Jay Gets Even by Using Alesh


Jay comes back home to find Susi locked in the stocks dripping Zuriel's cum from her ass. Furious, he wanders the grounds to blow off some steam and there he finds Aleshanee. Deciding to get his revenge, he stalks up to her...

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Jay Gets Even by Using Alesh

Jaidyn walked up to Alesh standing there in the yard. "Well, well... Look at what we have here."

Alesh looked at the burly man politely but with a look of slight confusion on her face, though his gaze unnerved her, so she dropped her eyes right to the ground at his feet. "I'm sorry Master, but... Who are you?"

Jaidyn shrugged and stepped closer, letting his golden eyes travel up and down the girl's frame. "I'm the one your owner warned you about. The badass of the ball. And you must be..." He inhaled, lifting his nose to get her scent. "...Alesh, it seems. You got Zuriel and Vixxen's stink all over you."

Alesh flushed deeply that he could know so much just by a sniff. Not that she wasn't proud to be the pet of her Master and Mistress, but who... Ohhh... This was the man they'd warned her about. Sudden recognition drew fear into her golden eyes--ones eerily similar to his own--and she swallowed hard, her jaw trembling. "Y-yes Master. You are correct. Is there...something I can do for you? Get you a drink or something?"

Jaidyn lifted a pierced brow, the smile on his lips still there at hearing such a silly question about a drink. He stepped in very close and lifted his fingers to Alesh, suddenly pinching her nipple through the flimsy fabric she wore. "Hmm, I might be able to take a drink...of you," he said, letting the idea sink into her head while he toyed with that bud trapped between his fingers.

Alesh's eyes were wide as he stepped in closer. Alarms were going off in her head and her every instinct told her to bolt, to run and hide, but her nature and her conditioning kept her in place. She was not to deny a man her use--Gor had taught her that and she'd learned her lesson well. Still, when his fingers trapped her rosebud between the flimsy material of her garb, she flinched and stepped back a bit. "Master, I'm not so sure that my owners would consent to your using me. They expressed that I am for their use only." He'd said something about taking a drink of her, so she'd assumed he meant... Alesh flushed again at the idea of his drinking from between her legs, and though the idea did stir her arousal some, she suddenly felt shamed at having thoughts of someone other than her owners using her.

Jaidyn growled at those words. Something she just said seemed to piss him off, so he reached up with a strong hand and gripped both her jewelry and clothing. A hard jerk snapped necklaces and stripped flimsy cloth free of her body to be gathered in a bundle he held in his fist. "About that... Your Master deemed it prudent to leave my girl in a pillory all damn day with cum dripping out of her ass..." His hand tossed the clothing and beads aside before reaching in to snatch Alesh by the hair, tugging her body against his before continuing with her face inches from his own, "So I figured I would return the favor for mistreating my girl with your tanned caramel ass."

 Alesh jumped with a startled cry. Silk shredded from around her and beads clattered to the grass, leaving her naked and exposed to his leering, angry gaze. Alesh had no idea what he was talking about...his girl...but she had nothing to do with what ever had happened. "No! You can't! I told you I'm off limits. My Master will be furious!" Against all her training and conditioning, something told Alesh this man was dangerous and her mind screamed at her to get away at all costs. Balling her hands into fists, she beat at his arms and chest as he dragged her against his big frame, her small feet kicking at his legs, fighting with all her strength to break out of his grip. "No! No! Let me go!"

Jaidyn snarled but somehow still managed a dangerous smile, teeth showing as he pulled that body tight to his so that her little balled fists did hardly anything but beat against him. But even that brute pain still seemed to give him more strength. He jerked the fighting girl in his grasp closer so that his free hand could dip between her thighs and cup her pussy. Jay hitched his hand firmly in her hair to hold on, jerking back to bend her over in a hard arch of her spine that gave him moments to bite at her breast with his teeth glancing off her skin in a sharp tingle from fangs skidding over her flesh. "I don't see you getting out of this... Do you?"

It was like his hands were everywhere on her body...cupping her pussy, mauling her breasts, pulling at her hair to yank her head back. And then his mouth was at the soft, dark skin at her chest, teeth grazing and biting and... Alesh gasped with a cry, jerking in his arms. "Ow! What..?" Her hands braced on his chest to hold him off and she looked at him in a mix of shock and fear and confusion at what she'd felt at her breast. He simply smirked at her with that wicked grin, his hand still moving over her ass around her hip to her pussy, teasing between the lips...and again Alesh blushed when she felt how wet she was against his fingers there. Suddenly her fear kicked back into full gear. She slapped and kicked beating her hands against his chest, and when he only grinned at her more, her arm reared back and swung full force against his cheek, the metal adoring her wrist leaving a deep, angry red gash across the flesh there. Once she saw what she'd done, her eyes grew so wide they seemed to take up half her face, and her mouth hung open in shock at her own brazenness, but it was too late to take back. "Oh..."

Jaidyn actually hissed in pain, pulling back without letting go of her hair at all, but his golden eyes closed as the hurt washed through him from his cheek being gashed open. He let the gravity of her situation settle in as she watched him turn his face right at her stunned expression, his eyes opening as the gash on his cheek grew puffy and redder. But the skin soon latched in strings of flesh to the other side of the cut and with only moments passing, the wound closed right before Alesh's eyes. Within seconds his face looked as it had before she'd cut him. Suddenly whipping her around, both hands gripped her tits in a tight squeeze. "Nnnmmm... Z's got a little cunt who likes it rough, I see..." The growl edging his words rumbled so close that she could feel the tone against her back as both breasts were mashed hard in his big hands.

Alesh almost got excited when she saw that she'd hurt him some. But to her astonishment, though he winced in pain, the wound closed right before her very eyes! Her mouth worked as though she would deny what she witnessed, but nothing came out. Her jaw just bobbed and the stunned expression remained on her face as he suddenly gripped her harder and whipped her smaller frame around, pressing her ass against his crotch with his hands grasping and mauling her breasts savagely. Like she was stuck--unable to get any other words out--Alesh just kept repeating her disbelief, "What? What? What?" The words drifted away into whimpers and cries as she continued to struggle, feet kicking, elbows jabbing, her head reeling back to connect with his face, but nothing she did relinquished his grip on her. His deep voice rumbled against her back and she nearly lost control of her bladder in her fear. Shaking like a leaf in his grip, she mewled again, her stomach tensing into a ball of terror.

Jaidyn almost purred even with her struggling. One hand snapped up and grabbed her dainty throat as the other dropped and slid behind her ass to let her feel him opening his pants. By the time she realized what was going on, his cock was hot and hard, laying in the crack of her cute little ass that she was wriggling to get loose like a madwoman. "Looks like this pussy only understands absolute power." His hands snapped away, snatching hold of both of her wrists. He let her take a step away from him, but then the hold on her small arms locked tight and then she truly understood what he was doing in letting her take that step away in her fighting. The head of his cock danced, bobbed, and brushed against her inner thighs from the way he was holding onto her, preventing her escape. Her own struggles were the fuel that got him riled as his dick bounced, bopped, and at the last instant, pushed right against the juicy lips of that cunt already blushing in arousal. He didn't even move. He simply stood there with her wrists clamped in his hands so that the next time she started wriggling her ass, the tip of his cock pushed right inside from her own squirming. Once inside of her, he tensed his arms tighter to pull her back onto him a precious few inches. "Guess I'll have to fuck you stupid to make you shut up and suck the cum from my balls later."

Alesh froze with his hand around her throat, the pressure making it harder to swallow. She knew it would be nothing for this man to just squeeze and she would be out cold...or dead. Still, the sound of his zipper sliding open was like nails clawing at her belly and she shook even harder against him. Alesh didn't know this man, didn't want this man, and feared him greatly. All she wanted was to get away unharmed but his grip was too tight. He was far too big, too strong, and she was despondent that escape was impossible. Alesh let out a squeal as she started to slip to the ground when his hand let her go, but her arms were suddenly snatched up and back, her shoulders wrenching painfully in her their sockets. "Ahh!" Her feet stumbled to catch her balance and try to ease the pressure on her arms, but she felt his cock teasing between her folds and her struggles began anew. "No no no!!! You can't! She froze, hooping to dissuade him, and she felt the pressure of his cock head against her slick entrance. 'Maybe he's changed his mind..?' she thought to herself. But he didn't move and the adrenaline jolted through her system. Alesh jerked and struggled again, and it was her own undoing. When she wrenched away, the grip he had on her arms simply jerked her back again and the force of her own body impaled her cunt on his cock. The thick, hard meat slammed into her pussy and Alesh gasped in as much shock as pleasure at the feel of it. Her own Master had not yet fucked her pussy and it had been so, so long for her already that she couldn't help but love the feel of her cunt being stretched open around the heat of his shaft. Despite herself, she groaned, "Uunngghh..."

Jaidyn shuddered feeling that cunt open up around his cock, the tight but yielding stretch of her walls welcoming him in a wet glitch of juices being squished from his dick entering that fresh, unabused pussy so hard that she already seemed to enjoy it without much prodding. "Ohhh damn bitch... Uhhh... I can tell he's been keeping you as an ass toy, huh? Master hasn't fucked this cunt yet, has he?" Maybe it was the idea that he was stealing something back from Zuriel that turned him on even more. Or it could have been the fact Alesh had not had a dick inside her cunt since she was collared; he was the first of the pack to deflower her, and that idea alone made his hand unlatch from her wrist to grab her long flowing hair in a tight clamp of his fingers. There was no teasing. This little whore needed it and he knew it just from seating that dick inside her tunnel with her own struggles being her undoing. A curling lift of his lip at the corner showed his glinting fang the instant he bucked and started drilling that little hole without a single shred of remorse. "Apparently your Master doesn't know what his little slut is good for if he never uses this cunt." He had hardly begun, but this pussy was so fucking wet already that it slushed when he stuffed his dick inside with his balls smacking off her cute little clit ring in time with the hungry shoves stretching her hole open with fat cock.

It was like a switch was flipped in her head. Whether it was the training of a slave girl or just that she was a slut that loved to be fucked, she suddenly felt like everything else was wiped from her mind. Alesh groaned over and over again at the massive piece of meat being stuffed inside her cunt and spreading her walls open in sucking-slurping-sloshing plunges smacking against her ass. Though he still held her arms pinned behind her, all her struggles ceased. Her unused cunt was so tight, so hungry for cock, that once he was inside of her, she lost all desire to escape, only wanting more of him. Alesh blushed at his mocking her for being an ass slut, but she didn't care. He could say anything he wanted, mock her how he wished. So long as he kept fucking her the way he was, she didn't care about anything else. Her bare feet danced in the grass, trying to keep her balance as he raped her hard and fast, taking his dick all the way to the hilt and drawing it back again, even pulling the tip out to slam it back inside her tiny little entrance just to make her open for him once more. And through it all Alesh moaned and whimpered and gasped in pleasure, her cunt spilling out her lube in her heat.

Jaidyn couldn't help but marvel at so much juice dribbling from such a pristine little snatch. She really had not been fucked right for weeks, it seemed, and Z was wasting his time, in Jay's eyes, instead of enjoying this tightness that he had wrapped around his hard rod. "Master's little ass slut getting her cunt fucked... Don't worry, whore. I plan on fucking your ass at some point, too." He was fucking livid and horny. This little bitch was so succulent and sweet that she was fucking leaking out her honey hole down his balls and flooding the front of his pants with slippery wetness slushing from that pussy. His hands slipped to grab her by the wrists once more, but she soon felt him bending her over so that she was only kept on her feet by the lock of his strong hands holding her arms. His booted foot kicked her legs apart in a wider stance, making her struggle to stay on her feet from the powerful slams of swollen beef stroking her fresh cunny. He was making a little game of her ass bouncing with the thrusts of his hips pumping her so deep that he jerked out of her slit just so he could cram it back in with every stroke blazing her nerves to life. "God, you are one wet little bitch right now. No more fighting, sweetie? You want Jay to stop now?" Just to make his point--and to see how she reacted--he pulled out and left his dripping cock barely an inch from her cunt. "Since you were screaming for me to stop before, maybe I should just leave you here now..." Grinning wickedly, he bounced his hips and cock-slapped her clit ring and puffy lips in one hefty thwack of wet meat.

Alesh could keenly feel every draw and pull with her cunt clinging to his shaft, her lube making it slide easily, but no less tight for it, especially as they clenched with her arousal fluttering in her loins. Even the thought of what was happening made her pussy clamp down around him again. The taboo idea that this wicked, strange man was fucking her snatch even before her own Master did made her gasp and her head spin. The feel of his heavy balls slap-slap-slapped against her clit, banging into the ring threaded through it, and she cried out with each smack, little sparking jolts of pleasure shooting through her veins with every touch. He was driving her absolutely crazy, so when he pulled out and kept his cock just tapping and teasing between her legs, touching her nethers but not pushing back in, she started to panic again, her head lifting and turning to look at him over her shoulder to see what the problem was. He leaned over her body to look back at her and she saw the evil smirk on his face as he teased her that he would just leave her there unsatisfied...brought to the brink just to be left hanging with need. Her eyes went wide and her head shook in denial. "No! Oh please, no Master! Don't stop! Fuck me more. I need your cock spreading me open and fucking me hard." Her hips swayed and she stepped back, trying to aim his cock back against her entrance to see if she could coax him in again, but he kept pulling away only to tease it back between her folds to torment her more. Alesh whimpered and closed her eyes, "Pleeease fuck me more, Master!"

Jaidyn had been playing bounce-the-sexy-ass on his dick, but with hearing her begging him like that the sneer on his lips grew even more wicked. He stuffed his dick inside deep enough to lift her on bare toes, but then jerked out just as quickly to leave her empty with his tip prodding at her clit from behind. "Nnn... I didn't hear that loud enough, whore." Jay suddenly slammed his cock to the hilt inside her aching pussy, slushing in tight with a gritted wince on his face from teasing both himself and her at the same time. "Dumb little whore cuts me and expects more... You better say you're sorry and keep begging for my dick, bitch," he said, adding insult to the heat. He stuffed his prick balls-deep inside her cunt again, but then teased her once more by pulling out just as fast, the head of his fat shaft dancing between her legs but never driving in even when she tried to put him in herself with those writhing hips. Out of nowhere he crammed his dick in hard and smacked her ass open-palmed hard enough to leave a dark mark in the shape of his hand on her skin. "You knew you were good for nothing but a ruthless fuck. Now convince me to slam this pretty little pussy to make you scream."

Alesh knew what she was. She'd been nothing but a pleasure slave on Gor, and now here she was a pleasure slave to a new Master and Mistress. But still...to hear him say she was good for nothing but a ruthless fuck somehow shamed her even more and her head hung from her bent body as she sobbed softly, her shoulders bobbing in his grip on her arms. She was almost ready to beg him to let her go again, especially now that his cock was out of her and not making her moan like a whore, but then he slammed it back inside without warning and she lifted her head to cry out at the pain and pleasure of it racing through her body. "Ah! God..." Demanding an apology from her, and rightly so, he withdrew again and she sobbed even harder, wanting it back again. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry Master. Please forgive me. I should never have struck you. Please, please just fuck me again. I need your cock back inside me. Please Master!" Her ass gyrated with her pleas, brushing over and against him, feeling it there teasing her, then he shoved it back in until his hips connected with her ass only to slip it back out just as abruptly and she cried out again, "PLEASE MASTER! FUCK ME MORE!" Her cunt was absolutely dripping now she was so hot, the musky liquid leaving glistening trails shimmering along her inner thighs. "Please, please, please, I'm so sorry! Just please fuck me more!!"

Jaidyn slowly pulled the little whining girl around to face him, lifting her leg into the crook of his arm as the head of his dick danced and ground against her juicy slit. "Mmmm... I don't believe you're really sorry yet." Smirking as he bent down, he kissed her tits while he stroked the tip of that dick right against her utterly slippery pussy. His other arm wrapped around her body to hold her tight to his chest, still teasing her with grinding strokes of his cock gliding against her lips with nothing but the maddening sensations tormenting her poor, fresh cunt. Holding her like this, he could force her to stare at his eyes--golden orbs glimmering back at her while that tip played along her slit without any sign of sliding inside. He held off on purpose, waiting for her dainty lips to start flying with more words of apology and begging, holding back in a tight glide of his prick pressing against her lips without ever dipping between them. But the very second a sound--even if it was not a word--came from her lips, he hefted her leg clutched in his arm and speared her cunt right down on his fat shaft, stretching her pussy open once again. Now she had to watch his impassioned face as he fucked her, using her body for nothing but pleasure and drawing out her cries for the sheer delight of hearing her stammer and trying to speak when he stuffed his cock back inside her cunt, holding her like a trophy being split open with the hungry shoves of thick meat tearing her apart. "Nnngh...tight...and so fucking wet!"

Alesh found her heart in her throat when he turned her to face him, not even fighting when he slipped her leg over his arm to spread her cunt to him openly. Even as the head of his cock teased between her folds, spreading her honey messily everywhere between her legs and over his shaft again, she looked up at him as he spoke. Looking into his golden eyes was like staring into the eyes of the devil and her heart raced, her limbs quaked in his grip, and her stomach flip-flopped in her belly. Alesh felt like she couldn't breath as he accused her with those eyes staring at her despite his grin. That smile wasn't a friendly smile. It was one of wicked deeds and evil desires and she was the object of their lust right now. But underlying her fears was the aching need to still be fucked, to be brought to climax, to feel his cock inside her again. It was still slipping against her folds, probing her entrance but not dipping inside, and despite her fear she wanted it again. Her lips parted to apologize once more, to beg him not to stop, but as soon as she drew a breath and made even one sound, his hips hitched and she was crammed full of his meat again. Alesh's leg clenched around his arm, her head fell back, and her fingers dug into his arms and shoulders as she let out a groan, her cunt spasming around his shaft at the renewed invasion. Her eyes flickered back open and saw his golden gaze staring at her face. Entranced, she locked onto them as he fucked her cunt with renewed vigor.

Jaidyn did more than fuck that pretty pussy. He started assaulting it with his hips jarring hard, making her leg in his grip bounce as she fought to stay standing on her toes with this new man violating her in every way possible. She had long since forgotten her Master, begging him to fuck her cunt so she could finally cum from being full of cock. His nails on her back clutched hard enough to leave marks in her skin while he beat her pussy up with his thick length ramming her open. Holding her leg over his arm made her juices trickle down the front of his pants even more, totally soaking the leather in a sheen of girl honey down the front and it only made the leather he wore smack louder against her skin. Pebbled nipples scraped and rasped over his chiseled chest while his eyes watched hers explicitly with his dick spurring her to new heights from finally having her cunt used like it needed to be. After today her Master would no longer make the mistake of making her wait. He would fuck her right or Jay would take her for his own and make that bitchy mouth work every time she tried to open it. Heavy balls slapped, plastering against her ass from the amount of honey she had already leaked onto those tightening globes as they swung in time with his rabid thrusts. Watching her face, his mouth spilled open, "Look at me, you little whimpering whore. You want to cum on my dick already... Being teased just made it even fucking hotter. You feel like hot oil, slippery slut..." The top of his shaft ground right over the bottom of her clit each time he slammed it home, grunting as he stared back in her eyes that were so much like his own, heaving into her so that those big, juicy girl-juice covered balls smacked loudly between her cheeks and popped against her normally used asshole.

Alesh was lost in a haze of lust and pleasure. Her mind was clouded, swirling in fog. The only beacon of light in the mist was his cock penetrating her aching cunt. There was nothing else in the world at the moment. Alesh's eyes fluttered closed for only seconds when his balls clapped against her pierced clit, the feeling so sweet that she couldn't stop herself. But she opened them immediately again to get lost in that wicked stare, his gaze both terrifying her and exciting her beyond comprehension. Pain sparked at her back, the scrape of sharp nails dragging into her flesh drawing her mind from the fog for a breath, then it melted into the symphony of pleasure-pain sensations wracking her body. His thick cock split her open, spreading her lips and walls around his girth, stretching her open more than she'd been in years, and the pain was the most exquisite feeling she could remember. His hips pumped harder, faster, and her cunt sloshed around it--squish-squish-squish--wetly splashing her honey everywhere. Alesh had no shame about it. She loved how wet and aroused she became, and it made his cock glide so quickly and easily inside of her that he was nearly slamming her off the end of it he was fucking her so hard now. Breathing in almost a whisper, she encouraged him, "Fuck yes, more... Please...fuck me more, Master. Use me as you desire. I love it!"

Jaidyn didn't need to hold her captive any longer. It was obvious she was going nowhere with having her pussy so full, and she was gushing without even having cum yet. She was so damn wet, and he just could not get enough of that about her. He gave Z at least one iota of credit: at least he knew how to train a bitch hard core enough that when you shoved a dick inside her, she became a juicy fucking wreck. Like performing a magic trick, the hard slam of his cock rammed in to the base, but instead of backstroking, his hips flowed through and used the momentum to pull her dainty toes from the grass. It was like his cock levered her into the air before his steely fingers locked under her thighs and held her like a bondage rack all on his own. Had she not grabbed his neck, Alesh would have realized that he was so fucking turned on he would have stuffed her raw like an upside down wheelbarrow, but the lift of his cock was so true that it bucked her against his chest leaving her to those impulses. Panting right to her face while the hold he had on her legs added to the recoil of his bucking body, she could do nothing except hold on and take it or try to match his powerful thrusts. Jay growled right at her face, "Say 'Master, can I cum' or I... I'll leave you here." The plunge of fat dick stole her breath and made him quake from the tight hold of that gloriously wet, juicy pussy slurping at his cock. His words huffed between those frantic shoves bouncing her ass madly, "Jack off on your face...and walk away. Make you crawl to me to suck your cum off my dick..."

Alesh let out a squeal of surprise when he hefted her from the ground with his cock buried inside of her cunt, like he was using a broom handle to lift a towel from the floor. His hands slipped under her thighs to hold her in place, but she wrapped her hands around the back his neck to keep herself upright and she used her long, lean legs to work both with him and against him. The muscles flexed to draw herself up, letting them go slack to drop back down onto his pistoninig cock, working to fuck him as much as he was fucking her. Alesh's breaths came in short, bursting gasps, her own body weight dropping her core down onto him even harder and deeper than he could ever get with her on her feet. She bounced so hard that her slick, wet cunt lips brushed over his belly, leaving it as slick and wet as her nethers were, and every time she lifted and fell against him, her clit brushed over that slippery, tight stomach. Delicious little jolts and chills swept through her with each brush and she started whimpering harder, feeling her climax starting to boil inside her loins. His words somehow penetrated the fog in her mind and she jerked her head up to look at him again, panic-stricken, "No! Oh no, no, please no... Don't leave me, Master! Please let me cum! I'm begging you! Please can I cum, Master?" The last words came out in a panicked whine, the fear of him getting her to this point to leave her unfulfilled terrifying her.

Jaidyn decided not to give her a choice, even if she'd begged so fucking sweetly--saccharin as honey and just as sticky. He dropped to his knees with another huff of breath and his arms lifted and clamped over her biceps, throwing her body down as he followed in a crash of weight shoving his cock in hard enough to make it hurt so damn good. Holding her down like a wolf pinning a scared little fawn, the heat of it all just seared through him. He had yet to speak amid the growling inhales and the huffing exhales, like some train barreling down the tracks. Hot, damp flesh slapped and smacked against her clit with the rise in speed breaking her down to the grass. With her arms clamped, the only freedom her body had was to writhe and wriggle under him from the waist down, leaving nothing to embrace him with except that cunt and those delicious legs being pounded apart. Then the weight of him slammed down, pinning her ass to leave just her legs able to squirm around the beastly shoves of his primal hunger swelling inside that juicy hole. He barely managed to whisper hoarsely into a rumble, "Cum for me..." No longer waiting to make her cunt sing, he rutted harder with the animal inside claiming her little cunt for every inch it was worth and every suckle it milked along his fat dick. With a tremble in his pulling hips, a little squirt of liquid heat sizzled her senses, bringing his back to an arch. Jay bit his lower lip just to hold it a little while longer. He wanted to stay inside this one. She felt like liquid gold around his cock and he just wanted her to glaze him so hard with her honey that she blew him out of her cunt. "Gnnhhaaaa!"

Alesh gasped softly in surprise as he dropped suddenly to his knees. But he held her fast, not letting her fall, and she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist until her back settled to the ground with a thud. Before the grass even warmed under her back he was crawling over her, pinning her arms down to the ground with his weight baring down against her hips with his cock still stirring her womb like a butter churn. The ground braced her body and gave him leverage to move. His pumping, humping hips slammed into her even harder than before, battering her cunt like he was plowing her into the ground, making her juicy snatch slosh and splash and squelch around his shaft. Alesh closed her eyes and lifted her legs--the only thing she could move--to wrap around his thighs, his ass, his back.
 Up and down his body they moved, clasping, unclasping, squeezing him tighter against her and trapping him with his cock inside only to fly open into the air and spread herself wide to let him rise and fall against her at will. She was going crazy...her climax clawing at her belly and her mind, needing to come out, threatening to tear her apart from the inside out if it didn't get released. And then those coveted words fell from his lips to her ears and her back arched, her hips rising to meet him with her legs cinched like a vice around his ass. Her whole body shook and her cunt clenched and gripped and clenched again around his thick, swollen shaft. Alesh wailed, her eyes rolling back into her head, and her cum gushed and gushed, pouring fourth over his shaft and soaking his leather pants. Her fingers dug at the grass and dirt under her hands and she cried out again as his pumping, driving cock rode through her climax, drawing it out forever. "AHHH FUCK YES!!! Thank you... Thank you, Master, for letting me cummmahhhhh!!!"

Jaidyn did not want to miss a single sensation. Those walls suckled and tugged at his cock so keenly he was shaking like a mother fucker. Even with her building under him, his balls were already a tight, tapping sac that was breaking into wild Morse code with her first gush rushing out past his balls. "F-fffffuccckkkaaaaahhh! Holy...shit...shit... Uhhhh!" He was still pinning that pussy to the grass, his hands clutching her arms to not let her escape one second of his shortened strokes suddenly blazing through her fluttering muscles. The shorter thrusts milked him from base to tip so fucking good while she came that his own edge just blew over. Literally fucking her cunt through the vacuum suction, she took his load deep until her strong contractions forced her juices and his cum back out in a slurpy white froth. Humping her hot gooey cunt in short bursts brought every contraction she had flowing through the length of his dick as he crammed it in tight. Every flutter coursed over his swollen shaft so tightly that it throbbed during each contraction, letting them both feel their heartbeats in their loins. "Hfff...hff...hnnn..."

Alesh's orgasm dragged on and on through the brutal fucking he delivered. Her honey spilled fourth, coating his cock even through her clenching walls and she could feel the delicious swelling of his shaft as his thrusts got shorter and quicker, building up to his own climax that she drew from him. Her legs clenched tighter around his hips with those shorter thrusts, drawing herself up to meet each one until he roared into her ear with his face at her neck. His hands clamped down tighter around her arms and she winced, but her hips still jerked in reflex of her own dwindling climax, thrashing her pussy over his pulsing cock as she milked the cum right from his heavy balls. "Nnggghhh fuck!" Alesh couldn't move she was pinned so firmly to the ground, but she looked right up into his golden eyes with her own as a second climax slammed through her without warning. She jerked and spasmed under his weight as his cock poured cum into her womb, panting as she tried to gain a breath, feeling his thick, hot cum spilling from her slit down her ass to the ground beneath her.

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