The Lost Hiker - Part Two


This story contains EXTREME CONTENT
including the rape of a human by werewolves.


Cold, lost, and hungry, Susi stumbled onto a cabin deep in the woods. She believed she'd found rescue, but the two men living at the cabin were even hungrier than she was. After the men savagely raped her, Susi managed to get away when the men began to change into something inhuman, but she barely got through the clearing before the two werewolves captured her once more to satiate their primal desires.

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The Lost Hiker - Part One Conclusion: Susi heard the groaning, but it sounded more like pain than pleasure and before she knew it, Z was slipping from her suckling mouth, falling on the floor before her in contorted agony. Jay's cock was still railing her from behind, but she almost didn't notice him as her eyes took in the sight of the stranger before her transforming into... Just what the hell was happening to him? Susi shook with more fear than she'd ever known before. Her eyes grew huge and her mouth hung open in stunned silence until she felt the claws on her hips raking painful lines backwards over her ass. Still on her hands and knees, she whipped her head around to see Jay in much the same position as his brother: twisting, contorted in pain, crying out like he was being stabbed. He, too, was changing, growing. And was that fur?? The little blond was so shocked that she just froze, whipping her head from one man to the other as they transformed until instinct kicked in. Realizing that she was no longer restrained, Susi used her palms and heels to scramble backwards on her ass to the doorway. She grasped the doorjamb to steady her shaking legs as she rose to her feet, then—taking one last incredulous look at the nearly completely transformed men (they were more beast now than man, she thought)—Susi turned from the door and sprinted into the woods—naked, without her pack, only wanting to put distance between herself and whatever it was they'd become.

The Lost Hiker - Part Two

Zuriel snarled in rage that the human morsel was fleeing. The last shivers shaking his muscles into place allowed him to vault straight through the door and bound after the girl. She was not getting away if the beast could stop her. With supernatural speed, the wolf snagged her blond hair flying in the wind behind her, dragging her back a few feet to the cabin she had just run from in a skid of her heels along the loamy grass. It wasn't until he dragged her towards his massive wolf’s head that Susi knew what they had become. 
The beast who had dragged her back opened its muzzle, and the timbre of its roar deafened her ears. The wolf’s strong hands clutched Susi’s wrists, holding her in place, and the chuff of the animal-man holding her made her look at him closely, panting right into her face with a lick of wolven tongue flowing over its teeth. It was clear that what the man had begun the beast was going to finish, as evident by the thick length of canine cock spilling from its sheath.

Jaidyn staggered out of the cabin like his alpha had, but instead of needing to give chase, his brother had caught the girl barely a few feet from the cabin doorway. His long red cock hung from between black-furred thighs as he approached.  The werewolves didn’t speak. Instead, they seemed to growl at one another—sounds Susi couldn't even begin to understand. The beasts chuffed, snarled, and rumbled at each other as though discussing what to do with her. The black furred beast that was Jay once again stayed back for the time being, like it was giving the silver wolf some free time with their human treat. Even still horny as it was, the black wolf crouched low and waited, like a subordinate to a leader, letting the alpha have his way first. He licked his black lips, now waiting to get a taste of the girl while he was a wolf, wanting to hear this bitch yowl as she was split apart by the both of them.


Susi heard the beast approaching fast—faster than she could run—and it snatched her hair, yanking her backwards across the lawn. When it grasped her arms in its immense hands and turned her to face it, what greeted her sights was the most terrifying thing she'd ever seen in her life. Teeth the size of kitchen knives snapped and clenched together scant inches from her face. Drool dripped from its fangs and the hot breath reeking of a beast washed over her. 

Susi froze in shock, trembling in its grip, and as the reality of it hit her, she let loose a blood-curdling scream that stirred the wildlife of the woods surrounding them into flight. Even the beast's large ears twitched, but no one else was around to hear her. No one that could save her from her terrible fate. Susi's jaw trembled, opening and shutting as she worked to make a sound, to speak, to do anything, but the scream seemed to be the last of her voice. Her tiny wrists twisted and pulled in the beast that was Z's massive paw, but his grip was cinched and it drew her closer, droplets of saliva breaking from its maw to spatter over her dirty, naked body. She shook like a leaf and whined in her throat as her heart beat like it was going to come right out of her chest.

Zuriel didn't even wait for her fear to mount. The beast simply shoved the girl face down onto the grassy ground and dropped over her blushing, dirty ass like a dog. Susi could feel that canine girth—different from a man’s and even slightly movable, for the tip of that cock found her lips without even a rise of the wolf’s hips. One powerful paw slammed to the ground beside her head as the other crept in and clutched the human by the neck in a hard grab. Susi wasn't going to get away again and the sudden press of canine dick against her dripping folds told her that she was nowhere near done with these two monsters. The wolf’s cock angled down and the beast sunk the first few inches inside with hardly a grunt, but she was much, much smaller than he was now, and her body forced him to hold
back a little. Still, he push against the tightness that was hugging his shaft as he tried to force his way inside her cunt. The smell of canine musk so close and the feel of the massive, furry body bearing down on her was nothing compared to the moment Z shoved his wolven cock inside her tiny human pussy. Clamping its eyes closed, the beast panted hard and fast, rocking its hips to feel the girl from the inside sucking at his enormous shaft prying her pussy wide open. She was so fucking tight that the wolf looming over her shuddered, but it was just warming up. It made the girl take every inch right down to his fat, furry balls. They banged the backs of the human’s thighs as she fought to keep her legs closed, hoping to keep him from forcing his way inside. The growling inhales of breath reached her ears from behind as she was violated now even worse than she had been only a short time ago with a giant beast dick inside her cunt.

Jaidyn actually whined impatiently, but the alpha was too engrossed in breaking the girl open once again to notice. He was dying to get in the action again because the smell of freshly fucked female was driving him utterly crazy, but with the alpha on top of her taking his pleasure, the black wolf could only stand by and watch. Susi was under flesh so thick with silver fur that she couldn’t even see Jay’s red canine shaft swelling, growing thick and taut from the smells of them both going at it. The beast Jay reveled in the sounds the poor girl made from being crammed full of so much cock that she was near her breaking limit. The black wolf clawed the ground—Susi could see that much—but his frustration only grew steadily worse while his alpha fucked the girl deep.

Susi's eyes were so wide and her face so pale that she looked like she'd seen a ghost. Her limbs had gone week with fear. The only thing holding her up was the grip Z had on her arms, so when he tossed her to the ground, she dropped like limp rag. Her head lifted as she lay on her belly and her weakened arms reached out to claw at the earth like she was trying to crawl away, but the massive silver beast climbed over her prostate form and pinned her to the cold, damp grass. Susi shook harder and her chest heaved with panicked breaths, but still she made no sound other than the small, frightened whimpers and mewls that were stuck in her throat. And then she felt it: the beast's huge canine cock tip prodding at her already-abused entrance. The tiny blonde gasped once in fear and then the beast hitched its hips and pressed its overly-large member into her tight-but-slick entrance. Susi wailed in
horror, in pain, in denial of the whole surreal situation, "NoooOO! Ahhhhh, God!" Her narrow pussy was pried open around the thick canine shaft as it continued to push, forcing her open around its girth to take its full length. The pain was immense and Susi never felt stuffed so full in her life. Her hands beat and clawed at the earth, digging divots from the ground as the beast huffed and grunted over her, drawing its long, enormous shaft out from her narrow tunnel only to drive it back in hard and fast, smacking its furred balls against the backs of her legs. Susi didn't even give Jay a thought until her eyes rolled up, and between Z's massive head and arm, she caught glimpses of his black-furred claws digging trails in the earth as though he was waiting impatiently for his turn with her again.

Zuriel didn't even have to nod at his brother. Lifting to his knees, the wolf dragged the girl up with him like some sexy, dirty fuck doll, and without sliding from her slit one inch, he pulled Susi up on her knees with large taloned hands guiding her up. Her screams were the meat and drink of this encounter. The louder she got, the more the silver wolf pounded that little pussy with the full canine length breaking her open from the sheer amount of power railing her cunt down the length of monster cock. There was no remorse or even a single human act that would even come close to this. She was being raped open by massive werewolves in the middle of the forest, and Z was taking utter primal delight in fucking that cunt to a frothy, juicy, spilling mess with his fat shaft pumping her open. The beast was so into the sensation of the girl mewling on his dick that he didn’t even care when his beta approached to try and get in on some of the action. Susi felt claws hit her hips again, some even dragging up her side leaving bright red lines of blood trickling from her skin, but the silver wolf was oblivious to her pain. All it wanted was to fuck this hot little cock sleeve until she was a cum-filled wreck.

Jaidyn stood by as long as he could, but his red dick was pulsing to get some of the human treat. When his alpha jerked back and dragged the girl up on her knees, the black beast approached cautiously, stalking closer until could dip in to grab her hands. Jay lifted Susi’s face level with his own red dick, the throbbing member hovering bare inches from her face. Susi got a real close view of the slick werewolf shaft and the way the knot at the base pulsed hotly just before the wolf stuffed its cock in her mouth to give her a taste of wild dick. The Jay wolf didn't move from there. He just let his alpha’s thrusts do all the work for him as he held the girl’s hands on his furred thighs, acting as a lock to keep the human between them both so they could savor her together. His alpha growled up at him, but he didn't move away. He just held the girl captive right there for his alpha to buck into her, sending her face skidding over his slick tip.

Susi yelped out a cry as the silvery beast mauled her hips and legs, lifting her to her knees without ever lettings its thick pink cock pull free of her stretched out cunt. She felt the soft, thick fur brush over her bare back as it crawled in closer, stuffing its shaft deeper into her tiny pussy, and as her head lifted to the sky to scream in pain, she saw the black wolf approaching. Her scream doubled in pitch and volume as Jay grabbed her arms and pulled her head down, his immense red cock prodding at her face, slathering her nose and cheeks and chin with the slick coating of her own juices from when he'd been fucking
her as a man. Susi gagged in revulsion, but his claws sank into her arms and held her tightly, drawing another cry from her. As her mouth opened to cry out and Z pumped her from behind, the black wolf's canine cock stuffed her mouth full until she gagged. She choked on its length with its girth stretching her lips so wide that she feared they'd split. The little blonde bounced back and forth against the beating from behind, feeling Z's massive cock spreading her slippery cunt open further and further, and every time he plunged in to the hilt, Susi was slammed forward and fed another mouthful of Jay's wolven shaft.
She pushed with all her might against his thighs to be able to breathe and instead stuck her tongue out, licking and lapping at the head, dipping it inside the curvature at the tip to draw drams of precum from it just to appease him without having to choke to death. Whimpering, whining, sobbing with fear and pain, Susi's couldn't stop her body's reaction to the feel of her cunt being so completely used and abused, and it squished wetly as more of her own juices splashed and spilled every time Z withdrew from her slit.

Zuriel smelled her scent before he even felt her pussy juicing on his canine cock. The human bitch was so wet from being filled this much that she was literally dripping off his furred balls. The girl’s honey was making a puddle between her knees even as the silvered wolf raked the backs of her thighs and jolted its paws up to her hips. The hold gave him more power to cram that canine length inside the poor mortal. Susi could feel that cock hit through her every defense. Both ringed muscles in her cunt were forced open hard as the beast fucked her so deeply that she felt the fluted tip of its dick punching the back of her womb. She couldn't see it, but she felt the obscene bulge the wolf’s dick made in her belly from being
hammered like a nail. The beast was fucking her so good that her little mouth opened to lick and lap at his pack mate’s dick. It seemed that the utter freedom of having two monsters fucking her in the forest brought out the wanton whore’s desire to please them both and he took full advantage of that fact. The girl’s lower belly distending from the fat shaft plowing her open, every thrust sending her on a lifting buck along with the force of the wolf’s cock burying to the hilt in her pussy. The longer it went on, the more Susi came to realize that she was not just bouncing from the silver wolf stuffing her hard. She was actually bouncing on the swelling knot at the base of the beast’s cock, the rubbery flesh knocking her forward every time.

Jaidyn could smell how ripe the girl was from the rutting fuck his alpha was giving her. His nostrils flared as he inhaled the scent deeply. She was on fire being mated by a real Garou werewolf and the juices spilling from her cunt only added to her aroused scent. His alpha had clawed her up, getting the scent of her blood into the air as well, and the smell drove him mad enough to grab the back of her head and fuck her face so hard that Susi might think her jaw would break from the pressure. Her mouth was being filled like never before with so much wolf dick that her air was cut off each time the red shaft vanished down her gullet. Susi was nothing more than a party favor for the wolves—a toy between them to be used and fucked from both ends by the two monsters. The black wolf tossed his head back and growled hard, dragging the blond by the hair down his length until Susi felt the plump knot in his shaft pop against her lips. Each stroke made it swell fatter and thicker as his clawed fingers gripped her hair tightly.

Susi had never felt so full, not even when she ate too much at dinner. This was different. This was a deep, completely and utterly full feeling that satiated her most basic, primal needs—needs that had lain dormant in the core of her very being until they were awakened by the beasts that were ravaging her. The silver werewolf's elongated shaft rut through her barriers, plunging into her womb with such force that her belly distended each time his canine knot butt up against her entrance. Susi grunted and whimpered and whined in her throat at the beating her pussy was taking, but deep down in her core, she could feel a familiar stirring in her loins tingling in anticipation. Just as she felt that sweet sensation start to
build and a moan came from her licking, suckling mouth around the black werewolf's cock, the beast in front of her grabbed her head and shoved her face down the full length of its massive prick, choking her until her fists were beating at its hips in utter panic and fright. Her face turned red from lack of air and her body heaved as it tried to expel the thick tube of meat, but just before she blacked out from lack of oxygen, Jay withdrew and Susi gasped in air until he shoved it back past her lips and down her throat once more. Each time he force-fed her his angry red shaft, Susi would scream muffled cry, but her cunt would involuntarily flutter and quiver around Z's thick cock so that he felt the trembles along the sliding length between her walls.

Zuriel gnashed fangs together at the feeling of hot blonde bitch gripping his length. The silver wolf shuddered from the sensation despite his own hips barreling through the poor girl even harder. The way he moved—the hurried way his body humped her pretty, scraped-up ass—hardly prepared the human girl for what happened next. The massive knot at the wolf’s base swelled so thick that it stuck fast inside her ruined, slick lips. The wolf was now trapped in her and she could feel it all internally: the utter fulfillment of that beastly dick being held all the way inside her cunt while the head of it rubbed and bobbed against the back wall of her womb. The monster shivered, bucking three times rapidly before it realized that she was stuck and he couldn't pull out. She was completely filled up with wolven cock inside her cunt, throbbing so much that the knot prevented him from slipping out, and for as long as it remained within the head of that dick spewed goo inside of her, slightly distending
her belly with its leaking cum. Zuriel slowly pumped into her pussy and her cute little tummy bulged from the weight of the wolf’s load—barely held in check, but still leaking inside her cunt. She was affixed to the beast’s cock, unable to go anywhere with her pussy full like that. There was no telling how long she was trapped on that dick. It seemed last forever. The knot undulated and pulsed but never went down enough for the silver wolf to pull free...until it burst with a jet of cum. All at once, the massive load explode inside Susi, flowing into every nook and cranny of her abused cunt so voluminously that her belly swelled with it, then the beast pulled free in a gout of cum shooting from her lips. The wolf howled to the night air, panting out a plume of hot breath as he rose and punched the black beta in its shoulder. As Jaidyn rose, Zuriel dropped down onto his knees right in front of the girl, his dick still leaking cum as his brother stepped around her to get himself a piece of her abused pussy.

Jaidyn stayed right there in the girl’s mouth as his alpha started humping her like mad. He bared his teeth in a growl as he watched his brother fuck the poor human into ragged submission. The Jay-wolf huffed, though, when his alpha got stuck, rumbling for the moment his knot would deflate enough that he would be free and Jay could get some, too. He obviously didn’t care if his alpha came inside her. Once the silver beast pulled out and punched his shoulder, the black wolf rose and dropped to his knees behind the girl, ready for his turn with her. The black wolf snatched her with clawed fingers to give her only seconds to rest before her pussy was plundered once again by canine cock. Jay drove in hard, even sliding his thumbs between the girl’s cheeks to hold her ass with nothing but his hands, gritting his jaw tightly when he stuffed his red dick inside the battered human treat.

Susi's eyes rolled back into her head as she rumbled a hard, throaty groan from deep in her chest when she felt the beast's thick knot balloon inside of her. She didn't know what the pressure was, only that it felt incredible now that she'd given in to her most primal desires. The silvered wolf bucked behind her and the pressure pulled at her opening but never broke free. The sweet pain was excruciating, but Susi's mouth and throat was so full of cock that should could only muffle garbled
cries as Zuriel tried to pull his massive cock-knot free of her pussy’s hold. The rapid pumping through the clutch of her tight grip stroked the beast to climax, and as he emptied his load inside of her, Susi could feel the rush of warm, wet semen flooding her womb. The feel of that pressure—knowing that the beast had just cum deep inside of her—was too much for Susi. It shoved her over the edge, drawing the lingering orgasm that had been building in her belly to full peak. Her eyes flew open wide and she screamed around Jay's thick, red cock as her body shook violently. Her pussy—already too small for Z's werewolf cock—cinched like a vice around his shaft as she came, making him fight even harder to pull free of her hold. His load was too much for her to contain and her belly swelled until he was able to pull free, then her cunt gushed out the excess until it dribbled from her lips down her thighs to her knees on the ground. Jay pulled from her throat and lips with a wet smack. She continued to cry
out her climax and without his thick shaft muffling her cries, the sounds came out fully in the night air to echo through the woods. She was so stunned at having cum so hard that when they changed places she didn't even move, still quaking from the intensity of the orgasm that ravaged her tiny body. Gasping, panting for a breath, her air was cut off again as Z grabbed her head and shoved his cum-slickened cock down her throat, silencing her cry when Jay took his place behind her to sink his claws into her hips and slam his own cock into her gaping, dripping pussy. Susi howled around Z's wolven cock as the raping of her cunt was resumed.

Zuriel wound a hand under Susi’s chin. The claws raking her chest slid only once, but those dangerous digits then curled out of harm’s way and held her poor little mouth captive. The beast was sated some, but that still didn't stop him from feeding the little blond whore his cock—now glazed with her own juices and his seed—once again, letting Susi taste herself on him. The wolf growled down at the girl on hands and knees and scooted in, forcing that cock down her throat, forcing her to rise up on her hands to be able to draw a breath into her burning lungs. The silver wolf wrapped his massive paws under her small tits and the sharp claws cut her skin as the beast’s hands mashed and pulled at the fleshy mounds, squeezing her breasts together or palming them openly while he kept her mouth full of cum-coated dick.

Jaidyn felt the hot, gooey pussy wrap around his own red shaft, the knot at the base throbbing almost painfully as he stuffed the entire length of his cock into the girl’s dripping snatch. Susi felt the new knot driving in past her ring, the balloon of flesh slurking wetly back and forth once the Jay-wolf shoved it inside and pumped its hips harder. The silver beast had bored out her pussy and now the black wolf was fucking her just as roughly as his alpha had. The cum from his alpha, sloshing around inside her pussy, didn’t bother Jay. It just made sliding deep into her womb even easier. The gushing
juices spilled from around his red rocket as it plugged her hole only to soak into the ground making a muddy, cum-slicked mess between the girl’s knees. The black monster raked his claws down the human’s back, marking her like his alpha had as a way to claim her for them both to use her again. Beastly Jay backed up and used the space to ram that dick in as hard as she could take it. Susi felt her hip bone shudder from the impact alone and the beast even knocked her feet into the air from the sheer power of that thrust beating her cunt all over again. Furred hands groped her sweaty, dirty, blood-smeared skin. The monster filling her pussy full trembled and snarled so loudly that his front teeth were exposed like some mad dog when he jammed that cock into the poor human’s turned out hole.

Susi's little tits hung beneath her, bouncing and wobbling from the beating Jay delivered to her poor, aching pussy until the silver-furred beast in front of her mauled them with its immense paws. It raked its claws over her supple flesh so that she gasped through her nose and shuddered, though she wasn't sure if it was with delight, or pain, or a mixture of both. His immense hands mashed her tiny breasts, kneading them and using them to pull her down the length of his overly thick shaft until she retched with tears springing into her eyes again. The taste of her own cum laced with his beastly musk permeated her
nose and the essence was slathered on her tongue each time he slid his pink member down her throat. Susi choked and swallowed and choked again trying to keep up with the pace of his pumping past her abused, red lips. Her fingers clawed the ground again as she felt Jay's just as massive paws raking down her back, drawing his long, sharp talons over her skin leaving bleeding red lines in scrapes and scratches over her dirty body. Susi shuddered and mewled, her back bending in a sway under the draw of his nails until he reached her hips and grabbed tightly to start pumping her cunt full of his thick tube of meat at a faster
pace. Her hole was already opened wide—stretched by Z's thick shaft—but she felt the knot at the base of Jay's cock bumping insistently against her ring of muscles as he tried to force it into the too-tiny opening, as well. She screeched—the sound almost nothing around Z's cock—terrified of being pried open and flooded full of beastly cum again, but she was helpless to stop it. The sounds of growls and chuffing breaths cascaded over her back and chills swept up Susi's spine, but despite her sheer terror she could feel that tingle building again deep in her belly. She clenched her eyes in horror and shame, but nothing could stop her arousal from stirring as the two beasts raped her far out in the lonely woods.

Zuriel lifted to his padded feet and jerked his cock from the human’s mouth, then the silvered wolf reached down and grabbed the girl by the neck and hoisted her off the ground like a child’s toy. With his free hand he pushed his own beta over and held the girl over his lap like a slab of meat. She was a mess and it only fueled them to the end. Slowly he lowered the poor girl towards his brother, baring his teeth when Jay grabbed her up and dropped her back down his dick. She was getting so close to climax again that the silvery beast didn't even have to force her to comply. He stepped up to her, perched on the black beast’s legs, and just let his cock hang within reach of her mouth, slightly rolling his hips to make the pink shaft bounce and jostle right in front of the lost hiker’s face. He fully gave her over to Jay, not only to allow his beta brother to enjoy her without his own hungers stuffing the poor girl’s mouth, but also because he wanted to hear her screams when Jay finally flooded her womb, too.

Jaidyn merely grabbed the human’s ass and lowered her cunt back onto his red swollen cock. The animal under her humped upwards as it grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard into his lap to slide that dick as deep as it would go. Susi only had to wait a few strokes before it lodged that knotted cock past her barrier. The plumped up flesh trapped inside kept her from rising off that red rod even one inch. Now that the black beast was writhing under her all she could do was struggle on its wolven shaft with the knotted bulb stuck inside her pussy. He set his hands back and let the squirming girl do all the work, feeling her tight and hot around his knotted shaft. She struggled to get up and off, but the swollen bulb wouldn't let her do more than give a small lift or sway of her hips. She was stuck with a massive
red wolf cock in her pussy and a pink wolf dick hanging in front of her face. The knot on Jay’s cock pulsed inside, making the fluted tip of the beast’s length spritz and spray lines of gooey seed inside her already used hole. He didn't even have to do a thing and letting her wobble and struggle on his knotted shaft was the single most arousing thing ever. A sudden rush of liquid heat jolted inside her and the slush of wetness gushing out told her when that bulbed length had deflated with release. It was like riding a hose on full spray. The jet of cum rocketed inside and her belly bloated even more from having the black wolf’s cum gushing in. Clawed fingers raked through the ground as he humped upwards, sending her face slapping against the thick pink dick hanging right in front of it.

Susi coughed hard as the werewolf pulled its massive shaft from her throat, spewing thick strands of saliva mixed with cum to the ground as she heaved in breath after breath of air. The black one behind her was still railing her pussy, so she was completely unprepared for when Z grabbed her by the neck—choking her once again—to tear her away from him with a wet pull of tight muscles drawing down his meaty shaft. Susi would have cried out, but her throat was cinched with her legs kicking and dangling in the air as the wolf held her aloft over his brother's lap. When Jay snatched her from his brother and drew her down, her legs spread wide around his ribcage, sliding through the soft, dark fur of their own accord until his fluted cock head pried at her sloppy wet pussy once more. The beast shoved, forcing her down over his cock, impaling her to new depths as she sat in his lap. She cried out with her eyes
flying open wide in shocked pain, but as she adjusted to him spreading her back open, she groaned and shuddered from the pleasure of being filled to capacity once more. "Nnggg..." He bucked again, forcing her sloppy wet lips down into the thick fur of his pelvis, and Susi felt the knot at the base of his cock push through her tight ring of muscles with a pop of flesh. She gasped, freezing in place, and rose on her knees—trying to draw it back out—but the bulb had already swelled, sealing itself inside of her quivering walls. She was stuck, trapped with this beast's cock buried deep inside her snatch, pulsing and twitching like a living thing. Susi mewled and whimpered like a frightened animal, wriggling and lifting, trying to get free of it with no success. It was horrifying. It felt incredible. The more she fought, the more that knot bumped and banged over her g-spot, driving her absolutely crazy as his fluted tip plunged inside her womb over and over. Z's huge pink cock bobbed and swayed in front of
her eyes, and as his massive paw pushed her head towards it, Susi stuck her little pink tongue out, licking and lapping along the length of the member, suckling dribbling cum from the pointed tip each time she rose in Jay's lap, fucking his massive cock as she fought to break free of its hold on her. It was all too much. Susi was going crazy with lust and arousal with the huge cock inside of her, stroking her to climax. She wrapped one hand around the base of Z's thick pink cock and softly stroked it as she suckled on the end. More cum came spurting out and she lapped it away, too. As Susi licked up and down the silvered wolf’s length, she felt Jay—stimulated to climax by her struggles around his cock—explode deep inside her womb, filling her belly with thick wolf cum until it pooched out. Susi gasped, her head collapsing to the black furred knee she rested on, and she screamed as she came again, her tiny body jerking and shuddering in Jay's lap as her tight pussy spasmed around his massive shaft. "NNNyyaahHHH!!! Fuuuck!!"

Zuriel looked at the human on his brother’s canine shaft. She was utterly wrecked and cum-filled. He chuffed at the black wolf and snatched the girl’s hand, pulling her away still leaking juices as she was carried back into the cabin. The silver wolf flicked his fingers at the black beta beast and stepped into the threshold of the cabin. The werewolf Zuriel had become wanted to see just how long the lost little hiker could go before she passed out from exhaustion…or worse.

Jaidyn sat up snarling after the alpha had taken the girl, but he knew better than to go after her for more since his alpha had just told him to go hunt. They would be hungry soon and the deer jerky didn't make itself. The black Garou bounded off into the forest leaving his alpha to handle the human. The last thing Jay saw before bounding into the woods was the girl’s feet kicking over his brother’s shoulder as she was carried back inside screaming and crying.

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