Elves and Fairies Featured on The Sexiest:Pornstars Blog

So it seems that with so many blogs and announcements that I follow via the groups in SL I sometimes miss seeing posts of personal importance. Today, as I was viewing The Sexiest:Pornstars Hump Day Gallery of photos, I noticed a recent blog post with my name in the title. As always, I was tickled pink to see one of my photo sets featured on their page.

The original set of photos can be found on my Flickr page at Elves and Fairies. You can view wonderful article Katina Cazalet wrote on The Sexiest:Pornstars blog at Lisa Languish's 'Elves and Fairies'. There is also a short but very erotic story on this blog that accompanies the photos at Elves and Fairies (Short Story and Photos).

My thanks to you, Katina, for being a continued fan and supporter of our work!

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