Shark Week (Photos)

Last week (Aug 10) was Shark Week and a lot of photographers in the porn groups were doing shark-themed photos in honor of the event, so at the last minute I jumped on the band wagon. I had so much fun that I ended up doing two photo sets: one solo and one with Zuriel in a shark costume. Enjoy!

Set One

Set Two

Yes, we're freaks, but we had a blast with these photos and having fun is what Second Life is all about!


Miss Emily's Studio's New Major Motion Picture: Legs Wide Spread

Emily is at it again making another major motion picture in Second Life: Legs Wide Spread. I'm proud to announce that Zuriel has been chosen to play the lead in this epic film, but I was even more thrilled when Emily asked me to join him in a small scene. I had a blast and hope that it will be a doorway for me to do larger roles in the future. Either way, I was just excited to be a part of this fabulous event!

Emily took a photo of the scene's actors as she always does after filming. You can view it along with all of the other photos she's taken of the film's cast in her Legs Wide Spread scrapbook.


The Sexiest:Pornstars - Sexiest Photo of the Day for Aug 1, 2014

Ohhhh my god! I'm so excited I could wet my pants! On August 1, 2014 I finally made the coveted "Sexiest of the Day" position on The Sexiest:Pornstars blog. I have been secretly hoping to achieve this since I started taking pornographic photos in Second Life.Thank you to everyone who marked my photo 7-30-14 Darina Bound_010 as a favorite. You have made my day! -smiles-