Z Fucks Cupid


Zuriel had to work on Valentine's day so we celebrated the Sunday after. Then I fell behind in editing my stories so this is a bit late, but Cupid's arrow struck true and she gets her love in all sorts of fun ways.

I took way more photos than I could fit in with the story, but you can see the full set of pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/lisa_languish/sets/72157641127672235/

Z Fucks Cupid Vixxen

Vixxen lifted her bow and drew her arm back, squinting one eye to take aim. "Pretty sure I already stole your heart, but just to be certain..." Her finger loosened and she let the arrow fly straight into your heart.

Zuriel gasped and clutched his chest, holding the arrow tight in his fist so that it looked like it was poking through his chest. "Ohhh...you got me. I feel... I feel so...very..." A little hop and he pounced on you, pulling you in for a tight hug and a lowering kiss pressing to your lips. "Corny... You'll get the joke when you get your mail...heh."

Vixxen laughed in your embrace, smooching your lips with a giggle. "Mhm... I checked again yesterday, but still nothing. I'm sure it will be here Monday."

Zuriel grinned and walked his pink frosted treat towards the cushy ottoman, sitting that pretty ass down before his fingers hooked in the straps keeping your breasts bound. "Yes, I know it will. But for now I'm ready to have some of my Valentine for real." One hand tugged, pulling down until the pert flesh of one breast popped from the fabric as it was drawn away. A hungry lean rushed his lips to clasp around your exposed bud and he turned his silvered eyes up to yours...watching, keeping your gaze on him.

Vixxen leaned back against the cushion, still smiling, turning for a moment to toss her Cupid's bow to the floor with a clink and a clatter, then she turned her attention back to her love. One milky white breast tumbled into your view and she clasped her hands around your neck when you leaned in to draw its pink bud into your mouth. Vixxen's eyes fluttered closed in a fan of lashes, feeling the heat of your tongue laving her nipple, and her hand gently stroked over your hair as she watched the erotic sight of your lips pursing to suckle her flesh.

Zuriel didn't move his eyes from staring back up at you. Instead, his lips tugged and pulled at the tender nipple stiffening from the teasing attention. He willfully popped it free of his lips to speak, watching your face. "I know I'm a pushy jerk sometimes, but that doesn't mean I don't love you." One hand lifted and pulled your other breast free of the confining clothing, getting both globes out before he licked over the unattended teat from your freshly exposed flesh. "Nnmm... I just can't help myself sometimes when you're near." Slowly he puckered his mouth around your nipple again and sucked this time--really tight--as his tongue danced and pressed right over the very tip of your bud trapped in his mouth. He skated it along the underside, drawing the tip--just the tip--of his tongue around your nipple before the feeling of slurking lips clamped firmly. His fangs grazed your skin as he slid aside, dropping his face between those globes of heaven to kiss one, then the other. He then wrapped his arms tightly around your back to squeeze your tits over his face so that only his eyes peeked up at you from your cleavage.

Vixxen smirked--not laughing out loud, but inwardly--at your endearing words. Long, pink nails curled over your scalp to grasp at your hair, her slender back arching in the hold your arms had around her at the feel of your wicked lips dancing over her nipples, suckling at her breasts. "Baby, you are not pushy and you are not a jerk. I know you say and do the things you do because you love me, and that means more to me than anything. I..." She gasped then, as your tongue swirled circles around her erect nipple just before you drew it into the heat of your mouth, "Ahhhh... I love you, too. So very, very.... Mmmmm....much." There was little that turned her on more than to have her nipples teased and she was finding it harder and harder to sit still on the ottoman. One leg brushed up and down over your hip as she squirmed in your grasp, little whimpering breaths brushing over your hair as she held you tightly against her breasts. "That feels so... Mmmm god! It feels so good."

Zuriel smiled as he lifted both hands from your back, pressing your tits together so both stiff nipples could be tormented by his lips pursing and suckling firmly. Squeezing and kneading one fleshy globe in his hand's grip, his mouth focused its attentions on that nipple alone. Using the hold on your breast to rub and stroke your nipple's tip right around his mouth before he sucked and pulled it inside. Rapid flicks of flesh laved quickly under that bud, snapping off the tip trapped in his mouth before his lips tugged tight. The feel of him pulling free popped to your ears in a displacement of air and just when you had the time to steal a glance back at him his lips were already dropping on the other nipple. The squeezes started in on your breast first, then the teasing show flicking under your swollen teat repeated. All the while he bounced and kneaded your tits in his grasp. The heat in his skin grew from having his love right at the tip of his tongue with his hands squeezing both boobs. Suddenly he popped free and grinned up at you. "What can I say? You bring out the dirty fucker in me."

Vixxen did chuckle then. Her hands slipped down from your head to the shirt you wore and her fingers did a little march on your back as she hitched the material up inch by inch, gathering it in a bunch in her fingertips. With a tug, she slipped it over your shoulders and waited until you broke free of her breasts long enough to draw it over your head. Before she could even toss it to the floor, yours lips were back around her nipples suckling like a new born babe, making her gasp again. Her nipples were so hard that they ached and every touch, every rasp of your tongue, seemed amplified by the sensitive nerve endings under the pink flesh. Vixxen took your head in her hands again and she leaned down, pressing a soft, lingering kiss to the top of your head, her lips moving against your hair as she spoke. "I think you were always a dirty fucker. You just found your soul mate in me." She was shifting so much under you that her short, pink dress started hiking up over her hips and you could feel her heat radiating against your naked chest, the scent of her drifting up to your nose.

Zuriel purred at the scent reaching his nose, but not before his mate got antsy and tugged off his shirt. He responded by latching tighter onto your swollen bud with his eyes turning up to watch your face contort in blissful surprise. He slurped his lips free in another wet suckle escaping his lips until your teat dropped from his mouth. "Hmm... I think you're right." He stood up and unzipped his pants, setting his cock free long enough to let you see it before he clasped fingers over your nipples and, using the pinch hold he had, guided you back onto the ottoman. "In fact, you're such a dirty fucker like me that this is just mad foreplay." His hands pushed, tossing you down on your back before he mounted you. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a little bottle of oil, popping the top before drizzling your tits with the slick liquid, coating your pale flesh to make it all slick. Grinning, he lifted his dick between your tits, smearing the oil all over by using nothing but his cock swiping over the soft globes of flesh, leaving indents in places from the press of his shaft stroking over them.

The hard pull of her breast slipping from your lips' tightened grasp made her gasp out a cry that turned into a purring chuckle with her teeth catching her bottom lip in a nip. Those blue eyes fell to your cock as it sprang free and her pink tongue slipped out to lick her lips hungrily. Just as she began to reach out for it, she found your fingers clasping her nipples again in a tight pinch, edging her backwards onto the seat until you were seated over her. Putting her hands to use, she clasped her breasts--toying with them, teasing them--as she watched you fishing in your pockets. Her eyes followed as you worked the top of the bottle open and the viscous liquid trickled down to spatter over her pale mounds of flesh. The shimmery liquid ran in rivulets over her nipples to pool between her breasts and she groaned at the delicious feel of the slick oil coating her skin. Vixxen turned her eyes up to look at your face then lowered her gaze once more as your thick cock brushed over her nipple to dip between the valley of her breasts and up over the other nipple, smearing oil over her chest. Pressing her hands inwards, she mashed her tits together so that when your cock drove down into that cleft again, it was restrained between the fluffy globes. Her hands held them in place as her fingers slid through the oil to her nipples, trapping them in a pinch as your cock started to slide back and fourth between the heated hold of her tits. Grinning, she looked at your face. "Fuck my titties, baby, and let me suck at the cock while you do." Her pink lips parted in anticipation, mouth open and waiting for your cock head to penetrate it when you poked out from between her breasts.

Zuriel didn't just stroke his cock between your tits. He rubbed them with his dick, glistening and slick, rocking forward on his hips until his cock looked like a snake coiling over your breast, but then it swayed to the middle and greased your skin up as a tart scent hit your nostrils. By the time you told him to fuck your tits, he smirked and rolled in tight, poking the head of his cock right at your lips.
When you got your first taste you discovered the reason for his grin. The tropical punch lotion added a sweet jolt to his normally musky flavor, but no matter what he used, the masculine taste was undeniable as it rolled between your lips with him stroking his fat shaft between your gooey titties. "Mmm fuck... Baby, I am so damn hard tonight. Nnnn...feel it?" He chewed his lower lip, sliding his swollen prick into the valley of your breasts and every time his cock's head emerged, you could see it pulsing tight and red from the teasing tit-fuck. He started pumping over your body under his, leaning onto his hands for leverage, fucking your tits in nice, tight thrusts, sending his cock in hard enough that his hips nudged under your boobs and made them bounce in a lift of his body's humping. "That's it...taste it. Stare at it. Think about it going inside your aching little pussy, baby. I missed you so much this week and I fully intend to do my best to make up for it tonight."

When the head of that cock graced her lips, she pursed and sucked, flitting her tongue rapidly over the tip before the backward draw slipped you free with an audible pop. She barely had time to savor the taste of tropical punch mingled with your distinct male flavor on her tongue before that swelled red head was pressing past her candy pink lips again. Suck and pull. Slurp and pop. In and out it filled and emptied her hungry mouth until she was drooling spit from the corner of her lips, her chin shining as your shaft coated it in flavored oil and then dragged her saliva out past her bottom lip. Vixxen's grasp on her breasts tightened, making the fleshy mounds press together and bulge upwards, fitting your shaft snugly between them, though the globes danced and wobbled from the beating your hips tattooed against them with your fast-paced thrusts. When you spoke she didn't even look up at you. Her sights were fixated on your cock dancing between her breasts. And think about it, she did. Though she loved sucking you, she could not get the vision of that beautiful dick spearing her pink slit, parting the folds as it glided inside of her to be enveloped by her quivering walls, filling her as only you could. Suck and pop. Slurp and groan. She kept her mouth working the head of your cock as you fucked her titties as hard as you would her pussy, the folds between her thighs now as wet and slick as the cleft between her breasts. "Mmm...fuck yes, baby. I want it. I need it so fucking bad, buried deep in my cunt."

Zuriel sucked in a hard breath from your lips taking him in, the pop of your mouth only driving him crazier. But he wasn't done tormenting his cupid just yet. He lifted from your breasts and slid backwards, but he paused to hook his fingers in your dress. "Oh no, babymine. This isn't going to be over with that fast." Smirking, he drew down your pink little outfit and dragged it over your legs when he slid from the ottoman. One hand slapped tight against your inner thigh and he flexed, grabbing your hair in his free hand before turning you over quickly to back that ass up so he could kneel down behind your body. "Zuriel's gonna turn his baby into juicy girl mush..." The hand in your hair tightened into a balled fist, clutching to prevent you from escaping the sudden press and stroke of his fingers gliding over your wet lips. He lifted to watch a strand of honey clinging to his fingertips that thinned and snapped as he pulled his fingers away. But they reversed and slid back in, parting your folds so he could cradle your clit between those digits and a slow rub started stroking your senses. "Nnn...yes. Just like this. Bent over and squirming for me alone. So fucking tasty!"

Vixxen kept toying with her breasts as you slipped her little barely-there pink dress down her body. The skin on her chest was slick and shiny, glistening in the dimly lighted room like firelight. The pale flesh bulged in her grasp as her fingers clenched as the slap to her thigh left her gasping hotly. Vixxen chewed her lip, watching you with a grin until a yank on her hair left her gasping again. Quickly she flipped over, bounding on hands and knees, drawing back as you pulled her hair like the reins on a horse, lifting her into an arch that had her back bowed and her ass raised in the air. "Nnnggghhh fuck, baby. So wicked." She tried to turn to see you, but a jerk to her hair righted her head and she closed her eyes to focus on the touch of your thick fingers parting her folds and scooping her honey from her drooling pussy. Your little cupid started whimpering, her ass writhing in circles because your teasing was driving her so crazy. She couldn't stop herself from begging you, "Please, baby. Rub my clit. It aches for your touch." Her ass dipped down and lifted again in a backwards rise trying to grind herself on your evading fingers, needing so badly to feel them rubbing over that little bundle of nerves that protruded as it swelled with arousal between her parted lips.

Zuriel almost lost it right then and there seeing your body bowed and back arched, and with the way your ass writhed like you were on fucking fire. That was so hot he had to fight his own urges to sink his cock inside you already. But, oh no, he wanted more than just a quick fuck. He wanted to own this beautiful pink ass begging for his touch. His fingertips eased down over your protruding clit, stroking it teasingly before those digits pressed between your lips to see how wet and gooey you were. He felt the tight clench of your entrance opening from the push of his fingers. Zuriel was just getting them juicy so he could slide his fingers out and rub his cock head with your honey, like he was giving his dick a taste of the sweet cupid bent over in front of him. He cupped his hand tight between your thighs and pressed in, tugging back on your hair like you were a prized show pony on display for him alone. "Don't you worry. I'm gonna take good care of my pussy tonight." Licking his lips, his fingertips slid in rubbing over your clit in a tight grind of skin meeting, and finally stroking, your bundle of nerves to make that body quiver in hungry need for more.

Vixxen's body danced with a jolt at the contact of your fingers on her clit. Her sweet little whined cry was like an erotic note that you played on your living instrument. Just that one simple touch made her pussy clench and she oozed honey in a trickle from her folds. It pooled at the tip of her slit and one little drip beaded, falling in a patter onto the ottoman below when her ass rolled again, begging you for more. Panting breathlessly, she whimpered, "Oh god, don't stop... I need more. Please..." Her prayers were answered. Your fingers dipped into her honey pot and the walls clenched again, gushing her lube over your digits, letting you know just exactly how wet she was for you. "NNggg!" Your milky white cupid, accented with pink, couldn't keep still.
Her curvaceous body rolled forward to her hands only to press back to her knees, humping the air, anxiously waiting for the touch of your fingers in her pussy again as she heard the smacking sounds of your lips tasting her nectar. "Please, Zuriel. My pussy needs your touch. It's burning for you...so hot I'm melting." The heat of your palm cupping her mons and pressing against her clit drew a deep groan from her throat and she pushed back, filling your hand with the puffed lips of her pussy until your fingers dipped between those lips and spread her open like a flower to rub her clit. The long, deep inhale of breath she took filled her lungs, her eyes going wide as you finally gave her what she'd been begging for, and when her lungs were filled, she let out a loud cry of pleasure, her body suddenly jerking as the bundle of nerves sent sparks flying through her body like a 4th of July fireworks display. "Ohhhhh fuck! Fuck! Yes! Oh my god, nnngggg!"

Zuriel growled as his hand wound your hair tighter to keep you right where he wanted that body. A purr edged his breath while he made sure to grip tightly so you could only stay on all fours and take his fingers' grinding strokes. His middle finger strolled back and forth from the base all the way to the fingertip while his other fingers held those puffy lips apart so your hot little button couldn't escape the strokes gliding up and down the protruding bundle of nerves. When you responded to his touch, the heat of the moment tuned between your quaking thighs. His hand pulled free and two fingers snapped hard against your lips in a tirade of clit spanks inflaming your body further. His hand in your hair pulled and he forced your spine into the tightest arch that he could easily hold with his arm locked firmly in place then he battered your pussy with his whole hand in three sharp swats before his fingers glitched your lips open and his middle finger resumed stroking your pulsing little clit. "Nnnm such a bad bitch... Cumming without asking." The grin on his lips widened. He loved tormenting you just a little too much sometimes. "It's okay. Dirty bitches in pretty wrapping get to cum just because." That middle finger stroked down, suddenly pushing inside your tight pussy, and the pressure of a single fingertip stayed glued to your g-spot. His forearm quivered, tremoring the muscle on purpose to send ripples of motion along his hand and fingertip  as they pressed against the very essence of your lusts from the inside.

Vixxen's orgasm slammed through her like a freight train. She jerked so hard that her head whipped back at the tug on her hair wrapped in your fist and she cried out between the pain of that yank and the pleasure searing her body. Vixxen's round ass lurched in lifting jumps every time your finger stroked over her clit as its sensitivity compounded with her climax. When you stopped, had you not had hold of her hair, she would have collapsed to the lounge, but she remained on her hands and knees and when your fingers snapped repeatedly over her slit in a rain of spanks, she squealed and cried out, twisting in your grip to get away. "Oh god, no! Ahhhhshit! Nggg!" Vixxen's knees skitched and scrambled on the lounger like she was trying to crawl away from the torment, but the hold on her hair kept her firmly in place and she squirmed in pleasurable agony until your finger plunged back into her hole and pressed against her g-spot. She froze, almost in shock, as the sweet pressure built and built. Her eyes went wide...wider...and her mouth hung open in an 'O' of pink lips as her lungs filled with air and the pressure built in a swirl in her belly. Suddenly, like a tidal wave washed over her, another orgasm drown her in ecstasy. Her cries echoed through the room and the ring of muscles grasping your fingers clenched and clenched in a flutter of orgasmic bliss. "AAHHHH FUCK!!! ZURIEL! NNGGGG..."

Zuriel slurked his fingers out the second he felt your pussy clench down over his fingers. The hand in your hair pulled and he swiveled on one knee to plunge his dick inside your cunt mid-orgasm. He was waiting for that--the single minded drive over the edge to fill you with his shaft. Driving balls-deep, his hand finally released your hair like a tether. Both sets of fingers snapped over your hips before he drew back and started ramming your pussy open with the thicker girth of his dick stretching those walls, still fluttering from orgasmic release. "Hnnnng... You ain't done yet, Cupid!" He couldn't fucking stand it any longer. It was like holding a steak over a Doberman's nose. Eventually it was gonna snap and take what it wanted. Grunting, he gripped your body and railed you like he was trying to fuck you into the floor, but the locked grip on your hips kept you from flying free. The chain around his waist snapped and clinked from impact, rattling the metal, and his feral growls met your ears while the insane pounding kept coming with all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop. The rabid force of him plowing your cunt wide rolled up your frame, sending those tits bouncing from each hit bottoming out inside the tight pink that was hole gripping his length, churning your cunt into gooey girl butter. "Hnnn fuck!"

Vixxen's head was spinning. Her vision blurred she was cumming so fucking hard. She didn't even notice your fingers slipping free or you positioning yourself behind her, but when your thick cock plunged into her depths mid-orgasm, she sucked in a lungful of air and tensed as another orgasm rode the back of the first. Never letting her come down, barely able to think let alone catch a breath, Vixxen's frame shook with the heavy-pounding slams of your hips against her ass, driving your cock in balls-deep only to pull out and slam in again, stirring her pussy into a gushing, dripping, pulsating frenzy. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yesssss!" Pink nails scraped over the ottoman in a curl as she clawed the lounge. That pink little pussy was slushing like a washing machine churning clothes, slurking noisily you had her so fucking wet. Streams of sweet girl cum ran down her inner thighs and soon your balls were soaked from slamming against her split cunt, rattling a tempo against her clit that had her squealing and whimpering out like a chirruping bird. "Ahh Z...Z...Z!! Fuck my cunt! Give me all of that big, hard cock. Nnggg... So big and hard it hurts my little pussy! Fuck!!"

Zuriel slipped one foot to the floor and skidded aside, driving in tightly to hold his cock inside your drooling snatch so he could pull you along with him as he turned on the lounge. "Listen to you. Lil Cupid needs it hard, huh?" Gritting his teeth through his smile, he lifted until your body bent and heels touched the floor firmly, pressing your face to the cushion below before he rose up fully behind your raised ass.
One strong hand smacked openly, brightly bringing a sting to the pleasure of him stirring that cunt nice and tight. The battering stopped, but instead of the wild shoves, his measured strokes hurried in rapid pumps that pulled him half way out then drove back in, tormenting your core with more focus from his thick tip drilling home and pulling back. The sharp cracks of skin clapping rang out between those hungry thrusts bouncing your ass on flexed legs to see you stretched out and taking his dick. "Nnnmm... Look at that hot little bitch bent over like a trophy." The feel of his cock trowling inside your hole was so tight you could feel how hard he was, throbbing inside you between strokes of his length just sloshing your insides with half of his cock squishing into your depths from the middle. His wet heavy balls plopped and smacked, spraying and spattering your honey all over the glossy floor and his boots. "Did my cupid miss me, huh?" Smirking through the tight rolls of his hips, he pushed that dick in all the way, savoring the entrance ring of muscle fanning the middle to the base of his shaft each time his balls pressed in or popped tightly against your clit.

Vixxen groaned at the feel of your thick cock spreading her pussy wide for you. "Mmmm yes, I missed you. I missed your kisses. I missed your touch. I missed how your cock feels inside me." Her pink shoes danced on the floor, tapping out a staccato beat as she tried to stay balanced, but your hips kept knocking her about so that her legs danced and her ass bounced to stay perched in the air for your cock. Vixxen rested her arms on the lounger with her head at her hands, her breasts swaying heavily to knock against her chin in the up-ended position you'd bent her into. Tilting her head to her chest, she slipped one hand to her breast and clasped her mouth around her own nipple, sucking hard so that you could hear the wet slurping and smacking sounds of lips against skin. With her tit in her mouth and your cock battering her gushing wet cunt, she started moaning muffled groans, sucking air through her nose with her mouth full, feeling another orgasm coiling like a spring in her belly.

Zuriel was nothing if not focused on every detail of his mate on the end of his cock, growling between the shoves of fat dick stuffing you open. His hands kept slapping, raining blow after blow against your ass. He wasn't trying to bruise it, but every three strides he smacked one side and every eight more he spanked the other cheek. He was intent on making it sting just right through the tight slides of his cock stirring your insides so that he could feel your pussy clench and clamp around his dick while taking that tunnel nice and deep. Looking down, he saw your nipple in your mouth and he groaned louder, the sight sending his hips into a harder pace that was starting to smack firmly between your lips from the feel of wet nuts slapping your clit. There was no way to count the spanks. They came from the side and from above. Nails raked one cheek only to spank the other multiple times until there was a nice reddened glow on your ass as it bounced on his shaft. The feel of your cunt hugged him so fucking tightly that it sent his body into convulsions, but he gritted his teeth and powered through in tighter plunges of meat stuffing you full. The longer he pumped your constricted little hole like that, the more insistent his thrusts became, you felt his cock pulsing to life. It was angry and purple from fucking you this closely, from making your walls scream and squeeze over his length sliding back and forth through aching flesh trembling for more. "Oh gods..."

Vixxen squealed and whimpered around her tit in her mouth with every blow that landed on her ass, the cheeks going from pink to red until they almost glowed like burning coals, giving off their own heat to match that of her cunt as you slammed it harder. She was already sopping wet, gushing around your pistoning cock from how crazy you were driving her combined with the multiple orgasms she'd had. But still she felt another swirling, building, coiling inside until it wound so tightly in her belly that one final slap with nails clawing her ass, and with a hard thrust of your fat cock, pushed her over the edge. Vixxen's teeth clamped down on the nipple in her mouth and she screamed, the sound muffled but still audible even over the slapping of skin on skin as your balls smacked her clit with every pumping stroke. Having her clit, her cunt, and her nipple all slapped and stroked and stimulated at once made her cum so hard that she squirt her honey all over your shaft and it sprayed your pelvis, soaking your pants and balls. Her entrance didn't quake. It didn't flutter. It clamped down on your shaft like it intended to sheer your cock off inside of her. The hand not around her breast lifted and slammed back down onto the ottoman with a slap and her fingers clawed, raking her nails over the cushion as she screamed again with her orgasm raging through her body. "MMppfff! Ffggllkk!!"

Zuriel snarled as he rode you down to the ottoman. The feeling of that near-shearing clamp of muscles grabbing his dick made him hesitate. In the tumble to catch his balance, he rolled forward and the weight of him pushed your ass down until his hands caught hold of your back and he stopped in a hard thud of that cock jarring in deep. Turning you into a wet leaking wreck was all the joy he needed from his Valentine, now bent askew taking her mate's thick length in maddening shoves suddenly beating that cunt up.
His pants fell open wider and drifted down his legs from the sheer force ramming that pussy like he was trying to nail your ass to the floor under the lounger. The hold on your back helped him regain his balance in time to keep fucking that pussy with all the fury of a man hungry to make his girl cream like she was the only thing in the world for him. You were the only one who could turn him into this ravenous thing needing to hear you scream, wanting to feel you gushing around his fat dick pumping you open like an animal rutting to breed. The vibrant thrusts hammered through every clench, growling in both pain and elated bliss in stuffing you wide open as his own edge started to swell tighter. Zuriel's length ballooned thicker inside your tight tunnel and he panted as he held you down under the assault of his thrusting hips sending his cock into overdrive, and a heated pearl of precum swelled and melted inside your walls that were holding him like a wet rubber glove.

Vixxen would have sank to her knees under your weight but your shaft inside held her aloft, keeping her balanced on her toes at the ends of her outstretched legs. As you forced her torso down onto the ottoman, her tit slipped from her mouth and the fleshy mounds mashed under both your bodies into the lounger. Every sound she made came out as an incoherent mutter or babble she was so addled from cumming and cumming again. Her brain was in a fog she was so lost to her lusts. The only thing she could fathom were the deep, hard, rapid thrusts of your cock slamming into her cunt like you were trying to split her in half. Her sore and swollen pussy quivered around your battering shaft like she was in a state of never-ending climax that nearly brought her to tears. Her cries came ceaselessly until she was almost hoarse and still her walls clung to your like a second skin, lovingly claiming your cock as her own. Already she felt the spurts of precum trickling inside. Vixxen groaned and turned her head, unable to look at you but begging you all the same, "Cum for me, Zuriel. Fill my cunt with your cum. I want to feel it flooding my womb. Do it, baby. Cum for me!"

Zuriel felt it building in his scrotum: the slow tightening of skin pulling his nuts higher like the chamber of a gun loading. Fleshy balls slapped your pussy from behind during those rabid thrusts schlucking wetly in tune with the moans escaping your lips. No words could tear him away from the need boiling closer to the tip. Zuriel's neck tensed and his head cocked to the side like he was about to go into spasms that he had no control over. His jaw ticked up and down from his head tilting harder and bouncing deeper as his orgasm started to bubble free, but then his head snapped back at the same time that his cock lifted and flexed totally on its own, pressing into the bottom wall of your cunt from the way he was fucking you to spurting orgasm like a pretty show bitch. That cock didn't just erupt. It was like day's worth of cum had built up and gushed inside you almost at once. Zuriel gasped as his cock tip started spraying madly in gouts of molten seed flooding your quaking pussy. "GnnnHHNnnNAAAAAAA!"

Vixxen braced herself on the ottoman against your faster driving slams until she felt your cock lurch inside and your deliciously wicked growl reverberated off the walls of the chamber. Heat splashed her depths and flooded her womb as your cock thickened and stretched her narrow tunnel wide. Vixxen shuddered in delight at the feel of you cumming inside of her and she gasped as her lingering orgasm danced and tingled in her veins. "Mmmm fuck yessss.... So good..." As you slowed, huffing behind her, she sank to the lunge and rested her head on her arms, panting to catch her own breath, her face sweaty and her hair sticking to her forehead. "I guess that arrow was more potent than I thought, " she teased.

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