Artificial Insemination - Part 3 of 4

This is part three of a four part story line involving the insemination of four human women by a droid in a space station. We went to a great deal of work on this one. Zuriel built the space station and I decked out four of my avatars to give them a sexy scifi appearance, but it was amazingly fun. We hope you enjoy reading this story and the ones that follow.

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Artificial Insemination - Part 3 of 4

The machine left the second human writhing in the beam of light with her body in overdrive for sexual stimulation. She would lie there for hours just hoping to get off without any real friction--only the tingling of the hologram stimulating her nerves. The Cydroid disengaged from the seminal refill tube docking station and, with its pistons hissing, stepped before the last glass stasis tube. Its red glowing lenses scanned the female inside before speaking aloud. "Temperature rising. Bio restart commencing." The same little arcs of electricity coursed over the female's chest bringing the blonde inside the stasis chamber to a blinking consciousness as her eyes opened and she woke, floating in the fluid contained inside. "Heart rate steady. Draining cryo fluid." The slats in the floorboard opened and the whoosh of fluid flowing from the tube's interior settled her body to the floor, allowing the blonde to clear her lungs and take her first real breath of oxygen in over a decade of sleep. The machine stood impassively outside giving the human within time to look around, and even through the thick glass she could already hear the muffled moans echoing in the room behind the stoic sentinel. Then the glass lowered into the floor and her quiet world vanished in a cacophony of loud moans of pleasure and the sound of whirring gears as a metal hand closed about her neck. "Entering preparation phase protocols."

Vixxen felt tingles crawling over her chest and the annoyance stirred her from her deep slumber, then she jerked awake, her eyes wide and searching. Yellow lips parted when she went to speak and the realization that she was floating in fluid had hear head searching to and fro as she examined the cryo cell trying to ascertain where she was. When she finally looked forward, her sights landed on the droid standing before her. Vixxen scowled wondering just what the hell this meant. Her lips mouthed the words 'let me out,' and though the droid did not acknowledge her request, it followed its programming and drained the tube, fully intending on letting her out in order to fulfill its commands. Black latex boots sank to the floor with a clank as the chamber emptied. The blonde coughed up fluids and sucked in lungs full of air, then she pressed her hands against the door--much as Darina had done--though she refrained from beating against it. From behind the pane a sultry female voice--muffled, but audible this time--spoke again, "Let me out!" The chamber's glass panel slid through the floor and the sounds of women--nearby and moaning loudly--flooded the chamber. Vixxen's eyes went wide with alarm as they flit about the room, trying to see behind the droid, but before she could even fathom the cause of the sounds or where they were coming from, the steely cold grasp of the robot wrapped around her throat and hefted her from the tank. Her feet dangled and her hands clasped around its arm as though she could pry herself free, but it was unyielding. She yelled to be heard above the din, "PUT. ME. DOWN!"

The machine did not care what the female had to say. The chance to terminate its programming had long since passed with Alesh--now writhing in bliss on the probe table. Darina was still held captive on a nearby table in the clutches of a beam of light that looked like a man fucking her openly on the table's top. Vixxen saw it all when the droid turned and walked her to the center table, but instead of locking her down like the previous girls before her, the robot pushed the woman against the side of the table, forcing her into a slight bend. "Reproductive protocols commencing. Administering injection into Subject V-675" The needle extended from the droid's finger, pricking through the girl's suit and poking right into her ass cheek. The pain was there, but the drug flowed into the blonde captive just like it had the others. It would take a little longer going through the fatty tissue, but as the minutes passed Vixxen felt her skin flush with heat. The very skin-tight suit she wore suddenly seemed stifling and too hot to bear, and after only a few minutes of the drug playing on her senses, the heat reached between her thighs and sent sparks flying in her mind from the sudden need rocking through her very inner essence. "Subject V-675: arousal achieved. Commencing clothing removal." The robot shifted behind the girl it had trapped in its large metal hand. Clutching her neck, the machine lifted a finger. A red cutting-beam shot from its fingertip and Vixxen felt her skin-tight outfit start to loosen. The robot reached in and stripped the cut remains of her suit away like a caveman skinning a meal, freeing her intimate parts while it held her body captive against the side of the table. "Clothing removal complete. Initiating impregnation protocols."

Despite her long stasis, Vixxen woke with as much fire as she'd always had in life. Alesh had been more docile, especially after her cybernetic tubes had been removed, and Darina was angry but not nearly as strong-willed. Vixxen, however, already sensed danger. This was no place she was familiar with and alarms were sounding in her head. She fought the robot, and though it was useless, she didn't give up, kicking her feet so that they clanged against its frame while her fingers tried desperately to pry open its grip. As it carried her to the middle of the room she was startled to see a strange woman lying on the exam table right behind them--not moaning in pain, but seemingly in the midst of sex with a hologram. And there, on the far side of the room, was another woman--a cyborg, no less--also writhing in what looked to be ecstasy as a probe thrust in and out between her legs. "What in the fuck is going on around here? Who is your owner? I demand some answers!" The droid unceremoniously dropped her to her feet and she grunted, but it did not relinquish its hold, keeping her securely in place. Still fighting, Vixxen heard the words 'reproductive' and 'injection' and she jerked with a start. "What?!" A sharp pain pierced her ass cheek and she flinched, hissing in air between angrily clenched teeth. Her head whipped to the side flinging damp blonde hair into her face as she growled out, "What did you just do?! What was that?!" Vixxen's eyes remained wide and alert, but they started to lose focus as seconds passed. While the drug took effect, swirling in her system and clouding her mind, the robot lanced her suit with the laser. By the time it had cut the necessary slices to remove her clothes, Vixxen had become so heated that she was damn near ready to remove them herself. Still clinging to what little self-control she had, the gorgeous blonde moaned out, "Wh-what's happening? Why is it so hot? God, I need to get these clothes off..." Her legs and hips squirmed as if she couldn't hold still, and as the droid peeled the tattered remains of her suit off, Vixxen's hands dropped to the apex between her legs, clutching her pussy as she ground herself into her hands. "Fuck, I'm so...so horny! What did you do to me? Nnmm..."

The robot did not react to her words. It merely scanned her bio systems and determined that she was ready. Her pussy--on fire and growing wetter--would rejoice when the click-clack-snap of the machine's cock extending into a locked position reached her ears like sweet music. "Body temperature increased by three degrees. Vaginal passage lubricated. Estimated success rate is sixty-five percent." Vixxen was carried from the table's side to its end and she felt a warm, gooey sensation when she was lifted and laid over the monitor--still stained with cum that had shot from Darina's overly-abused pussy only minutes ago. The blonde was hoisted up and propped onto the glazed console, then the machine stepped in behind her and the lift of that metal-ribbed dick glided over her lips as it moved in closer.
"Vaginal penetration commencing." The robot was unfeeling; all it could do was follow its programming and now Vixxen was the target of its protocols. "Seminal tube extended. Charging seminal load." The girl felt it pull back, angling the tip right against her now swollen and blushing lips from the drug doing its work. The steely metal cock felt colder than the air, and felt utterly alien to the woman despite its design for use on human females. But now, with her body amped up for sex, the cool insertion of that ribbed metal dick pried open her long-dormant pussy in a single stroke, fitting the metal length inside her juicy walls. "Vaginal passage angle at sixty-one degrees.Optimal angle achieved." Vixxen might have had some callous lovers in her time, but the Cydroid was hands-down the most unfeeling of all. Plunging inside her blushing cunt, the robot pulled settled into a constant thrum of the metal shaft stuffing her tight hole full of steel. When it was deep enough inside, she felt the rubbery protrusions in the shaft balloon out as the load from the seminal containers filled it to absorb her body heat, warming the sperm inside for ejaculation when it was time.

Vixxen shook her head as if to clear her mind of what ever that thing had injected her with. Vixxen was no stranger to droids--especially not on the battle field--but she had never met one programmed for reproduction before. Her drug-laden mind couldn't make sense of it, and the longer it flowed in her system, the less she cared. The Cydroid carried her still-squirming body to the end of the table, and when she landed on the console her skin slid in a warm, slick liquid. Vixxen dared not even fathom what it was. The robot moved in behind her so that she was pinned, forcing her legs apart and her chest down onto the table top. Her mind was torn between wanting to fight--to get away--and the need to assuage the ache that now raged between her thighs. The blond's naked pussy lips mashed against the slickened console and her clit ground into its glass plate. That was all it took; every last shred of will and fight she'd had were demolished with that one stroke. Vixxen barked out a cry of utter pleasure and her head jerked back just as the robot grabbed her hips and pressed in between her outstretched legs. She cried out, "Ah, god, please! I can't fight it anymore! I need to be filled! I need my pussy fucked hard! Do it! Fuck me!" Her legs bent back and upwards, wrapping around the droid's ass, and the cool metal tip of the dispenser tube brush over her wet folds as it primed for entry. Vixxen groaned and squirmed on the console, her lush, fat ass wriggling around in its grip as she tried to grind her cunt against the robot's metal pelvic plates. The thing didn't care about her need, but as soon as it reached the precise angle, the rigid metal shaft thrust forward, taking her to the hilt until the seminal tubes at its base pressed against her outer lips. "Ssshhhhit!!! Uunngggg..."

Every year new females would be offloaded at the space station and the process would continue until the planet's population reached large enough numbers to ensure success of the human race. When these impregnations took effect,  all three women would be released to the planet's surface to fend for themselves and begin repopulating the species. But for now, the other two girls in the room--writhing on tables designed for the purpose of stimulation--could do nothing but moan while the semen worked its magic. They already had a load each inside of them and if the impregnation did not take, they would simply be inseminated again or modified to contribute to 'the cause.' But like them, Vixxen was nothing more than a vehicle for the next generation to the machine's computerized brain. The Cydroid did not care if the female received pleasure; all that mattered was bringing her to orgasm once so that her passage would open and it could release its load of collected cum from around the galaxy into her womb. The fact that her body grew taut with her legs bending back until her heels tapped against its rear steel plate was nothing but a reflex action as far as the robot's data banks were concerned.
It took no enjoyment from the act, though the girl might think otherwise as the pistons in the robot's thighs fired and she felt a blast of hot air rush against the table she was pinned on, causing the backwash to flow up over her clit as it was lifted and mushed back to the glass plate of the computer monitor by the machine's thrusting hips.  It may not feel the heat, but it knew her temperature was rising. Her body was on fire, both from the drug and now the single-minded drive of the computerized robot. She felt it start to speed up with the hot steam jetting from under its thighs coming in shorter, tighter bursts as the thick metal tube pushed and forced her muscles open to either conform or break from the relentless assault of droid dick cramming her full. Subject V-675 was a bit larger than the others, but that was not enough to stop the length of metal from pistoning back and forth while the shaft extended even further. The cum-filled rubber plumped, filling the cracks of the pulsing shaft that was shoving deep enough to penetrate her inner ring, boldly going deeper than any man had gone before. The girl's body heat was making that mechanical cock hotter by the minute. Her mushed clit grinding against the glass caused slick juices to dribble from her with the robot sending her lips down against the console to kiss the glass every time it slammed her full of that robotic girth.

Vixxen's folds were incredibly wet from a combination of the drug sending her arousal to new heights, the robotic cock pumping her pussy harder than any man ever had before, and the pushing-grinding-mashing of her clit on the smooth, cum-slickened console. Each time the robot pressed in and shoved the metallic sperm dispenser tube deeper into her tunnel, her hips banged against the pane and her sopping wet lips clung to it like a suction cup only to pop free with a slurp and a smack when the pressure from behind relented again. At the rapid pace the droid was fucking her, the slurping and sucking of those lips sounded like someone smacking bubblegum with an open mouth, but Vixxen didn't care. All she cared about was quenching the fire that burned in her loins. Thick, supple breasts plumped against the table top and her hands pressed in on them, finding her nipples between her fingers to torment them as a blast of steam jet across her dribbling pussy lips. "NNnaahhh!" Vixxen's head lifted and she looked across the room at the cyborg female writhing on the table top. The sight of that mechanical probe pumping the young girl's pussy--the machine fucking her as the robot thrust into her own cunt--was so erotic that she started gasping and squeaking out little moans. Her pussy fluttered around the metallic cock, her lips still smacking wetly against the glass pane, and she twisted her nipples as she cried out, her cunt flexing around the robot's phallus. "Ahhhh fuck, yes! Yes! Oh god...yesss!!"

The edge of the console rasped tightly and painfully over the girl's clit when the machine shoved her forward, driving her body over the monitor before it took hold of her hips and twisted her around so that she was forced to watch its expressionless face as it fucked her in a new position. The robot didn't care if it hurt her any as long as it had command of her body, and so long as it didn't break her open, the machine's programming would be fulfilled. The Cydroid grabbed Vixxen by the hips, winding its arms under her back to hold her up so that the metallic length could take her as it held her close. She was already on fire, but with the way the robot held her up it left her little room to do anything except lie back and take those pounding shoves rocking her tits in a tight wobble. The new position had her gumdrop nipples bouncing like little whips from the force of the machine wracking her cunt with its mechanical phallus. She was at the mercy of the robot's single-minded need to flood her full guiding it to use her cunt harder. The feel of steel cylinders tapped her blushing ass cheeks while the machine blasted hot steam from under its thighs, only to jet against the table and wash back up against her raised back. The ribbed length slurked, squished, and slurped through her walls that were clutching its cock as if she didn't want to give it back once it was inside, and only the robot's iron will could force that shaft through her demanding body as it cried out for more. "Body temperature increased by five degrees. Estimated success rate now seventy-one percent."

The drug still flooded her system, but perhaps because of her larger size she was still able to hold onto some sense of reason. The burning need to be fucked and find release still gripped her, but as the droid roughly shoved her over the console and onto the table, the pain jarred her somewhat back to her senses. Her pussy was drooling and her legs, ass, and pelvis were red and sore from being so roughly slammed against by a giant mechanical being, yet she spun around to face the machine as it clanged onto the table behind her. "Get away from me! Leave me alone! Don't-" Ignoring her words, the droid grabbed her legs from under her and hoisted her hips right against its own pelvic region as it spread her legs wide. Vixxen never got to finish her sentence. That adamantine shaft slurked right back through her slippery folds and forced her open wide to reach the optimal depth to her womb. The awkward angle in which the robot held her had her back arched obscenely with her hips in the air and her shoulders pinned to the table top. As the Cydroid's cock pressed inward, a small bulge at the top of the seminal dispenser swelled and the head showed clearly visible along Vixxen's stomach as it massaged the lining and ground deep inside her core. The blonde's heavy breasts rolled and swayed on her chest and with the thing's metal cock inside her once more, she lost focus on her fight and plummeted back into her uncontrollable desire to be ravage by the inhumane automaton. "Nnnggg... So fucking deep! I can feel it inside like you're going to break right through me! Ahhhh...fuck, yes!"

The machine listened but it paid no heed to her words; they were nothing to the robot fucking her tight pink pussy in long strides of the metal shaft pumping her full. The unfeeling metal did not bend--it did not mold like a real cock would--and it shoved through any defenses she had with the tenacity of a true machine. The drug in her system had made the other girls cum quickly, but this one was resisting, so the robot scanned the girl on the table once more. "Engaging orgasm protocols." The Cydroid read her body like a road map, finding what brought the most heat between her thighs. To the machine the girl weighed next to nothing and flex steel fibers tightened as it plucked her from the table and dropped her to the floor to grab the table and lock her down with a hiss of steam escaping from its faceplate.
Vixxen was crammed against the table's side and the robot pushed her legs higher, creeping its body in closer along the floor. The female had thought she was being pounded before, but when the machine spoke aloud once more, it only heralded the start of the whirring gears whining higher with its pace soaring faster. "Overdrive activated." Tighter pushes from its metal hips stuffed her slit with a building pace that rocked her legs in a bounce over the machine's shoulders. At the end of every thrust, the metal shaft telescoped out and the rubber insides of the machine's length swelled to fill the cracks in that metal dick, the extended length allowing the Cydroid to finally fully plunge into her womb. The tight feeling of that inner ring being forced open stirred her senses with the robot pinning her against the table's side, but when the cylinders between its legs started spinning with a whine, the vibration rolled out along the robot's length of cock as it schlucked wetly through her folds, stirring her into a sexual frenzy.

Vixxen cried out once more as the droid's shaft pulled free of her wet slit with slurping pop. She panicked, crying out, "No! Please!" The large blonde was plucked up from the table, dropped to the floor with a thud, and smashed against the sideboard as the robot pushed in from between her legs again, forcing her into a tight curl that let it reach her ultimate depths. Vixxen's thighs smooshed down into her breasts as the inhuman droid folded her in half, plunging the dispenser tube into the heart of her core. The voluptuous blonde didn't care; it could snap her in half for all she cared, so long as it kept shoving that shiny metal cock into her cunt.
As if it wasn't already going as deep as she could possibly fathom, Vixxen felt the tube extending inside, pushing past the barrier of her womb as the rubber pouch swelled, stretching her opening wide and then plugging itself in place. It felt as though her insides were being rearranged, but in all the right ways. Vixxen's eyes clamped shut tight and she moaned and whimpered as her belly clenched and fluttered wildly. "Oh god... What is that? What's happening? It feels so...so good!" And then she heard a buzz and a high pitched whine, and though her eyes jerked open at the sound, when she felt those whirling, spinning cylinders full of cum starting to brush against her slick, wet folds, she gasped and cried out, her yellowed eyes slamming shut once more. "Oh god! Oh my god!!!" The spinning ribbed tubes banged-buzzed-gnashed against Vixxen's clit like a madly vibrating sex toy, and though her body jerked in reaction, she remained pinned down, unable to escape the wild sensation. It sent her immediately over the edge, her orgasm gripping her like the talons of a beast on some wild, strange planet, and she shrieked as she came, her cunt flexing spasmodically around the metal tube that held her spread open. "Nnnyyaahh!!!"

The Cydroid didn't miss a beat while its cylinders continued to spin, the action sending vibrating ripples coursing down the length of its metal cock as it slushed through her muscles. "Internal pressure increasing. Orgasm achieved." That was the closest thing to enjoyment the robot experienced with her, if one could call it enjoyment; more so, it accepted the completion of another stage of its programming concerning the mewling, whining girl who was now bucking in mid-climax. Her muscles clamped around the ribbed length nearly shredding her pussy open and the internal mechanism pumped more semen into the shaft to keep the girl spread open wide for the coming countdown. "Ejaculation imminent. Seminal load temperature nominal. T-minus sixty seconds...fifty-nine...fifty-eight..."
It all boiled down to a minute ticking away and then Vixxen would receive what had already been bestowed upon the previous women. The wet slurping noises grew louder with her pussy on fire and juicing like someone had turned on a water valve. Perched on the cold steel floor, with her body bent to take every inch of that shaft slorping through her walls without apology or remorse from the droid, her fluids spread in a growing pool under her ass as time ticked on. "Fifty...forty-nine...forty-eight..." With nothing but seconds remaining, the feel of the machine plundering her body reached all the way to her womb and the sheer terror of what was about to happen mixed with her drug-induced need to be fucked. Rubbery protrusions flexed and pulsed as the semen inside bubbled and flowed into the swelling interior, then the full head of the machine's cock pulsed, drilling inside her womb so tightly and utterly close that she knew the seconds remaining were not enough. "Forty-one...forty...thirty-nine..."

As her orgasm soared through her body Vixxen heard the robot counting down to ejaculation, and though her body craved the release it was giving her, she couldn't stop her heart from racing into overdrive, hammering in her chest as her fate drew to a close. For every second that the droid ticked off her heart beat four times and she began to hyperventilate. The rapid breathing tricked her lust-starved brain into believing she was near climax again--as though she were willing it to happen--and the pressure of the swelling rubber inside her womb banged and pump and stretched her wide, forcing another orgasm to wash over her on the heels of the last. So torn was she between the need to cum and feel that euphoria, and the sheer terror of being used as a breeding vessel, that Vixxen's cries of pleasure were now laced with tears of anguish and she sobbed as she moaned, "Noooo! Ahh god! Nnggg... Please, no..." Her round ass wobbled from the beating the droid delivered against it and those spinning tubes slammed and pressed between her folds, drawing her orgasm on and on while her over-used hole leaked her own cum to trickle down the crack of her ass and pool on the steel floor beneath her. The count down dwindled and Vixxen grabbed her knees to spread her legs wider, still needing more of that cock stuffing her cunt full.

The Cydroid did not let up no matter how much she begged; no matter how much she whined the time kept ticking. Her only way to stop the process would have been if she'd known the command code to terminate the droid's protocols, but that time had long since passed and now time was fading away. "Thirty three...thirty-two...thirty-one..." Half a minute and the machine kept sloshing through her soaking pussy, the ribbed length making sucking sounds that chuckled and slurped through the wet flesh. Her pussy's grip was hugging the robotic shaft so tightly that she had actually clamped it closed a for few seconds. A human male would have relished the snug grasp, but the robot was nothing like a man. It had a cock but only for the act of procreation--to impregnate females for the use of colonization. "Twenty-five...twenty-four...twenty-three..." All she had were the last seconds slipping by. The whirring gears and whining cylinders intensified so that she could feel the vibration through the metallic shaft that was pumping her abused little pink hole. "Nominal angle achieved. Ejaculation in twelve...eleven...ten..." Waiting for those last ten seconds to pass was like waiting for a space ship to launch but without the awe and wonder. Instead, she was captured and being fucked for a wicked purpose and all she had were seconds to go.

Vixxen's fingers curled around the thick meat of her thighs, prying them open wide for the droid to plunge into her folds as deep as it could go. The drug had fully taken effect now, penetrating every cell in her body so that the need for sexual release was too great to resist. Her ring-adorned clit poked from between her engorged, parted lips, glinting in the glow of computers and machinery all around them, and as the robot leaned in for the final countdown, forcing the rest of its phallus into her womb, she felt the cold metal of its pelvic region slamming against that tightly packed bundle of nerves. Vixxen's whine spiraled in pitch and volume, nearly drowning out the robot's mechanical voice as it counted off the last few seconds, feeling yet another orgasm spiraling to a fevered pitch deep within her full and abused belly.

The remaining few seconds stretched into what felt like an eternity, each one bringing three rapid strokes from the pistoning machine's dick drilling her pussy into a frothy spray of juices. The droid's thighs were already stained from each of the previous girls' natural lube and now Vixxen was adding to the spots of wetness on its metallic plates. There was no stopping the Cydroid with the last seconds finally slipping away. She didn't know the code and was too far gone to speak it anyway. "Three...two...one. Ejaculation commencing." The rubbery interior was the first to deflate. The head of the Cydroid's cock opened like another valve and sprayed the girl's womb so full in the first gush that when the cylinders whined higher in pitch and discharged more, the excess of flowing cum spurted from around the machine's metal shaft. The gooey load mixed with the puddle of her honey on the floor, flowing out of her hole as the robot utterly filled her up and then jerked out with a hitch of its hips, its cock slurping free with a wet pop from the girl's cunt. "Clearing seminal remains."
The sound of the spinning cylinders changed in pitch, shifting down as a warm sticky mist splattered over Vixxen--still lying there holding her legs open in mid-orgasm. "Seminal storage cleared. Preparing for assessment." Then, like there was a glitch in its programming, the Cydroid beeped and spoke the same absurd question it had asked the previous two subjects: "Thank you for using Cydroid Sexual Stimulator Series. Would you care to rate your experience?" The robot's head hitched to the side in a sizzle of electronics as it rose from the girl on the floor before clamping a metallic hand around her throat. Gathering her from the floor, the robot strolled towards the table where Alesh was still writhing. As it scanned the female cyborg, it hoisted Vixxen over the table and spoke again. "Impregnation unsuccessful. Cryo stasis to recommence before bio modification." Alesh was unlocked and the machine grabbed her neck, lifting her from the table before dropping Vixxen in her place. The machine locked the blonde's wrists down, leaving her on the probe table with her pussy still leaking semen. The tendril lifted from the table's face plate and slithered wetly up and down over the woman's clit while the droid carried Alesh back to the stasis tubes. "Host for bio-mechanical implantation: Subject A-417. Preparing for cryo stasis." The table in the background began stimulating Vixxen as the droid placed Alesh back into the stasis tube:

Table X2 Reproductive Probe. 
Initiating Humanoid Reproductive Scan. 
Inserting Vaginal probe. 
Results incomplete. Further examination is required. 
Extending Comprehensive Vaginal Probe.
Inserting Comprehensive Vaginal Probe.
Inserting Comprehensive Vaginal probe even farther.
Examination Complete. Results entered into data bank. 
Thank you and have a nice day!

Vixxen felt the injector tube lock into the depths of her womb and the balloon of semen expanding until it gushed with the force of mechanized jets propelling it into her body. The blast hit her walls and Vixxen screamed out as her climax erupted. Her overly-stretched out entrance clamped down painfully on the metal cock and she thrashed beneath the droid, her eyes rolling back into her head until she thought she would pass out from pleasure. Her belly swelled with the loads of cum it pumped into her until, like Darina, the excess could no longer be contained and it gushed from between her lips around the silver shaft of the robot, spattering to the floor to mix with the pool she'd already left glimmering under her ass.
Gasping, screaming, shuddering in the throes of her climax, Vixxen felt the slick, metal shaft pull free of her cunt with a wet plop and the residual cum in the tube--heated from her own body's warmth--sprayed and spattered her face, her chest, and her belly with sticky, white semen. As the droid rose to full height, Vixxen lay on the floor still writhing in need. "No! Don't stop. Ohhhh god, please... I'm not done. I need more. I have to cum again!" The metal hand grabbed her heartlessly and carried her to the table where Alesh lay, still moaning in her own world of pleasure with the mechanical probe pumping into her pussy. Vixxen watched--the sight of it turning her on even more--until the droid turn the machine off and picked Alesh up in its free hand then dropped Vixxen into her place. The blonde's ass slipped and slid in the pool of cum Alesh had leaked onto the table, then the machine was turned back on and her back arched as the probe started plunging into her cum soaked cunt, drawing her moans back to a fevered pitch.

The Cydroid left Vixxen behind, letting the wicked table do the work for it by claiming the subject and keeping her stimulated through the impregnation process. The machine carted Alesh over to the first stasis chamber and held her aloft over the tube's interior. "Cryo stasis commencing." The droid was so unfeeling that the women in the room might be appalled by its actions if they could focus on anything other than getting off. The machine released its grip from Alesh's throat to pull its hand from the tube before glass door slid upward from the floor, trapping the cyborg inside. The same cool, slick solution that had filled the chamber before began flowing into the tube once more, covering the girl, clinging like oil but moving like water around her frame.
The Cydroid watched it all happening, impassively scanning Alesh as the tube filled up. Her face contorted in fear as the rising level of fluid left her less and less room to breathe. Her last gasps of breath were stolen from the remaining few inches of air in the tube before they, too, were displaced by the fluid in a matter of seconds, then she was floating in the tube. The oxygenated fluid was kept at bay as she held her breath until her body reflexively forced her to try and breathe. Instead of air, though, the thick feeling of fluid filled her lungs. The oxygen in the solvent flowed once more through her body and when she realized she was breathing in a manner of speaking, her panic abated. As unfeeling as it was when it had started, the Cydroid watched as both the fluid and the occupant inside frosted over and then froze, falling still and silent. The stasis chamber began lowering into the floor to cart Alesh away for some other insidious purpose and an empty tube slid into place from the station's cargo hold below. The robot stepped to the side and stopped at the refill station so that the tube could slip out and clamp onto its cylinders. "Seminal refill commencing." The fluid surged into the machine, filling the empty chambers with another load for a new subject after the last remaining two were processed.

Alesh was still writhing with sexual need flooding her body. The machine that kept her stimulated while the droid fertilized the other two women had kept her climaxing over and over again, but the drug had hardly worn off before she was ripped from her state of mechanical bliss, leaving her crying out in panicked frustration. "Nooo! Please! I need more!" Distantly she acknowledged the blonde woman being dropped in her place and Alesh felt a pang of jealousy that her fucking machine was being used on someone else, then the world spun as the droid turned with her in its grip and propelled her back to the stasis chambers. Realizing its intent, Alesh started kicking and screaming, spattering droplets of cum over everything that they passed as it dripped from her still-leaking pussy. "No! No! Don't put me back in there! Noooo!"
Her booted heels hit the floor with a clang on empty metal and she spun to run out, but the glass door slid upwards faster than she could move, closing with a thunk of finality, hissing as the chamber sealed. Alesh's panicked blue cyborg eyes opened round and wide, scanning the tube as it filled with fluid. Her blue lips trembled and her shoulders hitched with panicked breaths as the water closed around her chin. She lifted her head to hold on to the precious few seconds of air until the fluids closed around her face and lips, encasing her completely. Her head lowered and she looked at the unfeeling robot, her eyes foolishly imploring for mercy as she held her breath. Then then need for air became too great and she gasped, choking on oxygenated air, her body fighting it until it dawned on her that she was still breathing. Floating in the fluid, realizing she had no way to escape, Alesh curled into a fetal position just before the liquid flash froze, preserving her in stasis once more. A click and a hum sent the chamber into the floor and the petite girl disappeared from sight.

Coming soon: Artificial Insemination - Part 4 of 4

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