Zuriel Rapes Susi


Sometimes our role plays come at a whim depending on which character one or both of us logs onto at a given time. This one was spontaneous between Susi and Zuriel. I just happened to be on Susi working on past role play edits when he'd logged on and he decided it would be fun for Z to rape her as a way to mock Jaidyn. I'm thinking Z has future ideas in his head that will come about as a result of this role play that he's hinted at but not completely filled me in on. I have a feeling that, despite his warning to me that he'll kill Jay (yes, his own alt) if he ever touches Vixxen, Jay may at the very least seek revenge by abusing Zuriel's pet, Aleshanee. Either way, it's going to be wicked fun when we come to that point.

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Zuriel Rapes Susi

Zuriel strolled from the cabin quietly, letting the doors close behind him before walking out into the yard. He hadn't expected to see what he did, lifting a brow before grinning. Softly he stalked up behind the petite female standing in front of his home almost like she was lost, but not really. Making sure his chest bumped her back, he leaned down to inhale her scent just along the side of her neck. "Mmm, well this is a treat."

Susi jumped and turned, startled by the deep voice purring behind her. "Jesus, dude! You scared the wits out of me. Don't go sneakin' up on people like that." She kept on muttering, something about shitting pants and heart attacks as she fidgeted with the thick collar on her neck, looking around almost nervously.

Zuriel smirked as she turned all excited, loving th way she jumped more than anything. Well...maybe more than anything. If nothing else, it was cute seeing her distressed and muttering. He bit his lower lip and openly looked her up and down, even stepping back just to see her from head to pretty toes. "Heh. My apologies. I just couldn't resist."

Susi lifted her hand from her neck and dropped it to her hip with a slap of exasperation, then her face softened as she looked up at you grinning back at her. "Is there something I can do for you? I was waiting for Jaidyn to come home, but he seems to be off running the night again, and I've no idea where Darina is. I'm pretty sure she dislikes me, anyhow, so I try to avoid her if I can." Susi fidgeted more, picking at the hem of her shorts as if she was nervous just being around you. The spunky little punk seemed to have been cowed some by Jay, not surprisingly.

Zuriel ticked his tongue hearing her concerns. With a lean he inhaled her scent once more. It wasn't that his beta's smell was all over her that got him--it was the scent of fear dying down a little that he enjoyed. Not to mention, she was just too tasty standing around looking like that. So when she was asked what he wanted, he held up a finger then started unbuttoning his shirt, slipping it from his shoulders before folding it and handing it to her. "Here. Take this a moment. No, no...hold it with both hands in front of you." He lifted his own hands and posed her just right, then his arm dropped, but only so he could slide it over that supple ass with a squeeze to her cheek. "Hmmm. Now turn around and march." He nodded towards the edge of the property, where a particular stone table still sat.

Susi scrunched up her face at him--not at the sniffing; that seemed to be a common thing to do around here...weird dudes--but at his handing her his shirt. "What the hell am I supposed to do with this? Your laundry?" A comical look of surprise came over her as he spun her around, like she'd just been goosed in the butt, and her eyes followed where he was nodding in direction. Squinting, she spied a stone altar in the distance by the sea. Susi turned to look at him over her shoulder like he was nuts, her arms starting to shake holding his shirt out in front of her as he instructed, but she shrugged and started marching across the lawn, the cheeks of her ass peeking out from under the short shorts swaying prettily with each step.

Zuriel chuckled to himself. This one had been really broken to just do as she was told by a male. He could appreciate that Jay had a handle on his girls this explicitly, but he was about to do something typically only Jay would have done. He followed in step behind her, watching that little booty swaying as she walked, following his instructions to the stone altar. He wondered if she found something familiar about this spot, especially when he stepped up and knocked his shirt from her hands. His fingers searched out and locked tight in her colorful hair, pushing the petite beauty against the rough granite of the altar, then bending her over to shove at her head from behind. Holding her body down as he swept in, he ground himself into that yummy ass. "Laundry? No. Making you carry my shirt out here was a way of keeping your hands busy."

Susi scowled at being duped with the shirt. As if she needed to be kept busy. Like she couldn't just drop the damn thing if she'd wanted to belt him one or something. Still, when he knocked if from her hands to drift to the ground, she jumped again, her eyes going wide. "Look, dude... I don't know what you're planning, but I can pretty much guarantee that Jay's not gonna like it. So unless you have some bright idea on how to get this collar off of me and get me out of here, I'd suggest you just let me go back to his little shack in the woods. That guy's strange. I don't think he's..." Her words trailed off, like she couldn't even bring herself to finish with the word 'human' because it would make her sound nuts. She didn't have time to finish her sentence, regardless. As she turned to look at the altar again mid-sentence (something was so familiar about that thing...), she felt his hand wrapping in her ponytail and with a yank, she was dragged screeching over to the stone altar. "What the hell?! Let go of me! Are you nuts? He'll kill you. I swear, he will!"

Zuriel smiled darkly at hearing her go on and on about what Jay would do, not like he cared one little bit. With his hand holding her hair, he pulled the squirming girl up on her feet again, but this time he turned her to face him. Both hands rose and thumbs hooked in her tiny top from the sides, barely giving her time to register what was happening. "I don't think he will. Besides, aren't you Lisa's friend instead of Jay's bitch?" As he ask the question, he ripped her top apart with the ease of rending a napkin asunder. He didn't stop there, however. His hands gripped her upper arms tightly, and with nowhere to go, he held her against him to suck her lips right into his. Nipping, teasing those lip rings, she felt his sharp teeth, but never caught sight of them, held as she was while Lisa's father kissed her. He broke away and pulled up to look her in the eyes, "Yes, I am crazy, but so are you." Nibbling her chin, he went on, slipping his lips along her cheek so she heard him plain as day in one ear. "I can smell it--you're growing hotter." He licked his lips, "Your body is flushing. Even the beat of your heart has grown frantic and unsure. And yet..." He slid his hands free of her arms, dropping them to her hips. "The sight of me excites you. The scent of me so close...makes you what?"

Susi was growing tired of being a living toy for the men of Edenfell to tousle and juggle around for their idle amusement. Pain flared in her scalp again, her hair still trapped in the grip of his gloved hand (I'm going to have to shave my damn head to stop that!), and Susi tap danced on her toes as he easily held her aloft, little cries bursting from her lips. "Stop! Stop! Owwww damn it! Let go! I'm not...anybody's anything! Well... I guess I am... Kinda... Owww cut it out!" The second his hand ripped away her top, her hands dropped from protecting her hair to cover her chest, mashing her arms against her breasts to hide them from his view. They dropped immediately when his grip wrapped around her upper arms, pulling her pert little breasts hard against his muscular frame. Susi's eyes were so wide they were almost all whites and she stared right at him as he closed in to kiss her. Her full lips were suckled right into his mouth and she whimpered, almost crying, realizing she had no way to get away from this man. Seems the men of Edenfell were all amazingly large and strong. His teeth teased and toyed with her lip ring and she felt a sharp nick, like a needle scraped over the delicate skin. Susi jumped in his arms with a squeal, pulling away from him as he spoke. He first looked directly into her wild, frightened eyes, then his lips moved to her cheek up to her ear to taunt her. Despite her fear, Susi melted at the terrifying intimacy of that whispered tease and she shivered in his grip, her pussy suddenly flaring to life with arousal. As if he sensed it, his hands dropped to her hips, and without even knowing she was doing it, she rolled them in his grip. Answering his question like she was compelled to do so, she monotonously replied, "It makes me...so fucking hot for you..."

Zuriel bore down on her smaller frame. It wasn't that all the men of Edenfell were terribly large--it was the fact she was so deliciously tiny in their grasp. The smile on his lips turned wicked before unbuttoning her little shorts, looking right in her eyes as if to say 'stop me' before his thumbs hooked in her clothing. He just shucked her shorts off, letting them drop from her yummy hips. "And you wonder why I risk my life... It's because the danger you're in right now is making you juice like a ripe piece of fruit being bitten into." One hand lifted to grab her colorful ponytail once more, pulling as he dropped to one knee so she fell with his measured fall to the ground because he really just wanted her on those knees. He dropped his free hand, exploring her hip, drawing along that supple thigh before he openly reached back and squeezed her pert little butt. Normally with her pulse so close he could tell just how hot she really was, but the collar she wore dulled the smell of her blood to his senses,so  instead of letting his nose figure everything out, his hand moved from those cheeks to sneak between her thighs. "I knew you wanted me as soon as you showed up looking for Lisa. You're just a smart-mouthed indignant tart who thinks she knows everything." His hand slipped up to glide a finger between her legs just to watch her body react at being held down and toyed with like nothing more than a plaything in his grasp. Testing her heat, he felt along her lips just to see how wet she really was from being played with on her knees without any regard from him for her owner.

Susi didn't fucking move when his hand started unbuttoning her shorts, even when he gave her that look daring her to stop him. Even if she had the strength, she really didn't want to stop him. As scared as she was at how Jaidyn would react when he found out (and he would find out...she just knew it), Lisa's daddy had her so fucking excited that she would do damn near anything he asked of her right then. Her shorts were drawn over her hips to her ankles, and without taking her eyes off of him, she kicked them away impatiently. Immediately she felt the cool ocean air brushing over her pussy and she knew then just how wet she really was, the heated liquid seeping from her folds cooling suddenly with her pants stripped away. Susi's lips parted in a silent sigh as he grabbed her hair and dragged her backwards to her knees, his large frame towering over her making her feel small and helpless and so desperately needy. His free hand seemed to be everywhere, searching her body, feeling her small frame like he was learning her curves. Little did she know this was not his first time with her, but thanks to Jay and the ritual they'd performed, she had no recollection of the encounter in the past. Susi's heart thudded in her chest and she trembled in his grip like a frightened rabbit, but her clit pulsed wildly, peeking from its hood as more blood flowed between her legs. His thick fingers brushed over her glossed nether lips and she arched back to push her cunt higher, begging for more of his touch. That finger slid upwards, grazing over her swelled clit, and she grasped his arm with a gasp that stole her breath away. "I can't... We shouldn't do this. Please... He'll make me pay for it later. You can't do this to me." She wanted it so badly, but was too afraid of the consequences, so she kept begging him to stop.

Zuriel watched with his own libido growing from the way she moved with the little lift of her hips to make his fingers touch her deeper. But he pulled back just enough to keep teasing her clit with just his fingertip, playing her like a fine tuned instrument as his hand fiddled in smooth circles to glide his digit over her swelling button. "Oh... So you know your master well, then. Good." His eyes turned down to look into her gaze, watching her face before his digit slipped down and he eased his finger right inside that pretty little cunt blushing from him just taking her. "I know him well, too. He is my brother, after all. I can only fathom what he will do to you when he smells my cum all over you." His finger slipped out, and lifting his hand, he simply pushed his soaked finger between her lips, feeding her a taste of her own sweet juices. Pulling her into a harder arch, he leaned down and laved his tongue over her perked nipple while looking up at her taking his finger in her mouth. With a wet pop he rose up, pulling his lips from that bud so he could slide his finger from her mouth, and with no real warning he slapped her ass and dragged his hand across her thigh. "I'm even going to ask your ,aster for pictures of what he does to you after he finds out." Two fingers abruptly smacked, slapped, and popped against her clit, giving that pussy a little spanking to watch her writhe in his grasp, keeping his hand in her hair tight so that she was still held captive while he explored her more.

This man had had her so wound up she didn't know if she was coming or going. She knew Jay was going to punish her for this, and that terrified her, so she kept trying to convince him to stop. But as he continued to unmercifully tease her clit, making her wriggle and squirm in his grasp, he confessed that he knew Jay would punish her. He knew and he was doing this on fucking purpose! Susi's eyes bugged as she realized the malice, her mouth hanging open like a fish in her astonishment. "You..? What..? Why??" More angry now than turned on, she started slapping his arms and chest, her hips still jerking reflexively at the teasing, stroking, flicking of her clit. But she screamed out, lashing at him, "No! No! Stop it! Stop it! You fucking asshole. You know what he'll do to me and you're doing this on purpose? Nooooo!" Susi started sobbing then, her strikes growing weaker as she realized this it was all part of his plan. Whether it was to punish her or get even with Jay, she didn't know. She was just a pawn in their twisted game of chess. Her fingers clasped at his strong arms and she sank her nails in, clawing at him to get him to let go, drawing lines of blood in their wake. "Let me goooo!!!"

Zuriel snarled as he felt her slapping and starting to fight. She would have made him smile, though, had she not clawed lines of red in his arms. That was all he could stand for, so with a grunt, still wincing from her nails raking his skin open, he rose to his feet and dragged her by that colorful hair. He snatched her torn top from the ground and lugged her right over to the stone altar, slamming her face down on the top so he could better wrestle her arms behind her back. "Listen here, you fucking bitch. Claw me up, huh?" Suzi felt rather than saw him wrapping her wrist in her own clothing, binding the other as well before he cinched the makeshift bonds tight around both wrists. "Shut the hell up. You were aching two seconds ago to top me off like a slut. Now when your master finds you dripping with my jizz, he'll get me some good pictures of you being punished afterwards!" Once she was tied up with his hips pressing against her ass, pinning her to the stone, he unbuttoned his pants just to let them fall. Of course she already took his cock once, but since she didn't remember that time, it was like she was feeling how hot and hard he was for the first time when his dick smacked meaty and thick between her thighs. "Now we'll see how tight Jay's whore really is..." Teeth clenched as he leaned in, snatching her hair in his grip again only to use his free hand to guide his tip between her slippery lips. Holding it right there, he let the seconds tick by like he might change his mind, but then the sudden shove of fat cock ramming her open drove that idea from her mind in an instant. "Oh fuck... Hnnn!"

Susi actually grinned with sadistic glee when she saw the lines of blood trailing down his arm and the bits of skin trapped under her nails. Her smug satisfaction was wiped clean, though, when he roughly grabbed her hair and yanked her to her feet. Susi did scream then, especially as he growled his outrage at her and slammed her against the cold stone altar. Terrified, she started pleading, "Please, don't fuck me! Please! I don't know wh-what he'll do to me." She groaned miserably, starting to sob, "Oh god, please don't fuck me... Noooo..." Susi's shoulders shook with her wracking sobs, her tears trickling down to pool on the pebbled surface of the altar. She knew without a doubt that he had no intention of stopping--not when he told her that he was even going to show Jay pictures to prove it.
She wasn't sure what was worse: Jay's wrath at his brother fucking his property or Zuriel's anger at her fighting him. Either way, she was in deep shit. The sound of a zipper stopped her heart for what seemed like eternity. When it finally beat again, she mewled in her throat and tried to rise, making to slip out from between him and the altar, but he felt her movement and pressed his thighs against her ass, pinning her down until the hot, slick feel of his cock head pressed between her shinning wet folds. "No!!" Susi jerked and cried out, but her bound wrists wrenched her arm sockets and she dropped back to the table with a cry. "Oh god, please don't stick your cock in me, mister. Please!!" He held it there for a heartbeat...two...and she thought maybe she had finally convinced him not to rape her. And then she felt his hands hold her down and with an inhuman grunt, his hips lunged, stuffing her fully and completely in one huge thrust. Susi's head came up off the table with a cry that rang through the woods and her cunt spasmed around his shaft. "Ah fuck, noooooo!"

 Zuriel rose fully on his feet to stand wide-legged and proud, looking down at his dick stuffed inside her pink pussy to the hilt. He honestly didn't know which was hotter: hearing her beg him not to shove it in, or the following cry of shock as she pleaded with him to pull out. But feeling her cunt clench around him told her precisely that this was not going to be over so easily. He had had the forethought to pulled his phone from his pocket before shedding his pants and Suzi heard the unmistakable click of a photo being taken of her from behind, full of fat cock. Her face was down, so he waited for her to turn tear-streaked eyes at him, then he snapped another of her face looking back at the camera. He smiled down at her once before his arm wrenched out and grabbed her by the hair. The other hand snapped over her arm in a firm hold so he could stroke that cunt with his thick girth drawing out only to ram back inside with his hungry thrusts starting to beat against her ass. Her eyes were wild and wide when he started pumping her pink little hole, with the length of his shaft just stirring her up at first. After getting his dick nice and wet, he started laying into her like he was trying to fuck her through the rock table she was perched on. "Call me 'Mister Bedlam,' bitch..." He rumbled like a beast behind her pretty ass as it was jostled and smacked by his hips meeting her skin in hard shoves of meat stretching her open. "Mmmnnnh..."

If her arms hand not been bound behind her back, Susi would have tried to scramble over the table to get away from this man's cock inside her. No matter how good he felt (and oh my god, did he feel good!), she couldn't let him take her, couldn't let him violate her like this. Her feet lifted and danced as though she could somehow squirm away, but he had her arms tethered and his heavy hand pressed into her back, mashing her breasts to the cold stone keeping her pinned, with his thick cock like an anchor lodged deep inside her sloppy wet cunt. My god, she was so aroused! Susi clenched her eyes shut and whined at the realization at how dripping wet she was because of this man. One hand lifted from her head, and she froze as she heard a click, then she turned to look over her shoulder, her eyes as wide as saucers, and she saw him aiming his phone at her, grinning wickedly as she snapped another photo. "NOOO!!!" Susi jerked in his grip, having thought he'd only been teasing...tormenting her about pictures. "No no no you can't!! She thrashed in his grip, slamming her hips into the hard stone painfully and not even caring. There was no hope. She was completely pinned, so she screeched and screamed in her panic, startling birds from the trees and critters scampering in the woods. "You fucker!! Noooo!" The harder she fought, the louder she screamed, the more her cunt clenched and spasmed around the thick trunk of meat that was spreading her tiny pussy open, slushing and stirring her into a fervor. Susi heard that growling, rumbling sound coming from behind her and her heart stammered when she realized just how much like Jaidyn he sounded. With her limbs quaking, she blanched and whimpered, suddenly quieting in her fear.

Zuriel dropped one hand long enough to smack her ass and push her tighter to the stone table. His thighs behind hers pinned her, giving her no room to move at all. "I said call me 'Mister Bedlam...' Must I say it again before your pretty idiot brain makes your fucking lips move?" He slid his phone to the altar top and jerked her upright by grabbing her hair and arms again, and if she managed to look down, she would see that she was in frame below with a timer running backwards on the display. He hefted her up and started pounding her cunt deeper, gritting his teeth as the timer ticked down: 3...2...1...click. Another photo snapped of her tits bouncing, and holding her up like he was, she got to see her face on the phone's screen in mid stroke. That the sight of her tongue hanging from her mouth--wide in an 'O' of heated arousal--showed plain on her face in the picture before the screen went dark from laying there unused too long. He kept drilling that pussy when he felt her clamp down on his fat shaft, rising on his toes to make her body follow him from sheer virtue of his dick inside her cunt forcing her onto her tip toes. "Nnnn... So fucking tight and wet, and still screaming 'no'? You better start saying what I want to hear, because Jay's email is just a click away." He taunting her with the hinted promise that he might not show Jay unless she did what she was told. Of course he was lying, but she didn't need to know that. He dropped his hand from her hair long enough to open his phone again, but this time he didn't snap a photo. On the screen, Susi could plainly see herself being fucked from the angle of the camera view and the big red 'record' button was lit up as the device started saving her images in a small video right before her eyes. "Now, do what I said. You wanted to call me 'Mister,' so call me 'Mister Bedlam,' slut..." He was by no means done with her--not by a long shot. And with his cock stuffing her pussy hard, he bit his lower lip while he bucked and popped that pussy with his dick spreading her lips open wide. Jay was just as big, but Zuriel's cock was thicker behind the head. The underside swelled more than her master's, so every backwards stroke of his cock rubbed, ground, and sparked over that spot inside of her tight hold that was gripping him with every slush and slurp of her wet lips sucking down his thick rod.

Susi's jaw was trembling as she fought back the tears, but they just kept spilling over her lashes onto her cheeks, wetting them so that they glistened brightly in the light on her reddened cheeks. Her trembling jaw broke up her pleading cries, "P-please M-mister Bedlam. Please st-stop fucking meeeee..." She sobbed again, but movement at the corner of her eye caught her attention. She stopped speaking, her eyes frozen on the sight of his phone being set down just beside her face. There was a small mechanical sound and she saw herself in frame with him behind her clearly fucking her. Closing her eyes and turning her head, she whined loudly, bursting into tears all over again. And through it all, her little body was jostled, ass cheeks bouncing and wobbling with the impacting slams of his cock drilling into tiny little snatch. The walls inside gripped tightly, like a virgin bride, the muscles clenching and relaxing with every sob she made...every cry that burst from her lips.
The threat of sending Jay an email of her rape jerked her eyes back open and she stared at the phone as though she could will it away with her mind. Susi saw him touch it again and as it was placed beside her, she noticed the flickering red light on the screen. Her brows drew together in confusion at first, and then her eyes went wide with recognition at the video recorder. Her voice was hardly louder than a whisper in her denial, "No..." Her chest started heaving as she panted in panicked fear. "No... Oh dear sweet god in heaven, no. You can't! Please...I'll do anything you want, just don't send that to him!" Susi's arms jerked and pulled in his grasp as full-fledged panic took her over. Her body lifted from the stone and slammed back down again as she flailed, clacking her teeth together and spinning stars before her eyes. "Please, Mister Bedlam! I'm begging you. Don't do this!" His cock was already spreading her tiny snatch open wide--the both of them were so big, but she always seemed to stay so small that it hurt each time one of them fucked her--and as she thrashed and begged and cried for him to stop, he seemed to swell even bigger in her womb, like her fear excited him more. The thick head of his cock banged and brushed against her g-spot with each backward pull, and it felt so fucking good that she wanted to beg him for more even as she begged him, still, to stop. "No more. Please! No more!!"

Zuriel lunged as he lifted the girl with nothing but his cock, his leg rising to scoop in behind her as he crawled up onto the table while pushing her over the altar top. Clambering over her body without even pulling out of her soaked snatch, those cries did nothing but make him hotter while he winced and settled over her naked frame pinned down by his bulk over her. Hard nipples grazed stone when he jammed his dick to the base between her cheeks, the press of smooth, heavy balls gliding between her legs. They started reaching a fevered pitch so that every stroke rubbed hot nuts between her thighs, the flesh growing warm from the constant friction searing along her skin. Zuriel panted as he lowered over her body, straddling that ass just so he could lean down and breathe right against her collared throat. "No more? Why is your cunt so fucking tight, hot, and juicy then, you pink-frosted bitch?" Something in him snapped today and he couldn't understand it. With this girl at his mercy, he felt so fucking raw and swollen that he kept thinking his dick was just going to burst. The only respite she got was that the closer press of his body over hers didn't let him hammer her cunt for all he was worth.
Instead, he stroked through her fluttering muscles before he dropped his ass backwards and found just the right spot to lay his cock inside her pussy. Strong hands snapped the ruined top he'd used to bind her wrists, then he grabbed his phone and put it right in her fingers. But that was not the point of it all; pressing in tight to growl in her ear, he said, "Break or drop it, and I'll wait for your master to get home to see you on my dick. Now point it right, whore." Reaching out to her hand, he corrected the angle so that Susi was in frame perfectly with the camera bouncing from the still-livid shoves of his fat dick spearing her cunt apart. The way he laid over her clasped her thighs together, and if she was tight as a virgin bride before, now she was actually too tight to fuck raw and hard. Gritting his teeth, he watched the camera recording on his phone while forcing her to lie there and actually film herself being fucked on the stone slab. She was so fucking wet and juicy, she felt like warm butter, and the way her pussy clamped and slurped around his cock only made him want to cum inside her, all over her, and right in her mouth so she would be drenched in his seed. "GrrrRRrrr... Hold it right, bitch."

As Susi was forced up onto the altar with the weight of him pushing against her ass, his cock buried inside her still, she scraped her knees, scrambling to climb on top before he simply bowled her over and crushed her against the stone. Whimpering, mewling, frightened out of her wits, she slipped down, her breasts smashed under her and her pelvis grinding roughly against the hard, cold stone under his weight. With his strong legs straddling her own, pinning her down, she could feel his thick cock slipping between her cheeks to delve into her folds and penetrate her to the core. His movements were not nearly as rough or quick, but she was so tight with her thighs clenched together that she could feel him stretching her even more clearly, like a septum spreading her canal open wider for inspection. His taunting words made the tears spring anew in her eyes and she shook her head in denial, but even she could feel the fluids dripping and trickling from her cunt around his cock making a liar out of her. Trying to spread her legs to alleviate the pressure, she pushed on her knees and lifted her ass, even if only half an inch, and she felt him slip in deeper, making her fucking groan. Oh god...why did he have to feel so good?? Susi clenched her eyes trying to fight the building need inside her, but they snapped open when she felt something hard press into her hand. When she realized it was the phone, her grip tightened around it as though she hoped to crush it in her rage. Fleeting thoughts of smashing it against the stone crossed her mind. Or perhaps she could toss it into the ocean from here... And then she heard his deep, resonating voice just behind her hear, his breath falling over her cheek warning her against just such an idea as if he'd read her mind and she froze, her eyes locked on the phone like it was something from another planet. 'Point it right...' he'd said, turning her hand so that she saw herself centered in the frame with him behind her and his cock buried in her cunt. Susi's heart thud so hard in her chest that she feared it would burst right out. Then he started slamming that cock into her cunt again, showing no mercy, no remorse, putting on a show for the camera, and she started to groan despite herself. "Uuhhnnnnggg...."

Zuriel made sure that Susi was holding the phone no matter how hot, wet, and tight she was. He was making her take her own video on purpose, so when Jay finally did see this, he would have no mercy even on his own girl. Susi was no innocent--at least from what he'd heard her and his daughter whispering about behind closed doors. Before Jay claimed her she might have thought herself a little slutty and eager, but now on the stone slab, being fucked while made to film herself, her little games and snide words paled in comparison to her own experience. All of that was falling away, melting into a wild ride he was forcing her to take, even if she was juicy and hot while trying to deny she was enjoying this. Soon enough, though, she heard him panting rougher, inhaling ragged breaths before the swelling girth splitting her open really bloomed thick in her cunt. A molten hot trickle of precum spurted inside that pussy, making him buck over her with more urgent strokes of his fat dick pumping her tiny little snatch. He didn't hesitate one moment, huffing in her ear with his cheek against hers from behind as he fucked that slippery cunt a little harder. The speed of his thrusts grew with the feel of heavy balls lifting so that instead of blazing friction between her thighs, the backs of her legs felt the shifting sac grinding against her skin with his lusts coming to a head. His hand lifted at the exact moment Susi felt the first squirt of hot cum pulsing inside her, barely managing to snatch the phone from her fingers to wedge it under his belly so he could film his throbbing meat slurking wet in and out of her hole. Recording his cum shot inside her from behind her ass, he stroked deep to feel her walls clinging to him, milking every dribble from his slick shaft and cock head. "Holy hell... Uhhnnnn!"

Susi squirmed under him, though she could hardly move, but she could wriggle enough that she felt his cock banging side to side in her soaking cunt even as it plunged into her depths over and over. Instead of wriggling free, it only served to stir her up more, making her gasp and pant and whimper with his cock stretching her wide and filling her cunt full of heated man meat. Susi grunted, still holding onto the damnable phone, "Nnnggg fuck!" She was already beyond hope, beyond redemption, and was going to pay the price dearly when Jaidyn found out, so she may as well enjoy it while she could. Zuriel was pressing down so heavily above her that her little clit ground roughly against the stone table, stirring sparks in her belly with his cock slamming and in and out, sloshing her wet cunt into a bubbling frenzy. His thick cock head kept brushing over her g-spot and she gasped with each pass until her lungs filled with air and she felt like she might burst like a balloon. "Oh... Oh... Oh god!" And then she felt him swell and expand inside of her, the first spurts of precum spattering her walls, and she fucking lost it. Susi came so hard that the phone in her hand jerked for a moment, capturing the tree tops overhead before she righted it again, fearing more of his wrath, capturing her orgasmic expression as she groaned out her cries, "Ahhhhh fuck!! Oh god!! Uuuuggghhhhh!" Her cunt spasmed hard, flexing and gripping his cock, and she heard him cry out with her, his cock suddenly spraying her walls with hot, thick cum.

Zuriel hissed feeling her finally having an orgasm, her wet folds hugging his dick as he pulled out. He didn't stop there though, pulling her off the stone slab and posing her against the edge of the altar. With his cum and her juices leaking from her pussy, he spread her legs, lifting one to the table top. The click of the camera snapping was heard again and he grinned wickedly. Clipping a leash on the ring of her collar, he said, "Now you and me need to make some more photos for your master. I think you riding my cock in your ass will be a good start." With that he turned, pulling the leash to drag her to the cabin.

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