Lisa Takes Nicholas' Virginty


Another alt joins the Edenfell family (hey, we like variety!)--Nicholas, a young blond man from the country who was hired by Zuriel to help tend the land. We plan to have some fun with Nick and on his first official day at Edenfell, Lisa steals his virginity. Just wait until the other girls get their hands on him!

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Lisa Takes Nicholas' Virginity

Nicholas asked, "So what do ya think, Mrs Bedlam? Nice shoes, huh?"

Vixxen smiled. "Yes, they're very nice."

Nicholas smirked. "Mister Z said to make sure ya get those. I jes figured Mister Z had something in mind for getting a pretty lady like you some shoes."

Vixxen chuckled. "He usually does..."

Nicholas blushed.

"Well, I think I'll leave you two kids alone while I go..." Vixxen mumbled something since she couldn't think of anything to do, really. "Catch you later... Nick..."

Nicholas couldn't help but think about her 'catch you later.'

Lisa fidgeted and bounced nervously on her toes. "So... Nick. Just where did you come from? Daddy hire you?"

Nicholas bis his bottom lip in thought. Normally the ladies here didn't talk to him, but now it was the boss' daughter. "Uhh... Yeah, he basically gave me Mister Jay's old job taking care of the fences and stuff."

"Uh huh..." Lisa was only half paying attention. The rest of her mind was too busy scoping him out. Geez, he was cute! She nipped her lip, letting it loose when she smiled at him, "So, um..." Lisa stepped in a little closer, a naughty little smirk crossing her lips, "Have you seen the house yet? I could give you the tour. Well.. not really a tour. Its kinda small, but I could show you around. Maybe get you a drink or something?"

Nicholas had never even considered going inside the house. Mister Z never said it was off limits, but he'd met him on the porch the day he was hired and he never went inside. Unlike Lisa and the rest of her family, Nick didn't seem up on catching her naughty little smile. "I could use some water or a big ole glass of sweet tea, Miss Lisa. But yer Dad said I needed to mind the yard...but fer some reason I can't find a lawn mower anywhere? Do ya'll have one for me to trim the grass with?"

Lisa looked at him like he was a little daft, but his sweet and innocent charm couldn't help but make her laugh despite herself. "I'm sure there's one in the barn. We'll look for it later. Let's get you something to drink, first. You look..." Her eyes traveled up and down his toned body, settling on his pelvis for just a little too long before returning to his eyes, "...hot...and sweaty. I don't know if we have sweet tea, but we might have some soda. Maybe some lemonade. C'mon." Not waiting for a reply, Lisa wrapped her hand in his and tugged him insistently behind her through the doors and into the house.

Nicholas was indeed a little daft, but only in the way someone who lacked experience might be. He noticed she was staring at his hands--or something--a little long, but didn't think anything of it as she grabbed his hand in hers and pulled him inside. He went wide eyed and looked very impressed seeing the inside of the cabin, thinking it needed a few deer heads or something, but the place was huge. "Dang, Miss Lisa. I knew it was big, but not this big... Wow!"

Lisa laughed lightheartedly as she went to fetch him a drink. Handing him a can of Coke, she shrugged, "Seems we need to hit the store. That's all we have at the moment. Unless you want water. And please... It's just Lisa. No need for formalities." She watched him drink the soda while his eyes wandered around. Lisa wondered just what he made of some of the artwork and laughed, wondering, too, if she should drag him upstairs for a real shocker, but she thought maybe that would be better for another time. "Did you want to sit down for a bit? You must be exhausted, working on fences and such all day."

Nicholas popped the tab on the frosty soda and took a long drink, hearing her tell him to relax and not be so formal. It was hard to ignore his upbringing, was all. His parents instilled polite manners in him at an early age, especially when a lady asked you to sit, you sat down. "Uhh sure Mi...I mean, Lisa. Sorry, darlin. It's what my folks taught me, is all. I tend to act that way no matter who it is." There was no doubt to him she was utterly attractive, but he also knew who her father was. The big guy could break him in half and he knew it. "I guess if you wanna have a seat I would gladly oblige...Lisa." She caught him almost saying 'Miss' again, but at the last moment he actually just called her by name.

Lisa smirked again at how shy he seemed. Well-mannered, yes, but she was so used to overly aggressive men in her life that this one seemed like he might spook if she moved to fast. But damned if she could resist at least trying. He was too cute not to want to sink her claws into. And judging by the bulge in his pants, she wanted him sinking into her, too. "Great! Good. C'mon..." Lisa took his hand again and practically skipped to the couch in her excitement, dragging the poor blond behind her with his Coke sloshing from the can along the way. Lisa popped onto the couch and pat the seat beside her, turning her blue and green eyes up to him with a look that melted most hearts. "Have a seat, Nick."

Nicholas barely had time to stumble after her--was she skipping? He righted the can of coke after a few drops hit the floor but he managed to catch up without falling on his face. Man, this girl was excitable. But then again, to hear his uncles talk, red heads always were more spicy than regular women normally were, and so far Lisa here was proving them right. He downed the Coke and set the half empty can aside before finding the nerve to sit down on the couch, trying to get as cozy as possible and still worry about her father coming home. It was cooler in the cabin--much better than sweating out in the yard--and for the first time he idly worried that he might not smell so nice from working outside and coming in to chit chat.

He seemed so tense and she wasn't sure if it was her or... A thought came to her. She scoot just a bit closer since he'd sat so far away and when her hip bumped against his she smiled almost like it was an accident. Lisa cleared her throat before stating, "Daddy's out today. He won't be back until much later. And everyone else is out, too. It's just me for now." Lisa watched her own hand as it lifted and settled on his thigh, then she turned her face to look up at his, gauging his reaction. Her hand gave a little squeeze to his inner thigh and she leaned in closer to his face, "I'm glad you're here, Nick. I was so lonely..."

Nicholas had sat close to girls before in church, but this was a little different. When she leaned against him and nearly snuggled his side, he wanted to panic, though all she could see was him smiling goofy and blushing a little. But when her hand sneaked onto his leg and caressed along his inner thigh, he really did get tense. Not in a bad way, but she could tell he was rigid and rather like he might be holding his breath. He let out a slow, shy exhale and breathed her in. She smelled so good and he swore he stunk. How she could even wanna get close to him he would never figure out. But here she was telling him they were alone today and no one would even be round for a good long while. "Uhh, I...well... I guess I'm glad to be of service to someone, even if it's just some company, Ma'am." He smacked his own face with his palm, sliding it down to his chin before he grinned and looked at her sheepishly. "I mean, Lisa. I swear I will work on that. I promise."

Lisa actually laughed out loud at his realizing his mistake. She wasn't making fun of him; it was just too cute how he reacted. Seizing the moment, she leaned in when he dropped his hand from his face and looked at her, pressing her lips to his before she lost her nerve or before he bolted like a frightened rabbit with the way he was acting. When he didn't pull away, didn't leap from the couch like she's stung him, Lisa slipped her hand to his jaw to hold him there kissing her. She started softly, slowly, just meshing lips and occasionally slipping her tongue out to lick across his own, but she didn't push it father just yet.

Nicholas had never even kissed anyone except his mother or his Nanna, so when he felt her lips press to his, there was a quick inhale like she had pinched him, but the soft press of those lips was anything but painful. His chest rose and fell quickly and she could feel him breathing through his nose as she kissed him gently. He didn't know what was happening, but it felt amazing with the way she tasted when he dared a little wriggle of his tongue against hers. He was lost on her lips kissing his. She felt his arm slide out, like he thought he should be touching her, but the caress was very unsure as his hand glided over her thigh and lifted to her nearly-bare side. Touching her skin, even pressing his other palm flat to her back, he dared to nibble her lips and that kiss stretched on as though he had never even been past first base before.

Lisa felt his quickened breath on her cheek, and though kissing this very hot--and, yes, dirty and sweaty--boy was turning her on, his apparent inexperience and excitement at having his first kiss was turning her on even more. Despite her promise to hold back and go slow so as not to frighten him, Lisa found herself leaning more and more into that sweet kiss until it became urgent, her tongue now slipping past his lips to explore his mouth. At first he seemed to tug back, but then he relaxed and let her in, let her taste and explore his tongue and teeth, and as she did, she rose up on the couch and urged him back onto the pillows. Panting almost as hard as he was, she breathed out between kisses, "I want you, Nick." Lisa kissed down his chin to his neck, her hand caressing his chest through his shirt, feeling the defined lines of muscles from chest to abs. She didn't go so far as to touch his cock yet, but she did graze her teeth over the skin of his neck before her soft lips meshed over the same spot then kissed their way back to his mouth.

Nicholas had seemed like he was under some spell of fog, her mouth pulling him down the lane of new things in his life. As she pushed him, forcing him back on the couch, his hands slid back like he was trying to keep them from touching her at all. But it was even more hot when his boss' daughter urged him with her body rising over his and her lips breathed out the words, "Lisa, I... W-wait! I never..." Okay, no matter how chaste or virginal he was, when she nipped her way down his neck and flowed back up to his lips, her lips cutting him off from finishing what he was trying to say, kissing him the entire time. He tried falling into himself and because she acted like she loved his tongue caressing hers, he tried that again, experimenting with what she seemed to like. Under her touch she could feel him as tense as a spring about to explode and even though she hadn't touched him any place taboo yet, if she bothered to look, she would see that his jeans front was utterly tight and stiff.

Lisa pretended like she hadn't even heard his protests. She was beyond caring. If he didn't want this, he could easily pick her up, set her aside, and walk out the door. But she didn't think he was going to do that. As she leaned in against him to kiss him deeper, her thigh brushed between his legs and she felt the hard press of his shaft, trapped under his jeans, grinding against her leg. Lisa rose to her knees with that naughty grin she had and took his hand again, pulling him up to his knees before her. She wrapped her arm around the back of his neck to pull him in for another kiss, loving the feel of his strong, curious mouth and tongue tangling with hers, the sweet taste of the Coke on his breath, the soft, gasping-panting-grunting sounds he made in her mouth. It was time to take this to the next level and see just how curious this country boy was. The hand that wasn't holding his head sneaked between their bodies and up between his thighs. Her grip wasn't rough, wasn't forceful, but it was hungry, cupping his shaft through his pants to feel his size, his girth, his state of arousal. Lisa wasn't disappointed--he was hard as a rock and throbbing already. Slowly she rubbed up then down, just to tease him, to let him know exactly what it was she wanted, pulling her head back only long enough to give him a smile that said 'yes, I'm being naughty and we both know you love it.' Lisa massaged his cock through his jeans then kissed him again, turning her head to angle in deeper, her lips and teeth nipping at his lips as her hunger for him grew.

Nicholas felt his head swimming. It was like a buzz, or maybe the sugar rush from the Coke, but his brain was fogged and all he could even see was the gorgeous girl kissing him. He caught her naughty smile and it brought a bright blush along his cheeks and over his nose; however, as her hand slid between them both and slowly swept in to grab between his thighs, he gasped and looked her right in the eyes. He had done this to himself while fantasizing night after night as he slept in the shack or the barn since he first began working here. Mister Z and Jay had girls all over the place constantly--there was no shortage of hot sights. But now, sitting up on his knees with the owner's daughter grabbing his swollen package, he honestly forgot what it felt like to even use his own hand. She could feel him moving, grinding his crotch towards that gripping hand stroking the bulge in his jeans. It was hard for her to tell yet just how big he was, but he at least felt close in girth to the other men in the land. The only plus he had in his favor was that his bulge was so damn hot, she could feel it through his pants, like she was grabbing an ear of corn fresh off the grill kinda hot. His lips suddenly pressed in harder. Somehow this hungry need washed through him. His hips rolling tightly as he dropped his hands and deftly hooked his thumbs in her belt, tentatively stretching his fingers out, giving her pert little ass a delicate squeeze that grew tighter by the moment.

Lisa felt that grope on her ass and it was like a trigger had been flipped. Dropping her hand from his head, she used both to urgently fuss and fidget with the fastenings on his pants, never once breaking their kiss. Giving both sides of the jean's waist a yank, she pulled them open enough that she could slip one hand inside, the other gripping his shoulder hard. Her dainty little fingers slipped down his front under his jeans, caressing the hot skin of his bare cock until she found the base, then her fingers wrapped around it and drew him out of the opening to stroke him freely. Base to tip and back again she worked his length, pumping her tongue into his mouth in tempo. Lisa felt his hands tighten their grip on her ass, nearly pulling her jeans down over the curves, the material stopped only by the belt at her waist. Finally forcing herself to speak, she breathed against his lips, "I want to taste you, Nick. Have you ever had someone suck your cock before?"

Nicholas shuddered as he felt her slender fingers pulling his pants apart, nothing blocking her as that hand sneaked down and gripped his shaft. If she thought his cock was hot from the outside of his jeans, then getting her fingers around it had her finding that it was blushing deep for his pale skin tone. So much blood rushed to it that his dick was swollen and pulsing with the heat of a dying star. He kept kissing her deep, fully shoving his tongue a little too much between her lips, but he was still in the learning curve. When she pulled back to talk, his hands pressed, trying to push her pants down over her ass mid sentence, since he felt she should be losing clothes, too, now that his cock was free. He heard the question and she felt his shaft between her fingers jerk tightly, like a snake just coiled in her grip and went tight again. "No. I have never even kissed a girl 'til right now, Mmm-" She knew he was about to say 'Miss' right then, but with a lean he planted his lips to hers once more, sucking her ripe lower lip between his teeth and a smack of his lips.

Lisa grinned wickedly into that kiss. Even though she felt him tugging urgently at her pants, this wasn't about her. She wanted a taste of this fresh virgin boy's cock, first. Lisa's fingers slipped from around his shaft and she placed both hands on his chest, urging him back onto the couch again. "Lie back and just relax. I want to taste you." Slipping between his legs, she stretched out on her belly and rested her arms on his thighs with her face right next to his cock. One hand clasped his shaft again, slowly stroking him, marveling at its glory, then she locked her eyes on his face to ensure he was watching. When she saw him not looking at her eyes but at her mouth hovering over his cock, she moved. Those ruby red lips wrapped right around the head of his cock and pursed, sucking gently but firmly, drawing the soft skin past her lips until the rim popped into the warmth of her mouth. Lisa moaned at his fresh taste despite his sweat from working all day. She pulled him free with a pop, just teasing a bit at first, then slurped him in again, taking another inch deeper and drawing back, then two inches and drawing back, slowly working up and down his length until she was forcing her lips all the way down to the base with her nose pressing into his pelvis. Her movements were slow, deliberate at first, making long, hard-sucking pulls, then slowly, wetly, nosily slurping his full length in again. But soon her head was moving faster, taking him in long, quick strokes, her fingers always holding the base to keep him angled right into her mouth but never them getting in her way.

Nicholas 'oofed' as he was pushed back with the way she clambered between his legs, almost to deny him tugging her pants down. Until his eyes drifted from her gaze and hovered over her lips, he still held a small grin, but when those pouty, succulent red petals graced the head of his dick, he turned into Jello. He let out a breath so hot that she could feel it blow over her until the fluid pulse of meat in her mouth throbbed hotter than his exhalation. Somehow he managed to prop up on his elbows, keeping his eyes locked down at the sight of ruby lips slurping his cock wet and slow. Her fingers bunched around his base, locking his shaft right in line for that delicious mouth to take him unabashedly and without any mercy, if she desired. And in the wake of those slow lips sucking, kissing, and just adoring his dick, he could not even begin to stop twitching. His balls were already tight under the clutch of her fingers bearing down on them, holding his shaft at just the right lift so that her lips could gain speed. The shock of her mouth pumping his dick made his own mouth gape open when he yelled out, "Hnnaaaa!"
His brows knotted down at the feeling of his cock swelling. The only difference between Nick and Daddy or Jay was that by now the older men would be dripping precum, but Nick was as dry as a bone aside from her spit slicking him up, like a bottle that had yet to be tapped, though his cock head thrummed like a living thing with a heartbeat of its very own. His eyes peeled apart, opening to keep watching that mouth taking him quick and deep--his first face fuck, forced by the beauty sucking him down like she was trying to drown herself on him. "Oh god... Uhhnn!"

Lisa inched up onto her knees between his thighs to get more leverage. This boy may be inexperienced, but he was hung as well as Daddy and Jaidyn and she wanted to really work his length in her throat. His knees rose in the air as he settled back onto the couch from his elbows and she rose over his cock dropping her head right down over that upright pole, plunging it straight up and into her throat. Lisa's hands braced against his hips to keep him from jerking too hard upwards, but he still lurched, forcing himself deeper into her throat and she coughed, choking on his length. The cough collapsed the slick walls of her throat around the head of his cock, fluttering and massaging it until she pursed her lips and sucked hard, drawing back to the head where she swirled her tongue around and around the rim. Moaning, humming, she sent audio vibrations through his pulsing meat making his balls tingle and draw tight. Hooking her fingers into his hips, she pumped her face hard, fucking that thickness with all her might, wanting to draw the cum from him. She paused only long enough to pant out, "Cum for me, Nick. Fill my mouth so I can taste you. Let go and feel it flow from your cock past my lips so I can swallow it all." She didn't even wait for a reply. Her mouth was greedily slurping, sucking, swallowing him down again so fast that her hair was flying in disarray around her face.

Nicholas snapped his hands on the couch, raking nails over the furniture with the fury of a man going into convulsions from something he never experienced without his own doing. A poetry of lust pulled along his shaft by those lips taking him to a place he never knew existed, fingers flying everywhere until they finally found a hold in her flying hair. She barely had time to wrap those lips back down as the first squirt steamed from his tip in a spray from the corner of her mouth to a thick dribble lacing her cheek. The cork inside burst forth in a heated spray, the sweet taste of his innocence glazing her tongue and pumping so much between her cheeks that they swelled from the volume of cum spurting down her throat. He arched so terribly hard that his canvas-clad toes hit the couch, bucking until he fell back into hot spasms still pumping his cum between her lips, every spasm sending a new jolt of cream until it thinned and slowed into a trickle. Then the head of his cock began to flutter, twitching as he hissed and wriggled his hips from being super sensitive after cumming like that.

Lisa was waiting for a blast when he came, knowing just how intense this was going to be for him, but she was not prepared for the torrent that flooded her mouth. Nick's body nearly leaped from the couch under her when he came, jerking his cock from her lips enough that the first few spatters hit her lips and cheek before she managed to get her mouth around the tip and suck down his load. As it slowed to a trickle, Lisa popped the head from her lips and rose back to her knees. While Nick was catching his breath, she slipped her shirt over her head, letting her pert little breasts fall freely, then she slipped her jeans down over her legs, kicking the clothes to the floor as she crawled up over his supine body to rest her dripping wet pussy right over his face. "I think it's only fair you return the favor now, don't you?" She could see his eyes peeking up at her from between her thighs and she grinned, swaying her hips to grind her pussy right over his lips and nose. Her hand dipped between her legs and her fingers slipped between the lips, spreading them wide so that her clit peeked out from between the folds. "Just pretend like you're kissing me again. Use your lips, your tongue, your mouth. Taste me, lick me, slurp up my pussy, Nick." The hand not between her legs slipped over her stomach to her breast, teasing it, toying with it, pinching her nipple right in his view as she rested over his face, waiting for him to take his first taste of sweet, wet pussy.

Nicholas pressed his lips to her pink, glistening skin and felt the texture. It was smoother than a honeydew fruit and at least twice as juicy in the first kiss. He listened as well as he good between those thighs, but looking up at Lisa pinching her own nipple was enough of a turn on his cock hadn't even drooped. He seemed very tentative at first, only kissing and pulling a bit at the bundle of flesh peeking from between those pink folds being held open for him. He was testing things out, trying just his lips until a simple peek of his tongue laved from the side along her clit. Hearing the intake of breath she gave when he did that, his tongue darted again, from bottom to top in a tight flick that left his lips parted over the hood and just below the swelling bit of flesh growing from his tongue's rapid stroke. Having a bit of fun realizing he could put her at just the same disadvantage she'd just had him at, his tongue curled smoothly in a press, flickering down and slurping back up in a twirl of the tip.
Blue eyes beamed seeing her reactions to his tongue's motions, the length of it dipping down and curling right along the bottom of her clit so that the pink muscle could start a slow press, pushing just between her lips before it rasped backwards over the bottom of her tender button giving him a first taste of a woman. He seemed to enjoy it, too, especially making her writhe over his mouth, and his brain sparked to move his hands up from grabbing her hips to her tits, gripping them hard enough that her nipples poked from between the clasp of his fingers.

Lisa smiled when she felt his soft lips kissing between her folds gently, almost tentatively like he was unsure of what to do or if he even wanted to do it. But it took no time for him to suddenly realize just how wonderful she tasted, how delicious her nectar was on his tongue, and soon he was licking more boldly between her folds and over her clit making her gasp. Lisa's hips gyrated over Nick's face, swirling her cunt right against that lapping, prodding, exploring tongue. She could feel the warmth of the wet, soft muscle plunging into her core, lapping up her honey like he'd done this a hundred times before. Reaching down to grasp his hair, Lisa ground her pussy over his tongue, urging him on, "Hnnngg yes... That's it, baby. Lick it all up and make me cum on your tongue. Use it over my clit--the little button you see peeking out at the top. Suck it, lick it, love it just like I did with your cock, but don't forget to fuck my little pussy hole with your tongue, too." Lisa's hips jerked as he listened to her directions, trying new things, varying his speed. "MMmm fuck yes! Just like that, Nick. My god, you're so good at this."
When his hands slipped up to grasp her breasts, she dropped her own hand away and twisted around to see that his cock was still rock-fucking-hard. Grinning, she reached to stroke it some, teasing him as he ate her cunt like a starving man at a buffet. Soon Lisa was panting, her chest heaving in his grasp. Her hands dropped to his chest and she rolled her hips forwards and back, humping against his tongue as she felt the pressure building in her belly. "Oh fuck... Yes, Nick... That's it. Don't stop. I'm going to cum. Oh god.. Ohhhh... godddd!!" Lisa's whole body jerked over his face, her pussy spasming against his mouth even as it continued to slurp and smack between her folds, but now his tongue was coated in her flowing juices as they spilled from her cunt. "AHHHHNNGGHHH!"

Nicholas was at an utter loss when she started riding his face with her fingers in his hair holding his head down so she could bounce those blushing lips down his tongue standing straight out for her to grind on. He didn't have any play, trapped under the rushing press of her ass slapping his chest as she split her cunt right on his tongue. His only weapon was his fingers, latching tight around her nipples in a pinch and tugging them out at the same time while she was riding his tongue like a horse galloping through a field. His nose panted in hard breaths blasting her clit before he managed to sneak his tip up long enough to batter that hot little button until her desires crammed his tongue right back inside that juicy slit. She had taken his cum in her mouth, so why deny her that? In fact, he eagerly sucked and lapped up every drop he could get when she spasmed on top of him, crying out so loudly that even with her thighs as earmuffs, he grinned around her clit when she came in a huge gush of honey and when he got his first gulp of juices, his dick pumped dark and tight once more. His fingertips and thumbs feathered over her stiff buds, teasing her nipples right through that orgasm to make it flutter a little longer in her nerves jolting in the aftershocks of flooding his face. Slowly he laved his tongue from just under the crease of her lips all the way up, pooling her gooey essence on his tongue. Letting her see her cum in the cupped pink bowl of muscle holding her juices and with a lean back of his head he swallowed her down with a lick of his lips. His fingertips clasped a little tighter, rolling her nipples in his grasp and he gave her a wink from between her thighs. "So I did good?"

Lisa huffed out panting breaths, trying to compose herself again. Grinning, she inched backwards over his chest to rest her dripping wet pussy right up against his fully-hard-again cock. Lisa leaned down, bending his cock to glide under her belly as she leaned in to kiss him again, tasting herself all over his lips and tongue. "You were amazing. Now let me thank you properly." Rising up onto her knees, her ass resting in his lap, Lisa rose up and shifted, letting his cock stand naturally, and poised her pussy right over the head. Nicholas just watched her--in awe, in fascination, in wonder--and she smiled at him as he looked at her, then she slowly lowered her body down, letting his cock head spear the way into her cunt with his thick shaft gliding her walls open around it, grasping him inside like a warm, slick, velvety glove. She didn't stop until she was fully seated on his pelvis with his cock buried deep inside, then she slowly rolled her hips forward and rocked her ass back, letting him just feel himself moving around inside of her womb.
Nipping her bottom lip she groaned out, "Nnn god, Nick. You're so fucking thick! I can feel your cock stretching me open just to fit you inside. Fuck, you feel so good!" She was doing the work, letting him just lie back and enjoy it for now, but his hands settled on her hips almost instinctively, and the action seemed to ignite her. Lisa rose on her knees, lifting her hips so that she could feel his length sliding in and out of her tight pussy instead of just moving back to front and side to side inside of her. She started fucking him with long, deep strokes, rising and falling over his cock, letting him really feel her cunt working him now. "Nnggghhh fuck!"

Nicholas went still the instant she wriggled down against him, taking the time to kiss and savor her own taste on his mouth. Hungrily sucking, nipping, and biting to just be a bit more daring, she still managed to steal his building bravado the moment he felt her pressing back to start trying to fit him inside. His mouth babbled like he was trying to say something meaningful, but feeling a girl's heated lips right against his tip was so fucking awe inspiring that he lost the ability to speak. She already knew how hot he had been in her mouth, so by the time she finally dropped down over his cock head, the molten fury in his shaft spread through her folds. His cock slushed in as hard as she dared to take it, like a hot knife through butter making her melt around him. She was so damn hot that he had to grab her hips to stop himself from falling off the earth.
The last of his youth stolen in a blink of rushed breath, flushed skin, and wet desire sliding down on top of him like she claimed it with her nails in his shirt and chest from her driving all the way down. His face was a mask of blissful pain, wincing through the rocking of her hips suddenly flaring her hot tunnel up and down his shaft. The wet sounds meeting his ears hardly registered from the feeling of finally being inside a woman--something he had dreamed of and now had. In the back of his floating mind he knew he wanted more, but he was so frantic from the lift and drop of her cunt down his length that he could not will his body to even move. The only thing that happened was his lips finally gathered composure, finding the endurance to waver his voice through the rise and drop of her tight hole sucking every inch deep, "Fffff-fuck me...harder..." He didn't believe he even said it. His mouth just moved with the rapid breath of his chest and out it came like an insane dare from someone who never had a girl before in his life.

Lisa felt his cock pulsating in her snatch he was so hot. When he begged her to fuck him harder, she nearly giggled at his sudden bravado, but instead she leaned over him, resting her hand against his chest and lifted her body on her knees to rock her hips forward and back. The change in angle let his cock slip almost all the way out, but just before it did, she would rock backwards and force it deep inside of her quivering cunt again. Lisa's small breasts swayed under her body, her nipples brushing over his shirt stirring them to rigid little peaks. Unable to resist teasing him (it must run in the family), Lisa said, "Fuck you...harder..?" Suddenly her body started jerking and rocking faster, pumping his cock rapidly in and out of her juicy, dribbling snatch making it sluck and slurch with his cock plunging the wetness right from her hole. Panting with exertion, she grinned down at him, "Like...that?" She panted harder. "Is that fast enough for you?" Not waiting for a reply, she grabbed his chin and turned his face to hers, leaning in to kiss him deeply while her little ass writhed and pumped and swayed in the air, forcing his thick, granite-hard cock into her cunt over and over again.

Nicholas wondered if he had woken a sleeping dragon in her. She was wild cat wiggle-fucking him so damn quick that his hands jerked up to try and hold her back. He did nothing but help her, though, by holding her sides so that those hips had all the leverage they needed to fuck him like he asked. His face still had the look of a man who asked for too much too soon, but as the moments passed, as her wild drives down his cock kept coming, his eyes focused and looked into her eyes to let her see he was not defeated just yet. Something in his head clicked, reminding him that she was tiny, and even though she was spry he could hold her down. The first swivel of his hips lifted and his shoulder hitched up to roll this beauty over onto her back. He tore his shirt off then rolled down to pin her beneath him as his body found the gusto to batter her pussy into the couch. Answering her last question, he replied, "No. Like this..."

The shy country boy surprised the shit out of her when he used his strength to roll her over and and throw her legs over his now naked shoulders. The way he was now slamming into her felt so good, she couldn't hold back her groans. "NNfff! Yessss..." Pinned as she was, Lisa could do little to move with him, but she flexed her legs over his shoulders to pull her hips up off the couch, letting him drive that thick shaft as deep into her waiting hole as he could. As they fucked, his pants slipped downwards letting his balls come free of the denim, and as his hips started thrashing hard against her she could feel the slap of his heavy ball sac beating staccato against her ass. Lisa's hands rapped around his arms, her nails biting into his flesh as he started pounding her slit like a jackhammer. Wet flesh slapped against wet flesh and her cunt floshed and glushed and slathered over his shaft, her juices spattering and spraying their mid-sections the faster and hard her plowed into her. "Uh...uh...uhhhhh.. Fuck, yes!! That's it, Nick baby. Fuck my little pussy good and hard. Nnggg god! You feel incredible!"

Nicholas seemed to have a notion about what he was doing until he got her pinned down. His hips searched for the right way to pump his cock inside that juicy cunt, but he didn't have the angle right, or he was too high. But the longer he swerved and drove in, his strokes started hitting the mark in a deepening stride of his hips clapping nakedly against her ass. He paused just a moment and clambered further out of his pants, letting them hang the second he could spread his knees again to stuff her snatch with the length of his cock spreading her open. He showed her he meant by being fucked hard--the weight of him thudding her body with the tip of his dick skating down, tilting inside on the backstroke so that the head of his dick grazed all the way down the top of her tight tunnel. The slorping wet sounds made him grin. He was on top of a woman for the first time and she was freaking loving it! Oh god, this was too much. He felt it, but didn't know why the core of his inner thighs and under his balls were trembling each time he drove his cock inside her pink pussy. Muscles he'd never used before were clenching, weakly trying to keep pace with the demand of his desires, and his cock was so hot and swollen that it felt like being inside of her was the warmest and tightest thing he would ever experience. He was shaking his head, trying to stave off the swell of his shaft growing hotter and fatter. "What..? Hnnng... I can do thissss... Ahhh!"

The angle of his cock kept brushing over her g-spot, making her hips jolt upwards and drawing a gasping cry each time he pulled back out, the head brushing just right over it again. "Don't...don't stop... Ohhh my fucking god, Nick! Don't STOP!!" Her tight little cunt started quivering and clenching around his shaft and her gasps grew shorter and shorter, faster and faster, until she was almost hyperventilating. Lisa's neck arched and her head dug into the couch, her chest lifting as her ass rolled and lifted her hips upwards, trying to force him deeper. Her pussy drooled, trickling her juices down the crack of her ass onto the cushions of the couch and still she gasped until her lungs were filled. Her fingers clenched, grasping his arm hard enough to leave indents int he flesh, and then she froze before letting out a scream, her whole body trembling, jerking under him, her cunt pulsing and clenching, grasping his thickness within her walls tighter than his hand ever had when he'd masturbated. "OHHHH FUCK!!! NICK!!!"

Nicholas tried his best to keep up, but with the way she moved under him he had to let those legs go and lay out over her body, catching himself inches from her face. Right then his wincing face went deadpan, his knees locking on the couch from the new angle letting him use the weight in his body to clatter through those lips that were leaking from his cock invading her little hole. He never knew it would feel like this. There were no words to even describe it. It felt like being whole and at the same moment like he was in his own little bubble feeling every little nuance of her pussy clamped around his cock. And out of nowhere he started humping like a rabbit that had been given speed while running from a wolf on cocaine. He broke into a run so fast that he barely caught himself mid-stride. After only three pumps he gritted his teeth and finally let go with the brunt of his weight clapping right against her ass. He was at the end of his stamina, panting ragged when his dick lurched, twitching inside of her with a roll of his hips. When his cum started pumping hot and thick, his body jerked back, stabbing his girth deep, every lunge of his body sparking her insides with a squirt of hot lava. "NNhaaaaaaggh!"

Lisa was still panting and whimpering, her pussy sore and sensitive from her lingering climax when he leaned over her, pressing his weight down over her small body. There was nothing she could do but wrap her legs around him, so she threaded them around his hips and held on for the ride. Lisa loved the look on his face--like one of shock and fear and bliss and agony all rolled into one. She felt his hot Coke- and pussy-laced breath on her face, heard his panting breaths as he picked up his pace, felt the hard swelling of his cock growing inside her walls, and she knew he was there. Tightening her legs around his waist, drawing herself up to meet his thrusts, Lisa felt the sudden hot gush of liquid heat jetting inside of her and she gasped at the sensation, groaning again as another small climax burst through her with his thick cock emptying inside her womb. "MMm fucking shit! Holy hell..."

Nicholas slowly rose, taking hold of her hands first before he rolled aside. Getting to his back, he settled the beautiful Lisa on his lap and let her do whatever she wanted as he remained buried inside her, wanting to remain connected as long as his still rigid length remained between her lips. Exhaling as he settled back, looking up at her perched on him like she just broke a prize pony.

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