The Lost Hiker - Part One


Cold, lost, and hungry, Susi stumbles onto a cabin deep in the woods. She believes she's found rescue, but the two men living at the cabin are even hungrier than she is, and only when it is far too late does she learn that they are not even human.

This story contains extreme content. 

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The Lost Hiker - Part One

Lost and wandering the woods for days, Susi was frightened out of her wits. She was cold, hungry, bruised and cut from traversing the rough, unfamiliar terrain. When she'd set out to go hiking three days ago she'd thought she was prepared for anything, but somehow she'd made a wrong turn and gotten lost. Every time she thought she knew which direction to go to get back, she’d found herself wandering for hours never finding civilization, never finding another soul. Until now.

Susi came out of the woods to a clearing and her heart jumped. A house! Could it really be possible? The supplies on her backpack clanged and jangled as she ran with a burst of adrenaline. Yes! It was a house! And there she spied two men standing outside. Susi lifted her arms and yelled for their attention as she ran toward them. "Hello? Hello! Please! You have to help me! I'm lost!"

Zuriel had been staying out in the woods during the nights of the moon was rising full for as long as he could remember. He and his brother had taken to staying out at the cabin when the blood within them boiled too hot to remain among humans, so he had thought other people were safe from them. He was talking to his brother when he heard the telltale sounds of pots banging. Jingling things hanging from a well-worn backpack heralded the arrival of someone he fully did not expect. With a quick turn of his head he caught sight of her: a girl, out here all alone and obviously not aware of the danger she was in at running up to them as they hung around the front of their cabin. Slowly he stood up and dusted his hands off, turning a glance back to his brother as the female—elated that she was seeing other people out here in the middle of nowhere—came jogging up to them. "Well, I'll be. Little thing’s lost."

Jaidyn had been sick to death of this plan his brother laid out. Days in the woods with nothing to do or anyone else to talk to except Zuriel had left him agitated to say the least. And with the moon’s pull on his blood, he was even more aggressive than a normal person would be. He had been considering boxing his brother down just to let off some aggression, but before he could make the choice clanging metal and calls of greeting hit his ears. He had heard the sounds of her coming a half mile away, but he wasn't prepared for it to be some hot, young girl. He had expected some burly guy or someone unattractive, but instead this little blonde doll came stumbling out of the woods and practically ran right into their arms. He couldn't hide the leering smile that crept onto his face as his eyes flit to his brother and back to the girl. "Hey, slow down, Missy. Where you come from?"

Susi hadn't slept well in several nights and the sprint to the men while carrying her heavy backpack combined with the excitement of finding other people out here in the woods had left her panting to catch her breath. She was sobbing with relief, but the ordeal of the last few days finally caught up to her again and it was more than she could contain. And the men looked...off, somehow. Not dangerous, per se, but there was something about them that made the hairs on Susi's neck stand on end. Still, she had no other options. There were the only other people she'd seen in over half a week. Certainly they knew how to get back to town. She had to get their aid. "Please, sir, I need your help. I'm lost. I'm cold. I'm hungry. I don't know how to get back home. I've been wandering in these woods for days. Do you..." She hiccupped another sob, "Do you think you could help me get to the nearest town? I'll pay you. Anything you ask. Just please, please help me!" The tears were trickling from her eyes, staining the makeup she'd worn. How stupid was that? Susi thought, looking back. Who wears make up to go hiking? She looked from one man to the other, her eyes watery and pleading as she nervously chewed on her lip.

Zuriel felt for the girl. He really did. In his own youth he had been forced to remain in the woods and survive for the protection of others—and himself. They were a good ten miles from anything resembling civilization and still more than a mile from his and Jay’s bikes they’d left parked in the forest, so there was little chance of her finding other help. He walked up and gently hooked his fingers into the straps of her pack and started to pull it away so she could rest from the weight. "Easy now. Just gonna set this aside for the time being." He put her pack down right beside the door and turned to stand beside his brother who was looking at her like she was a piece of venison to be devoured. "Why don’t you rest here for a little bit? You look like the woods done worked you over."

Jaidyn remained quiet while his brother took the girl’s pack. She wasn't going to need it after they were through with her. And besides, they were short on supplies. Maybe she had something in there worth taking. He could smell it on his brother that Zuriel wasn't feeling the same way about the girl that he was, but even if they weren't in tune like that, his brother still set her up for Jay to follow suit like any good hunter would. "We got some tea and beer inside if you need something on yer stomach, lil’ miss. We hadn't been planning on company out here, so we’re not real well stocked, if you know what I mean." He stepped up closer to just look her over. She was cute, and even all bruised and dirty she made his heart skip a beat as his eyes caught sight of a flash of skin here or there beneath her torn clothes when she moved.

Susi smiled shyly and let the man take her backpack. It was incredibly heavy, especially after lugging it around for days, and she was weak having gone with almost no food beyond her first day in the woods. Susi thanked the fairer man and rubbed her shoulders. It was then that she realized how exposed she was in the tattered remains of her clothing and she was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, especially around the tan guy. He was smiling and being friendly, sure, but something in his eyes looked feral…hungry…as he looked her over. She was starting to feel like a doe in the midst of savage predators, but she had no other options. It was this or continue wandering in the woods, perhaps until she starved to death. They'd offered her drinks and though her stomach rumbled angrily something was better than nothing. "Tea would be fine. Thank you." She tried to make eye contact as she spoke, but they unnerved her so that she kept returning her gaze to the ground. "I don't suppose you have anything to eat? I haven't had real food in days."

Zuriel shot his brother a look to get him to back off, but with such a tasty girl in front of him that was damn near impossible. He felt the draw to her, too, despite what his brother thought, but he had more control of his urges. Dealing with the lunar-crazy cycles in his life just came with age. Still, he couldn't suppress a blink when talking to the girl. She was so young and smelled so fresh that despite his resolve, a small flame sparked to life inside as he looked at her. The sun would be going down soon enough and by then he might lose all control if the beast inside didn't take over for him before that even happened. His brow starting to bead a little sweat and as he spoke he found himself talking through clenched teeth. "Nn… You’re welcome to what little we have. We hadn't been expecting company, like my bro says." The girl was asking for food and he felt ashamed that they didn't have much else other than deer jerky and beer. Not to mention the tea had been left out here for some time and he honestly didn't know how good it was anymore. "All we really have is some of the spiced jerky my brother here makes. We’d been planning to leave tomorrow, but until then we're a good ten twelve miles from anything resembling a town."

Jaidyn was a bit bolder than his brother. He grabbed her blonde hair and pulled the locks up to his nose for a deep inhale, then smirked as he let the girl’s hair slip from his fingers after getting her scent. He nodded in agreement with his brother, "He's right. We didn't bring much else and the food we’d had was eaten during our stay out here. It was home day tomorrow, so we thought we'd last the night on my famous deer jerky." He didn't care that he was getting looks from his brother. A few minutes next to an innocent girl with his mad blood stirring was all Zuriel would need to feel the same way Jay was feeling. Soon his brother would start helping him instead of being so fucking nice to some little tart they found in the woods all alone. She smelled delicious and would even be sweeter once he got her out of those clothes, but he had to wait a little longer. No sense in making her run when she was on open ground and might get away.

Susi's face looked hopeful—almost pleased—when he mentioned the jerky, though her heart sank when he told her that they weren't leaving until tomorrow. But if they let her stay here at least she'd have somewhere safe to sleep for the night. Susi tried to keep her smile and nodded her head as he spoke, but then his brother grabbed her braid and—what the fuck?—he sniffed her hair. Susi's turned to look at him with a jerk, yanking her hair from his hand and scowled at him despite her better judgment. "Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Be nice, Susi, she warned herself. These people are your only hope to getting out of here. Still, she took a step sideways to put some distance between herself and the guy that was fondling her hair. Figuring introductions were in order if she was going to be spending the rest of the night with these men, Susi smiled and put out her hand to the man that had been pleasant with her. "My name is Susi. Thank you for being so kind. I'd likely have died out there had I not found you."

Zuriel smirked when she stepped away from his brother. Sometimes the bold approach is the one that makes them run in the first place, but he was not ready for her to walk up close enough to him to shake his hand. He swallowed and tried not to think about the young girl in standing front of him while watching her worried face at the same time. It was not easy at all and he knew in the back of his mind that Jay was quietly laughing his ass off in his head. "Ahem. Pleasure to meet you, Susi. My name’s Z. The asshat over there is called Jay." There was a few moments of silence that passed until he found the nerve to speak again as he concentrated on keeping himself in check and not doing what he knew his brother was thinking about in vivid detail. "I gotta warn ya..." He wanted to tell her to run, but his lips moved of their own accord before he could really get it out. "The place is run down. We were out scouting to see if we could fix it up." He nodded to the doorway. "If you want, go on in, but there ain't a chair in there. Only the floor and a mattress."

Jaidyn chuckled at the blonde chick pulling away from him all indignant-like. That attitude would make it even sweeter when she broke into a glassy-eyed slut for him and his brother to use out here. He stayed quiet and listened in, because he knew Z was trying so hard to not just attack her in the yard. Instead his brother was doing exactly what he’d been wanting him to do: inviting her in to the wolves’ den if she was so inclined. Almost subconsciously his brother was setting her up like they set deer up in the forest to run right into a trap. The tools they would use on the girl were different, but the principal was always the same no matter what they hunted together. She’d just had the rotten luck of being the one to find them while they were hiding in the woods during their time of the month. "Hey, sorry, little lady. You just smelled good, so I took a whiff. But like the man says, if you’re hungry you can go in and help yourself." Jay held his hands up in mock surrender, remaining back to let the girl remain as comfy as she could for now.

Susi shook Z's hand as he accepted her introduction. It was massive and dwarfed her tiny hand, engulfing it in his firm grip. He held on just a little too long and it made Susi's heart stutter a beat, but it didn’t make her nearly as uncomfortable as Jay sniffing her hair had made her. She cast a glance at the open doorway when he talked about the sparse furnishing, but Susi shrugged her shoulders. "A mattress is luxury compared to where I've been sleeping the last three nights: on the cold, hard, damp ground. I'll be happy to have a roof over my head and..." She paused for only a fleeting moment as she considered the wisdom of her next words, "...the protection of other people around. Especially two big, strong men like yourselves." She tried to pass it off as a compliment to boost their egos, but for some reason it rang in her head more like a death sentence. The little blonde glanced over at Jay as he apologized to her, but she remained near Z, feeling somewhat safer with him than his brother. She looked at Jay askance—almost warily when she spoke, "Thank you. I appreciate your hospitality." Keeping her eyes locked on him, barely veiling her distrust as she stepped between the brothers, Susi headed through the door, her eyes wide and scoping out the nearly-vacant shack. And that's what it was, really; one room made of dilapidated wood without even the bare minimum of furnishings. She sighed that it was not a comfortable hotel, but it was certainly better than the ground with its crawling bugs and mud.

Zuriel followed her through the curtain of ivy growing across the doorjamb. He ducked a bit and came inside behind the blonde hiker. She was already distrustful of Jay, but that was part of his brother’s strength and his charm in a sense. Z was bit more refined…or rather, a bit more in control of his urges. "I know it's not much, but it's what we got. I had a mind to tear this place down and build a new cabin with fresh wood. Good fireplace… You know? The whole works." He was drowning himself in conversation. He didn't even realize as he started to speak animatedly that he was growing faster with his words and motions. Zuriel realized that she might notice him acting a bit more exaggerated from before, but he had to stamp it down. Still, his mind kept wandering into dangerous territory. She was alone out here. No one else was coming. Only he and Jay would even know what happened out here, even if they captured her to keep for a while. Taking a breath so he could steady his nerves, he listened closely to the beat of her heart and he could hear it like no other creature. The mild pit-pat of her thrumming heart told him that she was slightly scared, but also too tired to really be on her guard. "We were waitin’ closer to dark to build a fire, but we can start one now if you think you'll need it." He was always disarmingly polite, but he had no idea that tonight he was going to break that rule himself. He stepped to a small cooler and pulled out a zip baggy full of tough jerky. The second he opened it he knew even the human’s nose could smell the delicious spices inside wafting out to her hungry nostrils. "I am so sorry. Here..." He held out the open bag to her, barely noticing Jay approaching the door with her standing so close to him.

Jaidyn didn't bother coming inside. He just fit himself in the doorway and watched. Somehow tonight was different. His normally composed brother was becoming erratic and jittery in his motions. Jay knew those symptoms well. Z would owe him after tonight to keep his silence. For the first time since they’d learned that they were not human his brother was losing his composure, starved from female flesh out here. "Hey Z, toss me a cold one, would ya?" Jay had waited on purpose for his brother to approach the girl. She had no idea what was about to happen and probably from the most unexpected source. And like some maddening Joker, Jay would remind Z of this night for the rest of his life. He knew his brother was too far gone to listen to him anymore. The furtive silver glance Z had shot at him had told him all he needed to know. All he had to do was sit back, stay put in the doorway, and make sure the doe didn't hop the log, so to speak.

The idea of a warm fire made Susi's eyes light up. She was chilled to the bone having nothing more than her tattered tee-shirt and flannel to keep her warm since she'd set out on her hike. And those garments were wet now, too. The nights had been damp and it had rained most of the day two days ago, so they did nothing to keep her warm, anyhow. She looked like a kid at Christmas when he offered to make a fire, but then he pulled out the baggie of jerky and Susi's eyes bugged. She nearly started drooling like a rabid beast she was so famished. And the smell! Lord in Heaven, Susi thought she'd never smelled anything quite so wonderful. The petite blonde forgot any manners she'd known and nearly snatched the baggie from his hands, scrounging in it for fists full of meat and stuffing them into her mouth. She didn't even look up at him as she ate, just focusing on the baggie and shoveling another handful into her still-full mouth as she masticated the previous handful. Muffled little grunt and murmurs issued from her throat as she ate, swallowing gobs of half-chewed dried meat until the pangs of hunger started to wane. Susi had even forgotten about Jay until he spoke from the doorway directly behind her. She swallowed hard and stiffened, suddenly remembering herself. "Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry. I was just so hungry." The small girl glanced over her shoulder and gave a wry smile to Jay then looked back at Z, handing the bag back to him. "Thank you. I don't want to take all your food..."

Zuriel was actually taken aback when she started wolfing down the meat. It brought a smile to his lips because the comparison of what he was envisioning doing to her in his mind was about the same as when he looked at her shoveling her mouth full. He didn't acknowledge Jay asking for a beer at first, but when she caught herself and remembered some manners, he plucked it from her hand and set it back in the cooler. "Don't worry hun, we said help yourself." He finally tossed Jay a full, wet can over the girl’s shoulder before coming close enough to touch her, but instead he just looked down at her. "Get yer fill for now? Don't overdo it. You'll get sick if you've been starving and eat too fast." 

Even with the primal, ravenous thoughts filling his head he was still being polite, letting the blonde compose herself some before she felt his thick, calloused hand smack firmly against her cheek. With a grunt and flex of his arm Z threw the calmed hiker through the air to land in a huff on the dirty mattress they kept in the cabin. He turned and started stalking step by step towards the sputtering girl. Holding his hands out to grab her, Z quickly closed the distance with his teeth showing when he spoke, "Now it's time for us to wolf you down since you got yer belly full." Pouncing, he landed on Susi with a crazed look in his eyes when he bore down and held her to the mattress tightly. "Look at this hot little piece..." A sliver of drool escaped the corner of his mouth as he hovered over her prone body.

Jaidyn caught the tossed beer and snapped it open while he waited in the doorway. He didn't add another word but started downing the beer in long, hard chugs that echoed as he stepped inside. It took his brother less time to snap than he’d expected, really. It must have been watching her lips work on that meat before he decided he wanted to stuff it with another kind of beef. Jay strolled casually towards the mattress and watched his brother maul the poor girl down and then hop over her body to prevent her from going anywhere. "Looks like the alpha needs you more than me, little lady. Maybe next time you'll come when sniffed, bitch." Right now Jay could only watch. His alpha was busy fondling the girl and until invited, the beta had to wait for his chance to get at her. Still, the mere sight of Z exploring her body, dipping down to kiss her small breasts—hell, just the sight of him holding her captive—got Jay breathing harder. "Yeah, check that out, brother..."

One minute she was licking the tips of her fingers, relishing the last of the jerky Z had given her, and then the next minute everything went fuzzy and dark. Dazed, Susi found herself lying on the dirty mattress on the floor. Her cheek ached and her sight was blurred. She lifted her head as her thoughts came back to her and she realized that she'd been hit in the face. Hard! Staring in shocked silence and shaking with both rage and fear, Susi gaped at the man. "What the fuck's wrong with you?" The look in his eyes vanquished any rage—any bravado—she had had and left her with nothing but the fear. On her hands and knees Susi started to scramble backwards as he loomed closer, but the man was preternaturally quick and was on her in a flash, pinning her small frame to the mattress. Susi bucked and kicked and squirmed, screeching as she tried to get out from under him, but he was huge and heavy and held her down like a kitten. "No! No! Get off! Let me go!!" Jay had stepped inside the small shack and Susi could hear him urging his brother on as the man mauled her body and started kissing at the exposed flesh of her breasts. Trembling, Susi pleaded with him, "I thought you were going to h-help m-me. P-please don't do this."

Zuriel tasted the poor girl with his tongue rasping over exposed flesh to find her flavor. She had, indeed, been wandering the woods for days, just like she’d said, but that didn't take away from the soft taste of fresh female under him. He took every hit or kick she delivered with hardly a grunt, but even though she was trying to get loose, his hands caught hold of her flannel shirt and stripped it open. Like a man grabbing a kitten by the scruff of its neck, he jerked and all vestige of protection the garment had offered vanished in a tear of fabric reaching her ears. Cool air caressed her skin as his hot body held her wriggling frame down to the mattress. "Nnn… Missy, we are gonna help you. Help ourselves to you." His strong hand clamped tight around her little neck and pushed down, holding her in place long enough for him to slip aside and grab the front of her pants with his free hand. His body stretched when he tugged them down and just dragged them over her hips, pulling them down her legs until they caught on her hiking boots. Her footwear was hardly a deterrent though, and with a wrench of his hand she lost her shoes and shorts all in the same pull before he jumped back up to straddle her nearly-nude body once more. "Mmm… Damn, you are a tiny thing." He looked her over as she lay trapped underneath him, watching with a deviant smile as his hunger started rising too hot to ignore any longer.

Jaidyn stepped up just to catch his brother taking off her clothing. He was just as excited and kept his eyes locked on the sight like a kid watching some other boy rip open a Christmas gift. It was unfortunate for her that she stumbled onto them out there in the middle of nowhere, but they weren't going to let some saucy little hiker go free after days in the woods with no women around to satisfy their lusts. Jay had to admit that he was starving for her, too, but she was just not ready for him yet. Nor had the offer been fully extended by his alpha for him to join in. For now he satisfied himself by standing close and watching with a smug smile on his face the scene of her body being revealed more and more as his brother tore her clothes off little by little. "Yeah, she looks like a buffet right now, brother." Jay’s cock twitched in his pants at seeing her without any protection other than her ripped and dirty tee-shirt still clinging to her body while Z's hands roamed her small, subtle curves.

Susi's legs kicked and banged against the mattress sending puffs of dust into the air behind Z's back, but nothing could deter him. The second he let go of one hand she started hitting and slapping at his head and chest, but he quickly pinned both of her arms with one hand using the other to quickly and effectively strip her clothing free from her body. Susi's heart beat a mile a minute, her eyes huge and full of fear. The tears streamed down her cheeks leaving dark trails on her already dirty face. "N-n-noooo!! Stop it! You can't do this! Please! I'll give you anything you want. Just let me go!" Her pants peeled painfully away from her scraped-up knees, and as though he had no patience to bother, he ripped them off stripping her boots right from her feet along with them. Her socks had been so tattered and shoddy that they, too, slipped right off and within seconds Susi was left naked and exposed with only her ratty tee-shirt covering her chest. She had never felt so violated, so helpless, so completely scared out of her wits in her life. Her tiny body shook visibly, sending little tremors through Z's exploring, touching, probing hands.

Zuriel reached down and literally raked off her tight tee-shirt with curled fingers, dragging the sharp points at the tips of those fingers rasping over her skin. Her last piece of clothing was stripped away in tatters and tossed behind his back, giving her a clear view of her top with the jagged slashes through the cloth. He took one look at her—now fully naked and screaming at him to stop—then he simply nodded at his brother and waited for Jay. Once his brother stepped over to help restrain her, Z rose and unhooked the straps of his overalls, letting them fall away to show the girl that he was truly naked under there. His cock was swinging thick and hard already from the thrill of forcing her down and getting her naked on the soiled mattress. He planted a strong hand on Jay’s ankle and pushed him back. Zuriel crawled over her body once more, but now fully naked like she was he could feeling her soft skin sliding against him as she struggled to get loose. He watched her small tits bouncing when she moved and he couldn’t help but grin at the sight of her naked beneath him.

Jaidyn watched until he saw his brother nodding at him. He knew the deal and strolled right over the mattress, planting his bare foot over the front of her neck to hold her down while Z took his bibs off. She wasn't going anywhere, especially with his foot holding her down hard enough to steal her breath. He couldn't help but to lick his lips at the sight of her, no matter how dirty and bloody or scraped up she was already. By the time they were through with her, who knew how much worse she would look? These “camping trips” were meant to keep innocent people out of danger, but when a girl stumbles onto them out here in the middle of nowhere, all bets were off. He was shaken out of his reverie when Z pushed his foot away. Jay scoffed but didn’t say anything since he knew his brother was just too hot to stop himself at this point. He knew that he would get his own chance soon enough.

Susi barked out a cry as the last vestiges of her modesty were stripped from her. Pricks of pain scraped over her flesh and the dirty tee-shirt was torn to shreds right from her chest. The tiny blonde hissed in pain through clenched teeth, wincing her eyes shut, but they flew back open again and she garbled a choked cry as the weight of Jay's foot pressed down over her throat. She trashed and squirmed, but he pressed down hard, cutting off her air as Z stripped his overalls from his huge, muscular body. Susi barely noticed him, though. She was in too much a state of panic as her face reddened and she clawed and grasped at Jay's foot to pry it free of her neck so she could breathe. Not a moment too soon, as her vision started to gray and stars twinkled in her vision, Z swatted his brother away. Susi clenched her bruised throat with both hands, gasping for air, but Z tore them away, binding her wrists in a vice-like grip above her head once more as he pressed his own naked body lewdly over hers. Susi mewled in her throat like a trapped, frightened animal at the feel of his hard cock brushing along the insides of her thighs until it bumped against her naked pussy lips. Screeching, she jerked in his grip once more to break free, but all she succeeded in doing was mashing her mound against his swinging prick. "Nooooo!!"

Zuriel didn't know which was turning him on more: the fact that they were abusing the girl, or the way she cried out ‘no’ in trying to get him to stop. He slipped to the side, making his dick scrape along her flesh as he pressed her hands down tighter under his own strong grip. "Oh, I know. Poor little pussy is gonna be so sore after this." He didn't care how much she fought him back. It was just too sweet to resist pushing those legs open and rubbing that hot little pink slit with his exploring fingers. This had nothing to do with bringing her pleasure. He was simply trying to get her juicy enough to get his dick inside. 

When she started to wriggle he smacked her cunt hard and pointed a finger at her face. "Shut the fuck up, bitch, and get wet for me." His hand slid back down so he could resume stroked her pussy with his meaty fingers, prying her lips apart with the index and ring fingers and grinding the middle one over her clit. When she tried fighting her way loose again she was rewarded with another smack to her puffy lips, and when her legs fell together to block him Zuriel crammed his hand between those thighs and kept right on rubbing her spanked cunt. She was young and tight, so it wouldn't be easy. She had to be a little wet for him to even try to fit inside her tunnel, so he kept stroking her little slit with his fingers. His hard dick rested against her hip, the thick meat laying there heavily on her skin, while he kept playing with her little pussy right there in front of his brother. Then, with no warning, he dipped two fingers in, testing how much she could take and to see how wet she was from being manhandled like a plaything.

Jaidyn grumbled at his brother taking away his bird’s-eye view at her head, so he strolled around the mattress until he could see again, smirking at her bare pussy, on display from his brother repeatedly spanking it to get her whining even more. The smell of the fresh, young girl was growing in the air, and with a big inhale Jay undid his pants and let them fall from his body. The next time Susi looked up at him she would see him naked and growing stiff from watching Z torment her. "Dude, just shove it in. It'll get wet while you're moving around in there." He was chiding his brother for taking too long—for bothering to get her juicy in the first place when he knew better—but still he had to wait no matter how hot he was getting seeing all of this. By this point, though, she probably realized that at some point she was going to get fucked by them both in the middle of the woods.

 Susi was quaking so hard that her teeth were chattering. That is when she wasn't crying out for the dirty man to stop mauling her. Her eyes were so wide that they were almost all whites and her chest heaved so hard and fast with every panicked breath she took that she was nearly hyperventilating with fear. Z's heavy frame slipped to her side and he pried her slender legs open wide, forcing his hand between her thighs to roughly molest her tender pussy. Susi squirmed and whined, her hips writhing and her legs slipping against the mattress to twist away, but he slapped her cunt lips hard to get her to cooperate. She cried out and her hips jerked against the unexpected pain, but she stilled into stunned silence for a brief moment. As his fingers poked and prodded and ground over her clit, Susi found that she didn't like the way it felt. The sensations he was stirring inside of her shamed her. 
He was trying to arouse her body, to get her wet, and to Susi's horror it was working. She could already feel her natural lube spilling between her folds, and when his fingers dipped inside her tiny, tight cunt, it glossed his fingertips, allowing him to spread it over her pink flesh like oil. "Nnngggnnnoooo!" The petite blonde jerked again, her legs kicking at his shins in renewed panic as she struggle to break free, but he slapped her cunt again and she screamed. Not because it hurt—though it did—but because her clit was swelling with arousal and the sensation of his hand smacking against it made her pussy clench hotly, gushing more lube from her slit. Susi's jaw trembled and she muttered a groan, then her head turned to the side at the sound of Jay's voice, allowing her the sight of him stripping his clothes off, as well. Her stomach flipped over knowing that he, too, was waiting for a turn and she sobbed again, her chest and shoulders rocking as the tears spilled from her eyes.

Zuriel had just about enough of his brother still giving him shit, but he had what he wanted, anyway, so he ignored Jay and rose over the girl on the mattress. Prying her legs apart, he slid his hefty body between her thighs, the tip of his cock bobbing and sliding over her now-wet pussy lips. Z lifted his left hand and pinned her arm beneath it as his right curled in to slap his hand down over her face, muffling her screams and noises. "Damn, you're a loud bitch!" He didn't really care, though. No one else could hear her and all he really wanted now was to mount this little hiker whore. The head of his dick bobbed and found the heat between her thighs as though it sensed it on its own. 
He effectively trapped Susi with the hand he held smacked over her mouth to hold it closed. He hadn't really been trying to hold her down, but the grip let him keep her pinned when the first few inches of that cock pierced through her glistening lips and shocked her into struggling again. "Uhhhn... There it is. Fuck!" Suddenly he bucked just to send the first half of his length sliding back and forth. He was opening her up like a surgeon, taking his time to feel her out. But then right when she stopped squirming he drove it in further. Never all the way. He just kept feathering his hips play with her a little on the end of his cock—just enough to let Susi know that she was deliberately being opened to take every inch. "Nnn…yeah. Look at that. Hot little girl being stuffed wide..."

As his brother got between Susi’s legs and put it in, Jay huffed out, "Finally!" Zuriel was still playing around with her, but what Jay wanted most of all was to inhale her scent deeper. His nostrils flared as he smelled the girl’s juices—gushed by the entry of that dick she was taking—wafting to the air. He honestly didn't know if it was her smell or the fact Z was finally acting like a badass, but getting to see his brother take a lost little slut like the monster Jay knew he was firsthand was exciting him immensely. With her face covered, Susi would have trouble seeing Jay’s dick starting to grow stiffer, but the sight of his alpha pumping her with his cock was enough to get him hard as a rock. Inside his head he cursed himself for not being the one to break her open, but when his brother got started Jay knew better than to intervene. Besides, it would be fun to torment him later about losing his cool. "Go on, man. Open that whore up!" He watched her little feet kicking as her legs flailed to dislodge her attacker, but nothing was going to stop his brother today, it seemed, and Jay was reveling in it while he waited for his chance to get in there and wreck her little cunt hard, himself.

Susi screeched and screamed as Z climbed between her legs. Not that it would do any good out here in the middle of nowhere. There was no one else around to hear her. But her she couldn't stop herself. Her fear had taken control and she was running on pure instinct. His big meaty hand clamped down around her face, muffling her cries, but they still emanated against his broad palm. Only her huge eyes were visible over his hand and they stared wild and frightened back at his gleaming silver ones as he hovered over her. Susi tried to close her legs to keep him out, but he muscled them open with his own thighs and pressed down, poking the tip of his hot dick between her slick, wet folds. 
Susi's eyes grew impossibly wider as she felt him fumbling around—using his hips for guidance—and then she saw him smile as he announced his pleasure in finding exactly what he was looking for. Z lowered his hips and pressed the tip of his dick inside, giving Susi a taste of what was to come. He was so hard, so thick, so incredibly wide that she screamed again under his hand as he forced her tight tunnel open to accommodate his girth. The blonde was thankful that he'd taken the time to get her wet or it would have been excruciatingly painful, but even still, she was already in pain from just the couple of inches he was teasing her with. Susi shook her head under the press of his hand, her bright eyes begging him to stop. "NNffph! Mmffth!"

Zuriel loved seeing those wild, frightened eyes so much that he clasped her hands and threw them over her head. The motion added to his thrust and he slipped all the way in for the first stroke as her hands hit the mattress. Now he was forcing her open, not just feathering the first half of his dick. This time she was taking it all just like he intended, hitting that cunt deep enough that his shoves brought a fluid wobble to her small tits perched on her chest. He could feel her bare toes scrape by his legs every time she kicked in protest, still trying to get him off, but little did she know that her struggles were helping him get closer to his release. "Hhhuhhh... So fucking tight...and you want me to stop?!" 
She could see the wince in his eyes at the end of every shove, because it hurt him just a little to be compressed so tightly by her grip at the end of each stroke, but the way her walls fluttered from him stuffing inside, he knew she was going to be worth all the trouble he was in. Holding Susi down like that, he could stare at her face, and he let her wail as much as she wanted now that she was taking every inch of his cock to the root of his shaft. He wanted to make sure she felt his big nuts clap over her asshole with every thrust, so he tilting his hips just a little to make them slap a bit harder with every rock of his spine.

Jaidyn was starting to get anxious watching Z slam his dick inside her. He panted and paced side to side at the sight of the two of them moving in tandem to a primal beat of lust as she was opened up right in front of his eyes. His brother was starting to hurt that pussy good and the sounds the girl made brought Jay to full erection in moments. By the time he was so hard it was painful, he stalked over to the top of the pair so he could look down at them both. Even from there he could see his brother’s cock stuffing her hot pink hole from his bird’s-eye view, and if Susi bothered to look up and see him there, his hard, hanging dick would remind her that this was just beginning. "Nnn... Come on, man. Tag me in!"

Susi sucked in a huge breath of air the moment Z's hand moved away from her nose and mouth, but it all came bursting back out the second he slammed that dick hard and deep into her too-tight tunnel. The blonde's eyes clenched shut and she wailed, her body going stiff under him as she started pumping her little pussy, stretching her open to take the beating they were going to give her. Slender, muscled legs kicked and flailed and her toes and heels scrapped along his strong thighs, but it did nothing to dissuade him. 
If anything, he seemed to grin maliciously and thrust harder the more she kicked at him. Dirty, disheveled, scraped knees stinging painfully, Susi's chest hitched as she sobbed, and as her head lolled on her neck, she got an up-side-down view of Jay standing at the head of the mattress watching the show. His cock was rock hard and bobbing with excitement right over her face. Susi froze for a moment before she closed her eyes and groaned, surrendering to the fact that this was going to happen and there was no getting out of it. She looked back up at Z and his eerie silver eyes stared down at her—looking like he could eat her just as easily as fuck her—and her stomach flipped. But at the same time her pussy clenched excitedly, making his strokes feel even tighter than before. "NNnyah! Fuck!"

Zuriel was lost in fucking the pretty, bitching blonde. She felt so amazingly tight, and quaked around his dick so much, that he felt like her insides were vibrating. She had his cock drenched already, and Jay was growing too antsy to keep out of this game for much longer. It took all the will he had to pull out with a wet pop actually sounding from the girl’s tight insides as the wet walls pulled back at his length like her very body was trying to keep him inside. He snapped his fingers at his brother and nodded, waiting for Jay to step onto the mattress before rising to his feet. Jay came in and lifted the girl up, locking both of his hands around her wrists. 
Z followed his brother’s lead and righted the girl on her knees before grabbing hold of her hair in one hand. "Since you were so hungry for some meat, you can take mine, slut. It's nice and thick and glazed with girl juice." He didn't even wait for her to comply. He just shoved her head down and fought with her until the tip of his cock skated between her lips. Z pressed in harder, filling her mouth with his tip sliding past her lips until his dick grazed along her tongue to give her a taste of him with her juices coating his fat cockhead. "Dude, she feels amazing from the inside. So fucking tight I bet even your cock could bang it open." He held Susi’s mouth down on his dick, not letting her up while they talked about her like she was a beer or some food they were sharing together.

Jaidyn barely noticed his brother’s fingers snap, but once his Zuriel nodded at him he knew it was time. He clambered up on the mattress and lifted the stunned girl, grabbing her wrists tightly in both hands and manipulating her to her knees. When Z stuffed her mouth full Jay just watched and grinned, but when his brother started praising her little pussy, the talk made his dick jump from the mention of how she felt inside. "Well stop dicking around and gimme some, too, dammit!" He was part of this now, but his alpha was still toying with her and only using him as a way to restrain her from fighting back.

Susi was no virgin but she was tiny and she had only had sex a couple of time in her life, so she was tight and the spread of Z's fat dick was almost more than she could take. When he pulled out she grunted—her cunt squishing wetly around his shaft as it pulled free—and sobbed in relief. The huge man rose to his knees and jerked her up by her hair. The pain was excruciating and she cried out, lifting her arms to beat at him again. She'd not gotten even one swing in before Jay grabbed both her arms and yanked them roughly behind her back, thrusting her little bouncing tits out into Z's face. Using her disheveled blonde hair, the man who'd been so kind to her when she first found this cabin shoved her head down to his erect cock, demanding that she now eat his meat as she'd eaten the jerky he'd given her earlier. 
Tears dripped from Susi's eyelashes and fell, spattering her dirty breasts as he guided her head down to the tip of his cock. Jay cinched her arms higher, using the leverage to bend her body, and as the tip of Z's cock brushed over her soft lips, she opened her mouth and let them both guide her down over his long shaft. She gagged—not at the taste, but at the thought of being forced to suck this stranger's dick—and coughed until she spattered saliva around his girth, leaving the thick fluid dripping from her lips. When he lifted her from his shaft, her spit sluiced down her chin, dripping with her tears to her firm breasts. Susi sobbed and pleaded again, "Please let me go. I can't do this. I just can't!"

Zuriel glared at the girl as she begged, locking eyes with her for only one second before he just shoved her mouth full again and held the back of her head to keep her lips locked around his fat cock. He lifted his eyes to his brother when Jay lifted her ass, moving it farther out so that he could have his way with her pussy. Z marveled at the fact that Jay managed to not tug her mouth off his tip, but he wasn't prepared for his brother to shove his cock into her pussy so hard that it sent her mouth racing down his own shaft. Grinning wickedly, his hand tightened in Susi's hair, forcing her down his cock in tempo with his brother’s thrusts, making her take his own length all the way down his length until his saliva-coated balls were dripping against her chin and lips. "Uhhhnn… Damn, man. I t-told ya she was friggin’ incredible!" With his hips leading, Z started fucking her poor little mouth. The girth of his fat dick in her lips would prevent her from whining any more as he and his brother bounced her between them like some insane game of tennis rape . When her pussy was empty, her mouth was filled with cock, and when she could get a breath, her cunt was pounded open from behind. There was no escape from the both of them together as they fucked her from both ends at the same time so deeply. Suddenly they changed pace and Susi felt her throat being forced open while her pussy spread wide around Jay’s cock when they both stuffed their dicks in at the same time. They never let her get used to a single stroke, going faster or slower than the other until they both slammed in hard again in total unison. Driving inside the poor little blonde whore together, the brothers fucked her like a piece of meat on top of the mattress.

Jaidyn couldn't stand it any longer. The more she begged and pleaded for them to stop, the hotter he got, so when Z shoved her mouth down his cock he took his opportunity. Jay stood up and brought the girl to her feet first, then kicked the back of her knee to send her tumbling back down and into position for him to have some fun of his own. His brother had held onto her hair so tightly that her lips never even came off the head of his cock as Jay bent her ass out so that he could enjoy some lost little girl on his cock, too. "Fuck, she bitches too much. Keep feeding her, bro." Adding to his brother’s torment of the poor girl, he lined up the head of his dick and split her right down the middle. Using the hold of her wrists to keep her from going anywhere, his thrusts rocked her pretty face straight down his brother’s shaft. Jay gritted his teeth from how hot and tight she felt. Z had not been kidding at how fucking delicious she was inside and Jay felt every tickle, every clamp of her muscles, both fighting to get him out and sucking him in. "Oh, my god, dude. She's so... Uhhnnn!" He didn't want to stop churning that pussy up with his thinner shaft, but she was still so gooey inside that he slicked through that inner ring with the ease of a bulldozer. Cramming her open with the force of his pelvis smacking her ass from behind, he growled lightly at finally getting a piece of her, even if he had to share with his alpha.

It had been Susi's last hope for mercy. She pleaded one more time with Z, but he just snarled at her like some insane animal and shoved her head back down, stuffing her mouth full of his cock until it was lodged in her throat and she was choking on it. Susi twisted and jerked in the grip of Jay's hands, trying to break free before she choked to death on his brother’s dick. He did let her go, and her hands flew to Z's hips to push him away in vain, but at the same time Jay's hands hoisted her hips in the air, bringing her to her feet. She nearly dislodged Z's cock from her throat, but he held fast to her head, keeping at least the tip inside her mouth as Jay kicked her legs out from under her, making her fall to her knees. His hands tightened on her hips and he thrust forward, driving his own cock deep into her soaking pussy and jarring her body so that her mouth launched back down the full length of Z's cock. She was skewered from both ends on their rods, and for a fleeting moment Susi had the insane vision of being spitted over a fire like a pig. She nearly laughed with mania, but Jay pumped forward, slapping his hips against her perky ass, forcing her mouth down Z's cock again, and the laugh instead came out as a garbled cry. Back and forth, in and out, they fucked her from both ends. Drool spilled from her mouth, slathering Z's cock and her chin, and her lube leaked from her slit, leaving Jay's shaft in a sheen of hot girl juices. Susi's little breasts dangled from her chest, bouncing and wobbling wildly as they raped her holes, and despite her fears, despite her horror, despite everything, her cunt pulsated and clenched hotly around Jay's shaft as her belly twisted and turned and tingled with arousal.

Zuriel growled low in his throat as he nodded at his brother. Together they showed the whore what being spitted might actually be like when they both rammed their hips forward and—using only their clutching hands to guide her—lifted her with their cocks still buried deep inside as they abruptly spun her around and dropped her back to her knees. Once settled, that thick cock shoved back inside Susi’s mouth, fucking her pretty face—now growing even more dirty and smeared from her own saliva bubbling down her chin. Z didn't mind. In fact, the sloppier she became, the more excited her got and that dick started cramming deep enough down her throat that his spit-slicked balls slapped noisily against her chin. He wrapped his fingers in her blonde hair and looked down, watching his shaft vanish between her lips every time he stuffed it in. The two men used her without care for her comfort or pleasure, and the wild thrusts mashing her petite frame between them both showed her just how hard two dicks could take her from both ends at once, like the brothers were trying to meet in her middle.

Jaidyn had to laugh at his brother’s idea: lifting her from the mattress in a turn to show off how cock-strong they really were and dropping back down to one knee once they had made their point in moving her without hardly using their hands at all. "Look at that, bro. She doesn't know if she's comin’ or goin’! Haha!" Just to spice it up and get her mewling again, Jay reared a single hand back, slapping her petite ass cheek hard enough to leave a mark as he pushed in at the same instant that his brother did. Now they were really making sport of her, fucking her together from both ends as though their tips would touch inside her squirming body. Even though she was on her knees, poor Susi was nothing but a paper boat to both men—bobbing and weaving like she was riding a wave—but instead of a caressing lull, she was rocked from both ends by two fat dicks jamming her throat and stuffing her hot little cunt at the same time. Both men had been verbally tormenting her while they fucked her holes, but as their breathing grew more ragged, the words stopped coming. The feeling of pointed nails raked at her ass and scalp, gripping tight to hold her in place so that every shove they delivered bounced her small tits from the force of being drilled wide from both ends.

Susi had thought her nightmare had ended when she'd found these two men so far out in the woods. She'd thought she'd been saved. But now—on her hands and knees with cocks stuffed in both ends of her body, being used like some twenty-dollar blow up doll at a frat party—she knew that the nightmare had only just begun. Susi choked again on Z's cock in her throat and with only his hand holding her head down to the base, she was shocked again when he rose in tandem with Jay—his cock still buried deep in her pussy—and lifted her from the mattress to spin her around. Susi's hands grasped Z's hips in absolute terror of choking or falling (she wasn't sure which) and she screamed a muffled sound of horror as her limbs lifted from the ground. When she was set back down, she clenched her eyes and sobbed again, the sound of her crying coming out garbled—first loud, then soft as Z's dick pumped in and out of her parted lips. The lips between her legs smacked as wetly as the ones her face, slurping at Jay's hard shaft with every backwards pull and sucking him back inside her tight snatch to grip him with her muscles. They were both so long and hard that as they thrust in together, Susi swore she could feel their cock heads meeting in the middle of her body, completing the bizarre image she'd had of being skewered. Her eyes rolled up and she looked at Z miserably as his shaft disappeared between her shining, reddened lips, the spit frothing and bubbling around the edges as she swallowed his full length once more.

Zuriel never thought taking a hot little trollop in the forest like this would be this good. She was so supple and small that together he and Jay could seriously maul her little body ruthlessly. And he was doing just that. The hard slugs of that dick drove inside the blond hiker’s mouth wildly enough that she was coughing up spit from taking his shaft in a torrid throat fuck. She felt amazing, gagging around his cock each time he shoved it in and tried to meet his brother in the middle. Strong fingers lacing in the girl’s hair caught hold and he used the leverage to pump her slutty mouth balls-fucking-deep. He could feel his nuts clapping her chin in a hail of saliva and meaty wet splats smacking her face. For now it was a violation—a rape most dire—but the real danger was proceeded by the bright glimmer in his eyes. The girl had no idea just how much danger she was really in. She was too busy getting fucked in both holes to bothering looking up, so she didn’t see his upper and lower canines extending past his parted lips, or his nails darkening on his fingers, growing longer each time he stuffed her mouth full of dick to the point that she was sputtering around his length. But even though she couldn't see the changes taking, the feeling was unmistakable. That long shaft started to throb and pulse inside her mouth, grazing, pushing over her tongue so that Zuriel’s heady taste drowned her senses in masculine flavor. His eyes met with his brother’s at the girl’s other end, shining with the coming release of the beast they both kept inside, hidden from mortal eyes.

Jaidyn growled low from the feeling of the lost girl’s cunt gripping his dick. He watched it slide out of the whore’s pussy with every backstroke, then he pounded into her with a hunger that grew inside of him with every rapidly-increasing thrust of his hips. No matter how much she had begged or screamed, they had both descended on her like a pair of monsters, tearing her clothes off and violating her hot little pussy, even if the bitch was nearly starved to death from not eating while lost out in the woods. She was getting some meat now, all right, and Jay couldn't help but grin maniacally at seeing his brother fuck her bitching mouth. Then Jay looked up and saw Z's eyes shimmer. The light behind them grew hot and bright as he looked on, watching his brother struggle to remain human. The longer he watched and the more Zuriel tried to hold it back, the more his own muscles trembled from the violent way he started slamming his hips. He forced her mouth down his brother’s cock with the sheer power of his shoves driving her lips over that fat meat just to pull back so he could keep fucking her little cunt just like a monster. Jay tried to keep the beast within him down. He tried to not let it loose, but something in his mind snapped and the primal need within coursed from his shoulders to his very fingertips, latching them hard into her skin. Half-formed claws broke through her flesh, the points sinking in enough to bring a red trickle over her skin. "Nnnghhaaa! I...c-can't hold...IT!"

Men were animals, there was no denying that, but the longer these two abused Susi, pumping their cocks into her mouth and sore pussy, the more like animals they became. Her brows furrowed as their noises grew: growling, chuffing, and snarling like dogs. Her little body was jostled between them as each of the men slammed into her from opposite ends, one always pushing her into the direction of the other, back and forth so that one cock was always sliding into her as the other was pulling out. Despite how like animals they were acting, regardless that they took her without consent, Susi's couldn't deny that the feel of them forcing her open and feeding her their cocks was turning her on. Her pussy was wet, gushing around Jay's fat prick and she moaned, drool dripping from her lips as she sucked and slurped around Z's thick member. Suddenly her lips started stretching as though he was growing wider and fatter in her mouth. She squeaked out in surprise and mumbled incoherently, but then she felt the pain of something sharp like nails sinking into the soft flesh of her hips and she uttered a muffled cry around Z's cock as her hips jerked forward to get away from the searing pain. They latched on, holding her in place as Jay's hips beat a tempo against her ass, railing his own thickening cock into her tiny cunt.

Zuriel knew the little bitch was into it. She was so fucking wet from Jay fucking her that he could smell the heat of her pussy as it was rammed not a few feet from him. His senses came alive, seeing more clearly, smelling everything, and hearing the girl’s own frantic heartbeat from how she was being abused like some toy between them both. By then the animal inside was clawing its way out. His eyes glowed silver as his eye brows grew together and his hair started shagging longer from his head. Susi couldn't see with her mouth stuffed so full, and as it continued to grow, that dick in her lips moved with more than a thrust. It seemed to flex totally on its own, swelling bigger between her squeaking lips until he fell back clutching his gut in pain. He rolled to his side right in front of the frightened girl, growling out like he was in pain. Susi got her first look at what was happening. His gums and feral teeth clenched and grew outward from his skull, the muzzle forming right before her eyes as dark hair on his body began to lighten and sprout in silver waves over his muscles. The sickening sound of bone crunching—unfolding to its true size and from—filled the room. From as close as she was, Susi could smell the wild forest on the pelt growing from the lump of quivering body that used to be a man. Zuriel rolled onto his hand and knees while Susi watched on with horror as the claws shined from his fingertips. They clutched the mattress, raking lines in the fabric as the human he had been slowly disappeared and became something else barely a foot in front of her face.

Jaidyn could no longer deny what was happening to him. His brother was already rolling away as the shift started to consume him and in minutes nothing human would remain in his eyes. Together it was like both males had used her as some kind of potion to get them going. From behind Susi, Jay’s claws dug in deeper as his own eyes started to glow in that shiny gold he was famous for. The girl felt the wild speed coming crashing into her cunt like some madman just got ahold of her, battering that pussy in juicy slushes from the fat dick filling her up. Susi felt it growing like Z's had done, flexing like his flesh wasn't solid right now. Both of Jay’s forearms cracked as he continued holding her down in front of him, then they swelled and black fur started sprouting from his flesh. Susi had indeed stumbled into a place she did not want to be. Jay, too, fell away from her in utter bliss from the hurt of his body morphing into something bigger, and as he did his claws raked her hips. His arms swelled and stretched out, and his feet cracked loudly as his legs set into a different form. Susi could see the claws and the teeth of these monsters, and she was paralyzed with fear—so much so that she it didn’t even dawn on her at first that while they transforming neither of them were holding her down any longer.

Susi heard the groaning, but it sounded more like pain than pleasure and before she knew it, Z was slipping from her suckling mouth, falling on the floor before her in contorted agony. Jay's cock was still railing her from behind, but she almost didn't notice him as her eyes took in the sight of the stranger before her transforming into... Just what the hell was happing to him? Susi shook with more fear than she'd ever known before. Her eyes grew huge and her mouth hung open in stunned silence until she felt the claws on her hips raking painful lines backwards over her ass. Still on her hands and knees, she whipped her head around to see Jay in much the same position as his brother: twisting, contorted in pain, crying out like he was being stabbed. He, too, was changing, growing. And was that fur?? The little blond was so shocked that she just froze, whipping her head from one man to the other as they transformed until instinct kicked in. Realizing that she was no longer restrained, Susi used her palms and heels to scramble backwards on her ass to the doorway. She grasped the doorjamb to steady her shaking legs as she rose to her feet, then—taking one last incredulous look at the nearly completely transformed men (they were more beast now than man, she thought)—Susi turned from the door and sprinted into the woods—naked, without her pack, only wanting to put distance between herself and whatever it was they'd become.

Check back soon for The Lost Hiker - Part Two

Susi makes a break for the woods, but before she can escape she is captured and raped once more by the monstrous werewolves that Zuriel and Jaidyn become, forcing her to take their cocks until she is full of their cum.

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