Vixxen - Bound for Fun (Photos)

Vixxen is bound for his pleasure. She finds the key to her freedom, but does she really want it..?

See the Bound for Fun set on my Flickr page, as well.

 He has brought her home, chained her up, deciding on what toy to use on her.

 Tonight it will be the anal plug. She cries out in shock of the pain of it, stretching her open. It is exquisite.

 He turns her around for a better view. His toy to play with.

 She squirms uncomfortably, moaning...whimpering...begging for mercy.

 He releases the chains from the ceiling and settles her on the floor, binding the chains around her. "Don't move," he tells her. "I'll be back."

 The plug pushes deeper as she sits and she groans in a mix of agony and pleasure.

 She moves to rest against the wall, the plug resting uncomfortably in her ass, stirring her arousal to life.

 And there she spies it: the key to her freedom. He must have dropped it when he set her down.

 She could take it. She could use it. She would be free of this madman.

 Such a simple little thing. Dare she?

  Her hand closes around the small metal object. She hears him walking about upstairs. She would be gone before he returned.

Oh, yes. She had the power to be free in her grasp...

The question is: does she really want to give up this pleasure?

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