Jay and Darina Making Love


After revealing his true feelings for her in Jay Romances Darina, the couple spends some time relaxing and cuddling on their new bed. With the gorgeous, naked brunette sitting so close to him while they chat, Jay finds himself unable to resist making love to Darina once more before leaving for work, and she almost convinces him to stay longer with some fancy foot-play.

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Jay and Darina Making Love

Jaidyn smiled and held your naked body snug against his own, running his fingers over your soft skin as he spoke. “I think only you and me should ever be in this bed.” He grinned mischievously, adding, “Well maybe Susi or Vixxen, but you need a strap on then for them to get in the mix. I will turn you at least half as deviant as me.”

Darina blushed and chewed her lip at the suggestion.

Jaidyn continued, “Mmhmm. Get Vixxen gagging on my dick while watching my Rina fuck her from behind.  That's hot. And feeling you make her mouth sink down my cock every time you shoved her full of fake dick. Mmm...”

Darina snickered. "I think Z would have a coronary. His brother and his ex double-teaming his mate..?"

Jaidyn smirked. "Right in front of him, no less, while she's cumming like a freight train. That would give him a heart attack."

Darina grinned, liking the idea more and more. "It would be fun..."

Jaidyn shrugged. "Or he might even join in.  Who knows?" He laughed deviantly at the thought.

Darina raised one eyebrow. "You don't seriously believe that... Really?"

Jaidyn grinned wickedly, still running his fingertips over your skin, drawing goose bumps on your arms. "Ask yourself: if I was in the mix with Susi and you wanted it, wouldn't you shove her out of the way and get in there? Same principle with Z and his mate. He might go berserk, or he might just get hot and hard too."

Darina chuckled and shook her head, shifting her legs as the whole scenario played out in her head started getting her heated. "Hmm... Yeah."

Jaidyn smirked and slid his hand up against your bare ass, just giving it a stroke. "Besides, you know you want to make Vixxen scream much as I do. And with you there...fuck, I could finally share every aspect of me here with you without having to hide it anymore. Imagine it: the both of us…making the ladies of Edenfell cream themselves." He gave another as he spun his ideas for you.

Darina smiled and stroked your cheek, her eyes flitting closed for just a moment feeling your hand stroking over her bare ass. "Baby, you don't ever have to hide any aspect of yourself from me. I love you for who you are, faults, quirks, and all."

Jaidyn smiled and closed his eyes, kissing your hand on his cheek while his own hand at your backside slipped in tighter and squeezed. "Mmmn… You know what I mean, silly ass. Just the two of us…living it up like deviants...” He paused, still not accustomed to using the word, but forced himself to speak true, “…in love should live."

There was that word again. She wasn't sure if it had just slipped or if you were becoming more comfortable with the idea, but she didn't point it out. Somehow she felt you weren't the type to like having a big deal made out of it, and she feared that drawing attention to it would cause you to deny rather than embrace it, so she simply smiled and nodded. "I want what you want. I love what you do with me and to me and if you wish to share your other experiences with me, then I want to be a part of them with you, as your partner as much as your..." What was she? Lover? Mate? Top bitch? She sighed inwardly and settled on the easiest one. "...lover."

Jaidyn was more than just growing comfortable with the word; he was accepting it. Fuck, he knew enough that he abhorred the thought of you with another man, but having you help him screw every female on the land was fair game to him. His hand lifted from your ass and clapped down in a slight spank that turned into a nail-razing squeeze. "I have never been more apt to say what I feel about you. Top bitch, yeah, but my bitch." He turned his golden eyes so that you could see them when he stared down at your face. "But no one said I couldn't love my top girl, too. No one even said I couldn't just make you more than my top female either." He’d hoped you caught his meaning. Hell, he was so new to professing his feelings, he was just stumbling through this as he went along.

Darina was starting to feel like that teenage girl with a crush again with you suddenly confessing your feelings. She couldn't hide the blush that spread over her cheeks as she smiled and chewed on her full bottom lip. So many feelings were flooding her: fear, excitement, elation, love, and arousal. The muscles between her thighs started trembling as she thought about sharing the girls of Edenfell with you...or maybe even being shared between you and the other men. She wasn't going to push that one, but if you ever brought it up, she certainly wasn't going to turn it down. That thought made her clit pump and she bit her lip, stifling a small groan, focusing back on your words. She smiled at you, letting her hand drop to her belly while yours still caressed her ass cheek. "Jay, I'm happy just being the one that's most important to you. You have my love, there's no doubt in that. I am devoted to you and would do anything you asked."

Jaidyn shook his head as that hand slipped back in. He didn't care that he was pretty much full on groping his woman, especially since we were already naked in bed. And he wasn't reading your thoughts, since he didn’t have that ability; he was more speaking from his own point of view which coincided with yours n the topic. "I wouldn't be totally opposed to letting you have Nick for a throw, either, but only because he's such a pussy that he wouldn't know what to do if you were even really interested in him for more than fun. He was already the instrument of Susi and some much needed discipline for her screwing with him without my consent, so he's another fun toy to use." Jay was so close he could smell the heat between your thighs smoldering to life, and he turned a sly grin up at you from his place at your side. "Mmm… Someone’s getting a little riled here thinking about all this, huh?" His Garou senses were so keyed up that he smelled the arousal and his nostrils flared a bit with him grinning like a bandit beside you. His hand lifted from your ass, sneaking between your thighs to stroke his middle finger right down your slowly blushing slit.

Darina blushed deeper when you mentioned Nick as if you had been reading her thoughts. Now there's a scary idea, she thought to herself. Her eyes looked askance, but the smile remained. She looked back at you when you spoke of letting Nick use Susi as a means of punishment for her seducing him. Darina didn't know what had happened and the girl hadn't said a word to her about it. "Discipline, eh? Dare I ask?" She chuckled softly until she felt your fingers slip up from her ass to tease through her slit. Gasping in softly through her nose, her eyes closed as the unexpected tease sent a warm thrill through her body. She didn't think it had been so obvious, but she often forgot just how keen your senses were. She couldn't get away with anything it seemed. Her lips parted as your fingers slid back down, drawing the building moisture from her clit to her pucker and her eyes opened back up to simply look at you like she was already wrapped around your little finger, barely breathing out the word to answer your question, "Yesss..."

Jaidyn chuckled as he lifted your leg and grabbed you by the hand, pulling you right over his body to do something he honestly never recalled doing before today. His lips pursed to press up between your thighs in a gentle kiss, then he took hold of those hips to guide you right down to his waiting mouth with his tongue slithering free to glide over your blushing lips. "Nnmm… Good. Then I'm not the only one..." He didn't have to say much else. His tongue slipped back up, splitting your puffy lips with the tip searching out that hot little clit in a teasing grind of flesh meeting wetly between your legs. He reveled in it, getting you to settle over his chest so that he could lick and nibble over your pussy, to feel you come to life on his face even as you stole backward glances at his rising cock, growing thicker from getting your flavor on his tongue.

Darina rose at the insistent draw of your hand on her hips but her face almost had a 'what are you doing?' look on it. She was so used to you just throwing her down and either feeding her your cock or stuffing it in her pussy that she wasn't really sure what it was you wanted her to do. But as you slipped under her leg and drew her down, she stared in disbelief and shock that you were maneuvering her into position so that you could pleasure her. "What? Jay..." Those warm lips kissed the ones between her thighs and the intimacy of it—especially coming from you—was hotter than anything. 
Darina leaned back, resting her hands on yours strong chest, and grunted. Her belly rolled in a wave until her hips hitched forward to glide her pussy over your extended tongue. "Oh, my god, Jay..." Those lips parted to your tongue like the petals of a flower opening for the morning sun, exposing her little pink clit hidden between them. Darina dropped her head to peer down between her breasts and saw your golden eyes looking back up at her while the pink of your tongue dipped and lapped and flickered between her swollen lips. Her chest heaved as she panted, her excitement building watching you lapping at her pussy, and her ass rolled and swayed as she mashed herself against your exploring tongue. "Nngg... fuck! So good..."

Jaidyn had never really felt the need to show you how good he truly was. And like you, he was used to throwing you down and fucking you raw any way he pleased, but the softer side—the loving side—wanted more. But even guiding you up onto his tongue, he still had a little mean streak, and he slapped both tits with his big hands before he mashed them in a firm grip to make sure you were paying attention to his tongue between your thighs. Splitting those delicious-looking lips with the girth of that muscle slithering up, the tip found your clit between the soft petals as they opened to his mouth, allowing him to hungrily take a taste of his woman for the first time. It wasn't just an act. While he loved tossing you around and fucking you roughly—using you no matter what you said—this was different, but no less heated. Jay’s tongue suddenly stiffened to give you something to slide down on while his fingers flicked your nipples from side to side, using your own motions to stimulate your body or force you to grind onto his tongue. 
He stuck it out farther and his fingers loosened their grip of those tight buds on your breasts. He was intentionally waiting to feel your sharp inhale of surprise, then he dropped both arms to hook your thighs in a strong grip, clamping down to hold you securely against his mouth. His tongue wormed up and down quickly, battering that clit from the side or drawing over it with the tip. Lapping faster like he was out of control from the taste of you, his tongue tip never hit the same spot in the same way twice. It laved in a curl then snapped down over the other side to send jolts through your core straight from that button being abused by his ravishing tongue. He suckled a kiss around your clit then spoke up to you, "This is just the start..." His arms unlocked from your thighs, lifting back up to toy with your nipples as his tongue went back into more tense-but-languid strokes slithering over your clit, only to reverse back and forth without pause for as long as he could keep his breathing in time with his tongue’s tantalizing grinds.

Darina watched your hands slide up her belly to cup her breasts in your hands. The rigid peaks of her rose nipples drew your fingers like magnets until they were trapped between them, puffing out between the clamp of your digits. Biting her lip, she let out a little pained whimper, but the pain made her pussy pulse, gushing out a dram of honey onto your tongue as it dipped inside her heated tunnel. Darina turned as you released your hold to grip her thighs and draw her mound down onto your stiffened tongue, pumping and probing her cunt with it like a miniature erection. She reached back, stroking your fully erect cock, sliding her hand over the smooth head and down the stiff shaft in short, quick strokes. 
Just the sight of it while simultaneously feeling your tongue fucking her pussy had her craving to feel it inside of her, but then she felt your tongue snaking through her folds once more, teasing up one side and down the other, battering her clit until she turned back and cried out in pleasure, her hips jerking to fuck your tongue harder. Gasping, she stared down at you, panting out, "Oh, god, Jay... I'm going to cum. Your tongue is...nnggg....driving me crazy!" Her eyes closed and she grasped your head, threading her fingers through your hair as she pressed your face tighter between her thighs and ground herself against that soft, hot muscle. Her chest hitched as she fought for a breath until she froze and screamed out, her cream flooding your lapping tongue and suckling mouth. "I'm cumming. Jay, I'm cumming. Ahh godddd!!"

Jaidyn rumbled from the sheer flavor. The fluid juices dripping over his lips had him gasping a little, but only because he was not ready for you to just explode on him like that. Damn, you had to be worked up to get this juicy so fast, already crying out a hard rush of girl honey onto his mouth and tongue. He gulped down every bit of you he could, actually blushing from the taste of his woman cumming on him so fast. He had to enter that in the record books! With a firm hand, he pushed you up and off, sliding out from under you with a hand falling on your back to scoot that body over to the edge of the bed. His lips pressed in, kissing you deeply to share the juicy taste of your honey with his tongue rolling against yours, totally distracting you from his hand dropping down your belly. 
Slowly he slipped his fingers between your thighs, just patting your clit softly, only to lift his fingers to your lips to shared the flavor of his baby with you. Then he leaned in and kissed you again, sucking it back off of your tongue between his lips. His cock hung heavy by your hip with that hand strumming and even pressing lightly over your still hyper-sensitive clit through the tingles of your fading orgasm. He would have eased up if you even hissed once in slight pain while he gave you a chance to catch your breath, but he was trying to keep that fire in your belly molten for more, teasing just his fingertip in slowly-firming glides of skin pressing down tighter. "Nnnmm… You're gonna have to ask for it today, just because I wanna hear it." Smirking, he nipped your lower lip, purring lightly into another biting kiss as he kept those fingers rolling in a firm clasp around that tingling bundle of nerves.

Darina was still twitching in little shockwaves of pleasure as her orgasm faded. She didn't even protest when you slipped from under her and led her to the edge of the bed. Still panting, she grunted in surprise when you kissed her, but the flavor of her own juices on your tongue left her melting in your arms. Her legs spread almost like she had no control over them when your fingers dallied between her thighs, teasing over her swollen, sensitive clit. Each stroke made her jump or whimper in your mouth, but she didn't pull away or try to push your hand away. 
Rather, she rode out the lingering effects of her climax as you dragged it on and on and on like it was never going to fully end. Darina was so wet that her cum trickled to the bed—your fingers forcing more of her cream out from between her lips—and she pressed her feet to the floor to lift her hips, sliding your fingers from her clit back to her blossomed entrance. "Do you feel how ready I am for you, Jay? I need you. I need your cock inside me, claiming me, making me yours all over again. Fuck me...please..." Leaning in, she nipped your bottom lip, tugging on the silver ring, then she sucked it between her own lips, laving her tongue over the metal until she pressed it into your mouth, her hips still swaying and grinding against your fingers that she'd guided to her dripping hole.

"Mmmm…fuck. You hot bitch. I love hearing that." Okay, so part of him would always be that explosive, unable to contain himself when you did what he wanted. It was so hot that he swore he would burst the second he shoved inside your aching cunt, but he couldn't just yet. Fuck, he was so turned on, he could hardly get you back up on the bed. Throwing you forward so he could clamber up behind you in a hurry, Jay barely gave you time to breathe when he slapped his cock—thick and meaty—against your slit from behind and pressed the tip between those glistening lips. Sometimes just hearing you ask for it was such a turn on that he could hardly stop himself once those words fell from your mouth. 
The sight of you bent and ready for him was too much to ignore, so he bit his lower lip and pushed forward. Jay felt your body opening to him, that pussy slurping apart from his dick driving in with the feel of your muscles twitching when he pressed deeper to fit in all the way. His spine hitched hard and his face grimaced as he grit his teeth tightly like he was in pain, but, oh, the feeling of that hot velvet sucking at him, clutching his shaft with him buried to the base was pleasure beyond pain. His fat balls plastered right over your clit until he drew back to start fucking that delicious cunt and they pulled free with strings of your girl honey glittering in thinning strands before they snapped from the tension. That pained clench of teeth melted into a slow smile as he panting down at you—bent over before him, taking that cock like his true mate should. "Nnnn…damn. Uhhhh…"

Darina actually smiled at your getting so riled up. She loved that she got you so heated. Sometimes the crudeness miffed her, but mostly she loved it; it’s what drew her to you in the first place. Spinning onto her knees on the bed, she peeked over her shoulder at you as you crawled up behind her and the first touch of your cock's head traveling up between her slick folds had her closing her eyes with a groan of anticipation. Darina turned forward, bracing her hands on the bed as she felt that thick, meaty cock slam home without any further preparation. The sudden invasion had her head spinning. She was already so worked up from your teasing tongue and exploring fingers, but nothing had penetrated her yet, and to feel that fat dick spreading her walls like a ship parting the ocean drew her belly up to her throat and left her gushing around your shaft. "Nnyyah! Fu-u-uck…" 
The expletive came out in a wavered voice, like her whole body was shuddering from the feel of you stuffing her—so fat, so thick, so incredibly filling that her toes curled and her fingers clawed at the sheets. Darina felt the heat of your balls—warm and soft and fat—pressing against her erect and sensitive clit and she gasped as it pulled away in a sticky mess of her own cum like you were kissing it again. "Ah! God-d-d...." She started rocking on hands and knees, pulling away to feel the length of you slipping through her tunnel before she rocked back and forced you back inside—deep and hard and painful, just the way she loved it. The pace quickened when your own hips jerked and pulled away, meeting her thrust for thrust, slamming in and pulling out, until the wet smacks of skin slapping skin were nearly drowning out her escalating cries of pleasure. "Ah! Oh! Nngg! That's it, baby. Your cock feels so good. You're making my pussy ache, it’s so thick! Gahhhh...fuck yes!"

Jaidyn didn't even need to hold on to your body. He just locked one hand at your hip to make sure your pussy was right in line for the wild pushes backwards to meet him. Grunted with a growl edging his throat at the end of every push, he threw his weight into those hips as they clamored to meet you in the middle with his fat dick plowing you open. His one free hand raised and came rushing down, smacking that ass hard enough to make it sting through the feeling of him thudding his cock deep. 
With clenched teeth, he looked down to watch that ass wobbling from impact as he fucked you good and tight. "Nnnn… Fuck yeah. My hot mate with her ass in the air!" He didn't even care about the words. He just spoke aloud through the rabid shoves of his cock filling you up, with the wet sounds of him stirring your honey pot like a maniac echoing through the room. He bucked back with intent as he drilled that pussy, bringing just enough pain at the end of his thrusts that they sundered your walls open and the head of his cock pulsed hard against your inner ring. "Nnnn f-ffffuuuck... So damn...tight!" With a bite of his lower lip, a single fang hung over, and the feel of that shaft started to pulse with the length of his swollen beef hammering hard into your slit. "Take it! Come on!"

The slams of your hips against her wobbling ass started coming so hard that she couldn't even rock her body to work against you anymore. She braced her arms on the bed with her elbows skitching forward as she fought to stay in place and offer resistance to your driving slams. Every hit forced a cry from her lips. Every thrust left her grunting for more. Every slap of your balls against her clit had her shivering and whimpering on the end of your cock. You were fucking her into a muttering, gibbering, sloppy-wet mess, with her cunt drooling down her legs and slushing around your fat dick as her eyes rolled back into her head. 
The sound of your growls had her belly flipping over wildly and her clit pulsed and jumped with a life of its own as she started mewling and whimpering, the sensation of another orgasm stirring to life deep inside, threatening to consume her. She could feel the end of your dick banging and pressing against her womb, prying inside, filling her so completely she thought she would never feel whole again when you weren't connected to her so intimately. Risking falling to her face, she slipped one hand between her legs to tease the tips of her fingers over your balls each time they slapped against her slippery, wet snatch, pressing the palm of her hand against her clit to grind it as you jostled her body. She gasped and jerked at the dual stimulation, and the ring of muscles in her cunt fluttered around your shaft as her orgasm built to a crescendo. "NNnggg…fuuuuck! Jay! I'm going...t-to... Oh, god! I'm going to cum again! I'm going to cum on your cock! Oh fuck!!!"

Jaidyn was too turned on to even try and stop you. The feel of you giving in and stopping those backward shoves of your ass just made him maul you to the bed fully, forcing you down on the sheets so that he could perch his feet and slide higher up over your ass. The downward drive angled him perfectly, grinding the underside of his cock over the sweet spot just inside your tight tunnel as he rammed through it with the force of a jackhammer. Jay snarled behind you. His cock was so on fire that it moved on its own like a tentacle. But no matter how it bent or twisted through those tight muscles, the tip kept prodding just at the curve of your inner ring, almost like it was hesitating to go through. 
"Damn it! Uhhh…damn! Relax, Rina baby. Fuck... Not so...tiiight…aaaahhh!" He braced on his knee and the pitch of his hips hitting your cunt with the proper force. The head of his shaft finally pierced that ring so hard that you knew it was there. A thick glob of precum pulsed inside from who tightly your muscles contracted around him, delivering a squeeze tight enough to spurt his building momentum all over your womb. His lungs just kept chugging out hot breaths washing over your shoulders and neck like some godforsaken machine huffing behind you. It almost seemed like he was trying to fuck you right through the brand new bed. His brows knotted down in concentration, holding himself up on his hands to use every ounce of power he had to slam your juicy cunt to the hilt, stuffing hard enough that his wet, fat nuts slipped between your closed thighs. "Nnn… Fuck! Take it! Gimme... Rina... Cuuum onnn itttt...!"

Darina pulled her hand free from between her body and the mattress as your weight pushed her down to the bed, now grinding her clit against the sheets as she started squeaking between gasps. The long pull and grind of your shaft pressed and stroked over her g-spot and the sensation was like dying and going to heaven. Her walls trembled and clenched, grasping your shaft inside even as it fought to breech her inner ring. Her thick ass lifted up to meet each stroke—needing to feel you as deep as you could go—with your breath caressing her neck like a lover's touch. Her head lifted and her eyes went wide as the stimulation of your cock inside her, her clit grinding on the bed, and your shaft massaging her g-spot suddenly culminated. Her orgasm exploded—raging through every nerve in her body—and she screamed out her pleasure in a coalescence of words. "Ohjesusfuckingchristohmygod!!!!" Her pussy spasmed, gripping your shaft so hard that it pained you as her cum gushed out in a flood over your shaft. She jerked and flailed; the only thing keeping her down was your weight pinning her beneath you. She screeched and cried out over and over as you kept fucking her through her intense climax, and she shuddered beneath you, gasping to catch even one breath.

Jaidyn shook like he was having a seizure from the feeling of those muscled walls gripping him in mid-orgasm and the rush of those juices slurping out around his shaft while being held inside with every contraction trying to drag him deeper. Fuck, he could feel your liquid rushing out, glazing your thighs, and his balls stuck between them until he snapped a hand down and grabbed under one meaty hip, rolling you over in the throes of orgasm so that his dick twisted inside your walls until he lifted both of his arms under your legs. "You're gonna watch me cum inside you," he said, making you face him as he leaned in and found a good position to lift his hips into a deep slide. This time, as he was holding you open, the head of his cock slipped through that inner ring more easily with an inch or so stirring that ringed muscle. Biting his lower lip as he held you down to face him with his shaft still connected to the deepest part of you, he continued, "I claim this pussy in the name of myself and my Lifemate..." Sure, it sounded corny, but right then he couldn't come up with anything better. 
The feel of you so wet and slurping around him with every jarring push of his hips barreling down, was nearly driving him crazy. The backstrokes of those hips was pulling more honey from your cunt so much that the bed was dotted with wet spots from your having cum on him already. Now the dampness was spreading from between those legs and glazing your little pucker he held open by the lock of his arms keeping your sexy toes in the air, making them bounce each time he shoved balls deep. "Nnnhh...Fuck, baby! I'm... Uhhh..." He couldn't even finish saying it. He was too close and his brain was too addled. The feel of his shaft throbbed at the end of every plunge he railed inside your juicy pussy. Every lilt of his hips pushed him closer. His balls lifted behind his shaft as the girth grew taut and fatter inside your fluttering hold as his pace increased, pushing him to the edge of ecstasy.

Darina let out another little cry as you flipped her to her back that just mingled with the others she'd been making since you starting railing her pussy. Not missing a beat, she hefted her legs right over your shoulders as you loomed in over her body. Lacing her fingers behind her knees, she pulled herself wide open for you and tipped her head to watch your cock sinking down past the swell of her pink lips as she felt it pressing and reaching inside her walls to her womb. Still trembling with the aftershocks of her orgasm, the feeling of you reaching new depths had her gasping once more. The wet slush-slurk-smacks of your cock sloshing into her soaking pussy was so fucking hot as she watched it disappear over and over into her cunt that Darina thought she was going to lose it again. Her breasts bounced and swayed as her body rocked, and as she heard you claiming her she looked up at you for a moment as a tear welled in her eyes. But then she heard that all too familiar grunting and growling as you quickly approached climax and her eyes switched back to the junction where your bodies met. She could actually see as well as feel your cock swell thicker as your balls drew up and then the heat of your cum jetting inside, splashing her womb with your seed. Darina gasped and her hands clasped behind your head to force herself to stay focused on the sight as she came again with you this time, her cunt contracting around your swollen girth, milking every last drop from your balls into the depths of her womb. "NNngaaahhh!"

Jaidyn hadn't felt his balls empty like this in a long time. His cock shuddered he came so hard and filled your womb with every little drop of his cream so that it churned inside your pussy. He let your legs fall just so he could slip and slurp his dick through your filled cunt in his post-orgasmic glow, reveling in the sound of the wet cum slushing inside your body. Gradually he leaned in with his hips slowing down, kissing you deeply, his mouth meeting yours with a loving, passionate kiss to end all the ones that had come before it. Nipping your bottom lip as he slowly lifted out, he drew his length from your slit in a string of white goo that seemed to melt into the sheets under our bodies. He fell back to the bed with a huff, grabbing whatever part of you he could find to pull you closer, but then he realized he had pulled your bare foot alongside his slippery cock. Grinning a bit wickedly, Jay grabbed the other and clamped your feet around his dick, coating them with your comingled cum. He sighed, stroking himself that way as he started coming down from his orgasmic rush. "Mmmn... Fuck that was...hot!"

Darina felt the last quivering pulses of your cock twitching inside of her as your weight settled over her breasts. The kiss took her by surprise—the heat and passion in it completely unexpected, especially after you'd gotten your release. She moaned softly into your mouth—the kiss alone nearly stirring her back up—but then you withdrew and she shivered again at the sensation while you rose to your knees. She expected you to go then and leave her lying there, but instead you reached out and drew her feet towards you. She smirked as you drew them to clasp your softening but still-firm cock and drew them up and down the shaft, coating her insteps in the mixture of your combined cum. The viscous fluids made her feet slick, and she started stroking you gently of her own accord, watching you twitch and jerk and grunt with how sensitive you still were. "It was incredible...just like you," she said.

Jaidyn smiled. Somehow this was even more intimate than being inside you. It made him feel almost vulnerable while not really losing his power over you. He watched as he felt your soft slickened skin grind over his semi-erect length, but the flesh was still very sensitive, and just a touch made him tremble right there before you. Jay leaned back on his elbows to let your toes go where they wanted to, saying in a voice deeper than usual, "Mmm…not quite as incredible as you.” Then he gave a nod to your feet working around his shaft, adding, “Of course without you, this is just masturbation." He chuckled then closed his eyes for a moment, chewing his lip with your feet finding how sensitive he really was. The gentle glide brought his shaft to a rise again and the rigid member plastered wetly to his own stomach. He looked at you stretched out like some delicious treat with your toes stroking him on our new bed and grinned wickedly before saying, "Mmmm…I think you’re finding another of my likes right now."

Darina's pretty little toes, painted with a French manicure, curled a bit around your shaft as though cupping it with her fingers, drawing them up and down the bobbing length over your stomach. The balls of her feet would gently graze over your sac as she brought her heels downward to the base, then she would reverse the motion, pressing the arcs in around the girth between each foot in an upward sweep. The slick glaze of cum let her feet glide smoothly over your skin as the shaft pulsed and throbbed between them. 
Her eyes would flit between watching her feet stroke your cock and watching your golden eyes, seeing the pleasure you felt from the erotic action there on your face. "So it seems,” she purred out in a sultry voice, “that you have yet another part of my body you can use to bring you pleasure. Then again, as you already knew, any part of my body is yours to use for your pleasure." One foot dropped back to the bed and she teased up and down just one side with her right foot, loving the feel of your firm shaft gliding over it, then she slipped it to the upward-facing side, drawing her foot down along the thick vein running the length to your balls as she pressed down firmly, stroking you in this fashion before returning her foot from the bed to rejoin its mate, resuming using both to rub you fully once more.

Jaidyn had to move or it was obvious that you were going to make him cum again just with your feet. He had to force himself to slide aside then he pulled you in to relax with him. "Whoa…not so fast! Damn, woman. You’re gonna make me pop again doing that. Besides I need to be leaving soon. I don't wanna be all worked up when I leave for work."

Darina giggled as she nestled beside you, feeling your heat radiating through her skin. She hummed and nodded, softly mumbling, "Another time, then... Wouldn't want you all hot and bothered and thinking about me all night at work." She smirked at you and winked playfully.

Jaidyn grinned and leaned in to kiss you, smiling as he settled back down. "Don't worry. You'll be on my mind already, Miss Tease. Excellent…umm...footwork, to say the least."

Darina laughs softly. "Well, it’s not something I've done before, but I'm a quick learner. I'm sure I'll manage."

Jaidyn exhaled. "Umm…trust me. You were doing it right. So fucking right."

Darina smiled and blushed, not knowing what to say so said nothing, just relaxing in your arms until you had to leave her.

Jaidyn grinned and caressed your cheek, holding you like he never wanted to let go.

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