Jaidyn Romances Darina


As our fans know, Jay is a dark and twisted being, unafraid to let out his inner beast whenever it suits him—and that's often. Darina loves him, regardless, and through her persistence and determination, by her unfailing loyalty, she slowly breaks down the barriers around his heart. And tonight he finally reveals to her his true feelings, making love to her as she'd always dreamed.

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Jaidyn Romances Darina

Darina smiled. “Man, you look so handsome tonight. I can't get over it.”

Jaidyn chuckled. “Well let’s just not forget, I'm in no hurry to rush home. And I may look handsome, but under this jacket still beats the heart of a deviant.” He winked at you, seeming to be in a playful mood tonight.

Darina smirked and giggled, blushing at the thought. "Yes, but I love that deviant."

Jaidyn smiled. "Uh huh. Admit it. You’ve wanted me to do something like this since we’d met."

Darina chewed her lip and grinned harder, nodding. "I won't deny it."

Jaidyn smirked. "You couldn't deny it, anyway"

Darina shook her head. "No. I wouldn't even try."

Jaidyn smiled at you, caressing your cheek with the back of his hand. "Good girl. While we may have ‘toys’ at home you are by far My Girl. Don't ever forget that.  I took you from Z for a reason."

Darina chewed her lip around her blushing smile, glancing at the ground shyly before turning her bright face back up to look at you. "I know that. I wanted it and he knew it or he'd not have allowed me to leave so easily. I wanted you from the first day I met you. I just had to allow myself to admit it, first."

Jaidyn shook his head and pulled you close enough to smell his cologne. "No. I knew it the first day you screeched at me to leave you alone.  That voice told me everything I needed to know. After that it was only a matter of you realizing that I value you...value..."  He let out a breath like saying love was painful.  "I cherish you more than anything."

Darina quirked her lips to the side through her smile, blushing to her ears at the mention of her 'screeching' at you like she was chagrined about it. Though she didn't regret it, either. Her face shone each time she looked at you, looking for the world like she just adored you as you spoke, knowing what you wanted to say but couldn't bring yourself to speak the words. "I know you do, Jay. I may get harsh sometimes because...well, because you can be a jackass at times, but that will never change how I feel I about you. You have me. Now and always."

Jaidyn pulled you in and mumbled by your ear, "You don't get too harsh; nothing a spank and a push can't handle."  Smiling, he slipped back to keep you dancing with him, turning you into the moves to watch your eyes, those heels picking steps to keep up with him.

Darina's smile turned softer, almost like though she was enjoying it immensely she wasn't sure how to act with this little-shown side of you. It practically made her feel like a shy school girl out on a first date with her crush. And those words you spoke so intimately close to her ear damn near made her melt. It was a wonder she could keep dancing. But her hips swayed and her legs swished and she melded with you like the two of you were one being moving to the music.

Jaidyn wanted to say it—he really did—but would you think him weak? Would you actually shrug him off in the future having conquered that part of his heart?  It scared and excited him. It made his heart flutter and his hands grow damp.  The only girl ever to mean more to him than a dirty fuck. The one girl who actually wanted to be there no matter how harsh he treated you.  Now he just had to make you half as deviant as he was. Get you in on playing with the ‘toys’ we had at home with him instead of letting him play on his own. The sentiment was not lost on him though. He felt it even as he stared back in your eyes with his golden gaze locked on yours.

Darina saw the look in your eyes—those beautiful, mysterious, unique golden eyes that she loves oh-so much—and as she passed by with a swirl to the end of your arm only to be drawn back into a swaying embrace, she took the brief moment of nearness to place a soft kiss on your lips. Without you even saying anything about your feelings she knew and she replied, "I know, Jaidyn." The look in her eyes when she said it—looking right into those golden windows to your soul—was enough to melt anyone's heart, the love she felt filling them completely. The bad boy would never disappear no matter how you felt, and she would always respect that—even fear it some—but that was the draw, wasn't it? No, she knew your heart regardless, though she would never push the issue. She was content just to be yours.

How long had it been? Ten years? Twenty?  He couldn't even remember the last time he’d looked at someone like that and also got the same look in return with a loving smile, telling him that you knew his heart without him having to break down and say it.  That's how he knew this was right. Somehow, with you dancing right against him, you’d saved him from the fall over the edge and at the same time let him stay right there. There was no malice, no second guessing himself when he swept you up and hugged you close.  His eyes closed as he came in closer and pressed his lips to yours.  Had he ever even kissed you before this? He couldn't remember, and right now he wanted to remember every detail when he slipped in and tasted your lips for once.

As far as she was concerned, there was no one else there. Just you and she and the music that kept you dancing with her, twirling her away only to draw her back to you like you couldn't bear to let her get stray too far. So rarely did she see you smile in such a way. Not that shit-eating grin that so often graced the features of her little devil, but there was…happiness, dare she say? Perhaps even joy? And there was no doubt in her mind that she saw the love as well, no matter that you couldn't say it. She saw it on your face plain as day and that was all she needed to know. Her eyes glistened and she swallowed hard to force the lump in her throat back down, not sure when she'd last been quite so happy. Embraced in your arms, her smile softened then faded as she melted into the sweet kiss you pressed to her lips until the tears did finally spring into her eyes. The whole world faded away until all she knew was the kiss you shared.

Jaidyn did not pull back, instead drawing you deeper into the embrace with his lips glazed firmly against your own.  His tongue slipped over your pouty bottom lip and trailed up the middle of your tongue before it curled to the roof of your mouth.  Then it swept back down to caress, swirl, and hug your pink tongue with his own just enough to steal your breath with those tears welling up in your eyes.  He pulled back, pecking your lips, the corner of your mouth, and all the way to your cheek until his lips pressed away one tear, then he kissed you again to share it right there with you.  He couldn't deny his feelings. He was smiling instead of being an ass-hat. And right here, sharing it with him, was the woman he’d wanted badly enough that he’d stolen her from his very brother.  This one...was his. Jaidyn was very happy, but the smartass within had to show his strength, so he pulled away and rested his cheek against yours so only you could hear him.  "So... Blowjob in the back of the ballroom?"  His ego had to say it, saving face in the heat of the moment, and he cracked up, chuckling like mad right after.

Darina's arms slipped tighter around your waist, a soft moan floating from her mouth to yours as your tongue tasted her. The rarely shown display of affection was confusing her and elating her. She dared not hope it last, but she was enjoying it while it did with you looking so incredibly handsome. She closed her eyes as your lips brushed near them to kiss away her tear, then she sighed as you kissed her again. Loving your closeness, the scruff of your jaw brushing against her soft cheek, she almost asked you to take her home. And then, as if you couldn't stand to expose even to her your vulnerable side, the real Jay had to go and speak. She rolled her eyes and shook her head and whispered back. "Not on your life." Then grinned to herself.

Jaidyn laughed deep and hearty, even giggling right by your ear before he rose on his feet fully and hugged you tightly, pressing your chin to his shoulder, holding your chest against his in a very endearing embrace to keep his lady close even after telling him no back-ballroom blowjob.  "Well, that remains on my bucket list for now, then."  He chuckled and chewed his lower lip, wanting to say more, but he figured it best for now to just show you how he felt by holding you in his arms.

Darina laughed and shook her head again, both peeved and amused by your twisted humor, but nothing was going to tear her from your arms tonight, not even God, Himself. Clinging to you like a lifeline, she concentrated on the feel of your heart beating against hers and the feel of your big, strong arms embracing her like she was some treasure you dared not let go of for fear someone else would steal her from you. Resting her head on your shoulder, she brushed her lips over your neck just behind your ear, "Not here. Take me home where we can be alone." Darina tilted her head slightly so that she could just graze her teeth over your earlobe then she planted a soft kiss on the sweet patch of skin on your neck behind it, teasing her tongue in the same spot before kissing it again.

Jaidyn was actually so lost in the moment that he almost missed the feel of your mouth on his ear, but he didn't miss your tongue teasing his skin before your lips pressed over that same spot, nor the words you breathed against it.  He smiled softly and nodded, drawing his nails up your back just because that dress gave him the perfect chance to tease back a little.  "Mmm… Then homeward bound we go, Miss Jameson..."

Darina kind of froze in your arms for a moment, playing that sentence over and over in her head. She wasn't going to question it nor dispute it, but instead just let the chills sweep her arms and the knot in her belly quiver for a moment as she smiled at the thought. The draw of nails over her back kept tingling like she could still feel them on her skin and it made her heart race. "Shall we, then?" She said with a quirky grin.

Jaidyn proudly walked you out of the ballroom, snapping his fingers at the valet to bring the car around and opening your door when it pulled up.  He waved a hand, gesturing to your seat, "Go on..."  Shutting your door behind you, he tipped the valet, got in, and drove you home.

Upon arriving home, Jaidyn lead you to the bedroom—and to a surprise. A new bed awaited you, beautiful draped in silks and lush pillows. He slipped up on the bed as he reached out for your hand, crawling onto his knees with his arm lifting to pull you up with him. "Okay, Darina… I’ve never done this before. Ever," he said, referring to expressing the love he felt for you, even though he still couldn’t bring himself to say it. Biting his bottom lip, he continued, "So be patient here..."

If her smiles at the dance hall had been bright, this one was radiant. She had no idea what you were up to but it didn't matter. The boyish charm and the almost child-like nervousness was the most endearing thing she had even seen and it made her heart swell to be a witness to it. Her dainty hand slipped into your outstretched one and she joined you on the bed, kneeling so closely that her thighs brushed against yours. Darina rested her bottom on her heels as she watched you seeming to struggle with some inner demon, but she said nothing, letting you take your time and do what you wanted to do when you were ready to do it. The only sign she gave was the smallest nod of her head as her fingers laced through yours.

Jaidyn knelt there trying to muddle it through in his head while he watched those eyes staring back at him. He could take a bitch, but he didn't want that tonight. God, how would Z do this? He wracked his brain and his fingers gave something like a shiver before he shook his head and snapped his eyes back to yours. His lips pressed in then, meeting those soft petals in a soft swishing glide of flesh meeting. Lips parting to nibble, or playfully tug on the bottom, or even give it a soft suckle as he tried to convey his emotions through his touch. He needed this to be intimate, cherished, and remembered even if a day came that the memory was no longer fresh. His heart was in his throat for once and he didn't know if he liked the feeling or if he should just give in to his primal needs. But if he let himself go, it would turn too horrid for such a good night. It had to be real. It had to be felt. His lips pursed and parted, never allowing himself even one second to think about it as he gently nipped your lip, flicking his tongue lightly over the small bite after. Normally by now he'd say something cocky, but he knew that wasn't a good idea tonight. A tremble in his lips stirred your senses until he lifted slightly from the kiss. "I want you my...love.” Fuck. Did that just come out? His fingers, laced with yours, tightened like he disbelieved what he just heard come from his own mouth.

Darina could have sworn she felt you trembling and though she dared not point it out and ruin this moment, it made her fall even more in love with you to see such a vulnerable side. Her eyes were wide and so full of love you had to have seen it without her even saying a word. Then they closed as your lips graced hers and she felt the fire singe to her soul, lighting her from the inside like a candle burning bright. She didn't moan; this was beyond erotic. This was complete and utter intimacy. Instead, her head spun and she felt as though she would float away on pure elation. She didn't even allow her mind to spoil it by reminding her this was tenuous and likely fleeting. But that made it all the more precious. She felt you quiver again against her lips and her lashes fluttered open as you drew back just enough to speak, and had she not already been there, what she heard you say would have knocked her to her knees. Darina's eye flit back and forth between yours staring at her like you were both petrified and deadly serious and though she didn't draw attention to the key word you’d spoken, her eyes welled over and she leaned in, kissing you once more deeply as she rose on her knees to close the gap between you.

Jaidyn felt a bit like a kid again, but only from the giddy thoughts in his head at the way you looked back at him with those eyes glittering like liquid tonight. He knew you were a beauty, but he had to look at you to memorize that face as his hands dropped and caressed your silken skin and the curves of your body. He wasn't feeling you up. He was simply touching, almost like this was the first time and he was doing his best to not get ahead of himself. Slowly he let his hands drift over yours to pull them to him, to guide your fingers to his body—still clothed, but no less intimate—making you put your hands on him, too, just a little. And there it was: that sweet and mostly-innocent touch. But at the end, he still put those hands on his body, letting his own curl up to grab your face in a deeper, tongue-gliding embrace, hard enough to make your lungs stutter for air. He held back, coming in with smaller nipping kisses to your lips until he eased back and strolled his hands down your sides once more, biting his own lower lip in a kind of devilish grin even though his eyes glimmered warmly.

Despite her wanting to freeze this moment for all time, she kept waiting for the other shoe to drop—for you to toss her onto the bed and ravage her. And though she enjoyed the ravaging, she didn't want this intimacy to end, either. When yours hands ran down her arms to take her own hands in yours and guide them to touch your body, she just let it happen. She felt the heat and strength of you under your clothes as though for the first time, and she just let her hands wander, feeling every ridge, every muscle, every dip and curve and peak. And almost as if you’d wanted to read her own body like braille as she was doing to yours, she felt the warmth of your palms gracing her back when you leaned in to tenderly kiss her once more. This time she did moan—softly—like the smallest sound escaped her throat, but she breathed and a tiny whimper slipped free as your hands glided along her bare back down to the curve of her ass where just a hint of her crack peeked from her dress. Those nips over her lips were driving her crazy and she started panting a bit more, the intimacy growing hotter, fanning the flames of her passion. The firm press of your hands on her hips had her eyes closing and as she opened them again, she saw the glimmer in your eye. All she could do was breath out, "Oh, Jay..." as though she couldn't even form any other words.

Jaidyn was at a loss but he figured maybe a few more gallant actions should do. This was such new territory, and he hoped like hell that he wasn't going to mess it up. But he heard your little whimpers—even a moan—so he knew he had to be doing something right. Scooting off the bed, he pulled you along with him you like a lost princess until your ass dropped from the bed to alight on his leg. Kneeling on the floor for something very particular, he watched your eyes as he lowered his warm palm down your smooth leg. His fingers curling over your ankles then gently pulled off your high arched heel, hoping to relax you a little more—or perhaps just to burn off some of his own nervous energy with some kind of subtle action. Lightly he leaned in, meeting your lips firmly to take another kiss and using his mouth to part your lips for the slow slide of his tongue catching yours. A rumble in his throat sent vibrations coursing through your lips, threading a tingle along your tangled tongues as his hand lifted back up your leg. Jay’s fingers danced across the hem of your dress just to draw out the moment a little bit longer, then he slid his hand down the next leg before he dallied your other high-arched heel off to get his love completely barefoot and comfy. The hand at the small of your back pressed down some, slipping into the back of your dress just enough to get a grip on one cheek, his fingers not only touching his lady, but also seeking to find anything you might be wearing underneath this sexy number you’d donned for him tonight.

Darina slipped from the bed like you were guiding her across the dance floor once more, giggling silently as you knelt down—her heart going into her throat for a moment at the awkward pose until you drew her to your knee like you were a human chair sacrificing your comfort for hers. She'd never seen anything so tender and intimate in her life until your hand caressed her leg to slip her shoe from her foot. She watched silently, making sure to burn every movement—every action—to memory so she could savor it forever. When your hands graced her other leg to strip it of her shoe as well, she just smiled as she watched, then she turned to look at you, thinking to herself once again just how incredibly sexy you looked tonight. Darina kissed you back—softly at first, running her tongue over the silver ring in your bottom lip then teasing it between her teeth—but when she felt your hand finally dip down her dress to caress the soft, bare skin of her ass her kiss became more urgent, her tongue delving into your mouth to taste you fully and draw the air from your lungs into hers and giver hers back to you with each breath. Her chest heaved—her breasts brushing over your own as her breaths became more heated—and as her fingers clenched in your lapel, her free hand slipped in under the jacket and pushed, drawing the silky material down over your shoulder. The hand at your neck reversed and caught at your collar, drawing the other side of your jacket away and tugging it back so that it slid free of your arms, forcing your hand from her dress for the most agonizing few seconds as she stripped the item from your body.

Jaidyn gasped at that pull, like you were almost forcefully shoving his jacket off. Letting it fall to the floor with your guiding hand pushing it free, he rose to both feet only to drag you into a stand with him. A few seconds of unbearable chill sneaked up your body when he pulled away and snapped his shirt open in a hail of buttons. His tie jerked loose with the removal of his shirt before he snatched it off, allowing his hot skin to be caressed by the fresh, cool air. The feel of him rushing back in to hold you against his bare flesh came like a heat wave. He grabbed your back to pull you in tightly with his hungry lips passionately kissing and nibbling at the first touch of his naked skin under your fingers. The animalistic purr traced over your tongue—once more being wrestled by his writhing muscle—holding you in that kiss long enough to slowly lift his hands up over your shoulders. 
A grin formed against your lips with a tickling rumble edging the kiss as his fingers curled under the straps of your dress so that he could peel it open. He didn't rip it. He didn't tear it. He just simply slipped it from your shoulders in a wide opening and let it drift down your body until the soft material clung around those bare feet. ‘Where was this coming from?’ he wondered to himself. ‘Do I really feel like this?’ He couldn't even forgive himself for asking that question in his head. Staring down at you with those green eyes looking back at him, he felt like a fool for somehow not telling you sooner. But here we were—right in each others’ arms as he dropped your dress and left you hovering against him—naked, alone in our bedroom for the first time ever, like some promise was being made without either of us actually having to say it.

Darina actually licked her lips as she watched your shirt come open in a rain of buttons, exposing your naked flesh beneath. The shirt barely hit the floor before her hands were on your chest, touching, caressing, nails dragging over your skin as she slipped her arms back around you when you drew her into your embrace. The pull of your hands on her ass to draw her hard into your kiss had her choking out a little whimper, but it was oh-so good. Darina leaned back into your arms as though she were swooning when she felt the rumbling purr vibrating through your tongue in her mouth. 
As sweet and romantic as you were being tonight, she knew that an animal still lay just beneath the surface and it got her heart racing. She could not have been happier tonight with how amazing you'd been, but that one little rumble against her lips brought her clit pulsing to life with a throb and she groaned fully into your mouth. The sensuous feel of her straps slipping down seemingly almost accidentally roused her from her reverie and she drew back just enough to let you peel her dress from her like a candy wrapper. It dropped to pool around her bare feet then she pressed back in against you, her naked breasts mashing to the strength of your chest. Her hands slipped to your waist, drawing around to the front to unfasten your belt, tugging the buttons open in her urgency as she fought to drag your pants down over your hips. She kissed your chest as she bent to strip them from your legs, panting between her kisses, "Jay… I want you. Now."

Jaidyn growled the animal within down as best he could. It was there behind his eyes wanting to play, but he quashed it with a grunt and forced his eyes open to watch you unbuckling his belt. He had to admit, having your woman stripping you nude was just as much fun as fucking her raw in some alley. Watching the simple erotic motion of you bend over to push his pants down, giving him time to slip from his boots, was so hot that he was already stiff. He kept reciting it in his head, ‘Don't lose control…don't lose control.’ He was trying to keep focused on being as sweet as possible with that familiar burning need clawing to get through. Those words at least made him rumble anew, twisting his body to press yours in a tumble down to the new bed that he wanted to make love to you on. He was trying so hard to not be raunchy—so hard to be loving, intimate and calming—that he was jumbled for a few moments on what he should do. Chewing his lower lip in thought first, he pushed you onto the bed higher and just fell into you softly. There was so much heat. 
Is this what it felt like to be romantic and loving? Did it get so hot like this every time or was it just this time? His head was swimming when he leaned in to kiss you, bearing down over your body a bit more urgently when his hand lifted along your inner thigh to guide your legs around him. By the time he felt your smooth thighs caressing his skin, you felt him press full and tight between them, the heft of him taut and heavy on your skin. "Darina, I..." He didn't know what to say. His body screamed ‘just do it,’ but his mind raced on how to take this slow. While he stayed perched there, his spine shivered from holding back, and the tip of him glanced your lips. The warmth there made him jerk a bit, but the motion slipped him right inside and he gave a long inhale at the feeling of his entering you almost by accident. "Oh, god... Darina..."

Darina turned as you moved her, still clinging to you with her lips pressing and parting and clasping around yours as you maneuvered her back to the bed. When the backs of her knees hit the mattress and you guided her down, she lay back, using her elbows and heels to crawl backwards as you moved with her, hovering over her, like a beast stalking its prey in its final moments. She was so turned on—so hot—that you had to have felt the heat radiating from her body like a furnace. Her green eyes followed your face as you lifted over her with her full lips parted to take panted breaths. 'This is it,' she thought, 'This is where it all ends.' But you surprised her again. She expected a sudden ravage and a fast, selfish, brutal fuck, but instead she felt the touch of your hand caressing her legs once more, intimately drawing them around your body one at a time until you were nestled between them. 
Darina stared into your warm, golden eyes and she could still see that nervousness—that uncertainty—and her heart melted as she smiled. Her hands reached up to frame your face as you spoke and she felt the first touch of your cock head gliding upwards between the silken wetness of her folds. The innocent touch—almost like it was by accident—was more exciting than anything you'd done thus far and her head dropped back to the mattress as she gasped, the stroke sending jolts tingling through her body. It clearly struck you just as erotically, because she felt you jump involuntarily, and that twitch forced you right inside her ready and waiting tunnel. Her fingers curled against your scalp and she righted her head to look at you again as she purred out almost in sync with your own moaned words, "Oh, my god…Jay…" Her hips rolled and she felt you slide deeper inside until her pelvis met with yours, pushing you into her fully.

Jaidyn had heard of delicate tension before, but this was something else. Normally, when he just brutally took it, you were wound so tight that it just felt so good to him, but this time it was...different. He felt you opening to him like never before, melting around him like a second skin so intimately connected that he could feel his glide through you stimulating those walls. With the way you arched up on your toes to fit him in fully from feeling him connect so deeply with you in this moment, he was shamed at only 
ever doing his lovely woman raw and rough before tonight. The velvet embrace of those silken folds hugged and twitched around him from doing it right, and by taking his time he felt it for the first time without the rush of hunger driving him to obliterate your body. It was like coming home, being welcomed so completely that he felt your very heart beating against his chest, and the feel of his hips rising started to match that loving thump between our bodies meeting together. It was like memorizing you all over again in a new light, watching your face as he started rolling those hips to seal our bodies in blissful heat, meeting you down on the bed with his body pushing just enough to keep your gorgeous butt on the sheets below with our frames moving in erotic tandem like some slow dance turned into a broil of desire.

Darina felt the pulsing of your cock inside her walls that were clinging to your shaft like a suckling mouth. It was like having the beat of your heart flowing inside of her and she'd never felt anything quite so incredibly intimate. Normally when you fucked her, it was so rough, so savage, so hard that she had no time to feel it. She was always overcome by other pains, other sensations. But now...now she felt you living inside of her, felt your blood pumping in your shaft through the walls between her legs. Her toes curled on the bed and she bent her legs to lift her ass higher, meeting each deep stroke and glide of your shaft, but then the weight of you would press her back down until your pelvis was mashing against her clit. 
It was so erotic that her pussy fluttered and quivered, little muscular spasms trembling around your shaft as her back arched and she let out a whimpered cry of pleasure. This was no less arousing than being taken savagely, as she often loved, and her body responded in kind, the flow of her juices coating your shaft so that you slipped and slid between her pink walls with increasing ease until your pace quickened. Darina lifted one leg, draping it over your ass to press against you with her bare heel as she stared deeply into your eyes. There were no words she could speak to express how she felt. Only the soft sounds of her gasps and whimpers as you made love to her for the first time.

Jaidyn could not stand to not claim you just a little any longer. He had to make you feel it even closer, even deeper than ever before. Somehow he kept the beast from breaking loose, though. That primal need inside burned through his loins as they were gripped by your tight hold so keenly that you felt like you had oil inside. Your tunnel was so slippery, and with the tension fluttering around his shaft like that it made him shudder over your body. Jaidyn crawled higher over your body, hitching your heels over his flexing ass as they rolling his hips up and down to let you feel that connection unlike ever before. 
His chest pressed down over your nipples, the feeling of his quickened breaths reaching your ribs with every huff panted over your neck as he wound just over your shoulder like some serpent. Parting his lips, a growl issued forth—barely a real snarl from him, but it rumbled close before his lips clasped at your pulse and his fangs hovered right there. But there was no savage bite. The pain of piercing never came to your senses. Those fangs simply held right there until a soft rasp stung your flesh. The slightest pull left two clean little nicks, but he didn't suck you down. Oh, no. This was more than a feeding. The intimate flavor on his tongue melted as he licked your neck smoothly with his tongue’s caress to draw up the sweet crimson that trickled from the scratches all without missing a single heartbeat’s in gliding through your welcoming pussy. He kissed the small wound away, licking the marks closed soon as they appeared and then he lifted his head to pressing back down in a hungry kiss against your lips, sharing with you your own heartsblood through the slide of his glazed tongue drifting inside your mouth.

Darina’s legs rode up with your body crawling higher over her own. Her legs tangled around your waist with ankles crossed to hold you in a lover's embrace, her heels bouncing against your ass as your hips hitched to plunge down into the heat of her core. One arm slipped to your shoulder, her fingers gently caressing your back as your head tilted. Her other hand stayed clasping your head, and when she felt the warmth of your breath caressing her neck, she stiffened and whimpered in anticipation. But 
there was no stinging pierce, no sensation of you sinking into her. Just a sharp graze that had her nails clawing over your back and left her gasping hotly. Her pussy clenched tightly in excitement until your tongue laved over her skin and she shuddered as a chill swept through her, her belly doing mad flips as her pussy clenched again, gripping your cock inside as you buried it deep within the warmth of her core. Still gasping, she felt the urgent, heated press of your lips against hers, and when your tongue dipped inside she didn't draw away but sucked at it eagerly, tasting herself in an even more intimate fashion than the times you’d fed her your fingers after stroking her pussy. Darina sucked at your tongue, kissing you hard, and her legs cinched around your waist as she rocked her hips, meeting you thrust for thrust as her cunt sluiced around your driving cock.

Jaidyn shared the taste of you that drove him so crazy, rolling his tongue over yours to spread the flavor of your blood in your mouth before he kissed it away in languid swallows. Licking your lips and chin, catching every dram of red his tongue could find, he held you right there until his hips broke free and the pace shifted. The weight of him pressed down and his motions grew more rapid, jarring those legs open hard enough that your feet caught the bed beneath, driving through with enough power to pry your thighs farther apart. Puffy blushing lips gripped his shaft as it plunged harder. Not the monster beat you had before. Just the riled need to feel you quake around him. He started churning through your pussy as the thick length inside pulsed fatter, meeting your eyes when he downshifted a bit to look at 
your face and kiss those lips in breathless words. "Darina... Cum with me…" That cock grew even more rigid, so swollen and thick that it bloomed your pink lips open each time it drove straight in. It began to swell like a balloon with too much water in it, ready to burst at the seams, slushing wetly through your cunt as he kept building his speed, the need in him driving him closer and closer to the edge while trying to bring you with him. By that time there was no stopping it, anyway. The molten feel of you surrounding him just took him right off the damn cliff. Lifting onto his elbows, he growled out a strangled gasp that turned into a heated rumble at the same instant his shaft lurched inside. The tip started spurting out of control and his balls had never felt so loose in his life as he filled his woman with his love. "Hnnnn...Nngaaaaahhh!" As his climax tapered off, you could feel his cock twitching each time your muscles gripped him tightly or clamped down around it as you writhed underneath him with your fully flooded pussy.

The rapid change of pace left her gasping even as you licked the last of her blood from her lips and face. Try as she might, she couldn't keep her legs wrapped around your flying hips, so she braced them on the bed, lifting her hips so let you drive into her at your will as the heat built to a molten pitch. Darina heard you telling her to cum with you and she couldn't stop herself from doing so if she tried. She'd already been dancing on the edge, but to hear you speak the words dragged her right over the edge with you. Her head thrashed back and she gasped, hearing you growling over her as that cock split her folds and spread her open just for you, spearing her core, sending sparks flying through her nerves. Her hands grasped the back of your head as she held on, looking up at you as you looked down at her, and her pussy clamped, the inner ring of muscles tightening to milk every last drop of cum from you to flood her womb. "Oh, Jay! Oh, god...." She couldn't stop herself and tonight, she didn’t care. As she cried out her pleasure,she looked right at you and said, "I love you..." Then her eyes closed as you melted inside of her, the heat and warmth of your cum filling her womb. "Nnnmm, god..."

Jaidyn tumbled down covering your face in kisses, holding you tightly as he found your lips in another suckle. He broke away as his head started to cloud and lay on top of you he started to doze off. "Nnnmm…love you..." He mumbling as he started to drift into sleep, almost like he didn’t realize what he’d said. Sighing contentedly, he relaxed and closed his eyes, feeling more content than he had in ages.

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