Elves and Fairies (Short Story and Photos)

It seems I'm on a fantasy kick, lately. Yes, I know its all fantasy, but I'm referring specifically to the genre of ogres and fairies and dragons (oh my!). This photo session was done with Lisa as a forest elf and Vixxen wearing her new petite fairy mesh avatar. The two of them had some fun in the forest in ways that only fae can do! You can also view the set on my Flickr page at Elves and Fairies

I spontaneously added a short story to accompany the photos. I hope you find some pleasure in the reading, if not just to enjoy the pictures more.

Elves and Fairies

The elf knelt down, her leafy wings flowing like gossamer behind her as she admired the delicate and ethereal beauty of the tiny fairy at her knees. Her diaphanous pink wings fluttered as she tiptoed in a pirouette with a tiny little giggle.  "You're so beautiful!" the fairy said to the elf.

"Lie down. I want to see you more closely." As she reclined against the tree, the pink pixie gingerly spread the elf's knees apart with her petite hands. Her touch was so soft that the elf barely felt it, but she parted her legs to better see what the fae intended to do.

The fairy smiled and giggled, her wings fluttering like a dragonfly as her eyes--the color of a maiden's soft blush--examined the elf's thighs and the valley between them. "I must touch you..." A wave of her hand sent a flurry of shimmery pixie dust sparkling over their bodies. The elf blinked as her garment of forest leaves dissipated, unveiling her cream-like skin and her rosy pink pussy between her thighs. And there also between her thighs stood the fairy, naked as well but for the tiny vines and flowery buds that adorned her head and arms and feet.

The fairy giggled with utter delight at the sight before her and dashed in a fluttered of wings between the elf's legs until she bumped smack into the blushing lips at their apex. The elf gasped at the contact, feeling the little fairy's body rubbing along her slit. Bracing her hands on the broad trunk behind her, she rose, lifting her ass from the soft green grass to drag her sensitive pussy lips against the fae's tiny, warm body.

"Mmm you're so warm and soft, and you smell divine. Like the sweetest of treats, and morning rain, and the summer sun." The fairy's bitty wings beat like a hummingbird, lifting her toes from the ground. She drew herself upwards between the elf's legs, parting the dewy wet lips of her pussy, then the wings' movement ceased and she dropped, dragging her legs and body and itty bitty breasts over the elf's now-exposed clit and coating herself in the succulent lube that had spilled from between her folds.

The elf was panting softly, her breasts rising and falling with the rapid beating of her heart. She rose and gently picked the fairy up. Draping herself over the stump of a tree beside them, she placed the fairy over her belly to feel her more closely.

With child-like delight, the fairy giggled again, stretching her petite frame out over the elf's torso. Her arms reached, brushing over the elf's rosy nipples, making them harden and making the elf moan softly. The fairy snickered and stretched her legs between the elf's thighs, lifting and dropping her feet to drum out a staccato beat against the elf's clit. The pale elf gasped and writhed at the stimulation and she sat up, setting the fairy between her legs.

"You're a wicked little tease," the elf said to the fairy. "You've gotten me so aroused, I can't even remember why I'd come here in the first place." The fairy put her hands to her mouth and giggled again, "I can help you with that!" She lay on her stomach and rubbed her foot up and down the elf's slick, wet slit, then when she reached the lowest point between her blushing red lips, the fairy stretched out her leg, sliding it straight into the elf's heated, aching pussy.

The elf jerked and gasped, "Oh gods!" She leaned back and threw her legs high into the air as the fairy pumped her tiny pink leg in and out of her aching pussy. "I'm beginning to think you're more of an imp than a fairy. You are so wonderfully wicked. Oh, it feels so good!"

Mischievous as she was, and delighted with the pleasure she was bringing the elf, the fae giggled again and beat her wings even faster, trying to control her petite body's movements as she thrust in and out deep into the slippery, sloshing hole that suckled at her leg. "Oh gods, faster! I'm so close!" the elf cried. "Get down there, on your knees for me." The fairy pointed to the soft green grass and the elf plucked her from between her legs with a wet slurp from her pussy, setting the pink fae on the ground.

The elf knelt down and the fae stood between her thighs once again. Her teeny hand reached out, stroking over the elf's glistening pink pussy lips down to her clit. Her entire hand wrapped around the hard bud, rubbing and stroking it gently but briskly until the elf started gasping and squirming in heat. "By the gods! You're going to make me cum!"

The fairy's laugh was like tinkling little bells, making her bitty breasts jiggle. Her palm flattened against the elf's clit as she rubbed--harder, faster, up and down and in circles--until the elf sounded like she was going to hyperventilate. Sensing it was time, the fairy's hand rapidly slipped upwards between the glossy, pink lips and thrust her arm inside the quivering hole. Rattling it up and down, side to side, in and out, she fucked the elf into orgasm, pushing her over the brink so that her walls clenched down around the fae's pixie arm. "Oh gods! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" The elf cried out as her honey flowed over the fairy's hand and arm and still the fae jostled it about, drawing out her climax for as long as it would go.

Panting, shaking with aftershocked of her orgasm, the elf rose to her knees, but the fae wasn't done with her yet. The petite fairy knelt between the elf's legs and kissed her swollen clit, lapping her dainty little tongue up and down and around the red, pulsing nub and down her slit to her hole, lapping the elf's nectar from the source. "Mmm you taste divine, too! Just like you smell." Her little sheer wings fluttered merrily in her excitement and she shoved her small hands against the elf's belly. "Lie back..."

Her mind spinning with the afterglow of her climax, the elf had no argument and lay on her back, letting the fae climb atop her. A delicate pink leg slipped against her pussy again as the fairy straddled the elf's hip and started grinding her own petite little pussy against her silken flesh. "I want some now. It's my turn!" Her knee continued to graze over the elf's swollen, sensitive clit sending little shockwaves of pleasure through her body again, but she wanted to return the favor, so she scooped the pixie up in her hand as she rose. "Then let me repay you," the elf said as she smiled down to the fairy.

As though she were going to bite into a succulent apple, the elf lifted the fairy--draped in her hand--to her mouth. But instead of biting, she placed a soft kiss to the fae's tiny breast, rubbing her ruby lips back and fourth over her budding nipple. "Your skin is like the softest rose petals I've ever touched."

The little fairy let out a melodious sigh like a whisper on the wind and she trembled in the elf's hand. The pleasurable shudder seemed to spur the elf on and her red lips part over the pink nipple to consume the tiny breast in a suckle. Her mouth wrapped around the entire miniature teat and she laved her tongue upwards from the underside until it flicked off the fairy's nipple once more. "I must taste more of you," the elf cooed against the fairy's breast.

Gently placing the fairy on the grass, the elf hooked the dainty feet on her shoulders, lifting the fairy's tiny ass off the ground and placing her succulent little pussy right at her mouth. Her long tongue stretched out to slowly drag a lap upwards over the fae's little slit and catch on the decorative ring that was threaded through her clit. The fairy twitched and gasped in a breath, smiling up at the elf. "Ohhh, that feels so good. Do it again!"

Grinning, the elf cupped her hand under the fairy's tiny little ass and held her firmly against her tongue, lapping in short, quick licks over her entire slit, flicking the tip right over the fae's itty, bitty clit. Spurts of honeyed ambrosia splashed the elf's tongue as the fairy started spilling her nectar. "By the gods!" the elf purred out, "I've never tasted anything like it. You taste like the nectar of the gods. I must have more. I must have your cum on my tongue."

The elf lifted the fae as she lay on her back, placing her miniature ass right over her face. The fae's legs wrapped around the elf's head as she rested back on her arms, bracing herself on the silken breasts behind her back. The elf  wasted no time, needing more of the aphrodisiac that spilled from the fae's pussy. Her hot pink tongue slipped out, licking, lapping, tasting every nook and cranny of her folds, then she curled her tongue to press inside her tiny entrance, fucking the pixie with the rigid muscle.

The fae's hips bucked and wriggled over the elf's mouth and she squealed and whimpered excitedly, "Oh... Oh yes! So good. Don't stop. I'm going to cum!" Her bitty fingers clenched the elf's breast as she squeaked with delight and her cunt mashed down over the elf's tongue as she came, her honey spilling fourth to trickle down the elf's curled tongue into her mouth. The elf moaned as the heavenly taste hit her and swallowed it all greedily, slurping and smacking her lips against the fairy's pussy, drawing out every last dram of sweetness until the little fae collapsed against her face in exhaustion. The elf lifted her gently and set her to the ground to sleep then dashed off, disappearing into the forest with a smile on her face.

I also took some solo shots of Lisa as an elf.

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