped from his shoulder, and before he could even finish swallowing the last drops of her nectar, she dropped to her knees and clambered over him, knocking him backwards onto the dock. Panting, sweating, her hair clinging in places to her face, Vixxen crawled over Nick's legs until her sopping wet pussy was hovering just over his cock. The blonde goddess lowered her hips and pressed those wet folds to his shaft, slowly gyrating, swirling her hips, stroking his shaft with her cum-slickened lips bringing him back to his full erection again. Her tall, slender frame sat high in his lap, and her full, round breasts bounced and swayed with each rock and bump of her hips.
Vixxen looked down and watched him as she worked his cock to its full glory with her pussy lips, a devilish smirk on her face. She caressed her own stomach and tits with her hands, playing with her nipples as his eyes followed her their movements, clasping the pink buds and pulling hard, drawing her large breasts up and away from her chest until they slipped from her fingers' grip and dropped back with a jiggle. It didn't take long; soon she felt that thick, hard shaft parting her nether lips, teasing at her entrance. She slowed, and with a skilled shift of her hips, his cock head was placed at the perfect angled against her entrance--pressing against it snugly but not entering her yet. Vixxen leaned down, spreading her hands against Nick's chest, and placed a kiss against his lips, then spoke with her lips brushing his, "Fuck me, Nick. Shove that big, hard cock of yours deep inside my cunt and make me cry out your name." Her tongue slipped out to lick over his lips, but this time she waited for him to take the initiative, keeping her pussy primed and ready, but not sinking down to force him inside.

Nicholas was strong, but he was ill prepared when Vixxen just shoved him over and crawled on top of him like some brand spanking new motorcycle. She even lifted her leg and mounted him like she was about to ride him hard, and seeing her naked like this, he had no argument. While her teasing pussy strokes grinding against the top of his still-hard cock got him nice and slippery with her juices, Nick stole a glance around to make sure they were still alone, but then he felt the pressure right at his tip before she spoke down to him and he looked fully back at her to say, "Seems to me, Miss Vixxen, you're the one on top. Isn't that the other way round?" For the first time since this had started he found his wits long enough to make a veiled joke, teasing her back with something other than his body for the moment. But then he slid his hands down to grab her ample hips. Nick nipped her teasing tongue as it passed over his lips and held on to those curves so that he could slowly start to moving her hips side to side.
If someone was watching from behind, the sight would drive them mad with lust. Nick worked her to the left, then back to the right, with the head of his astonishingly swollen prick nestled just between those lips. She had already teased him like crazy, so giving back a little was just as much fun, delaying the moment with his masculine cock grinding but never pushing in as it hovered against those lips. He wanted to say something, but he knew better because it would spoil the moment, so he lifted her hips and the head of that dick slipped an inch up into her slit. Strong farm boy arms slowly relented, making her drift down as the head of that cock slurked wetly inside. Nick shuddered but still somehow managed to seat her fully on his entire length, fitting snugly inside her tight walls. Oh, good god, she felt like heaven. Was this what dying and being reborn felt like? His eyes half closed while he looked up and raised his knees, planting his feet on the dock to give her lovely ass something to sit on while his cock stayed nestled inside her tight hold. Licking his lips, Nick lifted his hips, sending Miss Vixxen rolling with the first rise and fall of his body beneath hers, and he grinned watching her toy with her own nipples over him. "Hnnn... Fuck, Miss. You are so...wet... Oh lord...!"

Nick guided her down onto his cock and that was all she'd wanted--to give him that one moment of control and then she took over again. Resting her hands on his chest she rose and lifted, letting just the tip of his cock stay nestled inside her walls, hugged snugly by the tight ring of muscles at her entrance, then she sank back down, pushing the head of his cock back deep into her tunnel. Vixxen took her time, wanting to feel every glide, every inch of his thick rod parting its way through her walls and spreading her lips to suck and slurp at his cock.
Her head rolled back as she sat there with him inside but not moving, and she let out a heated groan with a delicious shudder running through her body. "Uhhhh godddd..." Moments passed and still she stayed motionless. Nick could feel her muscles clenching...clenching...clenching around the base of his shaft as though they were pulsating for the sole purpose of milking his cock. Then her head righted and those big, blue eyes landed on his face and she rose again only to fall once more--still slowly but not stopping this time. Each rise of her hips drew nearly his full length out, her walls sucking at his shaft the whole way, then she'd sink back down until those wet lips were smacking at the skin around his cock like a sucking mouth. "So... Fucking... Hard! Nngghhh!" At first she was going so slowly that her breasts hardly moved at all, but with each successive rise and fall she moved fast and harder. Soon they were bouncing rhythmically and that fat ass was wobbling with each slam she forced down into his lap, plunging that rod into her depths.

Nicholas never knew it could be like this. Lisa had ridden him his first time, too, but Miss Vixxen didn't just run straight for the end game. She toyed with him, giving him a little control for a while, but then with her hands on his chest it was like she just snatched the reigns from him and took over all on her own. Nick had no idea why the whole scenario was so intense. Was it because it was wrong? Was it just because he was young? He couldn't focus on the questions, anyway, and there was no sense in making the blonde goddess regret the moment she'd mounted him like a bronco, so he didn't ask his questions out loud. Vixxen didn't go straight for the rush; she took her time and held herself down over his fat cock so tightly that he literally felt her pussy clenching, gripping, squeezing him inside. It was like she had control over every muscle in her body and used them just to make him shake like he was about to go into shock. From the first day he had met Zuriel with Miss Vixxen by his side he'd known he was going to love and hate working here. She was like perfection to him, and now she was sitting on his naked dick, holding him in place until she started moving slowly. She was right though--that cock was so stiff she could have painted with it. But instead she used it just like it should be used, rising on her knees while he held on to her hips and watched her face from below. Nick was strong enough to overpower the blond goddess, but he gave her free will to do with him as she liked and soon she was lifting off of him until just the tip of his dick was between those pink lips. She wasn't taking him so much as she was claiming him with those deepening drops of that deliciously big, gorgeous ass smacking his thighs and bouncing on his legs, her pace steadily speeding up with her own rising hungers driving her harder.

Vixxen was working herself up into a frenzy slamming down on that cock. It was as hard as a diamond and as soft as silk, yet seemed hotter than her own pussy so that his heat radiated within her walls. She slid her hands from his chest, rising up to her full height, and then her back bowed, thrusting her tits to the sky as she placed her hands on his strong thighs to support her weight. At this angle, Nick could get a clear view of her slit.
Her clit with its shining silver ring peeked out from between her puffy, pale lips and the pink flesh between splayed open so that the sight of his cock plunging into her depths was clearly displayed for his sights. Those hips rocked, pulsing his shaft in and out of her squishing wet tunnel. He could even see it there between her thighs where his cock entered heaven, bubbling and glistening in the sun's light as she rode him on the docks. Vixxen's heavy breasts rolled and swayed on her chest like giant water balloons with her pink nipples poking stiffly into the air. Her body undulated like a slithering snake, rolling over his lap, drawing him out and stuffing him back in with her ass brushing over his fat balls between his thighs. Panting, whimpering little cries of pleasure, Vixxen urged him on. "Oh, Nick. You feel so good. I resisted for so long but now that I feel you, I can't deny you anymore. I have to have this cock inside me making me cum! Unnnggg...God! You're so fucking big and hard. It feels incredible!"

Nicholas was inside the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. There were others on this land, yes, but Miss Vixxen was the cream of them crop. And like a real boss, she rode him with a feverish desire rolling through her hips, sliding up and down the diamond-hard shaft that was probing her insides as hard as she dared to take it. But when she bent back, grabbed his thighs, and gave him the ability to see everything--even inside her cunt--she felt his entire dick jerk and spasm openly. His eyes transfixed on the sight of the sun making his cock glisten and her lips sparkle with wetness like she had just gotten out of the pond, but all that juice was from him being used in just the way she wanted.
Nick couldn't tear his eyes away from her pussy, and why the hell would he want to? Vixxen was riding him good and deep--so much so that he felt his nuts mash between her grinding cheeks as they rolled forward, up, back and down and every stride gripped his length like she was molded just for him. He didn't want the spell of her to end, but he went wide-eyed feeling his balls clench up between her buns. The tingle started growing in the base of his cock and he slammed his fists down on the blanket once before he pushed his palms over her thighs. "Ahhh...fuck! A-again! Come on dick...just a little more!" He was getting mouthy, but only to himself. Miss Vixxen was dragging him closer and closer to the brink, but he didn't want it to end. "Hnnnaahh...fff-fuck...!" The country gentleman cursed, but it was good it came from so much heat that he couldn't even bother with his manners anymore.

Vixxen heard his words and knew he was getting close. She wanted to drag this out just a little longer, so she rose back up and dropped over his body, slamming her hands to the dock on either side of his head, mashing her sweat-slicked breasts to his naked chest. With her face scant inches from his, she grinned and purred out, "Oh, no... Not yet you don't." On her knees with her ass in the air, she held him buried in her cunt until she felt him regain control again, then she rocked ever so slowly back and fourth, drawing that long shaft in and out of her quivering wet pussy. Those rock hard nipples brushed over his chest against the soft, hairless skin making her shiver with absolute delight.
Vixxen's breath panted out in his face each time she rocked backwards stuffing her cunt with his meat, then she'd hold it for a heartbeat before rolling forward again, leaving the red mushroom head of his cock just inside her barrier. "No cumming.. Nnggg... until your goddess does. Ahhh...." Vixxen rested her weight atop him and rolled her body, sliding her pussy up and down his shaft, trapping her breasts between their chests, then she'd raise up on her hands so that the fleshy globes brushed over his chest again, causing her pussy to flutter and clench around his fat dick. It wasn't long before the slow tease was driving her crazy with need and she couldn't stop herself from going faster, pumping her hips forward and backward, forcing him deeper and deeper. Panting out her cries, one coming right after the other, Vixxen felt her belly twisting into a knot and she dropped her hips so that her little ringed clit was grinding hard against his pelvis as she fucked him with hard-driving backward slams. "Ah! Ah! Ahhhh fuck! Nick! I'm going to cum. Ohhhh fuuuuck...cumming! I'm cumming on your cock, Nick! NNNyyyaahhh!!!" Her whole pussy clenched, grasping at his fat shaft as it sloshed in and out of her squishing cunt, her cum flooding that thick piece of meat with her cries echoing out over the land. "Yessss!!!"

Nicholas knew Vixxen was a goddess, but until the moment she spread those legs and slowed way down, curling against his chest so she could take him ever so slowly to hold back the rising tide, he'd had no idea just how accurate a description that was. It was then that Nick's eyes rolled back in his head and she felt his hands clamp tightly on her hips and ass with nails digging into her pale flesh hard enough to leave crescent marks. Vixxen managed to pull him back from the edge, but doing so with her wet slurping pussy was the only thing that calmed him down when she bent over him, making that tight tunnel hurt just enough along his underside that she clamped him off for a few more minutes.
It was then that he knew he was in trouble. Miss Vixxen was such a tigress she literally plugged him from cumming just by toughly stroking it out of him, but the feeling of that clamp was so intense that he wanted to try it again. She didn't command him--she demanded he be still--and forced him to hold off as the build started growing again. With the first deeper slurk of his rod parting those sopping walls, Vixxen pulled out a line of precum that had built in his shaft, the expert and tight clamp of that ring drawing it out of him like hot lead through a sieve. "Ahhhh...h-h-hhhh.." Even in his youth he was not able to withstand the force of her body, the way her pussy held him like she knew how to drive a man insane while being able to give just enough. Nicks eyes sparkled in the sunlight and he clenched his teeth when her hips started moving harder, taking him deeper, quicker. "Nnnn... Miss... Oh...Hhhhhnnn!" He felt the press of pebbled nipples in his flesh and he bit his lower lip with his fat meat pulsing inside her cunt each time she dropped it down on him until his balls bloomed out from hitching between her ass cheeks.

Vixxen's cries were still resounding over the mountains in the distance when she collapsed on top of him, mashing her lips to his own and sliding her tongue in his mouth with her cunt still fluttering around his rock hard shaft. She didn't stop moving, but kept drawing that climax out longer and longer, tingling through her veins, rocking her hips to keep his cock searching out her walls, knocking and banging within her narrow tunnel. Lifting from her kiss, she started moving faster...and faster...now slamming her ass down so hard that her skin slapped against his thighs and her slit left a wet mess on his pelvis as she ground against him. Her blue eyes looked right back into his own blue orbs and she purposefully clenched her kegel muscles, grasping his shaft even tighter than it had when she'd climaxed. Her hand clasped his face and she drew one long, red nail down his cheek as she purred out, "Cum for me, Nick. Fill your goddess' hot little pussy with your seed until its oozing from her pink slit. Do it, baby. Fuck me hard and cum in my cunt!"

Nicholas didn't even need to be told he was so close to the edge. The way Miss Vixxen rode him into a frothy mess had him writhing underneath her with his hands searching for a hold, but instead his nails dragged along her skin as he used his palms, adding to the push of that cunt down his swollen rod. Eyes fluttering closed as his fingers hitched, he dug into her skin once more to hold on as the head of his dick ballooned like she never believed possible. Hefty balls banging against her pucker wobbled like the air in a wilting blimp running out of helium. The sudden force of jetting fluids stiffened that hunk of beef like a hose. It straightened and pulsed as though the surge was too much to prevent the length from swelling wider. He popped like a champagne bottle, but instead of cold and fizzy, his cum was hot and churning, bubbling from her lips to slather his balls in thick cream, leaking to the blankets underneath their bodies. Panting, Nick kissed Miss Vixxen back, sucking on her tongue right when he exploded inside her so hard that his eyes rolled back again and he fell like he was deflating to the docks just to catch his breath.

Vixxen groaned hotly into his mouth, feeling his cock absolutely explode inside of her, filling her with his cum until it gushed back out her entrance. The blonde slowed her pumping hips but still rocked slowly, drawing out every last jet of Nick's cum until she felt him twitching under her like it was more than he could take. Settling down on top of him once more she stilled, her only movement the rise and fall of her chest as she panted to regain her breath. Her sweaty body slid against his as she shifted and rolled to her side next to him, letting his deflating cock slip wetly from her pussy. Resting in his arm, Vixxen placed her head on his chest and listened to the hard thumping beat of his heart as it slowed while she traced her fingers over his chest and stomach. "I think perhaps we'll keep this between you and I. I would hate for you to be fired... Or worse." Smirking, she turned her head to look up at him. "Agreed?"

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