Jay & Zuriel Compete for Vixxen


This is part two after Jaidyn Rapes Vixxen. Following Jaidyn's rape of Vixxen, he drags her off to Zuriel where she learns that this is all part of a battle between them to win her as a mate--a battle she unwittingly started by commenting about how fun it would be for the three of them to play together, thereby showing her interest in Jay.

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Jay & Zuriel Compete for Vixxen

Vixxen's eyes grew wide once again in confusion, thinking you'd been done with her. "Wh-where are going? You can't be serious! You got what you wanted, now let me go clean myself up and forget you ever existed." A rough yank to her hair left her crying out and stumbling along beside you across the yard towards the stone altar by the ocean. Against the sun over the water Vixxen could see a silhouette. As you both drew closer, to her relief, she realized it was Zuriel. Even before you were both close enough, she started shouting to him, her hands going to the one you had in her hair to try and pry herself loose as she cried out, "Zuriel! Help me! He... He... Oh god, Z please! Get him away from me!" Finally you both came right up to him as he stood there by the altar, almost as though he were waiting.

Jaidyn smirked and just let her hair go, letting her run to him as he kept walking without any hurry towards the pair of love birds reuniting. He kept closing in even as the pair connected, walking up without any worry on his face at all.

Zuriel held out his arms waiting for his love to come running, catching her in a tight hug that stole his breath. He smiled and held her for what seemed like an eternity, letting her get caught up in the warmth before he dropped to his knees and pushed her right with him. Taking hold of her blonde hair, he pushed his cock head right against those still red lips, "You wanted us both, now I have to do this to claim you back." There was nothing else to say, so he slid his dick right inside your recently-used mouth to make you take a taste of him.

Jaidyn stepped around the two love birds, smirking as he dropped to his knees and started stroking himself right behind the dirty princess getting another mouthful. He had to relish the stunned sounds she made at just being thrown down. He had gotten her plenty prepared for that much before Z found his hand in her hair. He watched his brother taking that mouth, grinning at the thought of what was to come.

Vixxen ran to Zuriel as soon as Jay released her hair, a look of relief and residual panic still on her face as she launched herself into his embrace, wrapping her arms around him and holding him as though the hounds of hell were chasing her and he was the only one that could rescue her. Her smile faltered, though, as his embrace slipped and he dropped to the ground, taking her arm and dragging her with him. "Wh-what? What are you doing? Z..? Aren't you even going to defend me? He raped me!" Having no will nor any strength left to resist, Vixxen sank to the ground with him as he began to explain why he was there. The horror on her face was absolute. Recalling the brief and almost flippant conversation they'd had a few nights back about her finding the prospect of a three-way with Jaidyn to be hot, she realized that she'd spoken some sort of code of bond or what ever it was they had in their culture that had giving Jay the authority to use her. "What the fuck? I was only commenting. I never said I wanted it to happen! It was just a fantasy! Z... You can't be serious!" His hand at the back of her head, urging sore and swollen lips--still caked red from Jay's injured cock--to his own cock was the only answer her gave her. Slipping back into that state of confusion and shock, Vixxen drew him into her mouth, sucking him down with Jaidyn watching from behind her.

Zuriel wasn't cruel, but he didn't let her mouth get away from his intentions either. Pushing his thick shaft inside those lips stifled her words in a mumble of meat, clogging her attempts. "You spoke aloud the desire in your heart, so he challenged me and you were the challenge. If after this you still want me over Jay, then I win." With his hand slipping into her hair he lifted a little, making sure you looked up at him with your lips full. "So because of the intent, the battle now begins."

Jaidyn smirked as Z laid it all out, but he thought it was just the whore's way of getting them both like he knew she wanted. He didn't give a fuck; either way he'd gotten to shut her mouth and now she was about to get reamed by both him and his brother. "I think she finally gets it... I made play, but she still ran to you." Scooting closer, a wry smile lifted the corner of his lips. "So now we see if she still wants to run back after having us both."

Vixxen's lips kept sucking at Zuriel's cock while they spoke, nursing on it like a popcicle, slurping up the spit that slipped from her mouth, pulling him in deeper as she did. It was all so bizarre...so confusing. Vixxen didn't understand it. Why the hell did they have to battle for her? She was Zuriel's, damn it! She didn't want Jay. Not as a partner, anyhow. Yeah, he was hot, but he was an asshole. Closing her eyes to ward off this madness--or perhaps just accepting it--she finally gave in, telling herself that she'd brought this on so she would have to go through with it. And since she had to go through with it she may as well fucking enjoy it, but nothing--nothing in this world or the next--was going to tear her away form her love.

Jaidyn didn't really care to wait since he had his brother nursing her attention with her mouth full (at least she was moaning like she needed to be). He crawled up and flipped the blonde pussy around, spreading those thighs open while he wriggled in tight. Watching his brother grab her head to keep her mouth occupied, he fit the head of his cock right against her already abused cunt and pushed it inside, drawing back into a nice long glide stretching that tunnel open. "MMmn... Dude, she is super fucking tight even after all that sex."

Zuriel blinked when Jay moved his girl, his hands reaching out to keep those lips trained on his shaft, and when she was splayed open he watched as his brothers dick pushed between those blushing lips. He rose to one knee, rocking his hips to slide his cock inside that mouth, filling his baby utterly from both ends to drive her mind further down the road of carnal depravity. The score was even and Jay went right for the win stuffing her pussy full as he started fucking her. He would have to regain the upper hand soon, even if those lips drove him thick and hard.

Vixxen's heart went into her throat when Jay slid in behind her. She'd resolved to going through with this--not that she had much choice--but it still felt...wrong. Especially with the love of her life holding her there, watching as his brother spread her legs and slid his cock back inside her dripping wet pussy. Though it felt amazing (he was as big as Zuriel, after all), she whimpered around Zuriel's cock uncomfortably, feeling more awkward than she ever had in her life. Like a pig on a spit, Vixxen was skewered at both ends by thick, hard cock--one pumping into her mouth, the other railing her slit--and each slushing in the warmth and wetness of her body. Never before had she felt so depraved (and she had done some vile things before meeting Zuriel), and never before had she been quite so turned on. Despite the strangeness of the situation, Vixxen found herself growing more and more aroused and it showed as she started sucking Zuriel's cock with more fervor.

Zuriel couldn't believe the sucking of those lips jolting tight like that. His face winced and lips pursed as he felt her mouth slurping him so damn firmly. 'Well, she's fucking turned on at least', he though as he bit his bottom lip with a wicked grin, keeping those hands gripping tight.

Jaidyn growled as he saw Vixxen sucking her mate off harder. The very fact that she did made him rumble and stuff that pussy twice as hard, forcing her to stumble and stutter those lips. He couldn't allow her to get Zuriel off first either--they would still win that way--so he held on tighter and kept beating that cunt up with the length of his cock stirring that pink hole. He was the one being an animal, snarling as he sped his hips up and fucked her cunt with a feral desire clapping her clit from each deep stroke.

Vixxen wrapped her hand around Zuriel's thigh, clinging to him as both men railed her like a fuck doll, pumping her so full of cock she swore they were meeting in the middle of her belly. The scent of her love filling her nose instead of Jay pleased her, though, and her tongue laved along his shaft as she sucked and slurped at him, drawing him deep and holding him there until he forced himself out with a pull just to plow back past her ruby lips. The sudden sound of a rumbling growl behind her left her belly twisting in excited knots, though, with Jay's hips picking up speed, slamming into her cunt from behind so hard that his balls started slapping and clapping against her clit. Grunting, huffing breath through her nose, Vixxen couldn't help but feel her her arousal start to build deep in her belly, springing to life.

Zuriel knew his love better than Jay ever could. Pulling away with a caress of her cheek, he rose and kicked Jay in the shoulder. "Get out... Mine still." Taking hold of his love's hips, he pulled her back for the fastest sink of his dick she had felt in a long time. Jay had stirred it up nicely, got it just utterly gooey for him, and he growled before pulling back to pound that cunt like there was no tomorrow. Both hands gripped tight over her hips, holding that pussy in just the right spot for him to batter and abuse that hole with his fatter shaft spreading those lips wide with that same hungry need she knew only he could give her. The rightful owner of that cunt barreled inside like he was trying to fuck her hips apart with every ass-battering slam of bodies colliding. "You already know you're ready to cum now."

Jaidyn huffed as he was kicked and forced to move. He let his brother get a hold of her first before he seized his opportunity, walking up and taking hold of the blonde whore's arms, dancing his cock right in front of her face before he pulled her closer to sink his cock  head right between her lips. Before she knew it, he was bouncing her mouth on his thick length, pushing back hard enough to send her ass clattering that much more forcefully down his brothers cock. "Oh, no. She's got a few more whore moans in her before she creams."

Vixxen's lips snapped closed with a pop as Zuriel withdrew his cock from her mouth. She turned to watch him moving away and at that same time she felt Jaidyn slip form her snatch, moving from behind her to stand where Zuriel had just been. Z's strong hands lifted her by her hips to her knees and she felt the familiar hard fit of his cock entering her pussy, spreading her around his girth like a fitted glove. Vixxen had only a moment to smile in pleasure at the feel of him inside of her before Jay's hand grabbed her arms and yanked her face-first to his crotch, stuffing his cock back into her mouth for the second time today. She 'oomfed!' in surprise, garbling down her grumbled complaints, but he was slamming into her mouth so hard she had to force herself to keep her mouth open and take it, gagging once again on his length as his jarring pumps knocked her backwards into Zuriel's hard-driving cock.

Zuriel glared at Jay stealing her focus, shoving her mouth full of dick to the point of her voice being cut off in the first stroke of his shaft in those lips. He pulled back and started slamming his love's pussy with the entire length of him swerving in wild rushes. He was not about to let Jay claim his love; not like this. She was going to explode just for him and he was making sure of that by turning into the running man fucking her pussy like it was a marathon and he was on the home stretch. The sheer speed rattling her ass sent ripples of motion through her, the brunt of the force grazing her nipples along Jay's inner thighs. His stare never faltered, watching Jay's face as he fucked Vixxen with those needy shoves sliding deep and slushing even over the sounds of her mewling around his brother's dick. "She's mine. You'll see."

Jaidyn gripped her arms tighter, preventing the blonde from wriggling away as he started fucking her sore mouth, using her own arms to keep her lips close enough, never letting her escape the push of his cock down her throat while she was pinioned on his brother's cock slamming her cunt. He stopped and held her down so that her air was stolen with her mouth so full she couldn't draw a breath. Grinning devilishly as he kept doing that, he'd pull out to let her catch a quick huff of air and then push his tip right back down her gullet. "If she can cum from not breathing..."

Vixxen was rattled between them both--one slamming in from behind, the other trapping her to his waste as he fuck his cock straight down her throat, jarring her body over and over. He pussy was swollen and blushing red from excessive use, drooling her juices down her thighs from being slammed over and over again by so much cock. She could feel her climax starting to build--the dancing, tingling feeling swirling in her belly. Just as she was ready to give in and let it consume her, Jay yanked her arm and thrust his hips forward, pressing her nose into his pelvis and forcing the entire length of his cock down her throat. She jerked, her back arching as she tried to break free, her body reflexively trying to force him out as she gagged and tried desperately to breathe, but her nose was blocked and her throat was closed off. She screamed, though the sound was barely audible--like she had screamed into a pillow--and the sucking noises of her nostrils against his skin fluttered as she tried to draw breath through her nose. Suddenly he drew back and she sucked in a breath through her nose, parting her lips to gather what air she could around his shaft, but before her lungs even felt full he was crammed down her throat again and she jerked and screamed again, never quite getting enough air.

She loved the abuse and he knew it. No matter how red and puffy that pussy got, she was in fucking heaven despite it all. But Zuriel saved his woman some dignity by pulling on her hips and tugging her free of his brother's hold. He then pushed her up on the altar and climbed up after his love, pulling her right down on top of his still-swollen dick standing at attention. He didn't waste any time, sitting that cunt right down on his cock when his hands rose, grabbing her hips to start that slit bouncing on his thick shaft. She was his and he was going to claim her again no matter how much Jay fought to stifle her.

Jaidyn rumbled as his toy bitch was pulled off his cock. Following after the blonde pussy, he just crawled up onto the stone table top and crept in behind Vixxen's bouncing ass. He was already slick and wet, so angling his tip to prod against her tight little asshole came easily. Grabbing a hold of her shoulders, he seat her down tight on his fat length and his brother's thick cock at the same time, pulling back to start fucking her ass the same moment Zuriel was stroking her tight pussy.

Vixxen sucked in gasp after gasp of air like she'd just broken the surface of the pond after having been down in the water for too long. She blindly followed the pull of Zuriel's hand leading her, her vision once again having gone a fuzzy gray from lack of air. Climbing onto the altar as he guided her, she crawl atop him, letting his hands guide her hips down over his lap until his cock was seated snugly in her oozing pussy. Vixxen groaned in bliss, her eyes rolling up until they closed, savoring the feel of her lover deep inside of her. Rolling her hips, she started riding him, feeling the burning need to get off after the constant stimulation all afternoon. Just as she started getting a rhythm built, she felt Jay slither in behind her and aim his cock at her asshole. Vixxen stiffened, almost shouting 'No!' but once he was positioned, he pressed his hands to her shoulders and forced her down, impaling her on both his cock and his brother's at the same time. She did cry out, then, but in pleasure that was laced with the sweet pain of being filled with two cocks at the same time, "AHHH FUCK! Nnnnggg..."

Jaidyn growled as he rose and pumped that hot little hole deep as fuck, sliding his shaft balls-deep inside, rushing so fast that his nuts skated off his brother's below. Holding onto her shoulders, he clenched down and forced her to keep taking his pumping cock splitting her cheeks open now so that both of her holes were being used for the final round. No one had cum yet, so it was anyone's challenge still, and if Vixxen wasn't going to help him get off first for the win, he would help himself. He fucked her ass with a reckless abandon to make her cheeks wobble. The after effect of him moving much faster than his brother sent their bodies tumbling to the whims of his strong shoves stuffing her ass full of dick, still teasing them with the lack of an orgasm from his tenacity stealing the rising tide. "Nnn... Hear that? Bitch is going mental with two dicks."

Zuriel snarled as he lifted his hands and grabbed his love's hips tightly. No matter how hard Jay fucked her ass, he forced her body down to meet the rising lift of his hips, slurping her pussy with the length of her mate's shaft. His eyes looked up to watch her face while he forced her to ride harder on his fat shaft as it stirred those depths, pushing even harder than Jay's dick was stuffing in her tight ass. "Shut the fuck up. She's gonna cum...all over me. Just like she always will..."

Vixxen felt Jay assaulting her ass like he was trying to break her and though she couldn't deny how fucking amazing it felt, there was nothing compared to her love's cock filling her pussy. Zuriel's words stirred her from her delirium and she opened her eyes to look down at him. All it took were those words spilling from his lips, and it was like a commandment instructing her to cum for him. Vixxen's red lips parted in a gasp and she held it for a heartbeat... Two... And on the third beat her head fell back and her eyes closed, her body bouncing and jostling between them until her orgasm ripped through her like a knife. Screaming out her pleasure, she said the one thing they needed to hear: "Ohhhhhh fuck, Zuriel!" Her hands clawed into raking fists of nails over his chest and she nearly collapsed on top of him as her blood surged and her nerves sang--the euphoric feeling flooding her mind and body. And through it all she looked at Zuriel, finally panting out, "I love you..."

Zuriel winced as nails gouged his chest, his fingers locking tighter at his love's hips with the coming wave riding out along his thick shaft, glossing it with her honey and heat. He already knew he'd won the instant she started hopping between him and his brother like she was trying to figure out which one would stop her from cumming, but nothing was going to deny him his right and victory. Feeling his love tighten up on him, the firm clasp of walls, flooding with juices, trickled nectar down his base only to dribble off his balls. The way her cunt squeezed and massaged her mate left him writhing under the gorgeous blonde. His brows lifted high with eyes going wide a moment. Biting his lower lip as she came all over his dick, he grunting as his cock swelled and erupted inside her love tunnel. It was so hot and gooey that it sounded like she sizzled when he let her drop down his cock to recover. Holding his baby tight in his hands with a smirk on his face, he felt the loser finishing up.

Jaidyn gritted his teeth as the two love birds managed to keep it together. They came one right after the other, so it was pretty clear he lost, but there was no sense in wasting an opportunity, so he huffed as he started humping her booty faster even as they tried to relax to catch their breath. Jay's final insult spurted hotly inside Vixxen's ass. He held his cock there until it stopped twitching and pulled out. After dismounting the table he looked back in thought. Vixxen's holes had been used right and yet she still wanted his brother. But someday she would come around. He turned and left with a whistled tune on his lips.

Jay Rapes Vixxen


This story is a two-parter. In this part Jaidyn, Zuriel's 'brother,' discovered that someone had been flirting with Vixxen at a party they were at and he got pissed, so he felt the need to "remind" her that she belonged to the pack.

Vixxen had also offhandedly remarked one day on how a threesome between her, Zuriel, and Jay would be interesting. It was really just me saying it would be fun, but he took it as RP and used it as an excuse for the boys to fight over her (fuck her together, really, because double penetration is one of my big fantasies). He claimed that Jay had the right to challenge Zuriel for her since she expressed an interest in him, so this story leads into the second part where the boys get to share Vixxen and see which of them makes her cum first, thereby winning her as their prize.

See the full set of pics at Jay Rapes Vixxen

Jaidyn Rapes Vixxen

At the party
Vixxen grumbled, "Don't tempt me, Jaidyn. Would be too easy to cave. I may just have to send one of the other girls your way."

Jaidyn sneered. "Who says I'm tempting.? The alpha female of the pack showed interest in the beta.  By right I may try and claim you and challenge for position by combat."

Vixxen quirked an eyebrow. "You're treading on dangerous territory right now. I suggest you rein it in and keep your cock in your pants where it belongs before you lose it."

Jaidyn snarled and stepped closer, panting down your bare back. "You offered. You're offering right now...and I can fucking smell it."  He huffed, inhaling deep over your shoulder, adding, "And it grows back, bitch..."

Vixxen stood erect, her face going deadly serious though the chills shooting down her spine were dangerously wicked. She clenched her eyes shut at the lewd thoughts and forced herself to think about Zuriel, the man who holds her heart. Balling her hand into a fist, she clenched her muscles and jabbed backwards, stabbing the bony point right into your ribs. "Get the fuck away from me, Jaidyn, so help me..."

Jaidyn growled and bit your neck with snapping fangs poking your skin...twice...three times as the rumbling growl thrummed through with every snap of teeth. "Go home. Now."

At home
Vixxen gave you a look realizing she was still naked from the party. "I suppose I should dress."

Jaidyn lifted a brow and slapped your cheek, snatching your hair while you were stunned from the slap. Pushing you, he dragged you by blonde locks towards the small wooden barn. "I suppose fucking not."

Vixxen gasped in shock at the stinging slap, her hand going immediately to her face. But before she could even touch her fingers to the skin, a terrible pain at her scalp had her hand flying to her head instead as she cried out, "Fuck! Let go of my hair you mother fucking son of a bitch! I'll fucking kick your ass!" For all her threats, she stumbled along behind you just to keep from having her hair ripped from her scalp. When you stopped and she realized where you'd dragged her, her heart went into her throat. Zuriel had always warned her to stay away from the barn because it was your domain, but never in her wildest dreams did she ever consider that you would forcibly drag her to it from another part of the land. With her hair still twisted in your hand, she stood panting, part from her fight, part in fear. Not wanting you to see that fear, though, she threw up her defenses again, "I swear to you, Jay, don't do anything you'll regret. I'm not one of your meek little bitches and Zuriel will have your head if you touch me."

Jaidyn gruffed and kicked your heels off to take away the only real dangerous weapons you had, then he muscled that body into a throw to land unceremoniously in the dirty hay. "I think it's about time I heard that snide whore mouth of yours begging me to make you cum." Stepping into the barn, he pulled out his cock. Not even caring if you got a glimpse, he dropped to a knee and forced that pretty face into the floor. "So fucking high and mighty when all you want is to be rammed like a she-bitch in heat." He didn't waste any time. Wriggling his hips to keep up with your futile attempts to move away, the head of his cock stuffed hard, pressing against pink lips growing wetter from the imminent invasion. With a lift and a push he entered that cunt, driving all the way in to savor breaking you open in the heat of struggling to free yourself.

Vixxen damn near fell--which would have inevitably ripped a whole wad of hair from her scalp--when you kicked her shoes off her feet, but miraculously she danced around and managed to awkwardly keep her balance. Furious, she opened her mouth to curse you again, ready to start with the threats of bodily harm, but a strong grip around her neck and a shove to the barn turned her potential threats into a startled cry of pain. Vixxen's bare feet slipped and skid in the muddy hay until she tumbled to the ground under the force of your weight shoving her to her knees. Screeching, fighting, struggling to get free of your grip, she huffed and growled, tugging her arms. "Let go! Let GO! Fuck, Jay, let go of me I swear to god he'll kill you let me fucking GO!" It all came out in one long tirade, but even as she threatened you were muscling her head down, taking away any leverage she had. Already naked from being at the party, she had no clothes in the way, nothing to interfere, and the sudden press of cock head between her puffy pussy lips had her head jerking upwards in shock with a cry to match, "Don't you fucking dare! Don't you dare! Don't you dare! Jaidyn let me go! Don't fucking do this! Noooooo!" Vixxen jerked and jerked, twisting her arms to break free of your grasp, struggling uselessly, but still she felt that shaft shove inside of her snatch to the hilt. Her hips jerked like she was bodily trying to pull away, but with your weight over her and her head to the ground, she had no room to move, and the thick pulsing shaft of your cock stayed buried inside her quivering cunt. "NOOOOOO!!!"

Jaidyn growled as he hitched his hand tighter around your caught wrist, wrenching the arm up like the lever on a paddle boat, swinging your cheeks to the sky so he could stuff that blushing cunt with the entire length of his shaft. "Stop fucking whining, you depraved whore. You wanted me to dog fuck you since the day you laid eyes on me, even though you were being so goddamned uppity. Well news flash bitch: I AM FUCKING YOU NOW!" He didn't give a damn. All he cared about was laying that cunt open with his thick girth slushing through the tight folds being stretched apart. No matter how you moved he followed, flowing with your struggles like a blood hound seeking a scent trail. No matter where you went his cock slid home, or he simply tugged you like a prized hooker by the wrist to reign your pussy in. "That's right. Feel how wet this hole is? Like butter melting in warm bread. You ain't foolin' no one, slut."

Vixxen couldn't get her arm free of your grasp, and if she used the other she'd fall flat to her face under your weight, so she braced on one knee and kicked at your leg with her foot, banging the heel into your calf, shin, and knee. As she started to realize the futility of her fighting (how the hell did she ever think she could fight you? You were as strong as Zuriel with a nothing-to-lose attitude that made you ten times more dangerous), her screeches of anger started turning to panicked whimpering cries. The free hand on the ground dug into the dirt as she kept trying to crawl away, gouging bits of hay and mud under her manicured nails, but every time she gained and inch, you were right there crawling in behind her only to cram your cock back balls-deep into her pussy. Vixxen heard your taunts, mocking her for how wet she was, how her pussy gushed and oozed around your shaft, and she shook her head in denial of her body betraying her like this. "No no no no NO!!! I don't fucking want you, Jaidyn. I loathe you! Now get the fuck off of me and let me go!" Her knees dredged through the muddy hay, trying desperately to gain ground and crawl away from you but the hand around her wrist would yank and draw her backwards again, impaling her on your cock so that she sobbed and whimpered miserably. Despite her reluctance, her pussy was drooling honey, stirred alive by the deep, hard strokes of cock between her walls and she shuddered in both revulsion and from the pleasure of feeling you stroking inside her.

Jaidyn got tired of hearing your mouth. His hands shifted up and with a clamp over your shoulders he shoved you face down into the dirty hay hard enough that straw and mud clung to your lips. Driving his hips forward to simply mount you like a prized whore, he used that cunt as nothing but a fuck hole for his perverse pleasure. He didn't care to listen any longer. He already knew what you needed, so without any consideration he shoved you down and started stuffing your pussy straight on. There was no more trying to wriggle free from him pinning you face down in the muddy straw. He had walked forward on his knees to close the gap and that hot little slit was split open by his ravenous cock strumming your walls with every long slide reaching your depths. He was using you, plain and simple, and the feel of his cock hitting all the way down rushed over your senses. Heavy balls clapped that clit, but he didn't give a flying fuck if you came or not. This was simple dominance. He was taking that pussy regardless of all the fucking bitching and moaning you could muster. If the alpha couldn't get your ass in line, he sure as hell would, and with sadistic glee. The pack was all and he was keeping it in the fucking family. No one else was gonna taste what belonged to his brother or otherwise, and he proved it to you with every hard lurch of his hips cramming your tunnel full of hard stiff dick.

Vixxen's startled cry was cut off with her lips mashing into the dirt beneath her. Coughing, trying to turn her head to spit out a mouth full of dirty hay, she fought to get up, pushing her arms against the ground to gain leverage, struggling and fighting you all the way. But despite her size she was no match for your strength and her face kept getting shoved back into the dirt. With you inching your hips up behind her, her legs slid under her belly bending her nearly in half so that she had no where to go, no room to move, her ass sticking into the air like some offering to the gods of lust and sex. And you were taking that offering, claiming it for yourself, stuffing her wet slit so full of hard cock she'd be lucky to walk straight again for a week. Vixxen's tits mashed into the earth under her body, rolled and rubbed from the force of your lunging drives against her ass. Her knees dug divots into the dirt as her body rocked and her legs scraped in her efforts to scramble away or at least hold herself from being pushed completely to the ground. With her face in the dirt, she was incapable of speaking any more, but the whimpering crying sounds still emanated from her throat, mingling with the lustful, heated grunts you made behind her as you stole what rightfully belonged to your brother without either of their consent. Despite it, or perhaps because of it, Vixxen's pussy grew wetter and wetter, coating your shaft in her precious juices so that your cock shined in the light every time you withdrew from her tight cunt.

Jaidyn reveled in every smear of dirt or mud and plastered hay against your pale skin as he forced you down and fucked you like a dirty whore slave in a market stall. Making nothing but those whimpering cries, your sounds fueled the hungry slams of his fat dick as he started to rail that cunt deeper, taking joy in making you grunt just a little louder when he fucked you harder like some piece of meat locked down for public use. Already thick juices slushed around his pistoning dick, making him glimmer in the light that sneaked inside the barn while he fucked you with his own pace taking its toll on your body. "Fucking silence... Isn't it great? So busy being fucked, little Fat Tits Bo Peep can't say anything...braying like a she-goat fucked in the mud." His hands grabbed yours and pulled, lifting your tits from the dirty hay before your arms pulled taut. Dragging you back on his thick shaft, he trowled through those juicy folds as if they were just begging him to keep fucking you like a piece of property. He didn't give a damn about his brother right now. All he cared about was turning your slutty cunt into a sloppy wreck and marking you with his cum to add to the smudges on your pale flesh while you were being fucked into a drooling slut by being forced upwards from the hard shoves from behind.

Vixxen was almost in a state of shock at this point, hanging like a limp doll when you grabbed her arms and lifted her from the muddy ground, her body now covered in dirt and hay smeared everywhere. Vixxen wasn't arguing anymore. She'd lost the will to fight knowing it was useless. The only sounds she made were soft grunting breaths mixed with occasional moans that, despite her initial attempts to suppress, came out every time your cock drove home, filling her cunt full and stretching her wide around your girth. She hated to admit it, but it felt so good that she kept moaning. "Nnnggg..." Though her head drooped in defeat, she was lifted in your grip and her large breasts bounced and wobbled with the ramming pace of your hips jarring her from behind, rattling her body, smacking her ass against your pelvis with the slap of leather smacking wet flesh. In her daze, she started moaning one word: "Zuriel... Zuriel... Zuriel..."

Jaidyn panted as he drew his cock out of your wet cunt, rising to his feet before a hand wrenched down and latched in your blonde locks. Pulling that pretty face from the dirty hay, he smacked his dick over your smudged and still-glistening red lips.

Vixxen finally made a noise again, crying out at the pain in her scalp, strands of hair snapping off between your rough fingers as you lifted her from the ground to her knees. The pain flared her anger back to life and she started sputtering curses again, banging her fists against your thighs as you manipulated her in place before you. "Fuck you, Jaidyn! Fuck you! Let me go right now, you asshole! ARGH!" The grip in her hair tightened and her rants were stifled as your cock was shoved between her still-sputtering lips. Her words were cut off with a garbled choke as the rod of man-meat was shoved between them, making her jaw ache at how wide your cock forced her mouth open. Vixxen continued to rage, the loud cries and sputtering breaths muffled around the thick piece of meat in her mouth. Unable to move with the grip you had on the back of her head, she did the only thing she could think to do. Vixxen clenched her jaw with all her might and bit down around the thick slab of meat between her lips, sinking teeth into the firm flesh.

Jaidyn roared as teeth chomped through flesh, holding steady before the shakes started and a rush of red spurted hotly. With a hitch he broke free, leaving your mouth full of something that used to be alive. The remaining stump sprayed blood against your lips and chin, and with a feral grunt he slapped the back of your head, dislodging the ruined meat with a splat on the ground. With the shock of that hit, he shoved his half-cock in your lips again, the pooling essence flooding your lips as the spongy torn end began to swell. Soft and pliable at first, the newly spawned flesh surged and forced its way down your throat like a swelling tendril. The ruined rod regenerated straight down your gullet in a matter of moments and he held it there to steal your very breath. Daring you, he growled, "Bite it off... I'll fuck you with it again." He bucked and shoved his face-fucking dick right down your throat once more. "And again," making his point with another curdling squelch of him face-fucking your whore mouth to break it in no matter the cost.

Vixxen nearly gagged at the chunk of meat left on her tongue and the pool of blood flooding her mouth, but a hard slap to the back of her head forced her to spit it all out. Wincing as more blood sprayed her face from the stump of cock staring at her, she writhed in both panic and revulsion. Despite that. she was satisfied that she'd done a great deal of bodily harm to you, thinking that the pain would finally stun you enough that she could get away. So when you grabbed her head again and forced the stump back into her mouth, she was astonished. Her eyes grew amazingly wide and she gave another muffled cry around the base of your cock. But what shocked her even more was feeling it growing--it was fucking growing!!--in her mouth. The length grew and grew until she felt it lodging in her throat, choking her and making her gag again. Impossible! That's impossible! She couldn't get her mind around it. Despite knowing that you were Garou like Zuriel, she'd had no idea that you had such astounding regenerative abilities. Vixxen blanched in stark terror, knowing now that there truly was nothing she could do to get you to let her go. Her lips bubbled with pink spit, the blood still coating her mouth and lips, and she tried not to gag as you face fucked her even harder in your rage.

Jaidyn bowled your pretty blonde ass over, grabbing your head and stuffing his swelling fat cock back down in your throat, reveling in the shock on your face and the pink spit drooling from your mouth. "Yeah, whore...didn't think about the powers of the Kind." Fingers clasped under your ears with two handfuls of that blonde hair, literally fucking your face and hardly even stopping to let you try and breathe. He was punishing your fucking face for the attempted mauling and showing no mercy in how he gagged or forced your drool to rise from fucking your mouth so rabidly.
Jerking that dick from your lips in lines of thick spittle, he slathered your bitchy face with it to get your dirty smudges smeared even further from thick wet face fucking and cock rubbing. "See that, slut? That's the epitome of maleness: the dick you can't chew apart." His sneer returned, snarling down with a hard slam of his cock driving between those lips until his balls rested tightly on your chin with him clutching your face. "Since you want to eat it, whore, let me give you every swallow you can take!" His body lurched forward, stuffing your face full of fully-recovered dick that was now hot and swollen. Filling your gullet fiercely, the chuckling wet noises came so rapidly that it sounded like he was fucking a duck, only pulling back to spare you the faintest breath before rapidly battering your throat in tight downward thrusts. "That's it. Just open up and gag on it."

Vixxen's hands dropped back to support her body as you bent her backwards in an arch like an acrobat. Her chest heaved between your thighs as you towered over her, grabbing her face to shove your cock straight down the back of her throat. Her legs spread, leaving her exposed pussy glistening in the dim light of the barn. Her entire body was dirty with mud and hay leaving her looking like a ruin, over-used back alley whore. Vixxen's blue eyes looked at you in shock, in stun, in absolute horror of the situation. She could not believe this was happening--never in her wildest imaginings thought you would dare defy Zuriel this way. Where was he, anyhow? So many people living on this land and when she needed help, no one was around. Vixxen's ruby red lips stretched wide around the girth of your fully regenerated cock, drooling pink saliva down her chin and neck as the rough face-fucking forced spittle past her lips. Her eyes teared from the constant gagging, streaking her make-up to mix with the dirt on her face. She could feel the head of your cock sliding down into her throat, the bulge of it showing along the contours of her neck from the outside. She wasn't even whining or raging anymore. She was in such a state of shock that the only sounds that came from her now were the wet slucking noises your cock made in her mouth and the gagging, choking, gacking sounds as you fucked her face without remorse.

Jaidyn felt the defeat in your body with the way you opened up and just took it like a used gutter slut. Licking his lips, his hands tightened up to keep hold during the faster shoves spreading those lips wide. The feel of his swelling tip rushed past the muscles in your opened hole and his musky heavy balls slapped your chin without fail as they started to tighten and go rigid from the quickening thrusts pumping your face. There wasn't even any hesitation; he stuffed his cock right down that tight throat as far as humanly possible and panted out hard when his tip erupted, gushing right past all of your defenses and straight into your stomach. Slowly he pulled back, letting those panicking throat muscles waver as he drifted back with the tight hold of your throat milking that shaft for every drop flowing from his cock slit. Jerking out of your mouth all the way, he stroked his oozing tip across your nose.

Vixxen mewled as your fingers curled and tightened in her hair while you picked up your pace, that thick cock slamming harder down her throat until she felt your balls banging against her chin, choking her from yet another angle. Dear God, I'm going to die! was all she could think. She could barely draw air and your cock was blocking her throat so effectively that it was nearly closed off. Her vision started going gray, then black around the edges, stars dancing in her sight and her head started to swim. Distantly she felt her throat bulge as your cock swelled deep inside of it and the warm rush of cum jet straight down her throat to her belly, not even giving her the option to swallow. Vixxen groaned miserably, repulsed that you had cum in her throat, forcing her to consume you. Suddenly she could breathe again, your cock having slipped from her throat now that you'd used it for your twisted purpose, but even as she gasped and choked for much-needed air, more cum spattered her nose and mouth, causing her to inhale the musky spunk once again. Flinching, she whined and cried out, spitting what she could form her lips as she turned her liquidy blue eyes up at you angrily. "I hope you rot in hell you son of a bitch..."

Jaidyn shook his head and stood, stepping aside so he could reach down and gather your lovely hair in one strong hand. "Damn. I guess I lose the first part of the challenge." He tugged, starting to walk out of the barn but still holding your hair. "You can prance like a pony on two feet or crawl like a she bitch, but you're comin' with me."

(To be continued...)


Vixxen Getting Ready for a Bath (Photos)

I'm still working on editing some recent role plays, so I thought I would share some photos from a recent shoot I did of Vixxen getting ready for a bath. Really I'd just gotten her a new pair of dropped panties that I wanted to play with.

 View the set on Flickr at Vixxen Getting Ready for a Bath


The Official Pornstars® Gallery : Jan 26 (Photo)

I am always excited to see one of my photographs shared on The Official Pornstars® Gallery. Today, my photo of an elven Vixxen surrounded by butterflies made the gallery. I was quite proud of this photo, having called upon my limited but growing knowledge of using Gimp.

I was also quite astounded, but pleased, to see another photograph (listed just above my own) that looked eerily similar to the one I'd done. Apparently blonde elves in a wooded setting surrounded by small animals was the theme of the day!


See the full set of pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/lisa_languish/sets/72157640132979223/


Zuriel Fucks Vixxen Like a Whore


There's a set of lockers in the living room that we used in this one. Don't ask. I have no explanation for it. But it was sure fun.

See the full set of pics: Zuriel Fucks Vixxen Like a Whore

Z Fucks Vixxen Like a Whore

Vixxen smiled and slowly started to grind herself against your lap.

Zuriel lifted his hips, wedging his bulge between your cheeks. "Mmhmm..."

Vixxen grinned. "Did ya miss me?"

Zuriel flipped and tugged you tight, gripping your breast tightly from underneath, fingers squeezing until the flesh plumped between them. "Nnmmm what do you think?"

Vixxen grinned and chuckled softly, settling securely back into your embrace, drawing in a soft sigh at the feel of your fingers clasping her breast. Wriggling her ass between your thighs, she smirked and said, "From the feel of it you missed me a whole lot."

Zuriel rolled his body in a pressing grind, lifting that ass so he could wriggle and wedge the underside of his thick girth between your cheeks. Grinning maniacally into the strain of fabric denying the feel of hot skin sliding together, he said. "Yeah, I think you're right about that."

Vixxen grinned harder, nipping her lip between her teeth at the feel of your girth pressing hard between her bare cheeks, almost catching the small tie that held what little of her dress there was together. Grunting out a soft, heated breath, her hand slipped to yours over her breast and squeezed, pressing upwards over the nipple growing rigid under the material. Turning her head to face you, she purred out, "Then I think perhaps you should bend me over and fuck me hard, because I have missed you so much."

 Zuriel growled with lips curling into feral glee, a flash of fang glinting in the cabin's light when he rose and lifted you with him. The hand he had locked at the back of your neck gripped, shifting you on your feet until the harsh slam of your hands banged into the lockers on the wall. He snapped his pants open. The power in that tearing pull shredded his clothes apart and they fell in tatters to the floor. "'Fuck you hard' is an understatement." Grabbing your hair tight in one hand, he stuffed his fat dick inside your pussy with the rabid stick of his cock jamming in tight.

Vixxen grunted but grinned at you, still, even with your hand locked around the back of her neck. Despite the force in your grip, shoving more than guiding her to the locker, she walked--hustled, really--before you, just as anxious for you as you were for her. Even as her upper body slammed with an echo against the lockers, she was smirking wickedly, her pussy already pulsing and throbbing after having been away from you for so many days. As far as Vixxen was concerned, tearing your pants off wasn't fast enough. Her nearly-naked ass was writhing in the air, begging for that cock before your clothes were even off. With her cheek pressed to the cold locker door, she turned to watch you behind her and the second your fat, hard cock was stuffed inside of her wet hole, she was gasping, crying out, as though she hadn't felt you inside her in an age. "NNnggg fuck, yes! God I missed you. Don't hold back, baby. I want it all and I want it deep and fucking hard Your pussy missed you so much."

 Zuriel didn't need to let his mouth do the talking. Once inside his cunt, that feel of his hips drilling your ass battered and snapped like the clacking jaws of a steel trap. His hand shoved out tightly, holding your pretty head right where he could glare down in your eyes peeking at him from blonde locks swirling into your face from the wild slams of hot meat filling his honey pot. The chain around his waist added a new sensation, clacking and clinking without any flow or pattern. The rabid need in him stuffed past every defense and he sunk in until his balls were hugging your swollen clit, splitting his girl open just like both we needed. He knew better than to waste energy on words. The primal side of him knew better than to gloat or brag. Instead of using his words, the flow of his body would change from riding from deep and hard into quick thrust that stopped midway in until pulling back into upward jabs of his hips sending his shaft into wild stabs of surging need. His lip curled into an almost sincere smile but, the deviant in him drove him into a hungry rumble that rose in time with his hips slapping your ass like a machine gun. His purring adding to the flurry of motion before his fingers tightened in your hair, his free hand finally latching on your bare thigh as the monster behind your bouncing ass, being torn open by his raging cock, grimaced in devilish, sadistic glee.

Vixxen was so tight she could feel your cock spreading her entrance open. She didn't know if it was just having been empty for so long or because you were so hard and thick and swollen from your days apart, but the feel of you inside her tonight was almost painfully full. She was so slick, so wet though, that despite how snugly you fit, the driving slams of your cock moved swiftly and easily, coated in her lube so that she felt the cold, hard bite of the chain around your waist bumping and banging into her bare ass cheeks. It was strangely erotic, almost dirty and primeval. The sensation had her mind torn between discomfort and eroticism and it was driving her crazy. The tempo of your rocking hips had her grunting almost in a chant, each noise being driven from her mouth with every heavy slam of cock into her cunt. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!" Vixxen's cheeks wobbled under the jostling beating of your hips against them, the peach orbs slapping and jiggling heavily. The sound of a deep, grumbling-purring sound from behind her--knowing it was you as riled up as you were--sent a wickedly delicious chill sweeping up her spine that made her nipples stand on end almost painfully under her flimsy dress. Her pussy twitched, the walls clenching around your girth, taking your cock in an even tighter hold within her walls. "Uuhhhh god...."

Zuriel growled anew with his hands suddenly finding the backside of your new dress. He already knew that you'd bought this outfit just to tease him, so with both hands he tore it open and wrapped them in the length of fabric. Biting his bottom lip he drew back like he was guiding a prize pony by making you stride on the end of his pumping cock. The flimsy dress, unable to keep up with the tension over your nipples, strapped your breasts down under the straining cloth before ripping free completely, baring your body to his touch, wanting to feel you writhing under him as he held you like a plaything and fucked his pussy like it needed to be beaten down and reminded who makes it cream like hot butter. His hand jerked under your tit, gripping hard enough to send your nipple plumping between the clasp of his fingers while his hips pulled back into a long stroke, cramming his cunt deep with all the subtlety of a steam jack slamming apart asphalt. Zuriel's free hand pushed up against your neck, and he huffed behind your head with his lusts forcing that tight tunnel open without a single shred of mercy. The deliberate shoves of his hips pumped your breast into his clutching fingers, squeezing it right at the peak of when his cock rammed to the base with his balls still flushed and full, patting your clit with the press of his forearm locking tight to hold you at his mercy. The sadistic grin was etched on his face as he made you dance on his dick, stuffing in hard enough to wobble you on one foot from the relentless strokes of his cock battering you wide. "Yesss... You know who you worship."

Vixxen could barely catch her breath she was so lost to her lusts, so utterly aroused by how feral you were tonight. So often she forgot that you were anything other than human, but on nights like this, it was a stark reminder of just how wild you could get. The thought made her cunt pulse and clench, her clit bobbing between her slick folds knowing just how wild she drove you. The sounds of fabric ripping and shredding around her had her smirking again. Vixxen knew when she'd bought the dress it wasn't going to last, but that was the whole point, so when the fabric slipped from around her, catching her breasts to draw them apart and bounce back together, she wasn't angry. Oh no. The way you ripped her clothing from her turned her on that much more. Her hands--pressed to the locker to support her--curled into fists and beat against the doors with an resounding bang! then she splayed her fingers again, trying to turn and look back at you. But she couldn't turn...couldn't even move. The strength of your forearm pressed against her neck and shoulders and held her there, trapped like some animal being pinned in the wild when her mate finally subdued and claimed her. The whole act was so feral, so primal, that she started panting and lifted her ass as she stood on her toes. As badly as she wanted to fuck you back, to push and grind against you, she was pinned so securely that she couldn't move, so she stood there and took it like a bitch in heat, and though she'd never been the submissive type, she loved the way you claimed her and used her because she was yours. The slap-slap-slap of heavy balls beat against her throbbing clit and she chewed her lip, mewling in both misery and pleasure at the teasing, tingling, wicked sensation.

Zuriel snatched his own shirt apart before his hand clutching your breast tightened and he jerked your delicious body from the lockers, literally dropping you to the floor in a heap. The other hand gripped your thigh to lift your hips as his own slipped between those legs. "No, you're not done yet. I need my bitch's cum on my dick." He leaned into the hard shove and rolled straight inside his pink snatch, grabbing tight in your hair to pull your back into a arch as his shaft plunged balls-fucking-deep to tease your senses with the combination of wild lust and the teasing dominance of forcing your body into a tight curl so he could trim the very last inch of length he had inside your drooling slit. The padlock on his chain belt somehow started flopping right against your hot little asshole, the cold steel occasionally nudging in tight from sheer momentum of his cock hammering that juicy hole. The only thing keeping you from dropping down to his hips was the stick of his tight shaft slipping deep and the wild, rushed jabs of his fat rod curling down like his cock was alive, seeking nothing but your heat as the length of it pulled out sloppy and slick with honey, looking so tasty as it glittered in the cabin's light with every backwards pull. His lips curled deviously, jerking back on your hair to hilt his cock inside to the very base so snugly that his nuts formed a cup under your clit. "Now who owns the pussy?" His teeth showed when he held fast leaving you poised on his girth but motionless, holding tortuously still with his cock locked down inside of you with your fluttering walls pulsing around his shaft. "Say it... Come on... I have to fucking remind my cunt who belongs there." His teeth gnashed tightly, his hips rocking once to send a ripple of tension flowing down his length only to go still once more as he waited to hear you speak.

Vixxen didn't cry out, didn't whimper or whine when your hand clasped her breasts and used them to drag her down to the floor. No, she loved that shit and it turned her on more, so the sounds that came from her were almost as animalistic as the ones you were making--hot, deep grunts from her throat with long, grumbling purrs of pleasure vibrating in her chest. Vixxen dropped to the floor on her hands and knees, unable to resist your strength and not really wanting to. Her head angled back, watching you, gasping when your arms yanked her legs apart and threw them up over your hips. Her head dropped to the ground between her hands and she felt the hot, hard press of your cockhead against her dripping slit, pressing in to fill her once again. The cold, hard kiss of metal lodged between her cheeks right against her pucker and she gasped in shock at the contrasting sensation. It was wickedly delicious and naughty, almost taboo having some foreign object teasing at her asshole while you fucked her. Vixxen's cunt spasmed so hard liquid heat gushed out of her pussy over your shaft, drenching you in her honey. God, she'd needed this so badly, had missed it so much that when you demanded that she tell you who owned her pussy, she caved, not wanting you to stop, "Oh my dear sweet God. You do! You own this pussy! Fuck, Zuriel, it's yours, just please don't stop! I can't take it! Fuck me hard and stop teasing me."

Zuriel pushed to his feet and rode your ass forward to the floor. Both hands suddenly slapped taut over your glistening skin to help brace his weight for the heavy draw of his shaft pulling back against the bottom of your swollen clit, his eyes closing halfway from the tight hold of pink flesh clinging to his cock as he drilled your folds without one bit of remorse. His hand lifted before a wicked slap popped your ass cheek hard, sparking the pain and spicing it with the hungry thrum of his cock stirring his pussy to the brink. No longer holding you still, the primal need in his spine could no longer be held back as his balls flopped even heavier against your blushing lips. His body broke the stride of his shaft's twist when he could afford the presence of mind to tease his bitch begging for more of him, never giving you the chance to catch your breath with his cock pistoning in a wild romp shoving it in at one angle and churning back at another so that the lilt of his hips circled with every hungry plunge stretching pink lips apart. "Give it to me. Let my blonde pussy explode..." His lip curled again, showing off his teeth clenched firmly through the hard lift, drive, drop, and pull of his fat dick trying to make your cunt bubble liquid cotton candy like he knew it could.

Vixxen's knees dropped to the wood floor with a thud as you slipped her legs free of your grasp. She tried to rise up onto her hands to be able to look at you but a hard grip to her hips, lifting her ass higher into the air, sent her head back to the floor. The cunt that she just proclaimed to be yours sloshed and squished wetly, your shaft forcing her tight tunnel open with the head of your cock drilling in like it was seeking oil in the ground, parting the way for the thick length of your shaft to stretch her open in a tight cling of fluttering muscle around your girth. "NNnggg FUCK! I can't... Oh god, I can't hold it! I'm going to cum, baby! I'm fucking cumming!" No sooner were the words from her lips when her fingers curled and scraped over the floor, the walls of her pussy twitching and clenching hard around your driving shaft. The added heat of your balls smacking hard and fast on her clit had her nearly screeching as she cried out, her orgasm flooding her system like a bursting damn, flowing through her veins and drowning her mind in bliss. "AHHHH GOD!!!" Vixxen's hips jerked in your grasp as her body lunged in spasms, her gasping breaths punctuated by cries, and with each one her cunt gripped and gripped you inside of her as her cum poured out over your cock.

Zuriel held still through the clutch and grip of that tunnel around his trembling shaft, biting his lower lip from the gushing juices spraying everywhere making his strokes so fluid that he had to pick up the pace just to keep up. But before the last spasm of bliss passed from your cunt he pulled out, dragging that lovely body head over heels, and like some fornicating cowboy he swung his boot over your ass as he lifted it into the air, tilting his dick down before he rode the pull of gravity fitting his tip between your still-clasping lips. Zuriel purred as he seated his shaft inside just like an insane plug and eased it in with his thighs quaking from the intense slide. There was no doubt in his mind; he knew who this cunt belonged to. Sometimes he just had to remind it. With no warning, the wild leapfrog bounce of his legs pumped your still-shaking hole with the breadth of his dick driving deep from his inverted position over your spread thighs. His hands held loosely to your ass to keep your body pinned like his personal fuck toy, for once treating his love like the rabid whore she was on the end of his cock. "It's alright, baby. You can be my slut and whine like a teenager getting pounded. You know you needed this dick just like this." The muscles in his legs flexed through the wild dips of his body coming to life, bounding like a kangaroo over your trapped ass held by the stick of his length driving inside you and the press of his thighs over yours. The rapid shoves suddenly stopped in a tight cram of cock meat holding steady. Zuriel grinned, even if you couldn't see his face, because he knew your secret desires at being used like his little hooker in heat. "Nnnmm... I want my slut to get a face full of our cum together...watch you lick it off your chin."

Vixxen was still trembling and twitching from her orgasm when your hands clasped her legs and swung her around, flipping them over her like some acrobat so that she was looking up between her legs at your ass with her knees almost to her chest and her feet against the floor far over her head. From her vantage point Vixxen could look up and watch your cock dipping straight down into her cunt, plunging into the depths of her womb like a spade digging into the earth. The warmth of your hands cupped her round cheeks, holding her in position for you as you buried yourself balls-deep in her still-pulsing cunt, her honey gushing out of the opening around your cock as it filled her walls once more. The heated liquid trickled down her slit and dripped onto her belly and chest like hot wax, and she knew that when you came it would cover her front from pussy to chin like glaze on a donut. It was so naughty and depraved that she found herself licking her lips at the idea. Vixxen didn't know what had come over her tonight, but she felt like the whore you kept calling her and it was exciting her like never before. Normally she'd use her sharp tongue to chastise you for treating her as one. But tonight, instead of pissing her off, it was turning her on, and she fed into it. "That's right, baby. I am your slut and I love the way you fuck my cunt like you own it. I want you to fuck it hard and when you cum deep inside and make me cream on your cock, its going to push all that cum out of my snatch to trickle over my chest to my chin and I'm going to lap it up like a fucking ice cream cone."

Zuriel bounced and slorped the fat length of his cock straight down inside that pussy, the underside of his shaft stroking your button every time he just rocked and dropped that wide rod to the hilt. Heavy nuts clapped and plopped over your clit from the way he held you up and twisted into a sexual lock down of pure hunger for his sexy bitch. "Damn right. Make you drink it up like a fountain off my dick. Get it all over your pretty whore face." The dirty talking was doing something and his smile came back even with him panting like a greyhound being run to death. He wasn't ready to be done--there was no way he was going to just explode like a teenager--but the more his shaft jerked, the way his head twitched when he drove it all the way inside, even with his balls turning into bounding beach balls from growing tighter, he knew he was almost there. He bit his lower lip just trying to hold back a little while longer, stuffing it deep and holding it there until his own need made him move, actually having to force himself to be still between rapid inhales until he started moving again. Finding his second wind--or perhaps just steeling himself enough with a flex of his swelling dick--he snarled as he clasped his hands firmer against your ass and began drilling that cunt straight down like a jack hammer. Wetness dripped from your clit while the hungry beast over your pussy kept splitting it apart, watching you under him like a scared and defiled fawn because your wolf needed something pink and juicy.

Vixxen braced her hands against the small of her back to support her ass in the air. The harder you drove into her the more her body jostled, her breasts hanging and flopping under her chin in the up-side-down position you had pinned her in. Long legs bounced in the air, the toes of her high heeled shoes tap-tap-tapping on the floorboards every time your hips sank and you plunged into her sopping wet cunt again. Vixxen bit her lip against the sweet pain of your long strides piercing her to her core with the heavy smack of full balls beating against her hard clit. When you slowed--nearly stopping, much to her dismay--she found herself whining like the school girl you'd teased her for being. Part of her knew she should be ashamed of herself, but the part of her that was enjoying getting fucked like a whore didn't give a flying fuck and she released her lip from her teeth's grip, grimacing to cry out when you started fucking her at the hard, fast pace again, railing her cunt like you were trying to force your entire body inside of her snatch "Ah, god, Z! It feels so fucking good! Your cock...oh god, your cock is splitting me open! Ahhh fuck, yes! I'm going to fucking cum again. Shhhiiitttt!!!" The banging-slamming-smacking of your balls on her clit sent her over the edge with your cock stuffing her so full she could feel you bottoming out inside her. Trapped in the awkward position, her body didn't jerk, but she went rigid, bracing herself against the floor, and that gave you a solid target to drive into, letting your cock slam as deep inside as your hips would allow with no resistance at all, breaking through her womb until it seemed your balls would disappear inside of her, as well. "Ah Jesus Christ, Zuriel!!! Fuuuuck!!!"

Zuriel grit his teeth through the clamping hold your pussy squeezed around his invading shaft. The silken tugs of your fluttering walls suckled at his cock dropping in recklessly faster and more urgently. The huffing breaths pouring from his lungs made him clamp tighter over your lifted cheeks, drilling down inside his cunt with the fury of a man drowning right there on the brink as his cock twitched tightly. The vivid explosion within spurting deep in a deluge of his sticky cum flowing inside like a geyser unleashed. Pushed to the edge of his stamina, he fucked your cunt with a feral hunger calling him to finally pump his pussy full of spunk only to mingle with your own stirring juices. He writhed and stuffed it in to the base, his balls pulsing like a balloon with his seed still drooling into that tight tunnel until a rim of creamy white pooled around the base of his cock. With a little rumble he pulled out, showing you exactly what he meant, before the feeling of his shaft ground against your clit with the top of his cock's base pressed in hard and staying put right there. He grinned wickedly as your pulsing hole gushed his load and your own juices out. The press of his cock along your slit sent your honey mixed with his thick glaze trickling along his length until his cockhead dripped the amalgamation to spatter between those tits and hit your chin before dribbling over your lips.

Vixxen's orgasm didn't even die down when you started pumping hard, huffing and grunting at the crest of your own climax. The harder drives spurred her orgasm into high gear, drawing it out until she felt her head spinning and her vision blurring. Those hard thrusts came faster, almost bruising her hips until you suddenly stilled and she could feel your cock swell with cum until it burst inside, jetting in her womb, filling her to the brim so that it oozed out from around your shaft between her lips to trickle down her belly. But when you pulled out, still sputtering and squirting cum, her still-clenching pussy gushed out your co-mingled cum. Thick liquid gobs of it slushed down her belly and chest, spilling and dripping to her chin and lips. Vixxen's tongue slinked out, licking over her bottom lip to lap at the slick, salty cum coating her face, savoring the taste of each of you mixed together. "Mmm fuck, baby. Tastes so good..."


Porn*Stars Interviews for Vixxen & Zuriel

Our Porn*Star Interviews

So as I'd mentioned before, Zuriel and I are both interested in the SL porn industry. He's done three films so far, but I'm still trying to get my big break. I did get to interview as Vixxen Rainbow with Emily (missemily23) the other day, so I'm excited about that. Below are the links to both my (Vixxen's) interview as well as Zuriel's from last year.

All pictures in this post are courtesy of Porn*Star's: Second Life Porn page: http://secondlifeporn.blogspot.com/

Vixxen Rainbow:


Zuriel Bedlam: