Strapped in a Chair & Fucked by a Herm

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Stacey grinned and took your hand, turning to lead you upstairs, wiggling her ass with each step.

Vixxen watched your ass undulating in front of her eyes as she followed you up the stairs, resisting just sinking her teeth into it as she strolled behind you. Stepping into the master bedroom, she eyed the new chair Z put into the room and gave you a cautious look. "We've not used that thing yet. I'm not one hundred percent certain its safe."

Stacey giggled as she stepped back and ran a gloved hand up the back of your thigh. "I doubt Big Daddy is going to buy something that hurts his beauty, so why are you afraid of this one?" Stacey licked her lips as her hand shifted, drawing over your hip first before her fingers fished for the button of your shorts. With a flick of her fingertips she loosened the button's hold and her fingers curled in to tug those shorts down as she spoke. "I have to break a little promise. I can't help myself with you, Vixxen."

Vixxen didn't make a move as you unfastened her shorts, just watching you as you bent down to slide them over her hips. She did raise each long leg to step out of the shorts as they reached her ankles, but she quirked her head to the side in a questioning manner. "Promise? What promise?" Her eyes kept drifting to your flaccid cock, hanging just below your belly and memories of the few times you'd had it inside her came back to her: the pain, the pleasure, the desire to feel it again, spreading her open and making her cum.

Stacey grinned as she took your hand and kissed you softly, purring a little into those lips before she nibbled and guided you in a turn of your body towards the chair. "Nnmm... That we wouldn't do this again, but I just have to..." She strolled forward, leading you backwards into the chair's embrace of cold stirrups hugging those hips. Stacey pressed in and glided her growing cock along your soft skin, teasing it against your thigh before she grabbed your ass and with a lift sat you right in the seat. Smiling, she rolled her hands down your naked thigh and lifted the first leg into the stirrup before she took the time to tighten the straps.

Vixxen looked at you askance as you lead her to the chair, still not certain it was a great idea; she wasn't all too keen on being strapped down. But she recalled what you said about Zuriel not getting anything that would hurt her, so she leaned back in the chair with just a hint of trepidation on her face. "I don't know, Stacey... I'm all for playing with you, but this thing makes me nervous. I don't like being restrained." Even as she said the words, she watched as you tightened the cuffs around her wrists, chaining them over her head, then the straps over her belly and finally over her legs, pinning her securely in place with no room to move at all. Vixxen took a deep breath instructing herself to relax and she focused on the feel of your slowly hardening cock teasing her as it brushed first between her legs, then against her side as you moved around the chair.

Stacey made sure that you were fully strapped in before she stepped back and grinned, taking the time to slip from her own clothing just so she could feel your skin as often as possible against her own. But once she was naked enough for comfort, she came back in and ran a hand down your soft stomach. "NNnn... And yet you didn't fight me locking you up, either. Zuriel may not be a master to you, but he does get what he wants. You do that much for him." She leaned in so her naked breast rubbed and stroked over yours, still clad in that soft top. "So in some small way, you like to submit." Stacey leaned in close when her fingers slid even further down and the tell tale press of gloved digits started grinding against your lips when she whispered. "Your secret is safe with me..." A nip clamped smoothly over your earlobe, kisses drifting down over your cheek until she was at those lips, hungering for a little taste of Vixxen while her fingers ground up and down in tight little strokes.

Vixxen sat and watched you undress--there was little else she could do--her eye roaming over the lush curves of your body, the thought of your soft skin filling her mind. Her head turned as you approached and you could see the rise and fall of her chest as she started breathing just a little heavier. Whether it was from excitement or anxiety you weren't sure, but she did tense at your words, her brows curling down into a slight frown. "Zuriel gets what he wants because I love him and do what ever is within my power to make him happy. It has nothing to do with submission. We have Alesh for that. I do what I do for him because he has my heart. That is no secret." Though your words angered her--she was no one's sub!--the look was wiped from her face as soon as those leather-clad fingers glided over her slit, the rough yet smooth material stroking over her hidden bud trapped between her folds. Vixxen's back arched in the chair and though her stomach was strapped her chest thrust upwards as she hissed in air between her clenched teeth. "Hshhhh!"

Stacey exhaled and shook her head while those fingers strolled up and down, pressing in or curling over just to torment that bud trapped between pink lips. "Ooo...touchy subject. I know you are the Queen Bee. You're not talking to Jaidyn here, Vixxen, honey. I'm not implying you are a sub. I'm implying you like this just a little." Stacey grinned as she swept her bare breasts over yours and the friction lifted your shirt from her insistent rubbing. Bare tits met in a tightening grind as she teased and stroked that pussy while you were trapped in the chair she'd willingly led you into. "You like me enough to let me take over. That says volumes about me and you." Suddenly leather clad fingertips plucked, rubbed, and toyed with the glittering ring adorning your clit, flicking it gently with her gloved fingers, watching you hiss in delight from her playing with you while you were locked down like a treat in your own bedroom.

Vixxen softened some at your words seeing there was no challenge in your statement. Your fingers caught the tiny silver clit ring and tugged and she jerked slightly in the chair, the straps catching and preventing her from moving as far as her body would have liked and disabling her from moving away from the sudden, intense stimulation on that tiny bundle of nerves. Vixxen groaned and looked at you beside her, "I do like you, Stacey. If I didn't, you'd not be welcomed into my home. I... Ahhh god! Unlike Jaidyn, I trust you." The brush of your chest over her own put your face right near hers and she stretched her head out wanting so badly to kiss those lush lips, but you were teasingly just out of reach even as your nipples brushed over hers, making the pink flesh ripple and harden so that the buds perked up like gumdrops. God, it felt so good she just wanted you to crawl on top of her and rub them more, but another flick to her clit drew her attention between her legs. Vixxen gasped as those nether lips started swelling with arousal and parting to expose the clit even more, glistening with the juices that were starting to trickle from her.

Stacey knew you wanted to kiss her badly, but every time you tried, her would breast roam yours, her left tit rising over your swollen teat in a stroke until the right one was wedged between her boobs. The piercings adorning her nipples made little indents in your flesh when she pressed in and tickled your clit ring a little more. "Then stop acting like I'm trying to collar you. I care enough to just play with you only, so relax and enjoy this." a wicked gleam glittered in her green eyes when she dipped her leather clad fingers between those blossoming lips that were begging for attention. Slick juices started coating the leather digits making the subtle tease more of an urgent press until she slid two fingers fully inside your hot little hole. "Hnn... That's it. Open up some. God, you feel so tight down here even after all that fucking!" Slowly she withdrew her fingers and waited to see the disappointed look in your eyes, but then two slick fingers suddenly popped, slapped, and batted at your clit in tight little spanks. Almost reading your body, she shifted and her tits mashed over yours as her mouth descended, devouring your lips in a hungry kiss while she continued to smack, slap, and tap your slit in a few more sparks of teasing pussy spanks.

Vixxen made a face at being chided, not really caring for it one bit, but she was in no position to argue now. And besides...you were right. So she did relax and just enjoy the attention, her head rolling against the backrest as she groaned when your fingers dipped inside her tunnel, the thick leather gently scraping her lips and walls in a wickedly delicious manner. The invasion of the foreign texture was both awkward and highly erotic and her pussy flexed around your digits as her belly tumbled excitedly. "Nngg fuck, Stacey. That feels...so good..." Her honey glossed a slick sheen on the leather and when you withdrew to smack her clit, the wet lips spattered her thighs leaving them glistening, as well. The successive taps left her gasping and crying out, her body wriggling and squirming making the chair rattle and the metal clang as she struggled within the bonds. "Ah! Ah! Nnnnng fuck!!"

Stacey was enjoying playing with the sultry blonde mistress of the house, but her own needs were made obvious when she grabbed her cock and thumped it over your hip, pressing in so that the length curled over the crease of your thigh. It was almost like her dick was watching when she slipped those two fingers back inside your hot cunt, stroking the leather clad length on either side of your swelling clit before they clasped together and dipped between those pink lips. The fine sheen of spatters along your inner thighs made her groan in bliss, knowing the feeling all too well right now with you trapped and writhing in the straps of the chair. Stacey to make sure that when she turned her gaze to looked down to her own cock that your blue eyes followed her green ones. "Look at it..." She nodded at her cock, laying on your hip like it was lazy, though it was anything but that. The tip was rising, lifting slowly like a tendril until the tip was pointed at your face, like her cock was literally asking 'is it play time now?' She purposefully rubbed her tits over your breast again, teasing your nipple with her soft skin stroking and grinding against your body. "See? I think it's asking if you're ready for it." She grinned impishly, biting her lip ring as she kept fingering that little slit while watching your face and waiting for your need to become too great to bear.

Vixxen felt the heavy, hot thump of flesh against her hip bone and her pussy twitched again, her hips jerking upwards as your fingers teased over her clit while she thought about the monstrous cock tantalized her from her side. Vixxen's blue eyes turned to lock on your green ones, and though the teasing, stroking, touching of your fingers was still stimulating her nerves, her focus was entirely on your gaze until it drew her attention to your cock. Her eyes drifted down almost reluctantly but she stared at it, watching it jump and stand fully erect. She damn near salivated at the sight--the huge shaft of meat resting there against her side--and the thought of it being spreading her open again had her groaning as she writhed in the chair. Grumbling out, she nearly begged. "I want it. Fuck me Stacey. I need to feel your cock again."

Stacey heard those words and pulled her fingers free to lift them to her lips. "Mmm... Now you're finally talkin'." She smacked your flavor with her lips as she stepped away and rounded your sneaker-clad foot in the stirrup, strolling between your thighs--outstretched by virtue of being locked into this contraption of a chair. "Take a breath..." Stacey pressed her dick right against that slit and made sure she was watching your face when she skated the tip over your clit, the thick underside gliding along your lips with a roll of her spine moving her hips forward. She closed her eyes like she was savoring entering you just as smoothly. The thick creamy juices slicking her shaft made it an easy-but-pressing grind of her cock over that pussy. "Now that's what we call a tease, Momma." Stacey winked as she pulled her hips back, sending the thick girth traveling backwards over those lips until she angled the tip down. Watching your eyes closely, she dipped her hips, grunting from the feel of tight walls trying to keep her out from the sheer virtue of her size. Stacey knew Z and Jay were not human, but she wasn't exactly normal, either. She panted and hitched her hips side to side, sending the head rubbing to and fro until she managed to wriggle it inside making her gasp just from that. It was like this pussy had been worked so hard that those muscles could fight back even when subdued. Or maybe you were just that damn tight compared to Stacey's monster cock. "Nnnngh fuuuuck...!"

Vixxen tilted her head to watch between her breasts as your cock teased over her slit. Her mouth hung open as she panted, staring in awe at the size of it. Her long lashes swept against her cheeks as she closed her eyes at the wicked feel of that long, thick shaft brushing over her lips and clit. She let out a sighed groan but when she felt it dip downward she looked again, wanting to see it disappear between her folds. Only it didn't disappear.
The tip pressed in against her and her eyes flew open as she lifted her head to look at you. The sudden remembrance of just how big you were same back to her in a flash. "Uhh, Stacey... I don't know about this. I still don't think you're going to fit. I don't seem to be any bigger than the last time we did this and you damn near tore me in half then." Her whole body was tense as though she could leap from the chair if you tried to force it in. It seemed as if she didn't even remember the straps holding her down. Vixxen's gaze had returned to your cock as you wriggled your hips and pushed, trying to force your way into her tight entrance, and she barked out a cry as a bit more spread her open to let you in another inch. "Ah, GOD! Stacey, I... Nnnnssshhhhit! Stopstopstop! You can't! It's too...too fucking tiiiight AHH!"

Stacey gasped as she managed to grip the strap at your hip and somehow levered it tighter with a huff of breath and a tug. The belt cinched firmly in place to keep your ass in check just enough. Her teeth bared when she put both feet on the floor and held your hips down with her hands pushing you to the chair. "Nnnn... No... I fit before..." She was nothing if not persistent. Her own flesh was lubed by those juices
and the foreskin on her cock peeled back, giving her a little more leeway and letting her sink a precious few more inches inside until she could get her body weight behind her hips. With a deliciously painful pop, the head of that cock prodded inside, making her quake. But Stacey forced herself steady to hold it more than halfway inside your tight cunt. "Ahhhnnn! Hnnn...hfff...Ffff... Ss-see..? I fit! Nngh!" Neither Z nor Jay had this kind of stretch to them; Stacey felt her shaft mauled into shape from your pussy clamped down on her dick. But even with that tight of a hold, she found the hungry resolve to start bucking her hips, taking that tunnel in deepening strides of fat meat plowing those walls apart.

Despite that you'd been inside her before, she was still tight as fuck. Neither Zuriel nor Jay was a thick as you were and that tight ring of muscles fought your invading cock every inch. They stretched and gave, but it was a painful process and Vixxen's spine went rigid as she cried out, her wrists jerking in the shackles fastened to the back of the chair. "No! No! Stacey stop! You can't... Oh, my God! No! I don't care if you fit before. It's too tight now! Did you fucking grow more?" She gasped and her eyes grew immensely wide, "Holy fucking shit!" Vixxen felt that head draw back and pop in as you forced it past the tight ring with several more inches following. The shaft grew thicker as it tapered to the base and, each inch you shoved in spread her wider around the girth. "NNNGGHHH! Fffffuck!" Though she was wet as hell and slicker than shit, you were by far wider than was her entrance and it gripped that thick shaft like a noose, closing back down around the tip as you withdrew, only to be forced open once again when your hips rolled forward and stuffed her cunt full of fat herm dick again.

Stacey reached down and grabbed the strap over your tummy, using it like reigns to give her the power she needed to pull herself into your spread and locked-down thighs, held wide by the chair you were strapped into. Deepening shoves of thick shaft stretched open your muscles that hadn't been touched like this in ages. Hard dick crammed in with faster strokes and the constant
plunge of her thick tip popped past
the ring of muscles that seemed to be trying to hold her at bay as though she knew how to break it open for good. With every tightening shove of cock her tits bounced, the nipples galloping with every stride of her cock. It stuffed in halfway only to pull out until the middle of her thick length was slurping your inner flesh outwards, but then it plugged all the way back in to her, fat juicy balls. "GNnnuuhh... C-can't stop. I need to hear you wail for me. I'm sorry, baby. Take it for me. Fuck, it hurts so bad when it's this hard. AHHHhhhh!" Stacey clenched her eyes closed tightly, unable to stop herself from falling into the rutting shoves of her cock. The thick shaft stretched those lips open to the point that they hugged the base of her dick each time it rammed in and her balls smacked Vixxen right on her puckered asshole causing slapping noises to echo between her cheeks.

Amidst the pain of having her walls stretched nearly past the point of tearing, Vixxen felt the deep, penetrating feel of that immensely thick cock spearing her womb, bouncing in her walls with the heavy thrusts of your hips, and she couldn't help but let the incredible sensation of being fucked hard and filled so completely fully take over her senses. Between her gasping cries of aching pain she was groaning in blissful pleasure.
It was dance between conflicting sensations and they intermingled until she couldn't tell one from the other. Vixxen was incredibly wet, as she always got, but the normal slushing, squishing sounds were muted with the thickness of that shaft. It was like going from being stuffed to being overly stuffed and back again with little space for her juices to flow freely, trapped inside as they were with the girth of that shaft blocking her tunnel completely. Long red nails bit into her palms as she clenched her fists and she rolled her head groaning, no longer certain if she was pained or enjoying this more than anything she could recall in a long time. "NNnggg fuck, Stacey...so fucking full. I can't...can't believe you got it all in..." Her tennis shoes bounces in the leg stirrups as her body was jostled with each pump of your hips, sending her tits rolling on her chest as she looked to to see the sight of your cock disappearing to the hilt inside of her.

Stacey didn't let it end there. Oh, hell no. She was not done yet by a long shot. Not with the pressure building in her fat cock and those heavy, slushing balls flinging girl juices all over the place. She was going to make you scream if it was the last thing she did. She sped up and started churning your cunt into hot butter, her hips battering your thighs from underneath as those nuts clapped, popped, and smacked your tight little pucker the entire time. Trapped juices dislodged from the pushes, the head of that dick fluttering your womb's entrance, but she was wider than she was long, so only the tip buffeted your inner ring. Stacey's hands slipped to your thighs and gripped, pressing down to hold you there even though you were bound and locked up tight. She didn't care. She still held those hips firmly just so she could rock them in a hard jam of thick shaft prying that hole open. The lean of her body made the bottoms of her tits just barely stroke over the very edges of your gumdrop nipples that were perked hard from being filled like a show pony on display--all for her enjoyment. "Gnnnn... You're gonna cum before I'm through with you!"

Vixxen's tits bounced and wobbled on her chest and as you leaned in, she felt your own fleshy globes brush against them so that her nipples were teased as well as her cunt. The heavy thrusting battering her walls had her writhing and jerking the the chair, struggling against the bonds that held her, and her cries grew in both volume and pitch as that cock stirred her orgasm in her belly to from a simmer to a rolling boil. Vixxen's arms jerked, pulling her wrists hard against the cuffs strapped around them. She cried out as she gaped at you, staring at your lovely face clad in black make up like the wicked seductress that you were, and she thrashed her head back so hard that it slammed the chair's back with a crack as she came in a torrent. Vixxen didn't even notice the pain at her head; her entire focus was on that thick cock spreading her pulsing walls, the ring growing painfully tighter as she climaxed, and with each back-stroke of that meat stick, her juices gushed and spurt out with the pressure of her jetting cum. "AhhhhhHHHH! FUCK!!! Stacey! I'm cumming! I'm cumming so fucking hard on your cock. Ohhhh my GOD!!!"

Stacey huffed as she rolled over that body, mashing her tits against yours with her arm crossing the top of your chest to pin you down under her weight. The tighter union made her cock only stroke a few inches at a time, but the proximity of her body against yours gave her all the room she needed to rapidly pump that cunt with her thick shaft. Stacey reeled but forced herself to maintain that machine gun pop of skin colliding. Her shaft strummed through your clamping muscles as they flexed, sucked, and grabbed at her dick.
Those muscles undulated, demanding that her swell of meat throb thicker with her own desires peaking in the triumph of fucking the stunning blonde to orgasm. Stacey panted and her lips latched right onto your nipple while she fucked through your cunt's pulsing shocks after it gushed around her cock. The popping tip pressed an inch deeper into your inner ring before a burst of hot love exploded inside. Like lava hitting ice, the steam of that load engulfed that pussy in a wildfire of cum flowing in rapid spurts. At the last second Stacey pulled out, grabbing her cock to spray down the mistress of the house with lines of cum, glazing her belly and slithering wet slashes across her tits. "Nnnn...damn. So fucking hot."

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