Breaking in the New House


Zuriel built us new homes. Z, Vixxen, Alesh and Lisa will live in one. Jay, Darina, Susi, and Stacey---no wait, change that...our friend Kat, who took over Stacey's room--will live in another. Nick, the poor boy, gets a shack. Sucks being the hired help. We also got new furniture and of course, Zuriel and I (Vixxen) had to break it in.

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Breaking in the New House

Zuriel lifted a brow. "Are you seeing this?"

Vixxen's brow furrowed. "Seeing what? I see a couch... a table, a chair..."

Zuriel smirked and grabbed your wrist, throwing his little cotton candy cutie on the couch. "I swore there was something there, but oh well." Grinning, he clambered after you on the couch.

Vixxen smirked and giggled, flopping onto the couch with a laugh. "You are such a sneak..." Then she smiled, "Love you, baby."

Zuriel grinned sliding to his knees, leaning in to kiss his love with a nibble to your bottom lip. "I love you. And of course I'm a sneak...hehe" He smiled and kissed those lips softly, opening his eyes to stare into yours.

Vixxen draped her arms over your shoulders and slipped her legs around your hips to lean in close and kiss you softly, nibbling her and there over your lips and at the corners of your mouth.

Zuriel grinned against your lips, letting his hands fall to the couch as fingers teasingly gripped the hem of your skirt, pressing his lips in firmly, sliding his tongue right between them to dance and wriggle his tongue with yours.

Vixxen shifted about on the couch to let your fingers slip under her butt, scooting closer to you at the edge of the couch so that the heat of her core pressed against your belly. As your tongue slipped into her mouth, she squeaked a little mewl of pleasure into the kiss, groaning as her tongue clashed and slid with yours, tasting you more fully. Her hips started wriggling in your grip, pressing herself in rolling waves against your stomach, making her moan and grunt softly into your mouth.

Zuriel kissed his grunting baby as long as he could bear, hooking his fingers in that skirt before he nudged and pushed you back onto the couch and tugged. Taking the garment off your hips, he drew it down your long legs before he tossed it aside and grabbed the front of your shirt to pull you back up to a sit. Kissing your lips again, he grinned impishly into those lips as he ran his hands up and down those delicious thighs now devoid of any skirt to stop the glide of his hand's caress.

Vixxen gave you that knowing smirk like it said 'you devil' and lifted her hips as she leaned back against the couch, watching you slip her skirt down over her hips and legs. Her head fell and lifted with the pull of her torso by her shirt, and she wrapped her arms immediately back around you when she was sitting up again, nearly purring at the feel of your warm hands caressing her hips and ass. "I feel like I put clothes on simply so that you can strip them off of me again."

Zuriel chuckled into your mouth as his hands drifted down, following the lines of your legs until his fingers curled under your knees. Sneakers were not easy to do this with, but he lifted your feet from the floor anyway, using the rubbery heel of your shoes to hook the back of his shorts in a skidding fall that danced your heels along his back more than once until his shorts were falling free. He just let them drop as he swept back in, kissing you deftly. Purring against those lips, he said, "Then stop me." He knew it wasn't going to happen. His love adored this stuff and he knew it. His hands lifted and skated along your sides to pull your shirt up, freeing those breasts from the fabric, pushing you back just enough so that his lips could kiss and blaze a trail down your cheek along your jawline. His rough, hairy chin scritched along your exposed flesh before his lips clasped hotly around your nipple with a moan of delight from his chest.

Vixxen's head fell back with laughter as you grabbed her legs and used her shoes to strip yourself of your shorts, smirking and shaking her head at your playfulness. Her grin remained even as you kissed her again and she squeezed her arms around you, hugging you tightly because she loved you so damn much. The tug at her shirt had her arms slipping free of your neck so you could strip her shirt off, tousling her hair so that her ponytail bobbed and swung freely of the shirt when you pulled it away. Settling in your lap when you shifted to the couch, she laughed again when you buried your face in her chest and kissed, making her nip her lip at the chills the swished down her spine, the raspy feel of whiskers tickling her soft flesh. "Mmm someone's feeling playful today." Her hips started rocking, brushing her ass cheeks over your thighs as she kept her back arched enough to keep her breasts thrust against your lips.

Zuriel did more than show his playful side. His right hand hooked in the back of your panties with a bunching fist tugging the material tight between those thighs making the fabric so tight that it plastered close enough to take on the shape of your smooshed clit beneath it with his hand bouncing the entire time to make it tight then fall loose. His mouth was another entity entirely with his cheek rubbing over one breast until your nippled felt the rasp of hairy skin brush the tip before it pressed to mash down on the poking bud. Lips sucked tightly at the other nipple, pulling hard enough to make the skin stretch, and with a rumbling moan he unlatched from your nipple only to turn his head to repeat the capture of his mouth slurking over the other while his cheek pressed down tight against your recently sucked teat. He lifted his eyes when his arm pulled tight and pressed your clothed lips right against the swelling heat between your thighs and with his free arm he started undressing you even further like some prize being unwrapped little by little. The bangles on your arm were pulled off and dropped to the floor in a clatter, sending colors rolling out along the hardwood. Twisting his head, he again let one nipple pop free with the other being rasped and rubbed then pressed into like a pillow. His free hand sneaked between our bodies, lowering your arm long enough to drop the rest of your jewelry in little taps rolling out over the wooden floor. Once he had taken off those bangles as well, his arm slipped back, flowing up your spine with nails leading until steely fingers curled into your skin to hold on.

Vixxen rose with a small jerk of her hips, the tug of her panties tight against her slit making her bite her lip and groan lustfully. As though they had a mind of their own, her hips started rolling and swiveling, grinding herself against the taut panties pressing hard against her swelling clit. "Nnnggg fuck..." Vixxen's hand clasped your head, curling her fingers in your hair as your wicked mouth moved from one breast to the other, taunting, teasing, and delivering pleasure to her nipples that started the honey flowing between her thighs. Releasing her grip only at the insistent pull of your hand at her wrist, she let go of your head and watched as you stripped her arms free of her bangles, the sound of them clattering to the floor dismissed from her mind as she felt your hot mouth return to her breasts, suckling hard nipples in to be teased by your tongue. "Oh Zuriel... That's it, baby. Suck them hard. Fuck! You know how much that drives me crazy." Already her clit was pulsing with life, the flow of her juices spilling to cover it with a slick sheen beneath the tight cover of panties.

Zuriel lifted his head from your tits and let you see his mouth pursed around your nipple as he sucked and from within a long curling flick of tongue traveled along your teat until it slid off the tip. Lips popped free and his hand clutching your panties pulled tighter so that the black fabric was knotting in his hand, hugging so hard that your puffy pink lips blushed around the edges of your panties while the puffy rise of your clit made itself apparent in the soaked cloth hugging like a second skin. "Now you know why I make you dress... Just so I can undress." His hips lifted and the feel of masculine girth against your lips from below glanced off your body when he turned to lay his stunning cotton candy blonde out right here in the living room so you could break in the new house. He lifted over you like a beast--a wolf sipping from a deer as it lay writhing in the final moments--stretching into a hungry rumble as he nipped his way back to your swollen bud. Teeth clamped and the feeling sharply hit your nerves. The bite was so precarious; just a little more and he could sheer it off...but it never happened. The slide of lips soothed the stinging pinch of teeth away as he rose over you and purred like an animal, his hand relenting on your panties only to swerve over your hip, turning his body aside just enough that he let you see him peel the panties from your body. Slight claws raked at your hip and two little pink lines a couple of inches long appeared after his claws seared your nerves. Little red dots in the scratch welled up, but those claws sliced right through the thin black fabric and he peeled them away like the softest fawn skin while the delicate meal quivered under him as his lips sucked harder at that swollen bud.

Vixxen hissed in hotly, the black panties pulling almost uncomfortably tight between her pussy lips, the thin strip of material biting against her ass as you pulled it tightly upwards to press between her slit. Closing her eyes and groaning on a breath, Vixxen's hips swirled and swirled again, loving how the sheer material felt brushing and grinding over her clit. Disappointment crossed her features as you released her to lay her out on the couch, but when she felt your girth brushing over her engorged lips, she immediately lifted to press against you, wanting your cock even more than your teasing. Breathlessly she demanded, "Well, undress me faster. I want you inside of me..." The sight of you rising over her naked body left her trembling with anticipation, with need, with desire. She could barely keep still lying there, waiting for you to take her, consume her, make her body yours once more. The clamp of teeth around her nipple had her gasping, going rigid and wide-eyed, knowing just how easily you could sheer her tender flesh away, and though in her heart of hearts she knew you would never hurt her, the implied threat left her hear stammering in her chest. Then the comforting suckle of lips soothed away the sharp bite of teeth and she melted into the couch with another moan. "Mmmm my god, you are such a tease..." The soft touch of your caress down her side had her writhing again, but the she felt the sudden biting sting of claws grazing over her hip and she jerked under you with a soft gasp, her own hand grasping your arm until she felt her panties slip away, threading form under her ass as you slipped the last of her clothes away, leaving her naked for you to feast upon.

Zuriel lifted his lips in a wet pop sucking from your breast, crawling in between your legs tighter so he could tilt his cock and wedge it right between your writhing ass cheeks, but then he merely held himself there. The real tease came when his fingers pinched firmly down over both nipples, holding the buds captive between thumb and middle fingers so his index could stroke back and forth over the poking tips. "Oh I get it. I'm not teasing you enough to scream 'fuck me Zuriel.'" His head lowered to kiss your tit along the inner curve, but no more did he use his lips. Instead, the fingers of your mate clasped and strolled up and down over the taut tips of your nipples as he held them tightly. The grin on his lips parted just enough to show his fangs as he panted down over your face. "Come on... It's not hard. Scream out fuck me! Say it 'til it echoes off the mountains." Sneering down, his fingers moved, making a circle around your teats before his fingers pinched and stroked outward, tugging one and pushing down on the other almost like he was milking those nipples. Biting his bottom lip, he lifted from the kiss and watched your face closely, rolling his hips to keep his shaft wedged tight between your buns without giving you any other stimulation.

Vixxen's stomach fluttered and her heart beat just a little faster as you closed in tighter, sliding your cock between the cheeks of her ass. So close... So close to where she wanted you and yet so fucking far. Her cunt pulsed at the proximity of your cock, craving it to be filling her and she whined in frustration as her hips lifted to grind her clit against your stomach. The pinch and pull of her nipples had her hips dropping back to the couch as her head rolled back and she let out a cry. Tilting back to look into your eyes again, she found your face hovering right over hers, intimately and frighteningly close. The sight of wickedly exciting fangs gleamed right in her sight as you spoke to her, demanding that she beg for it from you. As her mind registered your wishes you kissed her, stopping her from begging for anything, but as you pulled away and ground yourself against her ass she caved, unable to hold back any longer, "Fuck me, Zuriel! Fuck my pussy good and hard. I want to feel your cock inside me, stretching me, making me moan your name. Fuck me, please!"

Zuriel lifted a hand and caught hold of your hair, forcing you to look him right in the eyes as he lifted higher to stare into your soul. "You're my mate. Demand it like only you can!" Fingers unlatched before he slipped down and suddenly grabbed your knees, pushing those legs up higher so his hands traversed the length all the way down to your ankles to press them higher from the angle of his hold. Though you yelled at him to just fuck you he had a final tease before giving in himself. He let his cock slide up until just the tip prodded between your cheeks like a kiss, poking just enough to let you know where it was. But soon it pulled free and lifted, sliding up under the bottom of your pink lips to spread them open from the hold of your legs being bent back hard. He folded you like a pretzel under his weight, his eyes watching your face as his dick slid higher. This was not about ownership; this was about the desire he felt every time he saw his woman, plain and simple. The heat of him rose until your lips split from the press of thick meat rubbing between them. He held you open like this and just drove his hips forward, plunging inside with a hungry lilt, claiming his pussy just like you'd begged him to do. Those word's were the sweet release for him to finally take your cunt for his own in a powerful surge that lifted and started pumping keenly. There was no more waiting...no more playing around as his cock started stirring those juices up into a yummy froth from being stroked through by the thick male hunger piercing your depths.

Vixxen grunted with a naughty smirk spreading her lips. Her eyes locked on yours as you looked down at her, reading her soul, knowing her heart's desires. She lay back at the press of her own legs folding back against her chest, pinning her to the couch with you hovering over her between them. Her pussy lips spread wide in their state of arousal, showing her deep pink center just begging for your cock to fill it. Vixxen grabbed her own ankles to hold her legs up and out of your way as your cock slip between those slick folds, her nectar coating them in a slippery sheen of her essence. The tease of your girth between her folds, your cock head brushing and banging over her clit, had her gasping once more, her eyes closing tight and her mouth hanging open as she panted. When she felt you shift and guide your length down into that opening between her legs, her head fell back to the couch and she let out a long, low groan that enveloped your senses and made your balls pulse in knowing that you were the sole reason your mate made such sweet noises. The plunge and pull of your cock inside of her was slow and deliberate, letting her feel the full length of you stirring her walls and spreading her open, and the feeling made her belly tighten as she turned her head to look up at you again, seeing her mate hovering over her and claiming her body. "Nnngg god, Zuriel, yesss.... Take it. Fuck my pussy like only you can. Make my pussy quiver... Make me cum all over your cock."

Zuriel climbed over the backs of your thighs like a wolf on a hill, his hands pressing down to let him use the hold and keep his body weight under control with every thrust he made. Pushing your knees to the couch to spread you open, he purred seeing your hands lift to grab your own ankles. The time for playing was done. He used those slow strokes to build the fire in your belly and it only made it sweeter when he jarred back and forced you to take his whole cock, slurching wetly between the pink folds that were clinging to his shaft. He spread you wide as the hunger built in him to make his hips pump that cunt with his whole dick stroking through your pussy. This wasn't a tease, but rather savoring the feel of wet muscles quaking around his cock as he fucked your hot little hole deep and harder. "Don't worry. You'll glaze me like a fresh donut soon enough." Biting his bottom lip, his hands clamped your legs tighter and pressed in more firmly, using the hold to pull himself back so he could batter that cunt with his cock drilling in faster. Gritting his teeth, he leered down over his mate pinned under him wanting all he could give. Those eyes of yours staring back at him combined with your moans were driving him fucking crazy. His pace built slowly, but soon it was hitting hard enough that your tits bounced from that impact of hips slamming against yours, making the couch creak as leather gave under the press of our bodies.

Vixxen's grunt turned into a growl of her own when she felt the full length of that cock bottoming out inside of her, your pelvis pressing down hard to grind against her little exposed clit making her damn near see stars in her vision it felt so fucking good. She wanted nothing more than to grind back against you, but with her ankles clasped in her hands she had no leverage at all, so she was completely at your mercy. Her face scrunched into blissful agony, wanting you to pump her harder yet loving to slow draw of your cock inside her walls. She didn't have long to wait though until your pace started picking up, those hips of yours rising and falling with the clench and release of your ass to drive that cock into her faster. Vixxen's breathing increased with the tempo of your thrusts, each exhale coming out as a soft whimper or cry, the sounds coming louder and louder with each pump that stretched her walls and filled her pussy with your thick, hot meat. "Uunnnggg... More! Give me more of that cock, baby! Fucking filling me up so good..."

Zuriel snarled as he pulled free, letting your legs fall only to help him catch your wrist once he let go. He pulled that body over and wedged himself between the couch and your back only to grab your hip in one hand. Scooting in closer gave him a straight shot between your legs, giving them a rest so that he could focus solely on his cock making that cunt gush. Pressing your legs together made that pussy clamp down even tighter. He lurched inside and knotted his brows in concentration, holding your hip when his body started pumping like a well oiled engine being fired up. The sudden rush of quick thrusts tingled through those walls clinging to him as he pelted that pink hole. Drawing back with his cock just glistening in honey, his hand slid from your hip to under your arm, crushing your tit in his strong hand when his hips jerked back and stuffed hard. Mixing the pace, he fucked you ravenously fast and hard only to shift back into a deep and near painful glide. He shoved inside so brazenly that his hefty balls wedged between your thighs before scraping free in a snap of flesh pulling out from between your legs. The ripple under his cock shivered the base of it every time he nearly pulled out while slamming your sweet honey pot. "You're not done yet. You're gonna take every drop like my bitch needs," he purred right in your ear. His fingers snapped a pinch over your nipple while his hips churned to life with that same rabid need rushing through the fat girth of his shaft as he pummeled your pussy in that feverish pace, stirring your belly into doing flip flops.

Vixxen made no complaint as you moved her, only panting in earnest to get settled again so that you could stuff her full once more. Turning her head, she watched as you grabbed her hip to drag her against you, feeling your cock pressing insistently between her thighs. With one swift thrust the thick slab of meat was stuffed back inside her snatch, forcing a cry from her pink lips. "Ah fuck!" You could feel her body shake at the sudden invasion, stretching her walls snugly back around your thick girth. Vixxen's hand went to her breast, cupping the large globe of flesh as you thrust her hard from behind, smacking her ass as you beat against it. Then the pace slowed, and she dropped her hand to the couch, dragging her nails over the cushion as you teased her wickedly slow once again. Her hand was replaced by your own, fingers tweaking her pert nipple in a pinch that left her gasping for air. The sweet torment had her cunt clenching around your cock and she started moaning harder, feeling the delicious ache building in her belly. "Oh god... Ohhh god. Zuriel. I'm.. Oh fuck, I'm going to c-cum!" Her walls fluttered and she tensed, locking her thighs tightly around the length of your driving shaft, her entrance narrowing as the muscles clenched hard. "Ohhhh SHIT!!! Yes!" Vixxen's body jerked as she spasmed on the couch, her hand grasping the side to hold herself in place as you fucked her harder through her orgasm. Her cunt flooded your cock, the wet heat cascading over your shaft inside of her so that the wet squishing sounds carried to your ears between her orgasmic cries.

Zuriel was too lost on tight spasms wrapping his dick to even fight the rising tide, gasping at the feel of your cunt pulsing around his throbbing shaft, sending him into convulsions between those swift thrusts. The hold was so fucking tight that he nearly lost all ability to move, but with a bite to his lower lip he forced himself up and took your ass into the air with him never falling from your dripping slit. He let you peak out in orgasmic glee, but the wild slams of his dick slowed and he grabbing your arm to hold your body down while his trembling dick slowly stuffed between those wet lips right through your orgasm. No matter how hard he shook his cock slowly drifted in and out, making the contractions in your little hole linger extremely long from being massaged by masculine patience gliding through those quaking lips. He had no idea where his tenacity came from, but he held that juicy cunt captivated even longer than ever, fucking your pussy slowly as the aftershocks bounced through your senses and still stirred from the constant lulling press of hot shaft urging your folds apart lightly. There was no pause; only the long slide in and the gentle sway out, entering your cunt to take it all the way and then easing back to send your body reeling from being overstimulated right through your last orgasm and back again to the teasing grind of thick cock stretching you open.

Vixxen clambered over onto her knees, bracing herself on her forearm with the other in your grip behind her back like you were using it for a rein on your prized pony as you rode her through Eden. Though the peak of her orgasm dimmed, her walls still fluttered like butterflies around your cock and every long, slow slide into her womb made her quiver again. It was like riding a roller coaster, dipping and climbing and diving again, the adrenaline kicking up and dying down until she didn't know which way she was going anymore. Your little whore was moaning and whimpering nonstop, every draw of your cock from her pussy making her writhe, every glide back inside causing her to shiver. She was like an unbroken pony at the end of your crop, just waiting for you to tame her. Beautiful, full breasts swayed beneath her rocking body, nipples brushing over the soft cloth of the couch sending more chills down her spine, and Vixxen's pussy drooled around your cock as her arousal was stirred again, her nectar pouring fourth to ease your thrusts, making it slick and wet, frothing at the ring that was grasping your cock between her legs.

Zuriel growled as he reined his pony in with a jerk of your arm. He scoot around to pull your tits from the leather underneath before his rising hand grabbed your pony tail to pull you right back and fit his cock to the hilt in a single rise of his hips. It was as though he was trying to push beyond his body's limits to make you take him so deep that his balls pressed between your pink lips from the angle at which he was holding his thick shaft inside your belly. His hips pulled back sending that length teetering through your quivering cunt, still drooling from the teasing strokes he'd laid into you right after making you cum.
But now with his dick strumming to life, his length began to twitch and throb brightly inside your shaking pussy. The battering rise of his tempo turned ferocious as he hammered that slit without any mercy at all, driving himself closer to the brink inside his one true mate, making you moan like his personal whore right on the end of his cock. He closed his eyes and bit his lower lip, trying to hold back the swelling press of meat slamming your tunnel harder and faster. Zuriel slowed down to the even pace and give himself a chance to catch his breath. "Hff...hff..." But then he was snarling the instant his eyes flashed and with no warning he was off pounding that cunt like there was no tomorrow, never giving you a moment to fully settle into a rhythm. Never letting you get your balance, he snatched your hair for those hungry shoves then gripped your arm to make that pussy take the deliberate even lilt until the head of his dick stuttered. His cock head spurt a thick pulse of precum, dashing your insides with heat as he tried to fight the rising need making his cock roll out faster and deeper. "Hnnn...gghhnn!"

Vixxen gnashed her teeth together and grunted hotly as you lifted her from the couch by her hair and gathered her arms behind her back in the strength of one hand locked at her wrists. Looking out the window into the yard, she felt you slide in behind her and slam that cock home with a wet gurgle of her cum squishing around your shaft. Slapping skin echoed as your hips met her ass faster and faster, making her tits bounce wildly on her chest. Anyone walking past would be able to see your whore dancing on your cock in front of the window, her face contorted in blissful agony of being railed like some back alley slut.
But she was your mate and you were fucking her like she deserved to be--completely and utterly in a manner that only you could do. Vixxen was so drugged on the euphoria flowing through her veins that had you not been holding her up by her hair and wrists, she would have collapsed to the back of the couch. But you forced her to remain upright and fed her that cock, making her take every last inch until the fat heat of your heavy balls pressed snugly in against her slit so that her slick honey coated them, as well. The changing rhythm and the heated thrusts turned to slow pulses back to the wild slams sent her mind and body reeling and she clenched her eyes shut. Vixxen went off again like a cannon, jerking in your grip so that she nearly did collapse to the couch, screaming out like a wild banshee as a second orgasm tore through her body like a ripsaw. "OHHH FUCK! FUCK! ZURIEL! FUCK ME I'M CUMMING!!!"

Zuriel couldn't stop as he drove you right over the edge with him, his dick shivering like it was going into shock, especially by the time you started drenching his balls and sending juices spilling everywhere, even flinging off his nuts. There was no more holding back as another splurt rushed inside your pussy, but he clamped the base of his dick and pulled off hard. He scooped one leg in and pushed you off the couch to the floor in a hurry, grabbing your pony tail to shove those pretty lips right down his honey-glazed dick and gave you a taste of your own juices.
But that taste didn't last long; his fingers unclasped from his cock and the sudden explosion pulsed inside your lips, spurting hotly right over your tongue. Holding your hair tight to make those lips milk him for every fucking drop, he held your face down to spray every little pulse of cream inside that mouth. Trembling in the aftermath of flooding your mouth, he pulled your face up to look you in the eyes. "Open up... Show me that cum before you swallow it..."

Vixxen let out a startled little cry as you yanked her to the floor, her knees hitting with a thud on the wooden planks, but her cry was cut short as soon as you grabbed the back of her head and shoved her down the length of your pulsing, twitching cock. She didn't waste a second and set to sucking and slurping that long, fat shaft covered in her cum as soon as it graced her mouth, drawing your cum from your balls with the vacuum of her mouth.
Moaning, she sent little tickling vibrations through the head of your cock down your shaft to your balls until she felt your girth swell and stretch her lips tightly around you. With your fist in her hair, she felt you clench and hold her head down, not letting her pull back as you growled out your pleasure and flooded her mouth with thick, creamy cum. Vixxen didn't even have a choice but to swallow it, but even as you were still coming, a yank to her hair drew her back so that the rest spurt on her tongue. She looked at you holding her there by her hair and when you demanded she show you what you'd coated her tongue with, her pink lips parted showing the last of the thick spunk you'd shot into her mouth glistening in her cupped pink muscle. She closed her eyes and her mouth, swallowing in an exaggerated gulp to let you see her drinking down the last of your cum. Then she opened her eyes again and looked at you while she licked her lips with a groan. "So...fucking...yummy..."

Zuriel got to see exactly what he wanted: his load on that tongue before he watched it go down in a lovely swallow. He huffed with a grin and rose to his feet, rubbing his tip over your chin to scoop up what you'd missed and let it drizzle right off his cockhead down onto your tongue. "Nnn, gotta clean this up, too. Hehe"

Vixxen smirked and laved her tongue over the tip of your cock, cleaning off any drops she'd left behind, slurping down the last of your cum.

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