Jay Rapes Vixxen


This story is a two-parter. In this part Jaidyn, Zuriel's 'brother,' discovered that someone had been flirting with Vixxen at a party they were at and he got pissed, so he felt the need to "remind" her that she belonged to the pack.

Vixxen had also offhandedly remarked one day on how a threesome between her, Zuriel, and Jay would be interesting. It was really just me saying it would be fun, but he took it as RP and used it as an excuse for the boys to fight over her (fuck her together, really, because double penetration is one of my big fantasies). He claimed that Jay had the right to challenge Zuriel for her since she expressed an interest in him, so this story leads into the second part where the boys get to share Vixxen and see which of them makes her cum first, thereby winning her as their prize.

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Jaidyn Rapes Vixxen

At the party
Vixxen grumbled, "Don't tempt me, Jaidyn. Would be too easy to cave. I may just have to send one of the other girls your way."

Jaidyn sneered. "Who says I'm tempting.? The alpha female of the pack showed interest in the beta.  By right I may try and claim you and challenge for position by combat."

Vixxen quirked an eyebrow. "You're treading on dangerous territory right now. I suggest you rein it in and keep your cock in your pants where it belongs before you lose it."

Jaidyn snarled and stepped closer, panting down your bare back. "You offered. You're offering right now...and I can fucking smell it."  He huffed, inhaling deep over your shoulder, adding, "And it grows back, bitch..."

Vixxen stood erect, her face going deadly serious though the chills shooting down her spine were dangerously wicked. She clenched her eyes shut at the lewd thoughts and forced herself to think about Zuriel, the man who holds her heart. Balling her hand into a fist, she clenched her muscles and jabbed backwards, stabbing the bony point right into your ribs. "Get the fuck away from me, Jaidyn, so help me..."

Jaidyn growled and bit your neck with snapping fangs poking your skin...twice...three times as the rumbling growl thrummed through with every snap of teeth. "Go home. Now."

At home
Vixxen gave you a look realizing she was still naked from the party. "I suppose I should dress."

Jaidyn lifted a brow and slapped your cheek, snatching your hair while you were stunned from the slap. Pushing you, he dragged you by blonde locks towards the small wooden barn. "I suppose fucking not."

Vixxen gasped in shock at the stinging slap, her hand going immediately to her face. But before she could even touch her fingers to the skin, a terrible pain at her scalp had her hand flying to her head instead as she cried out, "Fuck! Let go of my hair you mother fucking son of a bitch! I'll fucking kick your ass!" For all her threats, she stumbled along behind you just to keep from having her hair ripped from her scalp. When you stopped and she realized where you'd dragged her, her heart went into her throat. Zuriel had always warned her to stay away from the barn because it was your domain, but never in her wildest dreams did she ever consider that you would forcibly drag her to it from another part of the land. With her hair still twisted in your hand, she stood panting, part from her fight, part in fear. Not wanting you to see that fear, though, she threw up her defenses again, "I swear to you, Jay, don't do anything you'll regret. I'm not one of your meek little bitches and Zuriel will have your head if you touch me."

Jaidyn gruffed and kicked your heels off to take away the only real dangerous weapons you had, then he muscled that body into a throw to land unceremoniously in the dirty hay. "I think it's about time I heard that snide whore mouth of yours begging me to make you cum." Stepping into the barn, he pulled out his cock. Not even caring if you got a glimpse, he dropped to a knee and forced that pretty face into the floor. "So fucking high and mighty when all you want is to be rammed like a she-bitch in heat." He didn't waste any time. Wriggling his hips to keep up with your futile attempts to move away, the head of his cock stuffed hard, pressing against pink lips growing wetter from the imminent invasion. With a lift and a push he entered that cunt, driving all the way in to savor breaking you open in the heat of struggling to free yourself.

Vixxen damn near fell--which would have inevitably ripped a whole wad of hair from her scalp--when you kicked her shoes off her feet, but miraculously she danced around and managed to awkwardly keep her balance. Furious, she opened her mouth to curse you again, ready to start with the threats of bodily harm, but a strong grip around her neck and a shove to the barn turned her potential threats into a startled cry of pain. Vixxen's bare feet slipped and skid in the muddy hay until she tumbled to the ground under the force of your weight shoving her to her knees. Screeching, fighting, struggling to get free of your grip, she huffed and growled, tugging her arms. "Let go! Let GO! Fuck, Jay, let go of me I swear to god he'll kill you let me fucking GO!" It all came out in one long tirade, but even as she threatened you were muscling her head down, taking away any leverage she had. Already naked from being at the party, she had no clothes in the way, nothing to interfere, and the sudden press of cock head between her puffy pussy lips had her head jerking upwards in shock with a cry to match, "Don't you fucking dare! Don't you dare! Don't you dare! Jaidyn let me go! Don't fucking do this! Noooooo!" Vixxen jerked and jerked, twisting her arms to break free of your grasp, struggling uselessly, but still she felt that shaft shove inside of her snatch to the hilt. Her hips jerked like she was bodily trying to pull away, but with your weight over her and her head to the ground, she had no room to move, and the thick pulsing shaft of your cock stayed buried inside her quivering cunt. "NOOOOOO!!!"

Jaidyn growled as he hitched his hand tighter around your caught wrist, wrenching the arm up like the lever on a paddle boat, swinging your cheeks to the sky so he could stuff that blushing cunt with the entire length of his shaft. "Stop fucking whining, you depraved whore. You wanted me to dog fuck you since the day you laid eyes on me, even though you were being so goddamned uppity. Well news flash bitch: I AM FUCKING YOU NOW!" He didn't give a damn. All he cared about was laying that cunt open with his thick girth slushing through the tight folds being stretched apart. No matter how you moved he followed, flowing with your struggles like a blood hound seeking a scent trail. No matter where you went his cock slid home, or he simply tugged you like a prized hooker by the wrist to reign your pussy in. "That's right. Feel how wet this hole is? Like butter melting in warm bread. You ain't foolin' no one, slut."

Vixxen couldn't get her arm free of your grasp, and if she used the other she'd fall flat to her face under your weight, so she braced on one knee and kicked at your leg with her foot, banging the heel into your calf, shin, and knee. As she started to realize the futility of her fighting (how the hell did she ever think she could fight you? You were as strong as Zuriel with a nothing-to-lose attitude that made you ten times more dangerous), her screeches of anger started turning to panicked whimpering cries. The free hand on the ground dug into the dirt as she kept trying to crawl away, gouging bits of hay and mud under her manicured nails, but every time she gained and inch, you were right there crawling in behind her only to cram your cock back balls-deep into her pussy. Vixxen heard your taunts, mocking her for how wet she was, how her pussy gushed and oozed around your shaft, and she shook her head in denial of her body betraying her like this. "No no no no NO!!! I don't fucking want you, Jaidyn. I loathe you! Now get the fuck off of me and let me go!" Her knees dredged through the muddy hay, trying desperately to gain ground and crawl away from you but the hand around her wrist would yank and draw her backwards again, impaling her on your cock so that she sobbed and whimpered miserably. Despite her reluctance, her pussy was drooling honey, stirred alive by the deep, hard strokes of cock between her walls and she shuddered in both revulsion and from the pleasure of feeling you stroking inside her.

Jaidyn got tired of hearing your mouth. His hands shifted up and with a clamp over your shoulders he shoved you face down into the dirty hay hard enough that straw and mud clung to your lips. Driving his hips forward to simply mount you like a prized whore, he used that cunt as nothing but a fuck hole for his perverse pleasure. He didn't care to listen any longer. He already knew what you needed, so without any consideration he shoved you down and started stuffing your pussy straight on. There was no more trying to wriggle free from him pinning you face down in the muddy straw. He had walked forward on his knees to close the gap and that hot little slit was split open by his ravenous cock strumming your walls with every long slide reaching your depths. He was using you, plain and simple, and the feel of his cock hitting all the way down rushed over your senses. Heavy balls clapped that clit, but he didn't give a flying fuck if you came or not. This was simple dominance. He was taking that pussy regardless of all the fucking bitching and moaning you could muster. If the alpha couldn't get your ass in line, he sure as hell would, and with sadistic glee. The pack was all and he was keeping it in the fucking family. No one else was gonna taste what belonged to his brother or otherwise, and he proved it to you with every hard lurch of his hips cramming your tunnel full of hard stiff dick.

Vixxen's startled cry was cut off with her lips mashing into the dirt beneath her. Coughing, trying to turn her head to spit out a mouth full of dirty hay, she fought to get up, pushing her arms against the ground to gain leverage, struggling and fighting you all the way. But despite her size she was no match for your strength and her face kept getting shoved back into the dirt. With you inching your hips up behind her, her legs slid under her belly bending her nearly in half so that she had no where to go, no room to move, her ass sticking into the air like some offering to the gods of lust and sex. And you were taking that offering, claiming it for yourself, stuffing her wet slit so full of hard cock she'd be lucky to walk straight again for a week. Vixxen's tits mashed into the earth under her body, rolled and rubbed from the force of your lunging drives against her ass. Her knees dug divots into the dirt as her body rocked and her legs scraped in her efforts to scramble away or at least hold herself from being pushed completely to the ground. With her face in the dirt, she was incapable of speaking any more, but the whimpering crying sounds still emanated from her throat, mingling with the lustful, heated grunts you made behind her as you stole what rightfully belonged to your brother without either of their consent. Despite it, or perhaps because of it, Vixxen's pussy grew wetter and wetter, coating your shaft in her precious juices so that your cock shined in the light every time you withdrew from her tight cunt.

Jaidyn reveled in every smear of dirt or mud and plastered hay against your pale skin as he forced you down and fucked you like a dirty whore slave in a market stall. Making nothing but those whimpering cries, your sounds fueled the hungry slams of his fat dick as he started to rail that cunt deeper, taking joy in making you grunt just a little louder when he fucked you harder like some piece of meat locked down for public use. Already thick juices slushed around his pistoning dick, making him glimmer in the light that sneaked inside the barn while he fucked you with his own pace taking its toll on your body. "Fucking silence... Isn't it great? So busy being fucked, little Fat Tits Bo Peep can't say anything...braying like a she-goat fucked in the mud." His hands grabbed yours and pulled, lifting your tits from the dirty hay before your arms pulled taut. Dragging you back on his thick shaft, he trowled through those juicy folds as if they were just begging him to keep fucking you like a piece of property. He didn't give a damn about his brother right now. All he cared about was turning your slutty cunt into a sloppy wreck and marking you with his cum to add to the smudges on your pale flesh while you were being fucked into a drooling slut by being forced upwards from the hard shoves from behind.

Vixxen was almost in a state of shock at this point, hanging like a limp doll when you grabbed her arms and lifted her from the muddy ground, her body now covered in dirt and hay smeared everywhere. Vixxen wasn't arguing anymore. She'd lost the will to fight knowing it was useless. The only sounds she made were soft grunting breaths mixed with occasional moans that, despite her initial attempts to suppress, came out every time your cock drove home, filling her cunt full and stretching her wide around your girth. She hated to admit it, but it felt so good that she kept moaning. "Nnnggg..." Though her head drooped in defeat, she was lifted in your grip and her large breasts bounced and wobbled with the ramming pace of your hips jarring her from behind, rattling her body, smacking her ass against your pelvis with the slap of leather smacking wet flesh. In her daze, she started moaning one word: "Zuriel... Zuriel... Zuriel..."

Jaidyn panted as he drew his cock out of your wet cunt, rising to his feet before a hand wrenched down and latched in your blonde locks. Pulling that pretty face from the dirty hay, he smacked his dick over your smudged and still-glistening red lips.

Vixxen finally made a noise again, crying out at the pain in her scalp, strands of hair snapping off between your rough fingers as you lifted her from the ground to her knees. The pain flared her anger back to life and she started sputtering curses again, banging her fists against your thighs as you manipulated her in place before you. "Fuck you, Jaidyn! Fuck you! Let me go right now, you asshole! ARGH!" The grip in her hair tightened and her rants were stifled as your cock was shoved between her still-sputtering lips. Her words were cut off with a garbled choke as the rod of man-meat was shoved between them, making her jaw ache at how wide your cock forced her mouth open. Vixxen continued to rage, the loud cries and sputtering breaths muffled around the thick piece of meat in her mouth. Unable to move with the grip you had on the back of her head, she did the only thing she could think to do. Vixxen clenched her jaw with all her might and bit down around the thick slab of meat between her lips, sinking teeth into the firm flesh.

Jaidyn roared as teeth chomped through flesh, holding steady before the shakes started and a rush of red spurted hotly. With a hitch he broke free, leaving your mouth full of something that used to be alive. The remaining stump sprayed blood against your lips and chin, and with a feral grunt he slapped the back of your head, dislodging the ruined meat with a splat on the ground. With the shock of that hit, he shoved his half-cock in your lips again, the pooling essence flooding your lips as the spongy torn end began to swell. Soft and pliable at first, the newly spawned flesh surged and forced its way down your throat like a swelling tendril. The ruined rod regenerated straight down your gullet in a matter of moments and he held it there to steal your very breath. Daring you, he growled, "Bite it off... I'll fuck you with it again." He bucked and shoved his face-fucking dick right down your throat once more. "And again," making his point with another curdling squelch of him face-fucking your whore mouth to break it in no matter the cost.

Vixxen nearly gagged at the chunk of meat left on her tongue and the pool of blood flooding her mouth, but a hard slap to the back of her head forced her to spit it all out. Wincing as more blood sprayed her face from the stump of cock staring at her, she writhed in both panic and revulsion. Despite that. she was satisfied that she'd done a great deal of bodily harm to you, thinking that the pain would finally stun you enough that she could get away. So when you grabbed her head again and forced the stump back into her mouth, she was astonished. Her eyes grew amazingly wide and she gave another muffled cry around the base of your cock. But what shocked her even more was feeling it growing--it was fucking growing!!--in her mouth. The length grew and grew until she felt it lodging in her throat, choking her and making her gag again. Impossible! That's impossible! She couldn't get her mind around it. Despite knowing that you were Garou like Zuriel, she'd had no idea that you had such astounding regenerative abilities. Vixxen blanched in stark terror, knowing now that there truly was nothing she could do to get you to let her go. Her lips bubbled with pink spit, the blood still coating her mouth and lips, and she tried not to gag as you face fucked her even harder in your rage.

Jaidyn bowled your pretty blonde ass over, grabbing your head and stuffing his swelling fat cock back down in your throat, reveling in the shock on your face and the pink spit drooling from your mouth. "Yeah, whore...didn't think about the powers of the Kind." Fingers clasped under your ears with two handfuls of that blonde hair, literally fucking your face and hardly even stopping to let you try and breathe. He was punishing your fucking face for the attempted mauling and showing no mercy in how he gagged or forced your drool to rise from fucking your mouth so rabidly.
Jerking that dick from your lips in lines of thick spittle, he slathered your bitchy face with it to get your dirty smudges smeared even further from thick wet face fucking and cock rubbing. "See that, slut? That's the epitome of maleness: the dick you can't chew apart." His sneer returned, snarling down with a hard slam of his cock driving between those lips until his balls rested tightly on your chin with him clutching your face. "Since you want to eat it, whore, let me give you every swallow you can take!" His body lurched forward, stuffing your face full of fully-recovered dick that was now hot and swollen. Filling your gullet fiercely, the chuckling wet noises came so rapidly that it sounded like he was fucking a duck, only pulling back to spare you the faintest breath before rapidly battering your throat in tight downward thrusts. "That's it. Just open up and gag on it."

Vixxen's hands dropped back to support her body as you bent her backwards in an arch like an acrobat. Her chest heaved between your thighs as you towered over her, grabbing her face to shove your cock straight down the back of her throat. Her legs spread, leaving her exposed pussy glistening in the dim light of the barn. Her entire body was dirty with mud and hay leaving her looking like a ruin, over-used back alley whore. Vixxen's blue eyes looked at you in shock, in stun, in absolute horror of the situation. She could not believe this was happening--never in her wildest imaginings thought you would dare defy Zuriel this way. Where was he, anyhow? So many people living on this land and when she needed help, no one was around. Vixxen's ruby red lips stretched wide around the girth of your fully regenerated cock, drooling pink saliva down her chin and neck as the rough face-fucking forced spittle past her lips. Her eyes teared from the constant gagging, streaking her make-up to mix with the dirt on her face. She could feel the head of your cock sliding down into her throat, the bulge of it showing along the contours of her neck from the outside. She wasn't even whining or raging anymore. She was in such a state of shock that the only sounds that came from her now were the wet slucking noises your cock made in her mouth and the gagging, choking, gacking sounds as you fucked her face without remorse.

Jaidyn felt the defeat in your body with the way you opened up and just took it like a used gutter slut. Licking his lips, his hands tightened up to keep hold during the faster shoves spreading those lips wide. The feel of his swelling tip rushed past the muscles in your opened hole and his musky heavy balls slapped your chin without fail as they started to tighten and go rigid from the quickening thrusts pumping your face. There wasn't even any hesitation; he stuffed his cock right down that tight throat as far as humanly possible and panted out hard when his tip erupted, gushing right past all of your defenses and straight into your stomach. Slowly he pulled back, letting those panicking throat muscles waver as he drifted back with the tight hold of your throat milking that shaft for every drop flowing from his cock slit. Jerking out of your mouth all the way, he stroked his oozing tip across your nose.

Vixxen mewled as your fingers curled and tightened in her hair while you picked up your pace, that thick cock slamming harder down her throat until she felt your balls banging against her chin, choking her from yet another angle. Dear God, I'm going to die! was all she could think. She could barely draw air and your cock was blocking her throat so effectively that it was nearly closed off. Her vision started going gray, then black around the edges, stars dancing in her sight and her head started to swim. Distantly she felt her throat bulge as your cock swelled deep inside of it and the warm rush of cum jet straight down her throat to her belly, not even giving her the option to swallow. Vixxen groaned miserably, repulsed that you had cum in her throat, forcing her to consume you. Suddenly she could breathe again, your cock having slipped from her throat now that you'd used it for your twisted purpose, but even as she gasped and choked for much-needed air, more cum spattered her nose and mouth, causing her to inhale the musky spunk once again. Flinching, she whined and cried out, spitting what she could form her lips as she turned her liquidy blue eyes up at you angrily. "I hope you rot in hell you son of a bitch..."

Jaidyn shook his head and stood, stepping aside so he could reach down and gather your lovely hair in one strong hand. "Damn. I guess I lose the first part of the challenge." He tugged, starting to walk out of the barn but still holding your hair. "You can prance like a pony on two feet or crawl like a she bitch, but you're comin' with me."

(To be continued...)

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