Wolven Z Rapes Susi


This story is not for the faint of heart! It contains explicit content involving rape between a werewolf and a human female. If you are not into that sort of kink, then I would recommend that you select one of our many other erotic stories to read. If you like rough beast/monster sex, then you will enjoy this story immensely.

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Wolven Z Rapes Susi

Susi damn near jumped out of her skin as she turned and saw a huge gray-furred beast standing behind her. "What the bloody fucking hell???" She scrambled backwards several feet before tripping over her own feet and fell flat on her ass, her eyes seeming to be bigger than her head.

Zuriel growled as he lumbered closer, drool leaking from white teeth to spatter the floor as the beast hunkered down to get closer to the fallen girl. The sight of its tongue licking over those sharp fangs was all Susi could see with the monster coming close enough to touch her.

Susi sat there frozen in fear and denial of what her brain refused to comprehend. Like a deer in headlights she sat motionless, only her limbs quaking as the huge beast came lumbering over to her. Her eyes fixated on his fangs--long, sharp, dripping with saliva--as though it were the only part of him that existed. Her mouth hung open, working silently--no words to be found, no scream to form--every sound locked in her throat like a blocked dam. Susi didn't even back away when he finally leaned over her so that she felt his heat radiating on her skin, felt his breath huffing in her face, but her bladder tightened so that she swore she was about to wet herself in her absolute terror.

Zuriel inhaled the scent of fear. The smell was intoxicating to him--so much so that if she bothered or had the wits to look she might see the pink flesh drooping from between his furred thighs. The beast reached down and flipped her body over. Claws flexed on fingers searching her back in a rake that sliced through her dress in a matter of seconds with nothing but a single swipe. Peeling her last shreds of defense away, the wolf rumbled, licking its lips again as it hovered over the terrified girl.

Susi didn't notice his cock, as though her mind blocked out everything in a haze of denial. She had never been so terrified in her life. This was not real; it was a nightmare. It had to be! Susi stayed motionless as though if she didn't move it might not touch her, but the giant hand clasped her and roughly tumbled her onto her belly proving her wrong. Susi's little frame shook like the last leaf on a tree blowing in a wild, winter storm. Still she made no sound, but--almost like in slow motion--she started to crawl, hoping to escape unnoticed. It was ridiculous, of course, but her brain was running on purse instinct and adrenaline. She'd made it no more than a few inches before the pain of sharp claws raked down her back, shredding her clothing from her body. Finally she found her voice and she cried out, dropping to the floor and curling into the fetal position, wrapping her hands over her head and drawing her knees to her chin, whimpering in fear.

Zuriel watched without the ability to smile in the wicked way he desired while he brushed his muzzle over the girl. She was so small that he was able to easily wrap his large hand around her dainty neck and lift her little body aloft. She choked a bit from the rough treatment, but the beast simply walked to the wall with her in hand. The instant it dropped her to her feet, however, she felt the sudden press of something hot, slick, and fat gliding over her bare ass as the wolf closed in from behind. There was no need for words at all while the beast had her alone and to itself. Her fear and his excitement mounted and grew with his cock leaving trails of musky fluids on the soft, supple skin of her thighs and ass. It gave a mock hump and Susi felt that canine dick lower and grind right over her naked slit as it held her by the head in one massive hand.

Susi tried to curl into a ball and disappear, to pretend this nightmare was not happening, but a strong hand wrapped around her throat and lifted her entire body from the floor. Something snapped and she suddenly came out of her trance, as though her flight defense failed and she went into fight mode. Her hands grabbed at his fingers as she choked, her face turning pink then red as she uselessly tried to pry the strong grip free. Her feet dangled uselessly though she tried to kick, but they just swayed in the air like she was hanging from a noose. Susi's eyes were wide, the brown orbs now staring right back at the creature's face as he carried her to the wall. Her mouth hung open with her chin against his hand as she fought--and failed--to catch a breath until he dropped her to the floor. Gasping, coughing, she sucked in air with her hands wrapped protectively around her bruised throat.

Susi was so focused on getting a breath that she seemed to have momentarily forgotten the beast until her grabbed her again and spun her to the wall. The press of something hot--so very hot--and hard, slick and sliding over her naked ass, had her shaking again. No...oh no no no... Her mind reeled as it realized what the thing's intent was and she mewled like an injured animal with no where to go and no way to get free of it's grip. His huge hand wrapped around her head and lifted, her feet dangling off the floor again, and she felt the massive canine cock slip between her legs, grinding over her nethers as if in a tease of what she was about to feel inside of her.

Zuriel would not be denied a little revenge for Jay abusing his woman even though Susi saw nothing but the beast he'd become. He didn't care if Jay found out. In fact, he wanted him to know just how far he would go for revenge. His thick canine shaft glided over her lips and sprouted from between her thighs. There was hardly any teasing--no delaying the moment at all--when the tip of that fluted shaft pressed against her cunt from behind and the monster unceremoniously drove it in hard and tight. As a man he was already big, but as a wolf there was no contest. That dick split the mewling bitch open in a whine and scream from her lungs and the feel of her quaking in his hand's grip was delicious enough that he needed little persuasion to fuck her tiny pussy. That wolven prick was bigger than a man's and she felt the distinct shape of it as it spread her wide to take the slippery length of it as he stuffed it in wildly. Taloned fingers held the pink slut by her head while the other hand locked over her hip to keep her heels from ever touching the floor. All the monster did was pin his prize to the wall before he started humping her sweet little ass with schlucking sounds of wet dick churning her insides open. "Grrrllllll...."

Susi felt that cock teasing between her legs. It was damn near as big as her arm! Though she couldn't deny that the brushing of the slick shaft over her folds and pressing against her clit felt good, Susi panicked at the thought of it entering her. Whimpering, still struggling in his grip to break free, the sudden shift and press against her slit left her screaming in denial as his thick cock split her lips and forced her open to take his massive girth. "NOOOOOO!" Susi jerked in his grasp, her body reeling in pain as her tiny little cunt was forcibly opened to accommodate the massive intrusion. Her little breasts wobbled as her frame twitched in his grip, her breaths coming in hitches and gasps as her legs spread wider with each inch he stuffed inside. "Get it out! Get it out! Ohhhh God...it fucking hurts!"

Zuriel fell into himself as he held onto the succulent, small Susi. Her lithe little body hugged his cock like a glove and with no fucking apologies that canine dick trowled so deep that she felt it glutching into her womb and hitting the back wall. Every inch of her insides were abused as he plunged into her with a furious desire, his cock slucking back and forth without any heed to the girl dangling off the end of his dick. The beast gripped tighter around the screaming girl's head--so tightly that it was like having headgear on--using its thumb as a bit to put between the girl's lips to stifle some of her whining whore noises. The wild thrusts rocked her while letting nothing but the toes of her shoes scrape the floor. The hungry lulls of his hips bucked her like a rag doll while his claws locked into her skin, leaving little dribbles of crimson flowing over those flopping thighs from the force of that cock drilling her to the very deepest part of her core. The feel of the werewolf's slick knot battered, butted up, and thudded hard against her blushing lips. She had never been this full and the wolf never felt something so damn tight. She had him drooling over her shoulder and the hot spittle leaked down her back to bounce and pool in her bobbing ass as it lifted so erratically. The driving shoves rolled up along her spine to make those little tits bounce and her nipples snap like whips as she screamed while the beast kept his gripped locked firmly around her head.

Susi's legs were spread wide without any effort of her own. The size of his cock pried her so wide open that her legs parted just from the sheer force of him stuffing her cunt full of thick canine cock. Susi could feel the tip penetrating her womb, banging inside every time he drew his hips back and lurched again. Even with the grip of his mighty hand wrapped around her hip, her little body jostled and bounced, jogging her head in the grip of his other hand. The pin-prick sensation of claws digging into her scalp was hardly noticed in comparison to the anguishing pain of his cock splitting her tight tunnel open wide, but she felt the tickles of blood trickling in places over her scalp and down her neck and cheeks.

It hardly mattered...was the least of her concerns with his overly large cock trying to split her tiny body in half. Trying to turn her head to see behind her, Susi's face was a mask of fear and pain. The beast's hand slipped down over her head and it's long-taloned thumb slid into her mouth around her cheek, stuffing her lips and muffling her whimpering cries. "MMfph! RRggllf!" Susi felt the insistent press of something hard but smooth and larger than his cock banging against her aching, burning entrance and her eyes clenched shut tightly in horror at the thought of his trying to stuff that canine knot inside, as well. She sobbed and tears started to form in the corners of her eyes until they trickled down her cheeks as her little ass wobbled from the savage beating that his hips were delivering to her backside. A mix of her own juices--her body's natural reaction to the sexual stimulation--and blood trickled down her inner thighs in pink ribbons to her socks. And as if the tears and blood weren't enough, Susi felt the hot, slimy drips of the beast's drool spattering her shoulder to run down the curves of her back. She winced feeling his thick saliva coating her skin, making her shudder in disgust.

Zuriel could smell it all: her fear, her pain, and the utter surrender of her body as her juices started coating his shaft. Nature could not be denied, and with his thick shaft chuckling wetly back and forth, the concave tip of his cock kissed the back wall of her womb. The fluted, puckered tip slurked, sucked, and tugged at her deepest spot, and all the while the beast's swelling knot pulsed, slapped, and drilled against those burning lips. With a lift of that hand, he slammed her face to the wall so that his wolf's thumb was an inch inside the stone wall right before her eyes. Claws locked all around her head to pin her from even trying to look back at the monster fucking her pussy open deep enough to make it gush, driving into that cunt with a building fervor making that little ass jiggle. The beast didn't care if she was smearing her makeup with tears. It gave a shit less how much she bled. In fact, he wanted her soiled and sweaty with her mascara running. He wanted her leaking from her pussy like she had been fucked so deep and flooded so much that every mewling crawl she reached out for after he was done would leave a trail of wolf spunk glazing the floor behind her. He didn't speak. He didn't need too. He conveyed his message by making her small cheeks thwap up and down with the feel of his bulging knot growing thicker. The force of the beast's thrusts grew hotter and soon the outside edges of her blushing lips started to spread with every tight squish of the knot breaking her open wider.

Susi had never felt so fucking full in her life. Pressure on her womb, pressure on her stomach, pressure on her bowels from the inside... She felt as if she just might burst open. Every time he withdrew, the pressure abated for a fraction of a second and the relief was so intense, so incredible, so pleasurable, that she actually started enjoying the quickened thrusts, anticipating the exquisite feel of being empty just before being filled to the point of bursting once more. It was like anti-sex. It was like a mind-fuck, tricking her body to enjoy the absence of pain so that she started gasping almost pleasurably. Nothing could take away the sharp ache of that fat dick forcing her walls painfully wide, but her body started to loosen to accommodate his girth and her lube and blood made her tunnel and hole so slick that his cock started moving more freely, slushing wetly between her folds. Though she'd been trying to see behind her, Susi's head suddenly slammed hard against the wall with a bang, the heat of a huge, furred hand clamping her face to the stone. Flinching, her eyes clenched shut, but she pried them back open to clear her spinning head and her sights rolled up to see his claws nailed into the wall around her head. Susi jerked to pull away, but she was pinned to the wall. Her lip trembled and she clenched her eyes shut again, the tears rolling harder so that her mascara left lines down her cheeks. Those thrust grew more urgent, slamming harder against her ass, and the huge bulge of his knot started dipping into her hole just enough to tease her maddeningly. Her brown eyes flew open and she gasped, screeching, "NO! NO! Don't fucking put that thing in me... NooOOO!" Flailing in his grip, her hands clawed at the wall scraping against stone as she fought to break free, screaming and muttering in sheer panic.

Zuriel could not contain his sadistic glee any longer. With the poor girl pinned like a piece of meat by his claws locked into concrete, there was nowhere for her to run or wriggle away to and the knot behind his wolven dick started to press deeper no matter how much she screamed and begged. The pink bitch was mewling like a slave whore and every scream from her brought another hard push from him. The tip of that cock puckered and pulled, dipping down inside her womb while the first shock of that knotted dick shoved through the tight ring just past her lips. It was like some insane, pulsing rubber toy with the shaft shrinking just before the knotted end. The wolf drove the knot deep into the pink slut and the bulb of flesh sunk in by sheer force of primal instinct. It didn't stick; the knot popped back out, but the wolf was too inflamed to stop shucking her little cunt with the bulged ball at the base of its dick. The beast's tongue hung from between its teeth, drooling the entire time that the knot plugged past her defenses and sparked her insides with more fire tearing her open. The added stimulation from his knotted dick slurking in and out made that bulge throb and pulse. Susi could feel it getting bigger and thicker with every hard pop inside her pussy. Time seemed to stop. There was no way to know how many shoves it took until the swelling bulge could no longer slip free of her tight entrance, but the pink flesh finally ballooned at her lips and held fast so that she was plugged full of canine cock. "RRrrRRrrrlll!"

Susi's toes lifted even higher off the floor, her knees rising in the air as the beast loomed in closer, pressing in tighter to force the knot at the base of his shaft past the too-small entrance of her pussy. Susi's body tensed as though it could prevent the inevitable, but there was no stopping this beast from taking what it wanted, and with a hard shove...and another...and another he popped that knot of flesh inside her walls, leaving her screaming as it ripped her entrance to fit inside.

Susi's head jerked against the palm of his hand as her back arched violently with the pain until the knot fit fully inside her walls, letting the bruised ring of muscles contract again behind the bulb lodged inside of her. If Susi thought she'd felt full before, it was nothing compared to this. Could she look down to see past his huge hand, she's see the wall of her stomach bulging from the press of his massive cock filling her womb.

The tiny girl shuddered, unable to help herself. The complete and utter invasion of her cunt left her body reacting in ways it never should. Her eyes rolled and her breath hitched, and as her fingernails scraped over the stone wall she was pinned against, she let out a groan that was a blend of pure agony and absolute pleasure. Though her cunt was on fire from the abuse, the ring of muscles fluttered around the base of the beast's cock and as that knot inside ballooned in his animalistic lust, Susi's body completely betrayed her. She shuddered again as her orgasm rippled through her. Every muscles around his cock clenched and flexed in rolling waves and her tunnel flooded with her cum, leaving his cock swimming in her hot juices that were trapped by the knot blocking her entrance. "NNnggghhAAAhhhh!!!!"

Zuriel couldn't even pull out from how tight that knot filled the cumming little girl. The rocks of the beast's hips only danced and bounced her ass and legs, but that shaft moved not one inch except for the pulsing sensation filling her entire body. The bulge of flesh prevented a single drop from escaping her cunt and the shaft preceding the bulge twitched, moving like a tendril inside. The wolf pulled free of the stone wall and its large hand gripped Susi by the neck again to simply carried her off like a baby in a harness. The knot ensured she wasn't going anywhere and Susi suddenly knew why canines were bad for girls. The tip of that fluted cock started spurting little hot lines of cum inside as she was carried around the room like a plaything. Men cum all at once, but wolves cum for minutes at a time, and every hot pulse from the knot holding her captive sent another squirt inside. Before Susi knew it, she was a bulging beauty bloated with his seed still hanging onto his dick. When the first squirts gushed from around the knot, she was so full that her belly pooched out and yet still more cum jetted inside to replace that which spurted free of her lips. With no warning, the wolf let go of her throat and gravity flung her down only to be caught by the knot still trapped inside her cunt, making the beast roar. But after filling the pink slut up--when she was full of both wolven cum and her own juices--the knot deflated and Susi slowly slurked wetly off his cock with a thump to the floor. The beast exhaled and his cock tip drooled the last of his seed over the girl lying on the floor with cum leaking from her pussy in a growing pinkish pool between her thighs. The wolf dropped to all fours, licking up her back until it crawled aside, stepped up on its feet again, and swished, scritching one foot at a time across the floor like it was burying a pile in the leaves. Walking to the door it looked out, and bounded from the house into the forest.

Susi's clenched eyes opened wide as the beast's hands wrapped around her throat once more, lifting her and carrying her around the room as his cock jetted cum, filling her insides like a balloon. Finally able to look down, she stared in shock and horror as her belly distended, filling with his seed, until his grip released and she flew forward, still stuck on his cock. Susi screeched and her hands hit the floor with a thud until the knot inside softened and she felt the thick, hot member slide free of her pussy. Shaking, gasping, still crying tears that streaked black down her cheeks, Susi weakly crawled across the floor to the stairs. Distantly she heard the door open (can animals use door knobs..?). The beast roared and then she heard it loping off into the distance. Unable to use her shaky legs, Susi climbed the stairs on her hands and knees, slipping upwards to the safety of her room, leaving thick pools of cum trailing behind her.

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