Shemale Demoness Fucks an Angel

Stacey, the beautiful blue demoness, grinned and stepped in close to the angel, gliding her blue cock over the outside of her thigh and hip with a leering grin on her face.

Glowing pure and holy, Darina shivered from the blue demoness’ icy touch, her hip dipping away almost reflexively as she scowled at her. "Evil, wicked woman. How dare you touch me?"

The demoness smirked and clasped her other hip, drawing the angel tighter against her chilly skin, curling her cock right over the curve of her hip. Instead of the warmth normally associated with the male anatomy, a cool slide like a serpent crawling over her stirred her senses. "Hmm… Demoness," she corrected the angel, “I am no woman.”

Darina made a face like she was appalled by the blue woman’s touch and her eyes turned down to glance at the chill slithering around her hip. Her own skin flared to a warm glow resisting the frigid chill as her hand went up before her face, tilted sideways almost like she was bestowing a blessing. "Demoness, indeed." She took a step back putting distance between their bodies.

As the angel stepped away Stacey lifted a slender white brow, biting her lower lip as she followed just so her cool hand could glide over her fair hip to grab her juicy warm ass in her fingers. "Looking to bless me now, angel? I can think of better ways for you to do that." Grinning wickedly, her cool hand sunk into the angel’s hip, spreading her fingers apart to squeezing her cheek hard enough that the cold blushed her skin.

Darina hissed as the chill soaked through the warmth of her heated skin. She tried to take another step back, but the demoness’ grip was so firm that she just jerked forward again, this time banging into her. Her breasts—draped in gossamer silk—mashed against the ice-cold mounds of the blue beauty’s own and her nipples immediately pearled to hard buds under the material of her gown. "I am in no mood, demon. I don't wish to harm you, but you press me. Now stay back." Her eyes flit about the room, trying to plan her exit, but she was unfamiliar with this home. Sent here in the hope of redeeming the sinners of this land, she found the epitome of evil lingering in the shadows, instead. Something cold and firm, yet smooth to the touch, glanced over the heated valley between her legs and her eyes whisked down as they opened wide. Her hips jerked back as a wisp of steam billowed between their bodies. "Keep your hands to yourself, demoness."

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