Darina Gets Punished (cameo by Zuriel)


Another one of those at-a-whim RPs. Zuriel logged on while I was on Darina and we somehow got into the heretofore-avoided conversation of why they had parted ways. The two of them, in light of their intimate past, got a bit cozy in their conversation and just before things got out of hand, Jaidyn showed up (surprise, surprise). He was none too pleased, to say the least, and though it was Zuriel's thoughts that had filled Jay's head and brought him storming in, Darina paid the price.

I didn't start off taking pics, because at the beginning I had no idea it was going to evolve into serious role play, so the pics don't come in until Jaidyn shows up, but the conversation does tie in nicely to previous (and future) role plays, delving deeper into the story line. And of course it gives us another excuse to fuck.

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Darina Gets Punished

Zuriel chuckled, "Why not relax a moment? You look nummy as hell in those yoga pants."

Darina grinned. "I can do that."  She tweaked your nipple and giggled. "Couldn't help myself. It's right there."

Zuriel smirked and tweaked yours back, pinching a bit. "Mmhmm"

Darina pursed her lips, "Ok.. ok... I asked for that."

Zuriel nodded and smiled. "Yeah you did. You're the one pleading loyalty to a fucker, so I'll just tease you."

Darina shrugged. "Yeah, but that fucker gets me wet, so I'll put up with the abuse. In fact, its the abuse that gets me so wet."

Zuriel rolled his eyes. "Yeah well, we both knew somehow that I wouldn't keep you wet. I'm too nice for you."

Darina chuckled. "You are too nice. You know me. I like the bad boys." She winked at you over her shoulder. "And he's about as bad as they come."

Zuriel shrugged, "Long as your happy I don't care. That's all I ever wanted, really."

Darina chewed the inside of her cheek, clearly feeling awkward. "Yes, well... I know you have someone new, too..." She paused and sighed deeply, the sound almost laced with bitter-sweetness. "Do you love her?"

Zuriel looked straight ahead, smiling slightly. "'Bout as much as you love Jay, if not a little more. But it doesn't matter in the end. We ended up with new people in our lives, for better or worse."

Darina stiffened some in your arms, not brave enough to look at you as she spoke, so she stared out the window, "I never said I loved Jay. I just said he made me wet..."

Zuriel smirked, just stroking your chest softly. "Well, you have to make the choice about him...if you love him or not. I know I love Vixxen. She just sort of happened and we've ended up here."

Darina sat quietly for a long time saying nothing, not even commenting on the lost but familiar touch of your hands caressing her. She just sort of enjoyed it for the time being until she finally closed her eyes and sighed softly. "I do love him. I just don't think he's capable of loving me back. He's too full of hate...and anger."

Zuriel nods just holding you, "It's what drives him. He is a warrior moon, after all. Why else do you think he challenged me? But long as he has that anger, he will never win. I actually fear the day he does lose that hate. It will make him a thinker and that might be bad."

Darina finally did turn around to look at you, like she was trying to read the truth of your words on your face. "He challenged you? I wasn't aware of that. He never told me. Probably felt it wasn't my concern...but it is." She turned back around, nestling against your familiar comforting warmth again, not even questioning the intimacy that remain even after she'd left, like you were life-long friends despite it all. "Besides, he'll never beat you. You're much smarter, more level headed. And that angers him."

Zuriel shrugged, "I know I'm more even-tempered than he is. Though I must say, he has to carry something in his heart for you, even if it's a black, withered thing without pity. He has never kept a girl for so long. By now normally you'd be in a shallow grave in the forest, so there is something there he's not saying to your face."

Darina laughed humorlessly, "Well -that's- comforting. I'm sure I'll see that on a Hallmark card someday: 'Roses are red. Violets are blue. You know I don't hate you, because you're not dead in a ditch yet.' It'll be a number one seller, for sure." She did laugh, then, and took your hand in hers for the comfort. "He brought some other girl home the other day, seemingly against her will. She seemed complacent, but...edgy. Like she really didn't want to be there. He told me she was for us to use together. I have to admit, I find the idea...exciting."

Zuriel chuckled at the hallmark joke, but let his hand linger in yours a bit. "Yeah, Vixxy and I have one of those, too. I just don't think you've met her yet. And he does hold something for you. I can read his thoughts from time to time, when he's angry or happy. Your face shows up in his head...amid the images of rough ass fucking or you on your knees."

Darina smirked despite herself. Jay was such an enigma she didn't think she'd ever figure him out, but knowing that he thought of her as more than just a piece of ass was enough to make her happy. A tiny little pang of jealousy flashed through her, though, at the mention of your new love's name. "Vixxy? What kind of a name is that? She a stripper or something?" As if someone who worked at a cocktail lounge and then Hooters had room to talk, but that little jab of jealousy added some sting to her words despite herself. Then she added. "I didn't know you had 'one of those,' either. I guess I've been away too long..."

Zuriel shook his head, squeezing your hand in his. "Hey, be fair. I had to watch you in my mind having sex with him every time in the beginning, like he enjoyed taunting me with it. You didn't have to bear witness to me having sex with Vixx...or anyone, for that matter." After he defended his love, the serious tone in his voice remained, "We went different ways. I can live with it, but I won't be able to hold to my promise of protecting you when it's obvious you don't want it...with him."

Darina had the grace to look chagrined at your words, not having thought about, or even remembering, you could see Jay's thoughts when she and he had been together. "I am sorry. I didn't think about that. I didn't plan for it to happen. In fact, the first time he had me was forced. I just...wanted more after that." Her sentence died down at the end, like she was almost too shamed to finish her explanation, though she managed to get it out. She mulled over the last part of your statement with a frown, "You can't protect me..? From who? Anyone? Or just from Jaidyn? As part of this family--albeit loosely--I am part of the pack, no? Do I not deserve your protection as much as anyone else in the family?"

Zuriel shook his head, explaining himself further while avoiding any more of the conversation of his seeing you every time Jay took you. "No, what I mean is I can't protect you from him, Darin. You are part of my pack, but I can't deny him the rights to you, nor can I step in unless I fear he would kill you." He exhaled, "But even I have to admit the taste of your blood has not been on his mind. Maybe only a nibble or ten, but never has he truly thought about sucking you dry...only in passing. He obviously wants you, if that's any comfort."

Darina was no stranger to the topic, but hearing you talk about it so openly, so blatantly, especially concerning the possibility--even a small one--of his killing her made her heart drop into her stomach and she blanched visibly. "I suppose that's some small comfort then. Never in my wildest dreams as a young girl did I ever fantasize about a man who would not only demean me, but who I would consider loving if he didn't drain me of my blood until my heart stopped beating, and yet...here I am. I must be nuts." Almost without thought, Darina's hand dropped to your ankle on the chair beside her and she started rubbing it, massaging it, as if unable to break old habits.

Zuriel didn't seem to mind the touch, but he didn't take it any further despite his body reacting a little. Something a bit stiff pressed against your back, but he just shifted his hips to pull the pressure away. He did do something though, by hooking his fingers in the netted top you wore, just at your side right behind the swell of your breast. "Ehh, you knew about this going in. Well, if not going in, then soon after. You definitely got him though. I can feel it. I see you in his head a lot, and that's saying something. But we both know he would never admit it, even if I confronted him directly."

Darina didn't move, but her eyes did flit to the side where she felt your hand hook into her shirt. She just nodded her head in agreement with you, trying not to make a big deal about it. "You're right. I did know. I knew what he was and what he was capable of from the start. I think that was part of the draw to him. The thrill. The danger. And...well...the heart wants what it wants. Not that you weren't exciting, Z, he's just...volatile and unpredictable and dangerous and that thrills me. His abuse thrills me. And, I guess like any woman out there, the nurturer in me foolish believes I'll be the one to heal him. It may never happen, and some day I may tired of it all, but until then, I love it...and him." Her hand kept touching your ankle, as if she found the contact comforting, but she didn't push for more. It was just the familiarity of you while talking about such intimate, personal things she found soothing.

Zuriel just kept trying to ignore his libido through it all. The contact was familiar and intimate, and that alone drew something from him, but he respected the choice of who you chose and let it remain at that, even if it was obvious with the way he was pressed against you through his bibs. "Hah, well, had I known that's what you liked, I might have tried harder or just used you a little more...heh. But we can't deny our nature I suppose. No sense in trying to fight yourself on things."

Darina smiled and blushed, tucking her chin down to her chest almost like a shy little girl as a memory came to her, "Well, there was that one time you were. After the first time he tried to take advantage of me when we thought you weren't home. You were so tender and sweet at first, and then you were ravenous, and... Mmm, my god..." She closed her eyes and let her thoughts trail off as she lost herself in the memory. Then her eyes opened and a smirk crossed her lips as she recognized the feel of something behind her, nudging against her back almost imperceptibly, but she knew it was there. Even your shifting as though to hide it from her confirmed her thoughts. Part of her was flattered--and, yes excited--and another part of her thought, 'oh shit...' knowing the consequences if this went too far.

Zuriel chewed his lower lip almost as if he was reading your thoughts, but he knew well the implications, and he already knew what he would do to Jay if he tried to rape Vixxen, so he steeled himself and tried not to think about seeing you naked again. Like he could really do that, but he was trying at least. Of course hearing you talk of him after he ran Jay off the first time did spark a little jump of the tightness held firmly against your back, sitting as we both were. "That would never change. It only altered when you stopped fighting him like you had at first. By then I knew what you wanted, so I just backed off. I honestly didn't know what else to do." He kept chanting to himself in his head, telling himself he would not attack you right now, would not attack...

Darina felt your cock pulse beneath your clothes against her ass. It was undeniable this time, and it was like a match to kindling. Her own sex pulsed in response and she shifted some in the chair there between your legs (oi, why did we have to get so intimately close just to talk?). Darina felt like she was poking a sleeping tiger with a stick just to see what would happen, but her hand slipped a bit higher up your leg from your ankle, still trying to remain casual about it, like she was just idly caressing you, but her hand slipped higher under your pants to start working on your calf now as she talked. "I sometimes do still fight him, just because it riles him up more and that adds to the excitement. What can I say, Zuriel? Seems I'm an adrenaline whore. Or perhaps fear is my drug, so I'm drawn to the danger aspect. I don't know." It was just the prospect of danger that was stirring her up right then, knowing that not only were you forbidden fruit now, but that if (when) Jaidyn found out, she would be punished, and the idea excited her. "But for knowing that you would have protected me had I still needed it, I thank you."

Jaidyn barged in through the doors. "The fuck is going on here?"

Zuriel looked up, ticking his tongue. "Just talking dude. Mostly about you."

Darina jumped in Z's lap, her heart in her fucking throat, and she nearly leaped from the chair at the sound of Jaidyn's voice suddenly at their side. Stammering, trying to control her shaking, she put on a smile, "N-nothing. Nothing at all. We we just catching up and chatting. I swear." She looked at Z for back up, for help, then looked back to Jay, "You can read his damn thoughts, see what he sees. You know damn well nothing went on, Jay."

Jaidyn narrowed his eyes and snapped, "Don't run your whore mouth to me. Grown ups are talking, bitch." He looked down to Z, "Now get my cookie out of your head fucktard, 'less you wanna pass blondie to the wolves..." He reached down and jerked Darina out of the chair, pulling her to her feet.

Zuriel sighed, shaking his head. "Fine. Just don't take it out on her, because nothing happened."

Jaidyn growled. "When I need your advice on how to control my bitch, I'll come talk to you, but right now seems like my pussy needs to be reminded about a few things."

Darina winced at the pain in her arm as Jay jerked her from the seat, but she said nothing at first, only casting an apologetic glance at Zuriel before he left her field of vision, whispering to him, "It's alright." Then she turned to Jay with a scowl on her face (she may be his, but she'd never lost her temper) and wagged a finger in his face. "Don't you talk to me that way, Jaidyn Jameson. You know damn well nothing happened here. We were just talking...about you, no less. So calm yourself."

Jaidyn gave Darina an incredulous look, "Say what?" Rumbling before he snatched her hair in one hand, he turned to drag her upstairs. "The fuck is this. Getting bold 'cause Zuriel is right there?" He pulled her in close, making sure she heard him. "You're mine, whore, and don't fucking forget it." With that he dragged her up the stairs and out of Z's sight.

Darina bent as he dragged her by her hair, scrambling to keep up with the long strides of his legs. Her hands went to her head to protect her hair and she grumbled the entire way up the stairs. "Let go of me, Jaidyn. The fuck is wrong with you? I didn't do anything to deserve this!" Half of her hoped maybe Z would step in and stop this nonsense, because he knew it was true that nothing had happened...yet. But her heart was racing at Jay's anger and, yes, though her clit had already been pulsing at the unspoken teasing between her and Zuriel, it was now throbbing hotly. Still, she gave Jay a look when he stopped with her in the upstairs room. "Don't do anything you might regret, Jay. I've done nothing wrong and don't deserve your wrath."

Jaidyn stopped by the wall and wheeled his bitch around, grabbing her wrists to pull her right in front of his face. His voice boomed, "Don't deserve it? Slut, you have no idea the shit I seen in his fucking head. And why the hell was he thinking like that if you weren't giving him ideas?" One hand dropped, bending to jerk those tight yoga pants off in tatters. Tossing the ruined cloth aside before grabbing her wrist once more. "Don't fucking deserve my wrath... LIKE I FUCKING BELIEVE THAT!" Snarling, he ripped the netted top she wore asunder. He was stripping her of any protection right fucking here like a child hungrily snatching off a candy wrapper.

Darina jumped in his grip like she'd heard a huge clap of thunder outside, but it was his voice that startled her enough that her eyes opened as huge as saucers. The sound was only amplified by the tiny room, echoing off the walls and her knees went weak. Fortunately his arms gripped her biceps, holding her up, but she swayed when he released her, shredding her clothing into tatters, roughly ripping and yanking pieces away until she was left exposed and vulnerable. Her naked chest heaved with her panting breaths, and she looked into his golden eyes, "J-jay... I swear. I have no control over what he thinks. Go take it out on him if he's having forbidden thoughts about me!" She'd been having the same thoughts, but thankfully, he couldn't read her mind, so she wasn't going to let him know that. "All I did was tell him how much I lo-" She stopped herself, not yet daring to speak those words, but she quickly recovered, "Love what you do to me...how wet you make me. I swear." Her wrist was burning in his tight grip, the skin pinched and rubbed as he yanked her around. She winced and whimpered in pain, "Please, Jay. I'm sorry!"

Jaidyn growled as he whipped her round and mashed her pretty face into the picture frame, holding the back of her head as he dragged her by the hip to pull her ass out, and without even saying a thing, he stuffed his cock right inside her tight ass to the hilt. Grunting as he fit it inside, he shoved it deep. "Love what I fucking do... Good whore. So let's make you love it some more." His breath hitched as he swayed his hips, pumping back and forth to let his bitch feel his cock swelling from the tight hold her little ass had around his growing shaft pulsing between those cheeks. One hand held her by the hair as the other rapped hard, smacking her ass so sharply that it left a palm-shaped mark in her tanned flesh. "No, you're not sorry, yet, whore. Just when you were starting to earn your fucking name back you pull some shit like this..." He reared back, taking her hips in a pull to stretch her legs as he started fucking her ass without a single shred of mercy or lubrication. "Now we'll make my bitch remember whose cunt this is..."

"EeeaAHH!" Darina cried out as her body was whipped around, the sound cutting off abruptly with an 'oomph!' as she slammed into the picture on the wall. Too stunned to move, she held her hands to the frame, her mind racing on how to calm him the fuck down before he hurt her. She'd never quite seen him this angry before, and it crossed her mind just how dangerous he would have been had she actually done something with Zuriel. That thought scared the shit out of her, seeing now his reaction at only the possibility of her infidelity. Darina's heavy breasts smashed against the glass over the photo as he pressed in behind her, making them like fleshy pancakes under her body, and she mewled at the painful pressure. Trying to ease the pain, she braced her arms against the wall and pushed away, but that only shoved her ass outward to greet his swinging hand, the broad palm connecting with her soft flesh in a loud crack! and a jiggle of her curvy cheek. "AHH!!" She cried out, the sting traveling down the back of her thigh, but the pain flared the arousal in her cunt and she felt the immediate flow of lube pooling between her lips. Whimpering, her ass writhed fearing another strike, but instead his hands gripped her hips and yanked her back, her legs splaying outward to balance herself in her heels. A huge pain consumed her, then, as without any sort of warning, his cock suddenly plunged straight into her ass, the full length slipping past that tight ring in one single hard thrust. Her head jerked in his grip, but his strong hand kept it pressed to the wall, though her cry came out more of a moan and she shuddered in wickedly pleasurable pain. "Nnnggghh fuckkkk..."

Jaidyn didn't waste his time beating her ass. Instead, he used his dick as punishment, stuffing it wildly inside her tight little hole, cramming it hard enough that her tits popped and slapped the glass of the picture frame in time with his heated shoves stretching her asshole open wide. He was not gentle at all, jarring her ass with his cock driving in deep with all the force he had so that he was beating her ass with nothing but his thick rod. Wrapping her hair around his fist, he forced that body to arch out and push her ass to his advancing strokes pumping her tight butt. "We'll start from square one, slut. Whose ass is this?" Gritting his teeth after speaking, his cock gained power with his hips slapping heavily against her ass from behind while she was being split open right against the picture frame. Heavy balls slapped against her clit from the beastly shoves stretching her open, not really caring if she came, because this was more than just sex. He was teaching his girl to remember who the fuck she was dealing with and the consequences of breaking his faith.

Darina's feet couldn't seem to find purchase on the floor. Her body kept rising with each deep heft of his cock in her ass lifting her toes from the ground, each bouncing lift rocking her mashed breasts against the glass covering of the photo on the wall. Even the skin of her hands and arms, braced on the glass for support, screeched each time she rose and fell with the lifts of his ramming hips. When he grabbed her hair and yanked her head back, she grunted as though speaking to dissuade him again, but then he asked her who her ass belonged to and her stomach clenched, making her pussy absolutely drool with need and she groaned out, "It's your ass... It's yours, Jaidyn. It belongs to you..." Throb-throb-throb... The words he forced her to speak made her clit pulse with her rapid heartbeat and she wanted so desperately to arch back and push her ass out so he could fuck it harder, but she had no leverage on her feet, so she simply let him hold her aloft with his cock strumming wickedly inside her ass, making her groan and whimper like his wanton little whore.

Jaidyn dropped his hand from her hair and both hands gripped those slutty hips tightly. Using the tighter hold to power inside that little hole, he slam-fucked her like she was some street hooker in a back alley and he was a John in a hurry to get done before being seen, yet with the cocky attitude of a man who had already bought her ass. He found her noises musical and the lift of her heeled toes drifting up came clacking to the floorboards beneath their feet. The drumbeat of her heeled toes came faster, the tempo rising as he found his rhythm and started bouncing that ass on his fat dick like a controlled drive at a basketball goal. But his slam dunk lifted her ass into the air and one hand snapped out, coming down on her unburned ass cheek wild enough that it felt like it left a spark cracking off her skin. "NO! NOT LOUD ENOUGH, WHORE! SCREAM IT!" The tempo rattling her body sent shockwaves through her, rolling her spine so that her nipples tapped the glass before her tits mashed against it and then bounced her ass back down onto that fat shaft. His lip curled in a snarl when his words blended together, "Youbetterscreammyname, whore! Make the Alpha hear you say it tothegoddamnedtrees! SAY YOU'RE JAY'S WHORE...!"

Darina's arms dropped and screeched more as she fell into a slightly deeper lean when his hand moved from her head to grasp her hips, the fall shoving her ass even farther into the air. But that didn't stop her feet from bouncing and dancing on the floor every time he rammed his cock so deep into her ass, smashing his pelvis against her cheeks, that her toes lifted from the floor. Her ass felt so fucking full, so stuffed, that her belly clenched and cramped, but it was such a deliciously, wickedly, delightful pain that her cunt pulsed and clenched, squishing more of her wet arousal out of her folds. Her fingers curled against the glass and her moans came out stuttered and jagged, like she couldn't even control the noises. Darina's head jerked up and back, her hair flying over her shoulders, and her ass lifted and fell in undulating waves as the pain of his hand slapping hard and red against her cheek flashed through her body. "Nnngg..." She was beyond crying out in pain. She was so lost to her lusts, every nerve confused as to what was pain and what was pleasure, that the entirety of it made her feel drugged and hungry for more. Panting, jumping again at the rising pitch and volume of his voice demanding she name him, she whimpered at first, then cried it out until he yelled at her to scream it loud enough for Zuriel to hear downstairs. "AHHhh god... I'm your whore! I'm Jay's whore! I'M JAY'S FUCKING WHORE!!!" She screamed the last of it so hard that her throat felt raw, but as she did, every muscle in her cunt and ass clenched up in her heated, shamed, lust and she gasped as her climax rose in a fevered pitch inside.

Jaidyn pulled out roughly, throwing his slut against the picture frame before his hand smacked her inner thigh and stroked in tight over her clit. "That's right. See? What did I tell you? Nothing but my little plaything. All the delights I can give..." He stopped moving, fingers remaining curled over that button in a wedge over his fingers. "Or the pleasures I can...deny..." If you made a move, he slapped your cheek just enough to get your attention. "Do you think my bitch deserves to cum right now? Or would it be better to make you wriggle like a worm on a goddamned hook?" He stayed rigid, and even though he was panting hard himself, he posed and held your pussy right there without giving you a shred of pleasure aside from the hold of his fingers. But they brought no relief; instead, they moved with you, easing up or gliding tight, but never stroking, holding that edge back as he leaned in and watched you dancing on his fingertips.

Darina had felt her orgasm building, damn near ready to rage through her body, and as he slipped free of her ass leaving her feeling empty and hollow, she cried out her displeasure, "Nooo... Damn it!" But before she could mutter anything else, he was flipping her around again, slamming her back against the wall and closing in on her. Strong fingers pressed into her dripping snatch, banging right up against her pulsing, throbbing, aching fucking clit... And then they stilled. Darina's hand clasped his arm and her eyes locked on his like she feared what he would do--or more likely what he wouldn't do. And still his fingers didn't move, so she rolled her hips to grind against them...and he pulled back. She lifted as though to get them away from her and stop their teasing...and they rose with her, never leaving her cunt, but never giving her any sort of stimulation other than their presence. It was maddening--being held right there on the brink of climax with the potential for relief held against her and not giving her any, like pressing a steak to the lips of a starving dog, but never letting it take a bite. Darina bit her bottom lip, trying not to cry in frustration, but she couldn't take the torment any more. She sobbed out her reply, "Yes! Yes! Oh fuck, Jay, please! Let me cum! I can't take any more. Please..." Her cunt was so thoroughly soaking wet tonight that it was just dripping over your fingers, her scent filling the room. God knows why she was so turned on tonight, but she was wetter than usual and you could feel it all over your hand between her thighs. "Pleeaseee..."

 Jaidyn scoffed and pulled his hand away, using her honey to stroke his cock after letting her drop in shock. He stepped closer, rubbing his dick quickly in the grasp of his fingers, and with nothing but a grunt escaping his lips, that cock lurched in his pumping hand. Streams of seed sprayed from his cock tip, squirting over her leg and slashing across her tits before a few spatters landed on her chin. Huffing hard as he unloaded all over his bitch, getting her good and gooey, he breathed, "No, I don't think so. Maybe when you mewl like a kitten for milk I'll let you suck my ball while jacking off against your forehead." He grabbed her by the hair, wiping his dick over her cheek and her own juices mingled with his cum were swiped across her lips. "That's all you get until I think you need another fucking lesson."

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