Jay Offers Susi to Nick


This is the follow-up to Jay Fucks Roller Girl. Jay promised Susi that he was going to punish her by giving her up to Nick for his use and, to Susi's astonishment, he holds true to that promise.

Jay Offers Susi to Nick

Jay waited for Susi at the door. In his hand was a small, black rubber toy. Bending her over, he roughly shoved it between her cheeks, making her yelp in surprise and pain. With a twist and a shove, her fitted the plug deep into her tight sphincter. Susi squirmed a little uncomfortably with the plug in her ass. "I'm not sure I understand the point of this thing."

Jaidyn smirked as he hooked his finger in the ring of her collar, the skates on her feet giving him little trouble to simply roll her along the floor as he walked towards the door. "It's pretty straight forward: to open your ass up for the main event." Grinning, he stepped outside to someone already waiting on them. "Well hello, Nick. I see you got my note."

Nick blinked, not prepared for Jay and a naked Susi to come rolling out of the house. "Umm, hello."

Susi squeaked as she was dragged along, her skates nearly making her trip in the grass as they came to a screeching halt. She stumbled after Jay clumsily with her breasts bouncing and the plug fitting awkwardly between her tight buns. When she saw Nick standing there, she blanched though her cheeks flushed bright red. "Wh-what? You were serious? But he's... You can't..." Her words dwindled to a groan of misery as one hand dropped to cover her mound and her other arm wrapped protectively around her breasts as she stared at the ground, blushing deeply.

Jaidyn shook his head and smacked at his bitch's hands, making her drop them first before he stepped up behind her and started pushing his little colorful pet towards the wooden frame. "I wonder what part you were unclear on, slut." There was no sense in wasting time. He grabbed the back of the girl's neck and forced her down, fitting the wooden slat in the slot and locking her in the stocks just like he had told her he was going to do.

Nick watched with a wide-eyed look as Jay manhandled Susi--looking cute as can be--into place. The stocks locked down over her wrists and neck giving him a perfect view of the plug in her tight little ass. "Oh...wow..."

Susi yanked her slapped hands back with a hiss and a scowl but said nothing, only blushing a deeper shade of red when she was left standing brazenly nude in front of Nick. Yes, he'd seen her naked before when she'd fucked him, but this was different. This was not her choice. When Jay grabbed her neck and shoved her face down into the stocks, Susi's eyes went as wide as Nick's with shocked fear that Jay was actually going through with this. She'd thought he was joking, but when she found him serious she started begging, whimpering miserably. "No, Jay, no! Please don't do this! It's so humiliating!" She sobbed as the bar came down with a thunk and she heard him latch it into place. Susi twisted her wrists and jerked her head, but she only managed to hurt herself in trying to break free. Her little ass wriggle in the air in her struggles, the thick black plug dipping and bobbing obscenely between her cheeks and she groaned at the feel of it stretching her wide despite her anxiety in being trapped and put on display in such a perverse manner.

Jaidyn smiled and stepped up. Hearing Susi beg only made him giddy when he ran his hand over her bare naked ass. "Now, Nick... This is a small gift. Instead of ripping your balls off, I'm gonna punish my slave, instead. She did decide to seduce you, after all, so you will be the instrument of her lesson." Slowly he traced the edge of the plug in her ass while he went on to explain further--like Susi was no longer important enough to respond to. "All you may take is her ass, though. Consider this your first lesson as well, Nick, because these bitches don't want your sweet side." Dropping his hand, his fingers glided over his girl's pussy, grinding slightly against her wet lips. "They don't want anything but for you to bend them over and take it. Every time they bitch, every time they whine, all they are asking for is you to fuck them raw." Jay honestly didn't care if he was right or wrong. This was his perception of things and he was sharing it with the new kid, just like he was about to share his slave's ass. "You are only allowed to fuck her where the toy is. Her pussy is off limits for you today. Do I make myself clear?"

Nick listened as closely as he could, but seeing Susi in the stocks was enough to tent his pants. And here was Jay, literally offering her up like a little treat on her colorful skates. He stepped up just to get a closer look, listening as Jay droned on about what he thought women were good for. Nick hardly paid attention to that, but he turned his eyes to the man when he told him all he could have was his girl's ass. "Only where the toy is, huh?"

Susi couldn't see anything but the wall in front of her and the ground beneath her, but she heard Jay instructing Nick on what he could do with her and she jerked again in the stocks, making the wood and metal rattle noisily. Nothing she did aided in her escape. The damnable skates didn't help matters, either. Susi could get no leverage with the ground because the wheels kept rolling and then she had to arch her ass to just draw her feet back under her again or she'd end up with her legs outstretched behind her and hanging by her neck and wrists. She was trapped tight. Whimpering, her heart raced in her chest and the tears already started welling in her eyes at her humility. Whispering in a quavering voice, she said, "Please... No..." She thought Nick--the sweet, innocent, down-home country boy--was more honorable, but when Jay finished with his code of women, instead of taking offense and demanding she be set free, the young blond boy's voice sounded from behind her--closer now--as though he were seriously contemplating the offer. Susi sobbed harder, but something wicked teased at the back of her mind at the idea of being forcibly taken and used like a whore slave and she felt her clit twitch, much to her chagrin.

Jaidyn nodded to Nick that it was time to take her. His pet was locked up begging them not to do this, but he could smell her pussy come to life with just knowing it was about to happen. He stepped aside fully and waved a hand towards Susi, bent over in the stocks. "Use her little hole as long as you like. I'm going to have some lunch on the bench to give you both some...privacy. " He laughed mockingly, as though privacy was even an option out in the open like this. He gave his girl a few little spanks just to make her whimper some more. "See that? She's not bitching, really, but she's saying no. That means yes. This is so depraved that her brain is screaming not like this, but that pussy is begging to be filled." He dropped his hand and spread her lips open so Nick could get a good look at how wet she was. "Do this right and I might share her some more if you learn how to use her properly." He slid his fingers away and started to walk off, turning a glance back over his shoulder. "Don't listen to her, Nick. She just wants to be fucked and if that's not incentive enough..." He paused to add weight to his next words, "...fuck her or I'll fuck you up for doing it without my permission the first time." With that he strolled off, leaving the pair alone but still in plain sight.

Nick couldn't believe what he was hearing as Jay gave him permission to use his girl right here on the grounds with nothing in his way but a rubber toy. He listened as the man told him the terms. The last part made him wince a bit, knowing Jay probably could fuck him up, but by the time the man strolled off leaving Nick alone with Susi, he could not resist stepping in to touch her body from behind. Rubbing up the backs of her thighs, he played his fingers up along her juicy lips like he was testing the waters and teasing her just a little bit.

Susi couldn't believe what Jay was telling Nick: no means yes and that her screaming she doesn't want it means that she is just begging to be filled. The mentality of a rapist is what that was! The infuriating part was that he was right. She hated it and she loved it. She wanted it to end, but she wanted him to go through with it. If she wasn't aroused by the whole thing, then why were her nipples so hard that they hurt? Why was there a line of her own lube dribbling down her slit to tickle along her inner thigh? Why was her clit now throbbing so much that it ached? Susi wanted her dignity, but she could not deny that the whole scenario turned her on. Still, she had to try one last time now that Jay out of earshot (she hoped). She heard Nick come up behind her and felt the heat of his hands gently caress where Jay had spanked her just before he'd strolled away. And then--much to both her surprise and dismay--she felt Nick's rough, calloused fingers gliding upwards between her lips, spreading the lube that was dribbling through her slit upwards between her folds. Susi gasped and jerked in the stocks, biting her lip with a groan, but she forced herself to try and convince him to set her free, anyhow. "Please, Nick. Don't do this. You're too sweet to listen to that demented man. You don't have to go through with this! Just let me go! Please!" As she begged him he kept teasing her slit, and she couldn't stop her own ass from gyrating in circles against his exploring fingers, even rising in a jerk when they drifted up and bumped against the rubber toy plugged in her ass. "Ah! God... please, Nick. Let me go!"

Nick had to wonder if Jay was actually right. She was whining for him to stop but every touch, every little press of his fingers made her hips wobble and circle from the sensations she was getting. If she wanted to get loose and save her pride, why was she so freaking wet and juicy? She was begging him not to, but every touch made her writhe in bliss. Every word screamed no, but her little ass lifted and bounced when his fingers strummed over her clit and ground in smooth circles over that hot little button. He licked his lips to wet them before he could speak. "He said if I don't he's gonna beat my ass, so I kinda have to fuck yours." That was male logic in a nutshell going to work right beside Susi as he stroked her pussy with her locked up right there in the stocks. He lifted his hand and slowly wound his fingers in a tightening grip around the base of the rubbery plug in her ass. "Why are you so turned on then, Susi? If he's wrong, why the hell are you grinding back to my hand?" Nick asked the questions as he pulled backwards on the plug with the sharp stretch hitting her muscles. He tugged the base free then the tapered tip slowly lifted out of her stretched hole with her sluggish sphincter shrinking down around it.

Susi bit down hard on her lip to stifle her moans (damn, why'd his touch have to feel so good?) because if she was going to convince him to let her go, she couldn't let him think she loved it. "That's a body's natural reaction, Nick. Didn't you learn biology or sex ed in school? Damn, boy. I... Uhhh ,god..." She clenched her eyes shut and cursed herself for letting one slip, then continued. "If this isn't rape, then why the hell am I shackled in a stockade, Nick? Answer me that. You telling me you'd rather..." Susi jerked and gasped as his fingers pressed against the plug in her ass, getting it slick with her own abundantly-flowing juices, damn him! Continuing, she said, "...rather rape me than stand up to him? I'm too small but you could...nnggg...at least have a fair chance." Her hips--as if they had a mind of their own, the fuckers--dipped and swirled and rose, bumping and grinding her cunt against his exploring fingers, pumping that thick toy in and out of her own ass and it served to work her up even more. Her pert little breasts swayed in her bent-over stance, knocking in little meaty pat-pat-pats against the wooden board that trapped her head and wrists, knocking her stiff nipples over the edge driving her even more crazy. "Please, Nick! Do it for me!"

Nick narrowed his eyes like he was thinking hard. He even started chewing his bottom lip wondering if he should do as Jay told him to or go face an ass beating. But Susi was right there and damn near bucking to his fingers--so much that she involuntarily started humping her own abused ass with the toy that he held onto tightly. It was at that moment that Nick grew so hard he couldn't stand it any longer. His dick was throbbing so much that it hurt and the only relief was the squirming girl's ass wobbling side to side, pumping back to feel that toy plugging her hole again while he stayed put and rubbed that little pussy. "So...fucking...confusing..." Of course he was asking himself if this was right; part of him knew it was while another wanted him to just let her loose and take the ass beating. But the way she rocked on those wheels--pushing her ass out when he pulled back so far that she could no longer even squirm to get enough contact--made the decision for him. He pressed in closer to give her something to rub her body against and the conflicting signals finally snapped something in his mind. The sound of his dropping zipper hit Susi in the ears as he spoke, "I...c-can't. I'm really...turned on..."

Susi felt him brush against her hip when he leaned in to get a deep rub of her pussy between her legs and she couldn't ignore the thickness of his rock-hard cock trapped beneath his jeans. She knew then that she had lost the battle. He was so aroused there would be no convincing him that--despite her own arousal--this was wrong. He seemed to be debating still, but his hands never stopped touching her, holding her back steady with one hand so the other (likely pruned from playing in her sopping wet pussy for so long already) continued to tease and explore. It was as though while he debated with himself he was trying to get her so worked up that she'd stop pleading to be set free and instead beg for his cock and abolish his guilt for taking her against her will. If that was his plan, it was working. Susi was getting so aroused by the torment of his fingers diddling over her slit and tracing lines up and down her puffy lips that she could barely restrain from moaning any more. She was precariously close to begging him for it, but damned if she was going to lose her pride and do so. Then the sound of his zipper hit her ears, announcing her fate, and she whimpered, jerking again in the stocks as she started babbling this time, "No...no....no..! Don't, Nick! NO!"

Nick huffed as he pulled the plug away and set it on top of the stock's beam beside him. He even took the time to peel out of his sweater, mainly because he was so fucking hot that he needed the cool air of the open yard kissing his sweat. Leaning in, he stroked the bottom of his cock head between those cheeks. "Susi, we can still beat him without beating him." Nick licked his lips again as he swept one hand in, sliding two fingers up and over her clit and then taking it back in a downward stride as he went on. "He wants to punish you, but maybe if you ask me for it..." As if to make his point he rocked in hard, just teasing the tip of his cock against her hot little hole. The plug's use had stretched her ass wide and the ring kissed the head of his dick in a wet smacking sound when he lifted back out. He wasn't really giving it to her just yet...more like a prelude to what was going to happen. If she begged him for it that was
one way to win and still have their fun. But if even if she didn't, he was still learning through experimentation the spice of using a girl that was all locked up. "Say it as low as you like. Or scream it out. Just ask for it. C'mon, girl...I can feel you shimmying back." Making his point again, he dipped the first three inches of his cock into her ass and then painfully pulled back out, panting down over her in the stocks. "You're locked up like a whore, Susi. Nowhere to go. This is gonna happen..." Each huff brought a new word to her ears. Every time he said something he bounced his hips to glide the head of that cock right over her twitching hole without pushing in. "Just ask. Say it for me. Nick will be good to you for being such a little slut for him. Just say it..."

Susi flushed with a mix of shame and anger at his telling her just to give in. She was so stubborn that, despite her wanting it now, she clung to what little pride she had left like tattered remains. His smooth cock head poked at her now-empty-but-slightly-gaping asshole as the toy rested beside her head on the stocks and she bit her lip again with a mewl in her throat. The empty feel was both exquisite and frustrating and the promise of that cock pressing against her stretched out hole was more than she could take. Still, Susi clenched her eyes, clinging to her pride. She refused to give in, hoping against hope that the sweet farm boy she knew would do the honorable thing. But the longer he spoke she realized that it wasn't about compromise and getting them both out of a bad situation. He was going to do this
whether she liked it or not. He was just giving her one last chance to give in and enjoy it, too. Susi's heart prattled in her chest as he pushed in just a bit, stretching her hole even wider than the plug had and her skates shuffled in the grass as she tried to pull away, but she had no where to go and another inch spread her open more until she cried out a little bark of pain. Nick pulled out, leaving her empty again, and the tease of his cock was even more frustrating than his fingers over her pussy had been. Her ass writhed, begging for it without speaking as her fingers clenched in the confines of the stocks. She wanted to look back at him with her wet eyes welling with tears, but she was stuck staring forward or down, so she hung her head and whimpered, "Nick.... It's not too late. Don't do this, please!"

Nick shook his head. It was so easy to take, and yet she still denied what she wanted. He couldn't deny it any more, though. The temptation was so great that it was painful and the liberation of that release was right there in front of him, as evident by the first plunge of filling her tender hole. "You know you want me. Why couldn't you just say it?" It was all the rationale his primal mind needed. His own hungers had grown to the point of a bull and he suddenly rutted her ass in long deep shoves that stretched her wider than
even the rubbery toy had done. Heavy balls kissed her clit from behind with the urgent need rolling through his pistoning hips. Even primed for victory, Jay still won, and the moment was proven true by her owner's logic. Nick couldn't even fathom anything else. The instant he jammed his dick inside the mewling bitch, he grit his teeth both in rage and hunger from the feel of her fluttering ass clamping down on his invading pole as it drilled deep. She couldn't even fight back, locked up in the stocks as she was. That was the trigger right there: she could not deny him and the turn on was so intense that he broke his own morals just to fuck her into a high pitched whine from having her ass blasted deep. "Nnnngh!"

Susi felt that cock head press back in and she stiffened even as her clit pulsed wildly. His hands rested on the tight curves of her ass and just before his hips hitched forward, she cried out one last time, "Noooo!" The word was still falling from her lips when she felt the girth of his cock stretching her to the hilt until his balls pressed in hot and heavy against her slit. Susi jerked so hard at the complete and utter invasion of her ass that she banged her neck and shoulders against the rough wood of the stocks, drawing stars across her vision. She groaned, part dazed, part in pain of her tight ring burning as it was stretched
obscenely, and part in the absolute pleasure of being fucked by his thick, hard cock. Between the agonizing pussy tease and the feel of him pumping into her ass like he'd snapped and gone wild, Susi's cunt gushed wetly, splashing his balls in her girl juices every time he shoved in and slammed against her. His thrusts were so hard that it racked her body, but she had no where to go, so her shoulders kept slamming into the stocks, knocking it about angrily. The wood creaked and clunked and the metal groaned as her breasts swayed and bounced heavily under her body. Unable to fight, with no way to resist, Susi took the hard fuck Nick delivered to her ass, grunting or gasping each time he drew out and pumped her hard again, stretching the little hole wider with every thrust, though the ring of muscles stayed incredibly tight no matter how much he reamed her open.

Nick let himself get lost inside her tight little butt, making her cheeks jiggle from impact so that the sound of her ass wobbling rattled with her shoulders smacking the rough wood. He couldn't hold it any longer. His fat dick was so on fire that it literally pulsed each time he bottomed out through the grip of that muscled ring trying to force him out. All it did was add to the sensation slurking over his cock. He dropped both hands to make sure that her ass was in place for the rocking-deep stick of his entire length driving inside and he reveled in the juices that were soaking his balls and making his pants wet. "Nnmmmh... Fuck, you are so tight!" Panting, he rose on his toes just enough to line that dick up with her ass, his hands adding balance so that he could pound her cheeks with heated force,
battering her lithe body into the wooden frame. He made it a game--the creaking metal and snapping wood, mixed with her cries--and no matter how much she begged him to stop, she was moaning like a bitch in heat now. Of course she was resisting, but that just made her ass clench tighter around his invading shaft, and it was driving Nick crazy. Falling back on his heels to gather his strength, huffing hard but still in total control of his body, he reversed the push of his hips and drilled upwards, driving that cock at an angle made to lift the back wheels of her skates from the ground. They clacked forcibly when her body dropped back from gravity pulling her to earth and then another rabid shove of his dick forced her up again. "Nnnn... Nowhere to go..."

Susi tried to hard to brace her small frame for the impact of his hips slamming against her tight ass, but he was like a lust-driven mad man and no matter how she held herself, her ass would jiggle and her body would slam into the stocks, rattling the boards and bruising her shoulders. She tried tilting her skates to stand on her toes, bracing the rubber stoppers in the grass to gain some leverage, but then Nick would stand on his toes and slam deeper into her up-turned ass like it was some sacrificial offering and he was the god it was being presented for to use for his pleasure. Susi's feet skitched out from under her and the only thing keeping her from wracking herself on the stocks was his thick shaft buried deep in
her pulsating ass. She cried out as he shifted again and lodged it deep as she slid, hefting her right off her feet until she dropped back to the ground on unsteady wheels with his cock being used like a human forklift in her ass. "NNyaah! It hurts! Oh god, Nick, please... It hurts!" You're t-too big!" Susi struggled, trying to get away from the invasion of his fat dick, but she was trapped with no where to go and no room to get away and her struggles only clenched her ass tighter around his thick shaft, making the ache around his dick even more painfully pleasurable. Instead of dissuading him, her struggles only fueled his lust-crazed desires, and his brutal slams increased in both pace and ferocity. Susi clenched her eyes and wailed at the assault, her ass now burning from the increased friction on her unlubed hole. "Ahhhh god! Stop! Please, please stop!!"

Nick actually stopped, pulled out, and stepped back out of Susi's field of vision, taking time to strip out of his pants, throwing them aside while leaving the girl trapped in the stocks to wonder exactly what was going on. Nick pumped his hand up and down his cock then stepping in once more. He angled the head against her hole and gripped the stocks, but the lean of him from above held back the insertion, allowing him to lewdly lodge that cock head snug against her sphincter but not push it in just yet. "You could still ask me, 'cause I stopped. But one thing..." He grunted, jutting that dick inside her ass hard, and the sudden shove jarred her body against the stocks. "I now understand why making you squeal is more fun than asking." Already Jay had sullied the farm boy with the perverse delight of fucking a helpless
girl right in her abused little asshole without even holding back from the hilting pain of that cock hitting balls-deep each time he rammed it in. The more she whined, the harder he hit against her ass. Every time her wails grew in pitch she felt him grip the stocks and use the hold to force his dick in with a hammering thrust that rattled her whole being against the wooden frame. Nick was making it hurt on purpose now, drawing from some dark desire within the back of his mind that was awakened by the begging girl getting pumped so hard that it burned at the end. "Hnnng...louder..." It was almost as if he was daring her to scream, urging her to ask for more of the hungry pain battering her ass with lust so thick that she could taste it in the fucking air.

Susi's mouth hung open not only with the moans that came no matter how hard she fought them, but at the shock of what he was saying. This was not Nick! This was not the sweet, shy, innocent farm boy she knew! She had no idea where this wicked malice had come from, but...she liked it. And she feared it. Now that he had a taste of ravaging a woman--consensual or no--he would want more. It was a thrill that could not be denied once experienced. The idea made her heart sink and her belly quiver excitedly at the same time. Susi had a brief moment of panic, wondering what he was doing when he stepped away. The absence of his cock nailing her ass was almost enough for her to beg him not to stop, but she was more afraid of what was coming when he was behind her not touching her. She felt his heat press in again--closer this time--pushing her body up tighter to the stocks as if she wasn't already trapped enough. His breath caressed wickedly over her back as he leaned in to offer her one last chance to ask for it, but as if it was an empty offer, she heard him admit that he enjoyed her cries and begging for him to stop. There was no way to win. If she asked for it, he would give it to her. If she
begged him to stop, he would give it to her anyway and would relish it in the sadistic way that Jay had opened up to him. Susi sobbed again as his cock head pressed against her pucker--the flesh suckling at it like it was trying to draw him back in--and she mewled, tensing foolishly as though it would keep him out. But he crammed that thick piece of meat back into her tight hole anyhow and her tension only gripped harder: pleasurably for him and painfully for her. Susi's head jerked upwards as she wailed out a scream this time, the pain lancing her lower body as he forced her to open for his renewed slams, stuffing her ass full of hard cock. "NNAHHH! FUCK! NOOOO!!" Susi's pussy was so wet--she was so utterly turned on despite her begging and pleading--that the her juices ran down her thighs soaking the tops of her multi-colored socks and his balls mushed and squished and slurped between her folds as he shoved deeper into her ass until only the padding of her wobbling cheeks stopped his advance. "Nngggg!"

Nick gritted his teeth from the feeling of her abused body just opening up to him like she could no longer even bother to stop him from fucking her tight little hole. Nick scooted his feet apart and used the toes of his shoes like stoppers at the back wheels of her skates. The press of those toes kept her wheels from rolling backwards, stopping any motion until she was bucked into so vibrantly that her skates bounced forward from the force and rolled back to Nick's shoes. His toes stopped her rebound dead cold so that he could keep bouncing her hot ass, his dick pummeling her hole wide with the brunt of each thrust battering her shoulders against the wooden slat holding her in check. Nick almost seemed to forget that there was a person in front of him, somehow. She didn't seem to be less of a person to him, but mewling like she was she seemed...vulnerable. And he had to admit that he liked the look in her
eyes every time her skates rolled half a foot forward only to bounce back against Nick's shoes and he made her pulsing ass bob upwards when he shoved his cock in to the base. The same sliding gait of his thrusts that made her wheeled feet roll like that punched her hot ass deeper down his shaft. He stuffed it in hard, fusing her body into a pure sex machine with his hands locked over the stocks, giving him even deeper momentum. Nick slammed it rough, barreling in deep and fast, not only burning that hole open from the power of his cock ramming home, but drawing pain even to his shaft with the increasingly violent thrusts. He pulled back then, and on the next shove her ass tingled from the intrusion of a thicker pole of beef with his cock swelling and the head seeming to throb all on its own at the end of every violent lurch of his hips. "Nnnn... God damn..."

Susi could see the tips of his fingers from the corners of her eyes when she turned her head to the side as he gripped the edge of the stocks around her neck to lean in and get an even deeper penetration into her ass. She gasped each time she felt him pry her hole open and fill her bowels with his thick shaft, the feeling of her orgasm building in her belly against her own stubborn will. She loved it and she hated it. She wanted it and she feared it. She prayed for it to come and she begged for it not to happen. "No.... You can't! Oh god no please this can't be happening!" Nick probably thought she was
denying his raping her still. And partly she was. But more so she dreaded her climax raging through her, making all of her begging and pleading and denying a lie--making her look like a fool. Incapable of stopping nature, Susi's stomach twisted and flipped and swirled in heated lust, building her orgasm to a fevered pitch. She clenched her eyes and gasped, crying out little squeaks and whimpers as it built, trying to hold it off like she was trying to stop a steaming locomotive with her bare hands. Her ass flexed around Nick's fat shaft and she felt him lurch and swell, stretching her open even more. Susi gasped--her mouth hanging open--and her eyes rolled back into her head as the inevitable happened. Her orgasm slammed through her as though that same locomotive hit her standing on a train track. She jerked on the end of his cock, rattling the stocks harder than ever as she screamed out her pleasure until it dwindled into a long, draw-out groan, leaving her shuddering and twitching on the end of his still-slamming dick.

Nick had no need of vindication. Susi was giving him the answer to the riddle Jay posed the very instant she felt that orgasm build. Nick's desire pushed through to make her body break all on its own and nature won despite her begging for him to just stop, though there was nothing that could have stopped this. Jay knew what he was doing and right now, with his fat cock harming that little ass, Nick felt Susi's entire body move with the first contraction of her muscled ring sucking out his cum in a wild spray. The length of fat shaft bounced on its own, shivering inside her pulsing hole with his tip lurching upwards every time a creamy squirt of cum pumped inside the tiny girl. He had already been so close and with her
finally going over the brink that he couldn't stop the tumble with her, falling down into the rabid need that was rushing through his cock to flood her tiny little ass full of thick seed. Nick made sure to give her every drop, rocking softly so that her insides squeezed and pulled out any remaining cream, then with a little pop he pulled out. Standing there behind her, panting to catch his breath, he chuffed out, "Hnn...hhff... Now that...was some ass." It was corny, but he didn't have a very sharp mind right after cumming, so he said nothing more, Instead he just stepped back to watch his jizz bubble from her ass to trickle down her lips for a moment. Nick couldn't resist spreading his dripping cum all around her engorged pussy lips, even pushing it into her unused hole, then he grabbed his pants from the ground and turned to walk away, returning to his little shack and leaving Susi locked in the stocks for Jay to reclaim in his own time.

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