Making Love on the Raft


Once again, casual conversation turned into role play, so I hadn't started taking pics at first. Once I realized where this was going, my camera started clicking away.

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Making Love on the Raft

Vixxen asked, "What would you think of me getting a clit ring?"

Zuriel lifted a brow, stroking your thigh. "Hmm, well if you wanted one why not. But expect me to lick it more than I do now."

Vixxen laughed. "That's not much of a deterrent if it was supposed to be one. I've been debating getting one, but I didn't want to if you didn't approve."

Zuriel lifted his brow higher, pressing in tighter from behind. "Really... All the furniture moving you've done round here and I haven't said a thing? Baby it's your body. As long as it doesn't injure you, I am for everything."

Vixxen coughed and blushed, "Moving?"

Zuriel said, "Yeah the shelf was moved, the wine rack, the blinder...hehe I noticed, I just didn't care. If you want a clit ring, then get one."

Vixxen laughed and blushed harder, thinking she'd gotten away with it and got busted instead. "It wasn't me. It was an earthquake. Everything moved around the house. I swear." Trying another tactic, she teased, "It was your brat of a daughter, actually. I wouldn't dare move your stuff." Vixxen laughed.

Zuriel replied, "Oh, Lisa did it, huh?"

Vixxen nodded. "Mhm."

Zuriel smirked, raking nails along your thigh. "She'll get talked to soon enough. Right now you're the one blushing." Then he smirked. "Earthquake..."

Vixxen drew her bottom lip in between her teeth, grinning and blushing again until her ears burned, wriggling slightly at the feel of your nails drawing along her inner thigh. "That tickles... And yes. Earthquake... I have a tendency to make the heavens weep and the earth move, you know."

Zuriel chuckled, shaking his head. "Okay, so Lisa gets the belt when I see her next. Should I lock her up for you to punish later?"

Vixxen blinked. "I..."

Zuriel teased, "Hmmm?"

Vixxen sat, not sure what to say. "Uh, no. I'll leave that to you. I don't know that I'd feel comfortable reprimanding your daughter. We don't know each other all that well yet. I suppose I should remedy that."

Zuriel smiled and slipped closer, whispering right over your lips ."Come on... She'll be naked in cuffs and collar, bent over, locked up for you to play with her without her even able to see you through the blindfold."

Vixxen's eyes drew closed as the impact of that scenario hit her gut, making her pussy clench. A slow smile spread on her lips and she almost imperceptibly slid her ass back to press against your cock. "That is tempting..."

Zuriel purred as he pressed in, nipping your lower lip smoothly, grinding right back against your sexy ass. "See..? I knew you'd like that idea. Give you girls some time to bond properly. Hehe"

Vixxen breathed in deeply, feeling your cock slowly pressing in against her naked ass, though she chuckled softly. "Hardly bonding when she doesn't even know it's me. Besides, beating your daughter into submission is hardly quality bonding time. As hot as it sounds, I was more thinking along the lines of a shopping trip to get to know one another. So maybe the blindfold would be best."

Zuriel laughed despite the hot feeling swelling against your ass, lovingly stroking your thigh as he kept chatting. "Or shopping could be a bonding experience. She is getting into Nick a little, I think, so she might need to go shopping."

Vixxen wriggled a little more just to get your cock settled right between the crevasse of her ass so she could move her hips up and down over the length while you made idle conversation. Nodding, she said, "Mmm, so I've noticed. That's good. That boy needs a girl to show him a thing or two. He's sweet, but so naive. The other girls might scare him but Lisa would be gentle enough, I think. We could always give him Alesh for a night or two. I'm sure she'd do anything he asked."

Zuriel inhaled feeling those buns settle over his length, grabbing your hip in a slow pull to press closer. "I think Nick would play checkers with Alesh. He doesn't seem like the type to know what a woman is good for. Plus I did find him watching Lisa a lot. He looks fairly smitten. Maybe even in love..."

Vixxen's eyebrow went up. "With Lisa? My goodness. Do we need to get him a bigger bed for the shack or will he be moving into the house with us?" She laughed at her own joke and stroked her hand down the side of your face as she looked at you, still marveling at how she got here, with you. Her old life was long gone. History. Everything she ever wanted or needed was right here and she regretted nothing. Gently pulling your head down to hers, she kissed you so softly, turning her head imperceptibly left then right, just brushing her lips over yours before relaxing her hand and letting you draw back again. "I suppose we shouldn't be the only ones in love around here. I'm glad he's happy."

Zuriel didn't miss the lovely kiss, pressing his lips sincerely to yours, feebly trying to show you how much he love he had in his heart, then slowly pulling back to look in your gorgeous blue eyes. "Well, I don't know if Lisa returns his affections. She might not even feel that way about him. Plus you know how it is with people you lose your virginity to. I just know the look Nick has had on his face. I had it when I lost my virginity."

Vixxen chuckled. "Is that love or lust? Very easily confused, you know. I've been there many times, myself. Sounds to me like the boy has a crush if he fell for her only after she took his virginity. But he'll be around for a long time, I think. He's good around the land and is a sweet, respectful boy. I think we'll see in time just what happens." One of her long, slender legs slipped upwards over your calf, just to feel your skin against hers on another part of her body, then she rested her leg over yours to stay intertwined with you. "I lost my virginity to a boy friend of mine. We were drunk. He couldn't stay hard. It wasn't a very exciting experience. I hardly remember it."
Zuriel smirked but couldn't help chuckling again, shaking his head before the feel of soft skin rubbed against his leg and his own lips turned into a slow smile. "Nick just needs to have some experience. Lisa is his first so he doesn't know what is what yet. But I agree, he's respectful and nice enough for my daughter. I'll just have to hurt the human if he hurts my girl." His hand on your thigh curled firmly, nails brushing skin all the way from your thigh to your belly. "A shame about your first time, though. I could never imagine you being unable to keep a man hard..." He rocked his hips just enough to grind his swollen girth between your cheeks. "After all, I don't seem to have that problem. Hehe."

Vixxen chuckled and shook her head. "I worry less about Nick hurting Lisa than about her hurting him. She's a tough girl, even as a submissive, but she's been around the block a time or two, and he's so...well...innocent, still." Then she turned slightly to you, her cheeks brushing over your cock as she playfully smacked your arm. "And you, mister... I have no trouble keeping anyone up. Alcohol does that, you know. Wasn't my fault." Turning her back to you once more, she intentionally scoot backwards to press right up against you again, swirling her hips in circles to massage your cock with her lush ass, feeling it dip between her cheeks to pop out and swish over the other cheek with each swirl of her hips.

Zuriel squeaked the floaty as he slid under your body, pulling you over him with a grunt and a smile up at you being settled over his body. He curled his arms behind his head, looking up at his love with silvered eyes searching yours. "Well, he should have stopped when he had whiskey dick instead of being remembered as the one who wasn't any fun." Grinning, he worked hips hips until the stiff length pressed in firmly between your cheeks.

Vixxen barked out a laugh when you slipped under her, lifting her over you so she could straddle your lap. The way the raft wobbled, she thought it a miracle you both didn't tip over and wind up in the pond, but resting over you now all she could think about was the heat of that hard shaft pressing wickedly against her backside. Flattening her palms to the flotation astride your arms, she leaned in and nuzzled her nose to yours. "Who did what? All I can think about is the amazing man beneath me and how he rocks my world. No one else exists, as far as I'm concerned."

Zuriel looked up and for the first time in a good long while he blushed, unable to even fathom how he got so lucky taking you from the biker bar and letting you into his life so completely that you couldn't fit anywhere else. His whole world was right above him. With those eyes staring down at him and the feel of your chest pressed to his, he was lost. "Vixxen, you are all I ever needed. I never expected from that first night by the pool table that we would end up here...like this."

Vixxen gave a crooked smile, almost like she was embarrassed that you'd be so enamored with her still. Leaning in, she kissed you then--still softly, but more insistently than before--mashed her lips against you, parting them slightly to consume your mouth then delicately slid her tongue out to lick them before slipping it into your mouth to lave over your tongue. Something stirred in her with that kiss and her hips came back to life, slowly sliding, swishing in your lap, her ass lifting slightly then dropping back down so that the bulk of your cock was drawn between her cheeks in a gentle grasp. "I never expected it. Ever. But now that I have you I don't know how I could ever live without you again."

Zuriel rumbled as he bit his lower lip, lifting his head to kiss you urgently--lustfully, even--as his hands lowered to grasp your hips. "Honey, you won't ever have to be without me. Right here, right now, and always we are one. Now and forever..." The moment as, romantic as it was, could not contain the feeling of your cheeks teasing his swollen length up and down. He pushed at your hips, lifting that gorgeous ass higher until his cock tilted and pressed against your lips. With an exhale he let you drop, sliding down his length until he seated you right over his cock. "Nnn...fuck..."

Vixxen simply watched you as you lifted her, her blue eyes locked on your silver ones so that when she sank down over your cock and it slipped inside of her, she would be looking straight into your soul during your union, connecting both physically and emotionally at the same time. She spoke not a word, but her lips parted and the softest of gasps was drawn into her lungs at the feel of you pressing her tunnel open and filling her so completely. Vixxen didn't move at first. She only wanted to feel this most intimate connection as she looked at you, but then she rose an inch and sank back down. And again... And again... Slowly--gently--fucking you, never letting her sight stray from yours.

Zuriel never let his eyes stray. The once empty sensation was now fully connected and divine in the way you slid on top of him and sank down to complete the other half of his soul right there on the water. His hands went to your hips and held on as he watched your face, looking right up at the most beautiful woman in the world now starting to ride his hard length. He was almost taken by surprise feeling you lift and ride down just an inch or two at a time and the smile etched on his face turned bright and sincere, his chest rising and falling a little more earnestly with his baby taking him there on the floaty in the pond. "Nnn... Gods, baby..."

Vixxen rested her hands on your chest, allowing her to lift her ass just a little higher but with full control of her speed, ever so slowly rising, feeling every inch of you moving within her walls, and then slowly--so slowly--sinking back down again until you were fully seated inside of her. Though she was slightly wet just from the teasing you'd both done prior, she was working herself up now in the most insanely slow manner. You could actually feel the lube starting to build up in her tunnel, making every stroke and glide smoother than the last until it felt like gliding through the softest, warmest silk imaginable. Every lift of her hips was preceded by a small swish forward, banging your shaft within her womb and grazing her clit over your belly. Soon she was breathing harder and though she tried to keep this achingly slow pace up, her body took over and started moving just a bit faster.

Zuriel was intentionally giving you control of the moment, narrowing his eyes at the feel of wet muscles hugging his girth in that insanely slow stride of your pink little hole gliding up and down his swollen dick. And just as keenly as he felt those silken walls move over him, the pulse in his shaft--the feel of his twitching inside even as you stopped--was more readily apparent to you. Grinning up at you with a fang peeking over his lower lip, Zuriel clutched your hips tight enough that his nails dug into your pale sexy skin, hanging on with every rise and fall, feeling your body demand a higher pace just from the grinding motion of that clit bearing down on his belly. His eyes snapped up to watch your face closely, gritting his teeth as he watched you riding him on the bouncing floaty, bucking back from the pressure of your thrusts pushing him down in those building bounces. His right hand lifted and, unable to hold back, he slapped your ass hard and stroked his nails over the sting, almost like he was daring you to go harder, to show him what you had now that you were driving down over his swollen shaft.

Vixxen kept that slow pace up, though not nearly as slowly as she'd started, but she didn't want this to be some rough, fast fuck. She was intentionally making love to you, wanting to connection intimately with you tonight. Vixxen saw that smile light up your face and she smiled back, radiating more love for you than she ever though she was capable of giving. The sharp smack to her ass did draw a gasp from her and her eyes flit half-closed for a moment, but she just grinned and kept moving at the same pace, loving the feel of your cock pulsing inside of her, slick and hot and sliding like a bullet through her walls. Her hands clasped your shoulders and her eyes flicked to the fang that peeked out from your smile and she grinned even wider, leaning in close to your face. "Mine..." With that, her hips rose so high that only your cock head remained inside and she dropped just as suddenly, slamming you back into her walls. Two seconds passed before she rose again and dropped back down with enough force that the water lapped angrily around the flotation. Another two seconds passed then she rose and fell again, using slow, purposeful movements, forcing you hard and deep, but not going faster, just wanting to feel you slamming hard into her core. "All mine." Rise and slam... Rise and slam... She rode you slow and hard until her belly started to curl in on itself, tightening, clenching hotly.

Zuriel felt your lean down onto him, holding just the head of his cock within your walls, almost like you were about to slip him free of your silken grasp. But as soon as he feared he would slip out, down came that pussy crashing over his hard shaft in a deep abiding rock that pulled him inside and smoothed your honey-coated folds. His hands released and drew down, cupping your cheeks just to hold on and watch you. For once he was at the mercy of your desires and not minding one bit. He let you have him just how you wanted, on your own terms with every rise and fall of that body taking him for the ride of his life. It felt a little odd surrendering to his love, but not odd enough that he lost any of his arousal. In fact, you riding him slowly and deliberately like that allowed you to feel him stiff and taut like never before with every downward rock of your hips sliding him all the way inside. "Vixx... Nnn...b-baby..." He really didn't know what he was trying to say. He was so addled with lust and with how you were taking that cock just the way you wanted to had him stammering underneath you.

Vixxen rose and fell one last time, loving the feel of your length driving upwards into her womb, but then she paused and traced her finger nail over your chest, looking at you as she barely wriggled her hips with you still lodged inside of her. "Yes..?" She was teasing you--something she didn't do often anymore, but it was so rare that she gained the upper hand, she couldn't pass up the opportunity to just drive you crazy with lust for her. "Was there something more you wanted, my love?" Her hips swirled again, your cock rocking forward, left, back, right, swirling inside her heated walls as her ass cheeks swished and swayed over your thighs. She wasn't only driving you crazy, though. She was driving herself mad with need, as well, loving the tease...the delicious ache of build up, of having to wait, of drawing out the pleasure until neither of you could stand it anymore. Swish, swirl, grind... Those hips moved then stopped then moved again until she started moving her hips in consistent circles, your thick, meaty shaft knocking around inside her narrow tunnel. Vixxen's honey started spilling fourth more copiously and as she gyrated in your lap, her slick pussy lips bubbled and frothed against your pelvis, leaving a slick glistening sheen over your skin that--when you looked at the juncture between you--you could see her clit rubbing against. The feeling of her clit grinding on your pelvis started her gasping finally, her nails digging into your shoulders as her arousal started to climb higher. "Nnng fuck... You feel so fucking good, baby."

Zuriel almost threw you into the pond when your nail graced his chest and the slow grind turning into a hotter tease than before. He had to steel himself and hold on, unable to do much else. Letting his baby ride him like she owned that dick was turning him into a melting pot of hunger trying to surge through his hips, but all he could manage was a slight lift in his body to try and push deeper. With those swishing, circling hips holding him down he grunted in frustration at being unable to make you squeal on his own. The angle changing every time you wished it, driving down on him from every imaginable way you desired with your man panting beneath you. "Hnnn fuck, you little tease! W-why do I feel...l-like we are back at the bar where we first met?" Damn! Every slide of those slick lips left a trail of slippery honey on his skin, making your clit grind into him with the ease of someone coating their self in baby oil, but you were so much hotter! Biting his lower lip he tore his gaze from your eyes, looking down at our bodies meeting and watching his love take that dick any way you wanted. "Fuck, Vixxen... So fucking hot.!"

Vixxen smirked at you calling her a tease. Never letting her gaze let yours go, she rose up and slipped first one leg then the other out from underneath her bracing them near your chest. Leaning back, she rested her hands on your thighs, never having let your cock slip from the confines of her pussy, simply changing angles with her ass still grinding in your lap. And then that beautiful, full ass started rocking again, drawing away from you to let your long shaft slide from the velvety-tight grip of her pussy only to slip forward and force it back inside her clinging, fluttering walls. "Tease, eh?" With her legs spread wide in your lap, you could see the glistening wet puffy pink folds as they enveloped your cock, the flesh parting around your girth to grasp your shaft each time it disappeared inside of her cunt. "As hard as you are, I think you enjoy the teasing as much as I do, love. Your cock is like the rock of fucking Gibraltar." Her hips rocked even harder, no longer wanting to tease, just wanting to feel that long, hard cock of yours stuffing her full, filling her pink slit and making it gush in your lap. "Nnn god, yes. So fucking hard...." As her body rocked her breasts bounced and swayed, wobbling with the rhythm of her hips dancing in your lap, the pink nipples standing pert and rigid in the air.

Zuriel went wide eyed as you squeaked your feet out, laying your legs over his chest and even across his arms. He lifted a brow seeing the sight of that pussy hugging his dick and the vision of puffy pink lips holding him inside sent his feet to bouncing in time with your bucking body rolling up and down his hard shaft. He couldn't believe how his woman found her nerve right now, taking that cock of his while his hands lifted to hold your ass. He heard those words reach his ears and he tried not to grin wickedly as you commented on how hard he was, but there was no denying how right you were. His shaft was swollen and stiff, throbbing even while you rode him into delicious oblivion on the floating mattress. One hand sneaked up over your thigh and he lifted his brow before his fingers curled in and pressed right over your clit. Grinning up at you still bucking down over his tip, Zuriel watched you sink him down with every lift and push of those hips taking your man like the stud you knew he was. "Yeah, but my fucking tease."

Vixxen's head thrash backwards at the press of your fingers on her swollen, throbbing clit and she cried out, "Ah fuck! Unnggg..." Once the incredibly wicked shock passed, she raised her head back with a flip of blonde hair and looked you right in the eyes as your thumb continued making hard-pressed circles around her honey-slickened bud. Vixxen's mouth hung open, panting in sync with each swirl your thumb made and her hips rocked to lift and press even harder against it. The ring of muscles clinging to your cock started flickering, clenching, tightening as the tease to her clit pushed her closer to the edge. Pant...pant...pant... "Fuck! Zuriel...don't stop! Keep rubbing my clit. Oh my god, I'm going to...cum... Ohhhh fuck!" All that teasing, all that build up, and all it took was a simple stroke of your thumb over her clit to push her right over the fucking edge. Her head thrashed back once more, long blonde hair brushing over your shins as her hips jerked up and forward, slamming your cock hard and deep into her quivering walls. "AHhhhh God!!!"

Zuriel didn't expect to push you that close this quickly, but who was he to argue. He was already so fucking hard that he could cut a diamond with his dick, and seeing his baby bouncing on his cock while he ground and pressed his fingers over your clit was enough to make a gay man straight. Such delicious pinkness hugged his shaft, clenching with the tight ring inside sucking closed, pressing tightly around his girth being ridden like a joy ride. He watched your tits bounce and wobble from the seesawing raft rocking up and down with the insistent pulse of your pussy riding him like a bronco, but he refused to let up seeing your face in near orgasmic bliss. Those fingers circled with the motions of your hips, sliding his digits along the puffy button that was sticking out from your pink lips as they were split open by his fat cock. He wasn't about to deny how hot this was--making you cum on him from riding him to ecstasy all on your own--and he looked up at your face and those bouncing breasts with a slightly devilish grin on his face. The peak got closer from him stroking your clit with every deep slide you sunk down his shaft, glistening with your juices that were spilling to the rubber under his ass making the floaty squink and squeak from the motions of your hips driving down his thick cock. "Nnngh... Give it to me. Come on!"

Vixxen's climax gripped her like the talons of a raptor, slicing through her wickedly fast and sharp. Her hands gripped your thighs so hard that her nails bit into the flesh, her body convulsing in your lap, feet skitching and sliding across the raft as she jerked in bliss. And those fingers never stopped pushing her on. She was so fucking sensitive in her climax that she nearly tried to scramble away from your touch, but her feet could get no purchase, so she had to endure your pressing, stroking touch over her swollen bundle of nerves. Vixxen cried out and cried out again, her pussy clenching, clamping down around your cock even as she still jerked and flailed on that shaft like a flounder out of water. "Fuck! Fuck! Zuriel, no more! Stop, please! I can't... Oh god, it's too much!" Her hips jerked and jerked and her cries changed to whimpers as her nectar spilled fourth from her pussy to pool in your lap. "Ohhh god, please... No more..."

Zuriel purred feeling that gush of honey over his cock, lifting his hand from between those legs before he growled and swished his hips. Pushing you down on the raft, his hands grabbed your hips not caring how much you whined for him to stop. Lips clasped hotly around your clit and his mouth sucked tightly, pulling the nub of flesh between his lips on purpose, teasing the tip of his tongue up and down your sensitive clit before he pulled back into deep kisses slurping your hot little button in. Smacking sounds emanated from his lips closing and mashing your hot little nub in the caress of his mouth. Smiling, he slipped up and pulled your hips higher, blowing down over that clit with the grin on his lips still wicked and hungry. "Mmm... More coming right up!" Grinning anew, his tongue slithered out flicking that hot little button with just the end of his tongue slipping up and down. Forcing you back into the floaty, he held your hips captive to keep your delicious cunt right in front of his mouth while still toying with that little button right through the aftermath of your honey-gushing orgasm.

Vixxen let out a little squeak of surprise, being tousled from her orgasmic euphoria to be laid out on her back with you hovering over. More of your cock she could handle, but when your hands slipped under her ass to lift her hips into the air and she saw your mouth closing in on her pussy, her eyes went wide and she growled, "Oh no you d-" Before the last word left her lips, your mouth was pressed to her slit, that hot tongue lapping at her still-tingling and sensitive clit. Vixxen cried out and jerked in your grip, trying in vain to lurch out of your hands, but you held tight and the suckling of your pursed lips around that red bud had her writhing and gasping, her head spinning as the orgasm she'd just come down from flashed through her like a wild fire in the middle of a drought. "Fffff-UCK!!!" Her whole body came to life and she nearly launched off the raft as she came again, her juices flooding your tongue and chin to drip down your neck. "Ah, Jesus, Zuriel! God... I can't... I can't take it. No more! Please, no!" Every nerve in her body was alive and her head spun madly as your tongue slithered and your lips suckled and she came and came in your mouth until she was nearly crying, begging you for mercy.

Zuriel sucked as much as he could get before dropping your pale, lovely ass to the raft. He loved the way you whined and begged for him to stop tormenting your clit, but he forced you right through into another spurting orgasm dribbling from pink lips. Fuck, he loved making you do that! "No, you said 'more.' Hehe." He didn't care what you'd said, really. Pushing you over the edge within moments was all the proof he'd needed that he had done just the right thing. He let your ass fall to the raft in a squeak of skin sliding onto air filled rubber. The floaty dipped and sunk with water spraying as it righted itself from him crawling up and over your delicious body. Watching your face, he sunk his painfully swollen cock back inside your quaking pink cunt, slurking wetly from him stuffing his dick inside with a hard grunt escaping his lips. Clamping his hands down on the rubber raft, his hips pulled back and the sudden long strokes of your man's fat length pressed down and split you open all over again. Thighs flexed to pull him up, driving back down with his entire shaft stirring that pussy up and the feel of heavy balls slapping against your wet ass.

Vixxen's feet skid and slipped on the water-slicked raft, so as you settled between her spread thighs she wrapped her legs around your ass and crossed her ankles behind you, drawing you tight even as you sank back into the core of her being. She was as wet as the raft, slick and slippery and dripping from how hot you made her and from how hard you'd made her cum on your cock. And as she felt you stretching her walls and filling her with the heat of your manhood again, she pressed her hands to your face and looked at you with the love she had for you and only you, "Oh, Zuriel..."
There was nothing more to be said. You were her everything and she loved you more than life itself. Her hands dropped from your face and she closed her eyes to put all her focus on the point where you went from being two bodies into one, the thick glide of your cock pressing into her womb to join you together. Vixxen's body rocked beneath you with each long, hard drive of your cock into her pussy, every thrust making her gasp and whimper. She was already so sensitive, each nerve ending sparking like a live wire, that every touch, every caress of your skin against her own was sending little shockwaves of pleasure through her body until she felt like she was hooked up to a battery and could light up the entire city with her own energy.

Zuriel had to catch the raft in his fingers, his palms slipping up until fingers creased under the head rest from the feeling of your ankles crossing over his bouncing ass. He didn't know why, but bare feet against his skin--no matter what--was such a turn on, especially your heels pressing into his cheeks and the backs of his thighs from every wild slide of his cock. His eyes locked on yours under him and he wished he could say every meaningless little word to tell you how much he needed you, but everything he thought of would just sound stupid or would fail to tell you exactly how he really felt. The union of the flesh was nothing compared to the union of souls staring back at one another through our connected eyes. His strong chest pressed over your bare breasts, mashing tightly over those stiff nipples with the rock of his hips making your skin squeak on wet rubber. He couldn't move his tongue, the words tasted paltry in his mouth so he did all that he could do. He leaned in and kissed you, trying to make you feel it through the intimacy of his kiss. No matter what he saw in front of him, he wanted you t know his heart would never change, how it swelled when he heard your name or played with the wolf necklace he got from you this Christmas. Everything you are was all he wanted. Every deep surge swept inside your pink little tunnel, taking you to the very core of your being, trying so hard to find that place inside he would never have to leave.

Vixxen kissed you back, her arms slipping around your shoulders to pull you down even more firmly atop her, despite her breasts mashing between your bodies. Her legs cinched tighter, drawing you down and herself up as she returned your kiss deeply, hungrily, as though to show you how much she loved you just as you were doing with her. But it was more than that. She was so hungry for you, too. Hungry for what only you could give her. You were like a feast for her senses, nourishment for her soul, sustenance for her mind Compared to you, all her past lovers were like sawdust--boring and bland and leaving her feeling empty and always hungry. Vixxen's tongue pressed into yours as she sought out to fill that hunger, sliding and tangling with your tongue in your mouth. As she drew it back, she caught it on the tip of a fang and though she squeaked in pain, she sucked the blood that trickled from in while grinning sheepishly at you. Her tongue bled, still, and she grabbed the back of your head, pulling you down and kissing you again, slipping it back into your mouth just to give you a teasing taste.

Zuriel felt that slip of the tongue over the tip of his fang, the sudden burst of hot flavor in his mouth made him rumble like some predator getting the first bite. He was always dangerous even though the love he held made you safe, but the taste of you melting on his tongue in another way just made it so much hotter that he couldn't ignore his own needs much longer. You felt him twitch inside your body from just the crimson flavor rushing to his senses--so damn tasty that he couldn't hold that kiss for too long. Pulling back to look into your eyes, sucking the tip of your tongue just enough to stem the flow of red from your mouth, he lifted and reached down to stroke your cheek. "I love you, Vixxen..." He couldn't say it any other way then. There was nothing else to really say, so he lifted and slowly trailed his hands down your legs until they clamped firmly around your ankles. Rising to his knees, he looked down at you laid out before him, and the long slides of his length grew hotter until his tip lurched and let loose a hot gooey stream. The precum was surprisingly hot and thick and his hips started moving faster just from the edge of his stamina coming to a head, pumping your sweet little hole harder. "Oh fuck...f-fuck...fuuuckahh...!"

"Nnnggg...fuck!" Vixxen felt your cock twitch inside and it drove her crazy. The heat of your hands caressing her legs had her back arching on the raft until the lift and press of her legs, with your hands around her ankles, had her grabbing the backs of her thighs to hold them open as you pushed back into her depths. "God, I love you, baby. You mean everything to me." Her eyes drifted from yours to between her legs, watching your thick cock disappearing inside of her even as she felt it parting her walls and filling her as only her mate could do. "Yessss... Give it to me. That pussy belongs to you, Zuriel. It is yours and yours alone. Make it cum for you again. Make me cum all over your cock, baby. Fuck your pussy good and hard with that thick cock of yours!" Vixxen lay there like an offering on a table for you, presenting herself to you with her legs splayed open so that you could take what was yours. She was soaked, her pussy squishing wetly around your shaft every time you moved within her and the deep, hard thrusts had her gasping between little whimpering moans again, your cock stirring another orgasm to life in her belly until she was begging for it once more. "Oh god please, Zuriel. Please make me cum again! Ohhh goddd..."

Zuriel was too far gone on the sight of his love splayed open like an offering, so fucking juicy and wet you glistened from the liquid heat pouring from those lips. His whole shaft was wet and slippery, sinking between pink lips with his cock swelling fatter. Your words just drove him right over the brink, hearing you claim who you belonged to. Every part of you was his and he reveled in that as much as his hips did, stuffing your hot little pussy with your love's dick like some beast set loose to breed. His hands held your ankles and lifted your knees, and the sight of your hands gripping the backs of your thighs was just the last straw he could take. His dick swiveled, lifting in a pulse of hot cream launching inside his mate's womb. Growling through clenched teeth shining in the light reflecting off the pond, his cock erupted, sending gush after gush of hot cum inside your tight tunnel until his balls lifted, pulsing with every juicy squirt of him inside you, shaking over that body as he came and his nuts slowly started to droop after being emptied inside his one true love. "Holy fuck!"

Vixxen gasped in wonder at the feel of you gushing inside of her, the heat pouring through her body like liquid fire until it had no where left to go and spilled back out to trickle down her ass. The feel of you swelling, of you jetting your seed inside of her, was so intimate, so erotic, so incredibly wild that she gasped again and froze, her orgasm blazing through her as hot as your cum. Vixxen's eyes closed and her neck arched back, her head rolling over the pillow on the raft as her cunt spasmed around your pulsing cock, milking that last drops of your cum from your balls. "Oh, Zuriel!" Finally taking her eyes from the juncture where your bodies met, she looked back up to your face, searching your eyes, and she smiled, her own eyes welling with love and joy. "I love you, so very much."

Zuriel huffed and tried to calm the fire down in his lungs, panting as he heard you say you loved him while making you cum again until you milked every drop from his cock. His hands released, dropping over your body to cover your face in kisses. Meeting your lips with his, he kissed you deeply so he could hold you tight in the afterglow of filling you up. "Hff...hff...I love...you..."

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