Futa Stacey Fucks Darina

Darina looked to Stacey and said, “You've mentioned a couple times you wanted me, so I thought I'd give you what you desired.”

Stacey bit her bottom lip. "Well this is interesting."

With her hands on her hips, Darina looked the naked goddess of sex up and down. "Rumor has it, you wanted revenge for something—God knows what; could be anything around here—and I was to be the sacrificial lamb. Let me save us both some trouble, sweetheart, and I'll just present myself as an offering, because..." Her eyes drifted down to the massive piece of meat hanging between Stacey's legs, "I want to ride that thing until I can't walk straight anymore."

Stacey smirked and took the offering’s hand before strolling to the wall, dragging Darina along with her. "Oh, someone saw it and thought it looked good? Well then, why not get on your knees and show me how much you want it?" Nipping her lower lip, she waited a few moments before she put her hand atop the woman’s head to push her down to the floor while her free hand stroked the head of that dick across her cheek. "Now, who's a good slut?" Playfully, she winked down at the brunette from above.

Darina sank to her knees, letting her hands stroke down Stacey's silky hips and thighs until her massive cock was jutting right in her face. The smooth skin brushed over her cheek as the vixen guided it to Darina's face, and she reached out, clasping her own fingers around the base of the thick shaft. Her fingers didn't even close all the way around the girth. It was huge—bigger than any Darina had ever seen in her life. Her eyes widened at the realization and her lips slowly curled into a wicked grin. "Nnn damn, girl. Were you raised near power lines or something? I don't think I'll even be able to get my lips around this thing." Her hand stroked upward, bump-bump-bumping over the metal studs that ran along the underside of the shemale's cock, then she swiped her index finger over the tip, flitting the ring through the head back and forth in a bit of a tease. "But I'm sure gonna try..." With that, Darina rose on her knees, dropping her hand to just under the head in order to aim that fat cock to her mouth. Her lips parted just slightly so that her pink tongue could slip out and she flit it over the tip's ring much as her finger had, then she dipped it in and laved it around the head along the uncut sheath. She groaned and turned her eyes up to Stacey as her little pink tongue kept sweeping and lapping and swirling around the ring in the slit and as soon as those deep green eyes looked down at her, Darina opened wide and wrapped her red lips around her cock’s fat tip. "Mmmm..."

Stacey stood up on her tip toes at the sensation of those slender fingers stroking her dick to a full hard girth. She could feel the metal studs along its underside being played along with each stroke and it brought a smile to her lips as she turned her eyes down to watch. She had never admitted to anyone just how badly she’d wanted to break Jay’s lady, and now with Darina here on her knees teasing the ring in her cockhead she could only smile and let the hot, curvy slut tease her shaft and use slither her tongue over the metal in her cock’s tip. 
Stacey listened with an amused grin on her lips as Darina marveled at the size of it, letting her have her fun exploring it a bit. When those lips closed around her pierced head Stacey threw her head back at the pleasure but then grabbed Darina by the cheek to back her mouth off for now. "Oh, no. Not so fast. You said ‘til you couldn't walk, so we're going to take our time and you're not getting away without having every hole filled." Satisfied, she stalled the woman long enough to reached down and grab her top, lifting it to let her tits fall from the confining clothing. Stacey tossed it down the hallway and caressed the face of the girl in front of her. "Stroke it a little. Play with it before you eat it. I wanna see your hand running over it a few minutes before I let you try and swallow this sausage."

Darina’s lips slurped off her tip with a suckling pop! when Stacey pulled her away and she sulked like a petulant child whose candy was just taken from her. The woman’s fingers curled under her shirt and tugged upwards, so Darina let go and lifted her arms to let the minx strip her top free, then she grasped her toy once more, stroking her fingers up and down the long, thick shaft. The bumps of the studs tickled Darina’s palm but it also excited her to think about how that sensation would feel strumming over her cunt. She giggled here and there as the shaft grew almost impossibly thicker and hard in her grip. It was so big that she was tempted to use both hands to stroke Stacey, but instead the wicked side that Jaidyn had been nurturing over the last several months came out. Darina lifted her arm and swung, bringing her open palm down against Stacey’s ass check with a loud crack of flesh meeting flesh just as she squeezed and stroked upwards to the tip of the woman’s cock. Her grin was almost a sneer as she looked up at the sexy woman standing over her, her hand now slowly smoothing circles over the dragon tattoo right where she's smacked her rump. "Every hole, huh?" Her fingers slid back down the length, rippled with veins that bumped almost as much as the piercings. "Going to ruin me for Jaidyn, are you?" 

As her hand reached Stacey's fat balls, her thumb turned down and rubbed back and forth over the hot skin while she continued to look up into her bright green eyes. She was told not to suck yet, but with her thumb rubbing over those meaty balls, she couldn't resist leaning down and laving her tongue from the bottom to the base of her cock in one long sweep before drawing back to resume pumping the length with her hand again. Darina's fingers reached the tip and she applied pressure, sweeping inwards to squeeze a dollop of precum from the slit that pooled around the metal ring. She drew the cock down and slid her tongue around the hoop, lapping the dram of white cream right from her hole. Darina shuddered and groaned, slipping her tongue into her mouth to swallow the morsel of sex down her throat. "So fucking good..."

Stacey felt like she was on top of the world. Jay’s lady on her knees stroking her thick dick right there had her on cloud nine, but even she had not been prepared for what had come next. The sharp crack of that hand sent her reeling on her toes. She hadn't expected the slap, and while she was not a truly dominant person by far, the act made her sneer back down at the dark sultry woman at her feet as she lapped a little swelled bubble of precum from around the metal hoop in her cock. "You bitch... Uhhnn...!" That sight was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Stacey. Reaching out to grasp Darina by the cheek, she pulled face closer and splayed her fattened tip right over the woman’s lips. "Snide bitch. Suck it then, you teasing baby." It wasn’t the best order ever given, but Darina had her so off guard with arousal by that slap that she needed to get her dick in this beautiful slut’s mouth while the sting was still tingling her senses. Even if Darina wasn't ready to take her, Stacey raised a hand to the brunette’s face and pinched her nose closed. She only had to wait a few seconds for the woman to take a wide breath with her mouth, allowing her to fit her cockhead right inside those lips and give Darina her toy back just like she wanted. "Quit sulking. Now suck it."

Darina hadn't quite expected the reaction she'd gotten from Stacey, but she was Jay's lover; this was a tease by comparison. Darina actually grinned when Stacey grabbed her by the hair and forced her face down to her cockhead (which was what she wanted in the first place), and when the woman’s dainty fingers pinched her nose, Darina complied like a trained lapdog. She opened her mouth wide and let Stacey shove the tip of her cock into her mouth. What she was not prepared for was how big she actually was. Not even her hand wrapped around that pole had prepared her for the stretch of that fat girth pressing in her mouth. She felt the bump of each row of piercings click past her lips over her teeth until she hit the third set, then she squealed a muffled sound—her mouth blocked completely by the wade of meat stuffed in it—and jerked her head back against the press of Stacey's hand pushing it forward. Her eyes were huge, looking up at Stacey as though trying to communicate her concern with a look alone, and her lips were stretched thin and wide. Darina mumbled and tried to shake her head 'no,' because she feared trying to take anymore. And she wasn't even half way down the shaft! Inside her mouth, her tongue worked, flexing as she swallowed spit that pooled, the muscles almost involuntarily working along the underside of Stacey's shaft even as it seemed Darina was changing her mind. "MMfph! MMrgll!"

Stacey didn't need Darina to comply—not with that much meat in her mouth—and Stacey grinned wickedly seeing the poor woman trying to plead with her through eye contact to hold up some. But this was what the bitch wanted with that little spank, after all, and Stacey knew it. She curled her lips into a grimace of concentration and made sure to slide every metal stud past those smooth lips, stretching them to fit her fattened prick as she forced it in as deep as poor Darina could take it. The metal hoop in the tip hit the back of her throat before Stacey finally let her nose go and with her big green eyes turned down, she panted out, "I guess... Ooo... Y-you needed that sausage badly. Now take it all, cock whore. You know...you want it." Even if she didn't, Stacey was too far gone to really care. The feeling of warm wet mouth sputtering around her shaft was enough to make her widen her stance on her bare toes. Stacey clamped both hands on the woman’s head and forced her dick in so deep that the head curled down Darina’s throat. She waited for the woman’s panic to stop a second before she spoke again, "Nnn… Now, are you gonna be a good girl and suck it right, or do I fuck your face ‘til you pass out and move on to that pink cunt?" She was dead serious. She would fuck Darina’s face until she went limp and Stacey flooded her mouth with cum, only so she could strip off her shorts and fuck Darina right here on the floor until she woke up in the middle of having her pussy stretched wide.

Darina's face was starting to redden from lack of air and her cheeks puffed out as she tried to expel from her burning lungs the breath she'd taken before Stacey clamped her nose shut and stuffed her mouth full of more cock than she could ever imagine. The evil woman bumped her hips and another notch of studs popped past her lips with yet another inch of cock filling Darina's mouth. She jerked and whimpered in fright, then another hitch of hips pushed the last row of studs over her teeth, stretching her lips wider. Darina's hands clasped Stacey's thighs in a grip so tight that her flesh dimpled under her fingertips and her eyes began to well with tears. She'd thought she was so smart, so wicked, inviting the shemale to play with her, but she hadn't been prepared for this at all. Stacey pushed forward with a slow, steady glide forcing the last few inches into Darina's captive mouth until the girl's lips looked ready to split and the tip of her cock was brushing against the brunette's throat. As she finally released her nose, the poor girl sucked in breath after strangled breath through her nostrils. The walls of her throat flexed around the shemale's cockhead as Darina gagged and swallowed and gagged again. Her eyes looked like shimmering pools ready to over flow and as Stacey drew back just a scant couple of inches only to stuff her cock back down Darina's throat, her rims spilled over and the tears began to trickle down her cheeks. Despite them, Darina kept her own green eyes locked on Stacey's as the woman began to use her overly stretched out mouth like her personal fuck hole.

Stacey was giving Darina every chance to do what she wanted, but it seemed the brunette was more apt to take the face fucking of a lifetime instead of just sucking that hard and swollen monster dick in her mouth. So why make her do it on her own totally? Stacey smirked and snapped her fingers tight in a pinch around Darina’s nipples and used the hold on her gum drop teats to pull that mouth down her shaft. She allowed her some room to move and breathe, but she could never fully back off of the cock in her mouth. In fact, Stacey made sure that each time Darina tried to pull away to get a full breath the clamp of her fingers would intensify to keep the woman right where she wanted her. “All you gotta do is suck it, whore, and I'll relent. But the more you fight…" She left the statement open ended on purpose, giving the woman time to find her breath while still having huge dick jammed down her gullet with her poor nipples being the anchor that Stacey held her in place with. Her cock so stiff it fucking hurt. Maybe it was lack of playtime or whatever, but, fuck, she was so damn swollen it felt like her dick would burst from the pressure building inside to such a degree that surely Darina felt that shaft plump like a ballpark frank from the heat. This was Darina’s last chance to do it right before Stacey just took over. The need in her balls was so intense she knew that this alone was not going to make her pop, so she would have to fuck that mouth more fully—to just take it and watch the surprised panic in Darina’s eyes grow as the tears welled up from having her mouth and throat stuffed full. "Come on, bitch. Just pace yourself before I use you like a fucking rubber."

Darina was confused at what Stacey was babbling about. Like she had any choice in what she was doing? First she was stopped when she tried to suck her cock, then she was forced to do it to the point she couldn't do anything but take it and pray not to choke to death on it. She tried bobbing her head to glide her mouth up and down the shaft, but with the dominating whore's hands pressing the back of her head she was hardly able to draw back to even slide back down. Darina ended up bouncing her head in short, quick bursts up and down the lower couple of inches of Stacey's massive shaft, making the head bang-bang-bang on the back of her throat. Every time it did, Darina coughed and sputtered and gagged, spitting saliva all over the pale shaft and her own lips. A tight pinch of fingers tugging at her nipples had Darina gasping and choking out a cry of pain that sounded like a doctor was jamming a tongue depressor in her mouth. Her body leaned into the pull Stacy used on her nipples, sliding her mouth back down the length of her cock so that her back hitched and rolled in a heave. She fought the gag and her tears spilled again, rolling down her cheeks. Darina pressed her hands to Stacey's soft hips and pushed. Her breasts lifted to painful points where Stacey still held her nipples, but it allowed the humongous cock to slip almost free of her mouth for a precious few seconds, then she dropped her head, forcing the length of it back into her mouth of her own will. She repeated this over and over, drawing back and slamming her face forward, choking herself on the massive dick with Stacey holding her nipples captive the whole time. It hurt like fucking hell. And it made Darina's cunt sopping wet. Every time she thrust that thick cock back down her throat she grunted out a breath through her nose, then she'd rear back and slam her face forward again. Over and over, fucking that giant piece of cock meat with her mouth while her tits were teased and tortured and pulled beyond reason. "Mmffpph! MMrrgg!"

Stacey was not kidding when she said she was going to use Darina every way she could today, but already the hot little brunette whore was giving her all with just a little prodding and nipple pulling. It finally got her what she wanted: the total loss of self-restraint from the sultry brunette as she started ramming her mouth down the length of swollen beef in her lips. Stacey turned her eyes down, watching as Darina sputtered and coughed, leaking lines of drool and saliva from having her throat and mouth so full that Jay would never again even come close. Of course, that was the least of her concerns with Darina sucking her off right here against the wall with so much gusto that she wasn’t going to be able to hold off very long Her hips stuttered and bucked slightly, fingers still pinching Darina’s nipples in a hold so tight that she wasn't going anywhere. It wasn’t long before those heated strokes of lips slurping and spurting saliva made Stacey’s dick start to swell thicker in Darina’s mouth. "Oh, god. That's it, girl. Fuck! Gag on it! Nuuuhaaaaa...!" 

The first squirt of blast of cum rolling right down Darina's gullet without giving her a chance to even swallow or taste it. The following spurt glazed the back of the poor woman’s tongue as Stacey dragged her dick out of Darina’s throat to spray her mouth in a glaze of hot cum. The futa’s hefty balls lifted as more seed flooded the woman’s mouth so full of cum that her cheeks bloated from the sheer volume that was rolling around the pierced cockhead still perched between her lips. Stacey twitched and jerked slightly but left the first set of piercing studs inside those lips along with the metal-tipped cockhead and let Darina get her breath with her mouth still full of cum before she hissed out. "Don't you dare swallow it yet!" In a rush Stacey slipped her dick out of Darina’s mouth and pulled the poor woman up to kiss her, sharing the taste of her own seed on the blushing woman’s tongue. She even took some of it, spitting it playfully over Darina’s lips to let her catch her breath as she held her tight in her arms.

Darina’s lips and jaw hurt from being stretched so wide. Her throat hurt from gagging. Her lungs hurt from fighting for air. Her nipples hurt from holding the weight of her breasts away from her body under the pinch of Stacey's fingers. And still she sucked and slurped and bobbed her head up and down that incredibly long shaft as her pussy grew wetter and wetter with building need. She mumbled and whimpered and groaned around that slab of meat—pained, hungry, needy, panicked—a mix of desires and emotions flooding through her, driving her harder. A small cry emanated from her throat as that thick shaft suddenly swelled thicker and her lips stretched painfully wider around it. Then Stacey hitched her hips forward, shoving her cock down Darina's throat and holding it there until she felt a blast of liquid spray the walls. She couldn't even swallow. Didn't have to. It just shot right down into her belly. She squealed around Stacey's cock and the woman drew back just enough to leave the head of her jerking, twitching cock in her lips. Another blast of cum sprayed in her mouth, flooding it so that her cheeks puffed like she'd put her mouth to the nozzle of a whipped cream can and depressed the trigger. 

Her eyes bugged at the amount of cum gushing in her mouth and as Stacey's dick slipped almost free she dipped her head to swallow it, but a sharply barked command froze her before she could. Darina held the mouthful of cum cupped in her tongue as she was yanked to her feet and her back was spun to the walls. Stacey closed in on her with her dick brushing over her thigh and kissed her deeply, using her tongue to scoop her own cum from Darina's mouth and swish it back and forth between them until, through the midst of their tongue-tangled kiss, the load of sticky white semen was consumed. It was the hottest, most erotic thing Darina had experienced in a long, long time. Her belly tensed and quivered and her clit pulsed to life she was so turned on by the whole act. Wrapping her arms around Stacey's neck, she pulled the woman tightly against her body, mashing their huge breasts together, and kissed her again. "My god, that was so fucking hot. But now I need that thing spreading my cunt open like it did my poor mouth. I want to be screaming for you to stop because I can't take anymore. Fuck me, Stacey, please." One hand dropped from the shemale's shoulder and Darina wrapped it around her cock again, stroking her back to full erection as they kissed.

Stacey was more than hot with Darina using her hand to stroke her semi erect cock. She licking her lips clean in a tangle of tongues, tasting the creamy seed she had pumped into Darina’s mouth, making sure the sultry brunette had shared every drop with her first before Stacey dropped her hand to flick open Darina’s shorts. "Nnnn… Juicy booty wants me to make her cum, huh? I love it when good girls like you just beg for me to tear them open." It was a little teasing, but no less real when Stacey pushed those shorts off Darina’s hips, letting them fall to the floor with her hand guiding them down those yummy legs. But she didn't stop there. Stacey bent over and plucked Darina’s heel from her foot, letting her hold on as Stacey took off the hot woman’s shoes to join her in being totally naked and free. "I want to see those toes curl when I stick my dick inside you..." Once there was nothing blocking her touch, Stacey lifted her hand and rose fully to her feet, trailing her slender fingers along Darina’s inner thigh until they curled between her legs. She pressed them in tightly to curl over those juicy lips as she whispered in her ear, "Tell me one more time how badly you want it." Stacey waited on purpose—waited for the first words to cross those lips before she slid her fingers back and forth over Darina’s clit to see her lovely face contort from the pleasure of her fingers’ touch.

Darina wriggled her hips side to side to help Stacey pull her shorts down over her wide hips and juicy ass. She stepped out of the legs and ran her fingers through the woman's raven black hair as she remained at her feet. Darina watched, grinning in a quirk of lips, as Stacey removed her heels and tossed them aside. Her feet touched the cool marble flooring and she flexed, rising to her toes as Stacey rose back to her feet. The soft warmth of her body pressed against Darina again and she sighed at the soft feel of her feminine curves molding against her own with the stark and erotic contrast of Stacey's hard cock brushing over her thigh. The caress of her curled fingers over her damp mound had Darina sucking in a sharp breath and her eyes drifted closed as the shiver coalesced through her body. When she went to reply to Stacey's demand, she looked into the woman's deep green eyes and spoke, "I need your... AH GOD!" She'd hardly begun before a rigid press of fingers slid through her folds over her clit, strumming her nerves like a finely tuned instrument. Darina's arm snapped up, her fingers clasping around the tattooed arm between her thighs, and pressed her in harder, humping her hips to grind against the digits playing between her pinks, swollen lips. "Nnn…fuck, Stacey! You teasing whore! Give me that cock before I..." She groaned as this nimble fingers diddled over her clit then continued, "...go look for Jaidyn, instead. I need to be fucked. I need my pussy filled!"

Stacey quirked a slender brow at Darina’s words and lifted her fingers in a little spank of flesh snapping together. She gave a few taps as she spoke to the emboldened woman, saying she needed to be fucked or else. "Oh, really? I could just tie you up cum filled for him to find…" Stacey smirked and lifted her hand, letting Darina see her lick the wetness from her fingertips before she grabbed the brunette by the wrist. "Come on!" Animatedly, she strutted from the wall to the corner office, leading Darina behind her all the way. "Now let’s do something about that need of yours." Stacey lifted the curvy slut from the floor, perching that pussy right on her cock while taking away Darina’s ability to flee. She was damn sure going to tease her no matter how horny this sexy bitch got. "Mmm… And you're going where?" Stacey didn't care about the response. In fact, she waited a second after Darina tried to speak and just jammed her tongue down the beautiful woman’s throat, even pulling back for an impassioned kiss that slithered tongues in a dance of lust. Through it all she held that perfectly wet pussy in the air by the top of her cock—the shaft hard and stiff enough to nearly hold Darina’s weight all on its own. 
Stacey’s arms clamped so hard around Darina that she felt her nipples poking from under the woman’s arms. The warm press locked her down to leave her writhing on Stacey’s dick like some insane acrobat of sex.  Panting, Stacey pulled back to meet Darina’s eyes while she held that poor body in check by the press of her hips wedging that juicy ass against the bookshelf. "I think we'll take our time and still make you scream." Stacey winked and nipped Darina’s bottom lip before she shifted her hands and lifted the sultry brunette. It was unerringly slow and tormenting. The metal-tipped head prodded at Darina’s lips, and then with a welcoming slurp Darina was dropped down the first few inches. The metal studs along the underside plucked down to the second row alone in those first few moments of fitting inside. "Guh… Holy hell, bitch. So fucking tight! Uhhhaaa...shit...shit...shit!" Stacey narrowed her eyes. It hurt and felt delicious at the same time. Squeezing into Darina with another schluck of metal studs fitting inside, Stacey slowly started to rock her hips, seeing how far she could force this slut open against the bookshelf, though she wanted nothing more than to just slip it in to the base. "Hnnnngh!"

Darina grinned slyly at Stacey's words. Lock her up filled with her cum for Jay to find? That would put them both in a heap of trouble, but the idea almost seemed wickedly tantalizing. She damn near dared her to do it, but before she could speak Stacey put her honey-coated fingers to her lips to suck them clean and Darina was mesmerized into silent rapture. God, that was so wickedly sexy. She wanted to kiss her again just to taste her own essence on the woman's tongue, but the next thing she knew she was being led down the hall to the corner office and corralled against the bookcase. The strength Stacey displayed lifting Darina from her feet startled a small yelp of surprise from her and she clasped her arms around the black haired vixen's neck for fear of falling, but she pressed in and pinned her against the bookcase with her cock prodding under her cheeks and lips in a maddening tease that left Darina whimpering. Just as she made to demand it again Stacey kissed her deeply, slithering her tongue inside her mouth to cut off her words. Groaning, Darina used her own tongue to tangle with the shemale's, licking and sucking at it as though she had jammed her cock back in her mouth. "Mmfph!" Her ass clenched and flexed, plumping around the fat shaft that was holding her aloft, and her pussy trembled in need as though it sensed just how close the object of her lust was, yet still not filling her aching hole. Her juices flowed with her desire, tickling along the split between her lips to dribble over Stacey's cock and as they ground against each other, the lube spread in a slick sheen between her ass cheeks, making her entire nether region a slippery, wet mess. Stacey's hands cupped her cheeks and lifted her inches higher. 

Darina could feel the woman’s cock spring up—the pierced head glancing over her engorged lips to settle right at her needy entrance. She locked eyes with the sexy futa bitch holding her captive and as her hands dropped, Darina felt the first few inches spread her wide and spear her tunnel. Her eyes and mouth flashed open in a look of shock and surprise. Even having had her mouth around it had not prepared her for just how big she really was. Darina cried out—her back slamming against the case, rattling books on the shelves—and shook her head in denial. "Oh my fucking god, no! Stop! Stop! No more!" Her eyes—filled with horror—went from Stacey's face to between their legs and back again. "It's too big! It's too fucking big! You can't you can't you can't!" The first two rows of metal studs along the underside of her cock had popped in with rigid bumps over the tight ring of muscles Stacey had forced her way through and Darina could feel the next set teasing to fight its way in. Her cunt flexed as though she could keep the woman from shoving any more inside that way, though she knew if Stacey released the hold she had on her ass, gravity would drop her further down that ungodly-big shaft. "Please, Stacey. N-no more!"

Stacey didn't know if she was shaking or spasming, but the feel of tight cunt hugged her dick so intensely that she felt herself shuddering. The way Darina sounded was even more exciting, but from how tight the brunette was even Stacey found herself pained from the squeeze. The green eyed beauty started to rock, gently at first but slowly steaming ahead to take that pussy as far as she could with Darina crying out for her to stop, to pull back. "Hnnyuuu... Nuuh... No, I'm not. I'm taking this little cunt, so spread it wide, b-bitch. Huuunnn!" Despite her words, her body showed just how invasive this was, shaking from the succulent feel of tight flesh gripping her painfully hard. Darina was damn near pulsing around her shaft with that ring of muscle squeezing her cock. The last pair of studs slurped inside as Stacey took that hot little hole with ever-increasing audacity, making her body stroll back and forth to stretch it open. "Ffffffuuuuck... All this time...and you're so fucking tight! My god... How can it be thissss...nuhhh...t-this tight!" Stacey held on to her, not letting Darina move from that spot no matter how much she cried for Stacey to stop. There was no backing out of this now and she wanted to destroy that cunt. But, fuck! How could she do it when Darina’s pussy sucked so tightly around her that the studs in her dick were hardly moving back and forth? The metal-tipped head pushed through, the inner ring giving way as Stacey fit her dick inside Darina’s cervix, prodding the back wall of her womb. Stacey’s eyes rolled back from feeling her cock driving all the way into the mewling brunette. "Oh, fuck... Oh, fuck... OH, FUCK! It's in there!"

Darina squirmed and tried to back her way through a solid object, but the bookcase kept her pinned between itself and Stacey, only serving to leave gouging lines from the shelves across her back and shoulder blades. The bitch ignored her pleas, pushing harder even as she grunted and shook with the pained effort of forcing her too-thick shaft deeper into Darina's tiny hole. 'Spread it wide...' she’d said. Was she kidding?? Darina took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to relax her muscles and ease the invasion. And then Stacey pressed forward, gliding another inch, then two, inside. The brunette felt a third row of studs pop past her tight muscles and she jerked in Stacey's grip with a gasp, her eyes wide with alarm. She didn't cry out but whispered this time, almost as though she couldn't find her voice, "No..." 
Her captor was looking into her eyes as she leaned in, her hips slowly pushing forward and another two inches forced their way in, spreading her little hole wide...wider...wider yet until Darina finally did cry out again, "Ah! Nngg... God! No! Please! It fucking hurts!" She leaned against the shelf behind her and clasped her hands around her breasts, squeezing them with each flash of pain that lanced through her cunt's entrance. The last row of studs broke past her barrier and Stacey pushed hard, forcing the final few inches of thick, hard futa cock deep into her burning, pulsating snatch. She was so fucking thick and long that Darina could feel the head breech her womb. Every vein, every rigid bump of piercings, ground and pressed along her narrow tunnel. Darina shook—with pain, with pleasure—with the sensation of being stretched and filled more than she ever had in her life. Taking another deep breath, she forced herself to relax and let her body stretch to receive the invasion. Still, it was so tight that she felt Stacey trembling from the hold her pussy had on her cock. "Good, god. I never thought you'd... Unngg, fuck! ...get it in."

Stacey grunted as she lifted Darina from the shelf, turning quickly so that she could drop down to her knees, and with a single buck of her hips sent the brunette bitch bounding in a turn, twisting until she could snatch Darina by the wrists to hold that ass in place, "Nnnnn... Now we use it!" Stacey bucked immediately after her words finished, sending Darina riding that dick in a game of bouncing ass cheeks. The fat globes were flapping audibly down the shiny new hall, making the sounds of collision echo in the house as they mingled with the whimpering moans of her prey. 
Stacey didn’t stopping until she had Darina’s eyes rolling back in her skull from being bounced like a beach ball on a summer’s day at the lake. Suddenly, the futa leaned back on her hands, bouncing her hips to make Darina lift off like a shuttle only to let gravity bring her back down. Stacey pumped so fast and hard that the woman never felt her knees touch the floor one single time. She went relentlessly harder, making the sexy brunette whore take it all so deep that her cock stretched every inch from her lips all the way to the very back of her womb and didn't stop when the studded tip pumped against the back wall. It was so perfect, fusing Darina into a fuck machine with her own body as the sexual tool and using that poor yummy pussy for her cocksleeve. "Nuuuhaaa...take...it...ALL!"

Darina yelped as Stacey seemed to almost drop her, but then she swung around, taking them both to the floor, somehow spinning Darina before she dropped backwards on her knees. Strong but delicate hands clasped Rina's wrists and with a yank, drew her backwards into Stacey's lap. Her erect shaft plunged like a homing missile back into her cunt as Darina fell, her weight driving her straight back down the length of that fat dick. 
Her tits thrust into the air and her face lifted to the ceiling as she wailed with pain again, feeling the thick piece of meat stretch her back open wider than she ever imagined she could be. "Nnyahhh! Fuuuuck!" Her cunt was so sopping wet by now that Stacey's cock slushed and gooshed through her folds, slurping through the flesh and muscles, stirring her juices up like a beater on high speed. Hips pumping slapped upwards against Darian’s ass, making the flesh bounce and jiggle as she was bopped up only to fall back down into Stacey's lap. "Oh god, oh god, oh goddddd! Fuck!!" With her wrists released, Darina grabbed her own hips and rode the bucking bronco beneath her as the sounds of the slapping flesh echoed through the corridor. "NNnggg…fuck! So fucking good!"

Stacey bounced that cunt like a juicy fruit being pummeled into delicious submission. The noises Darina made from the weight of her own body forcing her to take that swelling shaft were driving her crazy, and there was no mistaking when it finally did because Stacey was stopped mid bounce from her own girth right after her metal studs grinding the woman to a halt. "Nnnn... Get up here, bitch!" Using the sheer size of her dick, Stacey pushed Darina up to her feet, whipping the poor brunette—still mewling at how good it was—around to face the bookcase.
"Hff... It's...it's gonna get better..." Stacey grabbed Darina by the hips and shoved forward, forcing her face against the books as that cock rutted in tightly only to slorp back out with each hungry stroke wet with lines of juices rattling off the metal studs. There was nothing but the throb of meat in Darina that stirred her to life. Each time Stacey rammed her dick balls-fucking-deep, those little hot metal balls bloomed out with the swell of pulsing flesh, so much so that Darina could feel them slurking in and out of her lips as Stacey bucked her into the bookshelf. The futa gripped Darina’s hips and started hammering that cunt. 

Her fat, growing length of cock still shuddered within those walls and they hugged it so tightly that with every twitch of Darina’s pussy Stacey felt it shake through her girth until a blast of precum was squeezed from her tip. "Nngaaahaa!" It caught her by surprise, but by then it was too late. The shemale goddess started hurting that cunt on purpose with her massive dick as the pressure built. 

It was so intense that it felt like she was ballooning inside that tunnel as it held her within. "Ahhh GODDDDDAAAAHHHH!" The spray flooded the Darina’s pussy, flowing into her womb and spurting backwards in a creamy backlash of cum pulsing from her spread lips. Stacey’s tongue hung limply from her gasping lips. She squished her cock inside again and again to make the hot white cum dribble from Darina each time she rocked her hips to finishing unloading her juicy balls. "Fuuuck...Nnnhnnn..."

Darina rose to her feet with a whimpering mewl, being bodily spun around again to face the bookcase. Her hands plastered to the shelf as Stacey closed in from behind, forcing her cock back into her sore, abused hole. Barking out another cry, Darina's eyes clamped shut as the girth spread her like a fist, popping the rows of studs back over her snug ring like a ribbed dildo. "Ah, Jesus! No more...please! I'm so fucking sore!" Stacey's hips slammed and slammed, pumping that huge rod into Darina's cunt over and over, making her cries rise in pitch and volume with her huge tits swaying and banging into the shelves. 

Darina's toes danced over the floor as she tried to keep her balance, but the hits came harder and faster until she felt the impossibly thick shaft swell even wider. Darina grunted and she heard Stacey crying out behind her as her cum started jetting into her womb. It was too much, pushing Darina over the brink. Her fingers curled against the shelf and she gasped, her eyes rolling back into her head as her own orgasm slammed through her from out of nowhere. "Ahhh! Holy fucking shit! Oh my god!!!" Her cunt flexed and pulsed, barley cinching around the massive cock, and her cum gushed with the excess Stacey forced out of her hole to drip to the floor between their feet.

Stacey’s hips slowed as she panted over Darina’s back. Her cock twitched in post-orgasmic spasms still deep inside Darina’s quivering snatch and she slowly drew it out as it started to deflate. The metal studs popped out row by row, drawing even more gobs of cum free from the woman’s hole, until only the head remained inside. With a pop, Stacey pulled it free, letting the massive flow of cum dribble from Darina’s slit down her thigh. Leaning in, the futa kissed Darina’s temple and teased, “I have to run. Seems we’ll have to use your ass another day.” With that, she sauntered off to get ready for work.

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  1. Ummmm, hot and sexy story & two beautiful sexy girls ;-)


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