Z & Vixx Use the Little Whore Lisa

Zuriel smiled as his love approached, watching her close the distance as he held Lisa in his strong arm. His big hand drifted over her small breast, licking his lips after calling to Vixxen and turning his gaze to the teeny redhead brat on the bed with him. "Now tonight is a special occasion, Lisa. We're going to do something with you I've had in mind for a very long time now." He pushed his fingertips just under the latex harness Lisa wore, his fingers finding the tender bud beneath in a tightening pinch.

Vixxen walked over to the bedside, smiling first at Lisa lying on the bed dressed in little but a winding strap of latex over the most intimate parts of her body and a sheer covering of fishnet over her legs. Then she looked at her love, his arm curled around the petite redhead, and her smile turned to a knowing grin. The latex of her boots creaked as she walked, going silent only when she stopped, towering over the two lying on the bed. "I've been waiting to get to know you better, Lisa, and I think that after tonight we'll be the best of friends."

Lisa was nervous--but only slightly--and really excited. She knew Daddy had something special planned tonight but she didn't know what, so lying in his arm on the bed dressed in her sluttiest little submissive garb, she trembled and watched the tall blonde he was in love with approach the bed. She was dressed in tight latex and leather and the suggestion of that outfit had Lisa's heart beating just a bit faster in her chest. Her eyes turned to Vixxen as the woman spoke, but Lisa was too nervous to say anything back so she just chewed her lip ring as she blushed and smiled shyly.

Zuriel turned his eyes from Vixxen to his little slutty Lisa and smiled darkly. Lifting up, he scooted to the edge of the bed and looked back at his love with a sly smirk. He tightened his grip on Lisa's leash, curling it, winding it down his hand until but a few links separated his grip from her collar. He forcefully dragged her over his legs as he regarded his mate. "So, baby, does she deserve a little spanking for dressing so shamefully?" His free hand wound over Lisa's thighs, raking softly up the backs of her legs as he waited to hear his love's answer, letting Vixxen have a say in what would be done with the girl.

Vixxen licked her tongue over her lips and sucked the bottom one between her teeth with a naughty grin. "Nnn... She needs one for walking around here teasing me for so long without ever letting me get my hands on her until tonight. Her little ass needs to be glowing red and hot for my tongue to soothe..." Vixxen's hands roved up and down her own hips and thighs, dipping over her mound to sweep upwards over her belly as she watched him drag Lisa over his knee by the leash. Her hands swept under her breasts and she cupped them as she gave Zuriel one single nod as if to say "do it..."

Lisa's eyes flit from Daddy to Vixxen as if doubting their conversation, but when Z rose and tugged her leash to draw her up she whimpered and turned her eyes to him pleading. "B-but...why? I haven't done anything! Please don't spank me. I'll behave. I promise!" Her little latex-clad ass wriggled in the air with her torso draped over his knee, and though she squirmed his grip on her collar kept her in place as she whined softly.

Zuriel didn't need or even wait to be told again. His hand lifted and jerked down in a crack of flesh sparking like thunder sending Lisa riding the shock and pain of the slap over his knee. He lifted his other hand over the back of her neck and held his little redhead girl down to reverse the flow of his striking hand to crack across her other cheek. Normally Daddy gave light stings, but tonight these were hard jolts smacking with the sound of a broken two-by-four. "No, baby girl. Miss Vixxen says you need spankings, so you better ask her why your little slutty ass is getting punished!" Grinning wickedly, his hand thwapped, popped, and snapped over one cheek then the other and back again before the sting of the first ever toned down. His fang hung from his lip as he took a primal delight in making his baby girl whine from her ass being spanked red and raw.

Vixxen leaned over, resting her hands on the bed so that her lush ass was sticking up in the air. Her lips brushed over Lisa's hair by her ear and though she spoke to the girl, she addressed Zuriel. "She's being punished because she walks around this house in tight little tops that make her nipples poke out and short skirts that let me catch glimpses of her pretty little snatch, but has she ever come to me to welcome me to the family? No... She screws around with Susi or fucks the new farm boy, Nick. Hell, I've even seen her with Jaidyn, but never your own mate. So yes, she needs to be taught who around here she should be coming to when she's needing some attention." When she finished speaking, Vixxen grabbed Lisa's chin and turned her to face her as your hand continued raining down on her ass, pressing her yellow glossed lips to the girl's red ones, kissing her deeply and silencing her cries.

Lisa jerked and yelped with each heavy-handed smack until her ass started turning red. Her yelps soon turned to whimpers and then to sobs. The redhead's little breasts mashed against Zuriel's strong thigh each time she bounced from his hand connecting with her ass, but she froze when the bed dipped and she felt Vixxen's mouth brushing against her hair, the woman's hot breath blowing into her ear as she spoke. Lisa's heart raced, stunned that the woman knew about all of her affairs, and she blushed even harder. But when those slender fingers clasped her jaw and forced her face to turn, her little cries caught in her throat with the hot, sweet tongue of the blonde filling her mouth until she was groaning between her whimpers.

Zuriel had to actually pause seeing his woman own Lisa right over his knee without needing anything but his hand roaming his little slut's ass between those wild slaps of skin snapping loudly. He lifted his hand from his girl's neck and grabbed a fistful of her hair while Vixxen was kissing her, feeling his own cock jumping from the sight of his blonde mate taking charge of her little whore mouth so that every whimper was a fine wine she tasted on her tongue from his blows burning her ass. He hitched his hand in those red locks to make sure Lisa did not pull away, and with hearing her groan of satisfaction from finally tasting his mate, he softly stroked her reddened ass cheeks to highlight the searing roll of his flesh connecting to sensitive skin. When his love did finally pull away enough, he spoke up, grabbing the latex harness in his spanking hand to yank it tight between Lisa's thighs to make sure she was paying attention. "What do we say then, baby girl, for being rude?"

Vixxen slipped back off the bed, content to stand by and watch as he reprimanded his girl for some silly, made-up excuse for giving punishment, just getting excited at seeing the girl squirm and wriggle in his lap as her cheeks grew redder and redder around the tight strap of latex rubbing between her cheeks. Vixxen could feel herself already getting turned on, the ache starting to build in her clit, her mind already on fucking the petite redhead.

Lisa's head spun from that first kiss with Daddy's mate. God, she was hot. For the life of her, Lisa couldn't fathom why she hadn't gone to her sooner for a taste. Intimidation, probably. She was so gorgeous, so...untouchable. She hadn't dared. Her ass burned and she started sinking without even knowing she was doing it. The only thing that held her up was his grip on her collar and when it caught on her throat, she choked and scoot her knees back up so that her burning red ass was high again. Lisa's head hung down as she grit her teeth, but when he directed a question at her, she replied, "I'm sorry for not showing you my affection sooner, Miss. Please forgive me and let me make it up to you tonight."

Zuriel gritted his teeth as his arm flexed, tugging the latex tighter and tighter until anyone sneaking a peek could see Lisa's clit hugged so tightly by black shiny rubber that it poked from the glossy material like she was wearing it as a second skin. The constant pressure built until he lifted his girl's knees from the bed, and with a liquid tear and snap the harness climbed free from between his girl's thighs. Stripping the top half off with a snatch and throw, he grabbed his bitch's red hair in his hand once more. "No, slut. You say, 'I'm sorry, Mistress. Please use my whore body any way you want.'" He licked his dry lips and stood, clutching his girl's leash in a tug. "Mistress Vixxen has something for your little ass... Can you guess what it is?" He grinned at his love, holding out a hand for her to join him and show off what she was planning on doing to the poor snobbish little brat.

Vixxen smiled and walked to the foot of the bed, stepping up with Zuriel's hand helping her keep balance. Looking down at the little naked redhead, the blonde grinned wider and reached into the back of her thigh high boot, pulling out a small rubber anal plug she'd stashed there before coming to the room. Twisting it in her fingers before Lisa's watching eyes she said, "You know what this is, don't you, slut? I'm certain your daddy told me that he's used one on you before. You like having your tight little ass stuffed, don't you, whore?" Stroking her left hand down Lisa's back as she leaned over her frame, Vixxen reached over with her right hand and teased the black plug between the tight cheeks, wriggling it back and fourth as she pressed it firmly against her tiny pucker. "Beg me for it, slut. Beg your Mistress to have your ass stretched open and filled with her toy."

Lisa let out a little yelp as Daddy ripped the tight latex off her small frame, the material biting into her stinging ass as it resisted coming off until it tore free in his strong grip. Her yelp was cut off when he grabbed her hair and her eyes rolled up to look at him as she shook, then they landed on Vixxen as she stepped onto the bed to stand before her. Lisa stared at the huge anal plug that was held in her view and she started shaking her head 'no,' but the grip on her hair kept her from turning much at all and soon the blond was pressing the curved head of the plug against her asshole. Lisa whimpered, almost sobbing, but she groaned as Vixxen demanded her to beg for it. "Oh god, please put it in me! Please, Mistress, fill my ass with your toy. You can use my body any way you want!" Her little clit was throbbing in anticipation and when she felt the long-legged woman twist and press the toy against her pucker, she bit her lip to stifle the cry as it slipped in, widening painfully at the base until it popped in with the flat end resting tight against her cheeks. "Nnnggg! Thank you, Mistress."

Zuriel was digging how his love was just using Lisa. He couldn't help himself--he freed his cock and started stroking it right there as he watched Vixxen tease that plug right against his girl's tight little asshole. While his mate toyed with Lisa and her ass, he pumped his fingers tightly over his swollen shaft, reaching down when Vixxen bent over his girl so he could pluck and tug on her nipple while giving his mate all the time in the world she needed to play with the little bitch. He waited for Vixxen to rise back up before he took hold of Lisa by the hair and shoved his cock in her mouth so fast that she barely finished the hiss on the word Mistress, forcefully pumping her pretty lips full of fat dick, stroking his cock with her mouth as he looked over to his mate and rumbled. "Nnnn... Come on, baby. Pull it out." He knew what his love had in store for his girl, but for now she was a little moaning whore on the end of his cock with his hand holding her nose tight to his pelvis. Suddenly he slurked Lisa off his dick, pulling it free of her mouth to let her get a full breath before the main event began. "Tonight your mistress is going to fuck you with Daddy's help. Are you going to be a good little toy for Daddy and his love?"

Vixxen chewed her lip and groaned as Z toyed with her nipple. Once the plug was firmly in place, she rose and looked at him, nodding. Her hands tugged the zipper down the front of her leather body suit and she pulled it open, letting her heavy breasts spill free and exposing the strap-on she had hidden beneath. Vixxen's long fingers wrapped around the phallus and stroked it as though she were getting her cock good and hard as she watched Zuriel force Lisa's pretty little mouth around his real one. "Mmmm fuck, baby. You taught her well. She loves giving you head..." When he pulled the redhead off his cock to speak to her, Vixxen didn't hesitate. She grabbed the girl's hair herself, and turned her head to her strap-on, teasing the head over her red lips. "That little butt plug is just to get you ready for this, my little whore. My cock is going to stretch you open even wider. But first... suck it like a good girl and make your Mistress proud." Forcing her head down, she hitched her hips and shoved the rubber cock down the girl's throat.

Lisa was squirming with the thick plug in her ass, but when Daddy shoved her lips down over his fat cock she eagerly began sucking, stroking the length as her lips smacked heavily over the head and down his stick. When he pulled her free she actually cried out in disappointment, but then his mate had her hair in her grip, turning her to the huge strap-on she wore and Lisa's pussy clenched at the sight. She gasped and Vixxen struck, forcing that giant phallus into her open mouth, choking her breath and making her gag. But she kept stroking Daddy with one hand and grasped the strap-on with the other, jerking them both off as her mouth slurped and slobbered around the rubber cock pumping her lips. They'd both addressed her and she wanted to reply, but her mouth was busy so she just turned her eyes up to them and nodded as she kept bobbing her head, red hair flying around her face as she mumbled, "MmHmm! MMffpphh!"

Zuriel only added fuel to the fire building on the bed as Vixxen stuffed Lisa's mouth full of fake dick. He was not about to be left out of this as he reached out to grab Lisa by the hair and did something unexpected. While his mate couldn't appreciate having a dick of her own she got to feel some of that power as he held Lisa by the hair and fucked her fake cock using his little whore's mouth and throat as her fuck hole. Taking over completely for his love on fucking that pretty little mouth, he used his strength to guide Lisa down that thick strap on Vixxen got just for the occasion. He pulled Lisa off her toy in a pop of lips smacking and, using his other hand, grabbed Vixxen's hand and made his mate clutch Lisa by the
head. "Use her mouth on me..." His silvered eyes stared back at Vixxen as he dropped his hand from Lisa's hair and waited. His eyes closed halfway from the feel of his mate using his girl's lips like a fuck toy to get him off using nothing but the girl on her knees before them both. He leaned and kissed Vixxen deeply, tasting a hint of Lisa still on his mate's tongue as he kissed and sucked, wrestling the stunning blonde's tongue with his own before he grabbed hold of red hair again. He pulled Lisa off with another wet smack of lips and shoved her face right over on Vixxen's rubber dick, using his whore's mouth to please his partner almost as if that cock was real. Every tilting pull of his hand in his bitch's hair lifted Lisa's mouth to force that shaft over her tongue until he jammed her mouth down the rubbery length again. "Nnnnngh. Fuck, that's hot!"

While Zuriel guided the girl's mouth up and down her 'cock,' she lifted her hands to her own breasts, clasping them tightly and mashing them together, pinching both nipples between her fingers. Her head lifted and she groaned then looked back down to watch the little slut sucking her strap-on like a five dollar whore on her knees. "Nnggg.. That's it, girl. Make me hard so I can fuck your tight ass while Daddy uses your little pussy." The taut strap that rode between Vixxen's legs to hold the phallus on pulled snugly between her pussy lips grinding against her clit and her juices started spilling. Her breaths started coming in heavier pants as the stroking and sucking of the cock pushed and pulled that strap over her slit. Kissing Z deeply, her tongue diving into his mouth when he drew his own pink muscle back from her mouth, she moaned, purring out when he parted the kiss. "I need to fuck her, baby. I want to hear her whimper and cry from having my cock in her ass."

Lisa could hardly keep up, sucking one cock then being pulled off to suck another, but her lips kept working over which ever one she was force-fed next , the vacuum of her mouth drawing tight against the shafts as they pumped fast and hard down her throat. Vixxen talking about fucking her ass drew her mind to the thick plug already in there and her belly clenched, tightening the around the black rubber that was stretching her wide so that she squealed around the strap-on. Lisa's cunt started trickling dribbles of lube as she squirmed on her knees, thinking of Daddy's cock filling her pussy and Vixxen's spreading her ass open.

Zuriel guided his love to shove Lisa's mouth down his cock once again to free up his hands, pulling from the kiss in a hard breath as he shucked his shirt over his head to lose some of the clothes. This was too fucking hot to ignore much longer, so he kicked his boots off and shimmied out of his pants, dropping to one knee beside Lisa and pulling her down with him to hold her captive as he spoke up at his mate. "Go on, baby. Stuff it in. She hasn't gotten wet enough for her Daddy's dick yet." Instead of filling his girl's desires, he denied her, forcing that mouth back down his shaft in a tight slurp of lips hugging his dick, leaving Lisa utterly open for Vixxen to abuse as she wanted. Holding his girl's head in his hands to pump her slutty lips up and down his fat cock, he watched as the fat shaft started getting redder from the friction of that mouth taking him deep. "Fuck her, baby!"

Vixxen grasped the girl's hair, pumping her head so that her mouth fucked his cock as he stripped off his shirt, then she pulled her back and forced her down mouth down the strap-on once more while he shed his pants, never giving Lisa's mouth a break until he settled back on the bed. Vixxen relinquished her grip as he dragged Lisa down on top of him, then she crawled in behind the petite girl with her thighs clasping the smaller girl's hips, teasing the head of her strap-on over the girl's slit and bumping it against the anal plug's handle with each upward sweep. Chewing her lip as she watched the strap-on glide between her folds, Vixxen groaned out, "Mmmm, fuck, she's got a pretty pussy, baby. I can't believe you didn't let me have her sooner. It's so pink and glistening wet!" As soon as Z forced her head down, Vixxen thrust her hips forward and shoved that cock full and deep into Lisa's dripping wet snatch. The blonde couldn't feel it as a man would, but the bump of her pelvis against Lisa's ass as she bottomed the strap-on out in the tight pussy pressed the base of the rubber phallus against her own clit, sending sparks of pleasure through her. That exquisite feeling prompted her to fuck the girl harder, banging her clit against Lisa's ass over and over, and as she did so she forced the thick rubber butt plug into the redhead's tight hole with every pump. "That's it, you little fucking whore. Take my big cock while you suck your daddy off. Fuck... Such a good little slut you are."

Lisa's lips were red and swollen from the abuse of one fat cock after another being shoved into her mouth, but she wanted to please so she kept her mouth open, sucking hard each time one was forced upon her again. When Daddy drew her down to the bed with him, she eagerly started climbing onto his lap, but he stopped her and pushed her head down near his cock, and as she felt Vixxen crawling over her ass behind her, Lisa's eyes grew wide. "But..." Before she could say anymore, Daddy shoved her head down sticking his cock in her mouth and shutting her up again. At the same time, that huge rubber strap-on plunged into her dripping pussy, squishing wetly and stretching her tiny little cunt open in a sudden rush of invading cock. Lisa screeched around Zuriel's fat shaft and though the sound was completely muffed, Vixxen grinned with glee knowing she'd caused it. The blonde's hips pumped hard and fast drilling Lisa's little snatch as hard as Daddy or Jay ever had, but as she did it the voluptuous woman forced that thick butt plug into her ass over and over making it feel like she was stuffed completely full in both holes. Her tiny fingers squeezed tight around the base of Daddy's cock as she sucked and slurped the rest of his fat shaft, her drool spilling from her lips so that she had to noisily slurp it back up before sucking him back into her hot little mouth, whimpering and groaning around his girth.

Zuriel didn't need to do a thing with his mate owning Lisa on top of him, feeling her shove inside the mewling girl as he laid back and watched Vixxen forcing his girl's mouth down his shaft each time she reamed that little cunt and banged against the plug's handle in her ass. He took in the sight of his love mounting the girl as she started fucking her like she had been a cock pro all her life, stuffing Lisa so deeply that he felt his squirming little whore arch under the pressure of the rubber cock entering her slick tunnel. Vixxen's foul mouth shot off and he couldn't hide his grin; her words were like chocolate for the ears. He let Vixxen have her hot moment of using poor, bratty Lisa like a pretty fuck doll. The vision of them both was so freaking molten hot that his dick twitched in Lisa's mouth, but he was not about to cum like a school kid this fucking quick, so he jerked from his bitch's mouth and nodded at his love. "Take the plug out. She needs two cocks inside her now." He lifted Lisa into his mates arms, nodding to indicate he wanted them both down on the bed as he grabbed Lisa by the ankles and dragged her lithe frame over his Vixxen's voluptuous body, spreading his girl's cheeks to give his mate time to draw out the plug in her ass.

Vixxen slipped her hand under Lisa's petite frame and pulled on the plug, wriggling it free from the snug grip her asshole had around the base until it popped free. Lisa groaned until the plug broke free and Vixxen looked at Zuriel with a smirk as she small girl cried out with a jerked when her ass was expanded and suddenly emptied. But it wasn't empty for long. Vixxen dropped the toy without ceremony and grasped the shaft of her strap-on, angling it right for that stretched out hole, and when she found the divot she pressed upward, forcing the even thicker phallus deep into Lisa's slowly relaxing asshole. Once her hands wrapped around the redhead's slender ribcage to grasp her breasts in a tight clasp of fingers, Vixxen saw Zuriel aim his cock at her slick entrance and she grinned almost maliciously. "Fuck her, baby. Fill that little cunt up and make her squeal on our cocks."

Lisa's lips and chin were slick and glistening with spit and precum and she licked her tongue over them as Daddy lifted her over Vixxen's body, the leather of the blonde's body suit kissing her back as she leaned back over the large breasts that were pressing into her shoulder blades. Looking up at Daddy's smiling face as he lifted and spread her legs in the air, Lisa felt Vixxen forcibly drawing the plug from her ass, and though she tried to be good, it hurt and she cried out when it spread her asshole wide to pop free. "Ahhh!!" Her small breasts wobbled as her body jerked in pain, but she hardly had time to catch a breath before Vixxen was cramming the thick strap-on into her ass, spreading her even wider than the plug had been. Lisa tensed and mewled like an injured animal, clenching her eyes as she tried to adjust to the size. "Oh god... its...its too big!" As if those words were Daddy's cue, his fat dick suddenly speared through her folds, stuffing her cunt so that she felt like she might burst open. Her eyes flew open and she wailed in pleasure, nearly cumming on his cock as soon as he entered. "Ohhhh fuck! Nnngggg god!"

(I hadn't realized we hadn't finished this. I'm supposing at this point we went to voice because we'd worked ourselves up do much we couldn't hold out any longer. Either that or I somehow lost the ending, which would suck. I hope to finish this story at some point because after reading it again, I realized how was amazingly hot it was and it needs an ending!)

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