Zuriel Abuses Susi Again


Jaidyn has not yet come home since Zuriel raped Susi a couple of days ago and when Z finds her standing on the docks at the pond, he finds it irresistible to abuse her once again, this time locking her in stocks for Jaidyn to find when he comes home.

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Zuriel Abuses Susi Again

Zuriel shrugged and took hold of your top, pulling it over your head to toss it to the ground.

Susi grunted, her arms flying over her head as the shirt was caught in your grip and yanked, dragging over her face and catching her hair. "For Christ sake, wasn't once enough? How much trouble are you looking to get me into? What did I ever do to you?"

Zuriel grinned and grabbed your colorful hair, jerking back to lift your face to his advancing lips suddenly kissing you deeply, shoving his tongue right down your throat in a torrid embrace like he cared very little about getting you into any kind of trouble. "Maybe I want Jay to find you full of cum and locked up like a play toy."

Susi whimpered a little squeak in her throat, her head bent awkwardly back in your grip with her eyes wild and frightened. Any further argument was cut short by your kiss, her hands lifting to the sides in a gesture of panic or halted fight, leaving her fingers flexing and clenching in the air as her tongue tangled with yours in her mouth. When you broke to speak to her, with your lips hovering right over hers and yours steely silver-gray gaze searching out her soul, she visibly blanched at your words. She had not yet seen Jay since the last time you raped her--he'd stayed away from home for the last couple of days doing God-knows-what--but she still feared his wrath when he returned.

Zuriel grinned before stalking off the docks, taking you with him by his hand in your hair guiding you along until he stopped in front of a stock standing in the yard. "Well, no sense in wasting time." With a smirk he pushed you towards the stocks using the back of your neck. He pushed you down and lifted the stocks board, fitting it into the grooves. "Watch your hands... There you go." The board set with a clunk in the stocks frame, and he licked his lips once he had you trussed and locked down for some fun.

Susi grumbled under her breath as she stumbled along beside you, "Seriously going to shave my head..." Wincing as her body was wrenched down by her hair, an incredulous look crossed her features as she realized just what you had dragged her over to. "What the fuck is that for? You... You can't be serious!" A firm hand pressed to the back of her neck, holding her head down against the wood. She fussed and fought, trying to stand against the strength of your arm, but she couldn't get free and the wood just kept digging into her throat. "Please, no..." Susi heard you coaxing her to place her arms in the grooves and, realizing she had little choice in the matter, shakily rested her wrists into the little divots. The wood came down trapping her arms and head, and her heart thud-thud-thud heavily in her chest. Feeling like a trapped animal, a sudden bout of claustrophobia kicked in and she started hyperventilating. "Oh fuck... Please Mr. Bedlam, let me out of here. Ohsweetjesusno don't do this, please!" Her ass wriggled in the air in her useless struggles, her tiny feet shuffling in the dirt and grass as she tried to figure out how to get loose.

Zuriel let you struggle as long as you didn't injure yourself. He grabbed those tiny shorts at the back and slowly dragged them past the curve of your cute little ass to slide them down those legs. Then he lifted one foot from your clothing, but let the shorts hang from your left ankle against the ground before standing back up. "Hmm. You might look cute bald, but not having hair wouldn't stop either Jay or myself." He rested one hand on your back while the other raked his nails upwards along the backs of your thighs until his hand lifted over those cute little cheeks. One slap landed--rubbed in to make the sting tingle a bit longer--before the second blow smacked vibrantly on your unburned ass cheek. "Be still..." He let out a huff and spanked your ass a third time when he saw you wriggling more. "I said be still..."

Susi felt her tiny little shorts slipping over her hips and down her long legs, then the heat and strength of your hand wrapped around her ankle to slip one leg free, leaving the denim tangled around the other. Realizing you had no intention of stopping or of letting her go, she began sobbing. Warm skin graced her back with another touch dragging along her legs to her back side and she whimpered, not having any idea what you were planning to do to her in such a vulnerable state. Seconds passed leaving her in suspense, then a sudden sharp crack! clapped against her ass and she jerked with a cry, banging her shoulders into the wooden stocks. "AH!!" Her sobs turned to full tears, her shoulders heaving and her breasts wobbling under her. "Pleeeeease... Please let me go Mr. Bedlam!" Your hand soothing over the slap did nothing to alleviate the pain. If anything, it spread the sting further over her cheek. Then another blow landed, and another, each one making her jump and jerk and cry out her pain. Susi couldn't be still if she tried, despite your warnings, and she winced with every raining blow, yelping and crying out, "AH! Ah! Nooo!"

Zuriel figured he better just use you like he planned since time was running short. Slipping behind that butt, both hands reached out and took hold of your cheeks, spreading them open before he bent down and shoved his tongue right inside your tight little rosebud. The feeling of something wet and warm pulsed inside you, his tongue stroking in and out to glaze your tiny hole with his saliva being forced in by the press of his tongue drawing back and forth to get it nice and slick enough for what he had planned. Normally he would tease you all bound and locked up, but his own desire was too great just seeing this hot little ass and those sexy feet in your heels. He was beyond teasing right now, and it showed when he rose on his feet fully and unzipped his pants to let his fat cock smack heftily against your cheeks. "I honestly can't say which is more of a turn on: you squealing, or your begging me to stop and let you out." But we both knew that was not going to happen, especially when he pulled back and the head of his dick pressed right against your asshole from behind. "Nnnn... We might as well make this quick, huh?" His hands clenched firmly, squeezing your hot little cheeks before that dick pressed in, stretching your ass open as his cock drove deeper, unimpeded from his spit making your ass slick enough to let him fill it with half his cock on the first stroke. "Uuhnn... That's it...tight little ass begging Mr. Bedlam to stop!" His hips pulled back so he could steel himself for another plunge, but this time he bottomed out inside your tight little hole, making you take his entire cock at once. "Oh fuck, that's tight!"

Susi sighed in relief, panting a few breaths as the spanking subsided and both of your hands simply rubbed over the red, stinging cheeks. Tears trickled down her face, dripping to the ground at her feet, and she sobbed quietly, sniffling, thinking the punishment--for what ever reason it was delivered--was over. Then Susi felt the heat of your breath on her ass as your strong fingers pulled the tiny cheeks apart spreading her lewdly, and her wet eyes widened again. "Wha-?" The soft, hot, wet lave of your tongue over her asshole made her jump and painfully bang her head on the stocks. She tried to move, tried to pull away from you, but she had no where to go. Her pucker gave to the press of your tongue probing at it, slipping inside and despite her anxious fears, it felt so good that she closed her eyes and groaned, "Uunngghhh..." Susi's clit throbbed at the eroticism of the act and for a moment, she'd forgotten who was even doing it or the consequences she would face later.
Her body and mind waged war--one wanting more of your touch, the other screaming at her to get out of this before you left more of your scent on her for Jay to detect. She felt movement behind her, and the press of something much firmer than your tongue at her backdoor, and her whole body went rigid. "Oh god no, please!" But her pleas went unheeded and the mushroom head popped past her tight ring of muscles, invading her ass. She jumped and cried out again, whimpering little sobs at the violation and pain. Her ass tightened as though to fight you, to keep the invasion out, but with a heft and a grunt, the full length of you forced itself past that grip, stretching her ass painfully around your girth. "Uhhhh GOD!!!" It burned like fire and it felt fucking amazing at the same time. Your cock filled her ass so completely, Susi thought she could cum just from the feel of you inside her. Her cunt pulsed with a beat of its own, springing to life with arousal, and she felt the liquid heat starting to flow between her legs.

 Zuriel could not deny that every time she said 'no' or 'please' his dick jumped. You had to feel it, too, with it jammed between your cheeks stretching your tight hole open further. His hands shifted down to hold your hips, but only to prepare for what came next. Already he had fitted it in, but now it was time to get his, even if you were going to stay locked up without any way to cum. Heavy thick balls smacked, popping your clit from the sudden vibrant feeling of him pulling back into a deep hard rhythm stirring that asshole up, gritting his teeth from the utter eroticism of the moment with you locked up and nowhere to go. It was your ass and legs in those heels that did it. You had no idea how much he had gotten aroused seeing you standing there on the docks, but now in the pillory you were all his even if only for the moment. The hard shoves filling your ass full of fat dick grew more intense. The sound of the stocks creaked but did not give way from the onslaught of his cock battering your ass to the hilt. A sadistic grin etched across his lips, "Keep begging, even if I know you're getting hotter..." There was no denying the statement--his balls came free from your cunt with your juices dribbling lightly from his skin, and he could feel the liquid heat dribble on his nuts from the way he was owning your sassy ass like a plaything. His teeth caught hold of his lower lip in concentration and his cock grew thicker in your ass each time he rammed it balls deep.

Susi's tight ring spread open every time your cock slipped inside, stretching around the progressively widening shaft, only to cling to the thickness as you slipped back out. The head stayed buried inside to pull at her entrance as though you were going to slip out, applying a sweet, wicked pressure to her pucker before you shoved the full length back in again. Susi's cries soon morphed into a cacophony of grunts and groans, having long since lost herself to the need of feeling you fucking her ass hard. Her small breasts bounced and jiggled with the bumping pumps of your hips against her ass, knocking them into the wood stocks holding her head and arms captive. Hearing you teasing her about her arousal left her blushing in shame, knowing that her wet lube was slathering your balls every time they slapped against her dripping wet pussy, but she couldn't help herself. Your cock spreading her ass open felt so good she was creaming herself wanting nothing more than for you to make her cum just from the ass fucking. Susi bit her lip trying to hold back her groans, but they still resounded clearly from her chest, "NNngggg!!"

Zuriel inched closer when he shoved it in all the way, stepping in tighter to lean over your body locked down in the stocks. His hands laid over the board of the pillory, clutching the wood with one hand as the other teased and lifted some of your hair between his fingers. "I bet I can make your worthless ass cum just from my dick in your hot little hole. What do you think?" Almost as if answering his own question with the physical act, he jammed his fat rod in hard, but pulling back brought a new sensation this time. No longer using fast and heated shoves, his dick suddenly turned into a gavel, pounding straight in hard and deep with the weight of him smacking against your cheeks hard enough to lift your heels from the ground. Barely able to stay on your toes in those heels, he laid into you like some insane machine turned on full tilt and your ass was what the drill bit needed to break open. Your shoulders slammed into the stock, forcing your small tits into a ridiculous wobble from the impact battering your asshole open wide and deep as he fucked you with reckless need. The longer, more intense strokes rolled through that ring of muscle, making it burn so fucking good from not letting it snap back into place immediately, keeping it open for the duration of every stuff and the breadth of every thrust. "Now the cat got your tongue? Little bitch doesn't want to say 'please, no'? You want more, yes?" Now he was simply reading you for the sheer fun of it, making you listen to him taunt and berate you right there with that dick slamming you open only to pull back just as keenly for another pumping jostle of bodies colliding. With no way to slide away, without the ability to clamp your hands on his body to hold him back, your ass was completely at his mercy and he showed you by fucking it so deep, demanding that you felt every inch of him inside with the skin from his balls tugging out from between your cheeks each time he split you right down the fucking middle.

Susi felt your body looming over hers, closing in and pinning her even more so than she already was. The psychological effect made her stomach clench and her clit bobbed up and down between her slick, wet lips making her mewl meekly. She couldn't see, but she heard your hand slap down on the pillory at her head and then she felt the deliberately quick but amazingly hard thrust of cock slamming into her, knocking her shoulders into the wood. Susi winced in a combination of pain and oh-my-fucking-god pleasure, her feet stumbling beneath her as you nearly knocked her off balance. Locking her knees to brace herself, she felt you draw back and slam again, like a blacksmith swinging a hammer to steel. "Yes... I mean, no... I... Oh god, I just...please, don't stop!" She was making no sense at all, still torn between fearing Jaidyn and loving how your cock felt inside of her. At this point, all she wanted to do was cum. And she would, even just with your cock in her ass. She would cum so fucking hard. She was already so close she could feel it building in her belly. All she needed was that final push, for you to drag her over the edge and leave her shuddering at the end of your dick.

Zuriel was almost too far gone, but the idea of holding you right at the brink with him was so emblazoned on his mind that his shocking thrusts shivered for a brief moment. With his hips shaking, he forced himself to peel back easy, then he slid back inside with a slower glide that didn't hit nearly as hard against your clit with his heavy balls drawing up tighter. His cock swelled so thick that the outer bit of it felt tight as fuck and throbbed, both from his lowering the pace and from his shifting down to the need to just flood your hot little asshole simply to make a point. The Aries in him just couldn't resist holding it back to make you crazier with need, so he held back, only an inch or two, so that his nuts just barely skated off your swollen clit that begging for some kind of attention without ever getting anymore. Fuck, it felt so good. You felt so alive and tight around him he just wanted to rail that ass without a single shred of mercy, but there was the hope of making you squeal one more time in frustration at the very least. "Ohhhh no, slut. You have an owner, so you know better than to cum without asking your Dom." He held it just like that, sliding deep but not giving it to you like he had been, barely brushing your hot little button poking out from wet juicy lips, the bounce of those tits slowing to match his new pace. The villainous grin on his lips remained as he shuddered to try and keep going just like that, forcing his dick to the edge with a little dribble of hot precum floating inside your tight ass.

Susi was writhing on her toes, even lifting her ass to meet the long, hard thrusts of your cock burning her ass and making her moan like a whore. The liquid heat of her cunt dribbled down the insides of her thighs, the smack of heavy balls tapping against it spattering her lube everywhere, each slap stimulating her aching little clit to make her whimper and whine between her grunts. So close... She was so fucking close... Even as you slowed your pace, it drove her delirious--almost like the slower pace was even more wicked than the mercilessly hard fuck you were doling only moments before. Susi started to gasp, feeling herself tipping....tipping...heading straight over the edge... And then you fucking spoke, yanking her back from the edge, back from bliss, back to fucking reality at the mention of her master and she wailed her frustration, "NOooOO! GOD DAMNIT!" The poor girl was right on the brink but your reminder of Jay put the fear of god in her and she reined it in, shuddering around your cock and under your body as she fought to gain control. Still her cunt fluttered and dripped with her need, but she sobbed again at the loss of release.

Zuriel growled just hearing the way you sobbed. The whimpering cries drove him bat-shit-horny, so at the very least hearing you babble did make him push deeper again. The hard shoves growing in tempo, flowing back an inch more, then all the way in again with his heavy nuts clapping your clit in a thud of flesh slapping firmly. The tingle in his balls rose to the base of his cock and he knew then that he could not hold it any more. The flutter inside his dick could only be described as something deep inside opening like a floodgate. Try as he might to hold it in, he finally gasped and bust open like a steam bellows roaring out to the air before that dick suddenly turned into the machine piston once more. Now he could not hold the pace, it crept faster but kept rattling your shoulders and making those small nipples dance from the weight of him crushing into your cheeks, their flesh now flopping from the heft of out of control masculine meat stuffing your ass. He managed to grip the pillory board if only to hold on, but that the grip he had gave him more leverage to cram your tight hole to the brim with fat balls slapping that clit with renewed vigor. It was like he was trying to beat you to the finish line and he hissed as his dick just sprayed on a tight in-stroke and squished your lips with the slap of his nuts smacking your pussy. His body fell back into short mid-strokes, sending every squirt of hot cum deep inside your ass, making it flood with warmth as he unloaded, spurting every drop he had to give from how hot you had gotten him merely by being there to fuck. "Daaaaamnnnn..."

Susi felt you moving faster, pumping into her ass harder, and she bit down on her hard enough on her lip to stave off her orgasm that she bled, dripping a crimson line down her chin as she mewled miserably. Her little body bounced and jostled under your hammering weight and she felt you swell inside her ass, stretching her and filling her canal until she felt like she would explode in orgasmic bliss, but still she fought it until your cum flooded her bowels, gushing out around your cock to drip and drizzle down the backs of her thighs. Susi whimpered miserably, her cunt hot and needy, her clit throbbing and aching for release as you stepped back from her body to put your cock away. She heard nothing more from you other than your fading whistle of a tune as you left her there in the stocks for Jaidyn to find upon his return.

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