The Sleepover


Lisa and Susi have a sleepover at the Bedlam home and when Zuriel peeks in to find them tangled in a torrid kiss, Daddy can't resist joining in on the fun.

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The Sleepover

The girls had decided to stay the night in Lisa’s room to have a bit of a slumber party. At first, Zuriel had heard a lot of giggling and silly sounds, but the sudden quiet made him suspicious of what they were up to now. He didn't bother to knock. Instead, he quietly opened the door and stepped inside to sneak a peek at what was going on.

The girls had been having fun, chatting about different boys they’d seen on campus and a couple of professors they found exceptionally handsome. The talk of boys and sex was getting heated and Lisa found herself blushing more and more. She smiled coyly at Susi—her inner shyness coming out as her punky little friend looked at her in a way that friends don't normally look at other friends. Susi leaned in suddenly, knocking Lisa backwards onto the bed, tangling her arms and legs around her friend’s. The redhead giggled, but the next thing she knew her best friend was kissing her deeply and she melted right into her arms.

Susi hadn't even heard the door open over their giggling, so when she push Lisa back onto the bed she didn't even notice Lisa's daddy come into the room. She was too focus on kissing those lush red lips. Wrapping her arms around her friend's tiny waist, Susi draped one leg over Lisa's thigh and slipped her knee against the girl’s cleft between her thighs as her tongue licked over her lips and dipped into her mouth. Her cute little socks stroked over Lisa's pink-striped ones as the smooth skin of their thighs brushed together.

Zuriel paused right at the foot of the bed. He was not mad or even appalled. The sight of his girl being kissed by Jay’s little tramp had him grinning from ear to ear as he got his first glance at them both alone in Lisa’s room. Seeing them was definitely better than just hearing them. Both tight little butts moved and hips pressed into each other as he watched them kiss. He didn't want to interrupt just yet to see if they would notice him watching them like a wolf that caught a sheep and had gotten clean away. Grinning slyly from the corner of his mouth, he kept his eyes trained on the pair as he quietly stepped closer. The girls continued to explore each other openly, still completely unaware that they were not quite alone.

Lisa squealed a bit in surprise as Susi kissed her so deeply, feeling the girl's knee press against her crotch as she started drawing it up and down the length of her own thigh. Her eyes were wide and her ears strained, though. She'd could have sworn she'd heard footsteps coming down the hall. It wasn't a big deal that Daddy was around, but if he came to check on them and saw this... She's not sure what he'd do. Still, Susi felt so good with her soft skin and her curvy, petite frame mashed against her own, and the swell of her ass cheeks under Lisa's roaming hands. It had been too long since they'd last played together. Lisa had forgotten just how sexy Susi was, and now she was losing herself in the girl's touch. She was so lost, in fact, that she didn't even hear the door creek open or the sounds of bare feet padding into the room.

Susi's hips started rocking, grinding herself against Lisa's silky thigh through her little pink and blue panties. Her teeth nibbled at those soft, red lips then she sucked on them, licking her tongue over the petal-soft flesh. Her fingers curled, first tugging at Lisa's tiny Hello Kitty tank top, then she drew it to the front, cupping the girl's pert breast in her hands to knead it through the shirt. Susi's thigh shifted upwards, pressing hard against Lisa's little cunt through her pink striped panties until her friend grunted into their kiss, then she let her leg go slack again just to be able to tease her more. Pulling back, she breathed hotly into Lisa's face, "I want to taste you again. I want to make you cum and scream my name."

Zuriel grinned as he walked up and placed a hand on the foot board, drawing it along the wood as he strolled around the bed, keeping to Susi’s backside as she pressed down over his little girl. There was no stopping the bite to his lower lip, the flesh curling from the grip of his tooth when he rounded the corner, making sure to step quietly. Using Susi as cover, he easily sneaked up on them both at the side of the bed while staying out of sight. Nothing could describe it. One had to actually be in the room with them both. Two young, petite girls grinding on each other as they passed heated words through the teasing kisses and touches they were sharing. He didn't want them to notice him just yet, so he stayed as quiet as possible, letting them play while he watched their erotic little show on the bed.

Susi was driving her crazy. Lisa nipped and sucked back, licking her friend's lips until they shined like she'd glossed them. Her own hips started rising, swaying upwards to grind her cunt against Susi's teasing thigh. The girl's words about tasting her set Lisa off and her pussy suddenly throbbed to life with urgent need. Wrapping her arms around the her friend, Lisa rose, mashing Susi's breasts into her own, kissing her even more deeply as she panted out, "Oh, fuck yes, Susi. I need it so bad. I want you touching me, tasting me, making my cunny cum for you."

Susi smirked and drew back, catching her fingers on the hem of Lisa's little pink tank top and drawing the girly kitty over her head so that her pig tails lifted and flopped back down around her face. Those beautiful, pert little breasts jiggled free and Susi's hand clasped one, squeezing gently to pop the nipple up to her parted lips. Clasping her mouth around half the orb, Susi sucked, flitting her tongue over the pink areola with a soft grumble of appreciation at the taste of the baby-soft skin. Her other hand dropped, nestling between her best friend's thighs to tease over her panties. They were already damp with arousal and Susi applied pressure, grinding the material in against Lisa's folds to rub it over her clit.

Zuriel blinked as he listened to the girls. Damn, Susi was a right little slut for his baby girl, and it showed when the white-haired cutie lifted the pink top that Lisa had been wearing over her head. Susi had dived right in, sucking that pink nipple between her lips, and just as deftly as that mouth was, Susi dropped her hand between his girl’s thighs for a touch. He lifted a brow watching them teasing and playing around a little bit before getting to the main event, then he did what most any man would do. "Hmm… Well, this wasn't what I had in mind when you asked if Susi could sleep over, young lady." He was acting all stern, but there was no denying his grin. He wasn't really cross, and Lisa would know it, but he was still there with that stern voice asking her exactly what she thought she was doing while he was still in the house to catch them both. Normally he wouldn’t have bothered them, but something told him to peek inside tonight, and he was truly glad that he had. As he watched Lisa go wide eyed in shock, realizing that he was watching them play with each other, he had to stifle his chuckle.

Lisa damn near kicked Susi off the bed in her panic because she hadn't even heard Daddy come in the room. She should have known something was amiss when she'd heard footsteps and then nothing more, but she'd chalked it up as him probably going to bed. When she heard his deep voice and looked past Susi's head to see him standing right there, she froze with Susi's mouth still suckling her teat. "Daddy! Wh-what..? I... That is, we..." Susi's teeth suddenly clamped down around her nipple as she was floundering for an excuse and she closed her eyes, groaning. "Uunngghh!"

Susi was so lost in slurping up Lisa's tit that she hadn't even noticed Mr. Bedlam sneaking up beside them. When she heard his voice she froze for a split second that they'd been busted, but then—being the little minx that she was—she smirked and continued her sucking, slurping, lapping at her friend's breast. When Lisa started babbling in panic, looking for some excuse to give her Daddy, Susi deviously clamped her teeth down around the girl’s nipple and ground them together, rolling the taut flesh between her pearly whites until her friend was groaning with lust. Popping her lips free until the breast fell away with a bounce, Susi spoke against it, addressing Zuriel. "Enjoying the show, Mr. Bedlam?" She smirked and turned to peek at him over her shoulder, her fingers still diddling with his girl's cunt as it grew wetter by the minute.

Zuriel stepped up without another word until his hand caught the back of Susi’s panties in a tight lift that tugged the fabric taut against the girl’s body, the cloth sneaking between her cheeks as he rolled his hand once to really capture the girl in the moment. "Maybe I am. Though you know I'm damn well not going to sit on the sidelines while you have your way with my baby." Suddenly he grabbed a handful of her white hair, forcing the smug little sex pot’s mouth back over his girl’s nipple, and then he just hissed his words behind Susi’s ear. "Suck it harder..." The smile on his face turned devious as he held Susi right over his baby girl’s tit, forcing her to take a mouthful of flesh as he turned his eyes to his daughter. "Oh, no, honey. This isn't stopping. You both started something and if I ever teach you anything it will be to finish what you begin." Clutching the back of his Susi’s head, he twisted it to the side, forcing Susi to roll her mouth around Lisa’s trapped nipple, caught from the press of him hovering over the girl from the side. While he made Susi suck Lisa’s pert little bud firmly in her mouth, he lightly jerked her panties between her thighs, grinding the cloth over her blushing flesh.

Susi bit her bottom lip at the feel of her own panties being drawn tight between her pussy lips to grind against her clit. Groaning, she rolled her hips to give him a good view of her perky ass cheeks and to rub that stretch of material harder over her little bundle of nerves. The shove to the back of her head caught her off guard, though, and she barked out a little cry that muffled when her friend's tit was roughly shoved back into it. She made a garbled sound that melted into a moan and she resumed sucking on Lisa's flesh, her lips wetly smacking and slurping the mouthful of flesh like a calf at its mother's teat.

Lisa was still staring in shock at her daddy—her mouth hanging open as though she were still working to talk her way out of trouble. When she saw his wicked smirk and saw him toying with Susi's little panties, her shock was renewed, but she realized that she was at least no longer in the dog house. Daddy shoved Susi's mouth back down around her breast and she groaned again as the girl resumed her sucking—harder this time, like she was even more turned on that they were being watched. And Lisa couldn't blame her. Fucking her best friend was hot as hell, but to do it with Daddy watching... Lisa's clit pumped hard at the idea and she felt a dollop of honey gush from her slit in her excitement. Her eyes locked onto her daddy's as he watched and she rolled her hips to press her soaked panties harder against Susi's teasing fingers. Still staring at Daddy, she moaned to Susi, "Stick your fingers in my cunt, Susi. Fuck my pretty pussy with them so Daddy can watch..."

Zuriel slowly let his hand drift from Susi’s white locks so that her head was free, but he kept a tight hold on her panties to grind her clit while he grinned at the scene. "Yes, Susi. Show me how bad you want to make my baby girl cum." His hand untangled from Susi’s underwear to grab the hem of her shirt. Lifting it off her body, he stripped her clean of her shirt before taking a half step back to watch what the girls were going to do next. He was still biting his lower lip and by this point, his pajama pants were bulged thick and tight from the erotic show the girls were putting on, but they weren’t done showing off for him just yet. "Mmm… Go on. Show me what you got, girls..." Grinning wickedly, one hand dropped to the front of his pants so that he could idly rub the stiffening length within. A slight purr rumbled from his chest—loud enough that they could hear it—but he remained to the side for now, just wanting to watch them handle each other some more.

Susi was disappointed when he let go of her panties, releasing the pressure from her clit, but she lifted her arms to aid the removal of her tight tank top, letting her breasts flop free for his viewing pleasure. Susi didn't waste a moment. Grabbing her friend, she slipped Lisa down onto the bed and clambered around to her side, drawing her pink striped panties down her long legs to toss them to the bedroom floor. Naked but for her thigh-high socks and slippers, Lisa lay prone under the weight of Susi's torso. The white haired girl slipped one hand to cover Lisa's mons, using her fingers to spread the pink lips wide with the middle one weeping in to rub over her clit. Her other hand dropped between her friend’s thighs, teasing up and down the slit and spreading the slick juices over the pink flesh until they dipped in, sliding first one, then two fingers deep into Lisa's cunt.

Lisa giggled softly, blushing hard despite her arousal as Daddy stood at the side of the bed watching her best friend play with her. Susi tugged at her panties and she lifted her hips, letting the girl strip her the small swatch of pink fabric down her legs. Spreading her thighs wide, her pussy lips parted, exposing the glistening wet, pink flesh beneath. Lisa chewed her lip, her green eyes turning upward to see Daddy standing at the side of the bed, his silvery eyes taking in everything, but then her own eyes closed and she moaned as Susi's experienced fingers spread her cunt lips wider and slid into her tight tunnel. "Nnggg... Damn, Suze! Pump 'em hard. I need to be fucked like a whore tonight. I'm so turned on!" Her cunt squished wetly as Susi's fingers started fucking her faster. The girl’s finger rubbed hard and fast over Lisa's clit and she squealed in delight, her hips lurching and jerking wildly as her best friend toyed with her snatch.

Zuriel almost hated admitting he hadn't seen anyone go after his baby girl since Stacey had her a few weeks ago, and Susi was a sexy little thing compared to his older friend, so the sight of her taking off Lisa’s panties was enough to make his cock jump. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Susi splayed his pretty baby girl’s lips open, using both hands to torment her right there in front of him. It was one of the most erotic things he had seen in forever. Susi—now topless and teasing her fingers up and down his girl’s pink slit—smeared those juices around with her fingertips and he let out an ‘Ooo...’ from seeing the white-haired girl press first one finger, then a second between those lips in a deep slush of walls parting wetly from the thick, slick cream coating his girl’s honey pot. But his baby girl had other ideas it seemed, nearly yelling at Susi to just fuck her raw and hard right there. He could only grin at the slutty behavior he engendered just by being in the room. And even if his presence was not the cause, he was still enjoying the show put on by the two beauties tangled together, watching the white haired slut finger his daughter right there in front of him. His pants started to become too confining, too tight, so he shucked them down his hips and kicked them aside, licking his lips to wet them as he took in the sight of both girls on the bed with his cock pointing at them like it was ready to be tagged in to wrestle them both. "Damn... Do it, girl!"

Susi alternated between pumping her fingers hard into Lisa's slit and then curling them inside to tease over her g-spot. Every time she did that, Lisa would stop breathing and stiffen like she was in shock. Susi loved tormenting her like that, bringing her so fucking close to the edge and then yanking her back by changing it up and pumping her full of fingers to the knuckles again. Her friend would scream and jerk at the sudden change, but her cunt would gush around her fingers, making the wet chuckling sounds grow louder in the room. Susi pressed her finger hard against Lisa's clit and just held it there, applying constant pressure, then she'd rub hard and fast, making her friend squirm and squeal uncontrollably. Flitting her eyes up to Zuriel, she smirked. "I think maybe she needs a fat cock inside of her more than she needs my thin little fingers. What do you say, Mr. Bedlam? Wanna fuck your baby girl's sloppy wet cunt?" Drawing her fingers free of the slick hole, Susi placed them in her mouth and sucked with exaggerated noises, letting him watch as she slid her pink tongue between each digit to clean them of her friend’s slick girl juices.

Lisa was so fucking lost in what Susi was doing to her that she damn near forgot about her daddy watching them. Her legs were shifting and kicking, her slippers skidding across the silky bedspread as she tried to press her hips upwards to fuck Susi's fingers harder. Her friend was driving her nuts, stroking her g-spot until she saw stars in her vision that nearly exploded into orgasm, then she'd release the pressure and fuck her hard with her fingers again, leaving her writhing in pleasured bliss on the bed. Her clit was hard and swelled with blood, pulsing with arousal, and when Susi pressed on it, Lisa’s body exploded with sensation until once again she very nearly came, then the devious girl would change the sensation by stroking over it so that she was no less pleasured, but her orgasm would fade to just out of reach. Lisa was going to lose her mind if she didn't get release soon, but then she heard Susi talking to her daddy, telling him to fuck her, and she almost came right then and there. Gasping through her torment, she turned to look at Zuriel there at the side of the bed, her pleading eyes beseeching him. "Yes! Fuck me, please, Daddy! I need your big cock inside me making me squeal!"

Zuriel had just about all he could stand watching these two. His first reaction was to drag Susi over and fuck her smug grinning face, but the way Lisa called out to him he couldn't ignore it. Clambering up onto the bed, he grabbed Susi first and coiled his hand at the back of her neck to drag her over. "Mmm… I think I want both of you." He hooked his fingers in her panties so he could strip them away down her thighs, not really caring if they came off all the way or not, then he pulled her closer, sitting the girl on his chest so that her bare pussy was within reach of his mouth. He laid flat on his back and let his arms flop down before a slow kiss sucked firmly at Susi’s little clit, then his tongue slithered free of his lips to lave up over the pink bud. With a sharp inhale, it swiveled back down in a tumble of tongue flesh drawing over that little bundle of nerves—swelling from the sudden attention. 
He paused and lifted his face high enough to be heard, snapping his fingers at Lisa. Once she rose close enough, he grabbed her wrist and sat his baby girl right down on his lap, the feel of thick cock splitting her ass cheeks from underneath. "Get on it, baby..." By the time Lisa realized what he was telling her, he felt the velvet-smooth slide of slick flesh driving over his dick and the sudden sensation made him shake and gasp between Susi’s thighs. As Lisa started to lift herself up and down his shaft, Susi felt that tongue slip out again, but this time it bore down and ground against her button in a wriggling lift-and-curl—down and up—moving over and over again to send the girl on his chest reeling. He lifted his hand and cupped under the white-haired slut’s breast, strumming his fingers over her pierced nipple, and at the same time his tongue continued to grind up and down on her clit. Panting from between Susi’s legs, Zuriel growled out, "Yeah, ride that cock, baby! Mmmnn…" His words mumbled at the end of the sentence as he resumed licking and slurping that sweet little pussy at the end of his tongue.

Susi grunted softly as Zuriel grabbed her neck to drawing her away from his baby girl, her fingers slipping free of Lisa’s wet flesh. Her legs kicked impatiently once he yanked her panties down to her ankles, freeing herself of them completely as he sprawled out over the bed, seemingly unconcerned that he'd not even taken them all the way off. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Susi gladly straddled his face, settling her wet-but-neglected pussy down over his mouth with her legs stretched out along the sides of his head. "Mmm... Don't have to fucking ask me twice!" Susi's ass perched on his broad chest and when she felt the first lave of his hot tongue slide over her slit to tease her little button, her head jerked back and she cried to the ceiling. "Nnyah!!" The white-haired girl's hands roamed up and down her own body, caressing her stomach up to her breasts and back down again, resting on her belly when his big, strong hand clasped her tit to tease and stroke the nipple. "Nnggg… Fuck, Mr. Bedlam... God, you're so good at eating pussy! Nnmmm..." Lisa's hand rested on Susi’s shoulder as she climbed onto her Daddy's lap and she heard her friend groan behind her as she settled onto his thick cock.

Lisa couldn't recall the last time she had been so worked up and aroused. Her chest heaved as she watched Daddy stripping her best friend's panties off and when Susi climbed over his face, her own pussy pulsed in excitement. She watched that pert little ass plump out as it sat on Daddy's chest and she just wanted to bite it, but then Daddy snapped his fingers at her and told her to get on him. Ever obedient, she threw a leg over his hips and lowered her sopping wet cunny over his stiff dick, letting it slide right up into her slick tunnel. She was so aroused—dripping with juices—that she didn't even need to work him in. His thick shaft spread her walls open with ease and she sank right down to the hilt until her pussy lips were plastered to the flesh on his pelvis. "Nnnggghh, Daddy! Fuck, you're so big and hard! You make my cunt feel so tight and full!" Her hips started rising and falling as her legs flexed, the pull of her wet muscles sucking at his cock each time she rose up, then she'd fall back down, slamming him deep into her aching cunt. "Ah, God! I love fucking your cock, Daddy! Ohhhh!"

Zuriel may have been trapped mostly immobile under the young girls, but that didn't stop him from taking some form of control. Using both arms, he pulled as his hands locked under Susi’s legs and tilted the white haired slut back without making her yummy ass slide one inch from his chest, moving her just enough to give her a tilt for his tongue to caress down and up the full length of her slit, flicking from her hot little clit—puffy and swollen from the glide and drag of that muscle between her thighs—all the way to her ass hole. His hands climbed down her legs until his palms stopped at Susi’s toes, then he pushed to angle that pussy back some more and the sudden plunge of tongue drove inside those quaking walls. He didn't have to say a damn word, instead wrestling Susi back and forth by her own legs. 
Only his baby girl ever seemed to make him stutter or breathe in hard, the rise and drop of her hot cunt making him shake. There was no denying he was rock hard and throbbing already, and every rise of her hips made him try and chase down her pussy with his own, like she was lifting just to the tip of it and he was almost afraid he'd slip out until she dropped that ass hard down his shaft and he felt the impact of her body hitting his body. Letting go of Susi, Zuriel lifted his eyes over her thigh just enough to peek at Lisa. "Hnnn… Fuck it good for Daddy!" His head dropped to the bed again to push his tongue back inside the squirming girl on his chest, grinning around his tongue before he started pumping his head to make her ride it just like Lisa was riding his dick. Susi even felt him curling the tip of that probing muscle to find her g-spot, but each time she tried grinding down on his tongue, he pulled it back, waiting for her to settle down before he started tongue-fucking her cunt again. "Mmmnn!"

Susi had worked herself up just toying with Lisa while her daddy watched, but her own pussy had gone untouched, just building with aching need, so when Zuriel's hot tongue probed inside her slit to lap up her spilling juices, Susi shuddered with delight. Almost on their own volition, her hips started rocking, pumping, and grinding her snatch against his flicking, teasing tongue, especially when he found her hole and started thrusting it inside like a miniature cock. The small girl squealed with delight and thread her hands through his hair, guiding his movements as she bounced on his chest to fuck the rigid muscle, but then he grabbed her socked feet and tilted her back so that he could get deeper, exposing more of her pussy to his mouth. "Ah, God, Mr. Bedlam! That's it, you dirty fucker. Eat my cunt and make me moan. Nnnggg fuck!"

Lisa was bouncing so hard on her daddy's cock that her tits were bouncing in wild circles, swaying on her chest. Her pony tails bounced like pompoms, making her look like some sex-starved cheerleader getting fucked behind the bleachers at school. Every time she dropped down, impaling herself on Daddy's cock, Lisa cried out, the pitch and volume growing with each slam of her ass to his hips. Susi's filthy mouth turned her on even more, hearing the way she demanded Daddy eat her pussy, and Lisa fucked him hard, faster, feeling the need to cum building with every passing second. Her wet cunt squished around his shaft, spattering his pelvis and balls with her own juices until they were both a wet mess between the legs and every slap of skin make a sloppy wet sound like someone splashing through puddles in a rain storm. "Ah, god, Daddy! Eat her pussy good while I fuck your hard cock! Make us both cum! Nnnnyyyahhh!"

Zuriel somehow managed to wriggle free of Susi, more or less just tossing her to the side before he rose with a wet chin and grabbed his baby girl in a rush. He took Lisa straight off the bed and snarled, dropping her to the floor on her feet first, but then she felt his dick slip in from behind as he pushed his hips hard against his little girl’s ass and growled right in her ear. "GrrrRrrrr... No way. Your little friend needs to make my baby girl cum like a whore, first." He looked right at Susi still sitting on the bed, nodding to his daughter as he stuffed his cock in from behind to fill those pink lips with his fat shaft. 
"Get yer ass down there and lick her pussy." Susi had been taking some liberties he hardly ever allowed other girls to do, so why not make her wait to cum by making his Lisa cum first? He honestly didn't care how much Susi whined. He waited for her to get down on the floor at Lisa’s feet and use her mouth on his baby girl. The instant Susi was in position, he pulled back and started pounding his little slut’s pussy so hard that the force of his strokes shoved Lisa’s cunt right over Susi’s face. Zuriel grinned with a grim sexual satisfaction, silencing the white-haired slut by putting her mouth to work. "Make her cum like a bitch and I might let you cum on me." With those words, the feel of his hips speeding up started to clatter and smack against Lisa’s ass from behind, the force of his body hitting her making lewd skin-smacking sounds resonate through the room.

Susi barked out a cry that was a cross between surprise and utter frustration. She was so close to coming with his tongue dipping and lapping all over her cunt, and when Zuriel tossed her off of his face, her climax scrambled away like a scolded mongrel. Scowling, Susi crawled to the edge of the bed and sank to her knees on the floor at Lisa's feet. Her hands reached up to cup her friend’s ass as she pressed her mouth to her slit, but when Zuriel started slamming her friend from behind, she slipped her hands free of Lisa’s cheeks, using them instead to fondle her own breasts. Susi's pink tongue darted out, dipping and licking along Lisa's slit, flicking and fluttering over her clit to make the girl squeal and moan as her daddy's thick cock battered her from behind.

Lisa reluctantly rose from Daddy's cock as he slipped from under her, following him off the bed to the floor. His big, warm hands cupped her hips as he slipped in behind her and she felt the heat of his cock pressing against her ass as he growled out orders to Susi to come lick her snatch. Lisa's tummy curled into excited knots when he said she was to cum like a whore and she nearly climaxed from his words, alone. Susi sank down before her and grabbed her ass, and as her hot, wet tongue parted her folds, she felt Daddy's thick cock plow into her cunt once more, spreading her tunnel open to fit around his girth. The dual stimulation made her head spin and Lisa cried out, her eyes closing as her fingers wrapped in Susi's white locks, mashing her tongue to her slit as it banged into her face with Daddy's hard thrusts coming from behind. That expert tongue lapped over her clit as her cunt was filled with fat dick, and with having been teased for so long already, Lisa felt herself tipping over the edge. Panting, crying out her words, she squealed, "Oh...oh..! Ohhhh fuck! I'm gonna cum! Oh god, don't stop fucking me, Daddy! I'm gonna cum all over Susi's tongue! NNnnyyyahhhHH!!!" Lisa jerked hard, slamming her hips back onto his cock, then thrusting them forward over Susi's tongue as her juices gushed from her filled slit, the wet heat pouring over his cock and filling Susi's slutty mouth. "Fuuuckkk!!"

"Baby girl, you’re gonna cum for Daddy. Be Daddy’s good little whore tonight and make your friend know she can have her own Daddy for the evening if she does as she’s told," Zuriel growled with a hunger he had not felt in a while. His thrusts forced his baby girl’s clit hard into Susi’s waiting lips and over her tongue as his panted hot breaths rolled down Lisa’s neck and shoulder. He was goading Susi intentionally, debasing her while building his bitch up to a screaming release. The subtle shift of his daughter on her feet from the power of his hips slapping her ass so hard caused each tongue lash from her wicked little friend to go skating down her slit until the tip of her pink muscle met his pulsing girth at Lisa’s entrance as he railed the redhead open. Susi could taste them both with her tongue being guided to Lisa’s hole, and—for the love of the gods!—he actually felt the white haired girl’s tongue glancing and probing along the underside of his shaft as it stuffed Lisa with a rabid desire, forcing him to just fuck her stupid. The savage slams made Lisa jerk about, causing Susi to either follow and keep up or be pushed back by his baby girl’s cunt mashing hotly against her face. 
He didn't care, either way. He was savoring the feel of Lisa’s snatch suckling at his dick with every wild shove he used to ream her beautiful pink pussy open. Even through the animalistic slams he neared his baby girl’s ear, huffing so only she could hear, like they were sharing a secret at Susi’s expense. "Do it for Daddy, sweetheart. Explode in this little slut’s mouth for me." Lisa could feel his own peak growing so taut inside that it plumped like a beef frank in her broiling heat. His thick nuts clapped and bopped against the poor little white haired girl’s chin, flopping under her jaw each time she dipped in for another taste, and he rolled that body hard to meet them both in the middle of his primal swings. "Lisa, I want you to cum like a good girl for your Daddy. Make him p-prrrouuudd...!"

Lisa heard her daddy's naughty fucking words and she plunged into her orgasm like a rock sinking to the bottom of a deep lake. Had he not been holding her by the hips and had Susi not had her face pressed into her snatch, Lisa would have completely collapsed to the floor she came so fucking hard. Thrashing as she screamed, her pussy clenched around Zuriel's fat prick like she was trying to sever it with her cunt. Her cum gushed and Susi sucked at her pink slit like she was trying to drink her from a straw. "Nyahhh! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, my God....fuck!!!" She couldn't even say anything that made sense. Like she'd come down with Tourette’s, Lisa spewed vulgarities as her orgasm raged through her system.

Susi's tongue flicked over that clit, battering it like she was trying to hammer a nail, then her tongue would stretch out, licking the full length of Lisa's slit in a long lave, and when Zuriel slammed in from behind, it would force the girl's hips forward, driving Susi's tongue so far back that it slathered over his shaft right where it entered his daughter's cunt. Susi could taste the sweetness of Lisa's cum and the heady flavor of Zuriel's musk, and she groaned like a slut at the taste, relishing their mixed flavors. Lisa squealed out her climax, her body shaking violently over Susi’s head, and her tongue was suddenly flooded with her friend’s sweet cum, the fluids just gushing into her mouth. She pressed her lips as best she could to Lisa's slit and sucked, drawing both her clit and her cream into her mouth, drinking her down as the redhead screamed in pleasure with her daddy's cock buried in her pussy and her best friend's mouth locked around her clit.

Zuriel let his baby girl ride out her orgasm—a reward for delivering such a sexy treat for him to share with his little girl. He didn't stop fucking her through it all, though he leaned in to keep breathing in Lisa’s ear. "Watch this. This is what I see when I fuck your face..." His hands slipped from her hips and dropped down, grabbing Susi by those white pigtails as he jerked his spasming dick from his girl’s cunt. Watching with sadistic glee, a gout of creamy juices drizzled from Lisa’s pussy lips as the head of his cock popped free of her tight hold. "Hnnn… K-keep watching…" He exhaled past Lisa’s ear before the head of his dick swept right over his baby girl’s lips, but while Susi gasped and coughed from getting Lisa’s honey squirting in her mouth, he used that single moment to drag her by the pigtails down his cock with more than half of it jutting from between Lisa’s thighs, almost like it was her own cock. 
He showed her how to do it, jerking Susi down the length in a hard pull, and while he used her mouth, he whispered hoarsely into Lisa’s ears. "Take hold of her, baby girl. Just like how I got her. Uhhhf...!" He followed Lisa’s every move, molding his body to her backside so that every motion she made he mirrored with his own hips, flowing his hands down with her as she leaned over to grab Susi’s pigtails tightly in their grip. Squeezing her fingers closed, he kept breathing to his daughter ears, "Show Daddy how you make that bitch pay by forcing her to take my load."

Lisa was still panting with her orgasm searing her brain and body when Daddy whispered in her ear. Looking down at Susi there between her legs, she felt Daddy's cock slip with a wet pop from her snatch and his cock head jut out from between her thighs into Susi's still-open mouth. The hold he had on her friend’s pigtails yanked her mouth down the length until her face bumped into Lisa's pussy again, burying her nose against her friend's sensitive clit. Lisa gasped, but as Daddy instructed she reached down and replaced his hands with her own on Susi's hair. Using pumping pulls, she forced Susi's mouth up and down Daddy's cock, fucking her face with it between her own legs like it was her own cock she was face-fucking Susi with. "MMmm fuck yeah, Susi. Take Daddy's cock. Suck him off like a good little whore and make him cum in your mouth." It had to be one of the most erotic things she'd ever seen in her life and it made her pussy pulse and flutter again just to watch it.

Susi was still eagerly lapping up Lisa's flowing cum when she felt her hair grabbed by both pig tails and suddenly Zuriel's cock thrust forward from between her friend's thighs, filling her mouth with more than just girl juices. Susi mumbled out a sound of surprise, muffled by a thick wad of meat spreading her lips open, "MMrrffphh!" Her blue eyes turned upwards to stare at Lisa for help, but Lisa only looked down at her, mesmerized. And then her friend did something that shocked her even more: she grabbed her pig tails and started forcing Susi to fuck her daddy's cock her mouth. The girl's face mashed into Lisa's soaking wet pussy every time she yanked her head forward, then she'd guide her head back only to yank it down his cock again. Susi whimpered, unable to break free of the hold in her hair, sucking and slurping his cock as best she could lest she suffocate in both their genitalia. "Uummfff! Nngg!"

Zuriel had already been so close to coming that only took Lisa a few minutes of forcing Susi to take her Daddy’s dick before he lost all control. He could not relent in watching his baby girl force her friend’s filthy lips down his cock as he watched from over her shoulder. She had no idea how erotic it looked— becoming ‘her cock’—even more so when he couldn't see perfectly, but could feel everything causing the rising swell that was pulsing up his shaft. Lisa felt his balls rising up under her ass cheeks and hanging taut against the backs of her thighs. He was still following the movements of her humping hips, adding to the illusion that Lisa had her own dick and was plug-fucking the poor mouthy bitch’s face with her own ferocity. Then Lisa spoke and that was the final straw, hearing his sweet baby girl tell her friend to take his load like a whore. He suddenly started bucking as that shaft throbbed, gushing a thick glob of cum onto Susi’s tongue before Lisa pulled her down in a choking gag to spear her throat with the spurting tip. He let it all go, flooding her mouth while his daughter jerked Susi down his cock and held her friend’s lips hostage against her clit and around Daddy’s dick at the same time. She watched as he convulsed and shuddered, tightening his nails into her hips as he came so hard that he left little red crescent marks in her flesh. "Nnnffuuuccccckkkaaaahhh!"

Lisa grinned as she watched Susi choking on Daddy's twitching cock. She could feel his fat balls bouncing against her ass they were pressed in so tightly against her, mimicking her moves so that she felt like his cock was her own. It was like she was fucking her friend's mouth her with own fat dick and the sight of it was so incredibly erotic that when Daddy growled out behind her, digging his claws into her hips, Lisa's lips parted and she gasped as his shaft slid between her folds and over her clit into Susi's spread lips, making her cum again right along with him. Susi choked on a flood of cum shoved down her throat by Daddy's cock and Lisa's own cum coated that same shaft as she climaxed again, her juices spilling down onto his prick between her folds as it fucked Susi's mouth hard and deep. "NNngggg…fuck! Swallow it all, slut! Suck Daddy's cum from his balls!"

Susi's eyes started tearing up as she gagged on Zuriel's cock. Lisa yanked her head so hard down his shaft that her nose buried in her friend's slit until his cock head was slipping down her throat. Her daddy growled behind her and his thick shaft swelled until gobs of hot cum splashed over her tongue and jet down her throat. Susi swallowed and swallowed lest she drown in cum, her blue eyes locked on Lisa's green ones as her friend opened her mouth to cry out another orgasm. Susi suddenly tasted Lisa's cum coating Zuriel's pulsating shaft and Susi sucked harder, cleaning his thick cock and sucking the last of his cum from his balls as she was told to do. As Lisa's hands released Susi's pig tails, she sank back on her heels, panting for much-needed air, licking her lips clean of cum, though her nose and chin still shined with the glistening liquids. "NNn fuck... My turn, now?" She grinned wickedly up at Lisa as she toyed with her own achingly-wet pussy.

Zuriel eased back so Lisa could feel Daddy slipping away. He let out a breath and slightly chuckled. "Nnn… Not tonight. I'm a little tired now. Lisa, dear, if you wanna make this bitch cum, by all means." With that he turned to walk out, whistling as he went to the door. "I'll see you both for breakfast in the morning." He winked at them both and left the room, smiling the entire way to his bedroom.

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