The Hungry Dragon & the Elven Maiden (Photos)

SL is down for maintenance and I since can't access my saved RPs to edit and post stories, I though I would share a photo shoot Zuriel and I did for shits and giggles. Let's just say that the mighty dragon Zuriel got hungry during the session. Very, very hungry...

This pics are not necessarily in sequential "eating" order. They were all just done for the sheer fun of it. They did, however, test my skills and creativity as a photographer because there are no animations/poses that allow for one avatar to eat another, so I had to manipulate poses in order to make it appear so. Not to mention when I had half of my body (or more) in his mouth, my head and upper body poked out the back of his head. To overcome this, I got creative with some alpha prims and used one to make the upper half of my torso and head invisible. Sometimes I'm so clever I scare myself.

I'm just kidding...

Seems someone had fun adding animation to the photos. Hehe

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