The Sexiest:Pornstars Tribute to Vixxen & Jax's Photo Shoot

Mr. Jackson of Jackson's GEMs invited me (as Vixxen) to do a photo shoot with him. While there, I took some photos of my own. Jax is famous for doing a collage of the photos he takes whereas I tend post mine individually. Katina at The Sexiest:Pornstars did a great blog post about the differences of our styles and I thought to share it with our readers. You can view her story at Anatomy of a shoot: Vixxen & Jackson

Mr. Jackson's Collages

See all of Jax's photos on his personal Flickr and collection of beautiful photographs from the various GEMs photographers and models on the Jackson's GEMs group page.

 A few of my personal photos

See the full set at Vixxen & Jackson on my Flickr page.

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