Our Threeway with Kat


Before Zuriel and I hooked up, he'd had a romp with a mutual friend of ours. For a long time we all teased about having a threeway, but the timing was never right. We'd even made a "date" to get together, but still we had to postpone. On top of that, I was having reservations dealing with my jealousy. Despite that it's "just pixels on a screen," there are oftentimes feelings and emotions involved in role play, so I wasn't sure just how I'd react when I saw Zuriel fucking another woman, even if it was a friend I'd been with myself in the past.

Then one day, Kat was hanging with me at our home when Zuriel logged on. I thought, no time like the present, grabbed Kat by the hand, and dragged her inside before I lost my nerve. Zuriel followed and we had an amazing time.

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Our Threeway with Kat

Lisa sneaked her foot under Kat's rump and wriggled her toes, grinning wickedly, "You have time now, yes?"

Kat smirked and wiggled her hips just enough to tease herself against Lisa's foot "I do."

Lisa stood and grabbed Kat's hand, pulling her to her feet. "Good. Let's head inside and do this before I chicken out." With that, she started walking to the house dragging Kat along in her wake, knowing Zuriel would follow in his own time.

Kat let out a soft little laugh as she was dragged along, not really fighting it too much. "Afraid of chickening out, hmm? You never had a problem with that before." With that she gave Lisa a playful little grin and yanked on her own arm as they made their way in, allowing her to pull Lisa into her. One hand came up and brushed the hair lightly from Lisa's face before leaning in and nipping playfully at her lower lip "You've been dying for this as much as I have, so no chickening out now"

Zuriel came in and sat down, not saying a word while the two ladies finally got comfy together, sitting back to relax while things started getting interesting.

Lisa smirked at Kat's playfulness, drawing her to the rug by her hand and coaxing her lithe frame down to the furs using the press of her own body. Lisa hovered over the sexy minx, chucking at her teasing words, and stopped them with a hard press of lips to Kat's.

Kat leaned back slowly onto the furs as Lisa crawled onto her. She shifted just a bit allowing her to press one of her knees up between Lisa's warm silky thighs, her own thigh wiggling into place as her hand snaked up to the back of Lisa's hair during the kiss. Her small hand clenched tightly in it..wrapping the long locks around her hand as she held Lisa tight to her, kissing her back deeply, her tongue probing between the sweet girl's lush lips circling and dancing around Lisa's tongue, exploring the warm mouth that had been so long since she had last felt against her own

Zuriel crossed his arms and smiled watching the pair. He didn't miss one slide or kiss as the scene started to unfold and desires began to run aflame, his own wants perking up seeing these two beauties getting very close and kissing.

Lisa had heard Zuriel entering the house and settling in as she and Kat got comfy on the floor, but she paid him no heed--not yet. Right now she wanted to reacquaint herself with the beauty beneath her, so she rose onto her knees and trailed her fingers ever so lightly down Kat's side, feeling each dip and curve as though memorizing it by touch. Her fingers caught on the hem of the tiny denim top covering the bronze beauty's breasts and she tugged just slightly as she leaned in to take another brief kiss. The warmth of her tongue laved over Kat's lips and she drew the top upwards, letting first one breast then the other spill out with a jiggle. Seeing Kat smile, Lisa pulled harder, drawing the top over the girl's shoulders and past her head, her long, dark hair catching and falling free to fan out around her.

Kat lifted her body just enough beneath Lisa to allow the top to slip from her with ease. She glanced over hearing a rustle beside them and found that Zuriel had made his way in. One hand moved to Lisa's back, her long nails grazing slowly up and down over the soft supple flesh, squirming a bit with each caress from the girl's hand. She felt her nipples instantly harden to the cool air of the room and she wiggled a little more beneath the girl. Her bright sapphire gaze locked onto Lisa's as she locked one leg and an arm around Lisa using the force of her own small body to roll Lisa over onto her back and grinned playfully down to her.

Zuriel smirked seeing someone finally lose a piece of clothing. He leaned forward and had to actually shift to the side because his cock was standing up in the way of his elbows. Licking his lips, he settled and scooted a bit to the edge of his throne to keep watching with a permanent smile on his lips.

Lisa barked out a short quip of laughter as Kat flipped her over, smirking at the twist of power. But she settled back, feeling the long leg slide up between her thighs and press against the heat of her nethers, barely clothed in her tight denim shorts. Lisa wrapped her hand around the back of Kat's neck and pulled her down, kissing her deeply this time, slipping her tongue past the girl's lips to tangle with hers in her mouth. Drawing her leg up over Kat's, she pressed her heel against the back of her thigh and moved the tiny frame above her closer, feeling the naked breasts brushing over her stomach in a tantalizing tease. "I think he'd like to see more. What do you think?"

 Kat let out a soft little breathless moan into the kiss as she rocked herself slowly against Lisa's thigh. As she finally pulled back from the kiss giving a slight little nod, she pulled herself up onto her knees over Lisa. Her small hands slid slowly down her own body, teasing over her taut belly before letting her skilled fingers quickly work the button and zipper of her own shorts. Her full hips wiggled slowly to help the tight denim slip over her hips and round ass before kicking them off to the side. Quickly she leaned back down, pushing her firm ass toward the air, wiggling it just a bit as she nudged Lisa's hair away from her neck, kissing a slow path over her neck down to the girl's shoulder and gave the tender flesh a quick nip. She kissed the exact place she had just nipped before pulling back away. Her eyes fixed on Lisa's as she quickly worked the top from her, much in the same manner Lisa had except in an urgent manner. Zuriel wasn't the only one who wanted more. Once the top was off, she tossed it over to Z and leaned back down to begin kissing and nipping slowly down Lisa's body, teasing each hard nipple with her teeth, tongue, and lips before moving down Lisa's body, her own body dragging firmly over it as she worked her way to the tiny shorts. Her warm breath washed over the soft flesh before finally using her teeth to pop the button of Lisa's shorts free. Her nails dragged firmly down Lisa's breasts, over her tummy, and down her hips to help work the shorts off, then she tossed them to Zuriel as well before glancing back to Lisa with a grin "Sorry, sweets. Been waiting way to long for this to tease anymore"

Zuriel smirked and caught the fabric in his fingers, pulling it to his nose to inhale the soft scent. The two ladies saw his cock jump higher from the sight before him combined with the sweet scent of Lisa that he held in his hand. He slid a foot out along the floor and teased his toes against the fur rug. "Mmm... Someone seems a little heated."

Lisa chewed her lip as Kat stripped her clothes from her, closing her eyes to draw in a gasp when her lips graced her budded nipples. Lisa squirmed, a soft moan falling from her own lips at the chills that swept through her body. Watching as Kat tossed garments to Z, she grinned, catching her love's eye and giving him a wink, then she turned back to Kat. Heeding her words, she realized that, yes, it had been too long, and time was precious, so Lisa twisted her legs around Kat's and, reclaiming control for the moment, flipped her back over again. Crawling between Kat's legs, she wrapped her hands around her hips and sank down, keeping her eyes locked on the blue ones watching her as her tongue slipped out and glided right over those beautiful glistening lips. "Mmm, fuck. I'd forgotten how sweet you were." The last word brushed over Kat's nethers and Lisa's tongue darted out, dancing over her clit in rapid little thrusts.

A small little frown curled on her full lips as Lisa flipped her over, but it quickly faded as Lisa sank down between her thighs. Just the soft warm breath against her already moist folds had caused her to gasp out. She slipped a hand down to let her fingers slither through Lisa's hair, stroking through it almost tenderly until she felt the first caress of the warm tongue and her hand grasped in the tendrils of hair. Her hips shot up pushing herself toward Lisa's cute little face. Her body shuddered with each dart of the pink little tongue. "Oh, good god, Lisa. Just like that. Fuck..." She felt her already overly-swollen clit throb with each tease of the tongue and her hips bucked slowly.

Zuriel chewed his lower lip watching his love slide down, slipping her hands under Kat's ass before her lips met the soft touch of nether lips against her own. The smile spread across his mouth as he watched Lisa slowly teasing Kat, hearing her words of delight as Lisa lapped and flickered her tongue over that clit. He couldn't help finally saying something, sitting to the side with his dick swelling and almost bouncing side to side like a fleshy metronome. "Nnn... That's it, baby. Lick that pussy."

Lisa couldn't help but giggle right into Kat's wet folds, hearing her love's words, but they stirred something inside of her, too, and her belly clenched. She renewed her efforts, laving her tongue from Kat's puckered little star between her ass cheeks all the way up to her slit, dragging that soft muscle back down again and dipping it inside her honey pot. Lisa's fingers curled into Kat's hips and held on fast, darting her tongue in and out, stirring her pussy into a frenzy on her tongue right before Zuriel's watching eyes. Lisa's own hips couldn't hold still she was so worked up. They lifted and fell, swished side to side, her own clit starting to ache and throb. Rising to her knees, she gripped Kat and dragged her around, lifting her leg to settle over her face. "My little kitty needs some loving, too. How about you give her a lick?" Smirking as she swished her hips over Kat, she grabbed her ass and pulled, lifting her dripping pussy right back to her own mouth to slurp and suck at her folds.

Kat bucked her hips with Lisa's probing tongue, feeling her tight little pussy spasming and clenching at the invading tongue almost as if it were trying to pull more of it into her. She could feel herself becoming wetter by the second and her breathing was increasing, coming in short, shallow breaths until she felt Lisa pull her mouth away and a loud almost painful whimper spilled from her own. She watched Lisa's every move closer and grinned as she settled herself over her face. She groaned as Lisa teased her with it and her tongue flicked up and teased, as well. Her gaze made its way over to Z for the briefest of moments before she locked her hands up on Lisa's hips and pulled her down hard onto her waiting mouth. She couldn't help but grin knowing Z was there so close watching and she moaned out into Lisa's sex, the moans sending vibrations right through Lisa's swollen bud as she instantly latched on. She suckled it into her mouth darting her tongue, flicking at Lisa's clit teasingly before swirling it slowly around and around. The smooth metal of her lip rings caressing at the outside of Lisa's clit and her tongue ring teased the tip. Her hips rolled and bucked against Lisa's mouth and tongue, fucking herself against it as her own hungry hot mouth continued to work against Lisa's.

Zuriel wanted so badly to slide out of his throne and get in between the sandwiched bodies of the two lovely ladies grinding on top of one another, but he made a promise to himself that no matter how hot this got in the beginning, he was going to let the two girls cum on their own before he even joined in, even if his tilting dick was drooling a little line of precum from being so fucking turned on that his balls were hurting. So he paced himself, breathing in controlled, steady breaths that went shaky at the end of each exhale.

Lisa felt Kat's teasing lips and tongue delving between her folds, lapping at her nectar as it trickled from her slit, and her ass writhed in the air, lifting and pressing back down to Kat's waiting tongue. Her moans were muffled, her own mouth nestled between Kat's thighs, making wet smacking sounds as she drew first one lip then the other into her mouth, then lapping the flat of her tongue over Kat's clit, her head bobbing as she lapped, lapped, lapped like a dog drinking water. The sounds Zuriel made drew her attention, and though she didn't stop her tongue from dancing and swirling around Kat's swelled clit, she turned her eyes over to him, sitting there on his throne, watching the two girls intently. She saw his cock, hard and proud, bouncing it was throbbing so hard. The sight turned her on so fucking much that she shuttered and groaned, and she pushed her hips down harder against Kat's tongue. Lisa's hand slipped from under one of the dark beauty's hips and she slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt, pumping them hard to her knuckles. Lifting her lips from the feast, she panted out, "That's it, Kit Kat... Make that pretty little cunt cum on your tongue. Fuck, I'm so close. Eat that pussy like the good girl I know you are." A third finger was added and Lisa wrapped her lips around Kat's clit, sucking hard while she fucked her tight little cunt with her pumping hand.

Kat whimpered out around Lisa's clit as she felt the two fingers slipping into her hot, wanton pussy. She felt the muscles instantly clamp down around them and her hips rocked and rolled in rhythm with each push of the slender fingers inside of her. She released Lisa's clit and dragged her firm tongue up and down her slit.,her tongue ring firmly washing over her with each lick. She felt the third finger slip into her and she cried out and instantly pushed her own tongue deep into Lisa's sweet pussy. One hand snaked up to allow her thumb to swirl around and caress the swollen clit, feeling it throb with each caress. Her tongue worked in rhythm with Lisa's fingers, plunging over and over into the hot cunt, moaning as she tasted the sweetness first-hand, and her body instantly tensed feeling her orgasm building deep in her belly. Her leg drew up and locked around Lisa's head, pulling her down harder against her pussy before she screamed out and her body shuddered and shook in an intense orgasm. She felt her own sweet juices flooding Lisa's fingers and hand, which only caused her to fuck her tongue harder in and out as she pinched Lisa's clit between her fingers, rolling it firmly around.

Zuriel could not hold back that much longer. His hand slipped down around the base of his shaft and with a pull of his forearm, he pumped his cock through the tight clasp of his fist. The glistening dribble along the underside that rubbed from his fingers vanished as his dick swelled thicker and grew redder. Watching Kat going into near-orgasmic overdrive had him perched on the edge of that throne watching what his love was doing and seeing Kat hook her leg over the back of Lisa's lustrous red hair. Gods, the sight made him quake and the closer both girls got to the edge, the more he anticipated dropping to all fours to crawl over between them to give them both a taste of something else. He was fidgeting in his seat, even holding his cock it still swayed with the weight of it bobbling in his fingers' grip while the show on the fur rug started growing so intense he that thought they both would melt away from the heat of it.

Lisa started panting at Kat's tongue thrusting inside of her, the feel of her thumb swirling over her clit sending sparks flying through her body. Her fingers stayed lodged in Kat's pussy, but she tilted her head back and let out a cry of pleasure before diving back to suckled that throbbing bud between her lips. Lisa felt Kat shudder, felt the walls inside gripping her fingers and she pumped harder, sucking with all her might on the little bud between her lips, drawing that climax right out her. Warmth flood her hand and she drew it out, slipping from Kat's slit to lap at her juices as they spilled from her. It was so fucking erotic that as she did, her own climax slammed into her like an out-of-control truck. Her tongue stilled for only a moment as she gasped, then she moaned, the sound escalating into a shriek. Her nails dug into Kat's ass and her hips bounced as she tapped her clit against that soft tongue, riding out her climax as Kat kept licking at lapping at her. Huffing, panting, she slipped from over the girl's face and looked up at her love, a grin quirking on her lips. She hooked a finger at him, curling it in a 'come hither' gesture. "I think we need some of that cock you have in your hand now, love."

Kat cried out as she felt the nails digging into her firm round ass and her body shuddered harder. The feel of the nails digging into her flesh and Lisa flooding her tongue was all too much and it threw her into another screaming orgasm. She lapped hungrily at Lisa's sweet little cunt, making sure she didn't miss a drop of the sweetness before pulling her head back away to look at Z as she heard Lisa talk, her own breaths coming in deep quick pants. She kept her gaze on Z as her tongue slipped out and she slowly licked her lush lips that were glistening with Lisa's sweetness, watching him intently, waiting to see if he'd move over with them.

Zuriel wasn't about to waste any time seeing how lucky he already was now with two ladies looking at him after licking each other to juicy release. He dropped to a knee on the rugs and crawled closer, grabbing Lisa by the ankle before dragging her across the soft furs on the floor. But the cave man didn't stop there, dragging his love up to kiss her lips so he could taste Kat on them. He was lost in that kiss for a moment, but he didn't miss the chance to reach out for Kat either. Sucking his love's lower lip, he turned and tugged Kat tightly to his chest to taste Lisa from her lips and tongue, as well, grabbing Kat's tanned ass with one large hand and squeezing her flesh, teasing her a little after the orgasm she just shared with Lisa. "Mmm... Tasty!"

Lisa let out a little cry and a giggle as she was dragged over the soft furs like she weighed nothing to this man. Her giggles ceased immediately, though, when his mouth consumed hers, his tongue dipping past her lips to tangle with her own tongue and taste Kat's nectar from her mouth. She groaned, melting right into him, and even when he reached out to draw Kat against him, she still pressed in, reaching her arms around his waist to caress his chest. With Kat nestled so snugly against him, she could tease her breasts, as well, clasping little buds between her finger tips to roll and pinch them, before sliding her hand back down Zuriel's chest to tease her nails right over his shaft.

Kat bit her lower lip chewing on the lip ring as she watched Zuriel kiss Lisa and she groaned softly, getting yet another taste of Lisa from her own lips. She gasped out as Z turned and grabbed her, her small body pushing into his, her every soft curve brushing against his body as he kissed her, too. Her tongue washed over his lips and his tongue, allowing him to taste his love's essence on her lips. A soft little gaspy moan spilled out into the kiss as she felt Lisa's fingers pinching and trapping her hard swollen nipples between the girl's skilled fingers. Finally, her hand slipped down and caressed lightly over the long, hard shaft of Z's cock, working back and forth over it in combination with Lisa's hand.

Zuriel sighed into Kat's mouth as both ladies helped in teasing him. He was already hard and swollen, so by the time Lisa and Kat kept teasing his cock with their hands, they could feel the throb in the shaft nestled in their grips switching back and forth. He raised his hand along Kat's spine, stripping her top from her body in a snap of denim and tearing fabric first, and with a turn of his head he kissed his baby once more so he could whisper to her. "You ready to put me inside your girlfriend?" To make his point, he grabbed Lisa's hand and pulled it around the base of his cock, grinning when Kat's stroking hand bumped against his love's clutching the hilt of his cock, and the sensation made him roll his hips. Purring, he nibbled Lisa's lip again before turning down and guiding Kat to the rugs on the floor. Pulling Lisa along with him, he dropped over Kat and the head of his cock danced over her still-swollen clit from the tongue lashing these two ladies already shared. He spread Kat's legs, clasping Lisa's hand tightly around his base before leaning up between Kat's spread thighs. With a turn of his head and a grab to Lisa's ass he spoke. "When ever you're ready, baby, put it in..." Biting his lower lip, he waited as his love hovered his cock head over Kat's clit with his other hand still clutching Kat's leg.

Lisa chewed her lip, grinning almost nervously. It had finally come time and she was not nervous...not jealous... She was just as excited as she thought she would be. With Zuriel's guidance, her small fingers clasped around his thick shaft as he settled in between Kat's warm thighs. Lisa leaned herself against Z's back, brushing her slick, hot cunt against his ass. Pressing the tip of his cock against Kat's waiting hole, she used both her body against his back and her hand around his cock to guide him into her. Still nipping at her lip, the ring in it trapped between her teeth, she grinned as she heard Kat groan. Lisa's hand held him for as long as she could, but as soon as he was almost fully inside, she slipped her hand away and pressed it against his back, leaning her full weight onto him to push him fully into her friend. Kissing his ear, she whispered, "That's it, baby. Fuck that pretty little pussy of hers for me."

Kat settled back and drew one long leg up to wrap around Z's waist, allowing the silky smooth flesh to caress up and down over Lisa's thigh as she jerked with each tease of the swollen head against her engorged clit. A loud gasp spilled from her lips into the room as she finally felt the swollen tip pushing past the tight muscles, feeling them instantly give way but quickly clamp back down around him as more of the thick shaft pushed into her. She felt the walls griping him, wrapping around his cock, and her leg wrapped tighter, pulling Lisa in against him even harder as a loud moan came rushing out when she felt him fully inside of her. Her hazy blue gaze locked on Lisa's eyes as she rolled her hips to grind herself on the hard cock that was impaling her hot cunt.

Zuriel didn't forget his love was there, but when Kat looked past him into Lisa's eyes, he couldn't deny himself any longer. The slow grind of thick cock glided through tight walls, hugging him like a vice, and the mere sensation of tight delight beneath him sent his hips lifting. Pushing back down to grind the length of his cock inside the moaning Kit Kat, he purred like some godforsaken animal over the tan beauty he was spreading like butter, making that cunt melt just with his dick slipping through her blushing, caramel lips. Gasping from the feel of another woman--one of his love's best friends, no less--around his cock was so surreal that Kat could feel him throbbing inside when he pushed himself balls-deep and laid right over her chest. His larger body kept her pinned even if he really didn't have to, but he was enjoying the primal desire in holding Kat down under his pumping body weight while he filled her pussy with his cock. He lifted his eyes, looking right up at Lisa with a smile, and curled a finger at his baby for a kiss while he took Kat deeper and started fucking her sweet little snatch.

Lisa settled in at Kat's head, spreading her knees wide to surround her and moved in as close as she could, watching every look, every reaction on her face as Zuriel crawled over her, pinning her to the floor as his cock slid deep inside her her walls. It was so fucking erotic--seeing him taking Kat, his ass lifting and falling with each plunge of hard cock. The sweet little gasping moans rising from Kat's lips to Lisa's ears were like a symphony of pleasure. Lisa couldn't help herself--her fingers slipped down between her legs, dabbling at her clit at first, the dips and swirls around the still-sensitive bud moving faster, harder the longer she watched him fucking her friend. Lisa's free hand reached out to stroke over Kat's hair and as Zuriel looked at her and beckoned her closer for a kiss, Lisa's fingers curled in Kat's hair, gripping it with a tug. When Zuriel parted the kiss, Lisa leaned down, her finger still circling her own clit, and she whispered in Kat's ear, though Zuriel could hear her clearly, "How does his cock feel, Kit Kat? Is he fucking that pretty pussy just like you remembered?"

Kat gasped as she felt his cock starting to move in and out of her, the tight walls gripping at him harder, tugging at him with each slow stroke out. The grip of Lisa's hand in her hair and the feeling of being pinned under his large body caused her to hiss out in pleasure. One arm managed to snake out from under Z's arms and it quickly made its way up between Lisa's thighs. Her hand smacked at Lisa's hand and quickly replaced her own fingers on Lisa's pretty little aching pussy. Her fingers expertly swirled around the overly sensitive bud and her hips worked against Z's the best they could under his weight. Her gaze focused on Z for a moment as Lisa whispered to her and she whimpered out "Oh gods, Lisa, yes... Soo fucking good...filling my tight little pussy completely!"

Zuriel growled as he watched Lisa and Kat still teasing each other even with his cock buried inside Kat's little pussy. With a rumble, he lifted to his knees and grabbed Lisa by the neck. It was a thump to her back that sent her reeling, but the end result wasn't just putting Lisa on the floor. Strong arms hefted Kat from the rug in a wrap around her back with big hands grabbing her ass. Zuriel pulled Kit Kat's body right over Lisa's face so when he started bucking his hips wildly, his balls and Kat's slit bounced and popped firmly over Lisa's stunned gaze. She was trapped under their bodies pushing together in a maddening embrace of his cock cramming Kat's hot little cunt like he was trying to bounce her off his lap. The lock of his arms prevented her from going anywhere, though, and the feel of both girls pretty much at his mercy made him so fucking hard that Kat could feel the rapid beats of his heart thrumming through the fat shaft pounding her open, bouncing her pussy on his dick with Lisa underneath getting a close up view of his dick slamming Kat's juicy pussy. With his breathing growing ragged and shallow, he leaned over Kat's bare body to catch her nipple between his teeth before his lips suckled tightly. "Mmmnh..."

Lisa was so lost to Kat's touch teasing her pulsing clit that when Zuriel growled and grabbed her, throwing her to the floor, she gasped and choked out a little surprised cry. He moved so fast, she didn't even have time to react before he snatched up Kat and lifted their entwined bodies right over her face. Her arms were trapped under his thighs, pinning her in place, so she cupped them over his ass and watched as his thick, hard shaft disappeared into Kat's folds, the liquid heat glistening and bubbling around his cock where it penetrated her entrance, only to see it slide back out again coated in her nectar. Licking her lips, Lisa lifted her head and placed her tongue right at that juncture, lapping both at Kat's slit and Zuriel's shaft as it slid in and out, in and out, drawing out more of Kat's musky essence with every backwards pump.

Kat let out her own surprised little gasp as Z had scooped her up. Her legs wrapped around his thighs and a loud, whimpery cry spilled out as she felt his hard thick cock impaling her once more. The combination of his cock plunging in and out of her and Lisa's warm tongue lapping over her caused her body to go completely rigid in his arms. Her hips rocked and rolled with his, shoving down hard with each of his thrusts in allowing her to grind herself onto his cock and Lisa's gorgeous little face. Strong shudders of extreme pleasure crashed through her and she screamed out as an earth-shaking orgasm crashed through her small body without any warning. Her already tight walls clamped down hard, squeezing at his cock as she came. "Fuckkk! Oh, my godsss! Zuriel... Lisa... FUCKKK!

Zuriel felt Kat cumming all over his cock and with a wicked smile on his lips, still holding her yummy little body, he drifted to the side and rolled to his back, all the while carrying Kat like she weighed next to nothing in his arms. He pushed her against his dick and just let her stay on it as much as she needed to ride her orgasm out, but his love needed some attention after making Kat cum on his fat length. Reaching over, he grabbed his baby and pulled Lisa right over his face, not hesitating at all when he lifted his girl and shoved his tongue straight up between pink folds greeting him with a dribble of honey onto his probing tongue. Grabbing Lisa's hips to hold her right in place, he licked, sucked, and slurped her lips, toying with her clit between slow and deep strokes of his tongue's length drifting inside her pink pussy. And all the while he lifted, bucked, and rocked his hips into Kat's pussy--or at the very least, he gave her something to simply grind against if the orgasm was too intense. The one thing both ladies might have noticed was how swollen, fat, and red as hell his cock was. He was so ready to cum, but doing everything in his power to just hold back, really waning to make this last all night. But even he had his limits and his shaft started leaking dribbles of juices from his cock slit. Panting against his loves cunny, lapping hungrily at her clit, he bounced and rolled Kat on his hips to ride out the rest of her orgasm any way she liked.

Lisa heard Kat's cries as she came and as the cum gush fourth, she lapped up every drop that spilled out from around Zuriel's cock, still diving inside of Kat's quaking, trembling cunt. Suddenly both bodies lifted from view and Zuriel flipped Kat around to his lap, laying his back on the floor. Lisa watched and as his hands lifted under her ass, dragging her hips over his own face this time, she grinned and lowered herself down to his waiting tongue. My god, he was so talented with that tongue. Lisa couldn't hold still and it licked and probed, teasing along her lips and then diving inside her aching pussy. Her eyes parted through her haze of lust and she watched Kat bounding against his cock, still riding out her climax. Lisa lay flat over Z's body and nestled her head back between Kat's legs, once more licking the juncture where her friend's cunt swallowed her love's cock, lapping up the cum that still trickled from her snatch over his shaft. "Mmm.. So fucking good. I could eat you all day."

Kat whimpered as she felt him pulling his cock away from her and once again repositioning the pile of bodies, moaning as he placed her back on his cock. Her body was still trembling as she tried to recover from her orgasm, but she still couldn't help rocking slowly against his throbbing cock, loving the feel of it pulsing against her quivering walls. Her head fell back and she cried out as Lisa's head fell back down between her legs. One lap of that skilled tongue sent her over the edge and once more she came, flooding Z's cock, feeling it seeping around him.

Zuriel purred as he lapped and sucked his love's pussy, but he was not about to forget using her, too. With a roll of his hips, he had to say the lame line, "Come on, Kat. Let me clean you off a seat." Wiping his chin before he looked to his baby girl, he smiled. "You... Get down there and ride it. I wanna cum inside you for being so fucking good to me this Christmas." He could hardly contain himself and the moment Kat moved, he grabbed her ass and literally pulled her right down over his face. Once she was seated, he just jammed his tongue right inside her cum-glazed lips and waited for his love to sit down on his cock, waiting for them both to see each other directly (as long as he could, anyway) with his hand grabbing Lisa by the hip to pull her down onto his fat shaft. His love slid down his cock and seated herself tightly on his tip, and a little spurt of precum melted inside Lisa's pussy as he shuddered under the beautiful curves of both women. He lifted his head, pushing his tongue in a rise and fall of Kat lifting on her knees from the pressure of him pushing his tongue inside her pussy, tasting her with a purring glee tracing his tongue's length. Lisa could feel his dick swelling, the glans growing hotter as he pushed her down and then smacked her ass to make her ride his cock. Nails clasped her thigh as the edge started rising, building with his balls drawing tighter under his body.

Lisa didn't have to be told twice. She slipped her leg over Z's head and crawled to his feet, sliding over his legs with a brush of her hot, dripping pussy grazing along his thighs until she brushing against his pulsing, throbbing cock. Unable to help herself, she slid until it was pressed against her nether lips, grinding against it with a tease as she watched Kat lowering herself down over his lips. With a wicked grin, Lisa lifted and placed her entrance right at the tip of his cock, letting it just barely nestle inside of her folds. Through with teasing, Zuriel grabbed Lisa's hips and yanked her down, impaling her on his stick until her clit smacked against his pelvis. Her head flew back and she let out a cry, her hands on his chest raking nails over his flesh in the pleasure of finally being filled by his shaft. "Oh, fuck, Z!" Her hips rocked in a side-to-side motion, feeling him moving around inside of her, stretching her walls as they tightened and clung to him like a second skin. Soon she started bouncing, rising and falling on her knees, pumping in little bursts to force him into her quivering snatch until the roiling build of climax started swirling inside her belly. Lisa leaned forward, wrapping a hand around the back of Kat's head and pulled her in, kissing her deeply as she rode Zuriel's tongue, both of them whimpering and moaning into one another's mouths.

Kat quickly settled herself down onto Z's face and her body shuddered at the first feel of his tongue against her. She watched intently as his cock sunk deep into Lisa before finally kissing Lisa hard, moaning instantly as she tasted herself on Lisa's lips. Her hips rolled and rocked down slowly, jumping with each probe of his tongue into her hypersensitive pussy. She could feel the walls spasming over and over as she sucked at Lisa's tongue, probing it with her own. Her own hands moving to wrap firmly in Lisa's hair only to give a hard tug to break the kiss and looked deep into her closest friend's eyes, whispering, "Ride his cock, babydoll. Show me just how he likes it. Cum all over that hard throbbing cock just like I did."

Zuriel just could not hold back any longer. His love trying to tease him was met with his hands grabbing her hips and just jamming her down on his dick. She and Kat had been wearing these so-fucking-yummy, skin-tight, barely-there denim outfits all fucking day and his cock was about to explode like a fucking balloon. He couldn't wait any more. Nothing else would satisfy him like both of these gorgeous ladies on him, riding him like he was a fucking sex toy. Bucking up firmly to bounce Lisa on his lap, showing Kat precisely what he meant about her having a bouncy butt, he used Lisa as his show girl for the demo. He was too far gone, and Kat could feel it with his head rocking up tighter under her ass. Even using one arm behind his head for leverage didn't stop him from probing her juicy slit with his tongue like a little pink cock slithering back and forth through Kat's walls. Making them stare each other in the face, he became the pivot point for them both to savor his rushing need swelling through his hot cock growing so tight it felt like it would literally burst apart in a hail of cum. And within minutes of making Lisa ride him harder even if she didn't want to, he felt himself arching under them both like a trapped stud horse being milked for his prize seed. There was no warning other than his gasping grunts escaping from between Kat's thighs as his dick erupted, spraying Lisa full of his cum in a rush so voluminous that it leaked from her blushing pink lips and gushed down the base of his cock, dripping from his balls in strings of gooey white oozing out of his babydoll. His hand clutched Kat's thigh and the other held Lisa by the hand as he bucked, shivered, and trembled out his thick orgasm in a rush, panting between Kat's legs without once pulling his tongue behind his lips.

Lisa heard Kat's words and her eyes closed while she moaned in utter fucking lust. Her hips were rocking, bouncing, jouncing in Zuriel's lap as he bucked underneath her, slamming into her cunt like a man who had lost all control. She felt him growing, swelling inside her, and even through the muffle of Kat's snatch filling his mouth, she heard him growling out his climax, felt him swell to the point it almost painfully spread her muscles around his girth, and as the sudden flood of cum shot within her womb, she gasped and went rigid, her nails biting into his hand around hers and her other clasping her breast as she gasped and gasped, letting out a wail of pleasure that echoed through the room. "Ohhhh fuck, yes!! God, god, yes!!!" Her walls clamped his jetting cock, miking every last drop, and her own juices flooded his lap with her nectar. Lisa nearly collapsed in exhaustion as she came down from her climax, dropping over Z's body to rest her head against Kat's chest. Panting for air, she purred out, smiling, "That was totally worth the wait..."

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