Jay Fucks Roller Girl

Jay Fucks Roller Girl

Susi smiled. "Did you have a good night? I slept like a rock."

Jaidyn lifted a brow and grabbed your wrist, tossing you towards the couch before turning to follow behind you. "Hmm, my night was great. Wonderful dreams."

Susi squeaked with a slight smirk, not really walking but more gliding to the couch on her wheels, spinning with a turn to plop onto her ass. "Oh yeah? What kinds of dreams?" Her smirk was wicked because she was oh-so ready for what ever you had in mind, parting her legs as you dropped to your knees between them to wrap them around your sides.

Jaidyn rumbled as he dropped to his knees, kissing your lips hungrily with hands searching out along your sides. Lips deftly locked and his tongue slithered between your lips to wrestle your tongue, wrapping the pink muscle with his own until his hands drifted down. He curled them into your shorts, peeling the little garment away in a huff so he could toss it behind him over his head. Jay pulled back just a little and grinned, getting you half naked easily. "Let's just say I was beset by images of you half naked with, cum dripping from your pussy, skates in the air, and your legs spread wide."

Susi scooted about the couch, lifting and yanking her legs to aid you in stripping her shorts free of her body until her naked waist was pressed hard against your stomach. Your tart little Skittles girl kissed you back hungrily, eager for your tongue to wrestle with hers, eager for your touch, eager to please you in return. "Sounds like a good dream. I think we need to make it a reality." Her hips swished and she ground her pussy lips over your taut stomach, mashing her clit that was trapped beneath them so that she moaned into your mouth.

Jaidyn licked right over your lips before he pressed back in and sucked your tongue hotly. His eyes lifted to look into yours a moment and even he couldn't contain the smile from hearing you telling him to make the dream real. Such a little skittles roller girl slut was easily grabbed by the hips; strong arms flexed and lifted that lovely little ass from the couch and those dangerous skates left in the air when he dipped his head down and buried his face right over your pussy. Rapid strokes of taut tongue glided up and down, flicking from your hot little clit after his lips found the button and slurped it into his mouth for a taste. He sucked just long enough to expose your clit from its hood, barreling into the deep stroke of his tongue grinding down on that bundle of nerves all while holding your hips to keep you from finding any leverage to wriggle free.

Susi shivered in delight feeling that wicked tongue licking over her lips like she was some ice cream cone to savor. Her mouth opened with a soft gasp and before it was done, your lips were sealed to hers, drawing her tongue into your mouth. She groaned and rolled her eyes back at the erotic sensation, her head spinning as you dropped her back and hoisted her legs into the air over your shoulders. For a fleeting moment, she worried that she'd hurt you as her heavy feet banged against your shoulders, but you seemed unfazed, grasping her thighs to dive in between her legs, so she threw caution to the wind and flexed, lifting her pussy right up to your mouth. The heat of your soft, wet tongue slathered her smooth lips, dragging right up to her clit, and when you sucked it into your mouth, it was like a bolt of lightning shot through her core. Susi jerked and cried out, her hands clasping the edge of the couch as your lips suckled on her button, leaving her writhing in your grip. "Oh my god! Nnng fuck yes..." Wheels rolled across your back as her legs shifted, trying to clamber her hips higher to the stroking lave of your tongue. Little breasts rolled in her bright orange shirt, wobbling with the bucking of her hips as she tried to fuck herself against your ceaseless tongue. Her honey flowed under your ministrations, trickling along her slit until it reached your tongue dancing over her clit and her lips--now pink and puffy, parted in her arousal, exposing the pinker flesh beneath.

Jaidyn didn't let loose of your hips for one second. No matter how much you lifted or rolled it right to his mouth, he always held that cunt right in front of his face to mash his lips against your pink slit. Only when he felt the wheels on your skates rolling off his back did he drop his hands, letting his fingers flow into the V-neck of your top without missing a single beat of his tongue still grinding hotly over your clit. He peeled the orange shirt apart with his bare hands, tugging the torn remains down your arms to throw it out of his way before lifting his hands back over those small, sexy, wobbling tits. Index fingers and thumbs pinched both of your swollen buds at the same time, rolling just the clamp of his fingers around your nipples as he kept licking that clit without even daring to breathe for a moment. Deviously, he used the clamp on those nipples to guide you, following your writhing hips with the lift and lean of his fingers forcing your teats to flow with each motion of your hips like some kind of tiny sexual joysticks designed to make you grind that cunt into his mouth from the direction he was tugging your tender buds in. Golden eyes stared down to watch when he curled his tongue in tightly, using just the tip to press down over your clit in a grinding lave that pressed down and flowed back up. Watching your pleasure on the end of his tongue, his eyes trained down and fingers clamped tightly on both swollen buds. "Mmmmnh!"

Susi's legs tightened around your neck when your hands slipped free of her hips, not wanting to lose her leverage and risk the feeling of that mouth sucking and slurping at her juicy pussy. Her skates clacked together and she locked her ankles while your hands ripped and shred her top to tatters until there was nothing remaining to cloth her but her sexy stripped stockings and her skates. Susi's breasts bounced and wobbled freely until the tight clasp of your fingers trapped them to your will. Her neck arched and she rolled her head against the couch as she hissed and barked out a little cry at the flash of sweet pain. Each jerking tug against her nipples forced another luscious cry from her, but also drew her body back up higher to your hungry mouth so that her lips were smacking against yours, leaving a sheen of her honey all over your face. "Nyyah! Fuck! You're driving me crazy! Feels so fucking good I can't take it!"

Jaidyn didn't look like he cared about how much he was driving you nuts. With his mouth over your cunt, he sucked and lapped up those juices and spat a gooey glob of it right over your clit so that the glistening trickle crawled up your belly before sliding lazily into your belly button to pool there. His strong hands detached one at a time, smacking in from the side hard enough to make your skin sting a bit before they curled and mashed both boobs into his palms. The feel of his thumbs came pressing down over your nipples the same instant he pressed his tongue down and then lifted it in a long slide of hot, wet flesh grinding your cunt as though he was trying to devour you like a dessert right here. Fingertips flicked both nipples before he snapped them tight in a clasp over those buds, using the hold to let himself lean in for his tongue to slither upwards under that button with his rapidly-huffing breaths washing down against your slit and even sneaking between your cheeks from how close he was licking that juicy pussy.

Susi legs kept shifting like her thighs were trying to close then she'd force them back open, fighting the battle between too much stimulation and not getting enough of it. Her clit was so swollen and sensitive that every stroking glide of tongue had her jerking on the couch, her hips bucking hard mashing herself roughly against you. Susi looked up between her wobbling breasts to between her thighs and saw your golden eyes peering down at her and nothing more; the rest of your face was buried in her snatch. The sight made her stomach lurch and she gasped, entranced by your staring eyes. Small fingers gripped the edge of the couch and she gasped again as though she couldn't manage to draw a breath until her eyes rolled back and clenched tight. Her purple lips parted and she spasmed, her breasts bouncing in the tight grasp of your fingers as her pussy pulsed and her orgasm flowed through her body. "NNaahhh! Cumming! Oh my god I'm fucking cumming!" She shook so hard the dollop of spit that had pooled in her belly button trickled free, traveling down her chest between her breasts to then pool in her clavicle. "Fuuuck!!"

Jaidyn purred like some insane monster cat, but the look on his face was that of a Cheshire kitty, smiling down around his tongue still mashed against that clit right as you started to peak. Both hands pinched and tugged your swollen buds, and at the same instant. he shoved his tongue inside your juicy cunt to make you ride out the last few moments of release on his tongue's length while it was jammed inside those silken walls that were pulsing with the flow of honey around his probing muscle. His fingers stayed clamped while pulling a bit on your nipples, but he did not fuck that pretty pussy with his tongue. Jay just held it deep, refusing to move it an inch, drawing out the pleasure. He was forcing you into overload just from those nipples being abused and the press of his thick, poised tongue remaining inside right through every clench or flutter of that ring around the middle of his tongue's length. The delicious way he made you cum right there on his face like that was enough to tent the front of his pants. Jay slowly unclamped his fingers to draw his nails over your blushing skin until he found your hips once more, and without pulling his tongue free, he dropped one hand and unbuttoned his pants, letting his hard dick spring free from the confining clothes he still wore. He then lifted his hand back up to hold on to your ass, keeping you perched on that tongue so that he could still feel every clench or contraction of your tender pink hole as your orgasm subsided.

Susi was already in bliss cumming from your tongue lapping at her clit, but when you pressed it in and held it there as she rode out the last of her climax, thoughts of your cock pumping hard and deep filled her mind. She tried grinding on your tongue to emulate it fucking her, but you held her tight--even with just one hand--so that should couldn't move. It's stillness drove her crazy. She whimpered as she struggled at first, but then--nearly sobbing with frustration--she sulked and begged, "Nngg fuck, Jay! Please don't tease me like that. I need your cock fucking me hard. I want more!" Her teeth grasped her bottom lip in a bite as your fingers clawed back up her hips to hold her maddeningly still on the end of your unmoving tongue inside her pulsing walls.

Jaidyn picked up his Skittles-colored slut and threw you off his tongue, standing up just enough to push his pants off so that he could climb out of them before dropping back to his knees. "Shut up, bitch. I'll give you what I want you to have!" Strong hands slipped under your blushing ass and pulled, drawing you closer to the head of his cock so that it glanced off your lips from the proximity, but he still waited to give you a single inch. "Now tell me who owns this pussy..." Spreading your legs, he slid back, grinding the length of his dick over your cunt right there on the couch's edge, watching you closely, listening for the words he wanted to hear while holding you right there against his stiff shaft as it slipped up and down the valley between your legs.

Susi barked out a startled little cry as her legs slipped to the floor with a clunk! while you stripped off your pants, but before she even had time to recover your hands were throwing them back over your shoulders. This time her ass was perched on the edge of the couch, right in line with your stiff cock, and Susi thought to herself, 'Finally!' But as you barked at her her heart sank. She felt that thick shaft teasing along the folds of her slit but not pressing into them, drawing out the maddening tease in a new way but no less frustrating for it. She was so worked up, wanting your cock so badly, that she was willing to do anything to get it. When you demanded she tell you who her pussy belonged to, there was no pause. She blurted out without a second though, "You! It belongs to you! It's your pussy! Nnggaaa..!" Your cock head brushed roughly over her clit--still super sensitive from having just climaxed--and she jumped in your hands' tight grasp, belting out a little cry as her wide eyes stared at you imploringly.

Jaidyn grabbed the base of his dick and smacked it openly against your hot little clit. One slap riveted tight, the second glanced across it, but the third smacked meaty and thick right over your throbbing cunt lips. "'Bout time, bitch. Maybe next time you decide to seduce some new dick like Nick, you'll remember that properly." At this point he couldn't even deny himself any longer and he turned his cock head down to fit it between those wet, pink lips before he snatched hold of your hips. Strong arms literally pulled you onto his thick shaft and forced it into your tight little hole. Jay wracking his hips to seat that dick all the way inside before he pulled out, leaving you empty. He scooted closer and shoved it back in, stroking it to the hilt this time, but then slid it right back out to stroke it with his hand, hovering barely two inches over your cunt.

The tip of his cock nudged under your clit before he eased it back inside, only to pull out again so he could savor holding it right against your entrance. He then summarily stuffed his dick back inside with a maddening push and pull back out just to torment you some more. If nothing else, he was a master at making his girl shudder, pushing his dick inside that pink hole just to pull it out again, watching the frustration build higher in your glassy eyes as they implored him to just take it. He grunted when he shoved it back in, his hips jerking until you swore he was going to pull out again, but the flow reversed. His free hand that was aiming his dick now dropped to your hip so that he could hold you right there at the edge of the couch and start pumping your hot little pussy the way you needed. "Hnnn...fuck!"

Susi's legs clenched over your shoulders as you smacked her slit with your cock, trying to get her clit in the way of the strikes. The first couple missed and she nearly screamed in frustration, but then one fat, hard smack connected and she jerked once more at the burst of sensation flashing through her body. "Ahh shit! Nnn..." Susi felt the smooth, hard press of cock head spreading her pink lips apart and she couldn't stop herself from begging again, "Oh, god, yes. Please...please! Give it to me!"
Like the deity she called upon had blessed her and answered her prayer, that fat cock slammed inside, stretching and filling her all at once, and she nearly lost it again from that alone. And then she was empty...her pussy still fluttering from the invasion as though it hadn't realized you'd pull out. Susi's dark eyes snapped open and she started at you dumbfounded as you just stroked yourself over her slit. She couldn't even make a sound come out of her moving mouth. Without warning, she was stuffed full again and it was even more delicious than the first time--like her pussy had gotten a taste and was left starving, so was now ravenous for it again. And then the empty feeling consumed her once more.
This time she did make a sound, her frustration coming out before she could think better of it. "NO!" If she wasn't using her arms to prop herself up, she'd likely have smacked you in her anger. Her eyes looked up at your face and she saw the wicked smirk plastered across it, seeing how you reveled in tormenting her and working her into a sex-craved frenzy. Her bottom lip trembled and she barely uttered, "Please.." A third hard slam slapped against her ass and her cunt was stretched wide around your girth. Susi's head rocked back and she cried out at the feel of it nearly bringing her vision to black she was so worked up, but her fear of you taking it away again left her trembling until she felt those hips hitch and slam her again...and again...your cock pulling back but never leaving the tight clasp of her pussy this time so that the friction built and built in her belly. "NNnggg fuck, YES! So good... So hard..."

Jaidyn's crazed look in his eyes glared back at you, almost like he knew you wanted to hit him and was daring you to do it. His lip curled into a snarl, showing off just one glinting fang as he revved back and stuffed that pink cunt to the hilt in a single shove. He came to life, claiming that pussy with his cock stirring at last, churning those wet walls hard and quick with jabs of that length rutting halfway into your cunt and the speed of his hips smacking firmly against your ass from how he held you open. Jaidyn invaded that cunt like the ravenous monster he was, humping your hot little hole until he pulled back and angled his hips down. His hands clutching your hips braced tightly so that he could hold on through the violent slams of his body colliding with yours, throwing all his power into those strokes as they thudded through your ringed muscles. He was literally beating that pussy up with his dick,
hammering in so hard that the end of each stroke tingled with burning pain flooding through your core with the perverse pleasure hitting at the end of each drilling wave. He took you to the end of his current endurance, wailing that cunt with his fat dick until he suddenly slowed to pull back and just rock, stroking your hot little tunnel smoothly to regain his momentum when the time was ripe. Lungs sucked in quick, short breaths as he looked down at you there. Making your tits wobble as the speed of his hips started chugging to life like a train building steam to leave the station, he growled out, "My fucking bitch. Understand me?!" The last two words roared down at you as he split you open on the couch. His frenzied thrusts rattled like a chopper flying over the jungle at full speed and the crazed look in his eyes pulsed in time with the feeling of his dick throbbing between your blushing, soaked lips.

Susi had been teased for so long that the sudden ravaging of her cunt nearly did black her out from the combination of pleasure of having her cunt fucked interlaced with the pain of you trying to split her open with the heavy-slamming smack of your hips and the hard-driving plunge of your thick cock into the tight hold of her tiny pussy. Her whole body rocked and bounced on her arms with her tight cheeks resting in the grip of your hands, drawing her snatch forward and down the length of your cock even as your hips hitched and slammed into her. Skin smacking skin; wet sloshing of lips slurping your shaft; her sweet moans and erotic cries all filled the room making it sound like an entire orgy was
happening when it was just the two of you fucking so hard it was like you'd not fucked in a week. Susi's legs trembled holding her weighted feet in the air, her skates bobbing up and down as her tiny body was jarred and rattled against the onslaught of your cock filling her full and battering her cunt. Susi saw the dangerous look in your eyes and the glint of fang that she always found so odd but exciting about you (if she made the connection to the wolf that had raped her not so long ago, she'd likely fall into full-on panic mode), and she dared not push you further. Whether she was begging for more, encouraging you, or agreeing with your statement it was hard to tell, but she cried out, "Yes...yes...yes..!" Then she gathered her wits enough to reply, "I understand, Jay. I do. Just please don't stop! You're so fucking thick you're tearing me open and I love it! Gahhh!"

Jaidyn had had just about enough of your screams demanding what he should do. Growling, he rolled you back and locked those skates upright over his shoulders like he had teased about ever since he saw you looking like a tasty rainbow. Hoisting himself up on his feet, the sudden lean locked those skates skywards and he planted his hands on the couch to truly press in. This wasn't just a change in position--this was a statement. He pulled back and thunked that dick in so tight and hard that it seared
your pussy with even more pain, but the schlucking wet draws backward sent delicious sensation flooding through that cunt from the heat of the powerful primal instinct of Jay breaking her in hard. "Listen here, slut... This is mine, so I do what I want to. if I want to leave you quaking here like an abused hooker, I will. So shut the fuck up and take my dick, whore." Those dirty words snapped just as keenly as his hips did, jostling into the quick slushing thrusts of fat shaft churning you open. The tighter lean gave him all the access he needed to prod and poke at your womb, the head of it mushing hard against the inner ring from how tight he was barreling into you. The exquisite hurt came back, growing like a fire in your belly from him drilling that cunt without a single shred of remorse. Pounding that pussy open hard, Jay grunted and grit his teeth from how tight those muscles gripped him as they were forced
open. But he forced himself to keep stuffing that hot pink hole like he was trying to rip it open, huffing wildly, spearing straight inside with the violent intent on making it tingle with pain through the unmerciful pleasure forcing through your slick walls. He fucked you like that until he was a sweat-slicked mess, dripping onto you below him with his balls swinging in slowly to match his pace then just rocking gently to keep that pussy on the verge of knowing what was coming next. Jay was panting to quell the fire in his lungs from burning out, but he was not done with this little cunt yet. As soon as his breathing slowed and grew even, and his strength returned, those hips started bopping faster again, and Jay watched your tits bounce from the building steam as he rolled his hips into you faster, jarring through your cunt like a machine gun being fired off, bearing down on you from above.

Susi legs flipped back without any effort, the weight of her skates making her legs fall over her head like she was tied to a wrack under the pressure of your chest bending her in half. Giving herself room to breath, Susi's arms fell from under her so that her shoulders dropped to the couch. She looked up at you closing in on her with your dick sliding even deeper as you growled out your anger with her begging for more. Susi blanched and swallowed hard, not saying another word, but the sudden rapid
slams of cock banging against her womb forced a moan to escape her lips, try as she might to remain silent. 'Fuck it. I'm sure moaning doesn't count as telling him what to do,' she thought to herself. Risking your ire, she forced herself not to speak, but gave in to the increasingly painful drives of your dick spearing her insides, crying out or moaning or whimpering each time your cock struck a nerve or spread her open wider. "NNyahh fuck! MMm... Uhwa ohh ohhh!" Her battered pussy was so worked up--stirred and hot and pulsing--that it squished and sucked around your shaft with, her juices spattering and splashing your pelvis and balls, making a wet mess of both your lower bodies. Susi's eyes turned to watch your cock between her legs, appearing and disappearing with each thrust into the confines of her fluttering snatch.

Jaidyn snarled. With your words finally going silent, nothing but the sounds of your moans stirred him into a frenzy. The primal hunger rushed through him slamming that cunt, trying to make it hurt so fucking good that you lost control of that body from the lustful drumming of his cock. He was so hungry for your hot little pussy, he didn't give a rat's ass what you needed to say. All he wanted was your moans. All he wanted to hear was his girl screaming, crying out in urgent need with that cunt spasming from being fucked open so hard that by the time Nick found you locked in the stocks, your lips would still be swollen and open from the rough need he rammed through your tight ring. He
didn't need to say anything else; his bitch fell in line, moaning for him. Like the rabid animal he was, he tried to break your ass through the god damned couch under your petite bubble butt. He was even fucking that pussy hard enough--battering your body into vulgar submission--that the force of his thrusts surged through your locked legs, adding spin to the wheels adorning your skates. Jaidyn took your pussy so deep that his nuts clapped your little ass, sliding between your cheeks from how hard he was pumping your pink hole. He was a bastard; there would never be any forgetting that even if he was giving you exactly what you begged for. But shutting your mouth and moaning like his Skittles-colored whore made him deliver those strokes to hurt just enough that you would be open for hours after this ravaging. Jay's thick meat throbbed inside your tightly-muscled ring and his shaft pulsing thicker with his building heartbeat as he neared his own climax.

Susi petite hands wrapped around your strong arms and clenched for dear life as you ravaged her swollen, abused hole. The prolonged teasing had her so soaking wet and dripping with lube that your cock slid in and out like it was oiled, but her ring of quivering muscles was so tight that she gripped your girth like a noose as she started to pant and squeak, her ass lifting higher to meet you thrust for thrust with another orgasm stirring to life in her belly. Her chest would hitch as she sucked in a breath, then she whimpered it back out just as quickly, each one coming faster than the last as she built up to a wail that rolled out with her climax raging through her system. "Ah...ah...ah...AHHHHH FUCK!!! Nngggaahhh!" Her muscles clenched harder around your cock, making you grit your teeth to force through them, her cum squelching out around your shaft as you thrust through to her womb, battering your balls against her sloppy wet ass, dripping her lube and cum as she flailed on the end of your dick. "MMmm god!"

Jaidyn was so turned on by the feeling of that pussy clamping down that he lost all sense of what he was doing. Feeling silken walls clutch his shaft so tightly, he shook but somehow found the grit to force himself through the firm surge that was snaking so damn hard around his shaft. Contracting muscles sucked at him as he  tugged his dick from every backstroke like your cunt was trying to keep him inside, even as the juices slorped and squirted noisily from your battered lips as they were forced open still. When
he could move enough, he threw your little body over, pulling his dick out to drag you to the arm of the couch, making sure to perch your skates right on the arm rest before he stepped in closer from the side. Mounting your ass right there in a single shove, Jay pushed back in hard and deep to keep fucking your tight little cunt. The pause didn't even slow him down. Jarring deep inside your pussy once more, he resumed fucking you with the primal need that was running through his throbbing dick, slushing your cunt wide open around his girth. Already that cock started to throb more intensely, twitching between
your lips with the needy pace returning to his hips. Panting out over your sweaty back, his hands gripped your shoulders to keep that hot pink hole right where he wanted it. "Oh, fuck! Nnnn...Hnnnn!" The tip of that shaft arched inside, letting loose a volley of hot cum that slathered your walls with his creamy seed, flooding your hot little pussy. His hands at your shoulders guided you back, using your still fluttering walls to milk him of every last drop until he was slushing through your cum filled cunt in shivering slides. "Holy hell." Panting, he rose and wiped his cock clean on your hip as you lay there dazed on the couch. "Go clean yourself up and meet me outside. I need to get you ready for Nick..." With that, he strolled away, whistling a little tune, leaving you wondering just what the hell he had planned.

To be continued in Jay Offers Susi to Nick

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