Susi Lures Nick Inside for Some Fun


Unfortunately this is one of those stories that ends somewhat abruptly because real life interfered, but it's still a hot read to the end!

Susi Lures Nick Inside

Susi walked out of the house and strolled up to Vixxen and Nick as they chat. "I was going to shout, but you were too far away to hear me. I need you inside, Nick. Seems something broke and you're the go-to guy to fix shit, right?"

Vixxen looked at Susi. 'Why doesn't Jay fix it, himself? He too busy with his cock in someone again?"

Nick blinked seeing the barely-clad girl coming over. Staring at Vixxen then to Susi, he said, "Uhh yeah that's what I do. The handy man."

Susi gave Vixxen a smartass look. "I don't speak for Jay and I don't know where he is. I'm not his keeper." Turning to Nick with a smile she said, "So can you help me? The, um..." She paused, thinking. "...barstool leg broke. Yeah."

Nick, being quite naive, lifted a brow, cocking his head before he said the obvious. "Umm I installed those. You mean one of the rotary barstools had a leg break?" He chewed his lower lip nervously with both lovelies pretty much staring at him.

Vixxen smelled deception and knew where Susi was going with this, even if Nick didn't. Rolling her eyes, she turned to walk away. "I'm going back to the house. I'm sure Susi can help you with the 'broken stool.'"

Susi watched Vixxen's sexy ass strolling away and turned back to Nick, realizing he'd been addressing her about the bar stool. "Huh? Oh, yeah. Sure." She was getting impatient waiting for him to offer to come help, so she started waling to the house expecting him to follow. "C'mon, dude. It ain't gonna fix itself with you standing out here."

Nick lifted a brow quizzically but shrugged and followed. He walked up and looked at the stools, but realizing all of them had working legs, he turned a glance at Susi. "Uhh... Which one is broken?"

Susi scratched her head to add to the appearance that she was puzzled, staring from one stool to the next. "Huh... I could have sworn... Oh well. Since you're here, we may as well get to know each other better." Stepping in closely, Susi slipped her hands around Nick's hips, pulling her tiny chest against him and ran one finger down the front of his broad chest. "I get so lonely here during the day, Nick. Maybe you could keep me company for a while? Whaddaya say?"

Nick gasped at the sudden press and touch of soft skin gracing his chest, exhaling shakily with eyes wide and staring closely. "Uhh Miss...I don't...think..." He had been left alone for weeks after his encounter with Lisa, but here was the sensation of touch once again and he couldn't help but go half-lidded watching her face staring back up at him.

Susi drew her arms up over his shoulders, half pulling him down and half lifting herself to her toes to breathe her words to his face. "Screw thinking..". Using one hand she grabbed his arm and placed his hand on her ass cheek, then switched and placed the other on the opposite cheek. Wrapping her arms back around his neck to draw him into her, Susi mashed her lips against his to cut off any further protests, slipping her tongue into his mouth in a heated search for his own.

Nick didn't whimper, but instead gave off a light mumble, feeling her take his hands to those soft little cheeks that he'd found so freaking cute the last time Jay had shooed him out of the house. Nothing felt like this--the excitement of being with a girl--and his brain was getting used to the fact. Somewhere in his mind he forced his hands to move and his fingers suddenly latched tight to see what reaction she would give. He was exploring as surely as his tongue did, writhing between Susi's lips, even pressing back just a little to see what nibbles she liked, or to flow with her need probing his mouth. Nick narrowed his brows as the feeling sprung to life inside his jeans--his girth slowly swelling--and he nearly jumped if she brushed it at all.

Susi knew Nick wasn't a virgin anymore--Lisa had told her about their time together--but she could sense his trepidation and nervousness. That just made it all the more delicious and Susi felt doubly wicked toying with him because of his shy nature. Not relinquishing her hold around his neck, Susi started stepping backwards towards to bar, dragging him with her. She never took her mouth off his, kissing him hotly, deeply the whole way, pausing only to take a breath or peek behind her so she didn't trip until her ass backed up to the bar, then she drew him in again, sucking his tongue into her mouth and bobbing her lips up and down it like a little phallus.

Nick followed with small slides of sneakers rolling over the floor, unable to watch except when Susi pulled away to look behind her body to make sure she didn't fall. Every time she turned her head back, though, she was met with lips pressing hotly, tasting her kiss was like bubblegum deeply enough that her flavor fluttered his eyes closed. In the back of his head, Lisa drifted into his mind until his eyes opened mid-flick of his tongue and he look back at the blue haired beauty savoring him on her own terms. He idly hoped Jay was nowhere around or this would get ugly, but the pure rush of the idea had him pressing back a little more urgently than Susi was prepared for. His hips wriggled in and up until her sock-clad toes barely touched the floor, the hard feel of his bunched jeans perching right between her legs as he held her aloft and kissed her with a bit more hunger than before.

Susi smirked into his kiss, feeling the urgency in the way he pressed into her. A hard bulge greeted her pelvis--evidence of his arousal--and Susi slipped her hands around his waist, lifting one socked foot up around his leg, dragging it up over his thigh and back down along his calf. Susi nipped and licked at Nick's lips and tongue, hungrily seeking more, whimpering between kisses, "Nick, I want to taste you. I want your cock in my mouth."

Nick had seen how Jay and the others handled Susi before. Even though her gliding foot was hypnotic to his senses, the request she whimpered out was more than enough for him to try something naughty. With a nip to Susi's lower lip, he inhaled and slowly lifted his hand. "Then I guess you better take it." He was so green with sex, and it probably sounded corny, but he had heard worse lines. His hand pressed at the top of her head and he backed up a step, smiling brightly when he pushed Susi right to her knees and then brushed that swollen bulge over her lips, letting her feel the heat bunched under his clothing. Seeming to find his voice again, he said, "Take it out..."

Susi smirked that he was getting more brazen. Dropping to her knees, she rubbed her face over his cock still trapped beneath his jeans. Using her teeth, she grabbed his zipper tab and drew it down until it caught, pulling from her grip. Rising on her knees with a twist of her head, Susi grasped the material around button between her teeth and pulled again, snapping it free of the brass button, leaving his pants hanging open. Her hand slipped up the front of his thigh to his crotch and sneaked into his briefs. Clasping her fingers around his hard cock, she found the skin hot and smooth to the touch. She drew it out and the head stared her in the face, bobbing between her eyes. Susi turned them up to stare at Nick from under his cock head and then her pink lips parted, softly laving along the underside of his mushroom cap. "Mmmm..."

Nick lifted both hands to prop himself against the bar, turning his eyes down to watch every detail of Susi nibbling him freely. His pants loosened with the draw of his zipper, but she impressed him by nipping his button open. "Wow. Dirty girl got some skills..." Yeah it sounded high schoolish, but she was nearly as young as he was, yet she seemed to be practiced. When she reached into his briefs, she found that he smelled fresh, like something just tilled from the warm earth, and the feel of his cock was so smooth, like he had never been used, even if she knew the truth. When those lips glided over his cock head from underneath, he inhaled hard and rose on his toes a little, the length of his brows narrowing down from the sheer sensation of flesh touching his cock tip. For now he was intensely focused on what she was doing, wanting to see the look in those eyes when she first tasted him like some kind of milky candy, so his fingers curled tighter to the bar's edge while he kept his eyes trained down on the delicious girl lapping at his tip. Nick breathed in, just keeping his gaze locked on the sight of Susi below him, toying with his dick. "Nnnn...dang..."

Susi chuckled at his comment about her skills. He had no idea! Susi opened her mouth and placed her lips right around his cock head but she didn't move. Instead, she wrapped her hands around his hips and pulled, forcing him to slide into her mouth. She just held herself open wide and pulled until his cock was seated in her mouth and he was leaning his arms hard against the bar. Taking him into her throat, Susi bobbed her head back and fourth an inch at the most, keeping the majority of his shaft crammed in her mouth and throat, wrapped in the wet heat. Spit started forming and soon the sounds of her mouth rapidly pumping in hard, short bursts started slushing and slurking wetly. Nick had been hard when she'd drawn him free of his pants, but now in her mouth he'd swelled even bigger. He was so hard that Susi's jaw ached already. The smooth cock head banged against the walls of her throat and she gagged but kept him down, sucking hard to slurp up the spit trickling from her lips.

Nick gasped and did more than literally buck; he rolled and shook so much that until Susi grabbed his hips and pulled, he was all over the place. His first blow job had Lisa controlling the situation, and while Susi did drag him deep this time, he was a little more free than when he had been lying on his back. With her mouth pumping, suddenly Nick realized he could back off and either make her chase him or force her arms to bend and yank him back. It became a little bit of a game, tugging half out and watching the look in her eyes when he slipped away. But the sight he wanted most only happened when he rocked his hips forward and stuffed his dick back inside her tight throat all because he could. She was right about him being hard. The only edge his youth had over the other men on the land was that his shaft was so freaking tight she could feel every little twitch and pulse of that length between those soft lips. He couldn't help it. Nick lowered his hand to grip the base of his cock, holding it right in line for Susi to taste deeply. "Ahh dang...M-Miss...Ohhh!"

Susi almost giggled when he pulled back, slipping nearly from her mouth as though he almost couldn't take it, but then he'd hitch his hips and stuff it back in, nearly choking her in his earnest. Susi's hands grasped the material at his hips, actually having to pull hard to force him back long enough so she could speak. She dared releasing one hand while holding him away from her face with the other so she could use the free hand to stroke his shaft and keep him hard. Susi's angelic little face turned up to look at him next to her hand stroking his thick, hard cock, and she cooed out, "Fuck me, Nick. Bend me over and stuff this big, hard cock inside of me and make me moan for you. I can't stand it anymore. I need to feel it inside of me."

Nick didn't want to end the spell of those lips, but Susi forced him back with a bit of a grunt of frustration until he heard those filthy words. Nick actually shook his head while letting his jeans fall to kick out of them first before he reached down and jerked Susi off the floor. "No. You're going to look me in the eyes first!" He had no idea where that had come from, but he had already said it. Taking down her panties, he stepped in closer. "I want to see your pretty face when you orgasm." Orgasm..? Where the hell did that come from? But he didn't bother wasting time on what he was saying. Curling his fingers under her shirt, he lifting it hastily to see her naked as he was.This time he was doing what he wanted, almost like he regretted not doing with Lisa. Maybe if he did she wouldn't ignore him. Nick shook his head. Why was she on his mind with Susi right in front of him? Biting his lower lip, he hoped Susi was too focused on him to see past his eyes when he stroked his shaft right against her glistening lips. "I want...to see you..." His tone went a little cold as he pulled back, fitting his cock inside all the way so he could see Susi moan out from being entered by the fresh farm boy.

Susi actually blinked at his words. Where the hell did that come from? His balls suddenly drop? What happened to the shy farm boy? Less cordial than Vixxen, Susi actually did laugh with a snort, "Ok, farm boy. Don't lose your cool. I'll look you in the eye if that turns you on, handsome." Dancing out of her clothes with a shimmy as he stripped her, Susi braced her hands on the bar and hopped up, resting her ass on the edge and wrapping her heels around his hips, drawing him in until he seated his cock between her folds. She swirled her hips, grinding against him so that her clit brushed along the underside of his cock. Fuck, he was so hard! Susi made sure to turn her eyes upwards, looking into his face as he stared back at her. His cock slid in and her mouth opened in a gasp, feeling how incredibly hard he really was. Her slit was wet and he slid in easily, her pink lips clinging to his shaft with each stroke. Susi's small breasts bounced and jiggled as he started to pump his hips and the little punk girl gasped each time he forced himself in past her tight ring of muscles.

Nick felt everything else wash away as he stared into those eyes watching him. That was what he'd wanted to see--her pretty eyes watching him so intensely that everything else flew from his head and all he could fathom were those heels pressing against his newly-bared ass. That feeling was so damn erotic that his dick jumped and Susi felt it inside, the convulsion traveling down his length with the deep hold of her heels hugging him to the very deepest place he could reach. When he rocked his hips the motion sent her breasts wobbling. The sight had him biting his lip when his eyes lifted back to stare in her face as he started fucking that tight, pink hole with his pale, hard cock. Yes, he had to see her face. Why that part was the one he loved the most he didn't know; even with his cock strumming those folds, stroking through tight ringed flesh taking his length hard enough to stretch it deep. He had no fangs like the other men of the land, but his teeth clenched just the same and he forced his hands down to hug those hips in a grasp so that he could drag her tight little pussy onto his dick right on the bar top he'd installed.

The wool of Susi's socks brushed up and down his hips and ass like she couldn't keep her legs still. They clenched and dug in hard against his cheeks, then slipped so that her legs could splay wide again only to wrap back around his hips once more. Susi never broke eye contact with him, seeing how intently he stared back at her. His eyes only moved as far as looking at the other features of her face as if to drink in her lustful expressions of utter pleasure at the feel of his cock plunging into her depths. Using one hand to support herself on the bar, Susi reached down to rub at her clit between their bodies, her eyes and mouth going wider as she diddled herself with his cock pumping like a freight train inside of her. "Ohhhh fuck, yes! That's it, Nick. Nail my little pussy good and hard. Nngghhh!" Her hand dropped back to hold herself up as his hips went into double time at her words, like she'd tossed kerosene on a fire. "Ahhhh god!!" Her pussy started squelching even louder as her honey squished around his shaft, soaking them both.

Nick found the look on her face the most delicious thing he had ever seen with the way her lips parted and she spoke like a filthy whore to him. As if her words were not enough, she reached down and started stroking herself with his dick pumping her little quim hard and tight. "Nnnh...Yes! Oh dang...so friggin' wet!" He'd heard about dirty talk and it had driven Lisa insane the last time, so he did what instinct told him to do. The feel of hard cock growing hotter slammed those walls open and he felt the tightening clamp of silken muscles sucking at his shaft. The feeling made him shiver between those hungry strokes growing intense with fire from the building tempo. Pulling Susi off balance to lay her on her back through the fluttering gush of juices coating his smooth balls, he used one hand to clutch the girl's hip and pull her ass over the bar's edge before she spilled out of his hold while his other hand dared to stroke down both small tits and her belly. "Holy... So friggin slick!"

Susi leaned back on the counter, bracing her elbows under her with her legs splayed wide at the press of his hands until they slipped up over her belly to grab her jiggling breasts. She smirked as he grew more and more bold, starting to take the lead. Reaching between them to her pussy, she slipped her fingers between her spread folds and coated them in her flowing juices until the digits were glistening with her honey. Sitting up briefly, Susi grabbed at Nick's bottom lip drawing his mouth open, and stuffed her fingers inside so he could taste the slick lube that was coating her walls and driving him crazy with the feel of how slippery she was inside. Only after he'd cleaned her fingers did she withdraw and lean back again, but her fingers went back to her pussy, first trapping her clit between them then rubbing back and fourth over the little bud rapidly, making her body twitch and lurch on the bar. That thick, hard cock never stopped pumping, reaching her depths, the head piercing her core, and soon she was gasping. Her fingers flew faster, rubbing her clit so hard it was a wonder she didn't start a fire with the friction. Susi's eyes looked deep into Nick's and her mouth hung open in a silent scream as she gasped and gasped, turning her silent scream into a real one as she came. Susi screeched, her body jerking in his grip and she nearly collapsed to the bar on her back, but she managed to stay upright if only to keep her gaze locked on his as she came, just as he wished her to do. Her juices poured forth, spilling over his balls until his pumps shluck-sluck-shlucked wetly through the house.

Nick went wide-eyed feeling Susi push her fingers in his mouth, forcing a taste of her honey on his tongue, and he eagerly met her slender digits with tongue and clasping lips sucking her fingers clean. When she pulled them free, he smacked his lips, even licking them to savor her flavor a little longer. But that was nothing compared to the drop of her hand, hugging her budding clit while he nailed her little pussy to the bar top. In shock he stared down as Susi pushed herself right over the brink in a hard squeeze of those muscles, the rush of nectar gushing out to dribble from his dick and swinging nuts splashing her hot little ass with her own juices.
She had put up with him being a deviant so far, so why not try his luck yet again? He squished out and dropped his own hand to press down on the top of his cock, letting Susi feel the prod of his tip between her cheeks. "Dirty girls get done...uh...dirty...!" Yeah, he sounded like a putz, but it didn't stop him from rocking his hips. Susi felt the press of his tip sliding inside her ass before she could say no. The lift of one hand grabbed her ankle before Nick did a move no man here had yet done: Nick twisted and rolled Susi over belly down onto the bar, grabbing her hair after the twist of his cock inside left her reeling from the shock of it until he pulled her back to hang onto the edge of the bar. "Now I'll bend you over...wench..." No matter what, his country boy manners stayed, unable to make himself use dirty words even as he started fucking Susi in her tight ass.

Susi's cunt was pulsating from her orgasm, the muscles clenching and flexing as the euphoric bliss of serration raged through her veins. She was so lost the the feeling that the sudden shock of Nick slipping free and pressing into her pucker without warning, then grabbing her ankle to flip her over while still on his cock, stunned the shit out of her. "Woah! Hey! Umphf!" Susi caught her hands on the bar and kept from toppling over just as he grabbed her hair and yanked her back, her feet dropping to the floor.
Bent over the bar, Susi's ass was in the air and she smirked because she never thought he had it in him to do something so...dirty. Biting her bottom lip against the grunt that came from her from the pain of his thick cock spreading her ass wide, she groaned and teased, "Nnggg Nick... Now who's the dirty one? Sticking your cock in pretty little girl's asses? Such a wicked, wicked boy..." With his hands on her hips pulling her ass back each time he slammed his hips forward, Susi's pale little breasts wobbled under her, pink nipples poking out like cherries atop mounds of cream. Though he was using her ass, her pussy pulsed anew, her arousal at his being so bold making it doubly wicked that he was fucking her ass without even being told to. The pain was exquisite and Susi started whimpering loudly between her gasps of shock at the sweet pain. "Oh my god, yes, Nick. Fuck my ass good and hard! Fill it up with your cum, you dirty boy!"

Nick was too far beyond needing to be told to fuck her from how her tight ass felt clamping around his thick shaft, spreading her open all the way with deep stuffs of meat cramming that tunnel full. He pulled back and pumped her little hole with the fury of a bull about to breed. Heavy nuts clapped and slapped at Susi's lips from behind with Nick railing her sweet ass like there would be no tomorrow. After all those times of peeking in on Jay fucking his girls, after all the times seeing Z on the land just doing whatever girl he came across, now he was the one bending Susi over and making her take every swollen inch that was swelling even more with the rapid beat of his heart thundering in his chest. The flow rolled out into his hips, surging to his dick, splitting the girl's ass open like he was trying to put his blazing cock out and her little ass was the only source of water. That dirty little mouth spilling those words had the effect she wanted. He knew it and just gave over to the rising tightness of his shaft growing hotter by the minute. His whole cock lurched, rising in a squirt of molten fire melting inside her tight hold. Nick knew enough to brace for it, so he grabbed Susi by the shoulders as his body sort of took over driving inside the girl's ass hard enough that his balls stuck to her lips and peeled away covered in drooling juices. "Ahhh...Hhnn!"

Susi couldn't help but smile despite the pain of his cock tearing her ass open to fit his girth. He was going nuts back there, nailing her like he was trying to affix her to the bar as part of his building project. The battering ram of meat stuffing her ass felt so fucking incredible, though, that Susi's little whimpering cries soon rose in pitch morphing into wails of pleasured pain. Her arms wrapped around one another and she dug her nails into their flesh, clenching her eyes tight as she felt another orgasm ripping through her body. Though her cunt spilled cum, every muscle in lower body spasmed, clenching tightly so that her ass cinched up and gripped his cock like a noose. Susi could feel his cock swelling and with her ass clamping down, its hurt even more when her forced himself through that barrier. Her head jerked up and she cried out, but it only flared her orgasm into a fevered pitch of ecstasy. "Ahhhh fuck!! Nick!! I'm coming! Oh my god I'm fucking coming! Shhhhit!!!"

(He had to leave for work here...)

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