Mrs Claus Saves Christmas


Vixxen (aka Mrs. Claus) and Zuriel (aka Evil Santa) decided to have a little Christmas RP fun. Zuriel built a wintery setting in our scene rezzer for the RP and we thought that it would be fun if he--dressed in black "Santa" attire--could be an evil Santa who had stole the bag of toys from the shop to ruin Christmas, and I could be Mrs. Claus who seeks him out to convince him to give back the toys. Little did Mrs. Claus know just how high the price would be...

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Mrs Claus Saves Christmas

Evil Santa had long since left the North Pole behind. With the sun starting to set, by now the elves were frantic trying to find where the toy bag had gone. And the big fat lummox dressed in red would soon start to fade away when the children awoke to find no toys from the jolly Kris Kringle. His plan was perfect and now all he had to do was wait out the night. Hidden in this snowy cave, there was little to stop him now that he had the children's gifts.

Mrs. Claus shivered from the cold, following the trail of footprints through the forest. It started just outside the doors of Santa's toyshop and they were far larger than any elf footprint she'd ever seen. Santa had been inside all day double checking his naughty and nice list before heading out for the night, so she knew they didn't belong to him. When the head elf of the toy shop came to them, distraught because all the toys had gone missing, she immediately set to work looking for the culprit. Going on instinct after finding the prints, she followed them deep into the woods until she came to a cave lit by a fire. Peeking from around a snow-laden tree, she spied a man in black, looking eerily like Santa, but more like his photo negative. And there, before him, was a sack of toys--the missing toys! Mrs. Claus scowled and crossed her arms, striding to the mouth of the cave to confront the Grinch in black. "Excuse me, sir. I do believe those toys belong to Santa."

Evil Santa was kicking back and even debating on pulling out some whiskey to celebrate on his own. The fire helped keep the cold away and the snow cave kept him out of the wind, so he thought he was fairly well hidden. But the one thing he didn't bother to do was cover his tracks, and today no new snow fell from the skies to cover his trail, so when he heard a female voice pipe up, he lifted a brow and turned to regard who was speaking. His smile turned sweet despite the words falling from his lips, "Well, well... Mrs. Claus come to the toys rescue." He hooked his boot in the bag's strap and pulled it closer to the fire pit blazing brightly. "I would say stop where you are, or the toys get it..." In fact, with no other ideas since he had been tracked, he held his ground sitting by the fire and let his eyes roam up the lady's legs, smirking at her choice of attire--perhaps a present for Santa to unwrap when he was done.

Mrs. Claus watched the man drawing the sack towards himself by the fire, a look of concern crossing her features as the bag inched closer and closer to the heated flames. It was a wonder the bag didn't catch fire as close as it was, but it didn't burn...yet. She had no idea just what his intent was, nor why he wanted the toys to begin with, but judging by his comment of her coming to 'rescue the toys,' she assumed that he was up to no good. "Listen, I don't know who you are or what you intend to do--or why for that matter--but the right thing would be for you to turn that bag of toys over to me so I can take them home to Santa before Christmas is over and he can deliver them to the children. What do you say?" Mrs. Claus stepped closer, putting her hand out to him as if indicating that she wanted him to hand the bag over to her so she could be on her way, even putting a smile on to reassure him of her good intent. He was smiling, too, but something about his smile put her ill at ease--like it was dirty or tainted--but she kept hers friendly and gave him a nod as if to say 'go ahead.'

Evil Santa looked down at the offered hand like she just slapped him in the face. Instead of handing the bag over, he plucked it from the snow and held it aloft over the fire. "I'd say step back unless you want to see all the elves' hard work go up in smoke." Making sure she knew that her good cheer and helping hand was not welcome, his eyes stayed locked on hers between drifting down her curves to keep her body in sight. No doubt she felt his hungry eyes nearly undressing her right beside him as he held the bag up high enough not to burn yet, but low enough that, watching it all happen, she could see the bottom of the bag beginning to smoke. "I have a deal for you, then, since you're so intent on saving Christmas..." He pulled the sack away from the fire and plopped it down out of her reach at his side. "Get on the furs or I'll toss it in without a second thought." His smile turned from leering to dangerous, still clutching the strap of the toy bag in his hand while he waited to see if Mrs. Claus was someone to make deals with.

Mrs. Claus' smile disappeared as she watched him holding the bag over the fire, even barking out a quick 'No!' as she started to lunge for it, but the heat was too much and she stepped back, seeing him lower it even more just to show how serious he was in following through on his threat. Mrs. Claus took another step back, her hands held up in front of her, "Ok. Ok..." The way he was looking at her made her feel uncomfortable, like she was standing there nude, and though her outfit was revealing, she was covered everywhere she was supposed to be. Besides, he had no right looking at her like that--she was married to Mr. Claus! As if confirming her thoughts, he made a proposal that made her jaw drop in shock. He wanted her to what?! Her look turned angry and she crossed her arms under her large bosom, "I beg your pardon? I will do no such thing! You will do the right thing on Christmas day and give those toys back right this instant! How dare you suggest that I... That I would... Well, I just... I simply couldn't!" Her deep blue eyes glared at him, her cheeks flushing both from the cold and from her outrage, but also at embarrassment that he would even suggest such a thing.

Evil Santa smirked as she found some more bluster in trying to tell him it was his Christmas duty to return the toys. He had been forgotten for countless years every Christmas, but tonight would be different. He was going to get a gift one way or the other, and right now he saw the present he wanted all wrapped in red with white trim. "I didn't suggest anything, lady. I said get on the furs unless you want me to burn the bag and piss on the ashes." He lifted the sack once more and pulled it back over the blazing fire, watching her blue eyes closely as his arm lowered just a little and some of the red fabric of the sack started turning black in spots, smoldering slightly as he renewed his threat. This time waited for her to move her sassy ass like he told her to, or this was going to be a very short Christmas. "What's it gonna be, blondie? My way or not?" He gave her time, letting her mull it over as the sack started smoking again with seconds ticking by, the sac coming ever closer to catching fire.

Mrs. Claus realized it was entirely up to her to save Christmas and her time was running short. He wasn't bluffing. She saw the bag start to blacken and smolder over the fire. Her eyes grew wider as her mind raced for an idea, but nothing came to her. Her only option was to comply with his demands. Raising her hands once again in compliance, she stammered out, "Ok-ok-ok! Just, please...don't burn the toys. I'll do as you ask." Tearing her eyes away from the sack to look at him, then drifting them over to the furs piled at the back of the cave, she gave a heavy sigh and strolled behind his chair, the heat of the fire warming her chilled backside as she made her way around it, the scent of burning cloth lingering in the air.

Evil Santa smiled as she finally walked to the fur pile in the snow cave. Taking the sack away from the flames, he set it back into the snow with an audible hiss of heat cooling quickly in the snow beneath. He rose to his feet to step between Mrs. Claus and the toy bag, resting his booted heel against the bottom of the sack so she could see that with one kick back, he would spill it right into the fire. Now that he had her attention fully, he snapped his fingers, chewing his bottom lip as he stared back at her. "Turn around. Show off the goods." He grinning wickedly while he waited for her to give him a little preview of his gift. Yeah, he was taking this one. Santa Claus be damned. "I'd say the fat man has it good. Elves to do the work and his Missus to work on him." He stepped close--close enough to slide his hands down her sides before hooking his fingers in the furred hem of her dress. With a pull he exposed her cheeks, just enough to get a peek, with the toy bag well out of reach without having going around him first. "Mmm, Santa is a lucky fucker."

Mrs. Claus let out a sigh of relief when he finally set the bag down and stepped over to join her, but he kept his boot on the bag as though showing her how easily her could just shove it into the fire should she decide to recant her agreement. Mrs. Claus's eyes darted from the dark Santa to the bag and back to him again waiting to see what he would do. She balked at his demands, "Show off..? What?!" When he just stood there waiting, knowing she was only pretending ignorance, she flushed brighter but turned slowly, feeling his leering gaze traveling up and down her body taking in every dip and curve of her form. When she came back around full circle, she lifted her arms outwards and dropped them back down to slap against her hips. "There. Satisfied?" Clearly he was not, because he stepped closer, his hands slipping up along her legs to her dress, lifting it to expose her ass cheeks as he leaned around her for a better view. Mrs. Claus lifted her head, trying to maintain her pride even when being violated, reminding herself that she was doing this for the children of the world and to save Christmas. Still, her bottom lip quivered and her eyes turned liquidy in the flickering fire light.

Evil Santa lifted a brow as he teased her dress, finding her feigned ignorance as to what he wanted for Christmas amusing. "No. I'm not...satisfied." Almost as if to illustrate his words, he reached up and grabbed the front of her fur trimmed dress and yanked it down, exposing her breasts to the cold air, letting the garment fall away. His hand alighted on the top of her red hat and he pushed, buckling Mrs. Claus down to her knees with a victorious smirk etched on his lips. "Now, I know that Mrs. Claus is no stranger...to sucking candy canes..." With a flick of his fingers he unbuckled his belt, letting his black pants fall open to show Mrs. Claus what she was getting into. Her husband, of course, was a fat man, and with a belly like his, most of Santa's dick would be buried. Evil Santa, however, was trim, rippled and standing right before her there on her knees with his 'candy cane' hanging out in plain sight. He licked his lips once and rubbed the head of it right across her cheek. "Go on.. Show me how much you love candy canes."

Mrs. Claus let out a gasping cry, shocked at his actions. She'd known he was going to ask something lewd from her, but she was completely unprepared for his sudden attack to her clothes. Her dress came apart in a rip of fabric, her heavy breasts toppling out with a bounce. Mrs. Claus stumbled back when the clothes were jerked from her ample frame and she made to cover herself, one arm crossing over her breasts--almost uselessly as they were far too large to hide--the other hand dipping down to cover her sex. Though it was cold outside, the snow starting to blow again past the mouth of the cave, it was warm in here with the fire burning brightly, but still she shivered in fear and shame. The dark man stepped in to close the distance again and she would have made to ward him off, but she didn't want to relinquish her modest covering, so she just stood there, staring at him with wide eyes like a frightened reindeer. Those big blue eyes dropped to his hand at the sound of his zipper opening and they opened impossibly wider seeing his thick cock falling free of his black pants. Mrs. Claus's ruby lips parted in a soft gasp of surprise and when she felt his hand on her head, guiding her to the floor, she tore her sight away to look up at him. As if making her perform for him just to get the toys back wasn't bad enough, he flopped his cock over her cheek, taunting her, making her do it on her own volition. Her eyes welled up, the tears shimmering just behind her lashes like shimmering pools and she blinked to hold them back as she opened her mouth and slipped her lips over the head of his cock.

Evil Santa lifted a brow not because she had tears welling up but rather because she dutifully opened her mouth and suckled the tip of his dick, gingerly at first--or so it would seem to him. He knew she acted like she didn't want to, but other women might have put up a little more fight. With a shrug of his shoulders, he dropped his coat free, letting it fall behind him first before he went to one knee and rolled to his back. Then his hand rose to the back of her neck and clamped down before pulling the gasping Mrs. Claus to the ground with him until the fat head prodded at her mouth again and she felt him shoving her face down that shaft at least halfway. "Come on... Doesn't my candy cane feel better than Santa's, Mrs. Claus?" He chuckled as he held on, falling back on the furs but at the same time keeping hold of her neck to bob those pretty ruby lips up and down his thick length, Turning his head down to watch his own personal Claus sucking his cock. Even if the toys were out of immediate danger, he was still taking that pretty mouth of hers with every push of his hand jamming it down his fat shaft. "Take it deep. Uhnnn... I know you can do it!" Soon his hand pulled and pushed, slipping her lips up and down his swelling girth that was growing hotter even in the cold. The heat of him pulsed between her lips and little rocks of his hips sent more of his rod into that mouth slurping over his dick. "Nnn, that's it. Be a good little helper and you'll get the toys back after you make me cum."

Mrs. Claus looked up as he shrugged out of his jacket and she saw that he had nothing on underneath. She was stunned to see just how built he was--indeed, the opposite of Santa in every way. The man in black slipped from her lips as she sank to the fur beside her, lying out on his back to get more comfortable. This would have been the perfect opportunity for her to have grabbed the toys and bolted, but she was so enraptured by his beauty that she didn't even think about it until it was too late. Once comfortable, he grabbed the back of her head and yanked her back down to his crotch, pushing her face to his swaying cock. Mrs. Claus cried out, her hands slapping to his hips to brace her decent, but her face still bumped into the hot flesh of his shaft, filling her nose with his scent. She squirmed and whimpered, starting to wonder if she'd made the right decision, but her eyes lifted and she saw the bag of toys by the fire, the top having come loose so that a few items spilled out--a doll, a race car, even a baseball--and she choked back a sob, swallowing first her pride then his cock again. As soon as he felt the heat of her mouth around the head, his hips lifted, pushing more of himself into the wet cavern. Mrs. Claus kept her eyes on those toys as she sucked and slurped his rod, pulling at it with the suction of her lips as she drew back, then slipping her tongue back and fourth over the length each time she slipped back down.

Evil Santa exhaled as he felt those lips descend his dick once more, firmly keeping his grasp on the blond wife of Santa Claus, himself, reveling in the fact that she was already slurping down thick meat like she was starting to enjoy herself...or at least pretending. "That fat bastard must not do you right. Looks like you needed a nice thick one in your mouth, just like any slut." With a grunt he popped her mouth free of his dick, rolling the busty bride onto her back before his knee lifted and he mounted her body in a huff. Pressing his fat shaft between those ample tits, his fingers reaching down to clamp and pull at her nipples before he began fucking her cleavage with his spit-slicked cock right there by firelight. Looking down at the face of Mrs. Claus, he grinned like the devil sealing the deal for someone's soul. His hands kneaded and pressed her boobs together, fucking the tight slide of flesh as his cock head poked from the valley between her breasts and popped slightly against her chin and lips. "Maybe I was wrong. You don't suck dick very well. I think Santa needs to train you better." Taunting her on purpose, seeing what kind of reaction he might get, he fucked her tits on the furs with fingers searching for her swollen nipples in a tight pinch. The feel of his holding on to them sparked her senses as he rocked, slid, and stuffed his thick shaft between her tits. Holding her pinned by his weight alone, the feel of big balls smacked against her skin every time he stroked his cock in tight between her breasts. "I might do some training for him...show his wife how to suck a cock properly." He lifted a brow as he kept fucking those tits, "Or maybe Santa just forgot to show you how to suck a candy cane right."

Mrs. Claus had thought she was doing a good job with her mouth--pretending, as he'd said, that she was sucking a huge candy cane. At his words, her eyes grew wide again and her cheeks glowed brightly in the firelight, the embarrassment of his filthy words burning all the way to her ears. When he pulled from her pursed, suckling lips, she gasped and looked at him, stunned. He hadn't cum yet... Why did he stop? All he'd wanted was for her to make him cum... And then her world was upended and she was on her back with the wind knocked from her lungs. Mrs. Claus watched him crawling over her naked body and she want to raise her arms to ward him off, but his strong legs pinned them down to her sides as he edge his hips up, resting his pelvis right against her breasts. The man's huge hands clasped to the outsides of her tits, mashing them together and trapping his cock between them. Never before had she been so humiliated and she laid her head back, closing her eyes against the tears that threatened to come once again. Still, it could be worse. And if he got off using her breasts, he would give her the toys and let her go. So she endured the degradation, feeling that thick rod of meat sliding between her fleshy mounds until the head popped from between them and pressed against the underside of her chin, tilting her head backwards. She whimpered and squeezed her eyes shut tighter, a tear trickling past her lashes in the corner to roll down her cheek and pool in her ear. Then, as if to add injury to insult, his fingers reached and clasped her nipples in a tight pinch, drawing a loud cry from her as her wet eyes flew back open to look right up at him hovering over her. "You bast-" Her words were cut off as he twisted, pulling them harder and she let out another pained cry as her back arched against the pain, "AHH! Stop! Please! You're hurting me!" He didn't stop, though. He just leered down at her, her cries inspiring him to abuse her even more.

Evil Santa hadn't planned on abusing her too badly, but when she cried out, stopping mid-sentence from him pinching her nipples hard and tight, the idea of making her scream just brought his balls to jumping from the idea. New vigor at her cries making him fuck her meaty boobs even faster and her own spit on his cock slickened up the passage between her full round orbs so that he could pop the head against her chin. The sight of her tearing up just made him leer all the more. Mrs. Claus, full of humility, was now his and being degraded by the fat dick plowing between her tits. The hold of his fingers firmed up, pinching tighter as his bucking strokes sent her breasts bouncing and the weight of her own mounds tugged and pulled her tender buds. He had to do nothing more than clasp her nipples hard and use his thrusts to jar and bounce those melons through the heated shoves of beef pumping between her breasts. "Aww, does it hurt? Santa doesn't fuck you hard enough to jingle your bells, bitch?" Gritting his teeth through a wicked sadistic grin looming overhead, the feel of heavy nuts rasped and stroked just under her bosom. His fingers twisted until two clasped at the sides of her nipples--one hand on each teat--and while he fucked those tits, his thumb tip pressed and teased the very ends of her buds, even creasing his thumbnails right at the tips of her nipples as he fucked those meaty globes.

Mrs. Claus had never felt such pain. Santa never treated her this way in all their years together. They had only ever made love, never such degradation. This man was more than a Grinch--he was evil and twisted. So why was she getting wet? Denying it even to herself, the man abusing her mistaking her utterances for arguments, she muttered, "Nononono..." She couldn't be getting aroused. It was impossible! The idea horrified her even more than the abuse he was delivering and she let out a wracking sob, the tears trailing down the same path along her cheeks their predecessors had left behind. Her sobs were laced by cries of outraged pain every time he pinched or pulled or twisted her sore, reddened nipples. Wanting to shut him up, she argued, even using Santa's real name, "Kris doesn't... He never... We only ever..." She was so confused, so flustered, that she couldn't even think of what to say. The only thing she could concentrate on was his fingers tormenting her cherry gumdrop nipples on the tops of her breasts and his North Pole sliding between them.

Evil Santa suddenly lifted, releasing her nipples as his hand dropped and he lifted his blond prize, that hand sliding behind her neck to hold her body upright before he slid the other down all the way between those blushing thighs. "Never? Then why are you drenched, you elven whore?" To make his point, his fingers stuffed in hard, cramming her cunt full of two digits in a rush before he curled his hand back into a deep pump of his fingers gliding in and out of her blushing slit. "Feel that slide, Mrs. Claus? Feel how slippery you are already at being treated like any other woman in the world?" He leaned in and turned his face so he could stare right at hers gasping from the sudden intrusion of his fingers drifting inside that pink pussy. "That's your tight little cunt, juicy and slick because Kris never fucked you like this." He only needed to torment her a little, because what he was after required her honey to be smeared all over her pussy. Letting her juices leak down between flushed cheeks, her nectar flowed lightly into the crack of that pale ass with his fingers fucking her tight little snatch with every push and pull of his arm. "Don't worry, Mrs. Claus. I'll give the toys back soon as I am done getting my present!" He bit his lower lip and forced his arm to pump faster, sliding those two fingers in hard and lifting his entire hand to make her lips chuckle wetly from the rapid up and down shimmy of his digits stirring that cunt into a juicy wreck. Holding her by the back of the neck, he made his gift cry out from the wild tumult of his hand pumping up and down and pulling into a long stroke of thick fingers gliding back and pushing in with a wet squish. His dick was absolutely swollen, laying against her bare thigh while he fingered her little cunny like she was nothing more than a mortal woman out in the snow covered forest.

Mrs. Claus rose in confusion yet again. Why did he keep stopping when all he wanted to do was cum? Her mouth wasn't enough...her breasts weren't enough... What, then, did he..? Her thought broke off as it suddenly dawned on her exactly what it was he wanted. He didn't just want to cum...he wanted to cum violating her in every way he could fathom. "Oh god, no!" Suddenly aware of what his intentions really were, she shoved at him, trying to push him away, but his strong arm clenched against her back, his left hand holding her neck, and his right hand slammed between her thighs, forcing two fingers between her glistening, dripping folds drawing a cry of anguish from her lips. "Nooooo pleeeeease!" Mrs. Claus' head fell back, his arm the only thing keeping her from collapsing to the ground, "Stop. Please, no!" All the toys in the world weren't worth this humiliation. The winds howling outside the cave did nothing to drown her cries. They even seemed to cry along with her, their mournful sound like a backdrop to the tears that now streamed down her cheeks. Despite all her begging and crying, her cunt sloshed wetly around his fingers, disproving that she wanted him to stop. If he didn't know any better, he'd swear she was loving every fucking minute of this. Still, she beat her fists against his arm and chest. "Stop! Please! You can...you can keep the toys... Just please...please let me go!" Mrs. Claus sobbed again, a pathetic, mewling cry, but even as she did her hips started rocking, stirred by the savage pumping of his fingers into her tingling pussy.

Evil Santa jerked his probing fingers out of her cunt, lifting them in a hard jam of his digits to stuff her mewling mouth full so she could taste herself on his fingers. "Now she gets the idea. Took your whore ass long enough." He jerked the back of her neck and pulled her off kilter just enough to make her feel like she might fall but with his hand clamped tight she wasn't going anywhere. And when he slipped his fingers out of her mouth and tried to stuff them back in her drooling snatch, her fighting struggles closed her thighs. His hand smacked once...twice...and on the third swat to her inner thigh, he just pried her legs apart and rammed his fingers back in. "Fine, you mewling bitch. I'll let you cum once, then I'll get mine." No one else was coming to save her. She was alone out here thinking to save the day, and now she was being finger-banged like a high school cheerleader on the back of the bus. His hand sped up, knuckles thunking her lips repeatedly with those digits curling to grind over that spot inside with every fevered stroke of his hand pistoning back and forth, those juicy pink lips blushing so much that they were damn near red. "It's okay. Let yourself go, slut. I'll make you cum on them and then we'll see how much your other holes last before getting filled with my cream." It was obvious he wasn't going to stop by now. The fervor with which he banged her little cunt sent honey flying everywhere as he fucked that pussy with his hand to force Mrs. Claus into an orgasm. Not relenting one bit, the hand at her neck clamped tighter as he kept the rattling jam of his fingers going through her every cry or sound., making this blond bimbo squirm from being fingered so roughly that he was trying to force the cum from her pussy by sheer speed alone. "Tasty..."

Mrs. Claus gasped as his fingers roughly pulled from her sloppy cunt, dripping with her own nectar. Mrs. Claus choked and gagged on his thick digits as they were shoved into her mouth, pressing down on her tongue into her throat so that she nearly wretched on them. Her own essence was slathered over her tongue, the taste unavoidable, and though it wasn't unpleasant, it was something she'd never tasted before, something she'd never done before, and the whole idea of him making her taste her own pussy juices made her cry harder. His grip on her loosened and she toppled back with a screech, her arm clinging to him instead of beating at him to steady herself, but then he righted her again. The whole jostling of her body had her legs flailing about and with her hand between her lips, she clamped her thighs together tightly in hopes of keeping him out. Sharp slaps stung her thighs, making her jump and wince, and finally cry out again each time his wide, flat hand connected with her soft, pale skin, turning it a bright shade of pink. Then his hand lifted and his fingers, flat, straight, and held closed together, drove between her meaty thighs like a wedge, forcing them apart with a twisting shove. He was so fast, she didn't even have time to try and close them again before he was knuckle-deep back in her cunt, twisting, pumping, curling his fingers inside her quivering tunnel. "NOOOOO!" Contrary to her cries, her hips lifted from the furs, humping at his hand as though her mind no longer had control of her own body. The trees outside rustled, snow falling from branches, as the birds and animals hiding in them fled at the sounds of her cries. Soon her arguments melted into grunts as his fingers curled inside of her, brushing the tips over the sweet spot inside of her that Kris had never found. "NNngggg!"

Evil Santa growled as he made her ride out the building storm on his fingers, driving in to the knuckles and making this cute buxom bitch spread her legs for more. She was freaking dripping by the time he pulled his fingers from those sopping wet lips to take his pants down in a rush. And as she tried to get away, before she could get a single foot from him, he snatched hold of her hair and pulled back to bring her to her very knees. "Nnnm, now this makes it all worth it..." He was still hard and livid, that fat dick pressing up from behind. A nice man might have waited--taken a moment to savor the sight of her naked cunt splayed open from his ravaging fingers--but he was not a nice man. Instead, the hold of her hair served as his handle to pull her back right onto his swollen cock, wincing as he split wet lips with his shaft driving in and filling her more completely than his fingers alone could accomplish. Once his cock was inside the whining Mrs. Claus, though, he took his time, feeling her through with the slow slide of fat dick spreading her like warm butter. Evil Santa made that cunt dribble just from the heft of fat length sliding inside to stretch those walls around his invading member as it ground back and forth. His lip curled into a snarl and she could feel his intensity just from the slow purposeful grind of thick meat pushing in and out. It wasn't mercy--he just wanted to savor his gift properly before he tore it to shreds. "Hff... Nnn... That's a man's dick inside you, Jingle Belle, not some candy-coated husband!" That cock crept back and forth, literally drawing out the orgasmic sensations through her quivering walls that were hugging and sucking at his cock with each glide back and forth. The smile on his face melted away slowly, his jaw falling slack and his lips parting. "Damn...fucking...tight!" His fingers had been nothing in comparison. Now stuffed full of male, she could fully appreciate--or endure, more likely--his cock. The hand holding her blond hair tightly pulled back, sinking that cunt down the length of hard meat stroking her tunnel.

Nothing could have prepared Mrs. Claus for the feel of his thick, hot shaft pressing into her, spreading her slick, wet lips with his cock head to cram her full of man meat. When he'd flipped her over to crawl up behind her, she tried scrambling away, crawling on hands and knees to escape his clutches, but she never got more than a couple of inches away before his talon-like grasp locked around her hair and dragged her back to him like a cat toying with its prey. And now her cunt was spread open wide, pried apart by a pole the likes of which Santa could only dream about. Mrs. Claus groaned despite herself when he bottomed out inside of her, his hips pressed flush against her round, plump ass, his balls resting against her throbbing, aching clit. Her red-tipped fingers curled in the furs, drawing them to her, and she clenched her eyes with her jaw hanging open, panting, moaning...loving the feel of him moving inside of her. "No. No. NO!" She couldn't enjoy this! She didn't want this. To hell with the toys, this was her body! Her dignity! He couldn't take it from her! Her grip on the furs tightened and she tried to use them as leverage to pull herself away, pressing her knees into the ground to crawl away, but his grip on her hips was tight, clenched in her flesh, drawing her back and back again onto his shaft. Mrs. Claus sobbed again, crying out, begging him to stop, "Please! Please don't fuck me! I don't want your cock in me! Please get it out! Nooooo!" Even as she begged you, her cunt clenched are your shaft, fluttering in her fear and her panic, sending pleasurable sensations along your shaft to your spine.

Evil Santa didn't want to say anything, but the way she begged turned him on so much that even if he had been thinking about it--even if he had been toying with the idea--he could not, would not get out of that cunt! She felt too fucking good as she tried crawling away, but the heft of her hair in his hand prevented any kind of escape. And just in case she was thinking of trying to wriggle away again, he grabbed her by the hip and jerked her down to the furs underneath their bodies moving in tandem. He lifted her leg over his before the first real stroke spurred her pussy to life. More than just grinding it inside her cunt now, his entire length started pumping her pussy with heated lunges of his hips stuffing that hole relentlessly hard. "Hnnn... Don't...don't you want to save Christmas, bitch? Think of little Johnny and Janine sitting by the tree with nothing underneath! Maybe we'll even throw your cum soaked dress into the bag so Santa can find it!" He didn't care if she stayed spread open for him. With that dick inside, he was in heaven and finally getting some North Pole action with the most exclusive pussy on the planet. One hand pushed under her body, cupping her breast so he could pluck and pull her swollen nipple while he rammed that cock harder inside her aching cunt, loving the way her muscles fluttered when she whined for him to pull out...like that was gonna fucking happen. Breathing on her from behind, the ragged inhales of breath rasped past her ear each time he shoved his cock to the hilt inside those blushing lips. His heavy balls clapped--not smacked, not popped--but fucking clapped her clit with the rise of his desires growing too white hot to ignore any longer. She was his, even if only for one damn time, but he was gonna leave her filled with his seed if it was the last thing he would do. "Nnngh... Fuck yes. Come on. Keep whining like a teenager. Keep begging me to pull it out!" Panting behind her head, he threw himself hips-first between her thighs, slamming that snatch with all the fury he could muster holding her down to the furs with him.

Mrs. Claus dropped to the floor having no choice with his hand grasping her hair like a rider using horse's main to steer it. Wincing, she gasped, her face turning to the ground, her tears wetting the furs beneath them both. Her long, stockinged leg lifted in his grip, spreading her and baring her sex to the heated air of the cave leaving her feeling even more exposed, more vulnerable than she had felt all night. His taunts brought her more shame, thinking of the children she'd forsaken just to get out of this. At the reminder, her head lifted peered at the sack of toys by the fire that had started this whole degrading encounter. What would the children think if they knew the cost of getting their toys on Christmas night? But they would never know. No one would ever know except the two of them. His hot breath enveloped her neck and she shivered at the intimacy of it as she felt the girth of his cock spreading her lips back open, the length slipping in easily from her dripping arousal, bubbling around his shaft over her glistening pink folds. Between the crackling and popping of the fire she could hear him moving inside her of, shluck-shluck-shluck, the mushing, gushing wetness dribbling onto her inner thigh. The dark man's hand slipped around her ribcage, cupping her breast to toy with her nipples again and that was all it took to send her over the edge she'd not even known she was dancing on. The double stimulation of her cunt being fucked raw by a man she didn't know combined with the teasing, toying, pinching, plucking, fondling of her nipples snapped something inside of her and like two live wires being brought together, sparks flew and lightning arched and she gasped, her body going rigid against him. Mrs. Claus' head jerked from the floor and she wailed, gasping, panting, her cunt spasming around his driving shaft as her climax raged through her like the blowing winds outside of the cave. "AHHHHH FUCK!!"

Evil Santa went completely wide eyed. He wasn't trying to make her cum, but holy shit, when she did he almost felt like he was about to be blown from her cunt with her juices squirting over his balls. The wet sounds just made him reel, his mind swimming in a sea of lust so deep he wondered if he could ever fuck another person this damn good! He lurched upright and lifted the big breasted Mrs. Claus over a furred pillow, throwing her legs wide before cramming his cock back inside her juicy pussy still slurking with wet noises every time he plunged his cock inside her heated core. The angle of her ached back held her open--not like it would have mattered anyway. His lusts were so fucking topped he couldn't begin to fathom his dick outside of her pussy ever again. The hard jab of his hips sent her body sliding backwards until his hands slapped heartily down over her tits to hold on. Violently fucking her right through her orgasm, he felt his shaft swelling inside the tight hole that was gripping, suckling, pulling at his cock. Hammering Mrs. Claus harder, his edge coming closer, he couldn't focus. His hands went from her breasts, down to her hips, and back to her tits again, catching her arm, or pushing her down against the pillow so that the furious shoves of meat bounded and rolled her boobs every time he stuffed her full of cock. One hand lifted, swatting her tit from the side before the other clamped down and squeezed hard enough that her nipple poked from the circle of his clasped finger and thumb bearing down on her like that. For the first time since he started abusing her body, raping her for the safety of the toys, she could feel his cock growing harder...feel it swelling so fucking tight that it was throbbing inside her cunt. A thick lurch of precum slathered her walls only to add to the juices making his dick sink inside her like a well oiled engine shaft and just as fucking vibrant and wild. "Oh gods... Fffffuuuuucccck...!"

Mrs. Claus was just as surprised as he was by her orgasm, and she sobbed when she realized that she had cum. This wasn't supposed to happen! She didn't want this--didn't want it to feel so fucking good--but his cock was just so amazing that her body reacted to it like a siren song. Even when he flipped her to her back she was cumming still and his cock didn't miss a beat inside her, pumping right through every wave, every roll of pleasure that coursed through her veins. His hands were everywhere, touching, pinching, pulling, grasping, mauling her body in his crazed lust, those hips ceaselessly pounding at her snatch forcing gushing torrents of her cunt from her slit around his shaft. Mrs. Claus' head hung down over the edge of the pillow, still crying out her orgasmic pleasure, and even as it crested, his unbelievably deep thrusts stirred inside her, banging and brushing over her g-spot, stirring her up yet again so that her hips lurched off the ground and forced him deeper still, the muscled ring in her entrance gripping, pulling, the walls sucking at his cock, milking his cum from his balls, pulling that orgasm right out of him. She felt him swell, heard his cries, and she knew this was the payment required of her to get back the toys. The heat of his cum splashed her womb, jetting stream after stream of cum inside her, filling her belly to slosh inside. Her eyes opened and she watched him, seeing him look down at her face as he came, drinking in the visual of her lying beneath him as he filled her with his creamy frosting.

Evil Santa lost all senses. His eyes blurred and ears rang. The only thing keeping him grounded was his cock still lodged in Mrs. Claus' pussy. He was a shaking wreck, still keeping his dick inside her quaking snatch but only because he didn't want to stop just yet. A few more strokes tugged the last drops of his release to melt with the rest of his cream flooding her tunnel with gooey frosting. With a wet squelch, he pulled out in a trickle of cum dribbling from his cock head. He grinned as he positioned his dick right over her clit, letting the mingled juices dab down her swollen pink clit, still inflamed from the rough fucking she just received. While she was still laying spread and gasping for breath, he put his clothes back on. Knowing full well she would dress after he left, he leaned down to pull her dress from the furs, wiping his cum and her juices down the belly of the dress she had been wearing so that Santa would catch a nice sex stain if she didn't change quickly enough. He tossed her dress over her cunt, hoping the fabric soaked up more cum before she could come to her senses. "Hmmm... Next year I'm gonna kidnap Rudolph so I can fuck your ass when you come looking to rescue him." He laughed as he strolled away, leaving her there to pick up both herself and the toy bag he had left behind. It was a merry fucking Christmas, after all.

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