The Natives Are Restless


I've been on this huge photography kick lately. Not only am I taking pics to accompany RP, I'm also taking them just for the sheer fun of it. I'm also teaching myself how to edit and use the lighting within SL, so its just been all-around creative fun.

On this day I had been taking solo shots of Alesh dressed as a Native American since she looks so much like one to me. Plus her name is Native American for 'she plays all the time' or 'she always plays,' depending on where you look it up, so I found it fitting. I'd also purchased native garb for Zuriel to role play with some day (I should have bought him some better hair, though; the wig that came with the costume is just yuck). That day had arrived, apparently, once he saw how beautiful Alesh looked. We first did a photo shoot together, then as we were wrapping up we sort of just...fell into RP. Because of the weird transition, I've left the pre-RP chat in the story (yeah, it's another one of those odd beginnings). In this story, Zuriel refers to himself as the 'white red man' because of the facial hair on his avatar's skin.

See the full photo shoot at The Natives Are Restless
See the solo pics of Alesh at Native Aleshanee

The Natives are Restless

Alesh: Ok. I got 36 pics of us to work with. I think that's good, no?

Zuriel: Yeah, I think that's a grand number...lol

Alesh: Thank you for humoring me with them.

Zuriel winked. "Not a problem. And look...you got naked without me having to tear your clothes off..."

Alesh smirked. "Careful. I do have a bow and a hatchet somewhere... Oh shit, I lost them in the woods. Hmm..."

Zuriel: Mmhmm right now I'm the one who is armed...hehe

Alesh laughed.

Zuriel grinned. "And you are nothing but the hot little Indian girl, naked, and alone with the white red man."

Alesh looked down demurely, blushing. "I am naked, sir, because I was brutally attacked in the woods. Now that I found you, I was hoping that you would help me, not take advantage of a distressed woman in need."

Zuriel licked his lips, tugging that body a little closer just to feel her against him. "Oh, I am guessing that some wicked man attacked you in the woods and left you for me to find, eh?" He smiled knowingly, running his fingers her through raven hair. "Besides, you know as well as I do, Indians trade. Just remember, deals are between equals and the thing you are looking for is called 'terms.'"

Alesh shook her head, her eyes focusing on the pond behind him in her confusion. "I know not what you speak of. Why would anyone leave me for you to find? I barely escaped with my life, lost my weapons, lost my..." She blushed and went to cover herself as she remembered her nudity, but stopped when she realized just how close against his own body he had pulled her so that she had no room to cover anything of herself. "Are you saying that you traded something with these men to leave me for you?" Her eyes widened in stunned disbelief as the idea came to her, that he would be so cruel.

Zuriel grinned looking right into her eyes. The stunned expression was priceless but she was in no way right in her guess. "I am very capable of hunting my own fun, even when it comes to lost loveliness in the forest." Strong hands held her close; he was not about to let her go after she brazenly wandered so close to him. She was caught, but now he had to figure out what to do with her despite his desires screaming at him to savor her like a fine piece of venison.

Alesh seemed to think that perhaps she'd misunderstood him and dared a small smile, turning to look and point into the woods. "Then you shall help me, yes? Go and find these men that attacked me so that they can bring no harm to anyone else! They were wicked, evil men. They must be stopped!" As she spoke, Alesh made to pull away, but his grip held her fast, keeping her tightly against his body. Her gaze settled first on his hands then to his eyes. "Please let me go now. I shall find my way home. And perhaps my clothes along the way. You have your weapon. You can go hunt these vermin down and prevent further harm from coming to our tribe."

Zuriel stared long and hard at her face, making sure she saw his silvered eyes staring back at her. "You also know the laws of our tribe, do you not?" Suddenly his hand lurched up to grab dark locks of hair tightly. His other moved to the antler horn-handled bowie knife at his belt and he drew the blade in a quick jerk to rest right against the crook of her throat. "If it was left in the forest or the plains, any man may lay claim to the prize." Slowly he slipped down to his feet, keeping the sharp blade at the ready so that he could guide her steps beyond the rocks, strolling her right through the leaves towards his cache of furs laying out already. Apparently he had been hunting these woods a few days, but instead of deer, he found her--already skinned and bare with her succulent parts exposed. "I think I'll lay claim where those other men failed..."

Alesh's eyes went wide but she held his gaze steadily, even with the blade of the knife held under her chin. She was not afraid--not of this man. Alesh had fought the others. She would fight him, too. But now was not the time--not when he had her at a disadvantage. And if she couldn't fight now, then she wold get her revenge later. That thought kept her strong...kept her pride in tact...kept her resolve together. She silently followed him to the furs set a distance away, her head held high and her back straight. Still, when they stopped, she looked to dissuade him with wisdom over force, "I am no prize. I am a huntress. One that was out numbered and over powered--caught at a disadvantage. I sought help and only found more harm. Would you lower yourself to these common creatures that you would take me, as well? Were you not taught better by your fathers and their fathers before them?"

Zuriel dropped his bow before making it to the fur pile, listening to her words. And, yes, they did sting, but he was also a wily one. He lifted her chin with the blade and stole a look right back into her eyes, "My elders taught me the best way to catch a lioness was to first bait her with comfort." With no weapons of her own she was severely at a disadvantage, and since she had nothing but her wits and strength, it was only fair for him to lose his weapons, as well. He pulled his knife away from her throat and flicked it with a thunk into a tree trunk well away from the furs, then he turned on her fully, pushing her down to the soft bedding as he crawled over her frame. Instead of violating her, his hand caressed, stroking her belly, laying his chest against hers before he spoke. "They also taught me it is better to make the mountain lioness fall in love with you before her claws and teeth find your throat in your sleep."

Alesh trusted this man less and less. His tongue was sharp and he spoke like it was coated in honey, and that made her nervous. She did breathe a silent sigh of relief when his blade was pulled away from her throat and slung into a nearby tree, but she still did not move. Only her eyes searched, watching him move, watching him pace before her as he spoke. 'Now!' her mind screamed at her, 'Now is the time to make your move! He has no weapon. You are free of his grasp. Run while you can!' Alesh stood her ground, even as he stepped in close to grab her shoulders and press her back onto the ground. There was no logic to it, no explanation as to why she stayed, but she did not fight him as he crawled over her body, pinning her to the soft furs under her back. Her eyes looked deep into his, their gaze wavering, and she stated, "A lioness is wild. Despite her love, she will still tear your throat out if you threaten to harm her." Her hands slipped up between their bodies, palms flat against his broad chest as though to ward him off, yet one leg slipped up over his, contradicting her resistance.

 Zuriel smiled as his eyes searched hers, slipping one strong arm under her back to pull the wild lioness upright as he rose to his knees beside her lovely frame. That free hand lifted and easily stroked, touched, and rolled lightly over the swell of her chest with just skin gliding over skin. His other arm held fast but not rough--more stern and confident--as he held her up and watched her face while touching her bare body. "That's why you do not threaten the lioness. Maybe get her attention, but after that..." Slowly his hand slipped down her bare belly. He knew she had the perfect chance to claw at him, but he was banking on his own pride and strength right now. The faintest glide of nails along her inner thigh brushed her flesh but they did not invade her body. Instead, every tingling slide or caress drifted closer and closer, but with his eyes locked on hers, he would ease back or press further while watching the lioness glower on her butt.

Alesh was no kitten. She did not scamper and play and attack every ball of fluff that blew past on a breath of wind. She lay in wait, watching, waiting for her opportunity, silently assessing her situation...debating if it was worth the fight, after all. Alesh rose to sitting as he slipped from her body to sit beside her, only her eyes inching to the side, keeping him in her vision. A slight smirk spread on her lips as he prattled on, his words amusing her if not winning her over. "Is that what you've done? Gotten my attention? Hmfph. You have a strange way of seeking it, chieftain. You would have better curried favor by bringing me a freshly killed deer or some silver bartered from the locals in town." Finally she turned, her head dipping at the feel of his hand on her bare skin to watch his movements. Alesh hadn't even realized just how chilled she'd gotten in the cool air until the warmth of his hand slipped over her breasts to her belly, making her muscles jump and quiver under his touch. Tilting her head to the side, she peered at him as though conveying surprise and amusement at his boldness, but then her look returned to his hand, watching it slip between her thighs to simply tease her more. Alesh could no longer deny that--despite her mocking words--this man did, indeed, have her attention. Sucking in a breath of air through her nostrils, Alesh's head rose and fell back in an arch and her hips suddenly lurched from the furs from the teasing graze of his nails over her inner thigh.

Zuriel watched every little nuance about her, from the way she spoke to the way her breath rose in a sharp inhale from his touch awakening something. Boldly his hand reversed, playing two fingers between the lioness' thighs so that they stroked right over her lips but then lifted beyond to her lower belly. "Paltry gifts to curry favor..." The beaded head dress he wore rested against her forehead as his hand went higher up. This time fingertips danced over her nipples in smooth circles from one bud to the next. His eyes still studied her face, watching her closely, especially when he spoke again. "A deer would make for a quarter season's food and some new buck skin for your body." His hand gave a firm squeeze of her breast, the thumb gliding over her nipple as he went on, "Silver would glimmer in the day's sun followed by the moon's light. But not even jeweled turquoise would ever compare to the splendor before me right now in the spirit of the Lioness at my fingertips." His hand drifted down as he kept watching her face closely. This time his fingers strolled a little more insistent between those luscious thighs and the middle slipped right between her lips to stroke that little rising nub greeting his attentions.

Alesh's mouth parted even wider as she gasped in another breath, the feel of his fingers stroking over her nether lips sparking sensations in her belly like the feel of hawks taking flight. Alesh started panting, her arm slipping around his strong shoulder to keep herself upright to speak to him between panted breaths, "Paltry gifts? And... Ahhh... And what gifts bring you, instead, other than... Mmm... implied threats and violence?" She was still mocking him, still proving a point that this was unsolicited, though she was most certainly not going to tell him that it was welcomed. But her body told him that without her having to speak. Her nipple puckered to his touch, growing hard and firm, and she bit her lip to hold back the cry it drew. Instead, she let fourth a breath of air that burst from her lungs and spoke again, "The splendor before you would be your gift. Are you so full of greed you would think to curry my favor by giving gifts to yourself?" Alesh smirked again at her own wit before his fingers emboldened and dipped right between her pink folds, stroking over her swelling clit to make her jump again in his arms, the cry she'd held back before now slipping fully from her lips. "Ahhh!"

 Zuriel slowly let her ride his arm back down to the furs underneath, but his body slid beside hers instead of pinning her slightly under his weight. It wasn't the banter that did it; it was how she reacted when he touched her, and even though she still used her razor tongue to keep teasing him, she was also doing one very important thing: she was not fighting him, and he seemed to gain strength from that fact. His hand dipped down in a smooth glide of his fingers stroking her nethers openly but not before his free hand guided her thighs apart, allowing him to slide the other back in snug between her legs. She felt his bearded chin on her breast. The rough crinkle of hair brushed her skin and teased over her nipple swollen from the teasing words and the intimate caress he played along her skin. "I am no more full of greed than a mountain lioness who lifts her tail for her Chieftain. It is not my place to question a gift given, only to revel in the joy of the spirit of that gift." Smooth lips framed with the white man's stubbled hair pursed around her nipple, sucking lightly as his hand stoked the fire between her legs with just his fingers gliding up and down touching her most intimate places, and even with all her posturing she was still not kicking him away or even trying to stop him. So instead of being timid, the brave hunter pressed in harder, finding that swollen bud of flesh with the tips of his fingers teasing up and down smoothly.

Alesh's legs slipped out fully over the furs, the soft hairs brushing against her ass as he lowered her back to the ground. The new position allowed the huntress to spread her legs wider, letting the big chieftain rub his palm over her lips and clit while his fingers spread her open to press inside her entrance. As he settled beside her, his lips and chin teasing over her breast to suckle at her rosy nipple, her hand slipped from his shoulder to his head, holding him there even as she argued her case, her actions still contradicting her words, "The lioness had a knife to her throat. Would you expect her to keep her tail between her legs? Or to lift it as she waited for her opportunity to strike?" A bluff, surly, yet Alesh still felt the need to keep up appearances. A huntress does not just lie down and spread her legs for any man. And yet here she was, writhing on the end of this man's fingers, her honey spilling for him like a broken hive. "If I am a gift to you, then may the spirits be pleased and bring blessings upon the tribe for my sacrifice." Alesh's hip jerked as his fingers stroked boldly over her clit again and her fingers laced in his hair, her arm heedlessly smashing the feathers of his headdress. "NNgghh..."

Zuriel would have chuckled had his lips not been busy. Instead, he inhaled her wild scent that so close with her legs spread and her bare toes furling through the furred bedding. She was precisely what he was saying she was--a gift--though she did not yet understand his meaning properly. His head lifted and lips popped keenly from her swollen teat, his eyes looking up into hers to try and make her understand what he was really saying to her. "I speak of your gift right now, little lioness, bending to heat and strength...allowing the chief to have the gift of your body." There was no other point to make as he thought he spoke plainly enough that she might catch on. He was calling her offer the gift and he was not one to overlook something so delicious that he would regret it forever if he did not take her offer. It was not born of malice or hatred. Nor was it unwillingly given with her writhing on the furs as his hand slipped in tightly and she finally felt the first push of a finger sliding between her pink lips. He had known women before, but she was his first huntress. That digit slipped in and out to curl back along her clit before his lips parted and sucked hard. Taking her nipple between his lips once more, those eyes looked up with a mouthful of huntress before him while his fingers stroked her heat higher and higher like a burning campfire glowing through the dark of night. This white red man seemed in no rush at all, taking his time to stoke the fires in her belly as she laid back, open for his touch, willing and beautiful in the fading light.

Alesh seemed to feel they were speaking different languages, or perhaps he was using that honey-coated tongue to do more than tease her nipple. He was twisting her scenario around to make it seem as though she was offering herself up as a gift to him. Alesh smiled, deciding it was not worth the effort or energy to continue debating. Her energy was far better used in focusing on the sensations his mouth and hand were stirring inside of her. Yes, she had been with a man before. She'd had a mate and he had died in battle. She had loved him very much, but he had never made her feel quite like this; it was always over almost before it began. And yet the chieftain had hardly started and already she felt the fire blazing in her veins. Alesh's legs shifted restlessly on the furs, her feet pushing against them, then her toes curled as her hips lifted to meet his gliding fingers. The thick digits pressed in and apart, spreading her open to the woodland air making her gasp and cry out again. Never had anyone taking the time to make it feel good for her before and she couldn't stop herself from begging for more. "Yess... If I am your gift, then please use me to my fullest. Touch me, taste me, explore me. Do as you please to bring yourself joy." Alesh's thighs closed around his arm, trapping it there and she lifted to hump her hips, driving his fingers in deeper with short, quick jerks, then they splayed open wide again to let him toy with her at his leisure.

Zuriel didn't think they were speaking different languages, just the meaning got a little twisted. Not that it mattered much with the way she was moving under his touch. He just let it go and decided to show his lioness what he meant, or at the very least attempt to let her feel what he felt right then with her giving herself over to the primal pleasures of him teasing her body. And it was her words of permission, alone, that brought the wolf to the lion's den. He slipped his body down until she felt his face settle between her thighs, then he turned a slight sly smile up at her. Not that he was waiting for her to speak further--she did just give him permission--so the wolven chieftain took full advantage when his tongue laved across bare slippery lips spiced with her sweet flavor. She had told him to taste, so that tongue coiled, slithered down, and hooked upwards.
The slick slide stirred her fires higher when his tongue tip ground down firmly and tightly to her clit, and she felt more than heard his deep baritone moan rushing between her thighs in a rumbling vibrato. Red men were not known for the use of their tongues, so the white red chief brought her something new, exciting, and different when his tongue slathered up and down her folds. His hands lifted along her sides to caress and to hold her in place using a little strength to keep her lying down on the furs. His fingers strummed out, letting her tight nipples stumble off his swaying fingers. They swiped up and down so that from index to pinkie, her buds tapped free as his hands teased over them while his tongue went to hungry flickers, lifting from underneath, curling in from one side then the next, only to drift down and hoist over that button without any reprieve. The taste of her was wild--forbidden, almost--but the simple flavor of her spurred him on to keep licking her hot little slit as he toyed with her nipples at the same time.

Alesh watched him slip lower down her body, confusion on her face when he didn't crawl over her from between her legs. She was fully expecting him to mount her now that he had her wet and ready, but instead he rested on his elbows and lowered his face between her legs. "What..? What are you doing?" He didn't reply, only looked at her with those silvery eyes and a smile as he pressed his lips to her nethers. Alesh nearly scrambled back from under him in shock, in shame, and in horror. But something held her captivated. She'd not run from him yet; she wasn't about to now. Her golden eyes watched him as his tongue laved upwards between her slick folds and the sensation would have knocked her flat were she not already lying on her back. Instead, her whole body stiffened and her hips lurched upwards with her hands threading through his hair nearly knocking his headdress off. The breath of air sucked into her lungs was held for a heart beat...two...almost like his mouth on her pussy was stealing the air from her. But then it burst fourth in a long, drawn-out moan that left her shuddering under the press of his hands. "Ohhh... I think that...that every lioness should offer herself up as a meal to a wolf. It is the most pleasant experience I have ever known..." The hot, slick lapping of his tongue made her clit swell. The bud protruding from its hood pulsed with the beat of war drums, throbbing with her rapidly beating heart. Alesh's hips could not be contained, not even by his hands. They lifted and dropped, rolled side to side, only to jerk upwards again every time his tongue dipped and slid and curled between her folds, making her whimper endlessly.

Zuriel swiveled his head so that the head dress of feathers fell to the side to show off his long black hair. It also gave her a little something to hold on to while that tongue shamelessly followed her rising and falling body. He was tightly stiff in his buck skin breeches, but with her bucking to his lips and slithering tongue, he was not about to let her up. The Indian girl was experiencing the sheer joy of the wolf's tongue lapping smoothly over her lips to poke, lift, and wobble under her swollen clit, reaching new heights stirred by the hunter's tongue. The taste of her--spirits above!--the feeling of her on the end of his writhing tongue was so heated that he was already rock hard in his confining clothing. His tongue suddenly dipping between heated pink lips before he turned his eyes up at her writhing body and purposefully lapped, flicked, slicked, and purred right against her little button. He reveled in the feeling of bare toes touching his sides and roaming his back while she laid there, literally floored on the fur rugs, with a strange warrior between her thighs, and he had not yet even taken off a scrap of clothing aside from discarding his weapons. In all her days she had probably never heard of this, only hearing the other women talk of pleasing their men without receiving any attention like she was getting right now., his slippery tongue pumped her hot pink hole only to pull back into a deeper slither of that muscle gliding between her lips and his fingers plucking, tugging, and even twisting her nipples while he kept licking her like crazy.

Alesh relished the feel of the strands of his hair in her fingers as the headdress was cast aside. She gripped his locks and held tight, drawing his face harder between her legs, demanding more. "Praise the spirits! The lioness stumbled into the den of a wolf and found heaven..." Clearly this wolf loved the taste of her honey, because it spilled form her in copious amounts, yet he kept licking, lapping, and slurping between her folds. That wicked tongue even dipped inside of her where men had only ever put their manhood. The thought of putting anything else there had never crossed her mind, and especially not a tongue! The smooth, hot, slick muscle twisted and turned and probed inside making Alesh dance on the end of it like a puppet. Every twist, every thrust, ever curling glide made her cry and whimper and mewl like a kitten... Nooo! I am a lioness! Alesh arched her back and dragged her head backwards over the ground, letting our the roar of a lioness as her sudden, unexpected orgasm raged through her body like a wildfire on the plains. "ARRRGGHHHHH!!!!" Her hips thrust upwards against his face, bumping against his chin, forcing his tongue deeper into her spasming hole as her honey flowed freely, pouring over his tongue and chin. "RRAAAAHHHH!!!" She jerked and jerked as his tongue kept tasting, lapping, licking over her clit and pussy, pushing her climax on and on until she was jerking and twitching uncontrollably.

Zuriel did not stop for one second, even when she started roaring to the skies above that tongue dipped and slurped. Lips suckled and swallowed every drop he could get his mouth on, looking up at her face over her bucking body taking his tongue right over the brink. The war paint on his chin was smeared with her juices as he rose up to his knees after making the huntress cry out in lustful release. A single hand tugged at his breech cloth, letting it fall loosely before he simply tugged it free and tossed his clothing aside. He stayed right there with a sly grin on his lips, still glossed with her honey, licking them so she could see him take another taste of her. After he pulled his buck skins away he stood there on his knees, the full glory of his manhood standing hard and heavy before her eyes if she dared to look after the shocks of her tentative orgasm blossomed full tilt and left her panting. He took hold of her hand, guiding those slender fingers towards the swollen shaft twitching just a few inches from her grasp. "Now, lioness...let me have another gift of you." Smirking, he slowly pumped her hand, letting her get into the motion before his fingers released and dropped away to leave her hand tight around his swollen cock.

Alesh was still panting to catch her breath. Never before had she felt anything like that. It was...incredible. She'd had no warning at all and suddenly she felt like the spirits had entered her body and mind at the same time, both damning her and blessing her, driving her insane and bringing her ultimate wisdom all at once. Alesh blinked as he rose, trying to clear the fog from her mind as she watched him strip his garments away. Her eyes grew wide at the sight of his manhood, and as he took her hand to guide it to his cock, she moved like in a dream, her eyes glued to his shaft in wonder. Only the timber of his deep voice broke her reverie. Her eyes turned to look at his face as his hand guided hers up and down he shaft, and even as his own hand withdrew, she continued to stare into his gaze as her grip tightened and her fingers slipped up and down the length of his cock. As a thought crossed her mind, her smirk returned, and she cooed out, "I wonder, chieftain...what does wolf meat taste like?"

Zuriel exhaled as she started teasing his dick. The slip of her hand stroking him fully was already getting him hotter and she could feel it in the rapid pulse coursing up and down the length of meat in her grasp. He chewed his lower lip, both to get a hint of her taste and because her touch was so warm that a mere glide of her hand sent his hips to shaking slightly. "I wouldn't know. But a lioness devours what she chooses." Slowly he laid back and looked down at her holding his manhood, resting a hand on his belly as he shifted his hips just a little to make her fist stroke him a little tighter. "Take it as a gift to learn..." She could feel his cock hard and throbbing. The wolf was very worked up, but in the same breath he was giving her a chance to play, to use what she wished to even the score a little, and to show her he was more than able to do more than bend her over and fuck her ragged. He wanted to do just that, but he also wanted to take her as for long as his endurance held out. This was still just the build up, but she had him so hard in her grasp he idly wondered would he last another two rounds without her huntress skills taking him to the edge of exhaustion.

Alesh had never taken a man in her mouth before and really had no idea what to do, but he had just used his mouth on her, so she felt it was only fair to do the same for him. Besides, sitting there between his legs toying with him, her face poised right over his cock, she could smell his masculine scent, his musk, and it was driving her crazy, making her salivate. With her fingers still stroking his length, slipping up over the head of his cock and then gliding all the way down to the base, Alesh lowered her head and rested her lips just behind his cock head from his angle of view, "Well then, I think that with the appetite you've worked up in me I am now hungry for some wolf and I would like to find out just how good you taste..." The lioness tore her gaze from his and closed her eyes as her red lips parted to slip over the smooth head of his cock. Her hand remained at the base holding him firmly so that her lips could slip down and down, drawing him into the heat of her mouth until she could fit no more. Alesh moaned--the taste was even better than she'd thought--the vibrations of the sound rumbled from her lips and tongue through his cock and down to his balls. "MMrrffpphh!" She grumbled again, sucking now to draw more of that flavor from his shaft. Her head lifted, drawing his cock from her mouth, but she kept the tip inside, slipping and sliding her tongue over it, tasting his precum. She shivered in delight and pulled off, smacking her lips to look at him again. "You are as sweet as berries drenched in honey with cream poured over the top. I will never again eat anything but wolf..." Smiling, she sucked his cock back into her mouth and, at the guidance now of his hands on her head, Alesh bobbed up and down, using her mouth to fuck him in long, deep strokes.

Zuriel panted at the first intake of his head between her lips...only a tease before she held her mouth just under the crest of his head. The scent of him so close filled her nostrils even as she toyed with him a little. Clutching the base of his cock in her tight fingers gave her ample time to feel full heavy balls against the crook of her other fingers that were laid over him in a firm tuck of his nuts in the rest of her hand. Her moans sent waves of pleasure rushing through him. Teasing of his cock just following the way she'd moaned when he'd licked her to orgasm was driving him crazy, and now with his cock in her mouth there was no mistaking the hot dribble from his tip. The taste of his essence flowed over her tongue...but just a hint, even if her hand clutching the base of his shaft squeezed to make another drop well from his cock slit. His hands lifted, flexed, and slapped the furs underneath their bodies, almost like he wanted to grab her head, but he grit his teeth to force himself to take every delicious suckle of her mouth bobbing hungrily down his dick. He couldn't even form a quirky remark from her claim of wanting to only eat wolf from then on. The words she spoke only brought a long groan from him when she started sucking him hard and deep. "By the spirits... Uhhh!" His thighs tensed and she knew he was fighting not to just take her right then and there, not wanting the spell of her mouth to end too quickly, but just as his tongue had brought her to quick release, she felt her lips making that shaft plump up to slide nice and tight between her soft lips. "Huntress... By the gods...Hnnn!"

Alesh cold feel him tensing, hear the slaps of his hands against the rugs, and she knew he was close to release. What she did not know was what would happen when he did. She'd only ever had a cock between her legs, so when the men climaxed she felt the heat, felt the slick glide of their shaft inside, but she had no idea of what came out. She only knew that she wanted him to cry out his pleasure like the men she'd been with before did when they fucked her. So she worked her mouth up and down his shaft knowing he was close, sucking and slurping, her spit running from her mouth as she bobbed her whole upper body now, taking him as deep as she could go before she started coughing and gagging. Her hands around the base applied pressure to his pelvis and her thumbs brushed over his balls as she moved, teasing and tickling them slightly without her even considering that she was doing it. Everything about her actions was innocence, even as she drove him crazy as if she'd done it a million times before. Without taking her mouth from his shaft, she looked up at him and smiled while the slurping, sucking, smacking sounds popping from her lips suctioned around his shaft.

Zuriel could not stop his hands from jumping to her raven hair. Hard inhales of breath escaped his parted lips and she caught the sight of his mouth wide open. Were his teeth bigger than normal..? It was hard to tell, especially when he was shaking all over the place like he was trying to fight her off his cock. It was half-hearted, but she knew he was almost trying to get away despite the panting breaths rushing from his parted lips, despite his moaning out to the woodland air. He barely managed to ease his hand under her finger's hold to squeeze his dick, trying to do something--anything--to not just erupt in a torrent of juicy heat. Even though he had used his blade to get her on the furs initially, with her mouth sucking his cock like this, the power of the moment changed hands just a bit. She knew right now she had him at her mercy and the thought both terrified and thrilled him so damn much that he was shivering under the pull and purse of her smooth lips sucking him down. "S-sstop! Hold.. Nngaahh... H-hold on, huntress... Wait... N-not so... Gods!" She felt his fingers tighten in a near futile attempt to hold back longer, to stave off the rising tide boiling in his balls because he still wanted to take her body--he wanted to be inside her fully, not just in her mouth. She'd tasted too good to pass up on getting his wolven length inside her pussy, but here she was sucking him off to the edge of lustful oblivion and his fingers were hardly helping him hold it down much longer. "Sssssssstoooopaaaahh...!!!"

Alesh didn't know why he was begging her to stop when he was clearly enjoying what she was doing. This lioness had no intentions of stopping what she was doing. She had the wolf at her will right now, and she wanted to get her fill feasting on his meat. Alesh gulped down his shaft, swallowing it whole now that she'd gotten used to the feel of him slipping down her throat. Spit bubbled at her lips as she salivated around his girth, sucking, slurping, popping the head from her lips to lick and smack the spit from them with a breathy grunt, but as soon as she caught her breath, she was sucking him down again like she was feeding from a freshly killed doe. Mumbling between breaths, she muttered, "More... I want more... You taste...so good!" One hand slipped down between his legs, almost curiously, to toy with his balls and she slobbered down his shaft while her fingers dallied and teased and toyed with his pulsing, bobbing ball sac. "Mmmm..." Those pretty lips vibrated and hummed around his girth as she moaned and she could feel his balls start to lift as he begged her to stop, but his hips lifted and his hands tightened in her hair to force her head all the way down his shaft, cutting off her air.

Zuriel didn't want her to truly stop. All he was hoping for was a bit longer than her soft sucking lips would allow, but his lioness was pushing him right off the edge without any way to stop himself from falling. That was what brought him calling out for her to halt just for a damn second or two, but she knew just what she wanted. The heat of him on her tongue was growing, so when her hand drifted under his balls, his own fingers unlatched from his shaft and slapped hard to the furs, nails digging in to hold on to the bedding like he was about to fall off the face of the earth and her mouth was making his head spin. His own mouth was yelling 'wait' but she didn't hesitate, she didn't even slow down, and her murmurs around his swollen shaft along with mixed moans and vibrations sent him reeling. Silently he prayed to the spirits in his head to give him strength, because he fully intended to break her little honey pot, but right now all he could do was roar out, nearly howling to the forest in an echo that carried a good distance on the wind. That dick exploded like Yellowstone--a hot spring of cum rushing inside her mouth so voluminously that her tongue was soon floating in the wolf's cream coating her mouth. The back of his mind was fogged, but then the sight of her lips on him started to come back into focus as he regained some of his composure and inhaled hard and shallow to get his brain to try and function. His mind was addled completely and in but a few minutes, just like he had done to his huntress, she now had him writhing, bucking, and grinding between her lips to give her every drop she sucked out of his cock. "Nnnnmmmh..."

Alesh was so stunned by the sudden gush of thick fluids that flooded her mouth that she just froze, her cheeks swelling as they filled with his cum. She mumbled muffled whimpers of panic around his pulsing, bobbing shaft like she didn't know what to do...what it was. But he was still lodged deep past her lips, stuffing it closed, so she found herself forced to swallow to copious amounts of cum he'd shot into her mouth. Sucking air frantically through her nose, she swallowed more, wondering if he'd ever stop, and then his hips finally dropped to the ground as he looked at the sky, panting. She drew her mouth from his cock with one last popping slurp and swallowed the remnants of his dripping semen from the tip. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she crawled over his body with a grin. "Because you said you didn't know... A wolf taste like the forest, the earth, the trees, and the wild." Her grin curled up on one side like a little imp and she leaned in to kiss his chest as her hips slithered up to settle herself atop his pelvis. "A wolf taste like heaven."

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