Breaking in the New Bar


This precedes the story Darina Makes Susi Lick Her Clean. After Jay finishes with Darina in this story, he sends her to find Susi to make the girl suck his cum from her pussy while he goes to work. It was another RP story done by me between two alts, and though it was shorter than many of our stories, I had a great deal of fun writing it.

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Breaking in the New Bar

Nicholas shuffled his feet standing in the same room as such beautiful ladies already were, blushing at both the view and the fact he would be noticed.

Darina glanced at Susi from the corner of her eye, almost with disdain. "Laundry day? Don't you have any clothes to wear? You're going to make the boy cream in his pants, standing around in your underwear."

Nicholas flushed even darker, trying not to chew his bottom lip hearing the lady of the house chiding the girl.

Susi  thew a look at Darina and adjusted the strap on her panties, hitching them just a bit higher between her cheeks then plumped and adjusted her small breasts, making a presentation of it for Nick. "You're just jealous that you can't go around braless in something as cute as this." Smirking at Nick, she teased, "Look at 'im... He's enjoying it. Need a book to cover yourself there, surfer boy?"

Nicholas blinked and swung one hand over his jeans. "N-no Miss...Uh I...I'm sorry."

Darina rolled her eyes, almost put off by the boy's timid nature. She was far too used to the domineering men in her life with their confidence and the way they just took what they wanted. Almost made her want to turn the tables and do the same to this boy just to wake up his manly nature. "Jesus Christ, Nick. Put your hands down. If you're aroused by the girl, show it. Don't be ashamed of it." Darina grabbed Susi by the collar and yanked her over, rubbing her hand over the girl's soft ass cheek. "See? She loves it..."

Jaidyn smirked. "Imagine that. My woman showing you how to handle a girl, Nick."

"Hey!" Susi shouted. It was bad enough Jay kept her here like a toy, but to have his bitch manhandling her, too, was almost too much. She had just reared her hand back to punch the brunette when she froze with her arm cocked at the sound of Jay's voice. She didn't move, but her eyes turned to see him coming down the stairs and she swallowed hard.

Nicholas just watched, not saying a word with Jay right there while the two ladies were busy tormenting one another. He let his eyes drift to the floor.

Darina grinned but let go of Susi almost slowly, as if she could act like nothing had happened. Turning her smile to Jay, she said, "Um, hey babe. Was just showing Nick here how to properly handle a woman."

Jaidyn walked over and slapped Susi's ass hard, drawing his nails over the sting as he looked at Nick watching the floor. "See, boy? You got a long way to go before you handle a bitch right." Grinning, he held his hand out for Darina, pulling her in for a little kiss. "Hey, lover."

Susi  jumped to her toes with a yelp, rubbing her sore ass cheek with a scowl. She grumbled under her breath watching him step in to kiss his top bitch. "Tell your woman to keep her mitts off me. I may belong to you, but I don't belong to her. I'm not the household play toy."

Jaidyn lifted a brow and growled at his girl. "Shut the fuck up. When Darina says get her something, you ask how she wants it and deliver it with a smile." He trailed his hand over Susi and grabbed her pert little ass. "Or I just might lock you up and let Nick discover how much his balls drop when he's got a bound bitch to play with."

Nicholas chewed his lower lip as he listened, eying Susi and her socked feet but acting like he was still staring at the floor.

Susi crossed her arms with a humf! jiggling her little breast as she scowled at the floor. Her eyes turned upwards to glance at Nick and when she saw him staring at her like he was pretending not to, her lips curled into a grin. Man, she could just ruin that sweet, innocent boy. But not if she was locked in the stocks; she'd be helpless there. So she grumbled through clenched teeth with Jay's hand still clenching her cheek, "Fine..."

Jaidyn didn't seem done chiding Susi either. "Understand the hierarchy. Darina is my top bitch and you're on the bottom rung. If she wants to gag your ass and stuff a butt plug in your cheeks, you bend over and say 'please more, Mistress.' Understand me?" With that he let Susi go and pulled his lover into his arms, hugging Darina from behind first as he rumbled like a wolf behind her ear in a nuzzle and nibble. Slowly he let his arms melt off Darina and looked at Nick. "So why are you here? I thought you were done installing the bar."

Nicholas gulped seeing Susi looking back at him even with Jay giving her shit. Snapping his eyes to the master of the house, he said calmly, "Uh, not entirely. I just finished hooking up your beverage lines. They were the last thing to do, but they are finished now."

Darina chuckled, debating making some joke about him needing to check the plumbing next, but figured it best not to say with Jay standing there, so she just remained silent.

Susi shuffled her feet, still eyeballing Nick's cock through his jeans. "If he needs help, I could help him. Not like I've got anything else going on."

Jaidyn smirked, almost sensing his lover was smiling about something wicked, but instead he just grabbed Darina by the ass cheek and squeezed openly like he gave a shit less who was watching. His eyes turned to Nick fully then and he said blankly, "Then why are you still standing in my living room?" He turned a glare at Susi, slapping her ass again and leaving a red mark the shape of his hand. "You, my petulant child, are being grounded. Go to your room and stay there. I'll call you when it's time for lunch."

Nicholas blinked, nodding silently, not catching the stare from Susi as he turned to leave, only finding her utterly cute even if she was owned. "Sorry, sir. I'll be leaving..."

Jaidyn stared hard as though he knew what was running through Nick's mind as he left, but with the human gone, he had little to worry about.

Susi clenched her teeth together to bite back the yelp at being smacked again, bouncing to her toes as her brow furrowed from the pain. Scowling, she rubbed her doubly-sore ass and shuffled her stocking feet off to the stairs. "Yes, Sir..." Disappearing into her room, she shut the door and put on her headset, drowning out the world with her music.

Jaidyn smiled. "Now that the 'kids' are gone..."

Darina smiled at you wickedly, loving how you looked standing there so confident and delicious with no shirt on and those pants riding just low enough to say 'you know what's hidden there that you can't see...' And oh how she wanted to see it. "Mmm yes. You successfully cleared the room with a stern look and a growl."

Jaidyn shrugged as he stepped in, playing his fingers around the waist of his lover's pants before thick fingers flicked the button open. "It needed to be cleared. I think I am gonna have to train Susi some more. I thought she knew her place already." Slowly he pushed, making those pants drop around Darina's feet. "Though there are more pressing matters at hand right now..."

Darina made a face at the mention of Susi. She didn't like sharing Jaidyn and still wasn't used to the little whore being around the place. And it pissed her off even more that Susi defied her. If he was going to take on a plaything, then the girl had damn well better listen to her because she was the queen bee around here and answered to no one but Jay. Her hips did a little wiggle as you tugged her leather pants down over her hips, her naked pussy shimmying right in your face until your righted again after she stepped out of her pant legs. "You took her against her will. She's a stubborn, strong-willed girl that needs to be broken. I don't know that you'll ever have her 'trained.' You still struggle with me obeying you..." Darina grinned at the last, knowing full well she would always push you just because it got you riled up and put you in the mood she loved best,despite how much she loved the small amount of affection you sometimes showed her.

Jaidyn lifted a brow and turned fully, pushing his hand right between those lush thighs before the curl of thick digits pressed in tight against your soft nether lips. "I still struggle with making you obey? Was that a jab or do you need to be reminded who this cunt sings and grows wet for?" He narrowed his eyes and pulled you in just with his fingers holding your slit, "Don't mistake my affection for complacency, bitch. I like you more than anyone on this godforsaken mud ball, so don't fucking push your luck." With that he lifted his fingers until his lover was dancing on her toes, walking Darina closer to the new bar he had Nick install, not stopping until she felt the edge of the bar press against her ass with him holding that pussy captive on the tips of his fingers.

Darina grunted through her grin, satisfied that she'd fully gotten your attention. Her small frame stepped forward, caught on the pull of your fingers stuffed in her pussy so that you were nearly breathing your words in her face. Her smile faltered, though, when the press of those digits shifted and you started forcing her backwards. Her heeled shoes clacked on the wooden floor as she stumbled back until her ass cheeks banged against the edge of the bar and you honed in, pressing her against it so that she had no escape. Wanting you heated but not angry, she quickly made to placate you, "No, Jaidyn. I never thought that. You know you're the only one that turns me on. I was only teasing, baby." Darina squirmed on your fingers as though she couldn't decide if it discomfited her or if it was arousing her, though by the feel of it, she was quickly growing wet and leaking lube over your digits.

Jaidyn smirked hearing that tone in your voice, knowing full well you were trying to placate him, but why look a gift horse in the mouth? Slowly his hand rose coated in that honey, drifting his fingertips up higher and higher, flowing with your curves as he spoke. "Oh... Listen to my top whore using her mouth to try and please me. I think you're just trying to avoid getting your ass lit up." Biting his lip ring, he slowly pushed his fingers in your mouth, rubbing the tips--still glazed in those juices--over your tongue just enough to give you a proper taste. "Now that we understand each other, maybe your slutty mouth needs a lesson, as well." Jaidyn pulled his fingers from your lips, undoing his pants to let his cock fall free of his clothing. His free hand rose to the top of your head and pushed you right down to those knees, grabbing your head in both hands as he guided his tip inside your mouth. The instant he felt your lips part, he shoved it in hard and deep with a growl edging his voice. "Take it all... Open up like my good, slutty hooker should. Nnn...that's a girl..." Pulling back with hands still in your hair, he slowly built into a wild pump of your mouth sliding up and down the rigid shaft held by those lips.

Darina's eyes rolled close as your fingers slipped from her snatch to draw a slick, wet line over her belly past her lace top to her lips. Instantly her eyes opened and locked on yours, sucking on your fingers as you shoved them past her lips, moaning at the taste of herself on your skin. Her teeth closed on your fingers but didn't bite, just drawing the edges over the length until she nipped the tips teasingly when you pulled them out. Darina could feel you fumbling with your pants against her stomach and it was like flipping a switch in her, kicking her arousal into full gear as she felt your fat cock flop out and graze her naked belly. Little resistance was given when your hand pressed her to her knees. She sank down on her own as much as you guided her, wanting that cock in her mouth getting hard so that you could fuck her silly. Darina's lips wrapped right around the head, sucking forcefully, not wasting time, bobbing inch by inch as you grew thick and hard in her mouth until you were fully erect, filling her mouth and stretching her lips wide around your girth. Moaning, her hands dropped to her pussy and toyed with her clit until she was whimpering around your shaft.

Jaidyn grinned down at his wanton little whore falling to her knees and opening her mouth like a baby calf trying to suckle at its mother's udder. He didn't even have to command you to open those lips. You simply sucked him right in and he took over filling your mouth with swelling meat. Jaidyn gripped the bar's edge and hiked up on his toes, using the leverage to drive straight down into your clenching throat, but thankfully not cutting off your air by holding his dick inside like that. Instead, he reeled back and let his hands fall to your head, fucking that pretty mouth like he would nail your cunt. His ass cheeks flexed as he humped your pretty little head and he lifted his hands to the bar again to pull his fat dick out so that the thick tip bobbed and bapped your face. "No, no... Open up. Stick that tongue out." He waited for you to comply, watching closely for your pink tongue to hang from your lips then he sunk his cock right back inside your mouth to hold it deep, shaking a little he pulled out with strings of saliva clinging to his cockhead. "Now... Whom do you serve, bitch? Say my name..." He grinning maliciously, for when you tried to speak, he rammed his dick back down your gullet, only pulling out to torment your sexy ass kneeling on the wooden floor. "Speak up, slut. I can't hear you..." Even if you tried fighting him off, he smacked your hands away and grabbed your head to jam his length back inside your mouth then pulled out again to look down at you with a sadistic grin on his face. "Wolf got your tongue?"

Darina's fingers slipped through her folds, toying with her clit and slipping into her pussy as she sucked your cock. Her head bobbed the length until you leaned in and started face-fucking her, forcing her to lean back to keep from choking. Her hands reached up to grab the edge of the bar to brace herself, but then you pulled out using your hands on her head to hold her in place while you teased her with the head of your cock dancing on her lips. Confused, she flinched away at first, but then when you told her to stick her tongue out, she turned her eyes up to you and parted her lips, her pink tongue slipping out like she was waiting to catch rain drops. In and out it plunged once more, her spit clinging to the head from her lips. She went to reply, to tell you she served you, but her words were choked off before she could finish. Darina's eyebrows furrowed together over her chocolate brown eyes, staring at you in a mix of confusion and pleading. Again she tried to answer you and this time you went deeper, choking off her words again until she made a 'gack!' from the back of her throat, her body convulsing once as she gagged on your cock. Coughing, spittle flew from the corners of her mouth and a tear trickled from her eye. Her hands flew from the bar's edge and pressed against your thighs as she choked again, but she yanked them down with a whine at the sharp slap of your own hands knocking them away.

Jaidyn pulled out totally, slapping his dick right over those soft lips after smacking those hands down. "Come on. Say it. I'll be nice now."

Darina shook softly, her lip--red, swollen, and wet with spit--trembled as she stammered, "I serve you, Jaidyn. I serve only you." Her chest rose and fell with her deep breaths as her mouth followed your cock head dancing over her lips, like you were teasing a dog with a treat, but not giving it to her. "I am yours and I will do as you please."

Jaidyn waited as calmly as he could with his cock twitching over your face, but he was good as his word: he let you catch your breath and speak clearly without his dick lodged in your mouth. While he took that moment to pause, his hands slipped down and crooked fingers in the lace top you wore, stripping through the thin cloth. Shredding your top off with pulls of his hands, he jerked it away in tattered threads and strings still trying to cling to your tits, giving you one more thing to feel coming off your body before he grabbed under your chin and lifted you up on your feet. "Now who is obeying whom, whore?" Grinning, Jaidyn lifted and pushed your ass up on the bar, his thick tip pressing in against your nether lips as he stepped in and guided your thighs apart. Licking his lips, the head of his cock rubbed, searching until he found the wet heat he was seeking and then he slowly let his hips press in harder until his shaft split you open all the way to the base. He held it in, just watching your face both to see if you had a smart-mouthed comeback or not and to draw out the torment of having him fitted motionlessly inside that cunt.

Darina whimpered as her shirt was shred to ribbons in your grasp, the bits that didn't want to tear biting into her tits roughly until they, too, snapped in your fingers. The white lace slipped away and her breasts fell with a bounce, nipples pearling in the cool air of the house. Darina rose to her feet, her chin tilted upwards in the vice-like grip of your hand, her eyes wide with fear and respect for your strength. Her arms dropped back, catching herself on the bar before she nearly toppled backwards over the edge until your hands gripped her ass and dragged her forward, spreading her legs wide so that her pussy was split open, slick and pink and hot, waiting for your cock. Darina's eyes locked on the head, watching it dip between her folds, rubbing up and down her lube-slickened lips until a press of your hips send your shaft fully into her hungry cunt. Her head dropped back and she cried out her joy, her body flaming to life at the feel of you filling her walls. "Ah god! Nngg..." When you didn't move, just holding yourself inside her heat, she dared to look at you and realized you were still waiting for her reply. "I am... I am obeying you, Jaidyn."

Jaidyn smirked since he hadn't been waiting for a reply but you gave one anyway. Leaning forward, one hand smacked your naked tit from the side as the other swept in and plucked your nipple tightly in the crease of his fingers. "And the next time I have to remind your ass, I'm just gonna fuck it solid for a month until you're screaming for me to put it in your hot snatch." He kept you filled to the brim and wobbled your boobs in his hands, brushing fingers over the sensitive buds before clasping tightly to tug and roll the pearled nipples poking out for attention. No matter how much you writhed, no matter how much you whined, he held his dick balls-deep and stayed still while his hands squeezed, kneaded, and pressed those tits together. He was making a point to draw this out, to make you jolt and shimmy on the bar with no reprieve from his hands mauling your breasts or teasing those nipples. "Say 'Yes, Master, I understand. I promise to be the best top slut you have.'" To accentuate the point, his thumbs flicked off your teats, bearing down in a tightening grip that swirled out to cup the rest of his fingers under the fleshy mounds adoring your frame as he continued to hold that shaft maddeningly still and tight inside your pink little hole. Grinning, he watched you jerk and quiver while he circled your nipples with the tips of his fingers before they pinched and twisted halfway, only to reverse and swing the tingles down your body in another direction before the sharp smack of his hand bounced your right breast hard. "This time I'm waiting..." Your left tit was snapped wildly, both hands swerving in to grasp and push the great globes together from the outside.

Darina's ass writhed on the edge of the bar, trying in vain to get your cock moving inside of her, but you were so close with it buried in to the hilt, and she had no room to move on the bar, that it sat there motionless inside of her, driving her insane. "Please, Jaidyn, don't torment me." Her fingers reached down to rub at her pink clit, but as she did, your hands would let loose from her legs and she'd start slipping, so her arm reared back to hold herself in place once more. Nothing she could do would get her off; she was at your mercy and you both knew it. The wicked smirk leered down at her as your fingers reached out to kneed and toy with her breasts. Darina nearly cried in frustration, so when you spoke your demands, she gave in immediately, seeking to do anything to alleviate her burning need. "Yes, Master. I understand and I promise to be the best slut you have!" Her cheeks flushed, burning with shame at having to speak those words, but at the moment she was willing to do anything you asked so long as you gave her what she needed. A sharp crack to her breast left her gasping, her eyes going wide with shock and pain, and she let out a yelp as her little body jerked against you, knocking your cock around within her walls so that she groaned in both bliss at the pleasurable jolt and in misery at not getting more. "Now please, Jay...fuck me!"

Jaidyn never apologized when he knew how to get from you the exact thing he needed, and in that moment you begging him was all he desired before he started to give. The telltale jolt of your body even made him moan in a drop of his jaw with eyes closing for the briefest moment. Gold orbs snapped open when hands clapped down over the tops of your thighs like the locking safety bars on a Six Flags roller coaster. Clamping down on your thighs, he reared back and railed that hot pink hole with his entire cock stirring inside. Jaidyn drove in when the tip almost slid from your lips in a straight drill that sent your feet bouncing though those legs went nowhere, fusing that pussy into a primal fuck machine turned on seek and destroy. Sure, he had fucked you hard before, but this was no holds barred. Nothing could deny him from claiming your cunt in a bestial need of rolling through well-oiled hips ravaging your slit. The clap of his hips sent ripples of impact through his curvy bitch, making those swollen buds dance for him. His eyes were locked on yours while he reamed your pussy, giving in with the the maddening need he felt in that first squeeze of your muscles hugging his shaft when he pushed in, with the stop-and-hold having just the right fire starting in your core that he needed. "That does not...mean fucking...hurt me, baby!" Not bothering or able to speak any more through his clenched fangs showing between parted lips from above, he never let his eyes fall from yours, like he was trying to look into your very soul from above as the surge between your legs turned into a molten mix, his hot dick slicing through your juicy fold that were slurking with the rapid strokes he used to fuck you. Growling, he bore down on your thighs, not letting you wriggle anywhere by grappling you to never lose an inch of that cock beating through your blushing lips.

Rabid, hard slams of cock jarred her body, her breasts flouncing and bounding in circles from the impact. Darina's jaw hung open, a sound like a car trying to turn over coming from her mouth as you rattled her body, her cry wavering from the rapid impacting thrusts of your hips against her ass until it grew in a crescendo to a loud cry that threw her head back and hair flying. Strong, thick fingers dug into her thighs in a vicious grip and she jerked her head back up with a gasp to look at your face, seeing your golden eyes locking her gaze like a magnet to steel. Darina's chest hitched with each short, gasping breath she took, every breath sucked in every time your thick cock bottomed out inside of her cunt. Long legs wrapped around your hips, heels digging into your ass as she used them to pull herself hard against you. With the grip on her thighs, she had no chance of slipping, so she reached down between her legs again, sliding fingers through her folds so that her clit peeked between her middle and index and the tips of those fingers cupped her lips and bracketed your shaft. Squeezing, applying pressure to the sides of your cock, Darina could feel it slipping in and drawing out as though she were guiding you. It was so erotic that her cunt clenched and her honey gushed out as the muscles gripped you tightly.
Jaidyn pulled you up to brace your hands to the bar. His eyes stayed locked in your gaze as he pulled your ass forward until it perched right at the very edge, letting one of your legs drop to the floor, so he could look at your face with every swing of his hips. He wanted to see it up close today, to look right in your eyes before the rush started building in your belly, before the knot flipped so your cunt would drench him in girl juices so hard that you might blow him out of your pussy. He hitched his hand under your thigh to hold those legs open enough for him to move, but the closeness gave him another advantage. Drawing back and down, he could pull and rise on his feet, hammering that dick in hard and deep and all the while he panted right into your face
"Mine. The moment I stole you...I knew..." Teeth clenched as he reeled back and kept the hard thudding strides shaking, battering, cramming inside your tight hold so deep that his balls skidded between your cheeks and the bar tight enough that you felt them wedge in your crack after thudding the wooden edge. He didn't care right now about anything but making his slut scream in glee for him. Your face was all he could watch--all he wanted to see--while he owned that cunt and took you with him on the bucking ride, bouncing your ass back on against the bar from the sheer power of his thrusts. A final shove hilted him deep, dragging your ass into the air a few inches before he jerked back and started rocking your pussy like a machine gunner rattling out faster strokes inside those walls that were churned into a buttery mix of honey leaking from your lips.

Darina's hands skitched across the bar as her back arched in the pull of your hands lifting her towards you. One leg dropped from your hand to the floor, the other wrapping around your hip to hold her against you. She gasped at the sudden proximity of your face and the heat of your breath on her skin, the intimacy of your gaze boring straight into her eyes as your cock stroked within her quivering walls, seeking out her core to pierce her soul. Her hand reached out to touch you, caress you, to feel the heat of your skin under her fingertips, but as you spoke she drew back, listening to your words as they wrapped around her heart. That proclamation, the claim you made, the ownership you deemed upon her left her belly fluttering, clenching, twisting excitedly and she sucked in a softy-gasped breath of air.
The ring of muscles, slick and hot and clinging to your shaft, flexed and flexed again, grasping at you to claim you in her own way, wanting to trap you inside of her and keep you as one. Darina's long nails scraped over the bar's counter and though her eyes wanted to close as the swelling build of climax swirled in her loins, she fought to keep them open, to hold your gaze, to maintain that intimate connection as she suddenly stiffened in your grip. "Oh..." She gasped again, the climax building slowly but powerfully as she wrapped both legs around you. "Ohhh.. Oh god..." It was like someone was slowly turning up the burner on a stove, the heat rising, the power building until it was a roaring, raging flame burning her from the inside out. Her hand flew back to your arm and clung tightly, her hips thrusting to meet every beating pump of your own hips until the flood gates opened and her honey spilled, washing over your cock. That ring of muscles grasped your shaft, stroking you so fucking tight that you winced, and she let out a cry that nearly rattled the windows. "OHHHH FUCK! JAIDYN!!!!"

Jaidyn took in every little thing about your face. The rising tide knotting in your tummy was already peaking by the time he was feathering his shaft through slick walls, but the buildup...that was the part he was watching for. He loved the way your eyes started trying to clench closed, but with his gaze on yours, the portals within you were laid bare to his sight. From below, the sensation that built around his pistoning shaft was the tightening hold of that ring. It felt like you were clamping a wet, slick tube that rolled from the friction of his thrusts and that hold grew tight enough that he couldn't contain the slight wince from the clench. The single contraction pulled his dick so fucking hard that he felt his shaft swell and pulse near the tip. He managed to pull out enough that the pressure abated, but instinct drove him right back in, pumping through the muscular convulsions around his swollen girth, making a point to go squishing through those lips slurping wetly with every push and pull. Letting his bitch ride it out on him, Jaidyn took you all the way to the edge and beyond right there on the bar. He hardly gave you time to recover from the swimming vision in front of your eyes before he was whipping you around and down, throwing you over the bar to stuff his cock right back inside that pussy. Grunting as he hit home hard, he swayed his hips to make sure his balls sealed tight to your clit from behind then he pulled back to start fucking you over the bar again.

A black ring lined her vision, bringing her entire focus down to you in her sights as she came, her head spinning like she was on a tilt-a-whirl. That maddening dizzy feel spun even wilder when you dropped her legs to the ground and whipped her around to face the bar. Darina's hands slammed to catch herself, trying to steady her spinning head, but before she'd even come down from that climax, your hands were gripping her hips and pulling her back to impale her on your cock once more. "Ah, Jesus!" Cocoa brown hair flipped back as her head jerked and she cried out, the hot press of balls clinging to her soaking wet nether lips stirring her back into a whore melting on your cock. Biting her lips, she groaned, "Nnngg fuck, Jay... I love your cock! Split my little cunt open with it, and make me writhe like your own personal whore!" Darina bounced, slamming herself backwards onto your cock so that every thrust forward had your balls tap-tap-tapping against her clit. Whining and whimpering like a needy little slut, she danced on the end of your cock with her breasts wobbling with every jostling slam.

Jaidyn kicked your heels apart and pressed his hands over your shoulders, the weight locking your tits in the cross of arms bending from the shove down to keep you spread and pinned in place. His arms flexed to hold on so he could send his fat shaft barreling easily between your juicy lips, now glittering with honey soaking your folds. Hands clamped hard when he jolted his hips, stabbing that dick in hard and deep with a grunt coming from his curled lips. Literally nailing you to the bar from the way that cock drove in tight, he was trying to severely split that pussy open with wild rams of thick girth jostling your cheeks. The feel of thick nuts rapping, slapping and grinding against your clit bounced and clattered in, the hungry shoves sending your cunt bounding on fat dick, splaying your honey-slathered lips apart, taking your still-quaking cunt in the throes of aftermath with his hard stuffing thrusts. But as his cock started to throb and twitch, the feeling of the length grew hotter and fatter with every pulse inside. With a heavy breath he exhaled and the swelling dick between your walls started going faster, building like a train rolling down the tracks, the engine chugging hard but slowly growing in momentum. "Hnnn...damn! Uhhnnn!"

Shoved forward on the bar, Darina collapsed, her breasts mashing under her under the weigh of your hands pressing her shoulders down. Darina's ass lifted into the air with her legs spread to keep her balance, driving that cock deeper into her snatch. The second you let up on your grip, she slipped her arms under her breasts to rise up, keeping her ass lifted in an graceful arch of her back.
The wet folds of her pussy slurched and gushed, the wetly smacking folds clinging to your cock as you drove in harder, slamming her body into the bar so that glasses clinked and rattled on the counter top. "Uunnggg Jay... Fuck your little whore. Make her squeal. Make her cum like a little fucking slut on the end of your cock. Make me cum, Jay, please!" All the dirty talk with your thick, fat shaft driving into her pussy a hundred miles an hour tipped her right over the edge again and her head dropped to her arms as she lifted to her toes, letting you slam hard and deep into that heated cunt. "Ahhhhh FUCK!!!" Her second orgasm ripped through her even harder than the last, cum flooding from her slit over your dick, spatter your balls as it rapped against her clit making her squeal and jerk on your shaft. Her head jerked up and her body lurched, her climax raging through her so that she couldn't hold still, her pussy spasming around your cock as she screeched and wailed. "Ah! Ah! Fuuuuck yesss Jay! Cum for me, baby. Fill my pussy with your hot spunk!"

Jaidyn almost laughed at the dirty words flying from your lips. Already he had you stirred into a frenzy and all he did was make you wait a few extra minutes on his cock. But he couldn't smile from the molten heat dripping from your pussy, from the filthy words falling from your lip. He was so charged that the rising lull of his pumping dick grew, rolling down the tracks with his cock mashing that cunt with relentless speed chugging him back and forth. He went wide-eyed feeling his whore cum on him again, the flowing convulsion of suction tugging and gushing around his hammering shaft sent him into overdrive from the slippery honey giving him even more speed to blur that dick inside your spasming hole. Jaidyn's cock was so fat now that every plunge sent wet noises ripping across the room. He drilled through the heat until he felt the atom of your core split.
His tip lifted in a curl from inside with the spray launching over that swollen spot inside the fluttering tunnel, sending his cock in a stuttering tirade rocking back and forth as his balls unloaded. His cum didn't flood. It didn't rush. It popped like a fire hydrant hit on a street corner and drove in so voluminously that his cream rolled down your inner thighs. It flowed under your cheeks and dripped along the backs of your lovely legs as he held his dick in as deep as humanly possible, making sure to give you every last drop from his nuts before they drooped back down. Still trembling, he reached out and curled his hand under your chin, hissing like a serpent in your ear while wheezing for a full breath. "Hnnnoow...you will marrrch upssstairss..." His fingers curled possessively under your chin, his lungs drawing breaths when his fingers clasped. "Then you'll throw Susi down..." He trailed his fingertip off your lips, sliding it inside your mouth to glide his fingertip over your tongue. "And you're gonna feed her lunch. She is to lick every drop of me out of you..." Slowly he slithered his finger free, adding the pull of his cock popping from the tight hold of your pussy in a drool of our mingled juices. "Remind her who is my top bitch by telling her she's my whore and to make nice. Only then can she come out of her room...once you're clean."

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