Artificial Insemination - Part 4 of 4

This is part four of a four-part story line involving the insemination of four human women by a droid in a space station. We went to a great deal of work on this one. Zuriel built the space station and I decked out four of my avatars to give them a sexy scifi appearance, but it was amazingly fun. We hope you enjoyed reading the full storyline.

You can find the full set of pics at: Artificial Insemination - Part 4 of 4

Artificial Insemination - Part 4 of 4

The Station was quiet save for the sound of moans: two women in the throes of bliss being teased, tormented, and just held on the edge. The Cydroid turned from the pair of females writhing, begging for more, but all they had were those holographic images and the mechanized tendril from opposite table. The robot walked to its stasis tube and climbed in, the glass rising before a fine mist of steam flash-burned the outer metal skin and sprayed water onto the Cydroid. The hissing water clouded, blocking the machine within as nothing but a dark shape in the cloud. The delicious sight of the two humans remained in the background on the tables so that the cum it had filled them with had time to do what nature intended while the robot was cleansed and recharged.

Susi cautiously stepped into the room from the space station's docking chamber. Her ship waited for her return once she found the three women she was sent to retrieve by the Galactic Embassy. Stolen--taken against their will to be used as breeding slaves--these women had no chance for escape without help. Susi had come with back-up, not knowing how much resistance they would face, but her crewmen had been killed or detained, tangled in battle with guards as they made their way from the docking platform. Susi--tiny and nimble as she was--slipped past the guards, determined to complete her mission and find the women. As she entered the fertility lab, the small girl scanned the room cautiously. Stepping in closer, she examined a computer console but it told her nothing about the state of the women. The redhead heard moaning sounds and she peered to the far corners of the room, finally seeing two of the three women, but her first concern was the droid in the corner. Before she could rescue them, Susi had to be sure it was deactivated. She stepped stealthily up to the tube it rested in as it recharged and began searching for the power console.

The Cydroid's tube was unlike the humans'. Even the computer console looked different, and after inspection, Susi realized the Cydroid was controlled by the main computer console overlooking the star maps glowing in the middle. The readout for the machine was there on the display screen along with numbers scrolling by for impregnation success rates and the women's biological functions. As Susi was scanning the droid's chamber, the steam started to clear in the tube and the intruder got her first real look at the Cydroid Sexual Stimulator Series with its freshly steam cleaned metal glinted in the soft light of the breeding room. The main console behind her flashed, indicating unauthorized access to the docking bay. The security robots outside were mostly destroyed, but the sounds of laser fire could be heard until the door to the chamber closed with a swish and a metallic thunk. She was trapped inside with the machine in its tube and her mission objectives moaning on those tables as though they could not get fucked enough. When Susi turned she saw the console behind her and she saw her chance: the Cydroid's activation controls on the main console behind her might shut the machine down. For now it remained in its tube--seemingly inactive, yet still appearing to be watching through red glowing glass eyes.

Susi searched the tube, finding panels that read various statistics about the robot's stasis, but nothing to shut it down. Turning to scan the room, taking note once more of the moaning, writhing women in the distance (was one of them fucking a...a hologram??). Susi shook her head in disbelief, but they didn't seem to be injured or in any pain, so she focused back on her priority. The large computer console behind her blipped and she walked over to it, scanning the read out.
Susi spoke softly to herself as she read the data: "'Impregnation success rates...' 'Health status..'. 'Projected delivery dates...' No, no, no... Damn! Where is it?" Then she stopped and narrowed her eyes, leaning closer to the console. "'Cydroid Sexual Stimulator Unit - Activation and Termination Status.' Bingo..." Nimble little fingers started tap-tap-taping on the keys as she started entering the commands to shut the unit down. Susi turned as she worked, peering at the chamber behind her. The mist had dissipated from the chamber as she started the termination sequence, revealing the droid clearly. The small girl shuddered, imagining what those three women had gone through in being taken and used by a machine, then she turned back to enter the next command to shut the unit down. "'Please enter termination password.' Shit! What the hell can it possibly be?"

Silently the glass of the tube slid into the floor; the only warning was a hiss of pneumatic servos and the clank of a metal foot hitting the ground. "Warning! Intruder Alert! Scanning for hostiles. Target acquired." The robot stepped forward and held out its hand neck-level with the space fighter as she meddled with the computer's console. "Modified human. Enhanced musculature and speed. Female. Fertility rate unknown." The machine suddenly lunged, reaching out to grab her nubile neck in the steel grasp of its fingers. The droid's hand clamped tight, choking the girl from the hold it latched on her. "Query. Identify or provide verbal deactivation password. Thirty seconds to comply." The Cydroid squeezed, forcing the girl to her knees as it held on to the stunned female, counting down the seconds, coinciding with a time code display in the robot's visor.

Susi typed furiously, randomly guessing at the deactivation codes. A sound behind her drew her attention back to the tube and her eyes flared open as she saw the chamber door drop through the floor. Whipping her head back to the console Susi typed faster, trying to figure out the password before the thing activated. A loud metallic thud sounded behind her and her heart raced as it came to life, emerging from the chamber. Not wasting time to look again, Susi's fingers whisked over the keyboard typing in guess after guess at the password. The damn droid started blaring out alarms and Susi cursed under her breath, praying there was still too much commotion in the halls for any guards to hear it. The next thing she new, a grip more powerful than anything she'd felt before clamped around her neck and squeezed, lifting her toes from the floor. Susi would have screamed but her air was cut off. She was so shocked she couldn't even think to fight. All she could do was choke as her face started turning pink then red while she stared back at the now-glowing red eyes of the Cydroid.

There was no fail safe code. The intruder needed the precise numbers and characters in order to shut down the machine by using the computer. "Three...two...one. Password invalid. Beginning capture protocols." The robot lifted Susi back up and turned her towards the console, stepping in beside her to keep its hand clutched around her throat. "Console locked. Keys disabled. Preparing injection." The Cydroid was nothing if not fast and efficient. Dropping its free hand, a needle extended from its fingertip. "Injection commencing." The feel of it prodded through her suit's skin, jabbing into her toned thigh before the warmth started spreading into her system. "Activating mobile defense systems. Targeting remaining intruders."
Outside the chamber the sound of rapid laser fire thrummed through the walls, the shots dwindling down until she heard a final shot...then nothing but the moans of her mission objectives still echoing in the room. "Targets destroyed. Scanning for usable female targets." Outside the room her friends were being cleared away like garbage, the monitor showing the scene right in front of her face as the feeling of the drug going to work flowed through her. The glowing keypads would no longer work for her. All she could do was stand there and watch while the heat of the drug crept into her nipples and between her legs. The sweet feeling intensified as the sensation of her space suit grew tighter, unrelentingly cloying, stifling hot and sticky with her skin flushing in a fine sheen of sweat. "Body temperature increased by four degrees. Estimated impregnation success rate at forty-eight percent." Her unknown genetics was her saving grace with the robot. It might not be compatible with her body to actually take, but that didn't mean the machine was not going to attempt to fulfill its programming.

Susi wheezed in strangled gasps of air when the droid placed her back on the floor and relinquished its stranglehold. Though it kept her locked in place, she could finally think about something other than suffocating. Her mind raced as she thought how to get out of this. She hadn't planned on it activating on its own as she sought to terminate its programming. The shining chrome robot rapped on the console, accessing its functions far better than Susi had, and as it did she saw on the display monitor her comrades in combat throughout the space station. Red beams angled here and there across the screen and one by one her comrades fell, lying motionless as the skirmish came to an end. Susi said nothing but her eyes were wide and her mouth hung open in shock. This was not supposed to happen! The droid was looking for other females agents, but there were none.
She was the only one that had come on this mission and now she was completely alone. Jerking in anger yet unable to break free of its titan grip, Susi felt a needle-sharp pain perforate her hip. She winced, not knowing what it was, but she was incapable of moving to examine the area. A cloud of heat bloomed in her tissue, slowly spreading throughout her body. Her ass undulated as the sensation enveloped her midsection then traveled down her legs to her toes and up through her chest to her arms and head. The heat was nearly unbearable. Susi started squirming, her hands clutching at her hips and chest as though trying to rip her skin-tight latex suit from her body. Not knowing if the droid could understand her or if it would be bothered to reply, she still asked, "What the hell did you give me? It's so fucking hot in here now..." The implants on her spine glowed brightly in her agitated state and Susi's hands slipped from her hips to the front of her belly, dipping between the apex of her thighs. "What's...happening..? I can't...think... Must...resist." Her fingers curled, pressing hard against her pussy through the latex, grinding herself in her hands as she moaned, sounding just like the other two women in the room. "Fuck, I'm so horny! My clit is throbbing! I'm so wet..."

The Cydroid slipped in closer to her side, scanning her more intently while its hand lifted from her neck and dropped past her spinal implants. It then slipped its hand between her small cheeks, grinding its fingertips against the very apex she was trying to reach, denying her any access to herself by blocking her hands and taking over for her. "Arousal achieved. Preparing clothing removal." The other metallic hand slipped up along her belly, rising to her neck line before the fingertip sizzled and a red laser, strong enough to just split the material of her skin tight space suit, drew a line down her body. The robot pried the remains of her suit loose in a long stretch of the space age material, making the tension between her legs so keen that the tugging rubber mashed between those thighs, giving the machine easier access to grind its fingers there. The robot wrenched its suit-clutching hand downward, jerking the rest of her outfit away in a loud snap.
"Clothing removal complete." After discarding her ruined suit, the same hand reached up to cup her small breast before a tight pinch of metal clasped around her tender bud. At the same time, it slipped a metallic finger inside her blushing pink hole. "Vaginal passage opening at sixty-nine degrees." Susi was a little too fresh and the Cydroid was large enough that it would be hitting the back of her womb. As it inspected her, the robot calculated that she needed to be further prepared before it took her tiny little pussy. "Additional lubrication required for penetration." The droid ratcheted its hand, stroking the girl to further arouse her and probe for a better scan. It intended to fuck her and she knew it as soon as it spoke aloud once again. "Seminal tube deploying." The hip plate opened and two cylinders dropped into view, then the telescoping shaft clicked out one link at a time until it was erect and rubbing over the girl's thigh, letting her see exactly what the machine intended to use on her.

Susi's tiny hands kept fighting to rub her pussy through her suit, bumping into the droid's large metal one as it reach between her legs to grasp the material. The laser from its left hand drew a heated line from her neck to her crotch and the sheer white latex peeled away like an opening flower. The robot tugged and the suit bunched between her legs, grinding hard between her slick, wet folds. Susi gasped and darted to her toes at the sudden pressure against her clit, then she closed her eyes and groaned at the unexpected but increasingly desired stimulation. "Uunnggg..." Another yank and her suit was wrenched free, leaving her nude and vulnerable to the robot's twisted programming. Susi was no longer on a rescue mission--she was now another captive, drugged and in the process of being primed for insemination; another breeding slave for the dark corporation that ran the space station. The redhead's thoughts were no longer even about rescue.
Her only thought--her only goal--was now to relieve the burning need of lust racing through her veins. An icy cold metal digit spread her nether lips and probed deep inside her cunt, testing her state of arousal, and Susi nearly climaxed from that alone in her heightened state. The implants on her back flashed brighter as it happened then settled to a steady glow as her entrance relaxed around the thick robotic finger. Tight little cheeks rolled and swayed as Susi gyrated her hips, grinding herself against the penetrating finger and soon her moans were as loud as those of the other two women in the room. "Nnnmmm... More! I need more. Harder! Fuck...please. That's not enough to get me off. I need to cum so bad!" Susi felt a cold press against her thigh and she angled her head to see the source. The robot's thick metallic injector tube--looking much like a human male's cock, only bigger and chrome--was fully extended and grinding against her hip. Susi's clit twitched in excitement when she thought of that thing sliding into her. "Oh my god, yes! Give it to me! Fuck me with that big metal cock and make me cum!"

The machine didn't even need to restrain the girl she was so riled. The delightful roll of her hips to grind her cute little pussy on the robot's metal digit would be an exquisite sight to a human male, but the robot cared little for what it was seeing. In fact, it didn't care at all. It simply slipped around the human's hip and grabbed her tightly with both hands and Susi barely had time to prop her knee to the console before the steel head plopped against her lips and the cool press slid through the juices trickling from her pink slit.
 "Optimal angle achieved. Penetration commencing." The robot pushed its hips forward, rutting through muscle and flesh that was too tight and barely ready even though she was calling out like a cyber slut to be fucked by the machine. The ribbed length fought to get in while the semen load charged in the shaft, but the girl's hold was so tight to the robot's first deep stroke she barely let the rubbery protrusions even swell out. The machine turned the console camera on to begin recording the process and Susi could see herself watching, her eyes wide from the feeling of the uncompromising metal shaft driving in straight through to her womb.
The metal head pressed against the back wall at the apex of the robot's first thrust and it spoke again. "Docking complete. Holding pattern until vaginal passage loosens." The Cydroid went stock still, holding that metal dick inside the mewling girl, keeping it deep enough that she knew she was fully swelled open with robotic cock, but the feeling was so tight that the machine continued to wait. It held that tube maddeningly still so that all the space fighter could do was writhe on it as it speared her through to her core.
It was hard to tell how long it kept her like that--entered without moving--and with how close the machine was to her body, she had no leverage to push back against that dick and find relief. Inside, the rubbery protrusions started pulsing, making her flesh stretch a little more each time, and when the wetness inside gave the machine enough slide to ease back, the girl felt it rise like a slow chug of an engine coming to life. Light hisses of steam jet out down the backs of her legs and the ribbed metal shaft slowly rocked in and out to keep her cunt stretching from the pulsing thrusts, opening the human female with the steel length stirring her tightly. "Vaginal passage opened. Commencing impregnation protocols." The robot started pumping a little harder, its mechanics chugging softly. The sounds grew increasingly louder as the robot's strumming cock slowly started bringing that pussy to twitching as it churned at her pink walls.

Susi felt that thick, hard metal shaft--still icy cold from the droid's stasis--forcing her too-narrow tunnel open and penetrating her womb. The fit was so painfully tight that she gasped and let out a cry that echoed through the austere, metal-lined lab. It was like having a massive icicle shoved into her overly-heated cunt and the contrast shocked her system. Suddenly alert--the effects of the drug shaken by the shock for the moment--Susi's head jerked up and she grasped at the edges of the console, trying to clamber up and away from the droid.
But the thing's steely grasp held her hips tight, keeping her locked in place as it spoke of docking and holding patterns. Though the redhead's pussy was soaked from the drug-induced state of arousal, she cried out and whimpered in pain from the over-sized tube spreading her tiny pink pussy open wider than it was ever meant to be. Her knee skid, but she threw it back onto the console and tried again to climb over it, only to be held in an impenetrable grip by the Cydroid. "Stop! Stop! It hurts! Ohhhhh god, it hurts! It's too fucking big!" Her little breasts wobbled as she struggled and soon tears sprung in the corners of her eyes as she endured the pain of her vaginal passage stretching open to accommodate the robot's cock. It reached out to activate the dashboard camera and Susi looked up to see herself on the monitor, the insemination process clearly being captured on file for future record. Suddenly the thing behind her moved and the draw of the rigid metal cock slid from her walls, but then it hitched forward again, pumping her cunt to open her further, enabling the deepest possible passage into her womb. The slow but deep thrusts dragged her from her panic--though not from her pain--and thoughts of escape fled Susi's mind. The drug dragged her back down into the depths of lustful desires and soon Susi's whimpering cries were mixed with moans of utter pleasure at being split open by thick cyber cock.

The metal cock using her tight little hole was growing hotter, the ballooning rubber protrusions swelling thicker each time the robot plunged its cock inside the girl and she gasped from being forced open with no remorse from her captor. She was alone and at the mercy of a thing that had none. The Cydroid pulled her hips hard enough that it jerked her knee off the console, preventing her from any more climbing attempts. "Angle nominal. Vaginal lubrication sufficient." The machine indifferently ticked off points about her body, the clinical facts of her heightened arousal droning out in cold contrast to the heated feeling she had of being opened up almost deeper than mother nature or science intended.
Bent over like she was, the girl propped herself with sliding hands snagging a hold on the computer in front of her face, lewdly displaying the mirror image of herself being fucked from behind. The unfeeling machine plugged her little pussy in squirts of her juices spattering the floor between her boots. The cold shock of the injector tube had gone, her own body heat warming the steel shaft as it schlucked through those too-tight folds. The robot kept that deep pace going, letting the speed grow gradually like only a
machine could truly accomplish in the middle of what should be a heated, emotional act. It lifted a hand and snatched the girl's hair tightly, using the grip to keep her from falling over when the sudden jerks of steel plate slapped against her pale, blushing ass. Incredibly wet sounds emitted from around the ribs of the shaft with how tightly she gripped it as it plowed through that cunt without any mercy at all, hitting the back of her womb so the that entirety of her pussy was jarred from impact each time the robot drilled her. As soon as it started wailing on her slit, the machine released its grip and let the girl fall back to the console and its thrusts parted her pink lips as they slushed and slurped around that metal dick. Her clit was visible from being stuffed so full that her lips bloomed a bit--so much so that she could look between her legs on the computer's screen and see that metal rod fucking her pussy with her clit standing out between them right before her eyes. While she was lost in the sight, the Cydroid grabbed her hair again and banging that hot little body with renewed hard shoves.

Susi's knee slipped from the console with a squelch against glass and she barked out a little cry as she lost her balance, her hand slapping and skidding on the covering as the robot hitched her hips backwards with a yank, forcing her legs to spread wide, keeping her upright. The stance parked her pert little ass high in the air and that gave the droid a better angle by which to ravage her little pussy with its rigid shaft. The drug swam in Susi's system and her inner ring of muscles fluttered around the thing's cock, squirting her abundant production of natural lube around the injector tube and past her swollen lips
until the liquid dribbled to the floor and pooled between her white latex boots. "Nnnggg.... God, I feel so full...so tight!" The pain of being forced open was subsiding, but Susi still felt the ballooning rubber pocket on the end of the cock filling to stretch her wider in order to breech her womb so that every time her body relaxed to fit the metal cock, the balloon grew bigger, stretching her wider yet again, never letting her fully adjust until it achieved its optimal goal. A heavy metal hand grasped her head,
yanking her upright to bow her back in a curve, and the robot's pelvis slammed harder, trying to force its way through the tight walls. Susi screeched, but her clit pulsated hotly as she watched the shining chrome cock sliding between her lips on the monitor. The sight of seeing herself being fucked by a cold, heartless, emotionless mechanical being was so fucking arousing that Susi gasped when she saw it. Her belly clenched tightly, the ring of muscles at her entrance spasming around the ribbed shaft as her first orgasm sliced through her system. The redhead's fingers clawed at the console and she let out a cry that reverberated against the walls of the chamber as her cum gushed out from between her lips to spray the frontal region of the droid. "AAaahhHHHRRrr!"

The machine didn't even give her time to enjoy that orgasm, fucking her through the rush of her juices squirting from her stuffed lips--held open by the thick metal dick that was probing her pussy. By now her body heat had that shaft steaming inside her pussy. The cum inside the rubbery interior of the shaft pulsed and churned with the cylinders between the robot's legs whining to life. The long sound's intensity increased right before the robot scooted the girl's feet together and hitched her from the console into an upright stance. "Orgasm achieved. Preparing for ejaculation." The inhuman robot pulled Susi back and lifted its hands along her hips until she was balanced, keeping her thighs closed. The tighter union of her legs added to the sensation of that metal shaft pulsing and vibrating inside her cunt while the cylinders whined vibrations through its metal length inside her belly. A sudden rise in the
demanding strokes of metal cock prying her walls open with a hiss of steam could almost fool the girl into believing that she turned the machine on.  With her ass pulled back so she could keenly feel the steel plated legs smacking her skin in a constant pop of metal hitting flesh, Susi felt utterly full. "Ejaculation imminent. T-minus sixty seconds. Fifty-nine...fifty-eight..." The droid could not revel in the panic from the girl's eyes, nor the way she teared up and sent her mascara running from being fucked by the uncaring machine stuffing her deep right there in front of the console. Susi could see herself trying to stave off the rapid advances of the robot fucking her cunt like it was trying to start a fire in her molten wet heat with the cylinders still whirring to send vibration coursing through the metal shaft. She could even feel the pistons under its thighs firing, sending rushes of hot air cascading down the her legs and breezing between her thighs to rush along her clit with each thrust.

Susi's orgasm ravaged her system, but it barely satiated the burning need caused by the drug the robot had injected into her upon capture. Still, her pussy trembled around its pumping shaft spraying juices over her thighs and ass and the metal plates around its seminal injector. The redhead was so focused on assuaging the need burning in her system--on the feel of that climax flooding her veins--that she'd all but forgotten where she was or why she was here...or why she was being fucked by a robot in the first place. This was, of course, until the droid announced its preparation for ejaculation and began the countdown to her fate. It all suddenly came rushing back to her and somehow through her drug-addled mind Susi realized what was happening. Even as her climax faded to pleasurable tingles,
even as the robot's thick metal cock pressed in deeper and punctured her womb, Susi's eyes went wide with renewed panic and she reached back--not to hold the droid against her any more, but to try and forcibly shove it away from her bouncing ass. Her loud cries and screams and begging pleas echoed through the room, drowning out the moans of pleasure from the other women as the count down ticked on. "No! No! Oh no, no, no, please no! Don't do this! I don't want you to cum inside me. Noooo! Take it out. Please!" Susi had been broken from an agent sent to rescue captives into a sobbing, pleading whore being fucked for the sole purpose of repopulating a newly terraformed planet. Tears of black stained her cheeks as her mascara ran and she wailed even as her clit throbbed with the incessant, burning need for sex taking over her body. Despite her panic, the feel of that cock strumming her insides with its rubber pouch ballooning to stretch her wide was more than she could take, and Susi groaned though her sobs as another orgasm started to build and swirl in her belly. "NNnnn fuck... Nooooo!"

The machine simply did not care how much she begged. Ignoring what she said, the robot gripped both of her wrists during the fight to keep her from trying to push its hips away, using the hold to give itself more leverage. It tugged the trapped girl back onto that metal rod, strumming through her folds with the feeling of the rubbery protrusions along the underside of the machine's cock swelling and pulsing as time kept ticking away. "Forty-two...forty-one...forty..." The robot held the poor girl in
both locked hands, gripping her wrists during the deliberate fuck it pounded her pussy with. She was primed and ready--so slick and juicy that when it shoved the metal dick inside her the wet sounds squelched out over her own moans and cries of denial for what was about to happen. "Estimated success rate jumping to fifty-two percent." The countdown continued, skipping the seconds it took for the droid to speak. "...thirty-five...thirty-four...thirty-three..." The cylinders between the robot's legs shifted in a stutter of motion and whined back up to a spinning pitch, sending shock-waves of vibrations through the metallic shaft as it continued to slush hard through her pussy. From the way the Cydroid held the girl, she was hardly in any shape to stop the robot from bucking inside her. Its thrusts were hard enough that the robot lifted her to her toes each time it rammed that cock home and slammed the back of her tiny, tight womb, forcing it open with its steel cock head and shaft.

Susi's tiny white boots tap-tap-tapped on the metal floor as she fought to shove herself away from the robot, but its fierce grip wrapped around her wrists making it impossible for her to force it back. A wrench against her arms angled her body forward, lifting her ass higher and exposing her slit even more to the droid's invading phallus. Time ticked down and Susi whined as she moaned, teetering between the dread of being inseminated by this unstoppable machine and the feel of her churning, bubbling cunt being stirred by the constant thrum and pound of its cock. More seconds slipped by and Susi heard the whir of its cylinders spinning, preparing the semen for ejaculation. The vibrations rattled its shaft in her walls and with every inward thrust, the spinning vials buzzed over her exposed, excited clit. The little redhead jerked with a start when the plated tubes grazed over her teeny bundle of nerves and she
barked out a cry of shocked pleasure. "NnnYahh!!" Rivulets of nectar pumped from her slit at the sensation, coating the droid's metal cock and gushing from her tight entrance to trickled down the insides of her legs into her thigh-high boots. Susi's little breasts bounced and wobbled from the rough slams the droid delivered, her nipples so pink and hard at their peaks they nearly pained the small girl. Her eyes watched them swirling over the console, then her gaze drifted upwards to see herself still there on the monitor as the robot fucked her ruthlessly from behind. It droned on emotionlessly: "Twenty....nineteen...eighteen..." The sibilation of the droid's cock reached deeper inside her belly, sending her entire lower body into a buzzing frenzy of endless pleasure as its ballooned pouch flexed and deflated, prepping the semen to be expelled deep into her womb. Susi wanted to care--tried to hold onto her panic to fight until the end--but the feel of that buzzing, whirring cock and the pistons brushing over her clit had her so worked up that she couldn't stop the orgasm building in her belly even if her life depended on it. Watching herself in the monitor, Susi's jaw hung open in a silent cry as she gasped and gasped and gasped for air, building up her lungs to let out the scream that was bursting to come out upon her release.

Her malicious machine--the robotic sexual predator--used her hole amid the moans and cries of pleasure without so much as slowing down. It didn't care if she was on the brink of release from the way it fucked her. The seconds dwindled more and more as her remaining time deteriorated. The sudden hitch of metal-plated hips hit harder than before and Susi felt the machine moving faster with those whining cylinders tapping her abused lips and clit from behind. She was no savior. She was nothing more than another womb to grow the next generation inside. Her advanced genetics did nothing to stop the
machine from fucking her hot little cunt. If anything, her arousal seemed to spur the machine on faster, turning her juices into a frothy, thick slurry from the constant barrage of its whisking metal shaft prying her open. "Ten...nine...eight..." As the robot neared her final moments Susi felt that fast pace rutting her open with the metal head of its injector tube hammering the back of her tiny womb. She was out of time. The whining vibrations grew with more intensity and it seemed that each second remaining was stretched
out in slow motion with the machine pumping her juicy tunnel in three strokes per second. Pistons fired blasts of steam down the backs of her legs. "Three...two...one. Ejaculation commencing." The first thing the girl felt was the tip opening inside her womb, but right after it did she felt a jet of hot, sticky semen flooding her senses. The blast rushed inside as the rubbery protrusions deflated, spraying her with so much thick goo that her belly pooched. In fact, she was so full that it couldn't be contained inside before a thick load gushed out from around the steel dick still lodged in her pussy and squirted down the machine's cylinders, spattering the floor in a line of creamy white leading back up between her thighs, dripping off the tops of her boots. The Cydroid hissed out a plume of steam from its faceplate as a beeping sound commenced. "Thank you for using Cydroid Sexual Stimulator Series. Would you care to rate your experience?"

Susi's pussy burned from the friction of that metal cock whisking through her folds like a rocket. Her tight ass cheeks bounced and wobbled from the force of its plates slamming her hard enough to knock her off balance, but the thing held her wrists tightly, keeping her on her toes as the countdown came to an end. The rough, hard slams sent Susi's climax to a peak and as the injector tube opened in her womb and blasted her full of pints of semen, Susi lost her fucking mind. The petite girl's flat belly bulged with cum and she
finally expelled the breaths she'd been holding, screaming out her orgasm as she shuddered on that unstoppable cock. Her muscles clenched and the excess spunk was gushed from her tight womb, letting her bloated belly deflate some as the heated cum spattered from her cunt. The sticky, wet mess glossed her pussy and thighs, dribbling down her boots as well as the pelvic region of the robot. The hard slams continued until the full load was administered and the cum-spattered front of the droid splashed more of the viscous fluid onto her ass, leaving her a slippery, wet, sticky mess of jizz. Susi groaned in both pleasure and misery at having been filled with the donated semen and she panted as her orgasm subsided, but as the thing asked her to rate her experience, Susi squirmed with unsatisfied need, trying to get the retracted cock back into her pussy. "More... I need more. Please!"

The machine dinged like a bell before it flipped the cum-addled brat over on top of the console. The wet slush of even more cum gushing from her lips came when the robot drove back inside her blushing slit. The Cydroid was not weary like a man. It pushed back inside and started fucking her all over again as the sound of chimes jingled from the machine. "Welcome <customer>! You have been awarded our Three Millionth Customer Freebie Award! Our Cydroid will comp this session free of charge!" Not only was she being fucked by a robot, but it seemed that she was being used by a refurbished model
that probably served on the streets of some backwater planet's red light district at some point in the past. Either that or part of its data banks from a previous program had never been erased. But...three million before her?? It boggled her mind. The machine gripped her little hips and pressed her down right on top of the console, the renewed thrusts bucking into her tight enough that the impact sent her little tits snapping like whips with sweat-kissed flesh flinging droplets each time the machine drilled in hard. "Seminal tubes depleted. Switching to secondary container." The cylinders clicked up into the machine's pumping thighs, but a whir and click later another set of cylinders dropped into place to let the girl feel the cold metal tubes slap against her pale blushing ass.

Susi would normally question why the machine prepped her for another session when it had completed its programming, but she was still burning with so much need that she didn't ponder it. Her question was answered, regardless, when the droid started modulating its congratulatory remarks. Three...million?? Holy fuck, this company has been busier than she'd thought. But still, it seemed that the machine had glitched and reset its program to use her again even after it had inseminated her. That worked to her benefit, though, since all Susi wanted was to be fucked and fucked again. All she
could focus on was the tight slide of that cock spreading her folds open once more after the droid flipped her onto her back. The console blipped and flashed in protest as her hips and shoulders mashed random keys, but the camera still recorded the process, displaying her lewdly-spread legs wrapped around the droid as it renewed its efforts to force its cock back into the depths of her tiny womb. Susi felt the vibration and the clunks of the seminal tanks retracting to let new ones fall into place and she shuddered, both fearing and anxiously anticipating the feel of being flooded with cum again. Her legs flexed over the droid's arms and she lifted her cum-stained ass off the console to force her pussy farther down that inflexible shaft. "Uungg... Fuck, yes! Harder! Fuck me harder you steely son of a bitch!"

The machine almost seemed to oblige her request. Lifting its hands to grab the girl's arms, it used them to hook around her own legs in a tight lift, the clasp of her thighs making that cum-filled hole squelch loudly with the rise of the robot's shattering thrusts slamming her utterly full. "Vaginal stress at twenty-seven percent. Calibrating for deeper penetration." The robot pressed its hands against the backs of the girl's thighs, leaning into her so that the brunt of its weight was enough to bruise her ass from the heft of the fresh cylinders slapping her skin. "Seminal load charging." The rubbery interior of the shaft ballooned out through the cracks between each link in the cock's length, forming two rows of rubbery knobs along the underside of the machine's shaft. "Default programming resumed." There was a click, then more steam rushed out from under the machine's thighs. The hard shoves clanged steel plates against her tight little ass and only her superior genetics allowed her to take this without any injury...yet. "Vaginal stress at thirty-three percent. Calibrating."

Susi's petite arms wrapped around her own legs, drawing them upwards against her chest so that her breast barely had room to jiggle with the heavy-hitting slams of the droid still trying to tear her pussy apart beyond its standard programming needs. The pain was excruciating: the jointed shaft of the steel cylinder cock rubbing her entrance raw and red as she leaked the same cum it had deposited only moments ago. The snug ring of her entrance stretched as the rubber pouch along the ribbed shaft ballooned again, this time down the full length so that she was forced open even wider. Susi gasped, her head flying backwards and cracking against the console making it beep and blip as numbers and images flashed across the screen. Suddenly, there was audio to accompany the video on the screen, and Susi could hear the feedback of her own cries and moans reverberating in her ears as the camera captured it all.
The pain of her cunt being pried open like a crate lanced through her and her fingers dug into her muscular thighs as her wide-open eyes stared up at the heartless droid pressing down into her. It felt so good. It hurt so bad. She wanted more but she couldn't take it, and as her bottom lip trembled and the tears sprang fresh in her eyes, she sobbed out, "P-please... N-no more! It hurts so bad! I c-can't take it!" Contradicting her begging pleas, Susi's pussy trembled around that hard-slamming cock and her eyes rolled back into her head as the ballooned pouch dragged over her g-spot just inside her entrance. The sensation was otherworldly and wicked. It mingled with the intense pain of her overly-stretched out cunt and she gasped as--without warning--another orgasm ripped through her body. Her boots kicked in the air, banging and clanging against the droid's shoulders and her hips bucked and leaped off the console as her body thrashed in orgasmic convulsions. "AAhhH! NnnGghhH!! Fuck! Fuckkkk!"

The robot didn't even listen to the girl; it only reacted to its scans of her body's status. When she started climaxing the machine hitched and down-shifted, but it was hardly noticeable during her thrashing orgasm. The girl's jerking body moved the machine which allowed her legs to fall as it whirred into a slightly less intense pace, but the unrelenting metal rod still slurped its ribbed length through her insides. "Vaginal stress at thirty percent. Stabilizing." Maybe it was responding to her in a cold, calculating way. It was hard to tell because there were no clues other than it appeared to react
after she had climaxed and started made those deeper, closer strokes, stoking the fire in her cunt into a dull roar through pleasured pain. The robot clasped the console--still bleeping in protest from keys being hit. Though locked as they were, they did nothing other than make more noise to join the girl's squeals of delight and utter surrender as the robot fucked her pussy wide open in tight shoves designed to bounce her lithe frame against the incline of the console. Metal thumbs pressed down over the girl's hips, stopping the lift of her body so that she was bounced between the machine's hands and its pumping hips as they fucked her cunt right through her orgasm. Glowing red glass eyes methodically watched both the girl and her imagine on the monitor taking the hardest pounding the little space fighter had ever gotten in her life. "Preparing impregnation protocols."

Susi's ass slipped and slid over the glass casing of the console--her skin slick with a combination of sweat and the load of cum that her body had been unable to contain the first time the droid flooded her womb. Now, as it shifted to penetrate her depths once more, she heard it announcing that it was preparing to do inseminate her once again. The tiny redhead didn't think her body could take it. Cybernetic alterations or no, she was still part human, and her petite body could only handle so much without time to recover. Though she was sopping wet with sexual arousal from the drug the droid had injected her with at the start, and she still craved orgasmic release even after she'd cum four times already, the thought of this machine pumping her full of stranger's cum again had her muttering in sheer panic. "No! No! No! Oh god, no! You can't! Not again! I can't take it! Please, you have to stop!" Her small hands wrapped around the wrists of the droid, trying to pry its titan's grip from her hips as she whimpered in terror, but her fingers were so slick with sweat and cum that they just slid off its metal plating over and over. Completely unphased, the Cydroid slammed her raw and bruised pussy repeatedly, making her tits sway in circles on her chest as it looked on--unfeeling, uncaring, simply fulfilling its programming. Again. Susi's heels skitched on the back plates of the droid as she tried to scramble away, but its metal was so smooth that she was unable to catch hold and she only managed to increase the power of its thrusts by lifting and slamming her body up and back down on its pistoning cock. "NNyyaaahhh! Fuuuuuck!"

The Cydroid could feel her inner walls clutching, flexing, and tightening over its metal rod plunging into her cunt with a sudden deep shock to her womb. The way it stabbed deep and racked against the back of her still-filled womb--oozing cum from every stroke--almost made it seem like the damn thing trying to hurt her, but somehow it seemed to make it hurt so good, grinding back in with a thud each time it jarred its hips. "Vaginal stress at thirty-four percent and holding. Orgasm achieved. Seminal temperature nominal." She had heated that rod up all over again and the feel of it hissing through her folds sparked her nerves with blissful sensation. The Cydroid slammed in with tight, deep thrusts that folded her legs, the sheer force of impact making her limbs flex from the shock alone. The pain of it grew, but along with the hurt a mind-numbing pleasure rushed through the girl at the same time with her poor pussy being stuffed to its limits.

Susi fought against the machine even as she prayed it would get her off again. There was no fighting the drug in her system and the need to cum raged on. The thing slammed into her hard--harder than she thought was necessary for the droid to achieve its goal--like it was starting to deteriorate, breaking down from overuse. The pain made her flinch and her pussy clenched tight around the retractable shaft. Susi heard a metallic snap and felt a pang within her walls. Her eyes went as wide as the moon as she stared at the robot's shining red eye plates wondering what the hell it was. The robot either didn't notice or didn't care, its slamming hips never ceasing. Suddenly Susi gasped and cried out, her mouth hanging open in startled surprise as she felt a zap inside. Then another. And another,
stronger this time. The thing's casing had cracked under the pressure of her tiny little snatch clamping down around it for so long and now a wire was exposed, sending jolts of electrical currents straight into her pussy. "Holy....fuck!" It was a sensation unlike Susi had even known or felt before. The pain was sharp, intense, and beyond pleasurable, stimulating every nerve in her lower body at once. The machine carried on, shocking her repeatedly with every thrust of its hips. Plunge....Zap! Plunge...Zap! Susi writhed on the table--now screaming, now moaning--torn between pleasure and pain. Plunge...Zap! Plunge...Zap! Each cry that issued from her lips was louder, sharper, escalating in pitch until she jerked and jerked, cumming harder than she ever had before. Her pussy clamped down so hard on that steel cock that the robot stilted in its movements until it hitched back and slammed deep again to penetrate her womb for the second time tonight. "NNNyyyaaaahhh aaaiiieeeee fuuuuck! Oh god! I can't....can't stop cumming! Uuuggnnnn!"

The machine beeped as it registered the damage. The squirming girl had squeezed hard enough that the casing broke near one of the primary power lines. "Vaginal stress at forty-six percent. Emergency seminal release initiated." The instant she started cumming amid shocks and sparks, arcs of light trailed over her sweat-kissed skin and cum-drizzled pussy like lightning rolling out over a lake. A valve hissed open and the girl felt the flood rush in even more intensely than the first time. The cylinders whined high and the pressure kept building until the cum rocketing from the open tip inside her womb came rushing out with air, sending bubbles through the mix. Lurching streams gushed from her battered cunt, slashing white lines across the robot's thigh plates, over the console's edge, and leaving a massive puddle on the floor at the robot's feet. Her pooched little belly swelled even more, then the machine withdrew in a wet pop, leaving her swollen, puffy walls to flex and gape until her pussy contracted closed, holding the load inside this time. "Retracting seminal tube. Returning to dock for repairs." The robot reached out and grabbed the girl by her neck, lifting her from the console to carry her aloft towards the stasis tubes to freeze her and add her to the collection of women in the cargo hold. "Cryo stasis pod online. Powering up for occupant."

Susi groaned as her body overloaded with stimuli, her orgasm pulsating through her system with the shocks of the damaged droid's cock still sending jolts of electricity through her lower body. There was a hiss of sound and the girl felt the robot lurch forward one last time as its dispenser tube penetrated her womb and held steady, pumping several more pints of cum into her. Susi's already plumped belly swelled and grew fatter, bulging as the thing flooded her womb with more semen. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she watched her belly pooch, but the full feeling with that cock locked inside of her had her cumming again, her little clit pulsating wildly as the robot's pelvis mashed down hard against it. " Oh god! NNnggg fuck..! So full..!" Susi felt that bumpy metal shaft drawing out from her tight hold until it popped wetly. Her spasming, contracting muscles clamped shut in her mid-orgasm, and though small amounts of the load of cum deep inside her belly dribbled from her slit, the rest remained trapped inside, working to fertilize the captive female. Susi barely noticed that the machine picked her up in its strong grip--she was in such an orgasmic stupor that she hardly knew her own name anymore. The room spun dizzyingly as it turned to carry her to the stasis chambers. The sights and sounds of the other women reached her senses, but she dismissed them as unimportant as she watched her own fate drawing closer.

The Cydroid carried the small, lithe girl easily; she weighed nothing to the robot, now holding her out over the tube's base. The glass door sank into the floor and the machine dropped Susi to her feet in the stasis chamber, then it slid back up, trapping the girl inside. "Commencing fluid refill." The glass whooshed closed, leaving the poor girl trapped. The slats in the stasis tubes base flicked open and the blue fluid started filling the tubes interior, creeping up the stunned female's legs as the machine watched on.

Susi's heart raced as the machine took her to the chamber. She was still burning with need from the drug, but she was alert enough to realize her inevitable fate. Kicking, flailing in its grip, Susi cried out, begging for one last chance. "No! Please! Don't do this! Powerful people will come looking for me in my absence. You'll regret..." The word 'this' was completely drown out by the thunk of the glass door rising and sealing shut, trapping Susi inside. Still dripping with cum and with her belly
swelled obscenely, the petite girl banged on the glass door demanding to be set free. The sound of rushing water echoed in the chamber and Susi looked around in fright as the fluid started rising up over her booted legs then washing over the cum still clinging to her ass, pussy, and stomach. The girl's head jerked up to stare at the droid in fear and anger as the level reached her chin. She held her breath as it closed over her head, her red hair swimming about her face as the robot stared on emotionlessly. A crackle of power sounded and a small light flashed, then Susi was frozen--sustained in animation until such time as the company saw fit to release her again.

The robot beeped and spoke again. "Subject designation S-332: stored in stasis. Bio readouts at acceptable levels. Preparing to collect other subjects." One by one it recaptured the females, putting them back in stasis for later processing. The Cydroid turned and Darina was lifted from the hologram by a metal hand gripping her neck. The holographic beam of light evaporated as the machine lifted her from the table and dragged her back over to a stasis chamber. "Stasis chamber powered up. Preparing
for cryo sleep." Darina was held over the tube's base as the glass slipped back up to capture her easily, dropping her lust-addled body to the floor of the tube as the slats inside clacked open. The fluid started flooding the tube as the robot turned and went to Vixxen at the far end of the chamber.
Darina's world inside the locked tube went blue with the fluid rising until there was no more space in the stasis chamber. The last thing she saw was the machine grabbing the blonde by the throat and lifting her with a wet slurk off the probing mechanical tendril within the table. Flash frozen, Darina was put back to sleep while Vixxen spent her last few conscious moments being carried to the remaining free tube in the lab. "Preparing for cryo stasis." The final subject was just as easy as the other girls to maneuver into the tube. The Cydroid held her aloft over the tube's base as the glass slid upwards, pulling its
hand free at the last possible moment, leaving Vixxen to tumble to the bottom. A thunk resounded as the glass tube locked into place to prevent its precious occupant from escaping. The slats in the floorboard clicked open and the blue liquid oozed from within, rising through the length of tube to coat the squirming woman inside with the sticky, watery substance flooding the interior. When the woman was fully floating in the liquid the robot beeped and the tube frosted over as Vixxen was put back into stasis for preservation. The robot turned and walked back to its own tube at the far end of the lab. It stepped
inside before the glass slipped up and mechanical arms inside began making repairs on the droid's cracked shaft housing. The machine powered down while the lights in the lab dimmed, and except for the sizzle of welding or the clank of bolts being turned for repairs, the room settled into a deathly silence.

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