Jaidyn Rapes Vixxen...Again

“I'm in the living room,” Vixxen looked around, "If you can call it that."

Jaidyn smirked as he entered the room, naked as the day he was born, and his eyes stared at the blonde in his home. “Of course you are. I could smell you from upstairs.”

Vixxen rolled her eyes at him. “Do you own clothes?”

Jaidyn shrugged nonchalantly. “My house. Deal with it.” She said nothing, so he continued. “So for what do I owe the intrusion? Come to spread your cheeks open or what?”

Vixxen made an overly fake smile as she flipped you the bird. "Spread that open, you ass."

Jaidyn smirked. "The smile or the finger?"

Vixxen pursed her lips around her fake smile and ground her teeth. "How about you spread your own ass open so you can finally pull your head out of it?"

Jaidyn sighed and went to sit down, calling back over his shoulder. "Look, we both know you want me to fucking rape you. Why not cut out the middle man and just suck my dick? Geez, woman. Fuck, I'm not even really insulting you, for fuck’s sake, and yet here you are trying to make me stuff you deep."

Vixxen's eyes went wide in disbelief as she turned and watched you walk away, her jaw hanging open. "Rape me? I want you to rape me? Are you kidding?? I'm not trying to make you do anything! I came over for reasons that are my own and you started shit with me. You're so damn abrasive. What can you possibly expect me to do?"

Jaidyn yawned and held his hand up, moving his fingers like your yack-yack-yacking was making him bored. "Look, Vixxen… Can I call you that, or do you prefer bitch? Anyway, let’s just say that while I am honor bound because of our agreement, there is a flaw in your order about me having my way with you." He’d left the connotation open, letting you decide what he’d meant. "When she’s back, I think we both are gonna tie you up and have some fun. But just be honest for once and admit you want me. Zuriel isn't okay with it, but fuck it—we all screw with each other here. Or haven't I seen Nick staring in your window more than usual lately?"

Vixxen blushed deeply—harder than she’d cared to do—giving herself away at the mention of Nick. Her teeth ground together harder as she bit back retort after useless retort. She maintained her distance, not comfortable in stepping closer just yet—and to keep from being able to see your naked body any better. Finally she sighed, staring at the obscene ‘art’ on the walls because she couldn't manage to make eye contact. "What 'flaws?’" The word came out dripping with sarcasm. "We have an agreement. Plain and simple. And who is this 'she' you are referring to and what does 'she' have to do with our agreement?" Her eyes finally turned back to you (damn you for being the only person she'd ever known that could unnerve her so!) to wait for your reply.

Jaidyn shook his head, patted his thigh, and pointed at the blond in his living room who was still just yammering at the mouth. "Oh, no one in particular. But I could lock you up now and wait for her to come here. As for the agreement…we both know you hate it. You were already spreading your ass open at the bench by the pond. All you had to do was ask nicely and I would have fucked you good. Buuut nooooo... Blondie has to be right and justified for every little thing she does. What excuse did you give Z about Nick, hmm? Oh wait… He probably let you. Which is another reason you’re here...in my house."

Vixxen's eyes narrowed to deadly slits. "Mind yourself, Jay. That's none of your concern. Z is well aware of my activities, and as long as he and I have an understanding, that's all I need. As far as my not begging you for it, it’s because I don't like you and I can't bring myself to stoop so low as to degrade myself and beg you for it while still keeping some shred of my dignity intact, regardless of my attraction to you."

Jaidyn sat back and made sure that you were watching his naked frame stretching out on the chair so that you could get a good look at everything. "Oi vey, woman. I honestly don't care. I learned a little about what love means this week, so I take it with a grain of salt and two grains of sugar." He leaned forward once more, turning his head to look at you with that amused grin etched on his face. "Does it help your dignity to believe that it's just rape? Maybe use that as an excuse to have me fuck you, perhaps? It's okay. Hell, we're being honest enough to know you want to suck my cock right now, so why not tell me what about me makes your motor run?"

Before she could even catch herself her eyes were drinking in your body, watching the strong lines and angles and the taut muscles rolling beneath your dark skin. She felt her heart quicken some at the sight and she drew a deep breath to try and settle it. When you started speaking, though, she did look good and hard at your face—especially your eyes—to try and determine if you were pulling her leg or actually being honest. And did you say love? Really?? She just stared for a moment, but it hit her that you were actually being truthful, and it astounded her. It also made her realize that beneath the veneer you were also human. Well...in a manner of speaking. The whole thing softened her somewhat. She remained on her guard, but since you were sharing and being honest, she risked exposing herself, too. "I honestly don't know. Aside from your good looks—which draws every woman within a 500 mile radius to you—I can't really say what it is about you that 'makes my motor run,' as you put it. God forbid I say this, but...perhaps it’s the same mannerisms that piss me off that also excite me. Maybe it’s the actual thrill of your taking it without my consent that arouses me. I honestly don't know. All I know is that you do." She dared to step closer as she spoke, opting to sit in the chair across from you because of the false sense of comfort and protection it offered.

Jaidyn nodded now that it all made sense to him. Such a guarded woman and yet finally she was being a little truthful with him instead of spitting venom every time she uttered a word. "Wow. Holy hell. You finally said it out loud. No wonder you wanted a vow from me. You're just waiting for me to break it. C'mon, girl, why not just say it? I can tell you I don't love you, but there is something of respect at least. Not for my brother in any sense, but respect for you. I know a bad-assed biker bitch turned country girl out here has stabbed enough people that tried to fuck you over in the past, and yet here you are…daring me to do it every chance you get." He smiled, grinning knowingly. "It's kinda flattering, really, when you think about it."

Vixxen pursed her lips together, trying not to bust out laughing (fuck, even in your arrogance—your humor—broke through her hard shell). A snort escaped and she put the back of her hand to her face to try and cover it, but that made it even worse and she started giggling silently, her cheeks turning red as her shoulders bobbed up and down. She snort again, still trying to contain it, then said fuck it and just burst out laughing, her head falling back as she giggled uncontrollably. She wasn't even sure what she'd found so funny, but damned if it didn't hit her hard. Her eyes teared up and she righted to look at you, still giggling as she spoke. "What the hell... Alright, OK. I'm not going to go so far as to say I like you, Jay, but... You do have a human side to you. I guess you're alright." She started giggling again, mumbling her quote as she did, "Flattering..." Vixxen snort laughter again and slapped her hand to her face in embarrassment, but she couldn't stop it from bubbling out.

Jaidyn smirked since laughter was usually the first step towards relaxation, at least—not to mention denial in some respects. He knew whom he loved, and while you were not his lover, you were obviously a tin pin hottie. Should he even bother turning you down? Maybe he could tie you up for Darina when she got home later, but right now this little game being played out with the stunning blond sitting in his chair was all his. "No, you don't like me, but even with that you just told me the respect is mutual. I don't care if you're with my brother. You still got this ‘bad bitch gonna fuck you up’ thing going that I love to destroy. Makes it sweeter when I split you open right." He chuckled and let his eyes travel over those legs and that small half shirt, and the sight of you brought a sly grin to his lips. "I think I might take a walk. Let your pussy cool down a little. Unless you just want to come put your lips around this..." He grabbed his dick, waved it at you before he dropped it, and leaned forward again to watch your reaction.

Damn you! Stupid cock flailing about teasing her. Like hell she was going to let on that it made her mouth water and her clit twitch. She glanced, but somehow—miraculously—she turned away in fake ennui with a shrug of her shoulder, though she was still smiling and half giggling through it all, acting like she wasn't impressed. "If I just gave it up and came crawling to you when you wagged that thing around—which is quite often, I might add—what would be the fun in it for me? I already told you it was the fact that you just took it that turns me on. Zuriel I go to because I love him. Nick is sweet and innocent and fun to corrupt...though that only lasts so long before the innocence is gone. Here's to hoping he finds his niche once he loses that draw. But you... You get me wet because I fight you and you take it anyway and that excites me. If I came crawling on my hands and knees of my own accord, it’s just as demeaning but nowhere near as exciting." She smiled and added, "Enjoy your walk."

Jaidyn shook his head and stood up, taking a stretch on purpose just to show you what you were missing out on by not just coming over for a lick. He rested his hands on his hips as he stood close by and spoke, "Well, okay. Come on. If I can't persuade you to suck it, at least come walk with me so I can stare at your ass." He was actually waiting, even holding out a hand to help you off the chair so you could come take a stroll with him.

Vixxen's grin still lingered, but she paused looking at you like a viper she didn't quite trust yet. Finally she slipped her hand into yours, trying to avert her eyes from anything more than your hand, and rose from the chair. "Fine. Just a walk, though. Nothing more."

Jaidyn smiled genuinely and walked out of the house, waiting a moment for you to follow and one more for you to get ahead of him by another step or two. He did exactly what he’d said he would, staring at your ass while you strolled ahead and he tried making small talk on the way. "I like the place better after the work Z put in. It looks really good, though I think the houses need a little something more. What do you think?" He was trying to be disarming on purpose, talking calmly to make his plans a little more obscure and so you wouldn't be prepared for what came next. 
Jay actually bide his time, allowing you to begin forming an answer as he was walking past the barn. That was all he’d needed in order to pull off doing exactly what you’d expressed to him that you’d wanted him to do. Strong fingers gripped your pigtail from the left and he yanked you headlong into the barn, lifting a foot to pop your ass in a wild shove that sent you flying into the dirty hay on the barn floor. He blocked the entrance with his body, leering down at you as you sputtered on the ground. "Looks like I just have to keep tricking the blond whore to get what I want then, huh?" He strolled up, and tightly snatched hold of your hair in one fist.

Vixxen tried to stay on her guard but the lighthearted banter was disarming. She found herself walking along listing to you prattle on about the land and the work Z had done and she nodded with mhmms along the way. When she turned to answer your question, she saw that predatory look in your eye. The smile was there, still, too, but there was more. She realized that look was one of sweet victory, but too late. Just as alarms were going off and red flags were waving in her mind for her to run, the hair at her scalp was yanked—nearly ripping from the flesh—and she was wheeling into the dark shadows of the barn. Vixxen screeched as her momentum carried her to the ground, tumbling through the straw and mud. She scrambled to her knees to lunge at you, but in a flash of speed no human was capable of, you were there before her, grabbing her hair and forcing her back down with a whimper issuing from her throat.

Jaidyn didn't waste any time dropping to one knee and jerking you by the hair over his bent leg so that those fat tits mashed against his thigh. Steely fingers grabbed your shorts and stripped them down—the act alone making his cock jump and start to swell with the anticipation of the moment. Okay, so he liked just using and abusing your ass, too; it was obvious from how hard he was getting just bending you over and ripping those shorts off in a hurry. 
"We break the deal here once I shove my dick in your whimpering little ass, bitch." He let your hair go, gripping both of your hands in his larger one to keep you bent over his thigh, running his palm over the pale blushing cheeks of your sexy ass because you were just begging for it by prancing around like some cheerleader in a locker room of football players.

Vixxen wasn't sure if she was angrier with herself for being foolish enough to drop her guard around you, or angrier with you for breaking that trust and the deal you'd agreed upon. Tossed over your knee she jerked and thrashed, but her arms were pinned between her body and your thigh and were useless to fight you with. She couldn't get loose enough to kick, either, pinned on her knees with your hand roughly tearing her shorts away. The material bit into her hips and pussy, grinding against her soft flesh until it ripped and gave way painfully, making her cry out as her flesh bruised in the crevasses of her thighs. 
"Ahh!" Something hard pressed against her ribs and she realized with horror that it was your cock—hot and hard already. It seemed that she wasn't the only one that was turned on when you took her forcibly. She mewled in misery, shamed at how she felt. She loved it. She hated it. She hated you. She desired you. Every feeling conflicted with the other until she didn't know what was right or wrong anymore. Her naked ass writhed in the air, her plump white cheeks nearly glowing in the darkness of the barn as your tanned hand stroked over them. She jerked as though trying to pull away, but your strong leg held her in check and she simply bounced right back against your fingers. "Let me go, Jaidyn. We had a deal," she growled through her teeth.

Jaidyn stood up and threw that ass back onto the hay, then like a biker mounting his ride, he swung his leg over you. Grabbing the front of your shirt, he lifting until those fat tits fell out of your clothes and his hands snapped back to wrap your head in his grasp. "Fuck the deal. I want to fuck you. Damn, you talk too much. Fucking here…eat it!" He lifted one hand and clamped your nose closed, holding the back of your head with the other as he waited like that with his cock hovering over your tits. 
The first instant that you needed to breathe, your poor, cute mouth was violated by fat dick shoving between your lips. Rolling his body forward on his feet, he made you bend precariously backward so that you didn't know if you were falling or flailing from the assault. Both strong hands clutched your head as firmly as he had grabbed your hips before, using that mouth like the pretty fuckhole it was right there with your drool bubbling around his invading cock as it drove over your tongue and down your throat. "Mmm yessss… Gag on it, you fat-tittied whore. Taste that dick, slut!" Sure, we had been talking rather nicely, but once he knew what you needed, he didn't hesitate any more. He just held your pigtails like handlebars, using them to guide your head as he started fucking your pretty face with a reckless desire that rocked through his rabid shoves as they filled your mouth.

Vixxen didn't even have time to hit the ground, you mauled her off of your knee and mounted her so fast. She barely had time to brace herself on her hands before your cock was pressing in towards her face, forcing her back into an arch as you loomed over her. Her tits fell from her crop top in a bounce as you stripped it from her and the pink nipples pearled in the chill barn air, drawing the mounds to perfect globes that wobbled on her chest. Vixxen scowled as your fingers clasped her nose, though she kept her lips pressed together as your cock bopped against her chin and mouth. Her face tried to turn and jerk from your grip—left then right—but your hand simply followed, keeping her nostrils clamped tight until her face turned pink then red and she was forced to gasp in a breath. 
The air had hardly reached her lungs before your hips lunged and that fat dick was jammed into her mouth, choking off the rest of her breath. She sucked the remaining air that she was so desperate to draw through her nose, then her lips smacked and fluttered obscenely around the thickness of your shaft as she expelled the same breath from her mouth in a cry of outrage. Her fingers curled in the dirty hay as your cock slid down her throat and her angry eyes glared up at you between your legs but... Who was she kidding? Her cunt throbbed with heat at being used—at being violated so roughly and unexpectedly—until her clit glistened like a diamond in the dim light with the sheen of lube that coated it. Vixxen coughed, choking on the head of your cock as it pulled out and dipped back down her throat, and her eyes bulged as though you were taking her harder than ever now that you knew this was exactly what she craved. "Mmffphh! Ggllrrff!"

Jaidyn growled as he fucked that pretty face nice and deep, filling your throat with the swollen shaft as it curled down with the press of his pelvis, making your nose dent his skin each time he shoved that cock in as far as it would go. He’d grown tired of the games. After this, he was just going to tell his brother how to make this bitch melt for—but not before he got his use out of her. Jay idly wished Rina could be home for this, because she needed to help him tear this blond pussy up, but right now he had a sexy spit-covered blond bimbo to use and abuse. He growled and it rumbled all the way to the base of his dick, using it to rut your mouth so hard that his balls left stringy lines of drool snapping from your chin. Jay enjoyed the defiant gurgle as he powered through without even feeling your teeth. 
He knew you wanted it, needed to actually taste his cum—and one day he would make you do it for him—but for now he was hungry enough to just fuck those lips like he was going to shoot right down your gullet and force you to take it in the stomach with that fat shaft prying your gagging throat open. Jay let one pigtail go, snapping his hand over his thigh so he could smack your tit with his fingers cupping smartly around your globe, then he’d change hands, repeating the slaps on the other, never missing a stride of that dick giving you every bit of his masculine flavor right fucking there. "Mmmmn… Look at that bitch all cock-high. Love that taste, don't you whore? Yes, you do..." He was being demeaning on purpose. That clit behind him had to be ready to pop like a little balloon by now, he was guessing. He could even smell the heat of you drifting over his shoulder and up between his thighs.

Vixxen's hips dipped and swayed as her body rolled with the plunging thrusts of your cock down her flexing throat. The poor girl did everything she could to keep her mouth and throat open so that she wouldn't gag, but you were so thick and long—and doing everything you could to force every last centimeter down her gullet—that she kept choking anyhow. She would cough and sputter, spattering spit and saliva over your shaft and her lips until it was dripping and drooling down her chin and neck. Her eyes were no longer angry. They were now wide with fear as she fought for air; fought to swallow; fought to keep from choking to death on the thick slab of meat that was forced past her lips. 
Her whimpering mewls trembled in her throat, vibrating along your fat shaft every time it dipped in until her lips were pressed to your pelvis and her chin was mashed into your balls. Tears sprang into those huge blue eyes as she looked at you. She'd blink them away and the droplets would roll from the corners down her cheeks to her ears where your hands held her pigtails like handlebars on your new fuck toy. That is until one hand let go and roughly slapped her tit. She screamed around your cock and though the sound was muffled, it was still delicious to your ears, the vibrations traveling straight down your stick to tingle in your balls. Then your hands swapped, grabbing and releasing to slap her other tit and she screamed again. Dark red imprints rose to the surface of her creamy white skin as her breasts wobbled from the resounding slaps. Vixxen's clit pulsed and pumped so hard with arousal that she was damn near ready to beg you for it. She couldn't believe how turned on she was even as more tears welled and rolled from her bright blue eyes.

Jaidyn jerked out of your mouth to give you some air…and for a bit more brutal treatment. He slapped your cheek and pressed that cock against your face, rubbing all over it, smearing your tears and drool all over your skin as he loomed from above. "Yes… Such a cock hungry slut, aren't you? Not getting used right, are you? That's why your whore face is all slick now..." Jay clamped your nose again, this time forcing your chin down with his own hand. "Open up! Stick your bitch tongue out. You like to run it so fucking much, let’s make use of it the right way!" 
That dick slapped, bopped, and flopped against your lips, waiting for that needed breath to part your mouth open so that he could shove it in all the way once more. His hands slipped to your hair-handles, driving right back in to fuck your pretty face some more, pumping your mouth full of cock swollen and slick with spit while he made up his mind to cum in your whore mouth or not. "Hnnn… I think your ass needs to be opened up, bitch. Let’s break this deal for real, like civilized people." Jay slorped his wet dick out from your lips and threw your head back to the hay before stepping back to grab your hips. Dropping to his knees between your thighs, he didn't even wait for you to realize what he was doing. He lifted your ass from the dirty floor so that he could spear your ass open with his dick as it drove inside your twitching rosebud, keeping your backside off the hay underneath to start fucking your unused asshole. "Nnnn, fuck! Still a tight bitch!"

Vixxen sucked in gasp after gasp of choking air, spit and drool just running down her chin as she sputtered. Trying to sit up, she felt the thick, wet slap of cock smacking across her face and she whined and flailed trying to dodge it. She was completely unprepared for you to grab her nose again and she cried out as you did—"NO!" —but then promptly clamped her lips tight, realizing you intended to choke her on your cock once more. Again she lost the battle, her body reflexively opening her mouth for air, and again she was force-fed a thick slab of cock meat until she was retching with tears streaming down her cheeks. Almost as fast as it was in, your cock was popped from her mouth in a wet slurp of spit, and Vixxen’s back hit the ground when your hands wrenched her legs out from under her, lifting her dirty knees and ass into the air. 
Her shoulders smacked in the dirt and she cried out as your cock wedged between her cheeks, pressing to spread her open. Her legs kicked and flailed, striking your back with the rubbery heels of her tennis shoes as she yelled. "No! No! Don't you fucking dare, Jay! Nooooo!" Thank God she'd been so worked up that her pussy had literally been drooling lube from her slit to trickle down between her ass cheeks or her pucker would be as dry as a the desert, but her entire nether region was wet and slick and slippery with juices and when that fat head pressed against her asshole, it slipped in with a tight pop. Her back arched and she howled at the invasion. Lubed or no, you were huge and stretched her open with no easing into it and it was painful as hell. Her hands clenched from the pain until her nails bit into the palms of her hands leaving little red crescent marks of welling blood. "NNnyyaahhhh Jay! Get it out! Get it OUT!!! Fuck, it hurts!!"

Jaidyn dropped one hand from your hip and smacked your breast, leaving pink marks at the side, then snatched your hip in hand again to lift your body. "Nnn, damn. Mad I'm not in that cunt, slut? Want to cum with me? Oh, no… Your ass was the deal breaker. Now you're mine whenever I want to rough you up!" To make his point, those hands flipped you face down, rolling that body over before he seated that cock back inside your hot asshole, shivering from being entered again. Jay bit his lower lip and grunted at the feel of that shaft spreading your hole open to plumb your depths balls-deep. 
Lifting on his hands to find the right leverage to pry your ass open, he then grit his teeth as he rose on his knees and started rocking his hips quickly to feel your ass stretching over his cock, the ringed muscles clenching around his length tightly enough that he felt your ass suckling at him just as keenly as your mouth had been. Jay growled behind your head now that he had you down on your belly and scoot your knees open with his own legs, forcing your shoes apart in a wider arc. The satisfied sigh coming from him at feeling you fight back only as much as your body allowed radiated to your ears as he fucked you in your hot wobbling ass just like he’d promised. Jay clenched his teeth and threw his weight into his hips, battering that hole with enough power to make it hurt so good at the end of each thrust. "Hnnnn… Fuck, bitch!"

Vixxen stopped bitching. The cry she barked out at the slap to her breast had shut her up just as effectively as your cock had done. She still whimpered and cried at the burning pain of her asshole being stretched open by your girth, but her pleas for you to stop ended fearing another strike was coming. Her soaking wet mound was banging and grinding against your pelvis as you thrust into her ass, leaving a shining wet mess on your front and all over her pussy lips, so when you flipped her over and mashed her to the ground, bits of hay and dirt clung to her mons, making a muddy, sticky mess of her cunt. Vixxen tried to crawl away before you closed in on her, but before she could even get herself up on her elbows, your weight was pressing in, forcing her back to the dirt. Her legs were pried open by your knees and she felt the press of your cock head parting her thick cheeks once more. Like a homing missile, it found its target immediately, and crammed right back into her pucker to the hilt. Her head jerked up, nearly slamming into your face, but you dodged it with the reflexes of an animal as she screamed in pain. Her clit throbbed in excitement and the contrasting sensations nearly made her giddy. 
Panting, Vixxen squirmed as she felt you bucking and pumping in and out of her sore ass with your weight forcing her swollen clit to mash and grind into the dirt beneath her. She heard you growl right next to her ear and her stomach bottomed out, but she groaned and gasped again feeling her climax start to build against her will. Muttering to herself in a shaky voice, denying what she'd wanted all along, she said, "No-o-o..." Her stomach clenched and her ass tightened around the thickness of your shaft, gripping you snugly in the depths of her bowels. "NNNoooo---nnngggaaahhh!!!" She couldn't stop it. It hit her like a truck, slamming into her. Vixxen came and she came hard, shuddering beneath you as her pussy pumped gush after gush of cream from her cunt to spill on the barn floor with your cock violating her ass. "Aaahhhggg!!"

Jaidyn already knew he was right about using you. Having your ass torn open like this just seemed to push you closer to the brink no matter how much you denied wanting it. He didn't even have to gloat. Feeling your ass lift and legs shudder, he already knew what was coming, and with the feel of you under him with your body on fire right there on the edge had his cock starting to swell. The length grew tighter and thicker between those blushing cheeks and his nuts lifted in preparation of his own orgasm. He lowered his head, panting like a runner on a break behind your ass, the flesh jiggling from impact with his hips slapping good and hard against your butt. 
His hands clenched the dirty hay when that cock suddenly erupted, and he rode your orgasm to the very end. His dick pumped molten hot cum inside your ass until he slowed down to slip back and forth, making that clenching ring milk every last droplet of semen from his shaft. He had gotten what he’d wanted and made sure you’d gotten what you’d needed. Jay pulled out and then just walked over you, still lying on the barn floor, not even calling back to say a derisive word. He just left you there, alone with a cum-filled ass and juicy slit—dirty from the mud and hay—and went inside to relax, grinning to himself at getting his due just like he’d told you he would at the beginning.

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