Extremely Rare Tender Moment with Jay


So apparently Jay does have a softer side buried someone deep in his twisted heart. Too bad its usually only revealed for fleeting moments, but Darina enjoys them while they last. Must be the holidays addling his brain.

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Extremely Rare Tender Moment with Jay

Jaidyn grinned and reached out, dragging your skirt off just because and patted your naked ass.

Darina turned and wriggled it a bit, peeking over her shoulder with a smile.

Jaidyn smirked and grabbed your wrist, dragging you to the couch. "Bring it over here, little tease." Licking his lips, he pulled your top down to let it drift to the floor before he hugged you close and ran his fingers right over the ink in your lovely skin.

Darina blushed and chews her bottom lip, shimmying her hips a bit to help you tug her shirt down over them, scooting it away with her foot after stepping out of the material. Nodding, she cautiously slipped her arms around your waist and closes her eyes at the lingering feel of your fingers tracing over the ink adorning her skin. "I thought maybe I'd do some shopping later while you were working, if you don't mind. Keeps me entertained."

Jaidyn settled down to the couch, a rare moment of him not attacking you. But he did pull your naked ass into his lap, unclipping your heels to let them fall from dainty feet. "Well, do what keeps you entertained. I just need my baby naked and very close."

Darina was almost trembling like she was waiting for a coiled snake to strike, but...something must have gotten into you tonight, because even as she watched you slipping her shoes from her feet, almost like Prince Charming in reverse, and then curled up next to you on the couch, you didn't degrade her, didn't berate her, and didn't get rough with her. She trembled some--part anxiety and part elation--and slid as close to you as she could to enjoy the likely-brief moment. Not sure what more to say, she just nodded her head.

Jaidyn smirked and pulled you in close. At the very least he had your bare ass against his crotch, but that was as lewd as he was for now. Reaching out to stroke your thigh first, he said, "I may be a bastard... Well wait...I am just a bastard." Smirking before kissing your cheek, he nibbled over those soft lips to do something he had never done before--kiss you.

Darina was still waiting for the other shoe to drop. The soft--even gentle--caress of your hand over her hip and leg, dipping low to pull her even more snugly against you until it started caressing her thigh again was... Well, it was heaven. Her mind was working a mile a minute, and she took a deep breath trying to steady her nerves, but she was certain you could still feel the quaking tremors running through her she was shaking so hard. Darina dared to reach back and wrap an arm around your neck, just wanting to hold you as closely as you held her, and as she turned her head, she felt your lips gracing her cheek, the rough stubble of whiskers rasping at her soft skin, and then to her astonishment, your lips settled on hers, kissing her. Her whole world spun in shock and confusion and bliss. Wondering if she was dreaming, and praying she didn't wake--at least for the moment--she kissed you back, a little whimper emanating from her throat.

Jaidyn would never say the words. Instead, he just let you melt into him, even with a little whimper. Finding it very erotic despite how sweet he was being, a mere touch of his hand stroked your thigh while he suckled on your lips, pressing in once more to slide his tongue into your mouth, wrestling your tongue playfully until he needed a breath. "Mmm, too sweet. Good thing I have you shaking. Means I been doing my job right...Darina," saying your real name instead of some degrading pet name for a change.

Darina's chest started to rise and fall with the heated breaths she was taking to still her rapidly-beating heart. A small part of her chided herself to not fall for this, and the other part quashed it, wanting to soak it up and enjoy it while it lasted. Chills swept along her her body starting from the point of contact with your hand traveling over her thigh and those chills brought her nipples to rigid peaks right there on her naked breasts, turned upward just enough for you to see them even as you kissed her. The sweep of your tongue in her mouth made her head spin wickedly, and she thought that she had tasted nothing finer, except perhaps your cock. Keeping that thought to herself, though, she still blushed furiously when you teased her about her shaking. And then she paused, looking into your eyes after you'd finished your thought, and though it took a few seconds to register in her addled brain, she realized you'd actually called her by her name for the first time. Ever. Darina was so afraid to break the enchantment of the moment, she didn't even comment on it. She just gave you a lop-sided smile that spread her blushing farther across her cheeks and said, "I would certainly have to agree.'

Jaidyn grinned as he rolled you back, letting his hand drift from your thigh over that belly. Pressing himself against your side as he stroked your body, almost like he would pet a feline, but you were much more sexy than any cat. From the new position he could relax and kiss those lips anytime he wanted. "Just don't get used to being my top girl. Sometimes it's a precarious position."

 Not only was she trembling with excitement--and, yes, fear still--but she was also shivering from the light caresses over her naked body. The soft touch of your calloused fingers gently scratching and tickling her tanned skin brought gooseflesh sweeping over her limbs, keeping her nipples hard as little pebbles, and she let out a soft sigh at the amazing feeling. When your hand stroked over her belly, it dipped from the tickling touch, and she smiled in an almost child-like manner with a softly breathed laugh. When you spoke, her brows furrowed some and she pursed her lips, frustrated that even in a moment like this you had to say something to unnerve her and make her feel insecure. Never sure of the right thing to say with you, she still had to say something. "I never get used to anything at all with you, Jaidyn Jameson. You are an enigma. Any assumptions of anything on my part when it comes to you is only foolishness. I just...take things as they come with you."

Jaidyn shrugged as he kept stroking that soft skin. Even through the excitement of his caress, though, his golden eyes looked down to meet your gaze. "Well don't assume. When you 'assume,' it does nothing but make an 'ass' of 'u' and 'me'...hehe." He shook his head, chuckling at the play on words, then he leaned in to taste your lips again in a soft kiss that brought him nuzzling your nose with his. "In any event, it's a nice little respite, even if I told you to get naked and be spread wide until I was ready for you. This is a nice change, but don't bother getting dressed." He cleared his throat and made sure to be looking in your eyes, "Okay, maybe socks or something, but I want your naughty parts easily accessible."

Darina rolled her eyes at the corny pun, but the smile stayed on her lips. She couldn't help it--this strange show of compassion in you tonight had her happy beyond reason. She reached out to touch your face, risking what ever possible reaction you might have to her tenderness but not wanting to miss a rare opportunity. She trailed them over your jawline for just a moment, letting her hand drop back to beneath her breasts as you kissed her again. Chuckling at your demands, her eyebrow raised playfully and she nodded. "I can do that. I'd do anything you asked of me. But I think you already know this."

Jaidyn smirked, running his hand up before a slight tweak of his fingertips graced your swollen nipple. "Not anything, because fighting you is sometimes fun. I really like doing you in front of other people. Every time you bitch that we got company, it just gets me going."

Darina flushed even brighter so that her ears burned. "Yeah, I know..." The sudden pinch of her nipple in the middle of all this tenderness caught her completely off guard and she clenched her eyes, her back lifting off the couch as her head angled and she let out a gasp and a shudder, her teeth nipping her bottom lip in a groan.

Jaidyn pulled your chin back to him, kissing your lips once more. Pinching a little harder, but only to make you arch more, he grinned devilishly as he breathed against your mouth. "Good...but for now duty calls. I will see you when I wake tomorrow."

Darina squirmed against you, her chest rising higher the more you twisted her swelled nipple. She embraced that kiss, mewling into it in her exquisite pain, and as you spoke your words over her lips, she went to speak, too, but then stopped herself short, "Jay, I..." She looked at you looking at her, waiting for her to finish, so she made something up, "I'll be waiting, dressed as you asked. I hope you have a good night."

Jaidyn mocks her, "Until later then...Rina."

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