Vixxen Teases Zuriel Into Rough Sex

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Vixxen Teases Zuriel Into Rough Sex

Zuriel slid a hand out and grabbed that butt tightly.

Vixxen grinned and swirled her hips letting her ass slide in your grip.

Zuriel lifted a brow and teased his fingers right between those cheeks. "Easy. I'm already frisky...hehe"

Vixxen laughed, "You are always frisky. But if you weren't I'd be doing something wrong."

Zuriel grinned and shook his head, walking by to slap your ass with a rake of his nails sliding over taut skin. "Nah. You're doing everything right, especially in those heels and dress...Heh."

Vixxen's eyebrows went up and she rose on her toes, feeling those nails rake her soft flesh. Hissing, she chided out as you walked past, "Ohhh, you sneaky..."

Zuriel smirked and strolled to the bookcase, putting his arms out before turning and leaning on the shelf with a sly smile etched on his lips. "You like it. Especially when I smack that ass out of nowhere...hehe"

Vixxen smiled and shook her head in amusement. Crossing the distance, she stepped right up to you and braced her own hands on the bookshelf behind you, pinning you between them. Lifting her leg, she drew it upwards long side yours as she brushed her lips softly back and fourth against your mouth, cooing, "Presuming to know what I like now, Mr. Bedlam?" Moving in, she kissed you deeply, curling her lower leg around the back of your thigh, then drew back with a suckle of your bottom lip. "You would be correct."

Zuriel didn't have to presume. He smiled from the brush of lips against his own, not wanting to miss the chance to taste his love's sweetness. He leaned up fast and rolled your head into his hand to grab you close, kissing those soft lips, tasting the sweetness of his honey blonde beauty in that lock of lips slipping together in a slightly teasing adoration. When he felt your breath quaking from the way he was holding you, making you put total faith in him to hold you from falling over, just as quickly as it began he lifted you back, pulling you upright to speak against those soft lips. "I know I'm right. Besides, sometimes the game is a little fun even if we already know the outcome." He nipped, tugging your lower lip playfully, and grinned. "Besides, you need to use those lips anyway."

Vixxen couldn't help but laugh as you dipped her backwards, loving your playfulness, but those hot lips kissed away her smile as she melted in your arms. Long blonde hair swished over her back as you righted her and she fell into your embrace, full breasts pressed tight against your chest as she gazed deep into your eyes. "I thought I was just using my lips. Or did you have other ideas?" Teasing you, she nipped your lips and kissed you once more, letting her legs drop slightly so that her pelvis pressed against your own, feeling your bulge nuzzling against her skirt right at the cleft between her thighs.

Zuriel raised a brow now that he had you trying to tease him back with your body. He loved those lush tits--always so ripe--as well as the feel of your ass when his hands dipped down your sides and slid up under that skirt to pull you closer by the hips. "I think you know you need a taste. My woman was been nibbled and teased by another girl earlier, so I think you need more than her little love bites." His hands reversed under your dress, hooking those panties with his fingers, curling tight before he just tugged your panties down and let them fall along smooth long legs. He leaned in and licked along your lips, purring so his tongue vibrated your flesh enticingly. "Mmm... In other words...maybe you should do what you did the first night we met in a biker bar...hehe."

Vixxen smirked wickedly, seductively rolling her hips as you slipped her panties down over them, lifting one long leg then the other so you could strip them free of her body. Those kisses drove her wild and she sighed softly into your mouth then nipped your lips before giving you a naughty little wink. "So what you're saying is that you want my lush, red lips wrapped around your cock..." With her hands on your shoulders, she lowered herself to her knees, drawing her hands down your chest and stomach until she was eye level with your waist. Her hands stopped there at the hem of your jeans and they worked open your buttons, drawing down your zipper and, with a yank, pulled the denim open, letting your cock fall free right before her face. Still holding onto the edges of your jeans, Vixxen turned her blue eyes up to you from behind your erect shaft. "Ask me nicely. Beg me for it. Tell me just how badly you want my mouth around your cock, sucking you off."

Zuriel inhaled as he felt you sliding down his body, nails catching his frame and scritching over his stomach until the buttons on his pants were tugged open. He had to marvel at how you peeled his clothes open, making his dick flop out right in front of your lovely face. What he wasn't ready for were the words falling from your mouth. Looking down into your blue eyes, he heard what you said and he idly wondered if he could pull off begging. A slightly crazed look crossed his eyes before he opened his mouth. "I want you sucking my cock bad enough that if you don't get those lips moving...I'm going to lose my fucking mind." He was just tossing what he thought sounded good, but there was no denying the heat radiating off his shaft. Even under his cock, staring at him with those eyes, you could feel as well as see the hard length twitch and bob a little on it's own.

Vixxen's grin never left her face and she looked up at you looking down at her the whole time. The pained look on your face tickled her, knowing how crazy she was driving you and just how difficult it was for such a dominant male to beg, but it was one of those rare occasions that she had you right where she wanted you, so she was taking advantage of it. Vixxen's long, slender fingers coiled around the base of your shaft, the warmth enveloping it in her grip, and she opened her mouth, sliding her tongue out. Ensuring that you were watching, she dragged the flat of her tongue slowly along the bottom of your cock head. She felt your shaft jump in her grip and she smiled wider, drawing her tongue back into her mouth. "Is that the best you can do, baby? I would hardly call that begging... I'll let you try again." Her grip tightened and she pumped your shaft once slowly--up and down--waiting for your to do as she asked.

Zuriel's brain shutdown the second your slender fingers wrapped around his shaft and almost gave him a teasing stroke, but instead he watched that tongue curl just under the swollen head of his dick. He was about to let his head roll back but the feel of your tongue slipping away turned his eyes wide and locked on you below. His mind raced because part of him wanted to just say fuck it and grab your head for a hard shove, but in the back of his mind something clicked and held him at bay. He remembered why that first night with you was so hot. Now you were doing exactly the same as you had done back at the bar and it was his best memory ever. His hands went back to the shelf and hooked, making the wood creak from his grip tightening in lustful frustration. He exhaled a hot plume of breath, growling a little before the words left his lips. "Vixxen, please suck my cock. Fuck...can't you feel it twitching?!?" He was still so bad at begging, so used to getting his way, that it was almost like he was asking for torture without knowing how to break free of that hand gripping his cock tightly.

Vixxen laughed out a breath and shook her head slightly. "I suppose that's the best I'm going to get. You're terrible at begging. Too used to always getting what you want. Maybe I should just put you away and go lay by the pond until you can beg me properly." She was teasing, of course, but it was so much fun making you squirm. Her hand pumped that thick shaft again, feeling it pulse in her grip just as you'd pointed out. In reality she was salivating to get her mouth around your shaft, though, so despite her teasing, she tilted the head of your cock to her lips and brushed her them over the slit as she spoke. "I suppose I'll have mercy on you. This time..." As she said the word 'time,' her mouth opened at the sound 'eye' and she slipped the head into her mouth, then as she ended the word on the sound 'mmm,' her lips sealed around the head of your cock. With a hard suckle she pulled back, smacking her lips as the head popped free. Her tongue slipped out and she lapped and flicked it over the slit at the tip, her hand stoking up and down your length. She was still not sucking but just teasing you mercilessly until the teasing got to be even too much for her. Then she opened her mouth wide, pressing her hand all the way to your pelvis, and sucked your entire length into her mouth in one swift movement until her nose was pressed into your belly and her lips met her own hand at the base.

Zuriel actually looked worried, bewildered, and maybe slightly angry as you spoke of leaving him there to go out by the pond. But the look on his face was priceless as your lips brushed the cock slit hanging right in front of your face. He even inhaled to try and respond, but your first word parting those lips and the last savoring the flavor of your mate had him shaking right there. And as you pulled up to flicker that tongue right at his tip, it was like he suddenly understood what you'd been waiting for--or perhaps just blurted out what he couldn't hold in any longer. "Oh gods, please stop fucking teasing me and just suck it. What do you want, baby? Come on! Those lips feel so damn good. Please don't make me stand here whining. Fuck please, please, please put it in your... Oooohhhh!" His head fell back feeling those lips clasp and flow down his length pulsing hotly in the grip of your fingers. Now the sensation of soft lips sucking him deep, the feel of wet tongue along his underside, drove him right back onto the shelf like he was hanging on for fear of falling away. He just needed that extra push and your expert mouth took him too far and satisfied his lusts all in but a few moments, exhaling hard when he finally could force his eyes down to watch his beautiful mate suck him in fully to hold that dick deep in your sweet mouth. "Nnngh... G-gods YES! Oh fuck...hnn!"

Vixxen rocked and tilted her head, almost like she was nodding 'yes' in a slow fashion, all while your cock was lodged in her throat. The gesture only moved her lips maybe an inch up and down your shaft, but the thick shaft rocked in her mouth and throat as she sucked with pursed lips wrapped tightly around the base. She drew back, finally hearing you begging for her to use her mouth on your cock. Kissing and licking at the head she stroked you once more, "Mmmm... Now that was what I wanted to hear. Such a good boy. Now you get your reward." Vixxen sucked you in like a vacuum--almost painfully hard--then changed directions, drawing back, sucking just as vigorously. But then she released the pull with her mouth to slide back down the length softly, gently, altering her tempo. Faster, slower, hard and soft. She worked up and down that length, sometimes going fully to your balls and other times making short, fast jerking movements with her head bobbing up and down only half the length. The entire act of sucking you off, of bringing you such pleasure, was stirring her own arousal and she started whimpering and moaning as she worked her mouth on your cock, her lush ass writhing in heated circles on her heels as she used her whole body to blow you.

Zuriel didn't really care what he sounded like. The words brought your lips changing in a tilt of your head, barely moving an inch to toy with him trapped in your lips, letting him feel that throat clench around the head of his dick before the long pull slid your mouth from his engorged tip. Even as you spoke there was no mistaking the off-white dribble from the slit of his cock, a swelling trickle bubbling right at his tip before your parting lips caught his cock once more. The inward vacuum pull of your mouth sucked the flavor right off him, the masculine scent filling your nose from the tempo you never settled on. He rocked closer if he could in those short strokes or fell back when your chin smushed against his balls from taking him to the hilt. He couldn't even talk anymore; only the moans of bliss reached your ears from above as he trained his eyes to remain locked on your whole body getting into the act--from the swell and swish of your tits all the way down that spine with your delicious ass writhing before it rose when you slurped him balls-deep once again. There was no mistake how worked up he already was from the taste of his precum starting to literally leak onto your tongue with the way your mouth moved on him. His eyes went wide again as he started trying to fight the rising wave growing in his balls from the suction through the single minded desire of his love to just suck him off like a champion right here. "Oh gods...!"

Vixxen dragged her lips backwards up your shaft, pulling off with a pop as she sat back on her heels and looked up at you from under your erect cock. Her arms crossed before her and hooked in the hem of her dress. With a tug and a shimmy of her body, she slipped it overhead and dropped it to the floor at her side. The same hands that were just working you into a frenzy glided their way up along her ribs to beneath her breasts, pushing them in and up, plumping them before your eyes. Rising back to her knees, she released her grip only slightly--just enough to settled your cock between the huge, fluffy mounds of flesh before she pressed them together again, trapping your cock between them. Vixxen's hips rolled, moving her body forward, backward, stroking your cock between her tits. Her eyes turned upwards to look at your face and when she saw you staring, she opened her mouth and licked over the head of your cock each time it peeked between the cleavage of her breasts. "Mmm so fucking tasty." Little dribbles of precum slathered her tongue and lips and you could see them glistening against her red lipstick until she lapped them away to draw them into her mouth.

Zuriel was almost right there--the edge coming closer and closer--but then those soft lips popped free and he huffed again in frustration. He watched as you wriggled from the dress, snatching his own shirt off in a rush and waiting for your mouth to descend on his tip once more. But the seconds ticked by with no more sucks, making him shake on his feet. His mouth opened to say something, but your breasts pushed up under his slickened shaft. Bewildered and wild, he tried to remain calm as his orgasm started to dwindle away, the edge falling back only to be stirred again from the feel of lush tits stroking his swollen cock. He couldn't keep still any longer. Lifting a hand to your pretty head, his hips swiveled to meet the soft crush of your breasts hugging his dick all the way up his shaft until he felt your tongue lapping away another bubble of cream from his cock slit. His mind was so addled that he couldn't think straight, and while your tits were smooth and supple they were not as tight as those lips had been, so the climb back to the edge was making him tremble on his feet. He panted quick and shallow from being right at the brink and then was sent tumbling down into another tease of his mate driving him fucking insane. His balls swelled and grew red--hard to see under your tits, but the feel of them warm and full pressed under the pillowy mounds of flesh making you sense the heat rubbing against your skin every time he rocked his hips to slide that shaft firmly between your beautiful fleshy orbs.

Vixxen could sense you coming down, and that was OK. She wanted to draw this out...make it last...make you wait. Those plump tits enveloped your cock, stroking you softly. Vixxen tore her eyes away from yours long enough to swish spit in her mouth and tilt her head down, spitting on the tip of your cock so that it trickled down between her breasts, lubing the cleavage up for your cock to slip back and fourth quickly and easily between the slick crack. Her fingers squeezed her breasts, plumping out the nipples to brush over your denim jeans, making her gasp softly at the tingling jolts shooting from the pink peaks down to her belly. Her pussy twitched and she looked back at you with her mouth agape. Barely able to control her panting, she purred out, "Tell me what you want. Anything, and I will do it for you. Do you want to cum in my mouth? On my tits? In my ass?" Intentionally drawing it out, she lowered her mouth but kept her eyes upturned to keep looking into your silver ones, sucking the tip of your cock with a hard pull and a pop back out as it dipped back between her breasts. "Or did you want to fill my cunt up with your sticky hot cum?" That full, lush ass kept rocking back and fourth as she fucked you with her tits, clenching and releasing, the pumping action working herself up as much as it was you, her clit trapped within her folds, being massaged in the wet, slick lube that was now tickling over her lips.

Zuriel bit his lower lip watching you trickle spit on his tip to make your tits slide easier over the swollen shaft you still had trapped between them. Instead of fighting it, he decided to use those breasts by grabbing your head with his hand. Pushing his hips up, denim brushed your nipples tighter and he tilted your lips right in line with the head of his cock protruding from your cleavage, shoving your lips right over his tip. He found his voice in a growling tone. "Open your mouth... I'm gonna cum in it. And then I'm going to fuck your slippery little cunt, because you need more than just one load of my cum tonight." Because tonight you were just asking to get fucked every way possible and then some. He hissed at the feel of heavy tits trapped between his hips and your body. Slipping back to free his cock from your breasts, he pulled your hot lips half way down his dick. "I begged you like a teenager. Now make it fucking cum already!" The hand on your head moved to the back of your skull, pumping those lips up and down his thick length until he felt you catching up to his rising edge, needing to be pushed over. Slowly his hand drifted from your hair and he leaned back, letting his love take her time, but the needy way he pushed in had started the tingle in his balls once more. He had been pushed back and denied earlier, so from this angle you could see that his nuts were swollen and almost purple from being so close to release and denied that he felt like you had shoved a cork in his tip when you started tit-fucking his cock. Licking his lips, he looked down and watched as the taste of a thicker pearl of precum melted on your tongue when his balls drooped totally on their own from the added weight of his previous orgasm having been stopped.

Vixxen let her tits fall with a flumph! to her chest and grabbed your cock again, her mouth still wrapped around it from you forcing past her lips. It seemed the time for playing was over. She had pushed too far and it was time to give you exactly what you wanted. Vixxen worked her hot little mouth up and down that shaft. No more teasing--just straight up face fucking you with her spit bubbling at the corners of her ruby red lips, the wet slucking sounds over powering her own moans as she inhaled deeply and drew in your feral scent. Dipping down when she pulled off, her hand stroked you as she lapped and sucked at your balls, only to pull you into the heat of her mouth once more, gulping your cock in until the head was dipping down her throat making her gag and cough. Those pretty blue eyes rolled upwards to look at you, a tear trickling from the corner she'd gagged so hard on you deep in her throat, but those red lips pursed, leaving a sheen of lip gloss on your cock making it pink, and she pulled with all the suction power she had to suck the cum right from your balls.

Zuriel fell back onto the shelf when he let you just take over--no more playing when those lips slurped closed and he felt fingers grip the base of his dick once more, the meaty feel of his balls pressing against your hand from how you held his cock straight out for your mouth to devour. He moaned out long and loud when you finally sucked him in and started pumping those pouty lips up and down his shaft. Zuriel felt your lips pull away and he narrowed his eyes and glared down, only to find your lips pulling, kissing, and sucking at his swollen balls--so damn red they were purple--and you saw the line of precum leaking from his tip before those lips sucked him in and took his cock to the hilt again. "Damn it...I...oh fuck...Nnnhaa!" were all the words he got out like he was about to get angry from your mouth pulling away, but you just had to tease him a little bit more before taking his dick in that mouth. His gaze locked on your blue eyes, wincing when you gagged yourself on his cock, but he loved the sight of a tear trickling from the corner of your eye.
The furious pace dragged him over the brink in fucking moments after your mouth latched onto his his throbbing fucking dick, swirling it in your mouth until your lips caught control and rocked up and down his glistening shaft. He couldn't take any more. He knew you were getting off on the power trip, and right now you had every bit of it with him lifting on his booted toes from the feel of his nuts opening. The shudder inside pulsed hot and his cock spasmed between your lips like his heart was in his balls before the tip just exploded. He was livid from being stopped earlier, and the sensation coursing through his cock was so fucking intense that his nuts ached from letting loose. So much cream shot out that it plumped your cheeks with the first two spurts squirting so thick and hot that he simply filled your mouth to the point of cum gushing past the seal of your lips at the corners of your mouth. "GGNNAAHHH! Haaa...HAAAAA...Hnnn...Nnn!"

Vixxen worked your cock like she was the goddess of oral--sucking, slurping, swallowing you down until she felt that thick shaft pulse and swell, the trickle of precum bursting into a jet of hot, thick cream flooding her mouth. The vibrations from her moan tickled down your shaft to your swollen, sensitive balls and she nearly choked on the salty liquid, her cheeks blooming full before she could swallow down the mouthful. Dribbles gushed past her lips spattering her chin, but she slurped in the rest noisily as her mouth still slid up and down that shaft, drawing every last droplet from your dick. Those lush red lips slipped along your girth until the pulsing head popped from her pursed lips and she sat back on her heels, looking up at you looking lovely with your cum still clinging to her face. "Mmmm fuck... Delicious."

Zuriel felt wobbly after such a powerful orgasm. His balls ached from so much cum pumping through him until you swallowed it all, leaving only trickles down your chin. He shook his head to clear the lust-addled fog from his mind, feeling the pressure finally unleash from his nuts after his love sucked him down like a fine creamy treat. Still hard, he grabbed his own base, rubbing his tip over the dribbles of his cum on your face only to hold his cock tip over your mouth so that it dribbled right back on your lips to give you a little more to taste. "Mmm... Lick it up. There you go, love." Smiling despite his legs being shaky still, he bid his time for now just to recover after his head went swimming during that explosion. His breathing calmed down just enough to let his mind clear and he bit his bottom lip while he watched his Vixxen nibble and lap at his tip. He stayed right there until the feeling of his hot blonde's lips no longer made him flinch from being over sensitive.

Vixxen smiled, lapping her tongue over the tip of your cock as it danced across her lips, catching it for a gentle suckle now and then when she could. Each lap and suck made you jump and twitch against the bookcase, but slowly as you settled she just took to stroking your still-hard cock, running her tongue from one corner of her lips to the other to clean the last of your cum from her face. Rubbing her face over your pants at your crotch, almost like a loving kitten, she dallied her fingers along your shaft purring out, "I want you to fuck me now, Zuriel. I got myself so worked up sucking you off my cunt is throbbing. Slam me up against the wall and fuck my pussy, please."

Zuriel stayed right there a few more moments, just savoring the feel of your lips and hand toying with him. He smiled at hearing those words, pushing off from the shelf to step around you on your knees with a kick of his boots thudding the floor. He shimmied from his jeans in a rush and turned around, stepping up behind you still on the floor with his hand catching your hair tightly. "Get up." Hardly waiting for your feet to find the floor, his arm flexed and lifted you only so that he could throw you into the bookshelf. Growling as his free hand snatched your hip, he yanked your ass back from the bookcase so that you were put into a hard lean that he guided his cock into, ramming his fat dick all the way in deep in a single slam of his hips hitting your naked ass. "Since you begged properly..." Grinning devilishly he reared back and tore into that cunt with his cock splitting you open in a hard swing of hips stretching that pussy. He had gotten in a jab at you for teasing him with that mouth, but now all he wanted was to hear his bitch wail for him. Long-stroking your pink hole, his entire length strummed your clit like a like playing a chord from below every time he stuffed his fat rod inside until his warm balls popped hard against the little bud. Fangs showed as he forced himself into a hard rut, slicing that snatch open with his thick shaft being drilled into that hot little honey pot like he was trying to break the bookcase and the wall with your body being nailed to it hard.

Vixxen's head tilted backwards into the pull on her hair, looking up at you with a grin from the up-side-down angle she was in until you lifted and pulled her to her feet. She wobbled but rose on strong legs and flopped against the bookcase, bracing her hands on the edge to peek back at you from over her shoulder. Her feet skid on the floor at the yank of her hips, so she faced forward again and spread them apart for balance, exposing her glistening wet slit to you from behind. That rumbling growl made her belly clench excitedly and as it did, your cock slammed home, straight into her dripping wet cunt. Vixxen's head thrashed back with a whip of blonde hair and she gasped, letting her breath out in a groan that came from her toes. "Nnnngghh...FUCK!" You could feel her walls convulse, clenching around you already because she was so worked up and that hard slam was so intense that her toes curled in her spiked heels. "So fucking good..." The heft of heated balls clapped against her clit and she arched her back to lift her ass, exposing more of her slit, driving that cock deeper and parting her nether lips wide so that her clit poked out of its hood, letting your balls slap it until she was gasping from the exquisite feel.

Zuriel knew this was what he needed after all that cock teasing he let you do, so he rammed in hard enough to jostle your heel from the floor and keep your toes clacking to the wood from him pumping that hot hole with his entire length churning your insides. His arm crossed the back of your neck and pushed, locking those tits hard into the book case so he could fuck you like a piece of meat right there at his mercy. Gritting his teeth, his other hand squeezed your tit from the side, fingers plumping, pulling your hard nipple as he fucked that hot little cunt with growing desire. He made your ass jiggle from impact and your leg started wobbling from the angle he was using to pull and hammer back inside your sweet, slippery snatch. "Hnnng... No words except 'fuck me harder' sounds, eh?" Teeth clenched before the feel of your mate wailing that pussy started surging forth. Not caring if we broke the damn shelf, the single minded thrusts stuffed your lips wide until heavy nuts clapped and battered your clit from behind without pause. Each shove was heralded by the slap of nuts smacking that little button with him grinning through his clasped fangs, holding his jaw closed so that all he let out were grunts and growls from behind your bouncing cheeks.

Vixxen's head pressed against the shelf, your strong arm pinning her down so that she couldn't move. Not that she wanted to. That cock was stirring her up so hard she wouldn't leave now if her life depended on it. The shelving unit rattled with impact, the slams to her backside coming so hard that it knocked her upper body into the case over and over until one loose book toppled off a shelf and tumbled to the floor with a flutter of pages and a thump. Vixxen barely noticed other than a casual glance to the floor then she clenched her eyes shut as your fingers clasped her breast in a tight squeeze of plump flesh with her swelled nipple poking through. "That's right... Because 'fuck me harder' sounds are all you need to know that I want you fucking me harder. So shut up and stuff that cock as deep inside of me as you can get and make me cum. Ahhh god, yes!" Though you had her head pinned, she dropped one hand and reached around, slapping her own ass as she demanded that you ravage her cunt, the loud crack echoing through the room as she groaned. Her own fingers clenched her ass cheek leaving dimples at her fingertips as she pulled, drawing her cheeks apart to give you more room to stuff that cock into her hole. "Fuck it deep. Fuck it hard. Rape that pretty little cunt of mine." You could feel her juices dripping--drooling from her snatch she was so turned on--and your cock glided through her walls like they'd been oiled up, slick with her own lube. "Yesss.... harder!"

Zuriel snarled as he grabbed those hips and pushed your ass in closer to the shelf, his hands locking tight giving him all the leverage he needed to slam that hot little hole like some gods forsaken beast rutting his mate like he was trying to fuck your hot body in half. Slipping in close behind your bouncing ass, his hips lifted and drew your heels from the floor by sheer virtue of his strength shoving you upwards when his dick crammed in hot and deep. This time he just went fucking nuts, beating that pussy up with his dick so furiously that his lungs fought to keep up with what his body was doing. Huffing behind your back, the fat shaft split those pink lips, making your pussy drool from his balls flinging in time with those rapid shoves sending him through your folds like he was trying to start a fucking fire between your legs. The machine gun drives clattered inside your cunt, rapidly stirring that pussy deep so that the pull back of every thrust snapped your heels against the wooden floor, making great knocking sounds with him giving you every inch of that dick. Jerking one hand free, he slapped your wobbling cheeks that were jiggling from the hungry fuck he kept railing you with while forcing your nipples to brush and scrape over the spines of books on the shelf in front of your body. Those words spilling from your lips made your man into a fucking monster growling behind you seeking the juiciest part of your cunt.

Vixxen grunted, her body slamming hard against the bookshelf until her tits were mashed tightly between it and her. She didn't have an inch to move between you and the shelves and every rough slam of your hips knocked her into the case, sending it banging against the wall behind it. Books knocked together and the wooden edge bit hard into her tits, trapping her budded nipples painfully. Ass wobbling with every clap of your pelvis to her cheeks, Vixxen gasped for every breath of air that was stolen from her by the frantic, maniac pace you were fucking her with. "Ah! Ah! Ah! Fuck yes, baby! Rail that little pussy and make it drool! Nnnggg god, so fucking good and hard. Your cock is amazing!" The grip on her hips was nearly as painful as the bookshelf biting into her chest, but Vixxen loved every bit of it. The rough, hard, raunchy fucking made her belly twist into tight little knots until she felt the tingling shoot from her stomach to her clit like a live was connecting them. As that electric charge grew, her clit started pulsing, throbbing, and the muscles in her cunt tightened around your shaft. "Ohhh fuck... Z... I'm cumming! I'm cumming!!!" Clapping balls smacked her hard clit over and over with the violent strumming of your cock through her walls and Vixxen's hands clawed at the shelf as she went rigid in your grip. "SHhhhiiittt!!!" Her cum spilled out over your cock, bathing it in warmth as the ring of muscles you barreled past cinched tight around your girth, gripping you like a vise.

Zuriel let you have that orgasm, taking revenge for driving him crazy with that mouth by making you wail like a banshee in mid-orgasm on the end of his cock. But that was not all of it. He grabbed your lovely hair and jerked back, dragging you from the biting shelf digging into your tits and then his free hand lifted to snatch hold of first one wrist, then the other was forced up, as well, so he could hold both of your arms one-handed while your brain was still fuzzy from cumming like that on his dick. He peeled away into long deep strokes of thick shaft spreading your fluttering walls open, not going near as hard so that the slower but still ass-jiggling shoves of meat running through your tight ring could draw out that release. Savoring the feeling of your pussy sucking at his cock, he dipped in tight and pressed in harder to buck you up onto your toes from the hold he had on your wrists and hair. The feel of hot girl juice trickled from his clapping balls still battering that clit, but when he pushed in tight to raise you on those toes, the feel of his balls mushed firmly and rocked up from behind and underneath just like his shaft had. He didn't let you gain any balance, taking what he wanted right there as he pulled back to pump your juicy cunt with his length pulling from the tight ring of muscle just so he could plunge in harder and make that pussy sing when the next lift to your toes showed you how fat and swollen his dick had gotten. Even after cumming in your mouth, his tip drooled precum, melting in your hole with surprising heat as the throbbing pulse rolled down his length pulling out to strum your depths. "Nnn damn... Tight little pussy. Nnngh!"

Vixxen skitched backwards on her toes, her heels scraping the ground as you dragged her from the bookcase. The feel of your hot breath panting down her neck sent chills down her spine to her pussy and she groaned, rolling her hips as your long shaft started stroking within her walls at a less rapid pace, dragging her climax on. Deep, plunging strokes seemed to reach her belly and then with a lift of your hips, she was hefted onto her toes by your cock like you were a human forklift. Each rise of her feet from the floor left her whimpering with a shudder through her body that you felt in your dick. That deep press put pressure on her ass as well as her cunt and she felt like you just might split her in half. "Oh Jesus, Zuriel... What..? Ohhh my fucking god..." Juices trickled down her inner thighs she was so wet and your cock kept forcing more of her cum from her womb with every deep stroke until her nether lips were slushing and slurping at your cock as wetly as her mouth had not long ago. "My pussy... You've got my pussy on fire, I'm so fucking hot for you. Don't...stop. Please. Mmmm fuck yes."

Zuriel grinned for just a moment hearing your words like you didn't know how he was going on for this long. He purred in a feral rumble from behind that grew louder. The droves of wet girl honey leaking down your thighs was so delicious that he pushed in just to feel your juices coat his balls from the deep slide of fat cock breaking you open. The very edge of his endurance pushed him to the limits of sexual frenzy with his shaft stirring up your nectar. The deep slippery press of his cock sinking between your silken tight folds seemed to suck the first line of his cum from his dick, his balls lifting as they pulsed and unloaded inside with him jarring in hard and he pushed you back up on those toes so he could flood your womb with every drop he had to give. Hosing off the fire inside that cunt, he filled his mate with his seed in a tight grip of your wrists as he used them to pull you back precious inches onto his pumping shaft...jolting, squirting his cum all the way to your very core.

Vixxen gasped hard as you came inside her, flooding her with your warmth and seed, pushing her own orgasm to its peak. She started wailing her cries, shaking like a leaf blowing in the winter wind, only the grip of your hands and your cock lifting her to her toes keeping her upright as she lurched in her climax. "Fuck YES!!!" God she loved what you did to her, but nothing drove her more crazy than when you came and she shivered as her own orgasm raged through her until she was a sweating, gasping, panting wreck on the end of your cock.

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